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Translator design by Chris Griswold.

Several years ago, Chris Griswold discovered a striking similarity between Doop's language and the alien alphabet freely distributed by the fine folks at Blambot known as the Roswell Wreckage font. Both created versions of the translator. Griswold's version was handed out by comic shops with early issues of X-Force while Manolis Vamvounis promoted a similar translator online. An expert of the enigmatic Doop who has published a vast amount of literature on the being, Mr. Peter Milligan, was quoted as saying,"any such alphabet that purports to exist is to 'Doop Speak' what a Greek Restaurant menu is to The Iliad. The complexities and nuances of Doop Speak - understoodonly by an initiated few - cannot be encompassed or delineated by any one image system." Another Doopophilic researcher, Mr. Axel Alonso, cautioned, "folks should 'translate' at their own risk."

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