STARLEECH - extraterrestrial creature, possessed body of Una, attacked Carol Danvers and Mar-Vell, destroyed by Mar-Vell
    --Captain Marvel I#40

STARLIGHT (Tania Belinsky) - skilled neurosurgeon, Russian superhero, former Defender, lover of Presence, gained radiation powers, absorbed energy of forbidden zone and left for space with presence, imprisoned by stranger, freed by quasar, returned to earth, forced Presence to assist in battle against Kang
    great ability to manipulate nuclear energy, formerly relied on athletic abilities and stun disks
    [ZVEZDA SYVET]. RED GUARDIAN* (M,net)--Quasar#19 (20, Marvel Comics Presents#70/4, Quas#60, Avengers III#43(fb1+2), [40-42],43,44, Avengers III#

    Uncanny X-Men#462, 464-465

STARLIGHT CITY of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow -
    ---X-Men II#152

STARLIN's BAR - Knowhere
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#13

STARLING (Tiana Toomes) - granddaughter of Vulture, given winged suit by him, friend and romantic interest of Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
    --Miles Morales: Spider-Man#5

STARLING of "Earth-6871" - agent of Eagle/Red Skull--Captain America: The Great Gold Steal

    --Silence of the Lambs, Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six

STARLING, JAMES-MICHAEL - ultimate humanoid created by Protar, connected to Omega the Unkown and received his powers when he died, consumed by own power
    *D*--Omega the Unknown#1 (2-10, Defenders I#76,77d)

STAR-LORD (Peter Quill) - Guardians of the Galaxy, interstellar adventurer, son of Jason of Spartoi and Meredith Quill, given ship of his father, eventually vanished after 300,000 killed when he subdued the Fallen One, sent to Kyln, freed by Imperial Guard to help them against Thanos
    (OH2006#10, Annihilation: Nova Files, app)--Marvel Preview#4 (Inhumans IV#4(ff), MarvPrev4(fb), 4, Starlord#1(fb), MarvPrev11, 15, 18, Marvel Spotlight II#7,8, Marvel Premiere#61, Marvel Super Special#10, [Thanos#11(fb)], [Starlord#2(fb)], Thanos#8-12, Annihilation#1-6, Nova IV#8 (fb), Annihilation Conquest: Prologue, Annihilation: Star-Lord#1-4
    , Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (fbs), [4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8,

STARLORD (Sinjin Quarrel) - Lolian mutant/Probiti, given Ship and weapon of Quill, acted as his successor
    (OH2006#10, app)--Starlord#1 (2-4

STAR MAGI of Earth-Slow Glass - see EBRON
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#3

STARMAN (    ) - former prisoner on Stranger's laboratory world
    possibly Will Payton of the DC Universe

STAR MASTERS (Beta Ray Bill, Morfex, Quasar (Vaughn), Silver Surfer, Xenith)
    - short-lived band of interstellar heroes
    (app)--Star Masters#1 (2, 3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4 (5(fb), 5

STARMEN (Kop) - 2075, aliens, allies of Saturnians, gathered potential slaves for them
    --Speed Carter #1/2

STAR MONSTER - indestructible creature created by the Sinister Star Gazer, empowered by energy from a distant star, trapped within molten lead by the Blue Blaze.
    Possessed superhuman strength and impervious to injury.
--Mystic Comics#3/1 (June 1940)

STAR PIERCER - pistol of Mint Julep
    --Amazing Adventures II#22

STAR RIG - spaceworthy version of US1
    (app-usa)--She-Hulk II#6 (7, [40(fb)], 39-46

STARR the SLAYER - Hyborian (?) era barbarian king of Zardath slew pre-modern era writer Len Carson to prevent him from slaying him in his stories
    (app)--Chamber of Darkness#4

STARR, AARON - Deterrence Research Corporation, European branch
    --Fantastic Four III#1

STARR, DAWN - Empire State University, former student of Peter Parker
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#204 (205

STARR, JACQUELINE - Canadian reporter
    --Alpha Flight II#6

STARR, JULIA – Church of Hala, died during mission in Sudan
--Captain Marvel#1 (2008)

STARR, PATRICIA "TRISH" - niece of Egghead, used in one of his plots, lost left arm from car bomb planted by him, dated Fred Sloan, mentally controlled by egghead using prosthetic arm that reprogrammed her memories in a plot to frame Henry Pym
    --Marvel Feature I#5 (Defenders I#21, Giant-Size Defenders#4, Def31, 41, Incredible Hulk II#233-237, 240, 243, 245, Avengers I#217, 230

STARR, RAMONA - AIM, shot Ka-Zar in the head and then forced him to perform a mission for AIM
    -Ramona Courtland—Ka-Zar the Savage#18 (19-21, 23-25

STARRON - Microverse planet, home of Sky-Walker
    --[Daredevil I#128]

    --(g) Marvel Boy#2

STARRS, JOEY - New York crimelord, killed by Big Game Posse
    (app-biggame)--Marvel Comics Presents#152/3

S.T.A.R.S. (Allie Magruder, Farley Moway, Frisco Pike, USAgent, Kali Vries)
    - controls all aspects of superhuman crime and imprisonment
    -Superhuman Tactical Response Squad (app)—Maximum Security#1, (MS#1(fb), 1-3, USAgent II#1(fb), 1-3

STARS and STRIPES - Captain America’s national hotline, founded using one million dollars in back-pay he accidentally received from the US government, computer network organized by RAM
    --Captain America I#31_

STAR SCEPTRE - former weapon of Captain Britain, given to him by Roma.
    project force fields
    --Captain Britain I#36

STARSEED (Jaard) - golden man, last survivor of society of culturally advanced humans on primitive earth, who had lived on a mountain, which was stolen by aliens.
    The humans eventually overcame the aliens and he returned to earth to share his power and visions, but was killed by Werewolf, Man-Thing, and Morbius, who misunderstood his intentions
    *D* (AZU#2, app)--Marvel Premiere I#28 (28(fb), 28d)

STAR-SEED of Earth-Sword in the Star - Wayfinder's ship, piloted by Alkinoos, transported Wayfinder and his people into the past to Earth @ 1 million BC
    (app-earthsits)--Marvel Preview I#4/2 (7/2, Micronauts I#35(fb)

STARSHARKS - possibly a shark-like race enslaved by the Brood, outfitted with technology to make them functional as ships
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men I#162 (164, 166, 232(fb), 218

STARSHINE (Landra) - Galadorian, first generation Spaceknights, attempted to defend Terminator during trial for murder of an innocent, fought Wraiths throughout cosmos, trapped by Terminator and Mentus, freed by Rom, transported Spaceknights back to previous bases after Galactus hid Galador, returned to Earth with Rom, sacrificed self to save Rom from Dire Wraith attack, had been in love with him, spirit freed by Rom
    fire eyebeams for variety of effects
    *D* (app)--Rom#14/2 ( 16/2, 19/2,20/2, 24, 25-27, 28d, 29(spirit))

    temporarily empowered by merging with armor of Landra by Dr. Dredd, stripped of powers by wraith Hybrid, armor left in a mine in Kentucky.
    (net)--Rom#40 (41, 43-60, Rom Annual#3->bc)

STARSHINE (Anarra) - Galadorian spaceknight, third generation, former lover of Rand/Lightningbolt
    --Spaceknights#2 (3-5

STARSHIP WOLF of Earth-72122 - @ 2180 AD, crew killed by vampire stowaway
    (app-vampire of 2180)--Chamber of Chills#2/2

STARSHIP of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN last starship (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

STAR SIGN (    ) - Point Men
    --Avengers: The Initiative#14

STARSMORE, JACK - @ 1897, London, Clan Akkaba, ancestor of Jono (Chamber), assisted Apocalypse and Abraham van Helsing against Dracula, former drug addict
    --X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1 ([1 (fb)], 1-4

STAR-SLAYER - see XERON (app)--Incredible Hulk II#136

STAR SPLENDOR (    ) - 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt
    --Marvel Boy II#1

STAR STALKER (Varanus) - Vorm mutant, destroyed planets by absorbing energy in the form of ions, killed Priests of Pama, destroyed in battle with Avengers, Legion of Unliving
    (app)--Avengers I#123 (124(fb), 123, 134(fb), 124d, 353+354(d))

STAR STALKER (Biawak) - son of Varanus, slaughtered Elan race, powers siphoned by Nova (Frankie Raye) and Reed Richard’s stimulator
    (app)—Power Pack I#56 (57

STARSTALKER, MONARK - alternate future, uncertain interstellar location, former rigger, spaceship/nervous system destroyed, replaced by the artificial falcon Ulysses
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#32 (32 (fb), 32

STAR STATION RAGA of Reality-829 - visited by Hercules circa 2385
    --Hercules II#1 (Hercules: Full Circle graphic novel

STARSTEALTH (Major Kalum Lo, Bo’Sun Stug-Bar, Zamsed )
    - Kree warriors attempting to avenge loss of Kree/Sh'iar war, formerly traveled aboard the Retribution, formerly imprisoned in the Vault, extradited to an interstellar War-Crimes Tribunal
    (app)--Force Works#1 (1(fb) - BTS / 13(fb) - BTS, 14(fb) - BTS, 1(fb) - BTS, 13(fb) - BTS, 1, 12 (fb) - BTS, 12, 13, 14 - BTS

STARSTONE - see BLOODGEM (app)--Marvel Presents#1

STAR STONE of Lost Lemuria - power item from which the two Star Swords were formed, formerly held in Scarlet Tower of Tsargol
    (app-drag)--Wizard of Lemuria; Creatures on the Loose#26 (26(fb)

STARSTONE - sent to Earth by Kathulos, allowed Dagoth to revive
    (app-dag)--Marvel Premiere#7

STARSTOP (Mary McGrill Archer, U.S. Archer, Poppa Wheelie, Retread, Wide Load Annie)
    - interstellar rest stop, cafe, and refueling station, located in deep space, founded by owners of the Short Stop after leaving for space with Al the Alien, badly damaged by Spragg
    -SHORT STOP* (app,net)--US1#12 (Sensational She-Hulk II#6, 7, 40(fb), [39-41], 42, 43

    identity of katy power used when possessed flight powers
    --Power Pack`I#25, 27(named) (28-32, X-Factor Annual#2, PP33,34,35/XFac25, PP36, Strange Tales II#12-14, P37-39, Marvel Fanfare I#55 P40-55->Count)

STARSTREAK (Julie Power) - power pack.
    fly, teleport
    (net-pp)--Power Pack II#1 (2-4

STARSTRIKE - sword of Gafael
    --Hulk Comic#51/2 (52/2, 53/2

STAR SWORD of Lemuria - created from Star Stone by Gorm, used by Thungarth to destroy the Dragon Kings of Lemuria, shattered in that struggle
    (app-drag)--Wizard of Lemuria; Creatures on the Loose#26 (26(fb)

STAR SWORD of Lemuria - replica of original, forged from the Star Stone by Sharajsha, bathed in the holy lightnings atop Mount Sharimba, used to channel the power of Father Gorm to destroy the last of the Dragon Kings
    (app-drag)--Wizard of Lemuria; Creatures on the Loose#26 (26(fb)

STAR THIEF (Barry Bauman) - human born without any of five normal senses, developed vast mental powers, sought to destroy life by removing stars, killed by his nurse/mental slave when he relaxed his control to focus on adam warlock, absorbed into soul gem
    (1970s, app)--Warlock I#13 (14, Avengers Annual#7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#2

STAR-THIEF (Princess Ilse Pterigil of Dreolln)) - Dreollnian, blinded and rendered comatose by laser beam, mind reached out and tapped into power of Cosmic Cube/Kubik, began teleporting stars to get rid of what she saw as the same type of light which had hurt her, convinced to return the stars by the Defenders
    (1980s, app)—Defenders I#150 (150(fb), 150

STAR THIEF (Ditmil Pirvat) - human mutant, sought to stop Earth’s space program, relocated to Attilan on the moon
    (1990s)--New Warriors I#5 (6,7, Nova II#12,13

STAR WELL - orbiting space station, designed by Roxxon, powered by Vibranium, guarded by Sunturion, inadvertently(?) used microwave beam to kill everyone in Allantown, Iowa, orbit decayed, destroyed by Sunturion to prevent it from crashing into a populated area on Earth.
    radar invisible, contained large solar panels able to focus solar energy into microwaves
    *D*--[Iron Man I#140], 142 (143(fb), 142,143,144d)

STARWHEEL - Kree weapon, held Silver Surfer prisoner and sapped his power to use against others
    --Defenders II#8 (8(fb), 8

    briefly empowered by Godstone & gained vast energy manipulating powers
    --Captain America I#407 (408

STASH (Rich Conners) - Shadow Cabinet
    --Moon Knight III#39(53,54,56

STASIS - viral swarm
    absorb and return force of attacks
    (app-vs)--Secret Defenders#2 (3(fb), [1], 2, 3

STASSER, Mr. - Mercy Corporation, boss
    (app-mc)--Super Soldiers (MUK) #8

    the Crazy Eight.
    generate duplicates of himself
    (net)—Wonder Man II#18 (19

STATE 51 - SILENT's airborne base
    --Nextwave#11 (12

    --Fantastic Four I#8

STATE UNIVERSITY - main campus is at Hegeman in upstate New York; also have Bayside, Queens campus
    mascot is the Gladiators
    Fantastic Four Annual#2/Books of Doom#2
    Human Torch II#12

    --Punisher vs. Bullseye#1 (5

STATEN ISLAND STAR (Russell Feldman) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4]) (5

STATIC ( ) – Warpy.
    neutralize powers, yellow skin + orange hair, levitated, spoke in "meep-meeps"
    --Excalibur I#63

STATIC (Gianna Carina Epreanza) - mutant, Acolytes, accompanied Cortez in attempt to gain asylum from Xavier.
    disrupt synaptic impulses that control powers, and other electrical impulses, wf, dark hair
    (2006#1-acolytes)--X-Men: Magneto War#1 (Magneto: Dark Seduction#1, 2

STATIC ( ) - Neo.
    disrupt powers of others
    --X-Men II#101, (named)102

STATIC ANNIE 2099 (Annie Wagner) - mutant, briefly allied with Doom, assisted him in controlling the Driver
    (app)--Doom 2099#35 (36,37

STATIS (Walter Nowland) -
    Focus and manipulate nearby electrostatic fields, sense energy patterns generated by humans and electronics
    --Generation X: Ghosts

statue of Isklelior's realm - warned others to prevent them from running off a cliff
    (app-iskelior)--Dr. Strange III#59

STATUES of the MOON of the Hyborian era -
    --Savage Sword of Conan#4

STATURE (Cassandra Eleanor "Cassie" Lang) - Young Avenges, Initiative, daughter of Ant-Man/Lang and Peggy Rae, had congenital heart disease repaired by Dr. Erica Sondheim, exposed self to Pym particles, gained size-changing powers
    (OH2006#10)--Young Avengers#1, (named) #6 (7-8, Spider-Man Unlimited II#12/2, She-Hulk II#1
    Civil War, Iron Man IV#14, Avengers: The Initiative#2, [Ms. Marvel II#18 (fb)], 18-20, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), 10, F4#556-557

STATUS CREW of Earth-238 - government agents
    (app)—Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#381 (382,383

STATUS QUO ( ) - fanatic librarian from Cleveland Ohio, studied Madison avenue media manipulation and subliminal seduction techniques, gathered army of anti-faddists to destroy anyone or anything involved with a fad to allow the previous "quiet and orderly" status quo to return, traveled to New York (because could not afford to travel to los angeles) to recruit more followers and destroy Madison avenue, defeated when Howard the duck convinced him that his current mission was actually causing a new fad, taken for psychiatric evaluation
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#96 (96(fb), 96

STAUFFENBERG, - associated with Red Skull (Shmidt) and/or Hitler during World War II
    --Vengeance#1 (2011)

STAVROS - owner of Cafe Transia
    --Avengers III#19

STAVROS, - gardener of elektra’s father’s estate in greece, partial childhood guardian of elektra, acted as her bodyguard when she went to college in new york
    --[Wolverine II#102], 106 (Elektra I#18(fb3), 18(fb4), 18(fb1), Wolv106(fb), [102(fb)], Elek2(fb), Wolv106

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