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BIBLIOGRAPHY for Issue # 3: Copperhead to Ethan Edwards

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First Appearance: Daredevil #124 (1975)
Origin: Daredevil #125 (1975)
Significant Issues: Killed several criminals, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #124, 1975); killed Wexler, threatened Foster, died fighting Daredevil (Daredevil #125, 1975); imitated by Reynolds (Human Fly #8-9, 1978); organized Gang of Four, vs Daredevil & Spider-Man, pulled into demonic realm (Daredevil/Spider-Man #1-4, 2001)

First Appearance: (As Domino) New Mutants #98 (1991); (first name revealed) X-Force #11 (1992); (in true form) X-Force #19 (1993); (surname revealed) X-Force #20 (1993); (as Copycat) Deadpool: The Circle Chase #3 (1993)
Significant Issues: Past with Deadpool revealed (Deadpool #-1, 1997); began impersonating Domino, vs Deadpool, helped Cable transform New Mutants into X-Force (New Mutants #98-100/X-Force #1, 1991); betrayal exposed by Deadpool, confronted by X-Force, joined Cable in opposing Tolliver, wounded by Deadpool, escaped (X-Force #11-15, 1992); confronted by Domino (X-Force #23, 1993); reunited with Cable (Cable #4, 1993); joined search for Tolliver's will, wounded by Slayback, saved by Deadpool (Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2-4, 1993); with Kane & Wolverine, vs Deadpool (Wolverine #88, 1994); with Kane, Cable, Domino & Microns, vs Psycho-Man (Cable #37-39, 1996-1997); began impersonating Titania (Deadpool #38, 2000); revealed true identity, vs Deadpool (Deadpool #45, 2000); joined Weapon X (Weapon X: The Draft – Agent Zero #1, 2002); began seducing Deadpool (Deadpool #49, 2001); confronted Siryn, ended relationship with Deadpool (Deadpool #56, 2001); targeted by Weapon X, killed by Sabretooth (Deadpool #58-59, 2001)

Cosmic Cube
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #79 (1966)
Origin: Captain America Annual #7 (1983)
Significant Issues: Earth's Cube created (Tales of Suspense #79-81, 1966); Red Skull recovered Cube (Captain America #115-120, 1969); first appearance of the Shaper of Worlds (Incredible Hulk #155, 1972); Thanos used Cube (Captain Marvel #28-33, 1973-1974); Skull, Hate-Monger created a Cube (Super-Villain Team-Up #16-17, 1979-1980); Victorious stole Cube (Marvel Two-in-One #42-43, 1978); Cube created Wundarr (Marvel Two-in-One #57-58, 1979); Shaper revealed true nature of Cubes (Captain America Annual #7, 1983); Super-Adaptoid adapted Cube, first appearance of Kubik (Avengers #289-290, 1988); Beyonder/Molecule Man Cube formed (Fantastic Four #319, 1988); first appearance of Kosmos (Fantastic Four Annual #23, 1990); Kübekult stole Cube (Captain America #446-448, 1995-1996); Skull, Korvac contested for Cube (Captain America #17 & 19, 1999); Cube merged dimensions (X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy, 2000-2002); Maker/Kosmos went insane (Thanos #7-10, 2004)

Council of Godheads
First Appearance: Thor #300 (1980)
Significant Issues: Ammon Ra, Anu, Buddha, Buluku, Itzamna, Izanagi, Manitou, Nuadhu, Odin, Okonorote, Tame, Tezcatlipoca, Tomazooma, Ukko, Ulgen, Viracocha, Vishnu, Yu Huang, Zeus met to discuss threat of Celestials; Baiame, Mitra, Hodiak, & Svarog are believed to have been present though not seen (Thor #300, 1980); Buluku, Manitou, Odin, Osiris, Tezcatlipoca, Vishnu, Zeus (& presumably others) discussed the threat of Demogorge (Thor Annual #10, 1982); Itzamna, Manitou, Nuadhu, Osiris, Svarog, Tezcatlipoca, & Zeus convened after half of the universe's inhabitants vanished; Loki also attended, posing as Odin (Infinity Gauntlet #2, 1991); Atar, Horus, Hunab Ku, Izanagi, Ndriananahary, Shou-Hsing, Thor, Vishnu, & Zeus discussed the threat of Akhenaten (Marvel Universe: The End #2, 2003); opposed Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #5, 2003); Osiris, Yu-Hang, Zeus, Brahma, Shiva, & Vishnu met with Thor (Thor #61 & 65, 2003)

Crazy Eight
First Appearance: (Ginger, Gloria) Wonder Man #1 (1991); (Alex) Wonder Man #2 (1991); (Spider) Wonder Man #3 (1991); (Argus, Aundray, LaHoya) Wonder Man #4 (1991); (Jamie) Wonder Man #10 (1992); (Crazy Eight) Wonder Man #11 (1991)
Origin: Wonder Man #11-14 & 16-19 (1992-1993)
Significant Issues: Vs Armed Response (Wonder Man #19, 1993); vs Splice & Rampage (Wonder Man #20, 1993); powers of most members re-absorbed by Wonder Man (Wonder Man #25, 1993); warned by Iron Man about Count Nefaria (Iron Man '99 Annual, 1999); current activities revealed (Avengers Two: Wonder Man and the Beast #2, 2000)

Crimson Cowl
First Appearance: Thunderbolts #3 (1997)
Origin: Thunderbolts #67 & 69 (2002)
Significant Issues: Hired by NY underworld cabal to rob dissident mob boss, routed by Thunderbolts & Black Widow, hired by cabal to guard transaction with Arms Merchant, job thwarted by Black Widow & Thunderbolts, escaped (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); expanded Masters, began developing weather control scheme, took over Mount Charteris (Thunderbolts #25 & 33, 1999); alongside Masters, told Thunderbolts they could join Masters or be destroyed, robbed Western Currency Facility, vs Thunderbolts, cloak disabled by Jolt, leadership challenged by Klaw, captured Thunderbolts, forced to flee with Masters after intervention of police & Hawkeye disguised as Dreadknight (Thunderbolts #18 & 20, 1998); monitored media coverage of Thunderbolts, had Cyclone spy on Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #0 & 23, 1999); with Masters, attacked town of Robinette in Nebraska, lured Thunderbolts into battle there, escaped, captured Citizen V/Dallas Riordan, used weather control to destroy Robinette as a test, Mount Charteris headquarters & expanded Masters membership both discovered by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #24, 1999); as a precaution, dressed captive Riordan in a duplicate Cowl costume (Thunderbolts #42, 2000); used worldwide network of weather modulators to create destructive weather, demanded one trillion dollars from world governments, escaped while most of her Masters were defeated & captured by Thunderbolts, left Cowl-costumed Riordan behind to be arrested as the supposed Crimson Cowl (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); Cowl's pre-programmed cloak teleported Riordan away from a confrontation between Thunderbolts & V-Battalion (Thunderbolts #39, 2000); secretly imprisoned Riordan in hopes of sparking conflict between Thunderbolts & V-Battalion, cloak disabled by escaping Riordan, engaged in single combat with Riordan, lost cloak but dealt Riordan a crippling defeat, unmasked face seen by defeated Riordan (Thunderbolts #40 & 42, 2000); began reassembling Masters, recruited Cardinal by freeing him from Seagate, blaming Hawkeye for his daughter's recent demise & promising revenge (Thunderbolts #64, 2002); tracked to Symkaria by Thunderbolts, confronted by Thunderbolts & Silver Sable, exposed as Justine Hammer, defeated & captured Sable & Thunderbolts alongside her Masters, spoke of her background & motivations, sought to control bio-toxin which had infected most of her father's many former agents including the Masters, defeated & captured by Thunderbolts, cloak destroyed by Skein and toxin neutralized by Blackheath, taken into custody (Thunderbolts #67, 69 & 73, 2002)

Crimson Dynamo (Gavrilov)
First Appearance: Crimson Dynamo #1 (2003)
Origin: Crimson Dynamo #1-6 (2003-2004)
Significant Issues: Mistook Crimson Dynamo helmet for virtual reality video game, inadvertently activated armor, learned helmet's true nature (Crimson Dynamo #1-2, 2003); began search for information on the armor (Crimson Dynamo #3, 2003); captured by Konsortium agents (Crimson Dynamo #4, 2004); escaped, received advice from Tony Stark (Crimson Dynamo #5, 2004); re-established control of armor, donned it to confront Devereaux, escaped military (Crimson Dynamo #6, 2004)

Cutter, Jane
First Appearance and Origin: Hellstorm #12 (1994)
Significant Issues: Sold policemen's souls to Zahgirum, gained armor, aided Hellstorm in slaying Zahgurim's minion before he damned Manhattan (Hellstorm #12-14, 1994); slew Inanna (Hellstorm #15, 1994); officially became Hellstorm's consort (Hellstorm #18, 1994); Breathing Gun temporarily stolen by Gabriel Rosetti (Hellstorm #20, 1994)

Cyclone (Fresson)
First Appearance: Thunderbolts #3 (1997)
Origin: Thunderbolts #18 (1998)
Significant Issues: Original Cyclone vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #143-144, 1975); original vs Spider-Man & Moon Knight (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #22-23, 1978); original slain by Scourge of the Underworld vigilante (Captain America #319, 1986); new, speechless Cyclone wearing radically different costume employed by Hammer alongside other super-agents, intervened in conflict between Silver Sable's Wild Pack & Latisha's street gang alliance, vs gangs & Wild Pack (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #21-22, 1994); unidentified alternate Cyclone wearing apparent duplicate of original's costume involved in a brawl at the Bar With No Name (Marvel Comics Presents #97, 1992); Fresson became newest Cyclone with new version of original's costume supplied by French organized crime family who proved unable to control him (Thunderbolts #18, 1998); joined Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); clone of original Cyclone created by Arnim Zola, slain by Deadpool (Deadpool #0, 1998); Fresson Cyclone moved into Mount Charteris with fellow Masters (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); vs Thunderbolts, baited them into Masters' trap, alongside Masters, captured Thunderbolts, fled alongside Masters after intervention of police & Hawkeye disguised as Dreadknight (Thunderbolts #18-20, 1998); spied on Thunderbolts, alongside Masters, vs Thunderbolts, participated in Masters' global weather control blackmail scheme, escaped while Thunderbolts defeated & captured most of the Masters (Thunderbolts #23-25, 1999); attended Nefaria's Maggia conference as representative of the European Maggia families, escaped when conference was raided by Avengers, led Maggia break-in at Baron Zemo's Central American lair in search of ionic technology, escaped Black Widow & Thunderbolts (Avengers #31/Thunderbolts #43, 2000); tried to steal Hammer data disc for Crimson Cowl, thwarted by Thunderbolts, wounded by Hawkeye, escaped, rejoined Masters, robbed Paris art museums, captured by Thunderbolts, discovered Cowl's plans to enslave her Masters & others using bio-toxin, coerced by Hawkeye into joining Thunderbolts alongside other defecting Masters (Thunderbolts #63-65, 2002); romantically rejected by teammate Skein, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Silver Sable's Wild Pack, joined forces with Sable, alongside Thunderbolts & Silver Sable, vs Cowl's Masters, captured & escaped, participated in capture of Cowl & Masters, deserted Thunderbolts during conflict with S.H.I.E.L.D. super-agents, subdued by Hawkeye & persuaded to return (Thunderbolts #67, 69 & 71, 2002); tried to desert the Thunderbolts again when the team was recruited to oppose the potentially world-ending menace of the V-Battalion's malfunctioning Vanguard craft, subdued by Hawkeye & arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Thunderbolts #73, 2002)

First Appearance: Spider-Girl #2 (1998)
Origin: Darkdevil #1-3 (2000)
Significant Issues: With Spider-Girl vs Crazy Eight (Spider-Girl #2, 1998); battled Zarathos with Kaine (Darkdevil #1-3, 2000); turned down membership in the New Warriors (Spider-Girl #43, 2002); aided by Doc Magus & Doctor Strange, spiritual order restored (Spider-Girl #82-84, 2005); vs Spider-Man (Last Hero Standing #3, 2005)

Dark Gods
First Appearance: (Perrikus) Thor #1 (1998); (others) Thor #4 (1998)
Origin: Thor #9 (1999)
Significant Issues: Fought war with Asgard (Thor #9, 1999); conquered Asgard (Thor #4-5, 1998); combined into composite monster, defeated by Thor and allies (Thor #12, 1999); attacked by Desak (Thor #43, 2002); attacked Rainbow Bridge, vs Thor (Thor #53, 2002)

Darkhold Redeemers
First Appearance: Darkhold #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Redeemers formed, vs Lilith (Darkhold #1/Ghost Rider #31, 1992); vs DeGuzman (Darkhold #8-10, 1993); slain by Switchblade (Darkhold #11/Spirits of Vengeance #13, 1993); Victoria learned origins, group disbanded (Marvel Comics Presents #145-146, 1994); Chthon expelled from Victoria's body (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #89-90, 1996)

Dark Riders
First Appearance: (As Riders of the Dark) X-Men: Apocalypse vs Dracula #1 (2006); (as Riders of the Storm) X-Factor #65 (1991); (as Dark Riders) X-Men #14 (1992)
Origin: Cable & Deadpool #26 (2006)
Significant Issues: First Dark Riders army formed (Cable & Deadpool #26, 2006); in Romania in 1459, Riders of the Dark slaughtered Vlad Tepes' army (X-Men: Apocalypse vs Dracula #1, 2006); Apocalypse recruited Riders of the Storm, vs X-Factor & Inhumans (X-Factor #65-68, 1991); alerted Apocalypse to threat of Stryfe, vs Stryfe, served Stryfe after his defeat of Apocalypse (X-Men #14-15/X-Force #17, 1992); vs X-teams, turned on Apocalypse (Uncanny X-Men #296/X-Factor #86/X-Men #16, 1993); tested Mesmero & Psynapse (X-Men #21, 1993); tested Mr. Sinister & Cyclops (X-Men #23, 1993); began serving Genesis, gained new members, tested Foxbat & Caliban, vs Cable, Domino, Caliban & Storm (Cable #17-19, 1994-1995); captured Jean Grey, confronted Sinister (X-Men '95 Annual, 1995); liberated Cyber (Wolverine #93-94, 1995); Dirt Nap tested Wolverine (Wolverine #95, 1995); vs Cyber (Wolverine #96, 1995); captured Wolverine, most Riders & Genesis slain by Wolverine after his escape (Wolverine #99-100, 1996); returned to Stryfe's service, vs Nate Grey & Madelyne Pryor (X-Man #46, 1999); Gauntlet hired by Blaquesmith to kill merged Cyclops/Apocalypse (X-Men: The Search For Cyclops #1-4, 2000-2001); modern-day Dark Riders army assembled (Cable & Deadpool #26, 2006)

First Appearance: Champions #7 (1976)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #259 (1981)
Significant Issues: With Griffin, Titanium Man & Crimson Dynamo, vs Champions (Champions #7, 1976); defected, joined Champions, vs Warlord Kaa (Champions #10-11, 1976); with Champions, vs Stranger & Kamo Tharn (Champions #12-13, 1976-1977); with Champions, vs Swarm (Champions #14-15, 1977); with Champions, alongside Iron Man, vs MODOK (Iron Man Annual #4, 1977); with Champions, vs Magneto, possessed by Doctor Doom, freed (Super-Villain Team-Up #14/Champions #16, 1977); with Champions, vs Sentinels & Vanisher (Champions #17, 1977); Champions disbanded, returned home (Spectacular Spider-Man #17, 1978); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Iron Man & Jack of Hearts, alongside them & New Men, vs Rigellians (Iron Man #109-111, 1978); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, duped by Kutzov, vs Spider-Man & Hulk (Marvel Team-Up Annual #2, 1979); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, encountered Silver Surfer (Incredible Hulk #250, 1980); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Hulk, Presence & Red Guardian, betrayed by Phobos, learned Presence was father (Incredible Hulk #258-259, 1981); took part in "contest of champions" (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, vs Rom & Starshine, alongside them & Gremlin, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #45-46, 1983); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, alongside Rom & Earth's other heroes, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #65, 1985); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, sought to capture Magneto, vs Avengers & X-Men (X-Men vs The Avengers #1 & 3, 1987); with Black Widow, vs Starlight (Marvel Comics Presents #70, 1991); with Soviet Super-Soldiers, sought political asylum from Captain America, vs Supreme Soviets, merged to form Great Beast, restored (Captain America #352-353, 1989); joined Exiles, vs Firefox (Soviet Super Soldiers #1, 1992); with Father Garnoff, possessed by Soul Skinner, freed by X-Men (X-Men #17-19, 1992); alongside Vanguard, Quasar & others, vs Starblasters, seemingly killed Threkker (Starblast #1-4/Quasar #54-56, 1994); alongside Presence, vs Quasar (Quasar #60, 1994); captured by General Tskarov, rescued by Ursa Major, Vanguard, Daredevil & Black Widow (Daredevil #369-370, 1997); with Winter Guard, vs Mandarin's forces (Iron Man #9-10, 1998); with Winter Guard, alongside Earth's other heroes, vs Kree & Ronan (Maximum Security #3, 2001); with Winter Guard, became pawn of Presence, vs Avengers, freed by Starlight (Avengers #42-44, 2001); alongside X-Men, vs Black Death (X-Men Unlimited #28, 2003); joined X-Corporation, vs Weapon XII, killed by Fantomex (New X-Men #128-130, 2002); funeral held (New X-Men #131, 2002)

Daughters of the Dragon
First Appearance: (Knight) Marvel Team-Up #1 (1972); (Wing) Marvel Premiere #19 (1974)
Significant Issues: In Hong Kong area, vs Emil Vachon (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32-34, 1977); alongside Iron Fist & Spider-Man, vs Davos the Steel Serpent (Marvel Team-Up #64, 1977); in Japan, alongside X-Men & Sunfire, vs Moses Magnum (X-Men #118-119, 1979); temporarily split-up due to Knight's relationship with Tyrone King (Power Man & Iron Fist #117, 1985); Wing beheaded Black Dragon (Power Man & Iron Fist #122, 1985); journeyed to K'un-Lun to rescue Iron Fist from H'ylthri (Namor the Sub-Mariner #21-24, 1991-92); Cage declined offer to join Nightwing Restorations (Spider-Man Unlimited #13, 1996); accompanied Iron Fist to K'un-Lun to battle Davos the Steel Serpent (Iron Fist #1-2, 1996); in Symkaria, alongside Heroes for Hire, vs Silver Sable's Wild Pack (Heroes for Hire #10-11, 1998); Wing defeated by Nightshade; Black Dragon resurrected (Black Panther #38, 2002); began career as bail bondswomen; vs Ricadonna (Daughters of the Dragon #1-5, 2006)

Dazzler (Worthington)
First Appearance: Ka-Zar #2 (1970)
Origin: Marvel Tales #30 (1971)
Significant Issues: Had brother killed, world conquest scheme foiled by Angel, seemingly killed (Ka-Zar #2-3/Marvel Tales #30, 1970/1971); sought family fortune by marrying Kathryn, poisoned her, vs X-Men, defeated by Angel, arrested (X-Men: The Hidden Years #13-16, 2000-2001)

First Appearance: Avengers #4 (1964)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #387 (2000)
Significant Issues: Vuk/"Medusa" D'bari encountered Avengers (Avengers #4, 1964); Phoenix Force consumed D'bari star, killing virtually all D'bari (X-Men #135, 1980); Phoenix Force experienced last second of a friend of Gvyn (Classic X-Men #43, 1990); Vuk allied with Xartans, vs She-Hulk, Razorback, U.S. Archer, & Rocket Raccoon (Sensational She-Hulk #43-46, 1992); Tas'wzta served in Star Corps, slain by Kraa (Nova #1 & 15, 1994 & 1995); Vuk & Bzztl present on Collector's Prisonworld, separated while fleeing as Galactus consumed Prisonworld (Wolverine #136-138, 1999); Starhammer assaulted Phoenix/Jean Grey (Uncanny X-Men #387, 2000)

Dead Girl
First Appearance: X-Force #125 (2002)
Origin: X-Force #126 (2002)
Significant Issues: Joined X-Force, accompanied team into space (X-Force #125-128, 2002); began relationship with Anarchist (X-Force #129, 2002); visited vengeance upon necrophile (X-Statix #12, 2003); seemingly perished during final mission (X-Statix #26, 2004); with Doctor Strange, vs Pitiful One (X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1-5, 2006)

First Appearance: (pre-modern) Human Torch Comics #5A, 1941; (modern)Captain Marvel #26 (1973)
Origin: Captain Marvel #28 (1973)
Significant Issues: Surveyed surface/underwater war, consorted with Hitler (Human Torch Comics #5A, 1941); exulted over nuclear explosions (Strange Tales #27, 1954); eradicated Paul Kendricks from existence (Strange Tales #3, 1951); pursued Dennis Ames (Strange Tales #5, 1951); as Carlos Muerte, confronted Dracula (Dracula Lives #9, 1974); tormented John Kowalski during World War II (War is Hell #9-15, 1974-1975); romanced by Thanos (Captain Marvel #26-28, 30-31 & 33, 1973-1974); romanced Deadpool (Deadpool/Death 1998 Annual, 1998); raced Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider #35, 1979); met Phoenix Force after its physical form's "death" (Classic X-Men #43, 1990); claimed Captain Mar-Vell (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); played "contest of champions" against Grandmaster for life of Collector (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); slain by Beyonder, restored by sacrifice of Dave (Secret Wars II #6, 1985); power stolen by Grandmaster, restored by Avengers (West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); resurrected Thanos (Silver Surfer #34, 1990); rejected Thanos as suitor (Thanos Quest #1-2, 1991); revealed to have hidden from Walker in Marlo Chandler (Captain Marvel #17-18, 2001); with aid of Thanos & Avengers, repelled the Rot (Avengers: Celestial Quest #2-8, 2001-2002); met Thanos at Omega Core (Thanos #7, 2004)

First Appearance: Avengers #363 (1993)
Significant Issues: First arrived on Earth to aid the Avengers vs Kree Strikeforce (Avengers #363-366, 1993); met & learned the truth about Admiral T'kyll Alabar (Avengers #378-379, 1994); alongside Vision, vs Anti-Vision (Vision #1-4, 1994-1995); received mysterious message from K'rin (Avengers #389, 1995); encountered Tuc, began to learn of her possible destiny (Avengers #390, 1995); found sacred holo-scroll pertaining to her destiny, met Za'ken, returned to space to learn the truth about her heritage & possible destiny (Avengers #398-399, 1996)

Deathlok (Collins)
First Appearance and Origin: Deathlok #1 (1990)
Significant Issues: Brand's Deathlok project (Captain America #286-289, 1983-1984); Kelly Deathlok test (Marvel Comics Presents #62, 1990); Collins became Deathlok (Deathlok #1-4, 1990); vs Mechadoom (Deathlok #2-5, 1991); alongside S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Leviathan (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #30-31, 1991-1992); reunited with family (Deathlok #12-15, 1992); vs Cathode (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #6-7, 1992); Siege reborn (Deathlok #17-21, 1992-1993); aided Digitek (Digitek #2-3, 1993); stopped war in Wakanda (Deathlok #23-25, 1993); daughter born (Deathlok #26, 1993); time war with Timestream, Demolisher, Manning (Deathlok #27-34, 1993-1994); opposed Wraith (Morbius #18-19, 1994); rescued Cetewayo (War Machine #1-3, 1994); with Secret Defenders (Secret Defenders #22-25, 1994-1995); controlled by Silvermane (Spider-Man: The Power of Terror #1-4, 1995)

Deathlok (Truman/Young)
First Appearance: (Truman) Cable #59 (1998); (Truman as Deathlok) Uncanny X-Men #391 (1999); (Young) Cable #60 (1998); (Young as Deathlok) Deathlok #11 (2000)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #371/X-Men #91/X-Men '99 Annual (1999)
Significant Issues: Sent to capture Cable, succeeded, freed him, badly burned during rematch (Cable #59-62, 1998); transplanted into Deathlok cyborg, activated by Douglock, escaped Helicarrier (Uncanny X-Men #371/X-Men #91/X-Men '99 Annual, 1999); body on rampage, Truman's mind in Bill Bailey's form (Deathlok #1-3, 1999); South American mission, quit S.H.I.E.L.D. (Deathlok #6, 2000); brought back by "Dum-Dum" Dugan, located & rescued Fury, thwarted Ringmaster's presidential campaign, transferred minds with Larry Young (Deathlok #8-11, 2000)

Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent)
First Appearance: High Noon Tex (1987)
Origin: Strip #19-20 (1990)
Significant Issues: Took contract on Galvatron, time-jumped to Earth's past (Transformers #113-114, 1987); tracked Galvatron down (Transformers #117-118, 1987); returned to future (Transformers #120, 1987); contract on Rodimus Prime (Transformers #133-134, 1987); used as Unicron's pawn (Transformers #146-150, 1988); jumped into time portal (Transformers #151, 1988); shrunk by Doctor, sent to Earth-8162 (Doctor Who Magazine #135, 1988); vs Dragon's Claws (Dragon's Claws #5-6, 1988); rebuilt by Spratt (Death's Head #1, 1988); stranded in modern era by the Doctor (Death's Head #8, 1989); sent to 2020 by Mr Fantastic (Death's Head #9, 1989); vs Iron Man 2020 (Death's Head #10, 1989); investigated Time Bubble (Fantastic Four #338, 1990); met She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #24, 1991); traveled to Maruthea (Doctor Who Magazine #173, 1991); assimilated by Minion (Death's Head #1, 1992)

Death's Head (Minion)
First Appearance: Death's Head II #1 (1992)
Origin: Death's Head II #1-2 (1992)
Significant Issues: Assimilated Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), freed from A.I.M. control by Richards, met Tuck, defeated Charnel (Death's Head II #1-4, 1992); met his brothers (Death3 #1-3, 1993); alongside X-Men, vs Wrathchilde (Death's Head II #1-4, 1992-1993); detoured to Un-Earth, fought in Mys-Tech Wars (Mys-Tech Wars #1-4/Warheads #11/Death's Head II #5, 1993); reunited with Tuck, vs Major Oak & Methinx (Death's Head II #6-8, 1993); alongside Killpower, vs Battletide (Battletide #1-4/Battletide II #1-4, 1993/1994); alongside Requiem Sharks, vs Charnel (Death's Head II #10-12, 1993); joined Dark Guard (Dark Guard #1-4, 1993-1994); brought to Maruthea by the Doctor, alongside other Death's Head, vs Hob (Incomplete Death's Head #1-12, 1993); seen among gathered Avengers during Destiny War (Avengers Forever #11-12, 1999); Death's Head (or counterpart) died alongside Earth-811 R.C.X. (Excalibur #67, 1993)

First Appearance: Avengers West Coast #82 (1992)
Origin: Spider-Woman #2 (1993)
Significant Issues: Hired to kill Galvan (Avengers West Coast #82, 84-86, 1992); kidnapped the Cornwalls (Spider-Woman #1-4, 1993-1994); Therak imprisoned by Nefaria (Iron Man '99 Annual, 1999)

First Appearance: New Warriors #4 (2005)
Significant Issues: Joined New Warriors, vs Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots (New Warriors #4-5, 2005); vs Corruptor, returned to New York after New Warriors' show cancelled (New Warriors #6, 2005)

First Appearance: X-Men: The Hidden Years #6 (2000)
Origin: X-Men: The Hidden Years #7 (2000)
Significant Issues: In Africa, encountered X-Men & Ororo Munroe, seemingly killed by Cyclops (X-Men: The Hidden Years #6-7)

First Appearance and Origin: Web of Spider-Man #86 (1992)
Significant Issues: Hobgoblin offered deal by N'Astirh, possessed (Spectacular Spider-Man #147, 1989); separated into Demogoblin (Web of Spider-Man #86, 1992); teamed up with Doppleganger (Spider-Man #24, 1992); vs Moon Knight in prison break (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #46-47, 1993); joined "Maximum Carnage" team (Spider-Man #35, 1993); defeated at end of "Maximum Carnage" (Spectacular Spider-Man #203, 1993); magically slain by Blade (Ghost Rider #40, 1993); returned to forgive Hobgoblin, sacrificed life (Spider-Man #48, 1994)

Demolition Man
First Appearance: (As Demolition Dunphy) Thing #28 (1985); (as Demolition Man) Captain America #328 (1987)
Origin: Captain America #328 (1987)
Significant Issues: Football career floundered, bought augmented strength from Power Broker, realized he was now too strong to play football, went into superhuman-class wrestling (Captain America #328, 1987); as Demolition Dunphy, participated in UCWF tryouts, joined the UCWF as one of its twelve founding star performers, refused a bribe from UCWF boss Ed Garner to throw a fight with the Thing, lost to Thing in first UCWF match (Thing #28, 1985); partnered with Blacksmith & Thing in tag-team match, wrestled Jersey Devil, vs rogue wrestler Gator Grant (Thing #29, 1985); watched Battleaxe defeat Titania (Thing #33, 1986); sparred with Thing, mind-controlled by Puppet Master into attacking Thing, defeated & freed from mind control by Thing (Thing #34, 1986); roomed with Thing, refused to help Broker hunt down Sharon Ventura, revealed addiction to Broker's "stabilizer pills", went through painful withdrawal (Thing #35, 1986); recovered, realized "stabilizer pills" were medically unnecessary (Thing #36, 1986); befriended Captain/Steve Rogers, became D-Man, helped Captain vs Mangler & Bludgeon & capture Broker's chief scientist Doctor Karl Malus, captured by Sweat Shop team, imprisoned alongside Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura, further mutated by Broker for experimental purposes, freed by Cap, suffered heart attack, hospitalized (Captain America #328-332, 1987); took charge of Captain America's help hotline, devoted fortune to crime-fighting, formed & funded informal superhero team with the Captain/Steve Rogers, Falcon, Nomad & Vagabond after C.S.A. forced Steve Rogers to step down as Captain America, feuded with jealous Nomad, became friendly with Nomad's girlfriend Vagabond, concealed heart condition from teammates, vs Serpent Society & Famine, shaken after losing fight with Titania, taught Vagabond fighting moves, vs Viper, captured & interrogated by C.S.A., unwittingly hastened breakup of Nomad & Vagabond, informal team broken up (Captain America #336-340 & 342-346, 1987-1988); reunited with Captain, recruited into Avengers, teamed with Captain & Battlestar to rescue C.S.A.'s new Captain America/John Walker from Flag-Smasher and U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., lost in the Arctic and feared dead (Captain America #348, 1989); frozen in Arctic ice (Captain America #384 1991); freed from ice but left in mute semi-amnesiac stupor, lived with Inuit tribe, captured by U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., rescued by Falcon & U.S.Agent/John Walker, brought back to America, reunited with Captain America/Steve Rogers, cared for by Avengers, examined by Doctor Kincaid, befriended by Bernie Rosenthal, lost in Central Park (Captain America #400-405, 1992); attacked & nearly drowned by "Infinity War" doppelganger, stumbled into underground Zerotown community, interrogated by Night People (Captain America #408-411, 1992-1993); freed Night People from oppressive leadership of Brother Have-Not, regained power of speech, reunited with Cap (Captain America #418, 1993); founded Haven for Homeless in Zerotown, went jogging with Cap (Captain America #422, 1993); declined to join Cap's assault on A.I.M. Island, citing his duties as leader of the Night People (Captain America #440, 1995); alongside Avengers, vs Morgan Le Fay's forces, briefly pressed into serving Morgan in her Queen's Vengeance group as Serf before Morgan's defeat, returned to Zerotown (Avengers #1-4, 1998); became delusional solitary sewer dweller & jewel thief, convinced by Ben Urich & Daredevil to leave sewers, arrested for vagrancy (The Pulse #11-13, 2005-2006)

First Appearance and Origin: Thor Annual 2001 (2001)
Significant Issues: Sacrificed daughter, empowered by Spirit of the Jewel, first encountered Thor (Thor Annual 2001); massacred Dark Gods, met Zarrko (Thor #43, 2002); mortally wounded by Thor (Thor #49, 2002); rescued & placed in hiding by the Designate (Thor #50, 2002); in alternate future of Earth-3515, awoke & began assault on Asgard (Thor #77, 2004); combined with Destroyer armor (Thor #78, 2004); killed Earth-3515 Loki, killed by Earth-3515 Thor (Thor #79, 2004)

Desert Sword
First Appearance: (Unidentified) New Mutants Annual #7 (1991); (members named) Uncanny X-Men Annual #15 (1991)
Significant Issues: Arabian Knight debuted (Incredible Hulk #257, 1981); Razer first appeared (Alpha Flight #31, 1986); Desert Sword vs Freedom Force, Aminedi killed Super Sabre, Crimson Commando critically injured, Veil killed by Pyro (New Mutants Annual #7/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); Aminedi revealed as victim of Legacy Virus (X-Men Annual #2, 1993); Arabian Knight vs Sandstorm (Marvel Comics Presents #114, 1992); Arabian Knight revealed as Pantheon agent (Incredible Hulk Annual #20, 1994); Arabian Knight seemingly killed by Humus Sapien (Thunderbolts #55, 2001)

First Appearance: Eternals #1 (1976)
Origin: What If..? #23 (1980)
Significant Issues: Great Cataclysm (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23, 1989); Kro sent mutates against Monster Hunters (Marvel Universe #5-7, 1998); Fourth Host's arrival (Eternals #1-6, 1976); Thena met Karkas & Ransak (Eternals #8-10, 1977); attacked Celestials' mothership (Eternals #13, 1977); in New Lemuria, vs Thor & Eternals (Thor #284-286, 1979); ruling family captured by Eternals (Iron Man Annual #6, 1984); block of Deviants sent into space (Avengers #248, 1984); Kro became ruler, Ghaur attempted revival of Dreaming Celestial (Eternals #1-12, 1985-1986); Donald & Deborah Ritter's existence revealed (Eternals: The Herod Factor, 1991); Ghaur revived (Avengers #370-371, 1994); Underground Legion's battle with Tantalus, Tantalus slain (Blackwulf #1-10, 1994-1995); attempted creation of Anti-Mind (Heroes For Hire #5-7, 1997-1998); mutated by nuclear attack (New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1, 2000); international incident with Wakanda (Black Panther #26-29, 2001); Dulpus attacked China (Avengers #42-44, 2001); alongside Avengers, vs Kang (Avengers #52-53, 2002)

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #33 (1977)
Origin: Marvel Spotlight #33 (1977); Defenders #59, 104 & 110 (1978 & 1982); Man-Thing #3 (1998)
Significant Issues: Alongside Deathlok, vs the Cult (Marvel Spotlight #33, 1977); alongside Defenders, vs Vera Gemini & Cult of the Harvester of Eyes (Defenders #58-60, 1978); alongside Defenders, vs Six-Fingered Hand, befriended "Sunshine" Gross (Defenders #97-101, 1981); alongside Defenders & Spider-Man, vs Serpent Men (Marvel Team-Up #111, 1981); observed contest between Death & Grandmaster (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); paid respects to dying Mar-Vell, briefly impersonated by Skrull Bartak (Marvel Graphic Novel #1/Silver Surfer #14, 1982/1988); alongside Defenders, vs Ian Fate, death of "Sunshine" (Defenders #104, 1982); accepted responsibility, reunited with Cory, turned self in to authorities, imprisoned (Defenders #110, 1982); vs Belathauzer & demons (Marvel Comics Presents #37, 1989); vs Flying Dutchman's Ghost, McCloskey & Ramirez, Shadow-Cloak destroyed (Marvel Comics Presents #46-49, 1990); vs Infinks who passed through Shadow-Cloak (Marvel Comics Presents #143, 1993); vs Lilin seeking Shadow-Cloak (Marvel Comics Presents #146, 1994); stabbed by Silver Dagger (Over the Edge #2, 1995); held fragment of Nexus of Reality, surrendered it to Ellen Brandt (Man-Thing #3-5, 1998); accompanied Sorrow to oppose Termineus' destruction of reality (Strange Tales #2 & 3-4, 1998 & unpublished)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #391 (1994)
Significant Issues: Met Vibraxis & Black Panther (Fantastic Four #391, 1994); alongside Fantastic Four, Psi-Lord, Vibraxis, Huntara & Black Panther, vs Dark Raider (Fantastic Four #392, 1994); vs Klaw, joined Fantastic Force (Fantastic Force #1, 1994); entered High School, battled & befriended Seeker (Fantastic Force #3, 1995); kidnapped by Arides, rescued by Avengers (Avengers #383, 1995); present during Celestials' trial of the Watchers (Fantastic Four #400, 1995); retreated from battle with Crimson Cadre (Fantastic Force #8, 1995); vs Inhuman Genetics Council & Morgana La Fey (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2, 1995); infected with Omnivirus (Fantastic Force #11, 1995); appeared to die, "reborn" (Fantastic Force #16, 1996); trapped Diablo in Hell dimension (Fantastic Force #18, 1996)

Diamond Lil
First Appearance: (Unidentified, cameo) Alpha Flight #1 (1983); (fully) Alpha Flight #11 (1984)
Significant Issues: Gamma Flight disbanded (Alpha Flight #1, 1983); joined Omega Flight vs Alpha Flight, defeated (Alpha Flight #11-12, 1984); with Omega Flight vs Alpha Flight, defeated (Alpha Flight #25-28, 1985); selected to join new Gamma Flight, pardoned, released from prison, attempted to seduce Jeffries (Alpha Flight #71, 1989); alongside Alpha Flight, vs Llan (Alpha Flight #72-75, 1989); joined Alpha Flight, sought to renew relationship with Jeffries (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); with Alpha Flight, alongside Gamma Flight, vs Scorpion, Asp, Owl & Nekra (Alpha Flight #79-80, 1989); with Alpha Flight, alongside Gamma Flight, vs Llan's army (Alpha Flight #85-86, 1990); revealed to have lump in breast (Alpha Flight #94-95, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Avengers, vs Consortium (Alpha Flight #98-100, 1991); cyst diagnosed as benign (Alpha Flight #101, 1991); accepted marriage proposal from Jeffries, resigned from active duty with Alpha Flight, attended bachelorette party, vs Pink Pearl (Alpha Flight #103-105, 1991-1992); became concerned over Jeffries' addiction to Box robot (Alpha Flight #109 & 122, 1992 & 1993); with Jeffries, alongside Shaman, Nemesis & Wyre, vs Carcass (Alpha Flight #125-126, 1993); captured by Huxley, subjected to experiments, rescued by Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #5-6, 11 & 18-19, 1997-1998 & 1999); captured by Weapon X, incarcerated in Neverland, beaten by Boxbots (Weapon X #5, 2003); revealed to have retained mutant nature after "M-Day" (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006)

Diamondback (Leighton)
First Appearance: Captain America #310 (1985)
Origin: Captain America #400 (1992)
Significant Issues: First partnered with Captain America/Steve Rogers (Captain America #319, 1986); recruited Captain America vs Viper's serpents (Captain America #341-345, 1988); body briefly swapped with Dazzler/Alison Blaire (X-Men Annual #13, 1989); Bloodstone hunt, re-met Crossbones (Captain America #357-364, 1989); first date with Rogers (Captain America #371, 1990); trial (Captain America #379-384, 1990-1991); formed B.A.D. Girls, drowned by Snapdragon (Captain America #385-389, 1991); kidnapped by Crossbones, found Danny, got super-soldier transfusion (Captain America #396-409, 1992); killed Snapdragon (Captain America #413, 1993); left Cap, joined Superia (Captain America #431-433, 1993); vs Taskmaster (Siren #Infinity & 1-3, 1995); mind-fried (Citizen V & the V-Battalion #1, 2001); LMD appeared (Captain America #29-32, 2004); B.A.D. Girls reunited, hired by Cable to steal Dominus Objective, vs Cat/Shen Kuei & Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #20-23, 2005-2006)

First Appearance and Origin: Nova #3 (1976)
Significant Issues: Became Diamondhead, plotted against Sphinx, vs Nova, formed alliance with Condor (Nova #3, 1976); formed "Terrible Trio" with Condor & Powerhouse, helped capture Nova, briefly brainwashed him into joining them, helped steal weapons from Nova Prime starship, stranded Nova in space, joined Trio's assault on Sphinx, overpowered by Sphinx, imbedded in a mountain (Nova #6-8 & 10, 1977-1978); accidentally freed by army, forced jewel thieves to help him ambush & defeat Nova, fled while Comet rescued Nova, refused to work for fellow Nova foe Doctor Sun, defeated Nova & Comet, sought to attack Doctor Sun, stowed away on Nova Prime starship when Nova, Comet, Crimebuster, Powerhouse, Sphinx & Doctor Sun assembled there, demanded they turn back after learning the starship was headed for the planet Xandar, attempts to commandeer ship, opposed by Sphinx & Crimebuster, shattered & restored by Sphinx (Nova #22-25, 1978-1979); reached Xandar, joined most shipmates in forming Champions to protect Xandar during its war with Skrulls, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Sphinx (Fantastic Four #206 & 208-209, 1979); secretly betrayed Xandar at Epyrus-7, caused mass slaughter which traumatized Nova (Nova #2, 1999); betrayed Xandar to Skrulls again, caused Crimebuster's death, defeated & set adrift in space by Nova (Rom #24, 1981); imprisoned for study by Stranger, escaped, returned to Earth alongside fellow Stranger escapees (Quasar #16 & 20, 1990 & 1991); became professional hitman, assassinated Benchley & Vanetti, survived explosion arranged by Corruptor, vs Nova, escaped (Nova #10, 1994); tried to kill an abortionist, opposed by Nova, reawakened Nova's memories of Epyrus-7, shattered by Nova (Nova #2, 1999)

Dimension of Manifestations
First Appearance and Origin: Quasar #37 (1992)
Significant Issues: Visited by Quasar & Contemplator (Quasar #37, 1992); revealed to have created doppelgangers for Magus (Quasar #38, 1992); used by Quasar to confront Death (Quasar #49, 1993); used by Quasar to confront Living Tribunal (Quasar #58, 1994); alongside Eternity, used by Avengers to confront Infinites (Avengers Infinity #4, 2000)

Doctor Doom's Generals
First Appearance: Heroes Reborn: Ashema #1 (2000)
Significant Issues: Doom recruited lieutenants (Heroes Reborn: Ashema #1, 2000); on Earth (Fantastic Four #25-28, 2000); sought alliance with Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four Annual 2000); Dorma vs Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #32, 2000)

Doctor Nemesis
First Appearance: (Unidentified) Marvel Feature #4 (1972); (identified) Marvel Feature #9 (1973)
Origin: Marvel Feature #10 (1973); Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters (2005)
Significant Issues: Observed microverses, including realm of Tim Boo Ba (Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters, 2005); affiliated with A.I.M. and Tete, looted Pym's technology to become Doctor Nemesis, menaced Pym & Wasp, tried to loot Avengers Mansion, defeated by Ant-Man (Marvel Feature #4 & 9-10, 1972 & 1973); vs Wasp, defeated by Wasp & Micronauts (Micronauts #42-43, 1982); embarked on robbery spree, captured by Doctor Pym (Solo Avengers #8, 1988); worked at Stane International, commandeered Mass Acquisition Unit project, employed Goliath/Erik Josten as henchman, opposed by Doctor Edwin Hawkins & Giant-Man/Bill Foster, captured by Foster (Marvel Comics Presents #113-118, 1992); shrunken into Microverse by Kosmosian invasion, trapped and tortured in Tim Boo Ba's realm, returned to Earth, imprisoned in Lang Memorial Penitentiary, tried to warn Elsa Bloodstone & others of Tim Boo Ba menace, contacted by Elsa after Tim Boo Ba's New York rampage (Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters, 2005)

Dominic Fortune
First Appearance: Marvel Preview #2 (1975)
Significant Issues: In 1937, Dominic & Sabbath adventured in New York (Hulk! #21-25, 1980-1981); encountered "Dum-Dum" Dugan (Marvel Premiere #56, 1980); considered for Project: Rebirth (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); lost touch with Sabbath during WWII (Web of Spider-Man #71, 1990); came out of retirement in modern era (Marvel Team-Up #120, 1982); began pursuit of von Lundt (Web of Spider-Man #10, 1986); Jerry became Dominic Fortune, killed (Iron Man #212-213, 1986); reunited with Sabbath (Web of Spider-Man #72, 1991); David (or successor) teamed up with Silver Sable (Sable & Fortune #1-6, 2006)

Doomsday Man
First Appearance: (Robot) Silver Surfer #13 (1970); (Korman) Ms. Marvel #1 (1977); (Destructor) Ms. Marvel #2 (1977); (Korman/robot hybrid) Avengers #16 (1999)
Origin: (Robot) Silver Surfer #13 (1970); (Korman) Ms. Marvel #1-4 (1977); (Korman/robot hybrid) Avengers #17 (1999)
Significant Issues: Doomsday Man robot lost in battle with Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #13, 1970); Korman joined A.I.M., became Destructor, allied with Scorpion, vs Ms. Marvel, affected by Psyche-magnitron, lost in explosion with Doomsday Man robot (Ms. Marvel #1-4, 1977); Korman & robot merged, revived, employed Wrecking Crew as pawns, targeted Warbird, vs Avengers, disabled by Justice, captured (Avengers #16-17, 1991)

First Appearance: X-Force #116 (2001)
Origin: X-Statix #21 (2004)
Significant Issues: Filmed Boyz R Us massacre (X-Force #116-117, 2001); accidentally trapped teammates in "Doop Land" (X-Force #123, 2002); opened Doop Children's Hospital (X-Force #129, 2002); killed X-Statix hopeful Corkscrew (X-Statix #1, 2002); teamed with Wolverine to protect Pink Lady (Wolverine & Doop #1-2, 2003); kidnapped by Russian terrorists, brain exploded (X-Statix #21, 2004); Avengers & X-Statix fought over Doop's brain (X-Statix #21-25, 2004); seemingly killed during final X-Statix mission (X-Statix #26, 2004); seen in space by Polaris (X-Men #170, 2005); observed in space by Gazer (X-Men #178, 2005); descended to Earth, discovered by Havok & Polaris (X-Men #180, 2005); exploded (X-Men #181, 2006)
See the the Doop Translator page in the OHotMU FAQ

First Appearance: Strange Tales #126 (1964)
Origin: Doctor Strange #71 (1985); Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #22-23 (1990)
Significant Issues: At Stonehenge, vs the Mystic (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #23, 1990); vs Hiram Shaw (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #1, 2000); encountered Captain America & Red Skull (Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War, 2001); denied power to Baron Mordo (Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounter, 1998); first fought Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #126-127, 1964); empowered Baron Mordo against Doctor Strange, watched as Mordo spent weeks tracking Strange, defeated by Strange (Strange Tales #130-141, 1965-1966); seemingly destroyed by Eternity (Strange Tales #146, 1966); allied with Loki to obtain Evil Eye, vs Avengers & Defenders (Avengers #115-118/Defenders #8-10, 1973); reborn within Earth's core, defeated by Doctor Strange & Gaea (Doctor Strange #6-9, 1975); maintained balance of order and chaos via chess match with Odin (Thor Annual #9, 1981); traveled to 1943 to possess Viscount Krowler, defeated by Doctor Strange & others (Doctor Strange #50-51, 1981-1982); possessed Doctor Strange's body, driven out by Topaz (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #1-2, 1988-1989); posed as Flyx, deceived Clea, manipulated her into deposing Umar, reclaimed Dark Dimension, vs Secret Defenders (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #2/Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #48-50, 1992/1992-1993); traveled to 31st century, vs Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy #34-37, 1993); waged war against Mephisto & others (Hellcat #1-3, 2000)

First Appearance: Iron Man #55 (1973)
Origin: Captain Marvel #32 (1974)
Significant Issues: Alongside Iron Man, vs Thanos & Blood Brothers (Iron Man #55, 1973); alongside Captain Mar-Vell, vs Thanos, learned Moondragon was his daughter (Captain Marvel #27-33, 1973-1974); enslaved by Moondragon, killed by her (Avengers #219-220, 1982); resurrected by Kronos to oppose Thanos (Silver Surfer #35, 1990); alongside Earth's heroes, vs Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, 1991); given Power Gem by Adam Warlock (Warlock & the Infinity Watch #2, 1992); Power Gem stolen by Rune (Rune/Silver Surfer #1, 1995); regained intelligence from Kronos (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4, 1995); joined Microns (Captain Marvel #7, 2000); killed by Paibok, resurrected again (Drax the Destroyer #1-4, 2005-2006)

Edwards, Ethan
First Appearance: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #13 (2005)
Origin: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #17 (2005)
Significant Issues: Worked at Daily Bugle, partnered with Peter Parker (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #13, 2005); vs Absorbing Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #14, 2005); called himself Virtue, Skrull heritage revealed (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #16, 2005); called himself the Tiller, vs New Avengers, became missionary (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #18, 2005)

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