SL’GUR’T of the INFINITE NAMES - Skrull war goddes, represents transformation, apparently slain and replaced by Mikaboshi
    eight arms, three heads
    (app)--(statue) [Fantastic Four Annual#24/2], Incredible Hercules#117 (120 (fb), 117, 119-120

SLICE - Stone Perfs, presumably killed in the firebombing of the gang
    *D* (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#30

SLICE & DICE (Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Sextet)
    - Springdale, group of owners of Slice & Dice pizza restaurant, Solo embezzled from profits, along with Quartet and Quintet, had Duet and Trio killed, Sextet called the police, saved by Speedball
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#56/4

SLICER (    ) - @ World War II, Samurai, ally of Sky Shark, kicked out of plane by him, captured by Miss America, imprisoned
    (app)--Marvel Two-In-One Annual#1 ([1(fb)], 1, MTIO#20

SLICER - guillotine-like device that Brother Visaara introduced to Lemuria, he encouraged the Deviants to put their leaders to death by decapitation, although many were rescued by Khoryphos and Yrdisis
    --Eternals: Herod Factor

SLICK - demon, pawn of Gorn, head bitten off by him after failed to bring Kevin Moran to his realm, continued as a decapitated body.
    horse-headed female
    --Marvel Comics Presents#101/3 (102/3

SLICK ( ) - mutant, Xavier Institute, projected illusion of normal looking form until disrupted by Quentin Quire, dated Tattoo
    Charismatic, project illusion
    (ME:X)—X-Men II#134

SLICK of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD ( ) - Midnight Wreckers
    (app-mw)—Machine Man II#1 (2-4 , Thor Corps#2, Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow: Book Three

SLIDER ( ) - mutant, Mutant Underground of Singapore, possibly killed in their slaughter.
    able to make surfaces frictionless
    (app-mus)--X-Men vs Avengers#4

    demon, servant of mephisto, empowered roulette + aquarius (as one-man zodiac).
    red body with blue splotches, hornes
    (app-inf)--Ghost Rider II#4 (5-7)

SLIG race (Grogarr, Krogg + 5 others) - extra-terrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Ankara,
    insectoid, tentacle-like limbs, telepathy, levitate, shrivel upon death
    (I#9,D#15,app)--Fantastic Four I#209 ([209(fb)], 209

SLIG race (Supreme One) - extraterrestrial, sent Examiner to determine earth’s potential for conquer and the power of its defenders, scout team blew up due to attempts to give the Examiner sufficient power to defeat the West Coast Avengers, partial transmission sent that led them to believe there was a warrior race, each with the composite power of the entire team.
    insectoid bipeds
    (app)--West Coast Avengers II#30

SLIGGUTH - demon, spawn of Set, formerly worshipped by Serpent-Men of Starkesboro, battled and killed by Dr. Strange.
    serpentine humanoid
    *D* (app)--[Marvel Premiere#4], 5 (Silver Surfer III An2/7(fb,born), [Marvel Premiere#4], 5,6d)


SLIGO, "NEAT PETE" - @ 1984, criminal, ran the Gladiator Club, slain by Night Raven
    *D* (app)--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3 (12/3(fb), 12/3d

slime - mysterious mass of slime that stopped Spider-Man from killing Mac Gargan
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#215 (216

SLIME - Hellbent, killed by Nightshadow
    *D* (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#59

SLIMEBALL ( ) - mutant, Children of Heaven, stayed with those who remained together after Phillip's defeat.
    wm, dark hair, uncertain powers
    (app-coh)--X-Factor I#47(47(fb)

slime creature of the Hyborian era - dwelled on the Monolith and consumed those trapped there, burnt by Conan
    *D*--The Curse of the Monolith; Savage Sword of Conan#33

SLIME THING - extraterrestrial lifeform
    The Creature that Grew in the Sea (app)—Sub-Mariner I#72

SLIM TIM THIN (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7

SLINGERS (Dusk, Hornet, Prodigy, Ricochet) - organized by black marvel, based on identities used by spider-man while attempting to avoid norman osborn’s bounty
    (OH2006#10, net)—Slingers#0 (1-3, 4,5, 6, 7,8, 9, New Warriors II#1, Contest of Champions II#1,[2],3,[4,5]

SLINGSHOT (Yo-Yo Rodriguez) - Secret Warriors
    (identified) Secret Warriors#1?

SLINKARD, GENERAL CECIL B. - Control, assigned to Henry Pym, Elihas Starr and Otto Octavius, eventually set on fire and thrown from a skyscraper after getting involved with shady sources
    *D* (app)--Invaders I#3 (Invaders#3/Conspiracy#1(fb), [Conspiracy#2(fb)], Conspiracy#1(fb), 2(fb, dies)
    possibly also in Amazing Spider-Man I#3 +/- Tales to Astonish I#38

SLIPPERLY, CLIVE - photographer, attempted to force Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth) to take sleazy pictures, beaten up by her
    (app)--Namor Annual#2/3

SLIPPERY SAM (Sam Weltschmerz) - Wolfpack, killed in action.
    wm, blond, wore sunglasses, quick and nimble
    *D*--Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolfpack (Wp1-

SLIPPERY SAM of Earth-982 ( Samsbury Winthrow) - mutant, criminal.
    become virtually frictionless
    --J2#4/2 (4/2(fb), 4/2

SLIPPY PETE - squirrel summoned by Squirrel Girl to oppose Batroc's Brigade, pulled into Maelstrom's vortex
    *D* --GLA#4 (4d)

SLIPSTREAM (Davis Cameron) - XTreme XMen, Australian, brother of Heather, surfer, befriended Storm.
    Open space warps
    (XM: MC-MF-Lifeguard & Slipstream, app)--X-Treme X-Men #10, (named) #11 (12-14, [19]

SLIPSTREAM - see SOAR (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

SLITH - monstrous serpentine creature, servant of Tribune, battled and poisoned Wolverine, possibly slain by Wolverine
    (app)--Wolverine: Killing

SLITHER (Aaron Solomon) - Mutant Force, Serpent Society, Fangs, loyal to nihilist Viper.
    serpentine head, twist body around others and constrict
    (D#8, M, app)--Captain America Annual#4 ([4(fb)], 4, Defenders I#78-80, 83, 87(fb), 87, 125,126, 128-130, Captain America I#342(fb), 342-344, 419, New Warriors II#6

SLITHERER - see ZUGTHUU the SLITHERER (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#2

SLITHERER - see DARK-CRAWLER (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#8

SLITHERER in SHADOWS - see DARK-CRAWLER (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#8

SLITHERING GOD-see SODATHA--Savage Sword of Conan #164

SLITHERING GOD - see DAMBALLAH (app)--King Conan#3

SLITHEROGUE - Scorpian race, former master of the Tower of Time in the Bermuda Triangle time warp, encountered Skull the Slayer + allies, skewered by Black Knight robot
    *D* (1970s, app)--Skull the Slayer#4 (4(fb), 4,5, 6d)

SLITHGARN - Menagerie of Rimthusar, serpentine, briefly possessed a furniture mover
    (app-menagerie)--Thor I#320 (320(fb), [321(fb)], 320-322

SLIVER ( ) - Gatherers, counterpart to Mantis?.
    young martial artist, Asian female
    (app-gatherers)--Avengers I#372 (374,375

SLOAN, ARCHIE - head of bets-r-off race promotions, killed by jackpot when tried to back out of fixing a race
    *D* (app-jp)--Howard the Duck II#1/2d

SLOAN, FREDERICK K. "FRED" - writer, befriended Hulk, pacifist
    (app)—Incredible Hulk II#231 (Captain America I#230, Hulk233-237, 240, 243, 245, 247-249, 251-253, 256, Avengers I#230, Hulk#8, Giant-Size Incredible Hulk#1 (fb)

SLOAN, HARRY - New York City restaurant owner, unwittingly opened a door and incapacitated Rocket Racer ("Troy")
    (app-rocketracer)--Amazing Spider-Man II#13

SLOAN, JASON - lawyer, former partner of Kerwin J. Broderick + Larry Cranston
    --Daredevil I#90 (91, 93, 95-98, 101, 104, 106,107

SLOAN, Dr. MORRIS – Empire State University, graduate professor under whom Peter Parker + Phillip Chang + Marcy Kane + Steve Hopkins studied + worked, inadvertently revived Swarm.
    entomologist, specialist in insect biophysics
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#32 (34, 36,37, 42, 54, 58, 62, 65, Amazing Spider-Man I#227, Sp67, 68, 70, 74, 76, 78, A242-244, 301

SLOAN, REBECCA - precognitive, sister of firebolt
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#108 (108(fb), 108

SLOGGS race (Agmar, Clorpo, Friggle, Rollo) - native to Sloggo-Prime, pled case under She-Hulk to have the Blurzz removed from their world
    extremely slow moving, tortoise-like
    (app)--She-Hulk III#7 ([7(fb)], 7

SLOKOVIA (General Stoykovicz) - European nation, ruled by tyrant, Thor led the Asgardians to overthrow him after he slaughtered his worshippers, Thor convinced to stand down by Captain America, annexed by Latveria
    --Thor II#58 (Iron Man III#64, Avengers#63

SLORENIA (Black Brigade, Ember, Targoth) - small nation in baltic states, civil war involved force works, decimated by ultron, virtually every citizen was slain in his assault, he attempted to use it as a base, energies of the restless souls was absorbed by blood wraith, who was mystically trapped within its borders by the scarlet witch
    --Force Works#4 (5,
    Avengers III#20(fb),19-23 37(fb),36,37

SLORGS of Lemuria - human headed serpents
    (app-drag)--Wizard of Lemuria; Creatures on the Loose#26

SLORIOTH - sorcerer involved in War of Seven Spheres
    --[Dr. Strange III Annual#4, Secret Defenders#23], 24

SLOTH - Gatherers, summoned to citadel at the end of time to assist Time Keepers during the Destiny War.
    hair-covered, large + strong
    (app)—Avengers I#355  ([355(fb)], 355(fb), 355,356, 358, 359(fb), 360, 363, Avengers Forever#11,12

SLOTOTH - Dark Gods, embodiment of all that is discarded, ran slave pit for dark gods, composed of filth
    (app-dg)--Thor II#11

SLOTT, DAN - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

SLOUGH (    ) - super-villain, regular at Three Strikes Bar
    composed of silly-putty like material, reshape into variety of forms, mimic appearance of others
    --Cable & Deadpool#37 (39

SLOVINIA - country, sought for takeover by Strucker, its president--Wassaly Kurov--was revealed to be a Skrull
    --[Skrull Kill Krew#2]

SLOW GLASS of Earth-Slow Glass - crystals showing scenes from various locations in time, space and other dimensions;
    some were granted to Sandson O. Tyme by the Peddler/Demin, who obtained it from its creator in the future, Alban Gerrod
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#1

SLUDGE - Asgardian sorcerer, hermit, sought by Frost Giants to help repel Thermal Man
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#9/2

SLUDGE of Earth-93060 (Det. Frank Hoag) - crooked New York cop, nearly killed and unwittingly exposed to Caldwell Pharmaceuticals version of Professor Ferdinand Lalama's Re-Gen process, reborn as monstrous slime creature dwelling in Manhattan's sewers, eventually learned to reclaim more human form via Zuke
    8', super-strength, slime-like body regenerates from virtually all injuries, mental processes slowed
    Santy Claus*, Sewer Monster*, Sewer Thing*, Walking Sludge Heap* (app)--Sludge#1 ([1(fb)], [10(fb)], [4(fb)]/Sludge: Swamp of Souls#1(fb), Sludge: SoS#1(fbs), [1(fb)], Ultraverse Premiere#10/3(fb), [Sludge#1(fb)], 1(fb)/[10(fb)], 1-2, Break-Thru#1, Sludge3, 4/Sludge: SoS#1(fb), Sludge#5-7, Night Man I#12, Sludge#8-9, [10(fb)], 10-12, Ultraverse Premiere#8, Firearm#14, Sludge: Red X-Mas, Solution#16/UVP#10/3, NightM#16/UVP#11/3, Sludge: SoS#1, Foxfire#1-2

SLUG of the Microverse - Homeworld, princess of rebel forces
    --Micronauts I#4 (46 (fb), 4-14, 22/2-26/2, 28-30, 33-35, 39, 43 (fb), 41, 44-50

SLUG (Ulysses X. Lugman) - drug-dealer + crimelord from Miami.
    morbidly obese, requires motorized cart to move
    (U#7)—Captain America I#325 ( Web of Spider-Man Annual4, Marvel Comics Presents #61/2-67/2, Cap421, Spider-Man#73, 74, 88, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb)

SLUG - extraterrestrial, former slave in Broker's Bodyguard Cadre, sacrificed self to save rest of former slaves
    (app-broker)--[Force Works#13], 15 ([13-14], 15, [16], Century: Distant Sons (dies)

SLUG ( ) - slave gatherer, agent of Sultan, ally of Blowfly and Heinrich
    (app-blowfly)--Marvel Comics Presents #162/3 (163/4,164/3

SLUG ( ) - henchman of Red Skull (George Maxon)
    (app-redskull(georgemaxon))--(g) Captain America Comics#1/3

"slugs" - native creatures of the Land of the Forsaken, enslaved by Millennius
    (app-millennius)--Silver Surfer/Thor Annual 1998 (1998(fb), 1998

SLUGS of Yann - fierce creatures, attacked Dr. Stephen Strange when he arrived on Yann
    (app)--Strange Tales I#164/2

SLUGFEST of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD (Colin Doherty) - Mutroid
    --Ravage 2099#32


"SLUGGER" JOHNSON – see BRAIN of Earth-Slugger (app-earthslugger)—Fantastic Four I#136

SLUGGER SLOAN (?? Sloan) - boxer, fought Daredevil (posing as Kid Gawaine)
    (app-kid gawaine)--Daredevil I#68

"SLUGGER" SYKES - see SYKES, "SLUGGER" (app)--Thor I#141

SLUGGO (Bernard Hoyster) - mercenary ally of Deadpool, formerly associated with Weapon X
    (app)—X-Force I#22 ([Deadpool I1 (fb)], XFor22-24, Dp#2

SLUG-O-MATIC (Dean Whittinger) - Delta City, Fight-Man foe

SLUICE - Deviant administrator, part of Brother Tode’s council, disliked Kro, presumably part of the group merged into a solid cube by the Eternals.
    blue skin, female
    --Eternals I#3 (8

SLUJ - toxic waste creature, created by Carolyn Sheridan and Dr. Jerry Baker
    PROTOFORM (app)--Namor I#6 (8(fb), 6,7

SLUK (Byron Spencer) - X-Force, blown up in early mission in North Africa.
    creepy face things
    *D* (ME:X, app)—X-Force#116 (X-Statix#10(fb), X-Force#116d)

SLUNDARA (Hyzaktl ) - dimension of Blackbody, planet, populated by reptile creatures
    --Silver Surfer III#116

SLYDE (Jalome Beacher) - Masters of Evil, Thunderbolts army, criminal, former chemical engineer in design and development branch of Beemont manufacturing, fired when new management (Rockwall) took over, used polymer of own development to create suit, originally sought revenge on Rockwall, after succeeded became mercenary and sought only profit, shot in the head by Underworld when refused to work with Hammerhead
    wears costume covered with nearly frictionless polymer, skate at great speed, bm, @ 40 years old
     (D#12, OH: Spdm: BiB, net)—Amazing Spider-Man I#272 (272(fb), 272, Web of Spider-Man#23, Spider-Man Unlimited#6, Thunderbolts#24,25, Spider-Man Unlimited II#1/2, Underworld#4-5, Thunderbolts II#104, She-Hulk II#6, Civil War: War Crimes (dies), Spider-Man: Swing Shift, Amazing Spider-Man#552

SLYDE (Matt Beacher) - used identity while Jalome was imprisoned, slain & resurrected by Hand, slain by Wolverine
    *D* (OH: Spdm: BiB)--(Matt Beacher) Spider-Man Unlimited#6; (Slyde) Wolverine III#26 (27, 28d)

SLYTIS of Reality-8116 - demon, granted vast power to Syzygy Darklock in return for the sacrifice of his most beloved, Sister Marian
    (app)--The Price/Dreadstar Annual#1

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