PUBLIC ENEMY of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Saber Hagen) - red dog, blames public for allowing crimes and injustices
    (app)--Punisher 2099#15 (16, 17, Doom 2099#25/2, Pun2099#25, 2099 Unlimited#8

PUBLIC EYE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Alchemax security
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#365/Spider-Man 2099#1 (
    Captain Marvel V#28,
    Spider-Man 2099#46

PUBLIO of the Hyborian era - Messantian merchant
    --Conan the Barbarian I#66
    Savage Sword of Conan I#197

PUBLIUS of the Hyborian era - royal treasurer of Aquilonia, resigned due to mad policies of Numedides and assisted Conan’s overthrow of him
    --Conan the Liberator; Savage Sword of Conan#49 (50-52

PUCCI, - Sweatshop
    Strength augmented
    --Captain America I#329

PUCK - popular character in many plagues an poems, such as Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", inspired by the Eternal Sprite (or Goodfellow)
    --[Eternals I#10]

PUCK (Eugene Milton Judd) - Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight, father of Zuzha Yu, nearly one century old, originally gained immortality but reduced to dwarfish stature by Black Razer, eventually freed from him, condensed physically by Master
    (I#8, D#10, M, OH:AZU#1, net)--Alpha Flight I#1 (32(fb), Alpha Flight II minus 1, Alpha Flight III#4(fb), Alpha Flight II#16(fb), 14(fb), AF I#1, II#15(fb), I#2, X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1,2 ,AF I#5, [brass bishop], 12, Marvel Team-Up Annual#7, AF13, Crystar#11, AF14-20, X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1,2, AF23,24, 113(fb), 25-27, Secret Wars II#4, AF28/Incredible Hulk II#313, AF29-31, 32,33, 34(SW II#9), AF35-38, AF39/Avengers I#272,AF40, Marvel Fanfare I#28, Alpha Flight An1, AF41-45, [47], 46, 48-50, 59,60, 67, 75-79, 81, 82, 87(fb), [87(fb)], 88-90, Av320-324, AF91, Wolverine II#35,36,37/[Uncanny X-Men#205], AF94-101, [Infinity Gauntlet#2], Spider-Man#12, AF102-106, 109, 109/2/Infinity War#1, 2/AF110/Fantastic Four I#367/Moon Knight III#41/Wonder Man II#13/IW3/New Warriors I#27/F4#368, IW4/AF111/MK43, AF112, 114(fb),114-116,
Marvel Comics Presents#99/2, AF130, X-Factor I#116, Domino#1,3, Alpha Flight II#1-5, Maverick II#3, Sabretooth II#1, AF6-8,9/UX355, AF10-18, UX365, AF19,20, Wolv142,143, Generation X#58, Wolv 179, Alpha Flight III# ,
    , [X-Men Unlimited II#12/2(fb)], 12/2

PUCK (Zuzha Yu) - Alpha Flight, daughter of Eugene Judd
    (OH: Women)--Alpha Flight III#1 (4(fb), 1-6, 7-12

PUCKBOT - One of the Boxbots, patterned after Puck (Eugene Judd)
    --Weapon X II#11

PUCKMAN (    ) - part of a team assembled to act as corporate spokesman heroes for Canada-Corp
    --Deadpool#1000/8 (2010)

PUDDLEGULP - Frogs of Central Park, originally human, transformed by fortune teller, alleged or adopted son of Glugwort and brother of Greensong
    —Thor I#364 (365, Uncanny X-Men Annual#10, Th373, 502

PUENTES, DONNA MARIA - former reception in avengers crew, sister of the Swine
    --Captain America I#206 (207-212, 404,[405], 404/2,405/2, 409, Quasar#41

PUERTO SALVAJE (Esperanza, Phillipe (president)) - island just off the Keys, used as hiding place by Harrison Greaves who tried to usurp power and wealth for himself until he was driven to surrender to the US military by the Punisher
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Kingdom Gone

PUFF ADDER (Gordon "Gordo" Fraley) - mutant, serpent society, serpent squad, Dr. Octopus’ masters of evil, former agent of nihilist Viper, dated anaconda.
    swell in size and strength, spray venom from cowl, including sedative gas and powerful acid
    (U#6,M)--Captain America I#337 (338, 341,342, 355, Uncanny X-Men An13, Cap365/2,367/2, 380-382, 385/2-387/2 , Guardians of the Galaxy#28,39, Cap411-414, 434-437, Deathlok III#7
    , Amazing Spider-Man#562-563

PUFFBALL COLLECTIVE - rogue portion of collective entity that filled a dimension, exiled to Crossroads after sacrificed remainder of Collective to N’Garai, pretended to befriend of Hulk at Crossroads in order to escape, consumed by N'Garai
    *D* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#301 (308(fb), 301, IH Ann 13, IH II#302-307, SavH 5, 6, 308d)

PUFFIN (     ) - criminal, agent of Maller, cooked in giant toaster oven
    *D* (app-maller)--Howard the Duck II#8/3


PUGLIESE, AUGUSTUS "PUG" - lawyer, Goodman, Lieberman, Kurtzberg, & Holliway, graduated NYU School of Law, put himself through law school working as a bouncer at the Velvet Morgue, decided to become a lawyer in superhuman law after life saved by Spider-Man
    --She-Hulk I#2 ([She-Hulk II#11 (fb)], 3(fb), 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 8(fb), 8, 9, 11,12, She-Hulk II#1-3, 5, 6-7, 9, 11 (fb), 10-12, 19, 21

PUISHANNT - demon, Six-Fingered Hand, empowered Gordski
    (app)--Defenders I#95 ([99(fb)], [95(fb)], 95, 98,99,[100]

PULASKI, JOEY - A young girl who gained her powers from treatments to correct a genetic disorder, she was the first superhuman Spider-Man ever faced. She took money from the Kingpin (? or some crimelord) to sabotage construction sites, and Spider-Man initially befriended her, but couldn’t convince her that this was wrong.
    Fly, project energy blasts and manipulate energy fields
    (app)--Amazing Fantasy I#16,17

PULITZER PATTY (Patty O’Donnels) - Springdale high, classmate of Robbie Baldwin (Speedball), filmed large amount of life’s events, dreamed of Pulitzer award, threatened by Louie Perlongetti and Mr. Zuit's gang after filmed smuggling, saved by Speedball
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III #1/5 ([1/5(fb)], 1/5,  Marvel Comics Presents#122/2

PULLMAN, MR. – Life Foundation
    —Amazing Spider-Man I#321

PULLMAN, Mr. - Mafia (Maggia?), led effort to kill Foggy Nelson while he was in FBI protection, presumably slain by the Hand
    *D*--Daredevil II#88 (88d)

PULOWSKI, GREG - father of Maggie, neighbor of Lorenzo DiPatti/Flaco Moldinaro, he and his wife were accidentally killed by Global Security INC
    *D* --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

PULOWSKI, MAGGIE - daughter of Greg & ??, parents mistakenly killed by Global Security INC while targeting Lorenzo DiPatti/Flaco Moldinaro, placed into a convent for safety by Punisher, but she was unwittingly placed into the home of the "DiPatti’s" by them
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

PULOWSKI, Mrs. - wife of Greg, mother of Maggie
    *D*--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

PULSAR - see PLOR--Rom Annual#2

PULSAR - see LIBERATOR (app-liberator)—Rom Annual#2

PULSAR (Lan ) - Spaceknights third generation, Galadorian, participated in battle against Wraithknights
    --Spaceknights#2 (3-5

PULSAR (Monica Rambeau) - Avengers, original powers weakened after injured in battle with Marrina/Leviathan, works in deep space monitoring station.
    fly, open dimensional interface for energy, use field to shield against injury and lift heavier objects
    - CAPTAIN MARVEL*, DAYSTAR*, PHOTON*, SCEPTRE*, LADY-OF-LIGHT (OH: Av2005)--New Thunderbolts#9 (
    , Black Panther IV#12-13 (as Monica Rambeau)

PULSAR of Earth-Bishop ( ) - former leader of Fanatix, killed by Rook.
    forearms contained guns that shot plasma bursts, wm, blond, red "m" on face
    —Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers #1 (2,3d)

PULSE - Death Squad, assassin, former ally of Foreigner.
    memories + abilities transferred into new host when killed
    fire energy blasts of variable intensity

PULSE - Kree sentient robot, pursued by Shi'ar, helped by X-Force to escape
    (app)--X-Force/Cable Annual 1996

PULSE (Kat Farrell, Jess Jones, Ben Urich) - division of the Daily Bugle
    --Pulse#1 (2-5

PULSE (Augustus    ) - ally of Mystique, thief, set up with Rogue, assisted X-Men in defeating Apocalypse
    immune to Rogue's power
    --X-Men II#174, (named) #179 (181, 182-186, 187

PULSSUS - Inhumans, Crimson Cadre
    --Fantastic Four I#398 (399, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Force#8,F4:AR2, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11

PUMA (Thomas Firehart) - Outlaws, CEO of Firehart industries, Kisanti tribe, created as defender of tribe through centuries of selective breeding, formerly consumed by Puma persona, stripped of powers by Kisani, restored by Nighshade's lycanthro-catalyst
    transform into feral human
    (D#10, M, 2007#8, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#256 (Rampaging Hulk II#6, Amz256-258, 272,273, Spectacular Spider-Man II#111, A274, Spectacular Spider-Man An7, Web of Spider-Man#50, Avengers I#304, Spec151, 154, 156, [W56], Sp157, W58, A326, W59,60, Sp161, 163, [W64],65, Sp166-168, 169,170,171(fb1-3),171,172, Marvel Comics Presents#44/4, Sp191-193, Amz395,Spec218, Spider-Man Unlimited#15, Sensational Spider-Man III#26 (fb), 26-27, 29, 33, 34, Punisher War Journal II#4, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#2 (fb), 1 (fb), 1-5

PUMICE ( ) - Warpies, Advocates, Seraphim.
    strong, rock hard + sharp
    (net-c9)--Excalibur I#62

PUMP of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--Sludge#3

PUMP, LAIRD of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--Sludge#8

    --New Warriors Annual#1/5 (An1/5(fb), An2/3

PUMPKIN CABAL of Earth-93060 - crime gang, killed by Black Tiger

PUMPKIN LEGION of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--Godwheel#3

PUMPY of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--

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