STEADBAUR, baby girl - Cognoscenti
    (app-cognoscenti)--[ (in utero) Secret Defenders#22], (born) #25

STEADBAUR, Mr. - father of baby girl, saved from fated death by Joshua Pryce
    --Secret Defenders#22 (25

STEADBAUR, Mrs. - mother of baby girl, saved from fated death by Joshua Pryce
    --Secret Defenders#22 (25

STEADMAN, Dr. BILL of "Earth-31916" -    
    --Supreme Power#1?

STEALER of FACES - see FACE THIEF (app, card)--Iron Man I Annual#14

STEALTH (Carlos McNally) - formerly allied with black metal + quota + zapper + noise.
    fly + avoid detection
    (app)—Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent

STEALTH (Eliza Claire Necker) - Requiem Sharks, presumptive future mother of Evelyn Necker
    (app-rs)--Death's Head III#10

STEALTH ( Cutler) - Nightmericans, sister of Chrissie, powerful exoskeleton built by parents, went mad, remained loyal to Wright-Armstrong and Mohammed Simensky, armor smashed by the Hulk
    tiny form contained within head of armor which enabled her to fly and had large blades on each hand, able to slash the Hulk's skin
    --Hulk: Nightmerica#2, 4 ([6(fb)], 2, 4, 5,6

STEALTH, Inc. (One, Two, Three) - hired by Theodore LeSeig to capture Wolverine in Madripoor, successfully defeated him
    Use combat, high-tech weapons, drugs, etc.
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#54 ([54 (fb)], 54

STEAM NINJA - creation of Gomurr the Ancient
    --Uncanny X-Men#329

STEAM RIDER (Robert "Bob" Dolan) - son of Mr. Dolan, sheriff, mortally wounded by Jake and brothers Rutherford, rebuilt as steam-powered cyborg by father, brought in Jake Rutherford
    (Outlaw Files)--Amazing Fantasy II#20/2

STEAMROLLER ( ) - Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation
    --Captain America I#328

STEAM SHERIFF - see STEAM RIDER (Outlaw Files)--Amazing Fantasy II#20/2

STEAM TEAM - V Battalion, scientific research/analysis department
    --Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1 (2

STECK'EE - pale blue woman, waitress for Glib Arkanian, friend of Genis-Vell, kidnapped by Magus
    able to change from male to female
    (app)--Captain Marvel IV#1 (4(fb), 5, Captain Marvel V#14(fb1), CM32-35

STECKLER, - Bard college classmate and football teammate of Hank McCoy
    (app-nyles)--X-Men I#50/2; (identified) X-Men: Origins: Beast

STECKLEY, H.D. - see MOONDRAGON--Quasar#11

STECKLEY, H.D. (Holly Deborah Steckley) - see ERESHKIGEL.
    identity used to infiltrate Vaughn securities to tap into power

STEED - New Men, horse, killed saving Quicksilver
    --Quicksilver #1

    --Captain America I#401

STEEL of the Old West - steed of Kid Colt
    *D*--Kid Colt, Outlaw#1

    Project: Glamour (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#2/2], 3/2

STEEL of Earth-5555 circa 8162 AD (Shonin Ikeda) - Dragon's Claws, Japanese
    (Dragon's Claws#8)--(UK) Dragon’s Claws#1 ([8(fb)], 1-7, Death's Head#2, DC#8-10

STEEL, Sgt. JOHN - Sentinel Squad O*N*E, leader of the first squad, slain in battle with the cyborg dinosaurs in the Savage Land
    *D*--Sentinel Squad ONE#3 (3d

STEEL COLLAR ( ) - System Crash, cyborg.
    metal exoskeleton
    (app-system)--Daredevil I#326 (327-329, Silver Sable#25, DD330-332

STEEL CURTAIN - professional wrestler, thrown into the crowds by opponent "Crazy" Max Markham (Grizzly)
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#139?

STEEL FIST (     ) - Iron Trinity
    (app-irontrinity)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#2/7 (2/7(fb), 2/7

STEEL, DAVE - reporter investigating deaths, ambushed by Florus Homo
    (app-Florus Homo)--Marvel Mystery Comics#20/3

STEELFRAME ( ) - armored super hero, failed to stop the Looter (Fester)
    (app)--Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/3

STEEL GUARDIAN (Josef Petkus) - Winter Guard, Russian hero
    -RED GUARDIAN V*--Iron Man III#9 (10, Thunderbolts I#25

STEEL HAWK (Arun Bahkti) - terrorist/mercenary/assassin, agent of the Club
    (app)-Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#3 (3-6, 7(fb), 7-9

STEEL KOMMANDO ( ) - armored Nazi agent, agent of General Skul, battled Skywolfs, killed by Sky-Mines
    rode motorcycle, mini-cannons on wrists
    *D* (app-skul)--Marvel Fanfare I#16/2

STEEL PHOENIX (Davos) - exiled native of K'un-Lun, son of Lei-Kung the Thunderer, briefly stole Iron Fist’s superhuman power until Iron Fist absorbed it back into himself, power siphoned by Junzo Muto, restored by the Crane Mother and granted power from the life forces of her daughters to slay Orson Randall, overcome in battle by Iron Fist (Daniel Rand) after he had absorbed Randall's chi, planned to fight again in the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities
    STEEL SERPENT* (OH2006#10-steel serpent, app)--Immortal Iron Fist#11 (12-14

STEEL RAIN 2099 (Dawn Yelena Burnside nee Zhukov) - liquid metal warrior
    --2099 Unlimited#9/3

STEEL RAVEN (Aranda Charboneau) - Fortress, security, guardian of New Genix.
    skilled warrior and tactician, uses variety of conventional weapons, red + black costume, wf, blond
    (OH2006#10, app)--Marvel Comics Presents#150 (151, 175/1(3)

STEEL SERPENT ( ) - encountered Iron Fist, sought to take over K’un-Lun, master of the delayed death touch, but Iron Fist turned it back against him
    used delayed death touch
    *D* (1970s, app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 (10/3(fb), 10(fb), 10, 10/3 (dies?)

    name adopted when empowered by Crane Mother and serving as the immortal weapon of K'un-Zi
    (OH2006#10, app)--Iron Fist#1 (Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb), Immortal Iron Fist#8-9 (fb), IIF#10-12 (fb)/MTU#64 (fb), IF#1, [4(fb)], 4, 14(fb), 15, Marvel Team-Up I#63-64, [Iron Fist II#1 (fb)], 1-2, [New Warriors II#5(fb)], 5, [Immortal Iron Fist#1 (fb), 1-2], 3-6, 8-10-->Steel Phoenix)

STEELSHOT ( ) - Galadorian, Spaceknights second generation, summoned to hall of science by deathcry of Soundscream, battled Galadorians attempting to invade it, presumably killed in battle against Rom
    *D*--Rom#73 ([74]

STEELSKULLS - group of mercenaries trained by Taskmaster, utilized by Grim Reaper and Count Nefaria.
    trained in armed and unarmed combat, wear skull masks over upper half of face
    (app)--Avengers III#32 (33

STEEL SLAMMER ( ) - armored criminal, stole artwork from Stewart Ronalds
    (app-gdr)—Green Goblin#7

STEEL SPIDER (Ollie Osnick*) - teenage hero, designed robotic limbs, initially patterned after Dr. Octopus, briefly allied with Toad and Frog-Man (Eugene Patilio), dated Jane Lane, arm ripped off by Venom (Mac Gargan)
    uses harness with four mechanical limbs
    Dr. OCTOPUS*, SPIDER-KID* (OH2006#10)--Spider-Man Unlimited#5 (Amazing Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/2, [Green Goblin#12], Thunderbolts II#112-115

STEEL VENGEANCE (Sadae Tsumura) - agent of Centurious, sister of Steel Wind, attacked Quentin carnival, killed by Centurious
    *D* (app)—Spirits of Vengeance#2 (7, 9d)

STEEL WIND (Ruriko Tsumura) - cyborg, former agent of Freakmaster + Centurious, Superia’s Femizons, former artist, arms crippled in boating accident, rebuilt as cyborg by agents of Centurious, survived assassination attempt by Scourge i-3, captured and studied by US government agents, freed by Blaze, seeks Vengeance on Centurious.
    superhuman strength, uses motorcycle with weapons
    (OH:AZU#1, app)—Ghost Rider II#75 (75(fb), 75, [Captain America I#394(fb), 387,388],389-391,[392], 394/2,395/2([395]), [Spirits of Vengeance#2], 7, 9,10, Ghost Rider III#41, SoV#14,GR III#42, SoV#20,21, 23

STEELE – see POWER MAN STEEL (app)—Cage I#5

STEELE, BOBBY - professional football player, husband of Marcy Masterson-Steele. wm, long dark hair
    --[Thor I#435], 438 ([435,437], 438-440, 444, 450, 453, Thunderstrike#1-5, 7-9, 11-13, 16, 19, 22-24

    (net-goldage)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#1

STEELE, LANCE - bodyguard for Harry Osgood
    (net)—Dazzler#3 (4-8, 10-14

    (net-preff)--(g) Young Men#21

STEELE, SIMON (Wolfgang Heinrich von Lundt) - former head of ring of Nazis agents operating in USA just prior to World War II, old enemy of Dominic Fortune, married Sabbath Raven (Gina), father of Sabbath Raven (Elena)
    --Web of Spider-Man#10 (72(fb), Web10, Iron Man I#212,213, Web71,72

STEEN, Det. - Venom Task Force, wf
    --Venom: Along Came a Spider#1 (2-4, Venom: The Hunted#1-3, Venom: On Trial#1,[2],3

STEEPLEJACK (Jack Mallard) – former construction worker, designed costume to get even with Maxwell Plumm for using shoddy equipment which cost the lives of his brothers, killed when fell from height and blew up liquid nitrogen tank
    *D* (app)--Power Man#18 (18(fb), 18d)

STEEPLEJACK (Maxwell Plumm) – former owner of a contracting firm using cheap materials, stole inventions of Mallard and adopted identity after his death, killed by Scourge of the Underwordl-1 at the bar with no name
    *D* (app)--Ms Marvel#14 (Captain America I#319d)

STEEPLEJACK (   ) - criminal who bought Steeplejack franchise from Hobgoblin (Kingsley), killed by Goblin King
    *D* (app)--Superior Spider-Man#25

STEEVES, Dr. - emergency room doctor, treated Julie Power after she had been stabbed by Hollow

STEGOR – @ 6000 BC, Homo mermani, former king of the Eastern Sea Tribe, father of Kamuu, slew Tanas, but slain in turn by Elanna
    *D* (app-kamuu)--Sub-Mariner I#64/2 (64/2d)

STEGRON (Dr. Vincent Stegron) - former scientist and assistant to curt connors, exposed self to dinosaur dna acquired from savage land, seeks to use dinosaurs for conquest of earth.
    semi-humanoid dinosaur, has briefly resurrected dinosaurs from fossils, command dinosaurs
    -The Dinosaur Man (OH2006#10, app)--Marvel Team-Up I#19 (20, Amazing Spider-Man I#165,166, Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#1-4, Thunderstrike#20, Sensational Spider-Man II#13-15, Marvel Comics Presents#6/2-7/2

STEIMLE, LOLA. - @ World War II, Nazi, assistant to Dr. Sweikert, impersonated by Laura Livingston
    (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#8

STEIN, ANDY - NYPD, partner of "Growl," worked with American Eagle, shot while pursuing Jimmy Littlehawk
    (app-littlehawk)--Marvel Comics Presents#128/2

STEIN, BETTY - assaulted by Manny and his gang, comforted by the Shroud, but eventually died from her injuries
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#87/4

    TALKBALK*--Runaways#1 ([II#23 (fb), 24 (fb)], I#1-6

STEIN, EMIL - former Nazi, later leader of DANTE, apparently killed by Iron Man
    *D* (app-dante)--Tales of Suspense II#1

STEIN, HELMUT - mutaphobe, supporter of Dermafree, ally of Helena Carlson
    --[Mystique#14], 18

STEIN, JANET – Pride, mother of Talkback.
    High tech inventor
    --Runaways#1 (13(fb), 13(fb), II#27 (fb), [II#23 (fb)], I#1,2, 4, 6, 11

    High tech inventor, father of Talkback
    --Runaways#1 (13(fb), 13(fb), II#27 (fb), [II#23 (fb)], I#1,2, 4 7, 9, 11,12

    mutant, arms-dealer, killed Agent 16
    --Mystique#1 (1-->Quiet Man

STEINBERG, judge JULIUS - tried case of Sam Griggs against Daredevil, no-nonsense type
    --Daredevil II#24 (25

STEINBERG, NICOLE - twin sister of Nicole, Playboy playmate, old girlfriend of Tony Stark, used as hostage by Richard Cummings
    --Incredible Hulk II#71 (72-74

STEINBERG, RIKKI - twin sister of Nicole, Playboy playmate, old girlfriend of Tony Stark
    --Incredible Hulk II#71 (73

STEINEM, Dr. KURT  - @ World War II, Nazi scientist, designed planes, killed by "Ace" Hamilton
    *D* (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#1 (1d)

    -- Sabretooth/Mystique#1

STEINMETZ, Dr. MYRON - emergency physician, hired by crossfire to amputate hawkeye's arm, posed as a marriage counselor to draw him into crossfire's trap
    (app)--Avengers Spotlight I#22 (23,25

STEINSINGER, BERNIE - former manager of X the Marvel
    (app-x)--Power Man I#27 (27(fb), 27

STELLA ?? of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - participated in illegal swords and sorcery virtual game at Maklin's, pulled to Guildern and joined forces with Nikki Doyle and Tristum against Mendes, sole survivor of that group, returned to native realm/time by Nikki Doyle
    sword-wielding warrior
    (app-guildern)--Wild Angels

STELLARA – Sectaur, ally of Dargon
    --Sectaurs#1 (2-8

STELLARAX - agent of ISAAC, used in takeover of Titan, sent to earth to slay Mar-Vell, obliterated by Drax
    humanoid, fire energy blasts from left eye
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#59 (60-62, Marvel Spotlight II#1,2

STELLAR FLEET of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN last starship (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

STELLARIS ( ) – extraterrestrial woman, former friend and roommate of Thunderstrike, world judged unworthy and destroyed by Celestials, seeks to destroy Celestials, killed Replicoid, inadvertently completed birthing of a Celestial in attempt to destroy them all.
    wears suit of armor granting her great physical and energy powers, allegedly on par with the Silver Surfer
    -the Celestial Slayer, Leah Princess (M, Annihilation: Ronan#3, Annihilation: Nova Files, net)--Thor I#419, 421 (419-424, 438,439, Thunderstrike#1-7, 12,13, 15-19, 21, Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb), 1, [2-4]

STELLAR ROD - weapon of Prester John
    enabled him to project energy blasts and form shields
    --Cable and Deadpool#13, (named) #14

STELLIK - Asgardian Rock Troll, complained to Ulik about starving conditions
    --Thor II#34

STELLUNG - Cosmic Commando Unit.
    large + grey + rocky male, survive in space, fly, superhuman strength, uses mace
    (app-ccu)--Starmasters#1, 2(named) (3

STELYENKO, Gen. - Russian, former superior of black widow (Belova), planned to betray and kill her after the successful completion of her job, exposed by black widow (Romanoff) as part of Operation: Validate
    --Black Widow II#2 (3

STEM - Ruined, briefly possessed Aaron Starr.
    enlarged head and curved cervical spine, generate brain blasts
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1 ([19],20

STEM CELL - Livewires
    --Livewires#1 (2-6

STENCIL (Maria, Viktor, Col. Krychev) - Siberforce, former member of Yuri Garnoff’s Exiles/Mutant Underground, Russian mutant dissident, inadvertently permanently absorbed mind of Krychev, who periodically takes control of her body.
    mentally absorb minds and consciousness of others, which is sometimes permanent
    (app)--Soviet Super Soldiers#1 (Starblast#1

STENKOV, EVGENY - father of Galina, designed the Barbarossa virus, killed during Russian interrogation
    *D*--Punisher VII#14 (14(fb, dies)

STENKOV, GALINA - daughter of Evgeny, injected with the Barbarossa virus and its cure; sought by US coalition to obtain the virus; the Punisher brought her to the USA, but made sure no one could touch her until the virus had expired.
    --Punisher VII#14 (14(fb), 15-18

STENNIS – subterranean
    --X-Men Unlimited#49

STENSON, SILAS - 8162, nurse, pawn of matron, killed by Slaughterhouse
    *D*--Dragon’s Claws#1 (2, 3, 5-8d)

STENT - planet of the Stenth
    (app-stent)--Inhumans I#7 (8, 9

STENTH - Charter, Morfex's co-pilot, turned on him when he questioned the Charter
    --Star Masters #2

STENTH race (City-Keepers, Demon Rebels, Flarn, Shreel, Shribe, Skorn, Squalor Dwellers, Warkon)
    -extra-terrestrial, milky way, planet stent, live in mobile cities which look like immense beetles, travel to find sources of water.
    yellow-skinned, semi-humanoid
    (I#10, D#15, app)—Inhumans I#7 (8, 9

STENTH – Axi-Tun, Cosmic Commando Unit, usurped leadership from Morfex when he refused to continue pursuing Star Masters
    (app-ccu)--Star Masters#2

STENTOR (Lewis Hamilton) - attacked Venom, only had enough energy for one attack, after which Venom destroyed his costume.
    wore costume that vastly amplified sound volume, wm, blond
    (app)--Venom: The Finale#2

STEPFORD CUCKOOS (Celeste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, Sophie) - Xavier Institute, former wards of Emma Frost (partial clones harvested from her eggs); Esme and Sophie died
    a novel called the Stepford Wives was written by Ira Levin, while the Midwich Cuckoos became the film Village of the Damned (John Wyndham wrote the novel).
    THREE-IN-ONE* (OH: X2005, New X-Men Yearbook, 198, ME:X)--X-Men II#119 (123-125, 134, 136-141, 149,150, 155,156, [Astonishing X-Men III#4], 5, 7, Wolverine III#23, New X-Men: Academy X#14, 15, X172, Astonishing X-Men#8
, New X-Men#37-41, WWH: X-Men#2-3, NX42-43, Uncanny X-Men#493, X206, UX494, X-Factor III#27, NX46

STEPHANIE ?? - Schechter high school yearbook staff, vamped by Dracula, destroyed by Thor
    *D/R/D*--Thor I#332

"STEPHANIE ??" - Sisters of Grace
    Caucasian, dark hair, leader?,
    (app-sisters)--Black Axe#1 (2(fb), [3(fb)]

STEPHANIE ?? - assistant to Kingmaker
    --Hellions# , (named) #4

STEPHANOPOLOUS, COSMO - mercenary, hired by X-Cutioner after being fired by Elysian Enterprises, apparently killed by X-Cutioner while in stupor after fight with Gambit.
    bm, shaved head
    *D*--Gambit III#1 (2, 4, 5d)

STEPHEN ?? - saved by Spider-Man from fight between vultures (Tombs + Drago)
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#63 (Marvel Holiday Special#1

STEPHEN - Mystikos Sect, Vampires, helped Brad create a medallion that would protect Vampires from sunlight, met with a large assembly of Vampires on a Greek Island, saw Xarus stage an uprising against Dracula, saw Xarus dismember him, given 24 hours to join Xarus, allied with Janus against Xarus, discovered that Brad had been working for Xarus, burnt to death in sunlight
    *D--Death of Dracula#1

STEPHENS, DANNY - Guardsman, killed by Venom (Brock) during prison riot at the Vault
    --Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault

STEPHENS, LEW of Earth-10091 - scientific mentor to Henry Pym, killed by Zabo (Mr. Hyde)
    *D* (app)--Thor the Mighty Avenger#2 (3(fb), 2d)

STEPHENS, SI - former employee of Dynaco, attempted to blow the whistle on their plot to black out Florida; targeted for assassination by Dermott Leary, raped repeatedly by Enrique and his men until freed by the Punisher; informed Punisher about Dynaco's plot, then betrayed Punisher to Harry Ebbing; ultimately slain by Dermot Leary after learning of his affair with Alice Ebbing
    --Punisher VII#31 (32 (fb), 31-34, 35d

STEPPENNORN the WOLF-QUEEN of Earth-Amalgam – karnilla + Steppenwolf

STEPPIN' RAZOR ( ) - vampire, former head of the Los Angeles Yardi drug operation, empowered Night Terror, former agent of Marie Laveau and Varnae
    *D/R/D* (app-nightterror)--Blade: Vampire Hunter I#4 ([4(fb)], 4-5

STEPPING DISKS - magical portals of white light, accessed by Magiks (Rasputin + Sefton).
    transport others to and from Otherplace, as well as through time and other dimensions
    --Uncanny X-Men#160

STERANKO of Earth-Captain America: Isaiah Bradley became Captain America - Sky-Destroyer, Bucky and the Krimson Klansman fell to their deaths while battling on it
    --Captain America IV#28

STERELNY, ALEX - Red Room, made Black Widow (Natalia Romanova) believe that she had been a ballerina
    --Black Widow IV#4

STERLING of Counter Earth-Franklin Richards - Remnants, formed from residual energy left by passing of Silver Surfer
    --Heroes Reborn: Remnants (Rem(fb), Rem

STERLING, ELIZABETH DAWES - mother of Death-Stalker, set up elaborate death trap to kill Daredevil in order to gain vengeance for the death of her son, trap set in motion upon her death.
    trap included large number of identical robots in the form of little blond-haired girls
    *D*--[Daredevil I#209d]

STERLING, PHILIP - see DEATH-STALKER (app)--[Daredevil I#10], Daredevil I#39

    --[Avengers I#208], Dazzler#12

STERLING, SOL - Wealthy movie producer, financially backed Armed Response in exchange for a little something-something from Lotus, slain soon after by her agents to prevent him from ever using his knowledge against her
    *D*--Wonder Man II#16


STERLING, Miss - attended Black Knight Museum
    --New Excalibur#10

STERMAN, ANDREA - paranormal psychologist, affiliated with Commission, associate of Jack Noriss, investigated Roxxon’s use of Windshear’s power to murder Bobbie Haggert, forced to observe and record exploits of V Battalion
    (app)--Nomad I#2 ([2(fb)], 2, 4, Nomad II#1(fb),2,3, 22-25, Thunderbolts#41, 43-50, Citizen V and the V Battalion#1-3, Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1-4

STERN - Firm, killed by Centurious for disobeying his orders
    *D*--Ghost Rider III#25 ( 28, 32, 37d)

STERN, LIONEL – criminal art collector, paid shadow thief to locate golden dragon, former lover of Melissa
    (app-gd)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#14 (16, 18

STERN, PHILLIP - see MADMAN (OH: Hulk 2004)--Incredible Hulk II#362

STERN, Dr. RUDOLF "RUDY" - former researcher at Gamma Base, traveled to Crater Falls, slain by Sh'mballah, corpse possessed by Sh'mballah and destroyed in a nuclear explosion
    *D* (app-sh'mballah)--The Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars

STERN, SAMUEL - see LEADER--Tales to Astonish I#62

STERN, agent - "The Company," partner of Marsden, ally of the Manipulator
    (app-manipulator)--Avengers I#178

STERN, Dr. -
    --Pulse#6 (6(fb)

STERN ACADEMY (Carmine Stern, miss Candy) -private academy
    students (Franklin Richards)
    --Fantastic Four III#51

STERNBERG, Dr. BERTHOLD - developed Infinity Formula, blackmailed Fury for decades, murdered by Steel Harris who then tried to take up his extortion
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#31 ([31 (fb)], 31 (fb), 31, [31 (fb)], 31, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#30(fb)

STERNWOOD, VICTOR - Strike Force Q7, leader, lover of Tanuta,
    ruthless & sadistic, master of armed + unarmed combat, uses swords and energy weapons
    (app-q7)--Knights of Pendragon II#2 (Gene Dogs#1-4

STETSON, - Former left arm pilot for Quintronic Man
    (app-quintronic)--Incredible Hulk II#213 (214

STEUBEN, KATRINA - pre-modern era, middle-aged widow vacationing in the Bavarian Alps, turned younger by spell of Mordoo requested by her lover Franz Kopnik, but she became a teenager and fell in love with Mordoo instead.
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I #75/3

STEVE (Steve Soto) - weapon x project creation, killed in recent times by ajax, trapped on earth as ghost until death of ajax.
    small troll-like creature, lived on the back of jacques
    *D*--Deadpool III#14 (Deadpool/Death Annual 1998(fb2), Dp14d, Dp/Death’98+Dp18+19(ghost) )

STEVE ?? - fell out of a window, caught by Spider-Man when he was still working as an entertainer
    --Amazing Fantasy I#15 cover, Amazing Fantasy II#15

STEVEN ?? - former member of the Devos, accompanied Masonic father to Germany where he stole the Spear of Destiny for the Devos
    (app-saviour)--Wolverine: Evilution

STEVENS, ALLAN - reporter, encountered House of Shadows
    (app-hos)--Strange Tales I#120/2

STEVENS, GEORGE - brother of Michael, lost arm in Hulk's Las Vegas rampage, mutated by agents of Gen. Ryker, eventually died of cancer
    *D*--World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#4 ([4 (fb), 4 (fb, dies)

STEVENS, JEREMY - institutionalized boy, taken over by Gamesmaster against X-Force
    (app-Gamesmaster)--X-Force I#46 (47, 56

STEVENS, MICHAEL - brother of George, mutated by agents of Gen. Ryker, initially gained super-powers before going crazy and having to be put down
    *D*--World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#4 (4 (fb, dies)

STEVENS, MILO - agent of Tiberius Stone, in charge of his media, directed attack of Radioactive Man against Iron Man, betrayed by Stone and killed in explosion caused by Radioactive Man
    *D*--Iron Man III#37 (37(fb1), 38(fb,dies)

STEVENS, HARLEY - gained powers through magic
    --Darkhawk I#21

STEVENS, REBECCA - researched Ebony Blade and its curse, tried to warn Black Knight (Dane Whitman),  pursued Whitman to Weirdworld with Avengers
    (app)--Original Sins#2/1 (Black Knight III#1-5

STEVENS, RUBY - Redemption, Alabama; testified against Joel Flood
    --Daredevil: Redemption#5

STEVENS, TIM - employee at Surge's Comics in New London, Connecticut
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1

STEVENS, Dr. VINCENT - aspect of dr. strange, owner of the tempo
    *D*--Dr. Strange III#62 (63, 66, Dr. Strange Annual#4, Doc III#67,68, 70,71, 73,74d)

STEVENS, nurse ; - employee of Don Blake on Chicago, briefly possessed by Fairgold.
    --Thor I#320 ([321],322, 327,329?, 330,331, 354/2

STEVENSON, ANNIE - see QUIVER of Earth-NU --DP7 #15

    --Eternals I#6

STEVIE - technical assistant on Johnny Storm's reality TV show
    --Fantastic Four#555

STEWARD - Special Executive, leader before War Dog, attempted to prematurely recruit Fascination/Scatterbrain
    (app-se)—Captain Britain II#12 (12(fb), 12

STEWARD - Chronopolis, space phantom?
    --Avengers I#392

STEWART, ABIGAIL of "Earth-31916" - mother of the Atlanta Blur
    --Supreme Power#1

STEWART, CONNIE - bitten by Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula II#3

STEWART, MADELINE "MADDY" of Earth-712 - wife of whizzer, mother of Tina
    --Squadron Supreme#1 (5, 7, 9, 12, Squadron Supreme: New World Order

STEWART, MARY - mutant, infected by McCoy with version of Legacy virus that is transmissible to humans
    --X-Factor I#144 (144(fb), [143] 144

STEWART, McKINLEY - sensei, former partner of King Lau, former boxer, former lover of eEektra, rendered comatose after attack by the Hand, later died of injuries from attack by mob while recovering.
    large + strong wm
    *D*--Elektra I#1 (Spider-Man Annual 1998(fb), Elek#1, 3-8, 10-14, 19(fb) Spider-Man/Elektra An1998d)

STEWART, NELSON - fbi, superior of joe wade and stephanie briggs
    --Web of Scarlet Spider#3 (New Warriors I#67, WSS#4

STEWART, RHODES of Earth-Amalgam - james Rhodes + John stewart
    --Iron Lantern#1

STEWART, ROMAN – P.I., parents killed in battle between Silver Surfer and Tyros, fell in love with Joan Weiss, attempted to kill Surfer, but convinced not to
    --[Fantastic Four I#259,260], Tales of the Marvels: Blockbuster

STEWART, TINA of Earth-712 - daughter of Whizzer and Maddy Stewart
    --Squadron Supreme I#1 (5, 9, 12, Squadron Supreme: New World Order

STEWART, - extreme emergency team.
    communications expert
    --Spider-Man: Web of Doom#2

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