RC ( ) - Legion street gang

R'CHEL - Hauk'ka, mind temporarily took over Rachel Summers/Grey (Marvel Girl)
    --Uncanny X-Men#456 (457-459

RCX (Gabriel, Joshua (Dr. Crocodile, Michael, Nigel Orpington-Smythe)
    - British intelligence agency, followed STRIKE and preceded WHO
    -Resources Control eXecutive--Captain Britain (UK) II#1 (9(fb), 1

RCX of Earth-Days of Future Past (Albion, Arthur, Breeze, Dark Angel, Darkguard, Death's Head (Minion), Grace, Killpower, Motormouth, Pendragon's Knights, Tangerine, Union Jack, possibly Captain Britain, Crimson Crusader, Joseph Hauer, & Meggan)
    - opposed Sentinels' occupation of British Isles
    -Resistance Coordination eXecutive* (app)--Excalibur I#66 ([Uncanny X-Men#141/Excalibur #67]

REA of the Hyborian era - younger sister of Rona, led slaughter of Arquel’s village, killed by Arquel
    *D*--Savage Tales I#3/2

RE-ACTIV-8 of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - beginning of a rebellion, consisting of Renfield
    --Doom 2099#36

REAGAN, GEORGE - post-Civil War era, led masked gang consisting of Banjo, Sgt. Billy, Lemuel Coulter, Rufus Coulter, the Dragwells, Holly Finlay & son, Nightshade; slaughtered family of Caleb who became Ghost Rider, resurrected with supernatural powers after consuming Holly Reagan's son's heart and then killing himself and Nightshade; Ghost Rider slew him and his men with aid from Travis Parham
    *D*--(masked) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007); 2

REAGAN, NANCY DAVIS - wife of Ronald
    --Avengers I#246 ([Captain America I#343]

REAGAN, RONALD WILSON - topical, former president
    --Fantastic Four I#178 (Uncanny X-Men#142, [F4#220], Incredible Hulk An10, UX150, Hlk264, Avengers I#231, [232], [Falcon#3], Hlk278, [Web of Spider-Man#28(fb)], Av246, F4#269, Secret Wars II#4, UX201, Spectacular Spider-Man II#127, Captain America I#343, 344

REALITY GEM - Infinity Gems, formerly held by Thanos
    alter reality
    --Avengers An7, Thanos Quest#2(named) (
    Rune/Silver Surfer#1, Nightman#22, Ultraforce I#10, Hardcase#26, Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude, Avengers/Ultraforce#1,Ultraforce/Avengers#1, BS Infinity, Avengers/JLA#1-4

REALM of the BEASTS dim (Great Beasts) - mystic realm, home dimension of the great beasts, who extinguished all other life there
    —Alpha Flight I#24

REALM of EXILES - exists beyond the realm of Nightmare
    (app-exile)--Nightmare#1 (4

REALM of MADNESS dimension (Delusion, Dementia, Dusk, Fetish, Megalomania, Necromancer, Neurotica, Paranoia, Phobia, Psychosis)
    - mystic realm, beyond Nightmare realm where one’s greatest fears take tangible form
    -REALM of INSANITY (app)--Dr. Strange II#68 ( Web of Spider-Man#7, Marvel Comics Presents#123-130, Venom: Madness#1-3, Nightmare#1-4

REALM of NOTHINGNESS dim (Oblivion) - mystic realm, those who enter the realm may cease to exist
    --Strange Tales I#155

    (app-ab)--Death Metal#1

REALM of SARRIZHMIRAR - briefly visited by Deadpool during mystic journey to restore life of T-Ray
    --Cable & Deadpool#47

REALM of the SHADOW QUEEN dimension - see KAISHEK
    (Silver Fox, Shialmar, Vung, Jehan, Duron, Lords of the Golden Dragon, Wizard Kings)
    - alien world, formerly ruled by servants of the n’garai until dr. strange exorcised the evil from shadow queen’s soul
    --Dr. Strange II#42 (43, 44

REALM of the UNDYING ONES dim (Nameless One, Undying Ones)-mystic realm to which many demons have been banished
    --Sub-Mariner I#22

    —Amazing Spider-Man I#427

REANIMATOR ( ) – mutant, sent a series of robot duplicates of heroes and villains, desired confrontation with Nova, defeated by Wolverine and Nova while powers nullified by High Evolutionary
    able to repair and control robots
    (app)--Wolverine II#140, Nova III#7 ([Wolv140, [Nova III#3, 5], 7, Wolv149

REAPER of the Old West ( ) - @ 1870, enemy of phantom Rider (Carter), sought to takeover Bison Bend
    - "Reverend Reaper" *D* (app)--Western Gunfighters#6 (6d)

REAPER of World War II (Gunther Strauss) - Nazi rabblerouser, carried scythe; opposed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes) in 1941
    (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#22
(January, 1943); Invaders I#10

REAPER ( ) - Demon-Fire, appeared as a withered cowboy
    *D* (app)--Vampire Tales#7 (8d)

REAPER (Louis Dawson) - ex-cop, son died while he was fighting terrorists, saved boy, retired
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#109 (109(fb),109

REAPER (Pantu Hugareb) - mutant, Mutant Liberation Front(s), Exiles-Strike, transported to Ultraverse, returned, allied with Weapon X, X-Cell, mind damaged when Cable interrogated him, lost powers on M-Day
    superhuman agility and endurance, induce paralytic state with touch or by touching with scythe, white skin, black circles around eyes
    Pantu  Hugares (net)--New Mutants I#86, 87(named) (100, X-Force#1, Cable: Blood & Metal#1,2, X-Factor I#77,78, X-Men II#14, XFac85, X15, All-New Exiles Infinity, All-New Exiles#1, All-New Exiles vs X-Men#0, ANE#2, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis + Resurrection, ANE#3,4, Siren Special#1, ANE#5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, ANE#11, Ultraforce#12, Ultraverse Unlimited#2, Weapon X II#5, 8-11, X-Factor III#19-20

REAPER ( ) - ancient demon, raised by Saracen and the Ancient in order to slay Blade, destroyed by exposure to sunlight while battling Blade
    *D/R/D*--Blade: Vampire Hunter#2 (3-5, 6d)

REAPER 2099 - Archfiends
    --Ghost Rider 2099#18, 19(named)

REAPERS (Lorenzo Spencer, Al Webber, Sammy, Tyrone, many others)
    - street gang allegedly founded by Ace who later left them
    (app-ace spencer)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#5

REAVER (Joshua Stragg) - failed nuclear terrorist, empowered by Sword of Might
    (app)--Captain Britain (UK) I#1 (1(fb), 2(fb), 1,2; [Marvel Team-Up I#65]

REAVER (Sean Grahl) - ally of Darkholders, posed as vampire, tried to trick Blade into believing Saffron was a vampire and killing her
    (app)—Marvel Comics Presents#64/4

REAVERS (Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, Cole, Macon, Reece, Lady Deathstrike, Donald Pierce, Scylla, Duncan, Josh Foley)
    - cyborg criminals and mercenaries, dedicated to extermination of superhuman mutants, most had enmity towards Wolverine, led by Pierce, created Elsie Dee and Albert, most seemingly killed by Fitzroy’s sentinels
    (U#6,M, OH: Wolv, net)--Uncanny X-Men#229 (247-249, 251-255, 261, Punisher II#33,34, UX262, 269, Wolverine II#35-39, 46, UX281"d", X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001, New Mutants II#5,6, 12, New X-Men#44, X-Men II#205, X-Factor III#26, NX45, [X206d?]

REAVERS of ARCTURUS of Earth-691 (Brutag, Ogord ) - warriors and invaders, existed @ 21st century, kidnapped children of Starhawk for Ogord, battled and defeated by Guardians of the Galaxy
    (app)--Marvel Presents I#9 (9(fb), 10(fb), 11(fb), 9-12

REAVES, VERNON - @ 1700, third husband of Dark Mother, had one daughter with her, then died under mysterious circumstances
    --Cable II#94 (94(fb)

REBAR - Xandarian pilot, worked with Kanan?, pilot responsible for loading surveillance sphere on a ship bound for Earth, murdered and form duplicated by Volx
    *D* (app-Volx)--Nova II#17

REBAR, JOSEPH "BIG JOE" - racketeer, manipulated Ape (Lawrence Schrott) into committing crimes; opposed by Challenger
    --Mystic Comics#7 (December, 1941)

REBBAHN, GARNOK - extraterrestrial, from race of conquerors, ship anchored on planet of Elowan race, who worshipped him as a god, followed his orders to eat a poisonous plant, killed in battle by Silver Surfer, but his spirit returned to haunt him with a number of personal demons
    *D*--Silver Surfer III Annual#3/3 (Silver Surfer III#62, 63

REBECCA ?? - former fiancÚ of Alfred Morelli, apparently believed him to be Richard Fisk and was unaware of his criminal activities
    (app-gauntlet)--Web of Spider-Man I#87 (87 (fb), 87-89

REBEL of Counter Earth-Franklin ( O’Reilly) - old friend of tony stark, took on his armor after he returned to earth, sought reunion with former lover Blue Skye, assisted in stopping Young Allies threat to release toxic gas on Earth-616
    —Iron Man II#1 (1(fb), 1"d", 7-10, 11"d", Heroes Reborn: Rebel, Thunderbolts I#51,52

REBEL UNDERGROUND of the Inniverse (Wildblood) - opposed Occulus and the Gem Guild
    (app-inn)--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365

REBIRTH ISLAND (Dr. Kovleki/Black Death) - Vozrozhdoniya, mandroid-like robots, island in Aral sea, site of largest and most advanced biological warfare establishment in the world, shut down with collapse of USSR, later re-opened, a general exposed Dr. Kovleki to a biotoxin to test its use against mutants, transformed him into Black Death, who used it as his base, brought X-Men there to try to force Beast to cure him
    --X-Men Unlimited#28 (28(fb), 28

REBOUND () - First Line, active @ 1964, female.
    elastic form bounce back from assaults
    (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#5

REBOUND - see CLYDE (app)--New Warriors I#66

    --Tangled Web#5

REBUS, VANCE ( ) – Scourge/Watchtower
    (app-scourge)—Wolverine II#154 (155

RECALL (Scooter McCloud) - M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Western Pacific University chapter, later became a radio talk show co-host of Walter Norman
    telepathic tracker, communications major
    (app-adriancastorp)--Generation X: Crossroads (Generation X: Genogoths

RECEPTOR of Earth-148611 (Tracy Speck) - Clinic
    *D*--DP7#1 (Exiles#72,  DP7#13d)

RECESSION RAIDERS - armored agents of Rampage
    --Wonder Man II#5

RECKLESS ERIC ( ) – Scourge/Watchtower
    (app-scourge)—Wolverine II#154 (155

RECKONER - Battleworld
    --Thing I#

RECKONING WAR - massive war for which She-Hulk was thought to be to blame
    --She-Hulk II#3

"RECLUSES" - race discovered by Qyre the Watcher, demanded that he stop watching them as they valued their privacy, but agreed to arbitration under She-Hulk that he be allowed to observe as long as he never shared what he learned with any others, including the Watchers, used Recorder Zeta-9 to determine whether the She-Hulk was a continued threat to the universe, slaughtered and control of Z-9 usurped by Reckoning War instigator
    -- (argument only) She-Hulk I#7, (seen) II#20 (7, II#20 (fb), 20

RECOIL ( ) - lunatic bodyguard/enforcer of M.C., fought VIGIL and the Punisher
    *D* (app)--Punisher II#71 (72-75

RECOIL of Earth-1191 ( ) - Xavier Security Enforcers
    --Bishop I#3 (3(fb#3), Uncanny X-Men Annual 1996(fb3)

RECOMBINANTS - animals gene-spliced with other animals and used as servants by Theodore LeSeig, slaughtered him after he was thrown into their pen by Wolverine
    (app-leseig)--Marvel Fanfare I#54/2 (55/2

RECONVERTER - 2075, used by BEMs to transform people into creatures
    --Speed Carter#3/4

RECORDASPHERE - intelligent computer in form of small sphere created by Banner/Hulk, fell in love with him, developed insane jealousy against Katherine Waynesboro, destroyed attempting  to protect him from the Abomination
    SPHERE* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#286 (287-289

RECORDER - Rigellian android series, based on a now-extinct race formerly colonized and used as clerics by the Rigellians
    monitor + record events, transmit findings back to masters
    (I#9)—Thor I#132


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