Y-69 ROCKET - Stark Industries weapon, sabotaged by Crimson Dynamo
    --Tales of Suspense I#46

Y2K ( ) - armored warrior
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#5

YAA  of Earth-3071 - Underground, twin albino girls
    able to sense the Mandate
     (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt#1 (3(fb), 1-5

YAAMAI of the Hyborian era - former god of Vendhya, god of death and sleep, conquered by Asura
    (app-had)--Hour of the Dragon; Giant-Size Conan#3

YADA - Fall People
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#14

YAG - planet "on the edge of the universe" (possibly Pluto), home of Yag-Kosha and the Seeds of Yothga
    --Conan the Usurper novel

YAGALA - city from Melnibone; Terhali was entombed within it, and the entire city was banished to Hyborian Earth, briefly restored when Terhali was revived, crumbled again with her death
    (app-terhali)--Conan the Barbarian I#14, 15

YAGG THE SLAYER - Giant?, attacked Thor and Loki during "Trial of the Gods," Thor knocked him out with a rock hurled to the forehead
    20' tall, wore gauntlets able to fire energy blasts
    (app)--Journey Into Mystery I#116

YAG-KOSHA (Yogah) - native of green planet Yag, fled planet millions of years ago, arrived on Earth, venerated in Hyborian era in Khitai, duped and enslaved by Yara, blinded and tortured and kept imprisoned in the Tower of the Elephant, convinced Conan to slay him and follow his directions with the Heart of the Elephant to allow him to gain vengeance on Yara, spiritual form attacked Yara within the Heart
    -YOGAH (app)--"Tower of the Elephant" in Weird Tales; Conan the Barbarian I#4 (Conan#4(fb)/Savage Sword of Conan#24(fb), Conan#4/SSoC#24(dies)
    <image-Conan#119, Savage Sword of Conan#52,p55>

YAGO of Reality-56862 - space pirate from Grampus, thwarted by Universe Insurance's Reg Carlton

YAGOTHA - @ 30, 000 BC, turned key to the gate of the "Elder Gods", unleashed blizzard when his priest was slain, until forced to close gate by man wielding shield of Valka
    --[Kull the Conqueror III#4]

YAGZAN - Entropist, former leader, formerly controlled Glob/Golden Brain, killed by Glob, skeleton contained in Jude the Entropic Man
    *D* (app-jude)—Giant-Size Man-Thing#1 (Iron Man An3(d), Incredible Hulk II#191(fb), Marvel Two-In-One #42+43(d)

YAH CHIERY of the Hyborian era - sorcerer of Khitai
    --King Conan#1

YAHNOS - see TR'MORR, YAHNOS (app)--Cable/X-Force '96 Annual

YAILA of the Hyborian era - queen of realm b/t Koth and Corinthia, ascended to that position after Conan helped depose Fatima, lover of Godrick, formerly enthralled by Kulan Gath
    --Conan the Barbarian I#12 ( 253, 254

YAISA of Earth-88194 - Shadow, ally of Ripley Weaver, adopted Buddy.
    make skin transparent

YAJUR of the Hyborian era - god, worshipped in Kosala, bloodlusty cult centered in Yota-Pong in Kosala
    --Conan the Wanderer

YAK - Tibetan strongman, threatened Shang-Chi
    --Master of Kung Fu I#124

YAKA of Earth-691 - metal sensitive to sound, used as weapon by Alpha Centaurians
    -TRILLITE--Marvel Super-Heroes II#18

YAKAKI, MAKIO – former financial agent for fantastic four incorporated
    --Fantastic Four I#373 (375, 376

YAKHMAR of the Hyborian era - see ICE WORM (app)--Lair of the Ice Worm; Savage Sword of Conan#34

YAKIBA (Tsubarkyo) - cutting edge of Japanese military, employee Sunfire as pawn, pursued Mystique
    --X-Men II#93 (94, 96, Iron Fist/Wolverine#2-4

"YAKKETY" YATES - see YATES, SAM (app)--Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#1

YAKUZA (Boss, lord Dai-Kumo, Hashimoto, Honjo, Ieyasu Imura, Lord Kenada, Shinji Kizaki, Maikeru Mishu, Kenzo Orii, Pale Flower, Ren Sano, Lord Shingen, Lord Shiro, Silver Samurai, Lord Tatsu'o, Nabat˘ne Yakuse, Mariko Yashida) - Japanese mafia
    (Mighty Avengers: WMF)--Spider-Woman I#46?
    Marvel Comics Presents#133/2-136/2, Wolverine II#107, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#50, Daredevil II#56-60, Wolverine III#20, Rogue III#8-9, New Avengers#11-13, Daughters of the Dragon#5-6, New Avengers#27 (fb)

YA'LONT, admiral - Shi'ar
    --X-Force II#5

YAMA of the Hyborian era - King of Demons
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#59]

YAMA - Hindu death god, part of plot that raised Demogorge
    (app)--Thor I Annual#10

YAMA – extraterrestrial, traveled to earth with Wayfinder, later fled from demons to the Microverse, becoming one of its original inhabitants
    (app-esits)--Micronauts I#31 (35(fb(31(fb)))

YAMA - see YAMA DHARMA--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

YAMA, JIMMY of Earth-982 - Midtown High School, classmate of May Parker, nephew of Sachi, developed ego problems after inadvertently injuring Moose Mansfield, came to wits after criticized by friends, helped repair misunderstanding between Moose and Courtney Duran, dated Heather Noble
    --What If? II#105 (Spider-Girl#1-4, 6-12, 14, 18-20, 22, 23, 27-29, 32, 36-38, 50, [53], 55, [60], 61, 64-66, 67, 71, 96, 98-100, Amazing Spider-Girl#1, 4-6, 7, 9

YAMA, SACHI - lawyer assigned to the Commission to watch over the Juggernaut
    (app-commission)--X-Men Forever#6

YAMA DHARMA (Dr. Jan Maarshall) - Nest, Swedish electrical engineer, patterned after Hindu God of Death
    -the Death-Lord (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

YAMA-KINGS (Lord Tuan) - rulers of K'un-Lun's Feng Tu
    Lords of the Dead--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21

YAMAL, SAUDIA - san Pedro university, ancient cultures department, studied Golem and determined it was alive
    (app-gol)--Strange Tales I#177 (Marvel Two-In-One#11

YAMALLA - goddess, bringer of goodness...same as "Yemaya"?
    --Dr. Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural#4

YAMAMOTO, SANJI - Xavier Institute cook
    (app) --Uncanny X-Men I#429 (X-Men II#164,

YAMANE, MAKI - Daily Bugle, reported on seeming return of Captain Mar-Vell (actually the Skrull Khn'nr)
--Captain Marvel#2 (2008)

YAMANES, Dr. - former Giant Monster Museum curator, son of deserter from Kayama Expedition, sacrificed father to Grottu, led to Shadow Men's base by Fantastic Four and performed the ritual to allow the Apocalypse Beast access to Earth
    --Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#1 ([3(fb)], 1-3

YAMATO-TAKE - @ 81AD, Japanese prince, son of Keikio the twelfth, disguised self as a servant girl to assassinate a rebel chief, fought rebels in 110 AD, given magical sword Kusanagi-No-Tsuguri, used it to cut down grass in burning field to stop the fire, believed to live on in reincarnation, such as Stick of the Chaste and then the infant Karen
    <Brave Hero of Japan>--Daredevil: Ninja#3 (3(fb)

YAMIR, SASHA - Project: Earth
    --[New Warriors I#7], 8 (9

YAMMUZ - demon, servant of Asmodeus, with Yukthalon, pushed boulder in an effort to crush Zarathos+Blaze
    (app-as)--Ghost Rider II#76

YAN - Kree, stationed on Drez-Lar under Ko-Rel, slain by Phalanx
    "CHIEF" *D*--Nova IV#4, (identified) 5 (4, 5d)

YANAIDAR of the Hyborian era - underground city, first created by Ura, later inhabited by Yezmites, the corpses of the original inhabitants eventually arose to drive off the Yezmites
    --The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31

YANATH of the Hyborian era - Xuchotl, native of Tecuhlti, accompanied Conan into Xotalanc, but betrayed and tired to kill him for Olmec, slain by Conan
    *D*--Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3d

YANCY NEWSBOY STREET GANG of Earth-Amalgam - Yancy Street Gang + Newsboy Legion
    --[Challengers of the Fantastic#1(letters)]

 YANCY STREET CHAPTER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - addressed by Mister Fantastic regarding SHRA and "Civil War"
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1 

YANCY STREET GANG (Daniel Grimm, Ben Grimm,
    "Two-Fisted" Tommy Boyd, "Dictionary" Dawson, Eightball, "Little" Larry Lee, "Lugwrench" Lubowski, "Smooth" Manny Merengues, "Rhythm" Ruiz, Stan + Jack, Cee, Mouse
--[Fantastic Four I#6], 15, 20 (Thing I#1(fb (Fantastic Four III#56(fb1-4)/Thing II#5(fb)), Marvel Knights 4#22(fb), Strange Tales I#159(fb), [F4#6, 11], 15 ,20, [23, 25, 29, StrT I#128, FF34, 36, 65], 68, [96, 114, Marvel Two-In-One#6], Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change,
    F4#361, Justice: Four Balance#1, Thunderstrike#13/2, [Fantastic Four III#4], 24, 38, 56, Thing II#5-6, Amazing Spider-Man#534, Fantastic Four#538-539

    --B-Sides #3

YANCY STREET GOLEM - see golem of Yancy Street--Marvel Knights 4#22 (Marvel Holiday Special 2011 "Chinese Food for Christmas"

YANDROTH – extradimensional humanoid scientist, created Omegatron + Voltorg, enemy of Dr. Strange + Defenders, physical form died from ??, mind active in Omegatron until destroyed, possessed mind of Stephanie Donal, possessed new body, captured Gaea, used her to bring extradimensional menaces to Earth, summoned Ravagers of Creation, killed when they were destroyed, cursed Dr. Strange + Hulk + Namor + Silver Surfer to force them to stay together, used energies created by their hostility to form powerful form for self, returned to human form after order stopped fighting, taken to Yann for imprisonment
    -SCIENTIST SUPREME* *D* (M, OH: AZ#12, app)—Strange Tales I#164 (165/2,166,167/2, Marvel Feature I#1(fb), 1d, Defenders I#119(fb), Defenders II#1,[2-4],5,[6-12, 12/2, Order#1-3],4-6

YANDROTH (Stephanie Donal) - chemist, mentally controlled by Yandroth.
    utilized microscopic brain implants able to alter victims’ brainwaves so as to be identical to Yandroth’s, in effect possessing them, wf, brunette
    --Defenders I#119 (119(fb)

YANESKI, Lt. of Earth-982 - Code: Blue

    --Rawhide Kid III#2, (named) 5

YANG race – extraterrestrial, attacked by Kree, assisted by Silver Surfer.
    enlarged cranium, wear cloaks
    (app)--Defenders II#8 (8(fb)

YANIZESKI, WALTER - father of Joystick, pathologic gambler, frequently beaten up to get the money to pay his debts
    --Thunderbolts II#102 (102(fbs)

YANIZESKI, Mrs. - mother of Joystick, wife of Walter
    --Thunderbolts II#102 (102(fbs)

YANN (Christopher Ganyrog, Masters of the Mental Arts, Pamela, Yanndroth, Bats of Yann, Slugs of Yann)
    - extradimensional planet, Geuliscwarz system, ruled by science but also possesses a store of magic
    (app)--Strange Tales I#164 (165, 166, Avengers: Loki Unleashed#1, Order#5

YANKEE CLIPPER ( ) – World War II? hero, former ally of Crimson Commando + Stone Wall + Super Sabre, killed in action.
    --[Uncanny X-Men#215]

YANKEE CLIPPER (Patrick Carney) - First Line, brother and former partner of Kid/Mister Justice, former engineer and all-american athlete, given and empowered by belt of Cassandra Locke, founding member of First Line, sent to 1986 by temporal backlash caused when met Locke in 1963, went into seclusion, one of few not killed in explosion of Skrull fleet.
    enhanced human strength, speed, etc.
    (AZU#2, net)--[Marvel: Lost Generation#12], 4 (1/2, 2, 3, 4, 1/3, 1

YANNROTH - High lama of the cult of Kali, led it into corruption
    (app)--Shroud#2 (2(fb), 2-4

YANO - True Believers, assassin, sought to become the new Dragonfly, defeated by Dragonfly (Meiko), Spider-Man, and Elektra

YANOWA, HANA - see HANA--[Wolverine: Soultaker#1], 3

YANOWA, MANA - see MANA--[Wolverine: Soultaker#1], 2

YANTHON - Dark Ages mystic, peer of Ebrok
What If...? I#35/2

YANYOGA of the Hyborian era - south of Black Kingdom, site of Serpent Men stronghold
    (app-sm)--King Conan#4

YAO - green dragon/sea serpent, patron and advisor of the Jade Claw's Great Wall organization
    --Agents of Atlas II#9 (11

YAO, Dr. - developed dopamine blockers to control Venom
    --Venom: On Trial# ( Venom: The Finale#1, 3

YAO-AI Power Company - run by People's Republic of China
    --Iron Man Legacy#3

YAOCHI of Reality-90221 - Alpha Centauri system, colonized by humanity, corrupt president Xing duped majority of humanity to sacrificing their bodies so their spirits could be sent to Heaven, though he actually just had their bodies broken down for parts for his machinery. Iron Fist Wah Sing-Rand spent 24 years traveling to Yaochi where he sacrificed himself circa 3099 AD to defeat the corrupt president, his Actroids, and the rebuilt Fat Cobra; Min Sing-Rand became new president, remade Yaochi into greener planet.
    --Immortal Iron Fist#21 (21 (fbs), 21

YAOZU, QUAN - original immortal weapon of K'un-Lun, allegedly came forth to oppose the tyranny of K'un-Lun imposed by Changming, joined with other Immortal Weapons to imprison Changming and his allies to K'un-Lun, trapped himself in 8th City in order to allow the gate to be closed, came to believe his mission had been ally after seeing innocents banished to 8th City (by Yu-Ti (Nu-An?)), trained exiles to take over realm, replaced Changming, duped into current Immortal Weapons into arranging his escape, brought to K'un-Lun by Iron Fist (Danny Rand)
    IRON FIST*--Immortal Iron Fist#22

YAP - Technet,
    small reptile, stays on shoulder of gatecrasher, refers to her as mother, teleport himself and others across great distances, energy tracking ability, limited telepathy
    -Lizard, Bonebag (U#7)--(UK) Captain Britain II#3; Captain Britain TP, Excalibur Special Edition#1 ( Excalibur I#42, 51, Marvel Comics Presents#175/ , Ex125, Fantastic Four III##6-8

YAR AFZAL of the Hyborian era - leader of the Khurum Wazulis, slain by magic of Khemsa
    *D*--People of the Black Circle; Savage Sword of Conan#16 (17d)

YARA of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, duped, enslaved, and tortured Yag-Kosha to usurp his power, eventually pulled into the Heart of the Elephant with Conan’s assistance, where he was attacked by the spirit of Yag-Kosha
    *D* (app)--Tower of the Elephant; Conan the Barbarian I#4 (4/Savage Sword of Conan#24(fb), Conan#4/SSoC#24(dies)

YARD OF THE GLADIATORS (Microverse) – based in Baron Karza’s Arena of Death; gladiators forced to train there
    --Micronauts Annual#1/3

YARDLEY of Earth-6216 - AIM, slain by Varina Goddard
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#19 (19d)

YARISH, PROFESSOR STEPHEN - nonexistent head of "Project: SMASH", actually just a mindless extradimensional brought to Nightmare Island and manipulated by Nightmare
    --Incredible Hulk III#79 (80-81)

YARITAGUA, Republic of
    --Super Soldiers #8 (1993)

YARKOV, "MOSCOW" EDDIE - Russian drug dealer, allied with Hans-Dieter Flurgen + Monsieur Marat + Mingus Strathcoe + Bruno Zanussi in plot to smuggle cocaine in countries while distilled in whiskey, killed by Punisher and Clansman
    *D* (app-clansman)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (dies)

YARMOLA, General ROBERT Weapon X employee
   --Deadpool and Death 1998 Annual (fb)

YARRALAMUNDU of the Hyborian era - Snakes of Many Colors, male, allied with Thulsa Doom, slain by Jandlinatjari
    (app-somc)--Savage Sword of Conan#193

YARRO GORT - see GORT, YARRO (app-yg)--Silver Surfer I#10

YARSYG of Earth-Thor: Reigning – Asgardian
    --Thor II#68

YARU, lord - former captor of kiza, kept her in 100% nitrogen atmosphere to prevent her from combusting, used the gold she made to gain wealth, warned not to abuse mutants by x-man
    --X-Men Unlimited#31/3 (31/3(fb), 31/3

YARVAN 7 - portion within the secondary system of the Skrull Empire, occupied by Annihilus
    --Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2

YASA - along with Sharee, invoked by the Aakon
    --[Captain Marvel I#9]

YASALA of the Hyborian era - Xuchotl, native of Tecuhlti, servant girl of Tascela, attempted to drug Valeria for her, fled into catacombs where she was presumably killed
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3d)

YASHIDA, MARI of Earth-1298 - daughter of Logan and Mariko, kidnapped by Creed
    --Mutant X#28 (29,[30],31, Annual 2001

YASHIDA, MARIKO - former leader of Clan Yashida of Yakuza, daughter of Lord Shingen, former fiancÚ of Wolverine, poisoned by hand under Matsuo Tsurayaba
    *D* (U#8, OH: Wolv)—Uncanny X-Men#118 (119,120, 122, Best Marvel Comic#1, Wolverine I#1-4, UX172-174, 176, 181, Kitty Pryde/Wolverine#5,6, Wolverine: Doombringer,
    [Wolverine II#1], X-Factor I#63,64, New Warriors I#20, Wolv55,56,57d)

YASHIDA, SHINGEN - see LORD SHINGEN (app)—Wolverine I#1(2,[3],4

YASIR ?? – Revolutionary Jihad leader, shot and killed by Punisher
    (app-rj)—Punisher II#6 (7

YASMELA of the Hyborian era - princess of Khoraja, sought by Natohk/Thugra Khotan, spoke to Mitra, promised crown to Conan, but then wed Katuman after Conan saved her
    (app)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2 (SSoC#2/(Conan the Barbarian I#248, 249), CtB#250,251, SSoC#3

YASMIN of the Hyborian era - wife of King Yildiz
    --    [Savage Sword of Conan#234/2]

YASMINA of the Hyborian era - Vendhyan Devi, sister of Bhunda Chan, kidnapped by Conan, abducted by Black Seers, rescued by Conan and returned to Vendhya
    --People of the Black Circle; Savage Sword of Conan#16 (17-19

YASSAF - sponsor in the Great Game
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#409

YASUL of the Hyborian era - healer, grandfather of Lena, blinded by criminals
    (app-demuzaar)--Savage Sword of Conan#114

YASUNGA of the Hyborian era - member of Belit's Black Corsairs, briefly revived as zombie by Vacharn
   YASANGA  *D/R/D* (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#60 (61, 72, 73, 91, 93, 94, MGN: Conan of the Isles, Conan the Savage#10

YATELI of the Hyborian era - Dagonian
    --REH’s The Devil in Iron; Savage Sword of Conan#15

YATES, Sgt. "YAKKETY" – World War II, Leatherneck Raiders, second-in-command, always wanted to be a marine, active since 1923
    (app)--Captain Savage & Leatherneck Raiders#1 ([1(fb)], 1-8, Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#9-11, Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#64, CSahBR#12-19

YATES, DANIEL of Earth-712 - prison warden
    --Squadron Supreme I#6

YATES, Mr. - Commission on Superhuman Activity
    --Captain America I#333

YATES of Earth-93060 – Lodge
    --Firearm I#17

    --Dr. Strange III#28

YAZDI, GHOLEM - Muslem @ 1st Century AD?, found the Yazdi Gem and created its mosque
    (app-yg)*D*--Tomb of Dracula II#1 (1(fb)

YAZDI GEM - discovered by Gholem Yazdi, formerly held by German nobleman, Augustus Ebers, its power kept him alive after he was killed by Dracula
    (app)—Tomb of Dracula II#1 (1(fb), 1

Y'BSGLOTH - N'Garai, Triad, brother of Y'Garon and Y'Griarth
    (app-y'g)--[Giant-Size Dracula#2, Marvel Spotlight I#24(named)]

Y'BT, MK'AULYFF - Praetorians, symbiote host, replaced by Raza Longknife after death--X-Men: Kingbreaker#2

    --Fantastic Four III#15 (Iron Man III#14,15(fb)

YEATES, Professor - San Pedro Gniversity, ancient cultures department, studied golem, attempted to destroy it, life saved by it
    (app-golem)—Strange Tales I#177 (Marvel Two-In-One#11

YEE, GALE of Earth-93060 - former girlfriend of Chalk
    --Night Man I#10 (Strangers#17, NM#18-21

YEE, Mrs. of Earth-93060 - aunt of Gale, ultra, killed by Rafferty
    communicate w/ animals
    *D*--[Strangers#1], 6 (17d)

YEE, WAI CHEE - sorcerer, summoned to Temple of the Three by Genghis
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange + Dr. Doom: Triumph & Tragedy

YEKATERINA - Russian mutant
    --MK Spider-Man#2 (3

YELAYA of the Hyborian era - white-skinned princess of Alkmeenon @ 100 years before Conan, deified after death, worshipped in Keshan, body perfectly preserved, used as an Oracle by Bit-Yakin, who spoke through it until his death, after which his servants slaughtered those who came to Alkmeenon, her body and that of Muriela were used by Zargheba + Gwarunga  + Conan in an attempt to gain the Teeth of Gwahlur
    -- REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Warrior; Savage Sword of Conan#25

    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#26

YEL-JER 8162 - planet, at least partly covered by forest, inhabited by Stakks, site where Death’s Head (FPA) fought
    --Marvel Comics Presents#76/4

YELLEN, - Front Line intern
    --Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1 (2009)

YELLOW, Mr. - see MISTER YELLOW (app)--Marvel Team-Up II#5

YELLOW CLAW ( ) - A Japanese military agent that was sent to the American Midwest to destroy munitions factories. He led a group of yellow skinned subterranean humanoids called the Mole-Men and used their amazing tunneling ability to dig under factories to make them collapse under their own weight. He fell to his death down a lava pit alongside his Mole-Men while trying to attack Captain America and Bucky.
    --All-Select #6/1 (Spring 1945) “Yellow Claw and the Mole-Men”

YELLOW CLAW (Plan Chu ) - Chinese seeming would-be conqueror, former Khan of the Eternal Empire and CEO of the Atlas Foundation, possible member of the Immortal Nine, arranged for Jimmy Woo to be his successor, submitted to consumption by Mr. Lao upon completion of this task
    utilizes magic and science, prolonged life, limited mental powers
    -MASTER PLAN, GOLDEN CLAW, Bhagwhan Sri Ananda, Tzing Jao *D* (D#15,M, OH: GA)--(g) Yellow Claw#1; Strange Tales I#160 (Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti, [Agents of Atlas#6 (fb, 5 (fb))], YC#1/3, 1/5, 2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/6, 3, 3/3, 3/4, 3/6, 4, 4/3, 4/4, 4/6, Agents of Atlas#1 (fb), Marvel: Lost Generation#7/4, 3, StrT I#160,161, Strange Tales III#1(fb), ST162-167, Captain America I#164-167, Iron Man I#69-71, 75,77, [Nova I#13-15], 16-18, Avengers I#204,205, Marvel Fanfare I#32(fb), 31,32, [Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#10], 12-14, Agents of Atlas#1 (fb), 1-5, 6d)

YELLOW CLAW - flower, produced the narcotic Xyno

    giant, yellow mohawk, great strength and durability
    (app)—Thor I#129 (Avengers I#100(fb), 100, Thor I#289, 291-292, Avengers Annual#23, Fantastic Four III#21, Defenders II#1

    identity first taken under period of mental instability in order to marry wasp, maintained identity off and on with ant-man identity, court-martialed by avengers under another period of instability, framed for crimes by egghead, imprisoned, broken out of prison by egghead to force him to work for him, defeated egghead and redeemed himself, retired identity until came to terms with different aspects of personality, seemingly slain by KIA
    shrink to insect size, fly, fire concussive "sting" blasts, communicate with insects
    <chronology incomplete> (I#14, D#10, OH: Av, Civil War, CWBDR)—Avengers I#59 (Avengers Forever#1-12, Av60, 63, Sub-Mariner I#14, Daredevil I#52, Av64,65, Captain America I#114, Jungle Action#16(fb), Cap115,116, Av66-68, 83(fb), Iron Man I#18, Av69,70,71(Invaders An1), 72, 73,74, Cap121, Av75, 90(fb), 90,91->AM.
Giant-Size Defenders#4, Defenders I#23-25, Av161(fb), 137-141, Black Goliath#1, Av148,146, Cap224, [Incredible Hulk II#200], Av150-153, An6, Av154, Super-Villain Team-Up#9, Av155,156, Marvel Comics Super Special#1, Av157-160, Marvel Treasury Edition #13, [Hlk200], Av227(fb#3), Captain Marvel I#50,51->AM.
[Av163], Marvel Team-Up I#59,60, Av164-166, X-Men I#108, SVTU#14, IM#108,109, CapMarv56, Av167,168, Ms Marvel#18, Dr. Strange II#29, Marvel Two-In-One#39, Av170-172, MTIO#40, Av173-177, Avengers An8, Av179(photo), Godzila#17, 23,24, MTU88, Av179,180, IM#114,115, Av181,182, Av227(fb#4), [Marvel Premiere#47],48(fb),48, Av189, Def78-81, Av192, 195-201, Bizarre Adventures#27/2, Hulk Annual#11, Av211, Marvel Graphic Novel#1: Death of Captain Marvel, Av212-214, 217->Pym.
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YELLOWJACKET (Rita DeMara) – Helmut Zemo and Dr. Octopus’s Masters of Evil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Superia’s Femizons, stole costume from Pym, decided against life of crime after experiences with masters of evil, accompanied guardians into future of earth of Earth-691, killed? when returned to modern times by iron man/?space phantom? under control of Immortus
    *D* (D#15, M, OH: BoD)—Avengers I#264 (271, 273-277, Solo Avengers#12/2, Avengers Annual#17, [Captain America I#349], [Cap387,388],389-391,[392], Guardians of the Galaxy#28-31,[32],33-39, An3, GotG#40-50, An4, GotG#51-58, 60, Avengers: The Crossing (dies)

YELLOW KID (    ) - circa 1907 AD, Street Arabs
    --Hogan's Alley, Truth Magazine (1894); (Marvel) Runaways II#27 (30

YELLOW YAHOO - "Color Criminals," defeated by Spider-Man and sent to prison
    sabotaged rides at an amusement park on a Monday
     (app-cc)--Amazing Spider-Man: A Book of Colors and Days of the Week

YEN, Dr. - Chinese intelligence operative, used the Psychotron to brainwash others
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#29 (41,42

YEN, JOHNNY - criminal wanted for murders in LA, captured by agents of Dr. W. Lee Benway, mutated and/or rebuilt as cyborg
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#97

    earth-morgan, queen’s vengeance
    (app-earthm)—Avengers III#2 (3)

YEREMOV, Major - Russian, old ally of Col. Lugansky, participated in monitoring the Punisher's efforts to retrieve the Barbarossa virus
    --Punisher VII#15 (16-18

YERMO ?? - elderly man, chronically injured leg healed after tripping over Mr. Li (Mr. Negative)
    --Amazing Spider-Man#563

YES MEN - Mojoverse, Mojo's advisors, agree with everything he decides on
    --Marvel Comics Presents#89/4

YETI - group classification
    (Marvel Monsters)

YETI of the Hyborian era -
    --Conan (1990) #5

YETI – observed by Prester John
    --Fantastic Four I#54 (54(fb)

    --Strange Worlds#1

    --Strange Tales I#72

YETI - see ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN / CARL HANSON (app)--Tales to Astonish I#13

    --Tales to Astonish I#24

YETI - see TORG/ABOMINABLE SNOW KING (app)--Sub-Mariner I#55

YETI - encountered and slain by Victor von Doom during his trek to the temple of the Wise Ones
    --Books of Doom#4 (4 (fb, dies)

YETI ( ) - Inhuman, First Line, left on bad terms (relating to Rapunzel?), seduced and fell in love with Skrull scout Korya, fought against First Line during the Skrull invasion, escaped in shuttle with body of lover prior to explosion, went insane while living in seclusion outside of Attilan
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#99, (named) Marvel: Lost Generation#12 (10, 11, 12, F4#99/Marv:LG#7/2, X-Men: Hidden Years#16(fb), 16

    --Silver Surfer I#1

YETI - see COLD PEOPLE (app)--Fantastic Four I#145

YETI - see GUARDIAN of the GATEWAY--Black Panther I#5

YETI - tribe of descendents of Cro-Magnon men, lived in Himalayas, discovered and led by Hiram Swenson
    (app)--Man-Thing II#2

YETI (Migou) - race discovered by Shang-Chi
    --Master of Kung Fu I#124

YETI ( ) - Weapon Prime , possibly a Wendigo controlled by Department K
    WENDIGO* (app)--[X-Force#10], 11 (12, 13, [14], 22,23, Northstar#1,3

YETI - skull seen on Shroud’s desk
    --Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#14/ ?

YETRIGAR - immense semi-humanoid hominid, preserved in ice below Alberta, Canada, awakened by underground nuclear testing, grew to immense size from radiation, encountered and battled Godzilla and Red Ronin, buried under landslide in grand canyon, unearthed by Mockingbird to distract Avengers, defeated, sent to Vault
    (app)--Godzilla#10 ([10(fb)], 10(fb), 10, 11, West Coast Avengers II#32, Avengers Spotlight#26/2

YEZDIGERD of the Hyborian era - grand monarch of Turan, son of Yildiz, father of Yolinda, worshipped Tarim
    --Conan the Adventurer; Conan the Barbarian I#

YEZMITES of the Hyborian era (Magus) - ancient cult, extending back to pre-Cataclysmic era in Grondar + Valusia, struggled with Kull; after the Cataclysm re-established self in Acheron + Koth + Stygia + Zamora, eventually became isolated + fell apart, reunited in Yanaidan by the Magus/Virata
    -FLAME KNIFE*, HIDDEN ONES*, SONS of YEZM*--The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan #31 ([31(fb)], 31(fb), 31, 32

YEZUD of the Hyborian era - city in Zamora, worshipped Omm and later Zath
    CITY of the SPIDER-GOD*--Conan the Adventurer, Conan; Conan the Barbarian I#7 (Savage Sword of Conan#208-210

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