THOSE of the FORGOTTEN ZONE - refers to Godheads of pantheons no longer associated with Earth
    perhaps Those Who Sit in Shadow?
    --[Marvel Universe: The End#2]

THOSE-WHO-SEE - consciousness of supreme council of norsec race, abducted those they deemed to be evil to the planet norsec where they were held immobile with their greatest desire just out of reach, source of power destroyed by captain mar-vell, prisoners returned to their original homes
    --Marvel Spotlight II#8

THOSE WHO SIT ABOVE IN SHADOW - mystic beings worshipped by Norse gods, Loki sought power from them, responsible for Asgard's repeating cycle of Ragnarok and rebirth, destroyed by Thor, who sacrificed Asgard to end their manipulation
    possible connection to Primal Gods of the Hyborian era
(2006#11, app)--X-Men/Alpha Flight#1 (Thor II#84(fb), XM/AF#1(fb), 1,2, Alpha Flight I#50, Thor84,85

THOTH - Ennead, arranged with the Knights Templars to safeguard the Hellbent;
    TOTH*, IBIS*
Captain America Comics#20]; (as Ibis) Marvel Feature I#6; (as Thoth) Thor: Blood Oath#6
    see Appendix entry for chronology
    Marc Spector: Moon Knight#50],  ([50 (fb)], Thor: BO#6

THOTH-AMON of the Hyborian era - Stygian sorcerer, worshipper of Set, served as master of Kulan Gath, served by Man-Serpents and last of the Serpent Men, eventually slain in battle against Conan, used Cobra Crown
    add chronology from profile
    (app)--Weird Tales December, 1932, "The Phoenix on the Sword";
    [Conan the Barbarian I#7], Conan Annual#2 ([Savage Sword of Conan#55/2], [Conan#89(fb)], SSC192(fb), Conan#7, SSC48(fb), CtB68, 74, SSC48(fb), CtB89,90, SSC74(fb), 74, 191-193, 205(fb), 206, 41-43, 48(fb), 47,48, Conan Annual#2, [SSC205/2], [8], King Conan#1, 2-4, 27(fb), [20], 22,23, 26, 27, 50, 53,54, 55, [Marvel Two-In-One#66]

THOUGHT ( ) - Hand
    --Elektra II#18 (19-22

THOUGHTMASTER (Barnaby Wade) -
    --(g) Yellow Claw#4/5

THOUGHT POLICE (Cuff, Nightstick, Wiretap) - enforcers of Office of Insufficient Evidence, with Tolliver Smith, duped Reed Richards into helping them gain access into Rick Sheridan’s mind to confront Sleepwalker
    (app)—Sleepwalker#14, 15(named) (16

THOUGHT-VISUALIZER - device of Domo's, can create images of one's thoughts
    --What If I#29/2

THOUSAND (Carl King) - Midtown HS, bully, ate the dead spider that empowered Spider-Man, mutated into 1000 spiders, slew his own parents and killed others in effort to gain sufficient power to replace Spider-Man, electrocuted in battle with him, last spider stepped on
    (ME:Sp, 2006#11, app)--Tangled Web of Spider-Man#1 (1(fb), 2(fb1+2), 3(fb), 1-3

THRASH BANDIT of Earth-982 ( ) - armored criminal, kidnapped Courtney Bryce-Jones, defeated by Wild Thing.
    strength-enhancing battlesuit, boot skates with rockets on back, fire energy blasts
    (app)--Spider-Girl Annual 1999/5, Wild Thing II#1(named)

THRAXON - Inhuman
    --Inhumans I#12 (Fantastic Four Annual#12

THRAXTON, Dr.  - biochemist, pawn of Richard Raleigh/Disruptor, empowered Man-Monster/Smasher, killed when Raleigh’s townhouse was destroyed by Man Monster
    *D* (app-mm)--Spectacular Spider-Man I#1, Amazing Spider-Man I#116-118

THREADGOLD ( ) - Black Air
    --Excalibur I#86 (87, 99

THREE (    ) - Stealth Inc.
    (app-stealth)--Marvel Fanfare I#54 ([54 (fb)], 54

THREE who are ALL - formerly allied w/ Fire-Eyes + Dr. Glitternight as Five who are All
    (app)--Werewolf by Night I#38 (40(fb), 41(fb), 38-41

THREE-WHO-WAIT of Earth-Machus - creatures used in gladiatorial combat
    (app-mahk)--Fantastic Four I#153

THREE AMUSING FELLOWS - show watched by She-Hulk, altered by Dr. Bong's Bongvision
    --Sensational She-Hulk#5

THREE-CORNERED SIGHT - joined the Order of the Golden Dawn
    (app-order)--Master of Kung Fu I#83 (85-86, 88, 118

3-D MAN (Charles "Chuck" and Harold "Hal" Chandler) – G-Men/Avengers of 1950s, costumed adventurer, former NASA test pilot, created by exposure to extraterrestrial radiation (one of the triangles designed to oppose the triple threat) that transformed chuck into an image on hal’s glasses, originally projected costumed form of chuck, later able to merge minds and bodies, fought skrulls and their agents in fifties, retired, reappeared briefly in unnecessary attempt to protect family from hulk, disappeared shortly before the emergence of the triune understanding.
    three times normal human physical abilities
    (I#14, OH:GA)--Marvel Premiere#35 (Avengers III#50(fb5), MarvPrem35-37, What If? I#9, Avengers Forever#3-6, Incredible Hulk II#251,252, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Avengers III#

3-D MAN (Delroy Garret, Jr) - superhero, Avengers, Initiative: Hawaii, former Olympic triathlete, stripped of medals and banned after steroid use, trained in power by Triune Understanding, unknowingly merged with 3D Man.
    triple human physical abilities
    TRIATHALON* (OH: Av2005, net)--Avengers III#8 (50(fb11), 9(fb), 8,9, 15, #0, 26-30, Magneto: Dark Seduction#2-4, Deadpool III#44, Black Panther III#23, Av31, Incredible Hulk An2000 Av32,Thunderbolts#43,A33,Tb44,A34, Maximum Security#1, 2, Av35,Maximum Security#3, A36,37, 38-43, Avengers An2001, Av44,45, 46, 48, 50, 52-55, 56(fb), Order#5,6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, Av86-88, Black Panther IV#18, Civil War#5-[6], [Amazing Spider-Man#538], Avengers: The Initiative#1, 3, 4, 8 (fb), 10, 12

"three demons" - @ 1000 years ago, owned a magical globe until it was stolen by the future Crimson Mage
    (app)--Ghost Rider II#44 (44 (fb)

THREE-FACE ( ) - Dorkham Asylum.
    split face, third face on top of head
    (app-da)--She-Hulk II#20

THREE-IN-ONE (Celeste, Mindee, & Phoebe Cuckoo) - Xavier Institute, former leader of the Corsairs
    powerful telepathic group mind
    STEPFORD CUCKOOS* (New X-Men Yearbook)--X-Men II#119, (named) (, [New X-Men II#20], [21-22], 23, 24, [25-26], 27, 28, 31

THREE-IN-ONE of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow - possibly future forms of the Stepford Cuckoos
    ---X-Men II#151 (152-154

THREE-RING HELI-STRIKE FORCE - Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance

THREE SISTERS (Ceres, Estrogone, Mala) – extradimensional/extraterrestrial, temporarily trapped in Hyborian era, utilized Conan to obtain power ring of Quiquayquod to return home
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#146

THREE MEN - Hyborian Era, extraterrestrial, sought the Jewel from Beyond. Mesmerize others, kill with a touch
    --The Country of the Knife; (MU) Savage Sword of Conan#11

3-PEACE (Collective Man, Jade Dragon, Nuwa) - Chinese mutant revolutionaries, battled China Force, betrayed by Reignfire
   (app)--X-Force I Annual#3

THREE STRIKES BAR - frequented by super-villains
    --Cable & Deadpool I#37 (39

THREETREES, JOSEPH - Kisani shaman, uncle of Puma
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#273 (identified) Rampaging Hulk II#6  (Rampaging Hulk II#6, Amz273,274, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#7, [Avengers I#304], Spectacular Spider-Man II#171(fb),172, Spider-Man Unlimited#15, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1-3

THREE WISE MEN (Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior) – possibly cosmic entities; followed the star to the birthplace of Jesus Christ; one encountered the Watcher in the modern era
    (app-wiseman)--Bible: Matthew Testament; Marvel Comics Presents#17/3

THREE WISE MEN - three residents of the Konohoti Indian Reservation transformed by Miracle Man into human counterparts of the biblical Three Wise Men
    --Marvel Two-in-One#8

THREE WISE MEN (Ishenko (Russia), Pablo (Columbia), Yoshi (Japan)
    - Funded General Trask’s Alaskan stronghold plotting to usurp Kamchatka’s mineral resources.
    --Punisher II#78

3 Xs - superhero group- ( ) -
    (net-gold)--(g) Mystic Comics#1 (2-4

THREKKER - Starblaster, Epsiloni, back apparently broken by Darkstar after he had siphoned the life force from Vanguard, revived.
    power leech, enlarged canine teeth
    CAPTIVE*? (app)--Starblast#1 ([Quasar#54], SB2, Quasar#55, StarB3"d", [Q56], Maximum Security#1, [2, 3]

THRENODY (Melody Jacobs) - mutant, former servant of Sinister, former ally of X-Man, mother of unidentified child
    absorbs power from deaths of others
    (AZU#2, net)--[Stryfe’s Stryke File#1], X-Men II#27 (X-Man20(fb), X27, 34, Uncanny X-Men#325, XMan12, Cable II#28, XMan13, Cab30, XMan14, Cab31, XMan15-25, [37], 51,52, 56-58

THRESKA - alien sorceress native to Negative Zone world, trapped on Earth when a spell went awry, encountered Mad Thinker and plotted return to her world, promising to give him a life of idle luxury, slew and impersonated Maureen Lewis, engineered the breakout at the Negative Zone and returned to her world with the Thinker, though he was recaptured by the Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four: Foes#1, (face seen) #2, (named) #6 (6(fb), 1-6

THROB - Vibranium construct, used by Wakanda for defense, nearly detonated after absorbing large amount of energy from battle with the Thing.
    absorbs force of attacks to add to his own strength
    -TransHuman ROBot (app)--Fantastic Four I#311 (West Coast Avengers An3, Black Panther III#23,41

THROFF the TERRIBLE - Dwarves of Nidavellir, enemy of Eitri, captured Kendra, defeated by Cannonball
    --New Mutants Special Edition

THRILLSVILLE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD - amusement park taken over by L-Cypher and Archfiends
    --Ghost Rider 2099#18 (19-20

THROGG - Dwarves of Nidavellir, fought by Sif to win Eitri's favor with Odin
    --Thor I#339

THROK - Axi-Tun, participated in assault on charter, disintegrated while attempting to utilize Stormbringer
    large + strong, produced a field that caused numbness in those who contacted him
    (app)—Star Masters#3 (Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4

THROLLS - extradimensional warrior-servants of T'rannikus, efforts to invade Earth thwarted by She-Hulk
    (app-t'rannikus)--She-Hulk II#3 (3(fb)

THRONEWORLD II - home for Kree-Skrull alliance, built upon ruins of Hala
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#13

THROWBACK 2099 (Dr. Rudolph Menkel) -
    --Ravage 2099#16 (17,18

THRUST of Earth-148611 (Terry Wilke) – Clinic
    --Kickers inc (nu)#5

THRUST-CYCLE - Skrull vehicles, used to try to tear the She-Hulk apart, but she used them to defeat her attackers
    --She-Hulk II#3

THRUST, LUCYNDA of Reality-829 - pirate, allegedly the best starship thief in the galaxy, assisted Hercules against Arimathes, made commander of a fleet
    (app)--Hercules: Prince of Power: Full Circle - A Marvel Graphic Novel

THRYHEIM - asgard, home of the Flying or Hive Trolls
    --Journey into Mystery I#124

THRYM - giant of Jotunland, employed arcane arts to steal Mjolnir from Thor to barter for Freya's hand in marriage, fooled and beaten by Thor and Loki
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/3

THT'KK - Tunnelworld, Ytitnedion's army
    --Defenders I#82

THUG ( ) - Technet, short + green + stocky biped, great strength + durability, unknown relation to legion
    (U#7-tech)--(UK)Captain Britain II#3; (USA) Captain Britain TP, Excalibur Special Edition#1 (
    ExSE#1, Ex12,13, 15, 42-47, Marvel Comics Presents#174/ , Ex125, Fantastic Four III#6-8

THUGEES - Si-Fan, Middle Eastern, worshippers of Kali, Order of the Golden Dawn, survived extermination with aid of Fu Manchu.
    bare chest + face, shaved head, sash
    see also PHANSIGARS? (app-cultofkali)--The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu?; Master of Kung Fu I#83 (The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, Daughter of Fu Manchu, Trail of Fu Manchu, Island of Fu Manchu, Emperor Fu Manchu, Master of Kung Fu I#83, 85-88, 118?, 123 

THUGRA KHOTAN - Acheronian sorcerer, arch-wizard of Kuthchemes, former lover of Bas-Tet, deified by Zugites as personification of Zug, Zugites put gold coins stamped with his image in the mouths of their dead to pay for their dead’s trip across the river Styx, called on Old Ones for power, entombed self and took poison @ 13000 BC as the Hyborians stormed Kuthchemes, revived in 10000 BC when tomb opened by the thief Shevatas, posed as mad, hooded prophet Natohk, forged nomads of the South into a blood-stained blade, sought to overtake Khoraja and claim Yasmela
    -NATOHK, The Veiled One, The Masked Prophet
    (app)--"Black Colossus" nov, Savage Sword of Conan#2 ([SSoC#229], Conan the Barbarian I#247(fb), SSoC#2/CtB#246(fb), SSoC#2, [CtB#245-248], CtB#249/SSoC#2d)

THULANDRA THUU of the Hyborian era - Stygian sorcerer, worshipped Set and Kali, manipulated king Numedides of Aquilonia to his own ends, fled when Conan overran the castle.
Invoked the Old Ones, used the spotted sickness (RMSF/Purpora Hemorrhagica/Plague or anything else causing thrombocytopathia or petechia)
    *D*--Conan the Liberator; Savage Sword of Conan#49 (49(fb), 49-52, )

THULCAN DEATH ROB - Matriculon, discovered and destroyed by Hulk & Thing
    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

THULE - Northern nation in the pre-Cataclysmic Thurian continent

THULE ( ) - former member of a Nazi youth regiment, Thule led a neo-Nazi cult intent on unleashing the "pure" Vril upon the Earth, unaware that he was being used by Mephisto; Spider-Man helped Cloak and Dagger fought against his forces, and Thule was consumed by Mephisto.
    *D* (app)--[Cloak & Dagger III#14], 15 (16(fb), [14],15-17, 18d)

THULE SOCIETY (Geist, Nashtoth?, Strybiorn?, ) - ancient mystics, active as early as at least 2671 BC
    Ariosophists*, the Black Order*, Cathari*, the Green and the Red Societies*, the Seven Kings*, Sons of Anubis*, Wotanists*--Captain America: Hail Hydra#1 (2011)

THULSA DOOM - skull-faced sorcerer of Grondar, worshipped Set, enemy of Kull, one of the last survivors of pre-human race (Elder Race) descended from Elder Gods, slain by Kull, skull survived, briefly reincarnated and battled Thoth-Amon, sent back into past by Serpent of Many Colors
    -ARDYON (app)-- ; Monsters on the Prowl#16 (Kull the Conqueror I#3,7,KtD#11-15, Kull and the Barbarians#2, 3, Kull#29(fb), [22-27], 28, 29, Marvel Preview#19, Conan the Barbarian Annual#12(fb), 12, Conan the Barbarian I#200-203, Savage Sword of Conan#190-193

THUMBELINA (Kristina Suggs) – Stryfe’s Mutant Liberation Front, sister of Slab.
    shrink down to 1/4" tall, wf, red hair
    (net)--New Mutants I#86, 87(named) (X-Force#1, X-Factor I#77, X-Men II#15, X-Force II#4-6

"THUMBNAIL NUKES" - miniaturized nuclear weapons utilized by Nasim Rahimov
    --Iron Man IV#30 (31-32

THUMPER of Earth-Chronomancer - Morlocks, small and belligerent male.
    over-developed forearms, dark hair + sideburns
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#10, 11(named) (12

THUN'DA of the SNOW-MANE of the Hyborian era - Acheronian, wielded the Scarlet Sword, died circa 13,000; those who wielded the Scarlet Sword there after were transformed to mimic Thun'da's appearance as well as to adopt her memories and personality
    *D*--Conan the Barbarian: Scarlet Sword#1 (1 (fb), 1-3 (spirit fragment/form & persona)

THUNDER - thunder-like deity worshipped by Incas, mystic duplicate created by Dromedan
    (app-drom)--Thor Annual#7

THUNDER - steed of Two-Gun Kid, shot by Unlucky Thirteen Gang
    —Two-Gun Kid I#60 (
    X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past <1867>, Avengers I#144, West Coast Avengers II#18, Marvel Comics Presents#115/4(shot)

THUNDER - steed of Major Mapleleaf (Louis Jr)
    --Alpha Flight III#1 (4(fb), 1,2

THUNDER - Fury Secret Base 9
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

THUNDERBALL (Eliot Franklin) - wrecking crew, scientist, briefly allied with secret empire, helped redesign midnight (Wilde), former inmate at the Cage prison, former agent of Morgan le Fay.
    uses wrecking ball
    (I#12,D#14,M)--Defenders I#17 (18(fb), 17,18, Iron Fist#11,12, Thor I#304, Iron Man I#171, Amazing Spider-Man I#247,248, Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars I#1-3, Thor383(fb), SecWar4-12, Spectacular Spider-Man II#125,126(Avengers I#273-276), Damage Control I#1, Damage Control II#1, Fantastic Four I#355, Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: Vault, Fantastic Four I#335, Thor418, 426-430, Damage Control III#1, AmzSp353-358, Avengers Unplugged #5, Journey into Mystery I#505, Thunderbolts#1, Marvel Team-Up II#6,10,11, Avengers III#15,16, 18(fb), 17(fb), 17,18, Thor II#28,29, Wolverine II#164, [165], Avengers III#77-80
    , [New Avengers#1-3]
    , Cable II#6 (fb)

THUNDERBIRD (John Proudstar) - mutant, X-Men, Apache, brother of Warpath, killed by explosion of Count Nefaria’s plane, resurrected by Selene, laid to rest, resurrected briefly during Chaos War
    superhuman strength + senses + other physical abilities
    *D*R*D*R*D (I#, D#, OH: BoD, app)--Giant-Size X-Men#1 (X-Force minus 1(fb1+2), XFor minus 1, Classic X-Men#3/2(fb), GSXM#1 (GSX#3), GSX#4, UX94/CX2/CX3/2(fb), UX95/CX3d, CX3/2, Thunderbolts Annual 2000(spirit),

    (D#5)--New Mutants I#16 (X-Force minus 1(fb), 1, Classic X-Men#3/2, NewMut#16,17, Firestar#2, UX193, Fs3, NM39, 43, 53,54, 56, 62, 99->war)

THUNDERBIRD (Neal Shaara) - mutant, X-Men, native of India, brother transformed into Prime Sentinel by Bastion.
    fly, generate fire, goatee
    (2006#11, X-Men: Unclassified, 198, net)—X-Men II#100 (X-Men Unlimited#27(fb), 27, X100-102,103/An2000, X104,UX385, X105-107, XMU#29, Maximum Security#3, UX388, X-Treme X-Men#1-9, X-Treme X-Men An2001, XTX#10-18, X132, Excalibur III#5

THUNDERBIRDS - Comanche legend, summoned by Manitou.
    giant birds, cause thunder + lightning
    (app-man)—Ghost Rider II#49

THUNDERBOLT (William Carver*) - superhuman speed, accelerated metabolism, died of premature aging
    *D* (I#14,D#20, app)—Power Man I#41 (42(fb), 41-43, 61,62d)

THUNDERBOLT (Luis Barrett) - duplicate costume, sought money for college, resisted efforts of Justin Hammer to force him into life of crime.
    superhuman speed
    (app)--Incredible Hulk Annual I#17/5 ([17/5(fb)], 17/5

THUNDERBOLT - drug created by Dai-Kumo from monkey brains, gave superhuman strength and euphoria, but was rapidly fatal
    --Wolverine II#31

THUNDERBOLTS (Turk Barret, Paul Donovan, Charlie, Clyde, Eddie, Herbie, Jackie, Levron)
    – African-America gang, associated with Zodiac, stole Klaw’s hand-blaster, manipulated by him through it
    --Daredevil I#69 (Black Panther I#14,15, [Power Man / Iron Fist I#62 (fb)]

THUNDERBOLTS (Atlas, Citizen V, Mach-1, Meteorite/Moonstone, Songbird, Techno, Jolt, Hawkeye, Charcoal, Mach-2, Blackheath, Dallas Riordan, Fixer, Mach-3, Vantage, Mach-4, Blizzard, Speed Demon, Joystick, Swordsman, Radioactive Man, Venom (Mac Gargan))
    - originally formed by Baron Zemo and Masters of Evil to pose as heroic group and infiltrate government files, majority of group turned against Zemo and elected to continue heroic ways, dissolved following battle with Grandmaster and the apparent death of Zemo, some members absorbed into the CSA Thunderbolts
    (OH: Teams, Civil War, CWBDR, net)—Incredible Hulk II#449 (Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Tb1, Hulk449,[450], Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2, Tb2, Spider-Man Team-Up#7, Tb3,4, Tb An1997, Tb5, Heroes Reborn: The Return#2, Amazing Spider-Man I#430, Hero for Hire#7, Tb6-8, 9, 10, 11-14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Thunderbolts#0, 22, Avengers I#12, Tb23-25, 26, Iron Man Annual 1999, Tb27-29, 30, 31,32, 33, 34,35(fb), 35-37, Thunderbolts An2000, Tb38-41, Tb42, Av32, Tb43, Av33, Tb44, Av34, Maximum Security#2, Tb45-50, [51,52, Thunderbolts: Life Sentences, Tb53-57], 58-64+66+68+70+72+74/63+65+67+69+71+73+74, 75,Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Avengers/Thunderbolts#1-6
, New Thunderbolts#1-6, 7-10, 11(House of M), 12, 13-14, 15-17, 18, 19/100, 101, 102, Amazing Spider-Man#533, CW3(Tb103-105), 4, Civil War: Front Line#10, Tb106-109, 110-111, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures#1, Tb112-115, Nova IV#2-3, World War Hulk: Damage Control#2, Thunderbolts: Breaking Point#1, Thunderbolts: International Incident#1, Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1, 116-121, Amazing Spider-Man#568-573

THUNDERBOLTs ARMY (Ajaxis, Aqueduct, Asylum, Batroc, Beetles, Blacklash, Bloodstrike, Boomerang, Bushmaster, Coronary, Death Adder (new), Dr. Octopus, Eel (Edward Lavell), Killer Shrike, King Cobra, Machete (Mariano Lopez), "Snake" Marston, Mongoose, Over-Mind, Ox (Ronald Bloch), Porcupine (new), Pretty Persuasions, Primus, Quicksand, Rattler, Red Ronin, Slyde, Smiling Tiger, Tatterdemalion, Texas Twister, U-Foes (4), Unicorn, Vermin, Whiplash, Whirlwind, Maximilian Zaran)
    (CWF)--Thunderbolts II#103, 104 (106-108

THUNDERBOLTS of the Commission on Superhuman Affairs (Bullseye, Jack O'Lantern (Steve Levins), Jester (Jody Putt), Lady Deathstrike, Moonstone, Ox (Ronald Bloch), Penance, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Swordsman (Andreas von Strucker), Taskmaster, Venom (Mac Gargan)
    - reorganized under the leadership of Norman Osborn to hunt down fugitives of the Superhuman Registration Act
    --Civil War#4 (, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1, Civil War#5-7/Amz538, Civil War: Front Line#9, CW6-7, Civil War: The Initiative#1/2, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures (fb), Tb: DM, Thunderbolts#110-115, Nova IV#2-3

THUNDERBOLTS MOUNTAIN - Coyote Springs, Colorado, base of CSA Thunderbolts

    --Thunderbolts#118 (119-121

THUNDERBOOT (Moses Lewton) - Triumvirate of Terror.
    costume yielded enhanced stomping and kicking abilities
    (app-ToT)—Avengers I#39

THUNDERCHICK of Earth-9602 - Siryn + Hawk-Son of Tomahawk, 1800s, daughter of Thunderhawk and Madame Banshee
    (app-gh)--[Generation Hex#1(letters)]

THUNDERCLAP (Stanley George Johnson) - Would-be hero, interceded in a fight between Spider-Man and some crooks. Managed to subdue the criminals but caused considerable property damage doing so. Left by Spidey to face the music, he told the press that the destruction was the web-slinger's fault, unintentionally apparently killed Bantam who tried to bring him in after he refused to register
    Capable of generating sonic booms by clapping his hands
    (CWBDR, app)--Spider-Man #607 (U.K.Weekly, 1984) (Civil War: Front Line#3

THUNDERCLAW of the Old West ( ) Native American, hired by Cisco Pike to go after Rawhide Kid
    Wore bear costume, alleged mystic abilities, skilled warrior and tracker
    --Rawhide Kid III#2, (named) 3 (2-5

THUNDER DOJO - Harlem Rand International warehouse converted into training facility for youths
    SCHOOL of THUNDER--Immortal Iron Fist#16

THUNDERER (Jerry Carstairs) - golden age hero, blue hooded costume w/ red belt + highlights
    BLACK AVENGER* (net)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#7; Captain America I#442

THUNDERER - see LEI-KUNG --Marvel Premiere#15

THUNDERER of "Earth-10201" -
    (app-thor)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

THUNDERFIST (Patrick "Pat" Mason) - Crusaders, British, given special gloves and costume by Alfie, retired after he learned the truth and the belt that powered his gloves was destroyed.
    superhuman strength
    (net-crus)—Invaders I#14 (15

THUNDER GIRL - see TITANIA (MacPherran).
    identity briefly used when posed as heroine to collect Norman Osborn’s bounty on Spider-Man
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#429

thunder gods (Haokah (Sioux), Thor)--Journey into Mystery I#83

THUNDERGUARD of Earth-Doom (Deadeye, Iron Cross, Overman, Pincer, SSAgent, Stormtrooper, Swordmaster)
    -enforcers of the rule of doom
    --A-Next#10 (11

THUNDERHAMMERS - weapons wielded by Hammer-Troopers of the Galactic Avengers Battalion, based on Mjolnir
    --Avengers Forever #1 (8, 10

THUNDERHAWK of Earth-9602 - Thunderbird + Tomahawk, @ 1800s, battled Skinhunter, father of Thunderchick
    (app-gh)--[Generation Hex#1(letters)]

THUNDERHEAD - Flying Island, former base of Sultan, contained large amount of explosives in order to bomb Washington, D.C., destroyed by SHIELD I
    *Des*--Captain America I#265 (266d)

THUNDERHEAD (Greg Herndon) – Headshop
    (app-headshop)--Incredible Hulk II#437 (438-440

THUNDERHEAD of Earth-148611 ( ) - Medusa Web

THUNDERHOOF - flighted steed of the Valkyrie Sygnet
    --Marvel Graphic Novel#15: The Raven Banner

THUNDERHOOF (Enbe) – Kymellian, Force Four
    Strong, generate powerful shockwaves by stomping hoof
    (app-ff)—Power Pack I#50

THUNDERHORN - creation of Phineas of the Fifth dimension, stolen by Zemu and used in plot to destroy Attilan and initiate World War III, sought to force Black bolt to use his voice to power it.
    amplifies sound and focuses it as a weapon
    -SASER, Sound Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation (app-xemu)--Fantastic Four I#158 (158(fb),159

THUNDER-HORN of Dinosaur World - triceratops
    --Devil Dinosaur #3 (4, 6, 8, Devil Dinosaur: Spring Fling

THUNDER MAN - super-hero in Comicsville
    --2001: A Space Odyssey#5

THUNDERRIDERS (Cowboy, Georgianna Hobbs, Honcho, Marauder, R.U.Reddy, Wolf, Wrench, Sharon Ventura, Thing ) - team of motorcycle stunt riders, original group are mutants as a result of project: second genesis.
    able to merge abilities of entire group into persona of the marauder which can then briefly possess another
    -TEAM AMERICA* (D#13,net)—Thing I#27

THUNDERSTRIKE (Eric Kevin Masterson*) - Avengers, Secret Defenders, Thor Corps, given uru mace and scaled down powers of Thor after he returned from his exile, sacrificed life to prevent evil of Bloodaxe from possessing another
    -THOR* *D* (OH: BoD) <chronology incomplete> --Thunderstrike#1 (Avengers I#349, Quasar#41,42, Av350,351, 355,356, Thor I#456, Iron Man I#303,
Ts9, Av374,375, Quas60, Ts10(Avengers An23, Spider-Man Unlimited#6), Th477, Ts11-14, Av379, Namor I#58, Ts15(fb), 15-19, Av383, Force Works#10/2, Fantastic Four I#400/2, Ts20/2,21/2, 20-23, 24d, Avengers III#10+11(d))

THUNDERSTRIKE of Earth-982 (Kevin Masterson) - son of original in alternate dimension, Avengers Next, elected to remain on Earth-Thunderstrike to learn more about his father from Stormtrooper
    --What If? II#105 (A-Next#1(fb), 1, W?#105,
    Spider-Girl#57-59, 86, Last Hero Standing#1-5

THUNDERSWORD (Stewart Caldwell) - briefly empowered by Beyonder, former television writer, had girlfriend Maria, transformed into conceptualization of his own fictional creation, sought vengeance on "agents of mediocrity", originally defeated when separated from his lightning icon, reconceptualized character so that he no longer needed it, defeated by iron man with power enhanced by nuclear reactor.
    vast electrical power, enhanced physical abilities, rode winged horse Boromir
    (1980s, app)--Secret Wars II#1 (Iron Man I#197

THUNDRA - Frightful Four, Lethal Legion, queen of Femizonia, originally native to Earth-715, relocated to Earth-8009, consort of Arkon, possible descendent of Superia, lost right eye in rebellion led by Grand Vizier
    (I#11,D#13,M,net)--Fantastic Four I#129 (151(fb), 129,130, 133, Giant-Size Super-Stars#1, F4#148,149, 151-153, [154], 177-179, 181-184, 191, Avengers Annual#8, Marvel Two-In-One #53-55, 56(fb), 56-58, 64,65, 68, Hulk: Raging Thunder#1 (fb), Marvel Age Annual#1, F4#303, Avengers West Coast#75, Avengers#357/2,358, Quicksilver#3(fb),Q2,3, Avengers III#17,18, JLA/Avengers#1
, [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

THUNE, TUZUN of pre-Cataclysmic era - see TUZUN THUNE (app)--Mirrors of Tuzun Thune; Conan the Barbarian I#25

THURIA of the pre-cataclysmic era - combined continents of Africa + Asia

THURIBALD of the Hyborian era - village above Skull River, father of Naia, given fresh water by Sophos
    --Savage Tales I#5

THURM, ETHAN - former agent of Left + Right Winger + Battlestar + Super-Patriot (Walker), abandoned by him after promotion to Captain America, attempted to blackmail him, later had Left and Right Winger reveal his identity, betrayed Battlestar to Power Broker
    --Thing I#30 (Captain America I#381/2(fb), Thing30, Cap323, 332-334, 347, 373/2,374/2,[375/2-377/2],378/2

THURMAN, GEORGE C. - CIA, brother of Nate, captured by KGB, tortured and slain by Dmitri Panshin
    *D*--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

THURMAN, MILO - analyzed historical trends to predict future, government prisoner, former lover of domino, killed by donald pierce
    *D*—Domino I#1 (2(fb), 3(fb), 1-3

THURMAN, NATE  - SHIELD II, rogue agent, sought death of Dmitri Panshin, ultimately turned against Gittes when he tried to shoot Captain America
     (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

THURMIS, ALD of Lost Lemuria - native of Dragon City of Thurdis, ally of Thongor
    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#23 (24

THURNTON, MORTON - pyromaniac, read Darkhold Spell of Finding, sold a gamma bomb by General Hamilton, killed by Hellhound after ate page in effort to hide the evidence
    *D* (app)--Darkhold#1 ([2(fb)], 1, 2d, 3(d))

THUTMEKRI of the Hyborian era - Stygian, ambassador to Zembabwei, allied with Zargheba, sought Teeth of Gwahlur, attempted to manipulate people of Kassali, slain by Conan after condemned by Nebethet
    *D*--REH’s Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Barbarian I#28 (Conan the Barbarian I#28, Jewels of Gwahlur/Savage Sword of Conan#25, Ivory Goddess/Savage Sword of Conan#60

THUTOTEMES- Stygian, Black Ring, sought Heart of Ahriman to overthrow Thoth-Amon
    (app)--Hour of the Dragon; Savage Sword of Conan#10

THUU, KAMAN of Lost Lemuria - priest of the Seven Gods of Zangabal, hired Thongor and Ald Thurmis to steal the Mirror of Zaffar from his rival wizard Athmar Phong, gave Thongor the Shield of Cathloda
    (app-thongor)--Creatures on the Loose#22

THUVRIAN race (Archon(d)) - acquired technology from and were deceived by Dire Wraiths @ 200 years ago, medieval type society, humanoid race, Milky Way galaxy, planet Thuvria
    (I#10, D#15)--Rom#19/2


THWART (Morris K. Wasker)
    - denied membership in the Boy Scouts as a child, he pretends to offer help to others and then does everything possible to hinder them
    Manfred Skrits, Nathan T. Bungo, Sid Puck (app)--What The?#24 ([24 (fb)]

THX 1138 of Earth-Amalgam - Cyber-Ninja Assassins.
    named as a homage to George Lucas’ first feature film
    (app-tal)--Dark Claw Adventures#1

THYSSON, Dr. INGRID - clinical psychologist, brought to Operation: Zero Tolerance base to study Xavier, helped him escape
    (app)--Onslaught: Epilogue

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