SMALL FOLK (Moonboy, Kirba) - dinosaur world, small hairy hominids
    --Devil Dinosaur#1 (
    Devil Dinosaur Spring Fling#1, X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past

SMALL, Mr. ?? - employed Channel Master, resolved to destroy Illuminator
    (app-Channel Master)--Illuminator#3

SMALLS, BIGGIE - see BIGGIE SMALLS (Skrulls of Kral)--Black Panther IV#32

SMALLS, BILL - brother of Stewart Smalls, aided him in criminal plans
    --Spider-Man #26

SMALLS, STEWART - took force field generator from Sunset Bain, fought Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man #26

SMALLWOOD, DAN - raised alongside Marrina. wm, red hair
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#1 (2(fb1+2+3),1,4, Avengers I#287

SMALTO,  - Snake Men, former scientist for Viper in S.O.S., mutated by injection of Slither-derived serum
    (app-snakemen)--Punisher Annual#2

SMART ( ) - Requiem Sharks, father of Evelyn Necker
    (app-rs)--Death's Head III#10 (11, 12

SMART ALEC - hostess ad, defeated by Spider-Man.
    generate illusions
    (app)--<March, April 1978> Black Panther I#8, Defenders I#57, What If I#8

SMART ALEC (Alexander "Alec" Thorne) - genius, Gamma Flight, Omega Flight, driven mad by looking into Shaman's medicine pouch, stored inside the pouch for a time, escaped when body possessed by Walter Langkowski, body crushed in battle between Sasquatch and Box
    *D* (D#9,net)--[Alpha Flight I#1], #7 (Alpha Flight SE#1 AF#7,11,12,[13-15,18-20,24-30],44,45d)

SMART DUST - experimental US nanotech, enhanced with a stolen bootleg version of the Avengers' power dampener
    --Cloak and Dagger IV#1

SMARTER, Dr. of Earth-6799 - designed Space-Warp Control , which was sought by Plutonians
    (app)--Spider-Man cartoon episode 1: Sub-Zero for Spidey (September 9, 1967)

SMARTSHIP FRIDAY - see FRIDAY (D#12)--Power Pack I#1

SMARTSHIPS (Datta, Friday) - intelligent ships created by Kymellians
    capabilities include use as all-terrain vehicle, anti-gravity pods, adjust configuration of interior and exterior at will, speak, synthesize food
    <legend of the Sorcerers in Power Pack I#50>
    (D#12)--Power Pack I#1

SMART STAN - intelligent SHIELD flying car used by Col. Edward Harrison

SMASHER of the old West (Luke Buffington) - member of Hunk Hondo's gang
    strong and skilled fighter, defeated by Two-Gun Kid
    (app-purplephantom)--Two-Gun Kid#68

SMASHER ( ) - agent of Disruptor/Richard Raleigh
    -MAN-MONSTER* (app-mm)--Amazing Spider-Man I#116 (117

SMASHER () - dim-witted strongman, led a gang/Committee that looted New York after utilizing blindness formula in city reservoir
    (app)--Daredevil I#74

SMASHER (Vril-Rokk) - Imperial Guard.
    humanoid, superhuman strength and durability
    (I#5,D#6,M)—X-Men I#107 (Untold Tales of Captain Marvel#1-3, XM I#107,[108,109], 137, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, UX275, Thor I#446, Avengers West Coast #82, Starjammers#4, Inhumans IV#4, X-Men II#124-126

SMASHER (Jon Peahl) - pawn of Death-Stalker
    *D* (app)--Daredevil I#138 (Ghost Rider II#20d)

SMASHER (Michael Lehr) - pawn of Death-Stalker
    (app)--Daredevil I#149

SMASHERS (Bullwhip Grogan, Ratso) - Lakini, agents of Mastermind
    (app-master)--Iron Man I#31

SMASHERS of Earth-New Universe (Brick Wall, Dasher, Doll, Mr. Magnificent, Suicide) - former football team of Jack Magniconte/Mr. Magnificent/All-American
    --Kickers, Inc#1

SMEDLEY, - unknown association with Werewolf/Jack Russell, sent him on several quests, wm, bald
    --Werewolf by Night II#2 (6, Strange Tales IV#1/2

SMEDLEY, - lawyer for Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway/Book, hired by Fin Fang Foom to get injunction against Doc Samson psychoanalyzing the Fin Fang Four
    --Giant-Size Avengers#1/9

SMELL ( ) - Senses.
    female, intense odor, produces opaque cloud of vapors
    (app-senses)--West Coast Avengers Annual#3

SMELT - agent of Lupinar
    --Hulk! magazine#13

SMERDYKOFF, GREGOR - District X, mutant, powers eventually went out of control, leaving him an immobile tree-like creature in the sewers
    grows roots while sleeping
    --District X#1 (8, [12(fb), 9-11], 12

SMERDYKOFF, MIKHAIL "MIKEY"  - District X, nephew of Gregor
    --District X#1 (11-12

SMERDYKOFF, MITYA - District X, sister of Gregor
    --District X#1 (9, 11

SMERILOVISC, VIKTOR - Serbian mafia, Black Mariah, allied with Tombstone, sought by Marvel Knights
    --Marvel Knights I#11 (12

SMERNOK  of the Hyborian era - Ravonna, son of Flatus + Hadwig, slew Cecilops under guidance of Jazebo
    (app-jabezo)--Savage Sword of Conan#66

SM'GGANI race (Harvester from Beyond) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet M’ggani, planet’s agricultural resources were depleted until Harvester used dirt from under Hulk's fingernails to refertilize planet.
    insectoid/humanoid, seven feet tall, superhuman strength, suction discs on finger tips
    (I#9,D#15)--Incredible Hulk II#230
    Avengers: Celestial Quest#2, [8]
    Squirrel Girl II#29-30

S.M.I.L.E. (Gordy ) -
    -Special Military Intelligence Law Enforcement division--Power Man/Iron Fist#112 (114, 116(fb)

SMILO - Inhuman, attended wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa
    --Fantastic Four Annual#18

SMILING STAN's BAR and GRILL - visited by Hulk (Bruce Banner)
    --Infinity Gauntlet#1

SMILING TIGER (Conrad Mack) - Folding Circle, Thunderbolts army
    feral powers, razor sharp metal claws
    --New Warriors I#19 (21-25, Night Thrasher II#3,4, Thunderbolts II#104

SMINOFF, Professor GREGOR - psychologist and cultist, sought power of dracula to cure himself, manipulated Rachel van Helsing, Frank Drake, and Marlene McKenna
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula III#1 (1(fb)/2(fb), 1,2d)

SMITH - Enhanced, former sculptor.
    uses cybernetic gauntlets to mold and shape the metal pulsarite into deadly and unique engines of destruction, maintains silence
    (card)--Death's Head/Killpower: Battletide I#1 (

SMITH - alias of Elmer Bright, disguised himself as Charlie Clavven, fought Human Torch and Toro
    --Human Torch#25

Smith - starred in Tender Affair with Karen Page
    (app)--[Daredevil I#78]

SMITH of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - former prisoner of Herod
    create weaponry out of surrounding objects
    -METALSMITH*--[Marvel Vision#1, X-Nation#1], 2 (4-6, Fantastic Four 2099#8, 2099: World of Tomorrow#1-5

SMITH the MAKER of Earth-Here Comes Tomorrow -
    ---X-Men II#152

SMITH, AGENT of Earth-8206 - see AGENT SMITH (app-earth8206)--Captain America Annual#6

SMITH, Dr. - @ 1962, mistook Alfred Pook for a volunteer to test his space vessel
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#80/2 (text)

Smith, Andy - husband of Helen, captured by demons serving Melvin Weal via Hell Toupe, rescued by Strong Guy
    (app-weal)--X-Men Unlimited I#21

SMITH, Dr. ARMSTRONG - created W.H.O. computer alongside Dr. Bradley Bolton, killed by the computer
    *D* (app-who)--Daredevil I#124 (125, 127, Amazing Spider-Man I#155

SMITH, ARTHUR ALLEN - mutant, offspring of two of Dust and Silence's test subjects, latent telepathic powers activated after exposure to Dazzler's light
    (app)--Dazzler#41 (42(fb), 41,42

Smith, Brendan - see SMITTY (app)--Wolverine: The Origin#3

Smith, Cody "One-Eye" - 19th century gunslinger
    (app)--Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69

Smith, Colin - see ZAPPER (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent

SMITH, CURTIS - see STALAGMITE of Earth-148611 --DP7 #9

SMITH, DAPHNE "BOOMER" - Midtown high school, former sophomore teacher to Peter Parker, increased his interest in science.
    wf, dark hair, strong sense of humor, attempts to generate interest and excitement
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#27 (27(fb), 27

SMITH, DARRYLL - FBI, mutant hunter, former prisoner of Dirt Nap, assisted Xavier in freeing M9/Nina from Operation: Zero Tolerance HQ
    able to block mind from psi-screens
    --Wolverine II#96 (Venom: Tooth & Claw#3, Onslaught: Epilogue, Venom: On Trial#1-3, Venom: License to Kill#1-3, Venom: Sign of the Boss#1,2, Spider-Man: the Venom Agenda,Venom: The Finale#1-3

SMITH, Sir DENNIS NAYLAND - former agent of MI-6 and head of Freelance Restorations, ally of Shang-Chi, old enemy of Fu Manchu, retired after apparent death of Fu Manchu, helped train the Agent (Rick Mason)
    possibly maintained vitality by taking elixir vitae
    (L)--The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu; Special Marvel Edition#15 (15(fb), [OHotMU A-Z#1: Agent (fb)], SME#15, Master of Kung Fu#17-19, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu An1, [DHoKF#4], 11, Giant-Size Spider-Man#2, MoKF#22-26, Giant-Size MoKF#2, 3, MoKF#28-34, [DHoKF#16], GS MoKF#4, MoKF#38, 40, 42, DHoKF#29(fb),29, MoKF#43, 44, 47-51, 56, 59, 61, 63, 67, 71-75, [Marvel Team-Up I#83], [MoKF#76], 77-89, 94-97, 99, 100, 105, 106, 108, 109-119, 121, Rom#38,39, MoKF#122, 125

Smith, Don - held a gun while filming a scence in central park, nearly shot by FBI agent, saved by Daredevil
    (app)--Daredevil I#303

SMITH, Pvt. DWIGHT - Missouri Marauders
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos#70 (71

SMITH, ELISE ERICKSON - fan of Thor, wrote series of letters over her life, mother of Zachary and Mia, died of cancer
    *D*--Marvel: Double Shot#1/2

SMITH, FRANCIS - criminal, former agent of dr. octopus (Octavius), helped him rebuild his arms after they were damaged by spider-man’s chemicals, badly beaten by ock and used to frame spider-man
    --Spider-Man: Death + Destiny#1 (2,3

Smith, Frank - see Wrecker (app)--Tales to Astonish I#63

    head of Delazy Studios
    (app-sm)--Night Thrasher II#21

Smith, George of Earth-744 - see Captain Airstrip-One (app)--Daredevils#7

SMITH, GIDEON - see FOREVER MAN (app-fm)--Tomb of Dracula I#57 (57(fb1-6), 57

SMITH, GRACIE - Promise, shape-changing, draining of life force
    Telepathic powers--X-Men: Hidden Years#17 (18(fb), 17-22

Smith, Guy - see Mr. Sensitive (app)--X-Force I#117

Smith, Harold - see Gamesmaster (app)--X-Men Annual 1997

Smith, Helen - wife of Andy, sought by lovesick Melvin Weal via Hell Toupe
    (app-weal)--X-Men Unlimited I#21

Smith, Indiana - adventurer, set up garden as dangerous obstacle course, delivered mail by Ghostman Bat
    (app)--It's Wicked!#14/4

Smith, Jackie of Earth-199406, old friend of Logan, led Logan into an ambush
    (app-earth199406)--What If? II#62

SMITH, JENNIFER - student at Empire State University, dated Randy Reed, sought by Richard Rider, but only dated once because they had nothing in common
    --Nova III#1 (2, 3, 5-7

SMITH, JEN - alias used by Jen Walters while working to rebuild Bone, Idaho
    --She-Hulk IV#4

SMITH, JOE - see GUY NAMED JOE (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#38

SMITH, JOE jr - son of Joe and Liz, birth defect, died at an early age
    *D*--Captain America I#246 (246 (fb, dies))

SMITH, JOHN - see VULTURE ("Jimmy" Natale) (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#592

SMITH, KEVIN - see "Jimmy" (app)--Hercules III#1

SMITH, LAUREL - mutant with low-grade pyrokinesis; had manny problems until trained to control it by Professor X
    (app)--X-Men: Soul Killer

SMITH, LIZ - ex-wife of Joe, mother of Joey, former script girl, left family because she could not handle Joey
    --Captain America I#246 (246(fb)

SMITH, LIZ - newspaper reporter, contacted by Debbie Harris regarding Micah Synn attending her party
    (app)--Daredevil I#203

Smith, Marge - see Mirage (app)--Iceman I#1

SMITH, MARTY LOUIS - Triune Understanding, father of Meltdown, ex-husband of Mandy, husband to Wanda Jo Bialowsky
    --X-Force#47 (X-Force minus 1, X-Factor I#60, XFor47,48, 87

SMITH, MANDY - mother of Meltdown, ex-wife of Marty
    --X-Force minus 1 (

SMITH, NINA - Spider Society/Webcorps, girlfriend of Miguel Legar, but became angry when he refused to bond with Nina to make her the Hunter after he had a vision of the Hunter being killed, trained Arana in martial arts, eventually given the Hunter's power by Arana after Miguel's death, slew the Wasp's Hunter and vowed vengeance on Arana
    --Amazing Fantasy II#3 ([Spider-Man & Araņa Special: The Hunter Revealed#1 (fb)], AF#3-6, Arana#1, 3-6, 7-12, Spider-Man & Araņa Special: The Hunter Revealed#1

SMITH, POW WOW BOOM BOOM of Earth-Amalgam - Boom Boom/Meltdown+Pow Wow Smith
    (app-gh)--[Generation Hex#1(letters)]

Smith, Roger - New York's West Side police commissioner, blamed Daredevil for pushing crime out of Hell's Kitchen into other areas
    (app-gonzalez-chris)--Daredevil: Father#2

SMITH, SAMMY - see REV (app)--Punisher II#4

SMITH, SANDIE - Church of the Saved, sister of the Rev, possibly has precognitive or other psychic powers
    (app)--Punisher II#5

SMITH, SANDY "BABY-FACE" - outlaw, mistaken for Kid Colt, captured by real Kid Colt
   (app) --Gunsmoke Western#64/1

    BOOM-BOOM*, MELTDOWN*, TIMEBOMB* (2006#2-Boom Boom, 198)--Secret Wars II#
    , Nextwave#1-12

SMITH, Col. TOLLIVER - head of Office of Insufficient Evidence
    (app-oie)--Sleepwalker#9, (named) 10 (11, 14-16

SMITH, TOM - member of the Teen Brigade who turned bitter and tried to kill Rick Jones
    (app)--Avengers I#6 ([Incredible Hulk Annual#17/4 (fb)], 17/4

"Smith, Tom" - alias used by the extraterrestrial "Watcher (app)--Amazing Adventures I#5

"Smith, Tom" - alias used by Nobody Anyone Knows (app)--Dracula Lives!#11

SMITH, VANNA - Midtown High School classmate of Peter Parker, became convinced that Spider-Man was stalking her, got restraining order from a judge seeking to placate her
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#5 (5(fb), 5

SMITH, WANDA JO BIALOWSKY - step-mother of Meltdown, second wife of Marty
    --X-Force I#87

Smith, warden - supervised prison from which the Living Laser was teleported by the Mandarin
    (app)--Avengers Annual#1

SMITH, WILDCAT - @ World War II, Native American, sent to Nazi concentration camp, rescued Deadly Dozen, died trying to save the Dozen
    *D* (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#2 ([2(fb)], 2

SMITH, ZACHARY - father of Microbe, microbiologist, developed miracle products that turned out to only work when around his son, who was asking the microbes to help him; abandoned his son and relocated to the Scottish Highlands, killed by own flesh-eating bacteria
    *D*--New Warriors III#3 (3 (fb, dies)

Smith, Mr. - alias of Yandroth--Last Defenders#2

SMITH, Mr. - servant of Alden Maas
    (app-mass)--Fantastic Four I#263

SMITH, Mrs. - see VIPER (app)--Captain America I#281

SMITH BUILDING - Washington DC headquarters of Red Skull, used following transfer into cloned body of Captain America until faked death at hands of Scourge to escape prosecution attempts
    --Captain America I#347? ( 393

SMITHERS, - employee of Justin Hammer, instructed to impersonate Hammer, employed the Roboids against Iron Man (Tony Stark), killed by Hammer for his failure
    *D* (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#13 (13/2d)

SMITHERS, JACK - World War II British agent, oldest and most brilliant spymaster, over one century old, possibly part of the group that constructed British Sleeper agents in World War I, assisted Captain America against Red Skull during World War II, revitalized by backlash of drugs used when Oonagh Mullarkey attempted to torture him for information on the Sleepers.
    skilled in many forms of combat, wears an armored battlesuit and uses an energy rifle
    (app)--Plasmer#1 (2-4

SMITHSON, I. B. – Maggia
    --Avengers III#31

SMITHVILLE THUNDERBOLT (Fred Hopkins) - empowered by meteorite 30 years ago, became superhero, lost powers in modern era, began to fake accidents in order to maintain status as hero, committed suicide after identity exposed
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#8 (8(fb), 8, 9d

SMITHVILLE THUNDERBOLT (Ludlow Grimes) – ex-husband of Amy, father of Jeff and Billy, empowered by same meteorite, rejected by friends and family, attacked Hopkins due to jealousy over his popularity
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man#8 (9(fb), 8,9

SMITTS, BOB - U-Men, died tissues harvested by other members
    *D*--X-Men II#136d

SMITTY - head of mining company, befriended "Logan" & Rose, engaged to Rose
    (app)--Origin#3 (4-6

SMITTY, J. PATRICK - criminal, slain by Wolverine
    --Wolverine III Annual#1

SMOG ALERT (Sanchez, ) - 3 armored criminals, attempted to rob armored car, defeated by Vision
    --Avengers Spotlight I#23/2

SMOG MONSTER of Earth-982 - created and controlled by unnamed scientist in hopes of accumulating wealth to make him more appealing to women.
    alter density and form
    --Fantastic Five#1

SMOKE ( ) - mutant, agent of Coach, partner of Succubus.
    Produce noxious smoke
    (app)--X-Force#119 (120

SMOKE GENERALS - severed heads, suspended in clouds of nanotechnology, serve the Dry Academy
    (app-da)--Druid#3 (4

"SMOKE OUT" ( ) - mutant(?) teen, went on a rampage when mother died from smoking, calmed down by Spider-Man + others
    --Real Heroes#4

SMOKESCREAM ( ) - mercenary, mutated by unnamed scientist (same as Super-Agent Psi-Borg) worked with Mad Dog in takeover of SHIELD II helicarrier, body contained until it overloaded and exploded.
    release all forms of gas from body
    (app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#33 (33(fb), 34,35

SMOKESCREEN ( ) - anti-smoking comic
    (app)--Spider-Man/Power Man/Storm#1

SMOKESCREEN ( ) - Death Squad, female.
    block out sensory input
    (app-ds)--Iron Man III#1 (Iron Man Annual 1999

SMOKEY (Leonard Hanson) - former member of the Saints, father of Leonard jr, husband of , joined the side of the young Wilson Fisk so Fisk could get into the heroin market, but then killed to cover his trail
    *D*--Kingpin II#1 (1d)

SMOLZ, DAN - National Pulse boss (publisher?/editor?), sent Nathan Jefferson to investigate Captain Marvel (actually Khn'nr)
    --Captain Marvel#2 (2008)

SMUGGLER - see ATLAS (Erik Josten)
    identity used when majority of powers were siphoned off by Count Nefaria, nearly killed by Maggia
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#49 (50, 54(fb), 54, Iron Man An7(fb), 7->Goliath)

SMUGGLER (Conrad Josten) – Redeemers, brother of Atlas, seemingly destroyed by Graviton, recovered by Thunderbolts, but device enabling Darkforce powers destroyed by Wellspring
    manipulated darkforce, elongate arms, teleport by opening a dimensional aperture
    *D* (OH:AZU#1, app)--(Josten) Thunderbolts#16 (16(fb), 50 (fb); (Smuggler) #47 (48-55, 56, Thunderbolts II#19/100, 101, 103-104, 106-109

"SMYLEX" -  agent of Sultan, ally of Blowfly, opposed Tigra
    had Gattling cannon and blade instead of hands
    (app-blowfly)--Marvel Comics Presents#162/3 (163/4, 164/3

SMYT, Warlord - Centurion, ruled Omina Prime until slain by Firelord
    *D*--Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2 (2d)

SMYTH, DENNIS - Former employee of Richard Grant, assisted Dracula in investigating Mortus
    (app-mortus)--Dracula Lives#7

"SMYTHE, FREEMAN" - see OLTNAM *D* (app)--Jack of Hearts#1 (2

SMYTHE, ALISTAIRE ALPHONSO - son of Spencer, former employee of Kingpin, followed work of father, mistakenly captured Mary Jane Watson, believing her to be Spider-Man, crippled in explosion of Spider-Slayer VII, eventually incorporated technology into own body
    -SPIDER-SLAYER IX* (OH: Spdm: BiB, net)—Amazing Spider-Man Annual#19 (Amazing Spider-Man I#291,292, [367],368-370,[371],372,373, Amazing Scarlet Spider#1,Scarlet Spider#1,Spectacular Scarlet Spider#1,Web of Scarlet Spider#2,SSS#2, Amazing Spider-Man II#20,21, She-Hulk II#4

SMYTHE, DICK/JANE - mutant, former associate of Brotherhood, targeted for assassination by Hoffman, slain by Asher, Fagin, and Malon.
    transform into hulking green man
    *D* (app-broth)--Brotherhood#8

SMYTHE, ORVILLE - duped Luke Cage into stealing "Star Suit?" from Stark international, defeated by him
    (app)--Power Man#17

SMYTHE, SPENCER - created Spider-Slayers I-IV, VI, eventually died from radiation exposure from building Slayers,
    attempted to kill Jonah Jameson as revenge for employing him to create Slayers, father of Alistaire
    *D* (net)—Amazing Spider-Man I#25 (28, 58, 105-107, 150, [186-189],190,191,192d)

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