PSAMITEK of the Hyborian era - Stygian priest, worshipped Zath, killed by Conan
    --Savage Sword of Conan #208 (209, 210

PSEUDO-MAN (Clark Finark) - former politician employing Lexington Loopner in ad campaign which imploded after candidates found his birth certificate on which his acid-using parents had claimed that he was an extra-terrestrial; stole Pseudonix helmet and cannon and sought vengeance, defeated by She-Hulk.
    (app)--She-Hulk II#10 ([11(fb)], 10,11

PSEUDONICS inc (Lexington Loopner, Sharyn) - public relations company, uses illusions that force the beholder to trust them, design helmet and cannon stolen by Pseudo-Man
    (app-loopner)--She-Hulk II#10 ([11(fb)], 10,11, 19

PSI (Pablo Morales) - Brooklyn Avengers, brother of Fi/Felipe Morales, killed in recent years by Mr. Furland posing as Red Hook
    telepathic, telekinetic
    *D*--Web of Spider-Man#129.1 (October, 2012) (129.1 (fb), 129.1d)

PSI-ASSASSIN - see SLAYMASTER (app-slay)--Daredevils (UK)#

    (app)--X-Men: Premium Edition#1 (Toys ‘R US)

PSI-BORG (Aldo Ferro*) - telepath, crimelord, implanted false memories in Wolverine + others involved in Project X
    - TOPO SILICIANO/Sicilian Mouse, VOLE*--Wolverine II#62, 63

PSI-BORG (Fionna Wyman) - SHIELD II super-agent, Hydra double agent, Latverian, mutated by Latverian scientist (same scientist as Smokescream), lost life in scanner war with Network Nina after true alliance revealed
    programmed with all forms of martial arts and other combat, wf + black hair
    *D* (net-SHIELD)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#33 (34,35, 37,[38],39-45d)

PSI-CLONE - computer, able to duplicate and control the human mind
    --Incredible Hulk II#188

PSI-COPS (Check, Fielder, Psimon, Psiren, Relay, Scene Stealer)
    - organization of psionics, apparently benevolent, based underground
    --Warlock III#1 (2,3

PSIDER-MAN (Pseter Psarker) - extraterrestrial, Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man, inadvertently broadcasted own secret identity
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3

PSI-FI (Felipe Morales) - Brooklyn Avengers, named adopted by Fi after death of Psi/Pablo Morales
    telepathic, telekinetic
    FI*--Web of Spider-Man#129.2 (October, 2012)

PSI-FORCE of Earth-148611 (Michael Crawley, Anastasia Inyushin, Tyrone Jessup, Kathy Ling, Wayne Tucker, Psi-Hawk, Thomas Boyd, Lindsey Falmon, Sedara, Johnny Do)
    - New Universe
    (1980s, app)--(nu) Psi-Force#1 (1 (fb), Psi-Force Annual#1 (fb), PsiF#3 (fb), An1 (fb), PF#1-3, Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Force#1, PF#4-8, 9 (fb), 9-12, PF Annual#1, PF#13-14, 16, 17, 20 (fb), 18, 19, Justice#23/2 (fb), PF20, 21, 22, Jus#23/2, PF23/DP7#23, PF#24-25, 27-text, 26, 27, 28-29, Justice#29, PF#30, Jus#30, PF#31-32, [Starblast#3, Quasar#56, SB4, Q57], PF#32-text

PSIGHT CORPORATION - division of Gena-Sys, used to develop young human mutates, based in Geneva, Switzerland
    (app-gen)--Genetix#3 (4-6

PSIGNS OF THE TIMES (14 + 33 + 99 + 107) - mutated by Adrenamix corporation
    (app)--[Justice: Four Balance#1], 3

PSI-GIRL 2099 I+II of Earth-9602 (or an alternate future) - amalgam of Psylocke + Saturn Girl, Legion of Galactic Guardians I+II
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

PSI-HAWK of Earth-148611 - psychic entity created by merger of Psi-Force
    (app)--(nu) Psi-Force#1 (2-3, Untold Tales of the New Universe: Psi-Hawk#1, PF#4, 8, 10, PF Annual#1, PF#24, 25,Starblast#3, Quas#56, SB4, Q57?

PSI-KEY - sentient computer / protosilicon geoid, created Digitek

PSI-LORD of Earth-148611 (Walter ) - Espeople
    control minds

    alternate future counterpart, raised in Elsewhen, returned from future with Nathaniel Richards
    -TATTLETALE*, EGO-SPAWN*, AVATAR*--Fantastic Four I#376 (390(fb), Thor Corps#2, F4#376, Fantastic Four An26, F4#377-384, 386-392, Fantastic Force#1-4, Avengers I#383, FFor5-7, F4#400, 400/2,Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1,FFor8,Warlock & the Infinity Watch#41,F4#401,FFor9,F4:AR#2, FFor10-18, F4#410-413->FR)

PSIMITAR - Askani Clan weapon, focus for psionic powers, given to Cable by Order of the Askani
    --Cable II#58

PSIMON ( ) - psi-cops, brother of psiren, rebelled against her to ally self with warlock and hope, bm.
    telepathy, influence others
    --Warlock III#1, 3(named) (1-3, 4, 5,6, 7-9

PSI-NULL FIELD GENERATORS - Nth Command, blocked telepathic powers, used to prevent discovery of Operation: Purge
    (app-Nth)--Captain America I#289

PSIONIC RESONANCE DAMPENER - anklet attached to Tony Stark's ankle to prevent him from using Extremis
    --Iron Man IV#23 (24-28

PSIONEX (Asylum, Coronary, Impulse, Mathemanic, Pretty Persuasions, Asylum, Night Thrasher, Rage)
    - group of young adventurers, originals mutated and formerly controlled by Genetech
    (2007#8, net)—New Warriors I#4 (15, New Warriors Annual#4, NW#52,53, 60, 63,64, [72]

PSIONIC RESONANCE DAMPENER - created by Charles Xavier with Shi'ar technology to shut down psychics; one was adapted to curb Tony Stark's Extremis powers
    --Iron Man IV#23

PSIONICS of Earth-807128 (Cindy    ) - New Defenders, daughter of Lightwave, had affair with Human Torch-616, relocated to Nu-World
    --Fantastic Four#555 (560 (fb), 555-562

PSI-OPS (Gauntlet 1-3, commander Rafe Scanlon) - team of high-tech psi-talented operatives working for covert organization
    --X-Man#37, 41(named) (37,38, 40,41, 44, 46, 50-52

PSIPHON ( ) - battled Vengeance, used mercenaries, had them kill 71 innocents to generate rage in Vengeance, drew powers from him until he turned back into Badalino.
    psionically feeds on negative emotions to increase in size, strength, & durability, bm, white hair, transform hair into thick cables
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#147 (148, 164-166, [New Avengers Most Wanted Files]

PSIREN ( ) - psi-cops, leader, sister of psimon, assisted Warlock & Psimon in battle against Magus
    large bf.
    --Warlock III#1 (2,3, 9

PSI-SLAYER  of Earth-Thunderguard (Franklin Richards) - Fatal Force

PSI-WARRIORS of ELSEWHEN - Many slaughtered in effort to stop Vangaard
    (app-kargul)--Fantastic Force#11

PSI-WOLF (Nikolai Vonya) - leader of peristrike force, cyborg, brother of Dr. Anatoly Vonya.
    Telepathic powers, superhuman strength, sonic gun
    Dreaded One (app-pf)--[Darkhawk#16], 17 (18

PSTUN-RAGE THE VIGILANT of Earth-691 - 21st century, guarded treasures (actually old pre-invasion cereal boxes) for two decades, led soldiers against Killraven at Battle Creek, Michigan
    Used sickles and giant scythe
    *D* (app)--Amazing Adventures II#26 ([26(fb)], 26d)

PSYCATOS - ancients
    --Sub-Mariner I#10 ( Atlantis attacks 10(fb)

PSYCH of Earth-Big Town - alternate dimensional counterpart of Cyclops, Mutts
    --Fantastic Four: Big Town#1 (2-4

PSYCHE - ancient Rome, turned worshippers of Venus away from her towards herself, Cupid sent to punish her, but fell in love with her
    (app-cupid)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#9 (9(fb)

PSYCHE - see MOONSTAR. New Mutants, first identity
    --Marvel Graphic Novel#4: New Mutants (New Mutants I#1-3, Uncanny X-Men#167, NM4, Marvel Team-Up An6, X-Men Special Edition#1, Firestar#1, NM32(fb),
NM7-11, 12(fb), 12,13, X-Men/Micronauts#1-4, NM14, Magik I#3, NM14-17, [UX183], Fs2/NM18, NM19-21, New Mutants An1->mir)

PSYCHE - see PSYKOS (app-psyk)--New Eternals#1

PSYCHE of Eurth - X'Changelings, counterpart of Jean Grey
    (app-eurth)--Avataars: Champions of the Realm#2

PSYCHE GENERATOR - used by Mesmero to augment his powers
    --X-Men I#49

PSYCHE-GLOBE - used by Immortus to gather the memories of the divergent Kangs slain by the Council of Kangs, memories absorbed by "prime" Kang
    (app-cok)--Avengers I#269

PSYCHE-MAGNITRON - Kree technology
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#18
    Ms. Marvel I#4
    Avengers West Coast#80

PSYCHE-SEARCH GLOBE - Rigellian technology, given to Thor to help him locate Jane Foster
    (app)--Thor I#134

psychics - see CHORUS.
    --(group) Defenders I#102, Captain America I#268 (Def102, Cap264(fb4),264, 268(fb), Def106)
       (merged) [Defenders I#106, 109], 112 (113,114)
       (overmind) Defenders I#114 (115-117, 120-122, [150], Marvel Comics Presents#40, Quasar#12(expelled)

psychic vampires of Arcturus of Earth-Guardians - see STARHAWK’s children (app)-- Marvel Presents#9

PSYCHILDE - X-Babies, counterpart to Psylocke, original form degenerated after injured in Danger Playpen, remade in Asian form
    --Uncanny X-Men An12/2, (named) X-Babies Reborn

PSYCHO ( Slate) - Shadow Cabinet
    --Moon Knight III#38 (44

PSYCHOBABBLE ( ) - schizophrenic paranormal, defeated and imprisoned by Doc Samson, tricked and imprisoned Samson, battled Vengeance, convinced to surrender by Michael Badalino.
    form various bodies, most with super-powers, embodying variety of personalities
    -ABUSE-MONGER*, Lord of Discipline*, Manny+Moe+Jack*, Marjorie*, PAINKILLER*, postman* (
    app)--Incredible Hulk An20/2 (Marvel Comics Presents#170,171

PSYCHO-COPS (Earl Dreller, 4 others) - rogue police officers, killed paintballers with modified guns, all killed by Punisher
    *D* (app)--Punisher Summer Special#3/1 (1993)

PSYCHO-K of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - Chosen 2099
    --X-Men2099#8 (9-11, 15, 17c, 24,25

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

PSYCHO-MAN ( ) - Microverse/Sub-Atomica, Traan, would be world-conqueror, unknowingly guided to unlock secret of fear by Nox, former ally of Fredd
    uses armor + control box
    invoked Suvius
    (I#8,D#,M, FFE, OH: FF, net)--Fantastic Four Annual#5 (Dr. Strange III#33(fb)?, FF An5, Fantastic Four I#76,77, Webspinners#4-6, Micronauts I#15,16, Fantastic Four I#[279],280-284, Amazing Spider-Man An24, Spectacular Spider-Man An10, Web of Spider-Man Annual#6, F4 I#330, Fantastic Four Unlimited#8, Cable II#37-39, Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual 1998, Silver Surfer III#143-145, Warlock III#5, [Captain Marvel V#12,13],15,16, Marvel Knights 4#9-12, Fantastic Four: Foes#1, [5-6]?, Black Panther IV#31

PSYCHO-PROSTHESIS - developed by Pop Syke, worked with Diode Lizzie to stimulate belief in a single goal, allowed him to control others
    --Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/29/77

PSYCHO-WOMAN - alleged daughter of Psycho-Man, attempted to create children of Human Torch as weapons via implanting his genetic material into Amy Brys
    --Fantastic Four Annual#32

PSYCHO-PROBE - used by Sentinels to read Beast's memories
    --X-Men I#15

PSYCHORADIATOMIC MEDIOCRITIZIER of Dimension X - designed by the Scientist Supreme, used by Overlord to conquer natives of his reality

PSYCHOSIS - Realm of Madness
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#1__]

PSYCHO-WARRIORS - Mys-Tech, product of techno-wizardry and bio-occultism, product of 100 years of techno-magic know-how
    (app)--Hell's Angel#2( Motormouth & Killpower#6, Mys-TechWar#1-4, DarkA#11,12, Genetix#2, Death Metal#3,4

    --Dark Angel#14

PSYCLONE 2099 ( ) - Freakshow
    --X-Men2099#6 (7,8, 12,14

PSYCLONE 2099 - created from collective minds of hundreds of cryogenically preserved heads, caused insanity that in turn amplified its power
    --[Ghost Rider 2099#19], 21, 23(named) (21-24

psychotic race-killer - see GLOWWORM (Blake) (app)--Power Man/Iron Fist#123

PSYCHOTRON - illusion causing device used by General Ling
    (app)--Avengers I#41 (42-44

PSYCHOTRON of Earth-X-Man - merged Banner + Richards + Xavier into X-Man
    (app-xm)--What If I#2

PSYCLOPS - X-Force, part of a television show filming Doop's adventures
X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "X-Force: Primetime Doop"

PSYKLOP ( ) - semi-humanoid/insectoid, claimed to be survivor from race evolved from insects that once dominated the Earth, worshipped Dark Gods of k'ai.
    single compound eye, hypnotic powers, flexible joint
    (M, 1970s, app)—Avengers I#88 (88(fb), 88, Incredible Hulk II#140, [OHotMU ME: Psyklop], Hulk#203(fb), [156(fb), 203(fb)], 202,203

PSYKO (Jeremy "Romeo" Roscoe, merged with N’ogskakk) -

PSYKOS - Eternals, New Breed
    -Psyche, Ronnie Sykes (app)--New Eternals#1

PSYK-OUT ( ) -
    --Wonder Man II#28 (29

PSYLOCKE (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) - mutant, x-men, former agent of strike psi-division + rcx, sister of captain britain, daughter of human and native of otherworld, badly beaten and blinded by slaymaster, given prosthetic eyes by mojo, mind placed into body of kwannon and partially mentally merged with her by matsuo tsurayaba and mandarin after traveling through siege perilous, badly injured by sabretooth, life saved by exposure to the crimson dawn, gained ability to phase in + out of shadows due to experience with ebon vein, sacrificed all mental powers in order to imprison the shadow king, seemingly slain by Vargas, mysteriously reappeared in Valencia after being remade to be immune to reality manipulation
    -CAPTAIN BRITAIN*, LADY MANDARIN  (U#5, M, 198, net) <chronology incomplete>--(UK)Captain Britain I#8 (9,10, 12, 15, 18, 20,21, 31, 39, [Daredevils#2],3, 4, 8-11, Mighty World of Marvel#8,9, 13, 16, Captain Britain II#1, 5-9, 12-14);
    New Mutants Annual#2 ( New Mutants I#46, Uncanny X-Men#212-214, Meph vs...#3,4, UX215-217, 218, 228(fb), 219, Fantastic Four vs X-Men#1-4, X-Men vs Avengers#1-4, Uncanny X-Men Annual#11, UX221-224, Incredible Hulk II#340, UX225-227, 229,230, X-Factor Annual#3, UX232-234, UX An12, UX235-241,[XFac37],UX242,XFac38, UX243,XFac39,UX244, UX An13/2, UX245, UX An13, Marvel Super-Heroes III#6-8, UX246-248, 249(fb), Wolverine II#21, UX249-251, 255-258, 261, UX An14/2, UX268, 271, NewMut96,UX272,NM97,XFac62,[Excalibur I#41], UX273-278,XFac69,UX280, Damage Control III#4, X-Men II#1-7,
    Hell's Angel#2-5, X-Men Unlimited#47/2(fb), 47/2(fb), Battletide I#1-4, Dark Angel#7,8, Ex55,56 UX328, Sabretooth Special Edition#1, UX329,330, Cable II#31, UX333, Archangel#1, Cab II#31, X57, UX338, Psylocke/Archangel: Crimson Dawn#1-4, UX348-350, 353,X73, Wolv125,126, X77,78/Generation X#42, Ex125,UX368,X88, Contest of Champions II#1-4,[5],
    UX375,X96,Wolverine#146, UX377, X-51#7,8, UX379, Iron Fist/Wolverine#2-4, X-Treme X-Men#
    UX455(fb), 472 (fb), 455-459, X174, Uncanny X-Men#462-465 (HoM)
    , New Excalibur#1-3, 4, UX472-474, Uncanny X-Men Annual II#1, New Excalibur#8-9

PSYLOCKE (Matt Coris) - X-Force (M Branch), one of the first to die
    *D* (app-xfor)--[Cloak & Dagger III#9] (10(fb), [10d]

PSYNAPSE ( ) - Dark Riders, apparently killed by other members, incinerated by energy released with attempt to tap into powers of X-Man / Nate Grey.
    small humanoid, psychic powers
    *D* (net)--X-Factor I#65 ( X-Men II#21"d", X-Man#46

PSYPHON - potential future version of Death's Head-Minion, immense + dwells in the Bewilderness
    (app)--Death's Head III#14/2 (Death's Head Gold#3

PTAH race (M’Reel) - extradimensional warrior race, pretended to be allied with Graviton to escape their prison, forced back by Graviton and Thunderbolts
    --Thunderbolts#17 (17(fb) [Tb51,Thunderbolts: Life Sentences,Tb55-57],58 (Wolverine: Best There Is#9

PTAH MEKRI of the Hyborian era - Stygian circa 13, 000 bc, Black Ring, partially revived by Thutothemes circa 10,000 B.C., but process interrupted, leaving him in zombie-like state
    (app-thut) --Savage Sword of Conan#10

PTAHUACAN of the Hyborian era - site to which survivors of Atlantis escaped via vril-powered flying ships, many worshipped Xotli
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

PTAKR - Skrull, former emissary of Krylor to Zenn-La, Surfer defeated his effort to force their alliance, killed by
    --Silver Surfer III#2 (3d)

PTEOR of the Hyborian era - Shemite god, nonhuman, patron of Pelishtia (Shem), worshipped in Alkmeenon and Asgalun.
    horned, pot-bellied creature
    <pictured in Savage Sword of Conan#25, p36; and #36, p25>>--Conan the Warrior book; [Savage Sword of Conan#25]

pterodactyl - fossils found and skeleton reassembled in modern era, brought to life by gases released from NASA experiment, died after crashed into mirror image of itself
    *D* (app)--Monsters on the Prowl#15/3


PTEROMEN - H.A.T.E. warrior squadron, attacked Monica Rambeau
    ASSAULT PTEROSUIT FLOCK (app)--Nextwave#5 (6

PTERON race (Khalf, Phangor) - Savage Land, winged reptilian/humanoids, frequent enemies of Ka-Zar
    (D#19)--Kazar the Savage I#2

PTERORISTS - group of humanoid-insectoids apparently spawned from Agent Axis, created by necromancer Dr. Jonas Wilhelm Eckhardt
    --Invaders III#2 (3, 6

PTERRONS of the Hyborian era - agents of Sutro
    (app-sut)--Conan newspaper strip (9-10/1978); Marvel Treasury Edition#23

PTLL PAWOB of Jarella’s World (Fialan) - assassins, used Fear Machine
    (app-visis)--Incredible Hulk II#148?

PTOL, VASPAS of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Yellow Druid, foe of Thongor
    --Creatures on the Loose #26 (28

PTOR-NUBIS of the Hyborian era - Black Ring, sent to Asgalun by Ctesphon II to oversee Nim-Karrak
    --Conan the Barbarian I#72

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