PYLE, agent- shield ii, leader of surveillance team that butchered an attempt to contact captain America, assigned to inventory in Virginia storage center where she was killed by agent billups, a double agent for aim, after they discovered protocide
    *D*--Captain America III#25 (26, 27d)

PYLES, NOBBY - mutated by radiation, became hit man in Chicago, testicles bitten off by a dog, became enforcer for Jimmy Delfini Sr, concealed his death along with foster to prevent Delfini brothers from gaining control, ultimately killed Foster and tried to take control himself, fear of dogs exposed by Hulk/Fixit.
    superhuman strength and durability, large wm
    --Incredible Hulk III#22 (23(fb), 22(fb), 22, 23

PYLLAR - Ice Giant, partner of Mroht, served under Snagg, captured Enchantress
    --Thor I#500 (501, 502, Journey into Mystery I#504-506, 508, 511-513

PYM, HENRY (Dr. Henry J. "Hank" Pym) - aunt Sally & uncle Harry
    (D#10,ME)--Tales to Astonish I#27 (44(fb), Avengers I#227(fb), West Coast Avengers II#33(fb), Marvel: Lost Generation#12, Tomb of Darkness#22, TTA27.->Ant-Man.
    Tales to Astonish I#77,78, Av26.->Goliath.
    Av222, 224, 227-230, 240-242, Spectacular Spider-Man II#89, Avengers Annual#13, Captain America I#301, Iron Man I#194, West Coast Avengers II#1,2,Vision & Scarlet Witch II#2, WCA3,4, IM203, WCA5-8, [9(fb)], 10, Incredible Hulk II#323, Power Man/Iron Fist#125, WCA#11-13, [IM211], AvAn15,WCA An1, WCA#14-22 ->Dr. Pym;
    New Thunderbolts#13-14, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#2-4

PYM, JANET VAN DYNE-see WASP—Avengers I#60

PYM, MARIA TROVAYA* - wife of Henry Pym, killed on honeymoon in for speaking out against government
    *D*--Tales to Astonish I#44 (44(fb)

PYM PARTICLES - growth pollen used by Kosmosians, discovered by Hank Pym.
    alter size (enlarge or shrink) of user by means of extradimensional mass shunting
    --Tales to Astonish I#27

PYNCHON TWINS - resident of Salvage Alabama, werewolf hunters, slew Suzie and mother, targeted Rhona, defeated with aid of Jack Russell
    --Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

PYNE, JESSUP - US State Department, associated with Sano Orii
    --White Tiger#3

PYNE, LIZA - vampire, former actress, transformed by Dracula, along with Louis Belski, destroyed by Raymond Coker
    *D/R/D* (app)--Dracula Lives#4 (4, 4/Werewolf by Night I#19(fb), WwbN#19(fb), 19des)

PYO - Nova Corps, Rigellian, perished in the Annihilation Wave
    *D* --Annihilation: Prologue#1 (1d)

PYRA - sorceress, co-creator of Death's Head (FPA), former lover of Lupex and Klu, engineered Lupex's demise after he slew and possessed Klu
    (app)--Death's Head I#9, (fully seen and named) Strip#15 (19(fb), 20(fb), [D'sH#9], Strip15,17,20

PYRAMID of KNOWLEDGE - hidden fortress of the sphinx, hidden from view by power of the Ka stone.
    gigantic in size and composed of pure gold
    --Nova I#10

PYRAMID of WINDS - housed essence of Dreaming Celestial, constructed by Valkin and Phastos to house Eternal’s most dangerous weapons, guarded by Bridge of Terror, weapons sealed behind doors locked by symbols on Ikaris’ chest, formerly served as home to Kro after losing his throne in Lemuria.
    weapons included weapon to destroy Dreaming Celestial, vial which housed Dreaming Celestial
    --[Eternals I#18], 19 (Eternals II#5, Eternals: Herod Factor, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

PYRANOS - designed based on android Human Torch technology
    hive-entities of primitive but sturdy molecular machines, run very hot, channel prodigious waste heat as a weapon
    --Livewires#1 (6

    --Silver Surfer III#38

PYRE () - Hydra DOA
    --NightStalkers#2 (3,4

PYRE (Gray Russell ) - former reporter, son of Hydra agent, joined by Jadoo gang to get access to father's equipment, mutated by gang members.
    generate + transmit microwaves
    (app)--(Russell) Venom: Funeral Pyre#1 (1 (fb), 1; (Pyre) Venom: Funeral Pyre#2 (3, [Civil War: Battle Damage Report (fb)]

PYRE () - Sword of Damocles.
    wears armor, project flames
    --X-Force#83, 84(named, fully seen) (97

PYRE 2099 – Archfiends
    --Ghost Rider 2099#18, 19(named)

PYRO (St. John Allerdyce) - mutant, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Freedom Force, contracted Legacy Virus, sacrificed life saving senator Kelly from an assassination attempt by Brotherhood.
    pyrokinetic, flame generators in costume
    *D* (I#8, D#10, M, OH: BoD, net)—Uncanny X-Men#141 (Marvel Fanfare I#60/2, Marvel Super-Heroes III#10/3, UX141,142, Avengers Annual#10, Rom#31, UX177,178, 199, Avengers West Coast#84(fb), UX206, X-Factor I#8-10, AvAn15,West Coast Avengers Annual#1, Captain America I#333,334, UX223-227, New Mutants I#65, Cap339, XFac30,31, Cap346, Daredevil I#269, XFac40, Marvel Comics Presents#41/4, NM#78-80,82, UX255, NM86, Av312, Punisher II#29, NM88,89, Incredible Hulk II#369(fb),369, NM An7/2,UX An15/2,XFac An6/2, MCP#84/4,85/2,86/2, X-Force#6,7, XFac82, Darkhawk#19,20, Sleepwalker#17, UX351, Quicksilver#6-9, UX362, DD355, UX338, XFac129,130, UX351, Marvel Holiday Special 2004(fb)?, Quick6-9, UX362, -+Cable87d)

PYRO-BOMB - 2006, sabotage device used by Cosmic Raiders
    --Speed Carter #4/3

PYROMANIA ( ) - Ravencroft, former agent of Shriek
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#10

PYRON the THERMAL MAN (    ) - industrial saboteur, betrayed by employers, mutated by fire at chemical factory, created large fire to gain vengeance on employers by destroying their property, subdued by Avengers
    (app)--Avengers I#206

PYRO-PISTOLS - 2075, Saturnian weapons, given to pirates
    --Speed Carter #1

PYRO-PROJECTOR - used by Factor Three to start fires
    --X-Men I#28

PYSCATOS - Lemurian, Ancients, eventually donned helmet of power to save self from illness, killed Bekkit, realized his own corruption and blew up city and himself
    *D* (app)--Sub-Mariner I#10 (Daredevil Annual#4B/6

PYTHAGORAS - python of Princess Python, died in its cage
    *D* --Punisher War Journal II#16 (16(d))

PYTHON of the Hyborian era - capital of ancient Acheron
    --[Hour of the Dragon, Giant-Size Conan#1]

PYTHON (Emil Cullen) - 1940s killer, snake-like super-strong criminal contortionist and saboteur, worked for the Japanese, served by Narmi; opposed by Angel (Thomas Halloway), Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond), Namor the Sub-Mariner, Young Allies
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#25 (November, 1941);
    Marvel Mystery Comics#32; Young Allies#10)
Sub-Mariner Comics#2/3?, Human Torch I#8,

PYTHONISSA - demon, along with four others, possessed corpse of Esteban Ramirez, exorcised by Gabriel Rosetti
    --Monsters Unleashed#11

PYX of PURA-SHAMUTRA - see PURA-SHAMUTRA (app-purashamutra)--Dr. Strange III#57

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