Q - see QUOI (app)--Avengers: Celestial Quest#3

Q5-L2 - AIM agent, surveying Fu Manchu undercover; informed MODOK of the Black Lama having approached Fu Manchu
    --Iron Man I#74

Q-BOMB - atomic weapon salvaged by the Wizard, used against Fantastic Four, shielded by Invisible Girl but temporarily removed their powers
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#38

Q-RAY - designed by Anton Trojak imposter
    designed to break down the molecular structure of any object, scattering the atoms of its targets
    (app-trojak)--Strange Tales I#155

QABIRI - Brilliant City, traveled to alternate earths to destroy realities and beings that might threaten his own, destroyed earth-253 and five others, overpowered X-Man, convinced to discontinue efforts when Idris showed him that there are realities even above the Brilliant City.
    vast energy powers, travel among dimensions
    -BURNING TIGER (app)—X-Man#67 (72(fb), 71-74

QADIR, MIRAH - mother of Dust
    --[Hellions#1], 2 ([4]

QA-KABAR (Metz) - tribe on Bwokk
    --Annihilation: Ronan#1

QARN (Lilias, Timhotep) - Microverse, planet, ruled by King Timhotep, dominated by pursuit of pleasure, revere age for experience
    --Captain Marvel V#20 (22-24

QATAR of Earth-148611 - Farplace

QEBEHSENUF - Horusians
    (app-horus)--Incredible Hulk II#145

QERMIT - Silver Legion, unnamed frog-like race
    --Silver Surfer III#116(117-121

QIBLAH (Jared Nelson) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4(4/4) (5

QNAX - see AMPHIBION (app)--Tales to Astonish I#73/2

Q'NOMA (Nakia/Malice ) - Wakandan village, threatened by Nakia's actions as Malice, Black Panther threatened to destroy it if Malice didn't surrender
    --Black Panther III#33

QOR race (Zoot) - Microverse, attended Planetary Council
    (app)--Micronauts I#26/2

QORD - Cat People of the Land Within, assisted Morbius' escape under king Gerark's command
    --(Adventure into) Fear#22

Q7 - see STRIKE FORCE Q7 (app)--Gene Dogs#1

QUA of Earth-4935 - Askani, Atlantean, killed by Diamanda Nero’s plague-creature.
    transform into water
    *D* (net)—X-Men: Phoenix I#2d

QUADRINI, ALDO - assistant to Curt Connors, created a second Lizard from cell samples from his tail
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#2__

QUADRIVERSE dim (Creators, Xander, guardian of 4th sector) - magic realm populated by a single being at a time, then replaced by his or her successor, being must survive series of tests and then joins predecessors in dim of peace + safety, possibly contained the pocket realm of Creation II
    (app)--[Dr. Strange II#19], 23 ([19,20, 22], 23,24

QUAGMIRE of Earth-712 (Jerome Myers) - originally of Earth-712, Institute of Evil, former pawn of Chief Examiner, former ally of Antibody, mutated by , behavior modified to join Squadron Supreme, rendered comatose after exposure to toxic fumes, released massive quantities of slime until sucked back into extradimensional realm along with the slime, escaped to earth dimension, captured Kayla Ballantine for Chief Examiner, powers briefly amplified by Antibody.
    generate darkforce in form of thick viscous, slime-like substance
    (D#12-ss,M)--Squadron Supreme I#5 (6-10, Marvel Comics Presents#29/4, Quasar#35-37, 43-45

QUAKE (    ) - one of the super-villains slain and resurrected by the Hand
    *D/R*--[Wolverine II#26], (named) 28 ([26-27], 28

QUAKE (Daisy Johnson) - name adopted when she thought she was going to be an Avenger
    --New Avengers#20

QUALITY SHOPPING SHOW - sold Avengers merchandise, had Thunderstrike appear to help sell products
    --Thunderstrike #19

QUAN, REBECCA - dated Steve Rogers/Captain America, battled Becky Barnes, broke up with Captain America due to desire not to deal with life or death issues
    --Captain America IV#21 (22, 23, 25, 27,28

QUAN-ST'AR - S'ahra Sharn dimension, exiled citizen of K'un-Lun after slaying a sacred dragon, attempted to organize army to attack K'un-Lun,
    bm, sorcerer, empowered by Globe of Eternity
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu Annual#1 (1(fb), 1

QUANT, SALLY - victim of Waxman
    *D* (app-wax)--Spiderwoman I#18

QUANTU - invoked by the Star-Slayer
    --[Avengers I#124]

QUANTUM (Lomen) - Dakkamite Elect, former ally of Graviton, briefly controlled Aquarian and Power Platoon
    move short distances at superhuman speeds so as to appear in multiple places simultaneously
    (U#6,M)--West Coast Avengers II#12 (Quasar#4(fb)/Avengers West Coast#97(fb), WCA12,13, Quas4, [AWC#96],97, Annihilation: Ronan#3, [4]

QUANTUM BANDERS (duplicates of Marvel Boy (Grayson), Ree, Stygian Starbender, and Trantra)
    - created by thanos from body and mind of eon's corpse, using the power of the infinity gauntlet, sent to destroy quasar (Vaughn)
    (app)--Quasar#26 (27

QUANTUM BANDS - energy devices used by Protector of the Universe + William Wesley, also worn by Crusader/Marvel Boy (Robert Grayson) imposter
    POWER-BANDs of RINN*, Quasar’s wristbands*(D#10)--Fantastic Four I#164

QUANTUM MECHANIC - extradimensional, agent of Control Central, defeated by Dr. Evan Swann possessing Captain Universe power
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#5

QUANTUM ZONE dim - filled with energy accessed by bands, also used as short-cut to traverse great distances in earth dimension

QUAN-ZARR - creator of the Beastmen, former ruler of Redstone, killed by the last of the Beastmen
    *D* (app)--Marvel Preview#18 (18(fb), 18

QUAPULTEC - Aztec city, colony of survivors living in the Sierra Madres, encountered Red Larabee @ 1870, enslaved by Ambassador of Terror, liberated by el Aguila, but subsequently conquered by Yucoya-Tzin
    --    ;
    [Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files]

QUARK - Mojoverse, former rebel, later brainwashed by Mojo
    goat-like features
    --Longshot#1 (2,3,5,6, X-Men II Annual#1, Marvel Fanfare I#4,5

QUARK (Scarlet McKenzie*) - former ally of Dr. Neutron and Meltdown, shot Havok & Wolverine with bubonic plague pellets while disguised, seduced Havok to fulfill their plot, fell in love with him
    *D* (app)--Meltdown#1 (2-4d)

QUARK, general - Microverse, led group of Subatomic Stormtroopers, defeated by Fantastic Four and brought back to Earth
    --Fantastic Four+#525 ([525(fb), 525-526]

QUARK (    ) - Enigma Force, created/empowered in Body Banks
    (app)--Scarlet Spider II#10
    (app)--Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes I#7

QUARKARION - Microverse, sub-atomic bomb constructed by agents of Baron Zebek, dismantled
    --Alpha Flight II#10 ([10(fb)], 10-11

QUARL dim (Kramen tribe, Quarlians, Shenarians, Skysharks, Zartros) - mystic realm
    --Kazar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#16 (17-20

QUARLIANS (Raknor, Ramansat, Spartram, Makrum, Broker)
    - Quarl dim, purple skin, fins on face
    --Ka-zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#17 (18-20

QUARLOS IV (Knights of Neep) - Microverse, non-humanoid inhabitants received telepathic greetings from Arcturus Rann via Biotron
    --Micronauts I#7 (7(fb)

QUARREL, MERIMARTH of earth-starlord - Iolian, mother of Sinjin, wife of Sinindru
    --Starlord#1 (3

QUARREL, SINJIN - see STARLORD (app-sl)--Starlord#1

QUARREL, SININDRU of Earth-Starlord - Iolian, father of Sinjin, husband of Merimarth
    --Starlord#1 (3

QUARRY (Owen Segar) - mercenary?, old friend of Jim Rhodes, stole armored suit from Rush Club
    (app)--War Machine#12 (13

QUARRY ( ) - bounty-hunter sent from Dystopia by Abomination to assassinate Janis Jones, defeated and possibly slain by the Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#443 (Abominations#2,3, Hlk443

    Earth-Morgan, Queen's Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2, (named) #5 (2,3)

QUARTERMAIN, ALAN - brother of Clay, owns computer store, encountered Man-Bull
    --[Incredible Hulk II#340], 341 (342, 346

QUARTERMAIN, CLAY - SHIELD I + II,  SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, SHIELD Hulkbusters, formerly involved with Gamma Base, seemingly killed by Deltites, later found alive in cold storage in SHIELD headquarters
    (WWH, net)--Strange Tales I#163 (167, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#2, Incredible Hulk II#187,188, 192-200, 206,207, 209,210, 212-216, 219, Defenders I#54/2, Hlk224, 226-228, 230, 231, 233, 234, 237-240, Marvel Team-Up I#83-85, Alias#26(fb3), Hlk243, 315, 322-327, 329, Incredible Hulk An15, Hlk330-332, 334, 336-339, 378(fb), 340-346, Nick Fury vs SHIELD#1/5(fb)
    Cable II#58, 61,62, Captain America Annual 2000, Alias#5, 16, 26,27, Pulse#8, Secret War#5, Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1-6, She-Hulk II#15-19, Iron Man V#20

QUARTERMAIN, JUNE - mother of boy and girl
    --Incredible Hulk II#341 (342, 346

QUARTERMASTER, JASON - Rand-Meachum, double agent for Roxxon, designed powerful corrosives, supplied acid blaster to Scorpion, knocked into own universal solvent by Cage
    *D* (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited I#13

QUARTET (    ) - Slice & Dice, secretly allied with Solo, defeated by Speedball
    (app-slice)--Marvel Comics Presents#56/4

QUARTO - Irth, sorcerer, ally of Khaos
    --Excalibur Annual #1

QUASAR - ape evolved into human form by Dr. Kurakill, moral training subsequently financed by Stark International
    superhuman strength and possibly intellect
    (app)--Iron Man I#79 (79(fb), 79

QUASAR - see NEUTRON (I#5+D#6-ig)—X-Men I#107 ([108,109], 157, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2 -->Neutron)

QUASAR (Wendell Elvis Vaughn) - Protector of the Universe, Avengers, former SHIELD super-agent + head of security at Project: PEGASUS, former owner of Vaughn Security Systems, formerly possessed Starbrand, absorbed Ego-Spore, stationed at deep space monitoring station, slain by Annihilus
    utilizes quantum bands
    - MARVEL BOY*, MARVEL MAN*, STAR KNIGHT* *D* (I#9, D#10, M, OH: Av, OH:AZU#1, Annihilation: Nova, Annihilation: Nova Files, net)—Incredible Hulk II#234 ( ?Marvel Team-Up An5(fb), Avengers Annual#18/2(fb), Quasar#2, 1(fb), Marvel Two-In-One#53(fb), Quas1(fb)? ->MarvM.
    Hulk234, Fantastic Four Annual#14, Marvel Two-In-One#53-58, 67, 73,74, 81, Dazzler#9,10, 13, Marvel Team-Up I#113, MTUAn5, Hlk278, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2],3, AvAn18/2(fb), Quas2(fb), 2,3, Avengers I#302,303, Av An18/2, [Marvel Comics Presents#21], Av305(Avengers Forever#12), 306-308, MCP#29/4, AvAn18, Avengers West Coast An4, Thor An14, Fantastic Four An22, New Warriors I#1, Q4, Av311,Q5, [Captain America I#365], Q6, Avengers Spotlight#29/2, Q7, AvAn19/3(fb), Avengers West Coast#54, Q8, 9 ,10, Av317,318, Q11, A319-325, Avengers West Coast An5, AvAn19, AWC#63, Q12, AvAn19/5, Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular#1/2, Spec168-170, Thor I#420,421, 427, Namor An1/3, Q13-16, 17, Cap379, 383, Q18(fb),18, 19,20,A329-331,AWC#69, [AvSpot#40], Amazing Spider-Man I#348, Web of Spider-Man#76, Alpha Flight I#98-101, Q21-25, Infinity Gauntlet#2, Q26(Cap392),27, IG#3,4,6, Cap394, Av332,333, AvAn20,[Hlk An17/2, Namor Annual#1, Iron Man An12], AWC An6, Av334-339, Q28/Th437/Cap395, Q29-31,AWC#80,Q32,Wonder Man II#7,A345,AWC81,Q33,Av346,AWC82,Q34,Cap401,A347, Q35-37,38/Infinity War#2, Fantastic Four I#367/IW3/F4#368/WM13/Warlock & the Infinity Watch#8/IW4/F4#369/WM14/Q39/IW5/Q40,[41],42-46, 47,48, 49,50, 51,52, 53,Starblast#1,Q54,SB2,Q55,SB3,Q56,SB4,Q57-60, StarMasters#1-3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4,5, Silver Surfer III#111, 121,122, Avengers III#1-3, Captain America III#3, Av4, Maximum Security#1,Thor II#30,MaxS#2,Av35,MS#3, Av38, X-Men Unlimited#32(fb), Fantastic Four III#46, Av47,48, 50,[51],52,53, 55, Order#5,6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, [Avengers/Thunderbolts#3], Av86-88, Hercules III#1(fb?), FF520-523, GLA#4, Marvel Team-Up III#13, She-Hulk II#7, Annihilation: Nova#2-3, 4"d," Nova IV#

QUASAR (Phyla*-Vell) - Star-Lord's Guardians of the Galaxy, genetic daughter of Mar-Vell and Elysius, sister of Genis, created in an alternate timeline that was woven into current reality (Earth-616) when Genis led Entropy to remake the universe, briefly promoted to Captain Marvel after Genis went off the deep end, sought to convince him to relinquish the title to her even after he settled down some, developed romance with Moondragon, gained Quantum Bands after taking them from Annihilus
    superhuman strength
    (2007#8-phyla, Annihilation: Nova-phyla, Annihilation: Nova Files-phyla, app)--Annihilation#6, Annihilation: Conquest Prologue
    Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (fbs), [4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8
, [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

QUASAR (Avril Kincaid) - SHIELD agent, head of plainclothes surveilance, placed in charge of Pleasant Hill daycare center, given Quantum Bands by Wendell Vaughn
    --Captain America: Sam Wilson#7; (Quasar) Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega#1

QUASIMODO (Quasi-Motivational Destruct Organism) - sentient computer created by Mad Thinker and inadvertently given form by Silver Surfer, discovered Nova-Prime starship, which alerted Sphinx to Xandar’s existence, briefly possessed armor of Rom, encountered and battled Vision while he was attempting takeover of earth’s computers, form rebuilt when beamed consciousness into computers at stark enterprises, mind placed in virtual reality program that allowed him to believe he had achieved a completely human form.
    kyphotic + otherwise distorted body, superhuman strength + durability, fire destructive eyeblasts
    (D#10,M,net)--Fantastic Four Annual#4 (Avengers I#135(fb), F4 An4, Fantastic Four Annual#5/2, X-Men I#48, Captain Marvel I#7, Amazing Adventures II#14, Marvel Team-Up I#22, [F4#201], 202(fb), [201], 202, Nova I#25, Rom42, 43, Av253, Spider-Man Team-Up#2(fb), Iron Man An12/2, Spider-Man Team-Up#2, Spider-Man/Human Torch#5, Defenders II#1

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame--The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo; Mystic#23 (1953), Mystic#24: "The Gargoyle" (1953)

QUASIMODO of Earth-Hulk cartoon - mutate?, claimed to be descendent of the historical hunchback, used giant bat Salvatore, returned to normal after encounter with Hulk
    immensely strong kyphotic man
    (app)--Hulk vs. Quasimodo#1

QUASIMODOX of Earth-Amalgam - Quasimodo + Vril Dox II, Sinister Society
     (app-ss)--Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

QUASI-UNIVERSE dimension - interdimensional space, accessed by Baron Brimstone to simulate magic
    --Marvel Team-Up I#99

QUATTRO of Earth-93060 (Book, Death Dance, Gate, Meathook)
    --Solution #1(2, 4, Hardcase#7, Break-Thru#1, HC#8, BThru2

QUAYLE, DAN of Earth-Stalin robot - succeeded George Bush sr as US president when he died of pneumonia, opposed Stalin robot, possibly replaced by a robot as well
    (app-e-s)--Fantastic Four I#341, 343 ([343(fb)], 341, 343, 344

QUEEGA race – extraterrestrial, Andromeda galaxy, planet Queeg, Quolan system, attempted to blind earth in order to steal its mineral resources; worshipped Hadith
    reptilian humanoids, generate electricity + project cold from foreheads
    (I#8, D#15, app)--Daredevil I#28

QUEELY, ALFRED - Council of Antiquarians
    *D* (app-collect)--Black Panther I#1

QUEEN (        ) - member of playing card-themed Ace Gang; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#21 (Fall, 1946)

QUEEN (Adriana "Ana" Soria) - superhuman, former girlfriend of Captain America from the 1940s, mutated by secret government project, resurfaced in modern era and fought Spider-Man and Captain America, sought to mate with Spider-Man, knocked off of a building by Captain America
    control others with "insect gene"
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#15 (17(fb), [16(fb)], 20(fb), 17(fb), 15-20

queen (    ) - @ 1960, ruler of an unnamed planet, sought out ugly man on Earth due to boredom with the beautiful appearances of the people on her planet, proposed to the gargoyle man
    (app-gargoyle)--Strange Tales I#78/3

QUEEN - robot constructed by Charles Reigel, sent against and destroyed by the Hulk
    *Des* (app-reigel)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9

QUEEN – Chessmen - see MOOMJI, INDRIES--Iron Man I#163

QUEEN - Fury Secret Base 2
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

queen of the barbarians of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN barbarians' queen (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

QUEEN of CRIME (    ) - leader of the Murder Mob; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#76 (September, 1946)

QUEEN of the DARK DOMAINS of the Hyborian era - see OVADA--Conan the Savage#5 (6

QUEEN of DARKNESS of the Hyborian era - see Nebethet--The Ivory Goddess; Savage Sword of Conan#60

QUEEN of the DEEP - see NAMORA of the Exiles (OH:AoA)--Exiles#63

QUEEN of EGYPT - Roxxon L-N-G supertanker, hijacked by Batroc & Mr. Hyde
    --Captain America I#231?

QUEEN of the GOBLINS - see DeJUNAE, ELAN--Spider-Girl#79

QUEEN of HEARTS - Crazy Gang, destroyed along with rest of dimension
    (app-cg238) *D*--Marvel Super-Heroes (uk)#377 ([Daredevils#6d])

QUEEN of HEARTS - see RED QUEEN--Mighty World of Marvel#11

QUEEN of ICE and BLOOD of the Hyborian era - see VASSILISA (app)--Red Sonja III#8

QUEEN of STAR SWORDS (Arcadia DeVille) of Reality-23100 - alternate dimensional counterpart of Arcadia, tyrant queen of realm of Meridian, originally believed to be product of Arcadia’s imagination, took control of Arcadia when she lost control of powers in attempting to reabsorb Demon Bear, attempted to remake Earth, banished by Moonstar fortified by psimitar and alternate dimensional Moonstars.
    alter reality, manipulate energy, control others, wears golden battle armor
    --[X-Force I#99], 100

QUEEN of the SWORDS of CHAOS - see XIOMBARG (app)--The Queen of the Swords (1971); (Marvel Universe) Conan the Barbarian I#14

QUEEN of THEBES - see JOCASTA (I#13,D#18,M, OH: Av2005)--Avengers I#162

QUEEN & CASTLE - magic shop in Greenwich village, owned by woman of occult talent
    --[She-Hulk II#10], 11 ([11 (fb)], 11/[10 (fb)]

QUEEN ADORA - see ADORA--Fantastic Four I#204

QUEEN DIVINE JUSTICE (Ce’athauna Asira Davin, aka Chante’ Giovanni Brown) – daughter of Damola, raised by Toyasi after father’s death, grew up in Chicago, descended from Wakandan tribe, worshipped by Jaraba(?) tribe, grew up in New York City, drafted into Dora Milaje to replace Nakia, conned hulk out of battling Black Panther, involved in struggle against Killmonger, romantic interest of Vibraxis
    bf, streetwise
    (net-handbook)--Black Panther III#14 (35(fb2+3), 14, 16,17(fb(BP15),17-22, 24,25(Uncanny X-Men#387), 26-29, 31-35, Incredible Hulk III#33, BP38,39, 41-46, 48,49, 62

QUEEN FRIA of the Microverse - see FRIA (app)--Micronauts I#32 (32 (fb), 32d)

    identity adopted after she had incapacitated Mordecai Midas--Iron Man I#1__

QUEEN HIPPOLYTA of Earth-Amalgam - see HIPPOLYTA (app)--Amazon#1

QUEEN MEDUSA – Queen of the Sub-Earthmen living under the surface of the American Mid-West, led a peaceful mission to the surface to investigate a series of explosions that caused massive cave-ins to her city, party killed by a hunter in fear, conned by a Nazi Agent called the Spook to launch an attack on the US army for revenge.
    --Captain America Comics#17/3 (August 1942) “Sub-Earthman’s Revenge”

"QUEEN MOTHER" of Ravonna  of the Hyborian era - Ravonna, former servant girl, had affair with Jabezo, plotted with him to slay the king and queen, and then to burn her face and pretend to be the queen under the promise that Jabezo would one day restore her beauty, slain by Jabezo in the form of Stubb after she revealed her story
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#66 (66(fb), 66d)

QUEEN MOTHER of Earth-1193 - alternate dimension counterpart of Saturnyne
    --Excalibur I#13


QUEEN SEN SUWANDA of Elsewhere- see Sen Suwanda (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

QUEEN VICTORIA - former possessor of Amulet of Pazuzu/Doucheblade
    --Howard the Duck III#3 (3(fb)

QUEENIE - agent of the Astrologer
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2

QUEENIE DIMM of Earth-Amusement World - Worked at Richard M. Nixon Memorial Massage Parlor, encountered time traveling Avengers
    (app-eaw)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

QUEEN URSULA (    ) - dictator of Castile d'Or, commanded attack of Attania, served by Josef; opposed by American Ace
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#2 (December, 1939); Marvel Mystery Comics#3

QUEEN's VENGEANCE (Arachne, Blackbird, Black Knight, Blacksmith, Chevalier, Circe/Sorceress, Daystar, Donar, Elementelle, Falconer, Firemaiden, Ghost of Stone/Manikin, Gigantus, Grimalkin, Gypsy Davy, Gypsy Witch, Heracles, Iron Knight, Jade Giantess, Knave of Hearts, Kreature, Lady Comet, Lady Magdalena, Lady Marvel, Liegeman, Longbow, Nubian Prince, Pixie, Priestess Selene, Quarryman, Sealord, Serf, Sir Devilfish, Sir Fulminator, Sir MacHinery, Squire Justice, Star Knight, Tsarina, Yeoman America)
    - Avengers of Earth-Morgan, eventually escaped her control and regained identities
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2 (3)

QUEENIE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#13 ()

QUELLOR - miner in the Dark Nebula, pawn of Xorr, killed along with it
    (app-xorr)--Thor I#214 (215

QUENTIN, CALEB - founder of original Quentin Carnival, father(?) of Magdalena
    --Ghost Rider III#78 (78(fb1), 80(fb,d)

QUENTIN, Dr. DEXTER - associate for Dr. Lionel Jeffries at clinic for which Don Blake formerly worked, bm w/ beard
    --Thor I#305 (309, 312

QUENTIN, RALPH - former owner of Quentin carnival when John Blaze was employed
    --Ghost Rider II#63 (79(fb), 63-65, 69-76, 79,80

QUENTIN CARNIVAL (Caleb Quentin(d), Magdalena, Ralph Quentin, John Blaze, Red Fowler, Madam Olga, "Corky" Franklin, Vincenzio, Clara Menninger, Kody, Wolf, Eli(d)+Quinn McIntyre, Princess Python, Madame Yang Fei Kwei, Lobster Lad, Roach, Buster(Blaze II#7))
    --Ghost Rider II#63 (Ghost Rider III#78(fb), GR II#79(fb), Ghost Rider VI#5 (fb), GR II#63-66, 69-80, Blaze II#1-12,

    -G-WIZ--Silver Sable#2 (3-12,15-22,27,31-35, Amazing Spider-Man I#375, Fantastic Four I#372,373, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000/2, Thunderbolts I#67

QUESADA, JOE - Daily Bugle employee, assistant to Robbie Robertson
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]
QUESADA, JOE - Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, presumably different person than Robbie Robertson's assistant, interviewed by unidentified Daily Bugle reporter
    Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

QUESTA ( ) - Assassins Guild of New Orleans.
    wf, dark hair, alter visual perceptions of others
    (Gambit Annual 2000/2)—Rogue I#1 (2,3, Gambit III#17-19 22

QUESTERS (Karthon) - Lemurians sent to retrieve the Serpent Crown for Naga, all but Karthon slain by Naga
    --(Karthon's hand) Sub-Mariner I#9, (Karthon fully seen) #10, (other Questers) (12(fb) - BTS, 10(fb) - BTS, 12, 13

QUESTWORLD - Arthurian theme park, one of the knights, Gawain, was possessed by a Pendragon and became one of the Knights of Pendragon
    --Knights of Pendragon II#1 (2

"QUETZALCOATL" of the Hyborian era - feathered serpent of Tezcatlipoca
    --Conan the Barbarian I#65

QUETZALCOATL - Aztec sky and wind god.
    both Ajak and Virako have been mistaken for him
    -FEATHERED SERPENT (app)--Thor Annual#10 (Marvel Universe: The End#5, Incredible Hercules#116-117

QUETZAL race of Earth-Astronet - alien race, present in site targeted by Astronet for colony New Winchester, studied by Sancha Etchison-Carlsberg, exterminated by order of Gabriel Etchison to make room for the colony
    *D* (app-etchison)--Wizard Presents Open Space#0

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