XA - former ally of Ngh in the Dimension of Exile, brought his forces to Earth, merged with him back into composite entity
    served as Ngh's lesser good self, though she still retained some evil within her
    (app-ngh)--Avengers I#327 (331(fb), 327, 328, 329, 330, 331

XABAGO - modified recreational vehicle used by male members of Generation X
    --Generation X: Crossroads

XACCUS - planet of the Wax People
    (app)--Strange Tales I #93/4

    (app)--Strange Tales I #93/4

"XAK" - see MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON's children
    (app-monster)--Marvel Super-Heroes III #6/2 (Summer, 1991)

XAKKU - see SUN-STEALER (app)—Tales of Suspense I#55/2

XALTANA - Acheronian, sister of Xaltotun, entombed by Wade of Kheperu (mage), possessed by Demon
    Witch Queen of Acheron--Marvel Graphic Novel: Witch Queen of Acheron

XALTOTUM of the Hyborian era - Khauran, sorcerer, father of Tanith-Lee, put both her and Gebel-Han through a trial to prove their worths
    --Savage Sword of Conan#67/2

XALTOTUN - Acheronian, revived @ 10000 BC by Heart of Ahriman, called on old ones for power
    (app)--"Hour of the Dragon": Weird Tales (1935-1936), Conan the Conqueror, Giant-Size Conan#1 ([1(fb)]/Savage Sword of Conan#229, 230, GS Conan#1, 2, [3, 4, SSoC#8], 10

XALXOR or XALXAR – Skrull, Emperor Dorrek's pilot
    -- Fantastic Four I#209

XAN, XI'AN CHI – X-Men 2099, Lawless.
    heal or weaken others on contact
    -DESERT GHOST*,CONTROLLER X--X-Men 2099#1 (32(fb), 22-27, Doom 2099#37, X-Nation#29, D38, X31, XN3, XM32-35, XN6

XANADU of the Hyborian era - encountered by Red Sonja and Zula
    --Savage Sword of Conan#207/2 (208/2

XANADU - zeppelin of Kublai Khan
    (app-kk)--Machine Man I#15

XANADU - Siberian fortress of Yi Yang
    SIBERIAN PROJECT--Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty

XANADU AMALGAMATED of Earth-93060 (brother Kyle, sen. Kline, brother Warren) -
    --Warstrike#1 (4, 5

XANDAR (Xandarians, Living Computers) - planet, former home of Xandarians, nearly destroyed by Zorr, spared by Watcher, saved as four major cities connected by tubing, later completely destroyed by Nebula, rebuilt by combined energy of Nova and Supernova, destroyed y the Annihilation Wave
    (I#2)--Nova I#1
    Annihilation: Prologue

XANDARIAN race (Rieg Davan, Tanak Valt, Pyreus Kril, Gabriel Lan, Adora, Thoran Rul, Mexxa Rien, Reban, Kanan, Nova Corps, Syphon Warriors)
    - intergalactic council, extra-terrestrial humanoid race, andromeda galaxy, lived on xandar until virtually exterminated by skrulls and attack by nebula, all those on Xandar slain by the Annihilation Wave
    (Annihilation: Nova Files)--Nova I#1 (
    Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1, 2], 3, Annihilation: Prologue

XANDE - young mutant boy from Rio de Janeiro, abused abilities
    --Cable II#105

XANDER - sorcerer, agent of the Creators
    (app)--Dr. Strange II#19 (20

XANDER, Mr - associate of Elias Bogan.
    Generate intense pleasure or pain
    --X-Treme X-Men#23

XANDRA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Panther's Rage, allied with Zefiro
    *D*--Doom2099#1 ( 29,30(d revealed))

XANDU - evil sorcerer, used Wand of Watoomb, often sought to resurrect his beloved Melinda
    (OH: AZ#12, net)--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2 (Marvel Team-Up#21(fb), AmzSpAn2, MTU#21, Marvel Fanfare I#6, 20,21, Spider-Man/Dr. Strange: Way to Dusky Death, Secret Defenders#6-8, Punisher War Journal II#4

XANDU - see ZANADU (Mogul) (app)—[Thor I#137/2], 139/2

XANJA - Cygnorian conqueror, sought the Cosmultigizer to amplify his power 1000x, opposed and defeated by Spider-Man and Vaalu.
    Great strength and energy powers
    STALKER from the STARS* (app)--Web of Spider-Man#25

XANTAREAN - see AMPHIBION (app)--Incredible Hulk II#472

XANTAREAN race (Amphibion ) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Xandar, civilization degenerated into chaos.
    reptilian, semi-humanoid race, amphibious, immense strength
    (I#11,D#15)--Tales to Astonish I#73(74

XANTARES - extraterrestrial, home planet of Xantareans
    --Incredible Hulk II#472 (472(fb)

XANTHA race (Kurrgo ) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Xanth and later New Xanth, semi-humanoid race;
    with assistance from Reed Richards, entire population shrunk to four inches tall and fled planet in two immense starships to escape collision with asteroid, traveled to new home planet
    (I#12, D#15, app)--Fantastic Four I#7 (Marvel Feature I#11 (fb)

XANTHES of the pre-Cataclysmic era - priest of Anu, conspired with Count Dal Sendor against Kull, sought to expand worship, slain by Dal Sendor after failed to slay Kull
    *D*--Kull the Conqueror III#3d

XANTIA (princess Xantia Al Hhffrrnnr Kzznr Fthgr) - Super Soldiers, Savage Land, Mnnzz'guthir tribe, which was slaughtered by Warlord of Hydra, tracked him down and executed him
    (app)--Super Soldiers (UK)#6 (7,8

XANTIPPE (Mandy Atkinson) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

XAO, Mr. - Hydra/Wai-Go industries, agent of Crane Mother, sought to destroy K'un-Lun and the rest of the Seven Cities of Heaven, leapt to apparent death after forces defeated by the immortal weapons
    --Immortal Iron Fist#1, (named) 3 (1, 3, 4, 8, 10-14

XAOS - skeleton of Imei Chang, empowered by Salome
    *D*--Dr. Strange III#65, 66 (Dr. Strange An4, Doc III#71, 76, 81, 88d)

XAPUR the FORTIFIED of the Hyborian era - Island
    --REH’s The Devil in Iron; Savage Sword of Conan#15 (15(fb), 15

XAR – Xandarian chief scientist, advisor to Adora
    Master Xar*--Fantastic Four I#204 (204(fb)

XARTAN race (Ugarth (warlord), Zano (son)) - extra-terrestrial, planet Xarta, Zugano star system, Fornax galaxy, imperialistic, semi-humanoid, dominant race is deviants, created by Celestials ages ago, four were transformed into trees where they apparently lost their sentience and were unable to return to their true forms, hunted by the Skrulls, hid out by posing as D’Bari outpost, presumably wiped out by the D’Bari’s petrification effect.
    metamorph, duplicate appearance and abilities of others, invisible, withstand vacuum,
    -CARBON COPY MEN (I#12,D#15,app)--Journey into Mystery I#90 ( X-Factor I#32(fb), 32, [She-Hulk II#46 (fb)], 44-46

XARTH THREE - planet of the Xarthians, protected by Luminals
    --[Nova IV#8]

XARTHIANS - natives of Xarth Three
    --[Nova IV#8]

X'ARTHALLA of the Hyborian era - witch or mutant, ran the Palace of Pleasure, sought to slay and replace the king of Zamora, slain by Nadia
    MADAME X'ARTHALLA* *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#81

XARUS - son of Dracula, brother of Janus, took over the Vampire Nation after staging uprising against Dracula, dismembered Dracula, took over the Vampire Nation, sought to transform all mutants into Vampires, had the Union Square Suicide Bomber infect Jubilee with vampire blood, vamped her, attacked Utopia, opposed by X-Men, confronted by a reformed Dracula, head ripped off by Dracula.
    *D* LORD OF THE VAMPIRES, LORD VAMPIRE, LORD XARUS, MASTER, XARUS THE FIRST--Death of Dracula#1 (X-Men: Curse of the Mutants: Blade#1, X-Men II#1 (2, 3, 4

XARUS the FIRST - see XARUS--Death of Dracula#1

XATMEC of the Hyborian era - Tecuhltli, cousin of Techotl, stood guard at the Gate of the Eagle, presumably entranced by Pipes of Madness to open the Gate and let in the Xotalancas, who slew him
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3

XAVI the WATCHER of Earth-6232 (    ) - killed in the Reckoning War; noble intentions would have aided the enemy
    *D*--She-Hulk II#3

XAVIER, CASSANDRA NOVA of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow - alternate future counterpart of Ernst, slain by the Beast/Sublime and/or Phoenix
    *D*--X-Men II#151 (152-154

XAVIER, BRIAN - father of Professor X
    X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb)


XAVIER, SHARON - mother of Professor X
    X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb)

    - headquarters of X-Men, site for training students
    -X-MANSION* (OH: X2004, ME, Uncanny X-Men#475)--Uncanny X-Men#318

    --X-Men I#1

XAVIER'S SCHOOL for GIFTED YOUNGSTERS - training facility for Generation X
    -MASSACHUSETTS ACADEMY*--Uncanny X-Men#318

    (OH: AZ#12)--X-Factor I#140

XAVIN - Runaways, Skrull from Tarnax VII, empowered and trained as a Super-Skrull, son of De'zean, nephew of Ewe'fareek, came to Earth to wed Karolina Dean in hopes of ending the Skrull-Majesdane war, returned to Earth with Karolina when peace talks fell apart
    --Runaways II#7 ([8(fb)], 7-8, 14, 17 (fb), 16-18, 19-21

XBALANQUE + HUNAHPU - Mayan twin brother who defeated lords of Xibalda
    --[Silver Sable#29]

XCEL 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - + , Legion of Galactic Guardians II
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

XCON - corporation, attempted to attain Wakanda in a hostile takeover, used Brass Frog to summon future version of Iron Man, then controlled him (did same thing with GW Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister), subsequently taken over by White Wolf
    --Black Panther III#41 (42

XCON IRON MAN - see IRON MAN-XCon (app)--Black Panther III#44

XECU the WATCHER - encountered by Bruce Banner + Amphibion on Watcher's homeworld, observed birth of a new galaxy with his wife, who died from exposure to the energies released
    --Incredible Hulk II#473 (identified) Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#1 (Hulk473-474

XEETHRA of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Ape Lords, leader, slain by Conan
    *D*(app-apelords)--Conan: The Ravagers Out of Time (Savage Sword of Conan#231/3 - 233/3 , Conan: The Ravagers Out of Time (dies))

XELOCKS - Trionian

XEMNU the TITAN - extraterrestrial, large, attempts to recruit humans to repopulate his planet, defeated in past by Joe Harper
    covered with white fur, vast mental powers
    - the HULK*, Richmond Wagner, Amos Moses (U#8,M, Marvel Monsters, app)--Journey into Mystery I#62 (62(fb), 62, 66, Marvel Feature I#3, Defenders I#12(fb), 12, [Incredible Hulk Annual#5 (fb) - BTS], [Marvel Two-In-One#78(fb)], 78, [She-Hulk II#6], 6-7, 43(fb), 42,43, [Beyond#4]

XEMU - former warlord and leader of Fifth dimension, would-be conqueror, planned invasion of Earth, defeated when Human Torch helped organize rebellion against him, briefly regained power and conquered Attilan, attempted to force Black Bolt to power his Thunder Horn, defeated and deposed again by Fantastic Four
    Master of the 5th Dimension, Zemu
    (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I#103 (Fantastic Four I#158(fb),158,159

XEN of Earth X (Banzai, Chi, Kendo, Mantis, Sai, Tao, Tara, White Tiger, Wong)
    (sketch)--Universe X sketch, #0
    Paradise X: Xen

XENA - Wyrd sisters.
    create webs of any size, material, and flexibility
    (app-wyrd)--Dark Angel#9, (named) #11 (12, 16

"XENARTHRAN" race - armadillo-like creatures that established a colony deep below the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, observed by Eric Lansing during effort to build tunnel beneath ocean floor from America to Europe; they destroyed the tunnel to avoid contact with humanity and no one believed Lansing
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#5/5

XENIAC (    ) - Factious Five, giant, monstrous super-criminal
    --Sentry II#2 (2 (fb)

XENITH ( ) - Star Masters, formerly Cosmic Commando Unit, Strontian, cousin of Gladiator
    superhuman strength + durability, fly, survive in vacuum
    (app)--Star Masters#1 (2, 3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4, 5

XENNON - Microverse, ally of Cinglet, investigated Uni-Power
    --Amazing Fantasy II#13/2 (14/2

XENNUS - sorcerer from Rome-world
    (app-sib)--Dr. Strange II#46

XENOGENESIS - attempt by Agents of Fortune to return demons to Earth, thwarted by Defenders
    --Defenders I#58 (59, 60

XENOLOGIST of Earth-Astronet - assisted Sancha in the study of the Quetzal
    (app-etchison)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

XENOPHOBIC MAN (Fred Bouting) - LA cop, murdered illegal aliens, battled USAgent, killed by Captain Hitchuck
    *D* (app)--Avengers Spotlight#31/2 (32/2, 33/2, 34/2d)

XENOS (Sgt. Gwenn) - xenophobic, dressed as a rat, used rats as weapons, framed moon knight for assassination
    WHITE CRUSADER* (app)--Moon Knight I#15

XEON ( ) - Legion street gang

X.E.R.O. - computer prototype of X-series robots, designed by Dr. Able Stack, served as basic template for their computerized minds, mind remained active in inert template for many years, went insane, used by Henry Gyrich to locate C-51,corrupted by agents of Sebastian Shaw to seek and destroy him, located and summoned by AIM, dispatched by MODOK, defeated by X-51
    -Xeno Engramatic Robot Organism (app)--X-51#3 (12(fb), 3, 11, 12

XEROGEN CRYSTALS - used by Unspoken to transform humans into Alpha Primitives
    --Mighty Avengers#28 (29

XEROLIX galaxy of Reality-8116 - has a number of humanoid races, which "pepper the stars from the LX-7 Nebula to the Xerolix galaxy"
    --[The Price]

XERON - home planet of the Xeronian race
    --Incredible Hulk II#103

XERON the STARSLAYER - Andromeda Starship crew, Mobian race, used energy harpoon launcher, eventually impaled on own harpoon
    *D* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#136 (137, 306(fb), 306,307d)

XERONIAN race (Randau(Space Parasite)) - extraterrestrial, milky way, planet Xeron, intergalactic council. humane + peaceful.
    semi-humanoid, five eyes distributed radially around head
    (I#12,D#15)--Incredible Hulk II#103 (Avengers Spotlight I25/2, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [MS#1,2],3

XERXES - Microverse, part of Verus' squad serving Marquis Radu, brought Carnage to the Microverse for Radu but then slain by Carnage
    (app)--Minimum Carnage Alpha (Scarlet Spider II#10, Venom II#26

    voodoo god of thunder
    (app-shang)—Dr. Strange III#17/2

XHOOHX - benevolent sorcerer from Tunnelword, killed by Ytitnideon.
    Able to summon the Nya, used the Orb of Ommennon
    *D* (app)--[Defenders I#72], 73 ([73(fb), 72], 73, [81(fb)], 81, 82, 83d)

X’HOSS - ancient wizard from before recorded time, prophesized emergence of designate, created illumination stone + map of all-ending + chalice of ruins to allow her followers to locate her, dispatched them to places unknown when his enemies attempted to steal them, although they were corrupted by enemies brief contact
    --Thor II#23 (23(fb)

XIAMBOR - extraterrestrial monster slain by Thanos to obtain one of the Infinity Gems
    *D* (app)--Avengers Annual#7 (7 (fb, dies)

XIAN - see CHINESE GODS--Thor I#300

XIANDU - former ally of Dragons of the Crimson Dawn, betrayed and killed by them, astral form survived
    *D/spirit*—Excalibur I#108, 110(named) (110(fb), 108-110

XIANG YAO - great snake of Peng Lai, eight heads, fought Fat Cobra repeatedly until it was slain, allowing him to claim its power
    --Immortal Weapons#1(1 (fb)

XIAO - member of Freelance Restorations, lover of Leiko Wu, slain by Argus' Red Wolves
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1 (3(fb), 1,2d)

XIBALDA - Mayan underworld
    --[Silver Sable#29]

XIABOLU - Mayan God?, statue seen in ruins of Xunanguero by time traveling Alyssa Moy and Reed Richards
    --[Fantastic Four III#84/513//2]

XING of Reality-90221 - president of Yaochi, exterminated 4.5 billion people to create machinery to control the planet, trapped Wah Sing-Rand in temporal stasis circa 3075 AD, toppled from power by him in 3099 AD
    --Immortal Iron Fist#21

XIOMARA - Atlantean, saved from Nautak by Andromeda
    female, warrior, red hair
    (app-kraken)--Marvel Comics Presents#121/4

XIOMBARG - Melniboné sorceress, employed Gaynor the Damned and the Hooded Ones, sought to revive Terhali to use her to conquer both Hyborian Earth and Melniboné
    QUEEN of the SWORDS of CHAOS* (app)--The Queen of the Swords (1971); (Marvel Universe) Conan the Barbarian I#14 ([14(fb), 15(fb)], 14-15

XIONA, MADAME - Madripoor, ally of Crossbones, runs whorehouse, held Diamondback prisoner
    --Captain America I#363

XIQUIRIPAT of the Hyborian era - Serpent Men, allied with Thulsa Doom in the Unknown Land
    *D* (app-sm)--Savage Sword of Conan#192, (named) 193

"XIRQUIRTEL" - demon servant of Kx'ulthuum, slain by Scarlet Mage
    *D* (app-kx'ulthuum)--Conan the Barbarian I#170 (170d)

XIUHCOATL - Teteoh fire serpent, empowered
    --(named) Scarlet Spider#2 (2012)

XIXIX race (Xxan Xxar) – extra-terrestrial, planet xiv consumed by Galactus, remnants of population survived in space arcs.
    red skinned semi-humanoid
    (D#15)--Fantastic Four I#261

XKA’AHK  of the Hyborian era - Snake Demon, alleged arch-enemy of Set, entranced and imprisoned in marshes of Gana-Seht by F’Sarr Bel Trann, reawakened using Fangs of Xka’Ahk by Tamera, merged with her, slain by Conan
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#65 (65(fb), 65

XLYYM - Fomalhauti, Starblaster, forced Trieste to be his consort, led efforts to split the Earth with two planetary thrusters, slain by Trieste
    telepath, amphibious, multiple tentacles, gifted scientist, used skullhuggers
    XLYMM *D* (app)--Starblast#1 (Namor I#46, 47, Fantastic Four I#386

XOC - Aztec/Mayan/Incan? woman, former lover of Atrocity
    (app-at)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#4

XONTAR - Devonian, one encountered Gladiator and nearly killed him when he fiercely struggled against it, assumed form of a flower when he made peace with it.
    shaped by emotional state of those around it
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#49/4

XOORR - leader of the Mole Men
    (app-molemen)--Tales to Astonish I#16/3

XORAK the OUTCAST - , created by Cyttorak to guard the Temple of Cyttorak, banished to the Crimson Cosmos by the Mystic (Ancient One), later destroyed by Cyclops and Marvel Girl
    *D* (app)--X-Men I#33 ([33(fb)], 33(fb), [33(fb)], 33d)

XORGON CITY - suffered from Space Pox
    --[She-Hulk IV#3]

XORN, KUAN-YIN - mutant, alleged twin brother of Shen, posed as Magneto, infiltrated X-Men, posed as former inmate at Feng-Tu for over 50 years, freed by X-Men.
    possibly a collective entity representing mutation
    "contained the power of a star within himself"
    (OH: X2005)--X-Men Annual 2001 (X-Men II#122, 123-126, 127, 135-141, 146
ŕ Magneto imposter;
    New Avengers#16-20

XORN, SHEN - Chinese mutant, recovered by X-Men
    power of a star/singularity in his head
    (OH: X2005)--[X-Men Annual 2001], X-Men II#157 (158-160, 162-164

XORN of Earth-295 - see GUTHRIE, PAIGE.
    Infiltrated X-Men while posing as a test subject of Sinister
    (OH:AoA)--X-Men: Age of Apocalypse one-shot (Age of Apocalypse#1-6

XORN of Earth-93060 - Vahdala, defeated by Choice
    --[Hardcase#13], 16/Ultraverse Premiere#7/2

XORR the GOD-JEWEL - last remnants of the Xorri race, the alleged common ancestor of all humanoid races, which covered its planet with nuclear force shield to protect itself when its sun went nova six million years ago, planet drifted through space, contracted to a fraction of its former size, energy field converted it into crystalline body, planet absorbed life force of Xorri and became sentient, accumulated further energy by destroying worlds, planned to conquer universe, however, the life force of the nova reduced Xorr to drifting space debris, much of which was collected by the Gramosians
    (1970s, app)--Thor I#214 (215(fb), 214-216

X'ORR - slave market of the galaxy
    --[She-Hulk II#43]

XORRI race - see XORR
    (app-xorr)--Thor I#215(215(fb)->xorr

XOTALANC of the Hyborian era - brother of Tecuhlti, led conquest of Xuchotl with him, degenerated into civil war when Tascela was taken, killed in the war
    *D*--Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3(fb, dies)

XOTALANC of the Hyborian era - city on the eastern side of Xuchotl; founded by followers of Xotlanc, who became known as the Xotalancas
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3

XOTALANCAS of the Hyborian era (Burning Skull, Xotalanc) - Xuchotl, followers of Xotalanc, engaged in civil war against Tecuhlti, eventually wiped out by them.
    Kept preserved heads, used the Crawler
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3(fb), 3

XOTLI - demon god of Ptahuaron, enemy of Mitra
    Demon from Beyond*, Demon-God*, the God whose Hunger is Never Slaked*, LORD of TERROR* (app)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

XOTOC - Aztec, schemed to steal throne with aid of guide, thwarted by Rawhide Kid
    --Rawhide Kid I#51

XP2000 - robot designed by Edwin Hills as part of a superhuman fight gambling operation, used against Spider-Man, destroyed by Scorpion when began giving out too much info
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#54

XPA - TV network used by Yellow Claw to broadcast Sleepy Eyes' hypnotism
    --Yellow Claw #4/3

X-PRESS (Pan Fo Hwat) laundryman who developed superhuman speed to clean up messes
    (app)--Marvel Year-in-Review '93

XSE (Bishop, Gambit, Cannonball, Marvel Girl (Rachel), Nightcrawler, Sage, Storm, Wolverine)
    – sanctioned by international coalition to police mutant affairs
    X-Treme Sanctions Executive—X-Treme X-Men#35, 46 (Uncanny X-Men#444-447

XSE of Earth-1191 (Bishop, Malcolm(d), Randall(d), Shard, Recoil, Amazon, Hecate, Sureshot, Trace, Rochimbeaux, Shirley Baylor, Hooper(d), Hancock, Feral)
    - dedicated to protecting humans from evil mutants
    -Xavier Security Enforcers (net)--Uncanny X-Men#282 (Xavier Security Enforcers#1(fb5),
    Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers#1-3

XTRAVAGANT - deluxe recreational vehicle used by female members of Generation X
    --Generation X: Crossroads

XU FU - court sorcerer of China's Qin Dynasty circa 209 BC, sent to trade 3000 children for the Elixir of Life, but he was only given a component of it; the Hydra soldiers killed the children.
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#3 (2011)

XUCHOTL of the Hyborian era (Tecuhlti, Xotalanc, previous race; Tolkamec)
    - city on the northern edge of the Black Kingdom, founded by easterners, Tecuhlti and Xotalanc led their people to conquer the city and slaughter the previous race, but over fifty years the new inhabitants degenerated into madness and a civil war that eventually wiped them all out
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2 (3(fb), 2,3

XUE of Earth-1191 (Archer, Fixx, Greystone, Shard)
    - traveled to modern times and inhabited bodies of recently deceased people
    -Xavier Underground Enforcers (net)—X-Factor I#140 (141, 143-145

XUE, SHING FU - Unity, based out of Hong Kong, plotted with Belinda Mathius to steal the pillar from the temple, forced to reconstruct the image on the pillar by Hawkeye
    --Hawkeye III#4, 5 (6

XUNANGUERO - tentacled creature accessed in Mayan ruins, encountered in pre-modern era by Reed Richards and Alyssa Moy, who were saved from it when Sue closed the transdimensional matrix resonator
    --Fantastic Four III#84/513//2 (84/2(fb)

XURINA of Earth-93060 – Godwheel

XUTHAL of the DUSK of the Hyborian era (Thalis, Thog) - city in southern desert, built over an oasis which contained Thog, natives maintained life via Elixir, some were occasionally consumed by Thog
    --REH’s The Slithering Shadow; Savage Sword of Conan#20

XUTHL of the Hyborian era - demon, manipulated Devourer of Souls into taking human form, controls the Shedu
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#193 (Annual#12, CtB200

XXIRYS - created by Frank Johnson to oppose Zzutak
    (app-zzutak)--Strange Tales I#88 (Fantastic Four Unlimited#7, FF: Fifty Fantastic Years

    original name--Madrox#1 (2-5

XYLON CORPORATION - front for Dark Sisterhood
    --Cable II#

XYNO - narcotic produced from Yellow Claw flower

XYOSS, SSATH - Pah Ree race

XZAR - evil sorcerer, defeated by Johnny
    --Tower of Shadows#5d

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