NESBIT, Dr. ALBERT - discovered tears dripping from the eyes of a statue of the Midgard Serpent. Analyzing the tears in his laboratory, he discovered them to be a universal solvent, capable of dissolving anything
    --Marvel Tales I#150 (1950s)

NESBITT, "POPS" - Former member of the IRA, led large criminal organization, set trap to kill former employees after his death
    *D* --[Punisher VII#7] (10(fb), [12(fb)])

NESS - see WITNESS--X-Man#39

NESSIE (    ) - London Morlocks
    Aquatic female
X-Men: Watchers on the Walls

NESSUS - centaur, attempted to kidnap Deianira, killed by Heracles with arrow dipped in blood of Hydra, created "love charm" for Deianira that killed Heracles
    *D* (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/2 (1/2(dies) / Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (fb3d) / Incredible Hulk#113

NEST (Agni, Brahma, Kali, Ratri, Shiva, Vishnu, Yama Dharma)
    - group of scientists modeled after Hindu gods, merged into single entity and shot into space
    -entity*, LORDs of LIGHT and DARKNESS*--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

NEST, the - Chandilar, incubation facility for Shi'ar embryos
    --Uncanny X-Men#344

NESTERS, RAY - professional football player for the New York Mammoths, brother of Tony, paid to lose by the Rose, ultimately admitted his actions
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#253

NESTERS, TONY - brother of Ray
    (app-rn)--Amazing Spider-Man I#253

NESTOR - @ 500 BC, former Inhuman ruler, directed construction of anti-gravity city for Bird People to acquiesce to Kylus, ordered their tether to be cut to cause them to drift free due to their growing animosity and hostility
    --Thor Annual#12/2

NESTOR - enigmatic cloaked man, gave assistance and moral advice to Quicksilver, wore helmet similar to Magneto, possible figment of Quicksilver’s imagination.
    (app)--Quicksilver#8 (12, 13

NESTOR, GARCIA - bartender for Cerveza Fria, old friend of Wolverine
    --Wolverine III#7 (8-11

NESTOR, NED - framed man for murder in scheme to obtain ownership of song lyrics; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#75 (August, 1946)

NESTOR, PATRICK - Roxxon Oil company spokesman, discussed Roxxon's day of closed business to honor Captain America
    --Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1 

NESTOR, ROCKY - patron of Lazer Club, eyewitness to Human Torch incident, claimed Torch provoked incident, interviewed by Terry Morrow
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

NESTORIAMUS of Brak’s world - first worshipper of the Nameless God
    --[Savage Tales I#7/2]

NET GLIDERS - cyberspace guild, including Duke Stratosphere
    --[2099 Unlimited#3]

NETAR – sea ray ridden by Subbie for transport
    (app-Subbie)--Kid Komics#1

NETH-AT of the Hyborian era - exiled Stygian living in the swamps by Viper's Head, mortally wounded Sabia, slain by swamp creatures
    (app-sabia)--Conan the Barbarian I#82 (83

Nether-Devil of the Hyborian era - see Demon-Thing--Conan the Barbarian Annual#5

NETHER GODS (Mandrac, Necromon, at least one other) - presumably from the Netherworld of Otherworld, three were seen
    --Marvel Super-Heroes II#17 ([Hulk Comic#1, 3-21], 22/2-25/2, 26-30, 42-44], 45,[46,47],48,[49-54],55,[57-59],60-62,63

Netherlands mutate (    ) - afflicted by Zemo's plague during World War II, secretly survived and observed the Invaders' destruction of his mutated townsmen, reactivated the curse in modern years, slain by Zola when tried to reverse this after learning his own family opposed this
    *D*--Invaders Now#3 (2011) (4 (fb), 3-5d)

NETHERSPAWN - see THOG (app-thog)--Adventures into Fear#11

NETHERWORLD (Kala, Baxi) - subterranean realm of Kala, populated by descendents of inhabitants of a city on pre-cataclysmic Atlantis, enclosed city in protective dome as protection from Deviant attack, survived sinking of Atlantis, settled into huge cavern beneath the floor of the Atlantic ocean, developed advanced weaponry under Kala, planned to take over surface world, but discovered that natives age rapidly on exposure to surface atmosphere
    --Tales of Suspense I#43

NETHERWORLD of ETERNAL DOOM (Demon of the Mask) - mystic realm, encountered by Dr. Strange on his quest to learn the secret of Eternity, possibly destroyed by Strange
    (app-demon)--Strange Tales I#136

NETHERWORLD of GULGOL dim (Gulgol) - mystic realm
    (app-gulgol)--[Strange Tales I#122]

NETHERWORLD of OTHERWORLD (Necromon, Mandrac, Nightshade, Wolfsbane, evil walkers, Doomwraiths, White Rider, Gog, Maegog)
    - border realm populated by demonic entities, battled forces of Merlyn
    --(UK) Hulk comic#45/2

NETMAN (Charley Boswell) - fifth columnist, masqueraded as mayor’s assistant to capture Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    white male, bald, wore red, hooded robe   
    or NET-MAN?--Captain America Comics#10 (January, 1942)

NET PROPHET 2099 (John Tensen) - future version of Justice of Earth-New Universe
    (2006#6-Justice, app-justice)--Spider-Man 2099#12 (13,14, An1, Spdm2099#25, 40-42, 44

NETREDI race - worshipped race of gods who sacrificed themselves for their worshippers every 10,000 years; at least one village was slaughtered by undead past gods summoned by Nebula
    --Asgardians of the Galaxy#2

NETREDI gods - worshipped by Netredi, sacrificed themselves for their worshippers every 10,000 years, reborn via Netredi worship; undead past cycles of gods were used by Nebula via the Naglfar Beacon
    (app)--Asgardians of the Galaxy#2 (3)

NETSHAPE (Jonathon Gatesworth) - invented suit enabling him to form + animate solid forms around himself, formerly of Compuboot?
    "NETSHAPE" (app)--Green Goblin#9

NETTLE ( ) - Parasites, possibly killed by Quill.
    paralyzing spikes
    (app-par)--Captain Britain II#13/5 (14/4

NETTLES - Asgardian Rock Troll
    --X-Men Unlimited#22

NETWORK - Hellbent, killed by Manx.
    female, teleport others thru portal
    *D* (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#50d

NETWORK (Sarah Vale) - mutant, Xavier Institute, Alpha Squadron
    interact with machines, makes the follow commands
    (New X-Men Yearbook)--[New X-Men: Academy X#4], 13, (named) New X-Men Yearbook ([NX:AX#4], 13-14

NETWORK (Valerie Martin) - captured in Civil War
    (CWBDR, app)--Civil War: Frontline#4 ([4/4], Civil War#6-[7]

NETWORK of Earth-8545 - the city/society of the Vi-Locks
    --Exiles#20 (20(fb), 20-22

NETWORK of Earth-148611 - see TUCKER, WAYNE (pf21-wt, app)--PsiForce(nu)#1

NETWORK NINA ( ) - SHIELD II, ESPer, possible former lover of Nick Fury, quit as an ESPer, re-recruited by Fury after forming SHIELD II, killed Psi-Borg in combat, helped break through brainwashing of those replaced by Deltites, slain by Baron Strucker
    pick up psychic emanations from objects, scan minds
    (net)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#2 (3-9, Motormouth/Killpower#1-3,[4],5, NF10-20, 22-26, Punisher: POV#2-4, NF27-30, 45

NEUHAUS, BILLY - NYPD, worked in evidence lock-up, paid by Vinnie DeGliato to steal the Tablet of Life and Time for him
    (app-tablet-life&destiny)--Spider-Man: Life and Destiny#2 ([2 (fb)], 2

NEURAL BEAST - creature of unknown origin that Sigmar kept in his lab at Polaria, used by Sigmar to learn the location of the Weapon from Ikaris
    Probes the minds of victims to uncover their secrets
    --Eternals I#18

NEURAL NET - Omega Core, VR center

NEURI (Helmut, Rutger) - yeti-like creatures, tap into Alshra, mistaken for monsters by humanity, many from village outside of Winzeldorf were attacked and killed by der Jahrmacht
    --Wolverine: Bloodlust (W:B(fb), W:B, Marvel Comics Presents#103(fb), 101-108, Excalibur I#46

NEURO-BRAIN TAP - technology
    --Tales of Suspense I#80

NEURODANCER of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - female, covert agent, bald with ponytail
    --Ghost Rider 2099#16 (17-19, 23, 25

NEURO-LANCES - Kree technology, adapted by Sakaarians and used in conjunction with Obedience Disks; project powerful charge through target's nervous system
    (app)--Incredible Hulk III#93

NEURONNE of Earth-93060 ( ) - TNTNT

    temporarily enslave others after brief contact
    (app-ngrith)--Marvel Fanfare I#60

NEUROTAP (Michelle Balters) - mutant, Triple X, parents in vegetative coma as a result of the first release of her powers, allowed herself to be test subject for Henry Martin Strong in exchange for paying her family’s medical bills, quit + allied self with Rictor and Shatterstar.
    send electric pulse thru nervous system of others esp. optic nerves via eye contact
    (app)--X-Force Annual#2 (X-Force Annual 1999

NEURO-TARGETING OXY-SPRAY - used by Code: Blue to subdue She-Hulk of Earth-721
    --She-Hulk II#21

NEUROTICA - demon from Realm of Madness


NEUT - space phantom?, ally of kang during the crossing, killed Gilgamesh
    --Avengers I#391 (Avengers: Crossing, Iron Man I 322, Avengers#393,394

NEUTRALIZER - weapon used by Rom.
    neutralize variety of energy forms, banish Dire Wraiths to Limbo

NEUTRALIZER - weapon built by Forge, used to temporarily remove powers of Storm, rebuilt into space platform used to banish Wraithworld, virtually all subsequently destroyed, one used by Mystique on Wolfsbane    
    -Forge’s Neutralizer*--Uncanny X-Men#184

NEUTRALIZER (  Burstyn) - partner of Fawlkes, stole ideas from companies they worked for to design exo-skeleton, defeated by Iron Man early in career.
    used microchip to neutralize energy sources
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#58/4 ([58/4(fb)], 58/4

NEUTRALIZER HELMET - designed by Zuras, used to contain the mental powers of Dromedan
    (app-drom)--Eternals I#16 (17, Thor Annual#7, Real Heroes#1

NEUTRALODE - weapon of Atom Smasher (Michael English), damaged in battle with Bill Foster, exploded
    unleash deadly neutron rays which preserved the environment, allowing looting
    (app-as)--Marvel Two-In-One#85

NEUTRINO ANNIHILATOR (Kirk ) - leader of Magnetic North, presumably expelled from Empire State University, gained respect for Chamber after he easily defeated the rest of the group.
    superhuman strength, monstrous appearance
    --Chamber#1 (2, 3

NEUTRINO SHELLS - bullets fired from Fixer's gun
    --Strange Tales I#141

NEUTRON - Imperial Guard, Stygian (extra-terrestrial)
    -QUASAR*--Avengers West Coast#81 (Quasar I#33, 45,46, Uncanny X-Men#387, Inhumans IV#3-4, X-Men II#124-126

    New Genix
    (app-newgenix)--Marvel Comics Presents#    50

NEUTRON BUM ( ) - homeless man mutated by nuclear waste, caused explosions when others refused to buy him a cup of coffee
    Create and survive nuclear explosions
    (app)--Slapstick#3 (4

NEUTRON DISINTEGRATOR of Earth-Howard the Duck movie adaptation - designed by the government, used by Howard and Blumburtt to purge the Dark Overlord from Jenning and to destroy the Laser Spectroscope
    (app-darkoverlord)--Marvel Super Special#41

NEUTRON KNIGHTS of Earth-Who - soldiers in Catavolcus’ army of conquest, slain by the explosion of the Dragon bomb
    (app-cata)--Dr. Who magazine#60

NEUTRON MISTS - used to temporarily dampen Jack of Hearts’ powers so he can remove his armor, designed by Tony Stark and SHIELD I
    --Marvel Premiere#44

NEUTRONIC IMPLODER of Earth-Fragmented America
    - created by Professor Teller, weapon, destroyed by Iron Man
    *Des* (app-efa)--Iron Man I#80 (80d)

NEUTRONIUM, ENCAPSULATED - see ENCAPSULATED NEUTRONIUM--Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue (1991)

NEVADA (    ) - chorus girl, partner of Bolero
    --Howard the Duck #16, Vertigo's Winter's Edge #1/7, Nevada #1-6, Vertigo's Winter's Edge '2/9

NEVERHOW - dimension accessed during journey to the Citadel of the Universal Amalgamator
    --[Generation X#37]

NEVERLAND (Ape, Bulwark, Diamond Lil, Maggott, Random, Reaper, Cecilia Reyes, Tar Baby, Wildside)
    - mutant detention facility for Weapon X, run by Dr. Windsor (actually Mr. Sinister), guarded by Boxbots, prisoners kept powerless by Leech
    --Weapon X II#5
    , Uncanny X-Men#489/2, X-Factor III#22/2, X-Men II#204/2

NEVERMIND (Reardon)- mutant.
    control others by wrapping around their skulls
    *D*--Incredible Hulk II#327, 330 ([330(fb)], 327, 329,330

NEVER NEVER LAND dim - created by Sunset Grace
    --X-Men II#35

NEVERNEVERNARNIOZBIA dim - fictional realm created by Franklin Richards to escape the reality of the loss of his parents
    --Daydreamers#1 (2

NEVER-SUMMER (Beaver tribe, Snowslayers, Wolverine tribe) - became progressively more frigid over time until Karza's attempt to destroy the world with the Sunscope was foiled when the Wolverine tribe leader Ojeeg sacrificed himself, destroying the Sunscope, which restored warmer climates to the planet
    - Microverse planet
    (app)--Micronauts I#57 ([57(fb)], 57

NEVILLE, ALTHEA - New Orleans, singer for the Streetcar Barn
    (app-king-cake killer)--Namor I#51

NEVILLE, KATHLEEN "KATE" - SHIELD II, director of ordinance, former lover of Nick Fury, met him when Fury infiltrated the SHIELD depot in which she was stationed, relationship suffered following SHIELD Central massacre, assisted in defeat of Deltites, killed in an iron maiden by Baron Strucker in front of Fury
    *D* (U#5,net,net-fury)--Nick Fury vs SHIELD#3 (4-6, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#1-9, Motormouth/Killpower#1-5, [NF11], 12-20, 22, 25,26, Daredevil I#298, NF27, 30,31, 42,43, 46,47d)

NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION (Col. Joseph Fryer. Paul, Tulie, 5 others)
    - anti-Semitic militia seeking to rid America of the mongrel races, saw themselves as patriots, based out of Sherrill Kansas, destroyed by Punisher
    (app)--Punisher II#3

NEW ASGARD of Earth-Amalgam - twin planet of Apokalips
    --Bullets & Bracelets#1 (Thorion#1

NEW ATLANTEANS 2099 (Dragonklaw, Roman) - mutates created by Alchemax
    --Ravage 2099#5 (6,7, Spider-Man 2099#43,44

NEW ATLANTIS - where Atlanteans settles after surfacing of Atlantis by Morgan le Fay.
    MARITANIS--Silver Surfer III#124 (Marvel Team-Up II#8, New Warriors II#3

NEW ATLANTIS 2099 - undersea city of New Atlanteans
    --Ravage 2099#5(7, Spider-Man 2099#43

NEW ATTILAN - Blue Area of the Moon, second city built by Inhumans
    --Fantastic Four III#68

NEW AVALON - haven for mutants serving exodus
    --Magneto#1 (2-4, Excalibur I#106

NEW AVENGERS - see AVENGERS sub-section New Avengers
    Name for underground Avengers following the Civil War

NEW BEULAH - Montana town, former home to Lucas Collier, gun-toting nurses serving Zadkiel, Wojciehowicz, and the undead denizens of Highway 18
    --Ghost Rider VI#20 (22 (fb), 20-23

NEW BERLIN (Eber, Reinhold & Sigmund Fell, Inhuman Torch, Karlchen, Korbus, Sophie Schatz, Freya Schwarz) - subterranean city, built by Dr. Reinhold Fell as if Nazis had won World War II, populated by non-inflammatory synthozoids similar to the Torch; left to rebuild after destruction of Inhuman Torch and Sigmund Fell
    --Torch#5 (2010) (6-8

NEW BREED (Ceasefire, Chi Demon, Corona, Mesmer, Psyche, Sovereign, Sparx, Tomorrow Hawk, Warhead)
    - group composed of majority of eternals remaining on earth and one deviant posing as a team of superhumans in order to act publicly
    --Eternals: Apocalypse Now

NEW CANAAN of "Earth-7643" - location on Stormking
    --Marvel Premiere#32

NEW CANAANITES 4000 (Haight, ’Strator Porus, 'Stator Umbridge, Columbus, D’Von Kray)
    - attempted to fill power vacuum after Apocalypse died
    -- (Askani’son#1-4, Cable II#1,2

NEW CHAMPIONS - see CHAMPIONS of XANDAR. original name--Nova I#24

NEW CHURCH of CONSECRATED LIGHT - formerly worshipped Mrs. Gray as the Angelus Orbelus
    --Hulk: Nightmerica#4

NEW DEFENDERS (Robert Bruce Banner Jr., Hooded Man, Lightwave, Psionics, Sue Richards, Alex Ultron, Natalie X)
    - surviving superhumans from Earth-807128, attempted to transport their Earth's population to 21st century Earth, diverted to Nu-World via Reed & Sue Richards + Alyssa Moy, relocated to Nu-World
    --Fantastic Four#558 (560 (fb), 558-562

NEW ENFORCERS - short-lived shadow consortium
    inner circle (Controller, Fixer, Madame Menace, Mentallo, Mr. Fear (Fagan))
    field agents (Blitz, Dragon Man, Dreadnought, Eel (Lavell), Plantman, Super-Adaptoid, Tangle, Thermite, Vanisher)
    ENFORCERS* (M, app)--Web of Spider-Man#98, 99 (100

NEW GENIX (Allegra, Blue Shark, Bombadier, Meridian, Munchkin/Neutron)
    - teenagers mutated by fortress, believe they live in 3065
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#150 (175(named)

NEW GENOSHA - New York?, briefly taken over by Magneto?
    --X-Men II#147, (named) 148

NEWHOUSE, TANIS of Earth-148611 - clinic, replaced Voigt as its head

NEW IMMORTALS (Analyzer/Deus Ex Machina, Juvan, Nobilus, Zon)
    - created/empowered by High Evolutionary, based on cell samples of Thor and utilizing the Pool of Knowledge
    (app)--Thor I#420 ([408, 419], 420, 422-425, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#3,4, 447/2-450/2, 473(fb), 482-484

NEW JERSEY ASSEMBLY of Earth-80521 - governing body, employed the Turnpike Authority, slaughtered by Sophie Pettit
    --Cable II#5

"NEW KEHIL" - planet of the Kehilla, located for them by Nova (Frankie Raye)
    --Marvel Comics Presents#96/2

"NEW KESTOR" - Negative Zone, a virtually perfect match for Kestor, its lush flora and open spaces proved to be a horror to the crew of the Kestor's Hope, who left it behind
    (app-kest)--Fantastic Four I#253

NEWKIRK, Dr. PHIL, confirmed chemical imbalance in Man-Eater's brain
   --Silver Sable#27

NEW KORBIN - home of the surviving Korbinites after the Axi-Tun slaughtered, consumed by Galactus
   *Des*--Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1

NEWLAN of Earth-791 - native of Bovric, ally of Sinjin Quarrell

NEW LEMURIA - city built below New York inside a subway tunnel to temporarily replace Deviant Lemuria, ruled by Brother Tode and Kro
    --Thor I#286 (287

NEW LIBERTY of Earth-12872 (Hope; Cable, Messiah Child)
    - doesn't exist in maps of past, present, in future; traces discovered in Cable's timeline, which led him to seek it out as a place to hide the Messiah Child;
    force field protected settlement
    --Cable II#7

NEW LIFE CLINIC - run by Dr. Lionel Jeffries/Scramble, used as front for government funded research to engage in own experimentation.
    --Alpha Flight I#43

    human form adopted post-Ragnarok--Thor III#4

NEWMAN, BRIAN - musician, managed by Mr. Gruska, became wealthy producing music for Mr. Berengetti, eventually quit making popular music and worked on own symphony, which impressed Joe Fixit
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#38/3

NEWMAN, TED - musician/hunter, started shooting on the Bill Hammer show when a guest started shooting at Howard the Duck, tasered by Howard after accidentally shooting Hammer, but another shot hit Dick Wittingly
    uses combined guitar/rifle
    BUFFALO CITY BADMAN*--Howard the Duck IV#2

NEWMARK, LOTUS - see LOTUS (AZU#2)--Avengers Spotlight#30

NEW MEN (Animen, Animutants, Barrachuudar, Bobo, Bova, Civit, Cult of the Jackal, Eaglus, Equius, Haukk, Inheritor, Jackal-Man, Knights of Wundagore, Kohbra, Lizhardus, Lycrus, Man-Beast, Monck, Phrogg, Pih-Junn, Porcunius, Reynar, Reynardo, Rhodan, Snakar,Tabur, Triax, Weezhil)
    (2007#8)--Thor I#132
    Thor I#132-135, Tales to Astonish I#94-96, Marvel Premiere I#1-2, Warlock I#1-3, Incredible Hulk I#158, Warlock#4-5, 8, Incredible Hulk#176-177, Iron Man I#110-112, Giant-Size Avengers#1, Marvel Spotlight I#32, Spectacular Spider-Man II#15,  Avengers I#185-187, Marvel Two-In-One I#74, Spider-Woman I#37, Vision and Scarlet Witch I#4, Avengers#245, Amazing Spider-Man I#283, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#22, X-Men Annual I#12, Web of Spider-Man Annual#4, West Coast Avengers Annual#3, Avengers Annual#17, 
Thor I#406-407, 423, 425, Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#9 (or 19?),
Warlock and the Infinity Watch#3, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack I#12, Thor#448, 472-473, 479, Avengers#381-382, Thor482, Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand, Quicksilver#7(fb2), Excalibur I#113, Quick#1-3, 4(fb), 5-10, Heroes for Hire#15, Q11, HH16, Q12, HH/Q Annual 1998, HH17, Q13, Uncanny X-Men#488/2, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four I#3, X-Factor III#21/2, Wolverine: First Class#3-4, Mighty Avengers I#21-22, Fantastic Four V#575, Iron Man/Thor#2-4, Defenders IV#1-3, Iron Man V#10, Avengers V#13, New Warriors V#1-2, Superior Foes of Spider-Man I#11, New Warriors#5-8, 10, Uncanny Avengers#1-5, Vision II#7, Scarlet Witch II#8, 11, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe#1, Ultimates II#6, 8, Secret Empire#5, Ultimates II#9, 100, Avengers#672, Champions II#14, Av674, Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider I#14, Venom IV#1, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#37, Amazing Spider-Man V#11, 17, 20, Unstoppable Wasp II#7, Amazing Spider-Man#22, Punisher Kill Krew#2, UnbeastSquirrel#49, Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle#1, Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula#1, Spider-Woman VII#6, X-Men VI#3, 5, X-Men and Moon Girl#1
    Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex#1-2,

NEW MEN - more primitive version, designed by Sinister when he took over the High Evolutionary’s citadel
    --Uncanny X-Men#380

NEW MUSICIANS of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Team of Clarinetto, battled Power Pachyderms
    Celebrity impersonators who resembled Willie Nelson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, and Cindy Lauper
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

NEW MUTANTS - see Magneto’s mutates
    (app-mgm)--Amazing Adventures II#9

NEW MUTANTS (Cannonball, Karma, Psyche, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Magma, Magik, Mirage, Warlock, Cypher, Bird Brain, Gossamyr, Boom Boom, Rusty Collins, Rictor, Skids, Feral, Shatterstar, Warpath)
    - third group of adolescent mutants organized by professor xavier, later trained by magneto, x-factor, and cable, reorganized into x-force
    (D#8, 1980s)--Marvel Graphic Novel#4 (New Mutants I#1-3,UXM165,NM4
    NM36,PowP#20,NM37 NM66,PowP#40,NM An4,4/2

    - another team of young mutants brought to Xavier Institute
    (New X-Men Yearbook)--New Mutants II#1 (2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7-12, New X-Men: Academy X#1-6, 7-9, UX460-461, NXM:AX#10-12, 13, 14-15, New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook, NXM:AX#16-19, New X-Men#20

NEW MUTANTS of "Earth-1037" (Frodo, Lys, Tarf, Trago)
    - four mutants grown from test tube by Reed Richards, planned to use as first soldiers in a new war against Earth
    (app)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "New Mutants: First Soldiers"

    (Secrets of the House of M)--

NEW ONES - see GENESPAWN--Bloodseed#1

NEW ORGONON (Jack Larouquette, Arich Schnellageister, Weed)
    - cult formed by Arich Schnellageister in Maine allegedly based on harnessing Orgone energy, actually served as the means for Schnellageister to put others under control of the Weed; destroyed by Doc Samson and his allies
    --Doc Samson II#2 ([2 (fb)], 2

NEW PANGEA - Atlantean province, site at which Nitro was held
    --Wolverine III#45

NEW PARAMOUNTS (Bulk, Charlie America, Forbush-Man, Giant-Sam) - superhumans engineered by Number None based on characters from Not Brand Ecch comic
     - agents of Beyond Corporation, defeated by Nextwave

        --[Nextwave#8], 9 (9 (fb), [8], 9-10

NEW POPULIST PARTY (Samuel T. Underwood)
    - third-party political group, attempted to make Captain America run for president
    --Captain America I#250

NEW RIGEL-3 - new home for Rigellians after Thanos destroyed Rigel-3

NEW SALEM - home of witches, located in deserts of Colorado, mystically cloaked from normal vision
    --Fantastic Four I#185 (186, Fantastic Four Annual#14, Fantastic Four#223, Vision and Scarlet Witch II#3

NEW SEED of Earth-2001:ASO (David Bowman, Woodrow Decker, Vera Gentry, Harvey Norton, Gordon Pruett, presumably others)
- form assumed by those who die and travel through the Monolith, becoming infant-like creature with cosmic powers that travel and explore the universe
    (app)--2001: A Space Odyssey#1 (Marvel Treasury Edition: 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2001:ASO#1-7

"NEW SOCIETY" - underground town designed by Morton Erg/Gopher, patterned after world of 1910
    (app-gopher)--Howard the Duck I#32

NEW STATE ASSEMBLY of Earth-80521 - took over USA following the Superstorm, possibly another name for New Jersey Assembly (or a larger governing body)
    --Cable II#3 (3 (fb)

NEW SON of Earth-9921 ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Gambit, employed Courier, raised by Alpha-One, former mentor of his world’s X-Men & Fantastic Four, attempted to use powers to resurrect Old Kingdom which resulted in chain reaction that destroyed all life on his earth, planned to create new earth to move people after original became uninhabitable, plans altered with relocation of Counter Earth-Franklin, began seeking new dimensions via Quiet Bill, rescued Gambit from Anarctica, employed Gambit to obtain artifact from Gharba Hsien’s temple, pushed Gambit to develop powers further, sought to destroy Gambit to prevent his powers from destroying Earth-616, powers overloaded by Gambit, impaled on statue
    NEW SUN, X-CUTIONER* (2007#8, net)--[Gambit III#1], 15 ([#1/2, 1-3, 7,8, 10,11], 15, 16(fb2), 17-19], Gambit Annual 2000, Gambit#22, 23, 24

NEW SUN - see NEW SON (2007#8)--Gambit III#

NEW TIMBETPAL (Sons of Yinsen) - flying city, created by Sons of Yinsen
    --[Iron Man III#31], 32 (Iron Man Annual 2000 (fb3), [Iron Man#31], 32, Annual 2000

NEW ULM NUCLEAR POWER PLANT - Minnesota, assaulted by Cobalt Man imposter/Iron Man as ploy to get him in with the Thunderbolts

NEW UNIVERSE dimension - see Earth-New Universe/148611
    --(nu) Starbrand#1; Quasar I#32

NEW WARRIORS (Firestar, Marvel Boy (Astrovik), Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova, Speedball, Silhouette, Rage, Kymaera, Justice, Carlton LaFroyge, Dagger, Darkhawk, Powerpax, Turbo, Timeslip, Powerhouse, Helix, Bolt, Aegis, Ultragirl, Slapstick, Microbe, Debrii)
    - band of teenage heroes, several killed by explosion caused by Nitro after they ambushed him
    (OH: Teams, Civil War, CWBDR, net)--Thor I#411 (New Warriors I#1,2, Thor411,412, NW3, New Mutants An7,New Warriors An1,Uncanny X-Men An15,X-Factor An6, Damage Control III#1,2,
    Amazing Spider-Man An26, Spectacular Spider-Man An12, Web of Spider-Man An8,New Warriors An2,
    Captain America: Drug War, Quasar I#60, Darkhawk#26-29,
    Night Thrasher II#15-18, Avengers I#341, NW#61,Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha,Spec227,NW#62,63, Marvel Comics Presents#159/2,160/2,161/3,162/4,165/3, Green Goblin#2, NW66,Web of Scarlet Spider#3,NW67,WSS#4, NW68-72, Venom: The Hunted#2/2,3/2, NW73-75, Ultra-Girl#2,3, Thunderbolts I#8,10, Avengers: Initiative#10 (fb), Avengers III#1-3, Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, Wolverine II#134, Av13, Nova III#1,3, New Warriors II#0, 1,2, [Contest of Champions II#1,2],3,[4,5], Nova7 NW3,4 Generation X#59, NW5, Ant-Man’s Big X-Mas, Wolverine II#149, NW6-10, Maximum Security#1, 3, Thunderbolts#57, New Thunderbolts#6, New Thunderbolts#12, New Warriors III#3(fb), 1-6, Civil War#1, She-Hulk II#8

NEW WARRIORS (Hindsight Lad, Bandit, Turbo, Darkhawk, Dagger, Powerpax)
    - all joined as part-time members
    --New Warriors I#48, 49 (50)

NEW WARRIORS (Blackwing, Decibel, Longstrike (deceased), Night Thrasher, Phaser, Renascence, Ripcord, Skybolt, Tempest, Wondra)
    - defied Superhuman Registration Act. secretly funded by Tony Stark, assisted by Aja, Grace, & Kaz
    --New Warriors  IV#1 ([1 (fb)], 1, [2 (fb)], 2-6, 7-8, 9 (fb), 9-13

NEW WARRIORS of Earth-982 (Buzz, Green Goblin/Urich, Ladyhawks, Raptor, Spider-Girl)
    - organized by Spider-Girl to take down Angelface and Funny Face
    --Spider-Girl#42 (43, 44, 46, 50, 56, 70, 77,78, Last Hero Standing#1-5

NEW WARRIORS of "Earth-2023" (Muse, Namorita, Nova, Speedball) - manipulated into re-forming and attacking heroes by Muse and Mister Nimbus
    (app)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - New Warriors: The Godsend

NEW WAVE (Jared(d), Portia, Outriders) - cultists following silence and dust, given powers by psi-enhancement drug that is eventually fatal
    --Dazzler#41 (42

NEW WORLD pocket dimension of Earth-93060 (
    Avengers-Black Knight(Alec Swan)-super soldier serum; Black Widow (Jan Van Dyne)-formerly Wasp; Prototype 2.0 (Jimmy Ruiz); Quicksilver-black man; Thor; Topaz)
    Avengers Stockade, Bill Clinton, Fantastic Four (Mantra(d), Professor X, Spectral, Sue Storm), Giant-Man(d), Hulk(Ghoul), Loki(d), Prime(d), Prime IV, SHIELD
    - created by Nemesis, remained intact following its destruction
    --Ultraforce/Avengers#1(Ultraforce Infinity, Prime/Captain America#1

NEW WORLD ORDER ( ) - employed Juggernaut and Absorbing Man against War (Hulk) in an attempt to combat Apocalypse, destroyed by Apocalypse
    --Incredible Hulk II#456 (457

NEW WORLD ORDER of Earth-712 - see GLOBAL DIRECTORATE--Squadron Supreme: New World Order#1

NEW X-MEN () -
    (XM: MC-MF)--New Mutants, Academy X, and the Hellions mini prior to New X-Men

Astonishing X-Men (3rd series)#5, 7-8, 11, 13, 15-18
House of M - The Day After#1
Uncanny X-Men#460-461
X-Men (2nd series)#165, 180, 185, 190, 192
X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong#1
X-Men: The 198 Files, World War Hulk: X-Men#1-3
, X201-203

NXM#42 (fb), 42-43
X-Men: Messiah Complex#1 (fb), XFac25, NXM44, X205, UX493, XFac26, NX45, X206, [UX494], XFac27, NX46, X207

NEW YORK of Earth-Amalgam -
    (app-amu)--Spider-Boy#1 (X-Patrol#1

NEW YORK NOW - periodical or newspaper, run by Mr. Abrams
    --Amazing Spider-Man#562

NEW YORK SPECIAL CRIMES UNIT  of Earth-Amalgam (Roxy Leech, Capt. Sam Makoa, "Flash" Thompson, "Brooklyn" Barnes)
    SPECIAL CRIMES UNIT*- (app)--Spider-Boy#1

NEW ZARAGZ'NA - Skrull world, established after the destruction of Zaragz'na via the Harvester of Sorrow
    --Annihilation: Super-Skrull#4

NEWELL, DIANE ARLISS* - sister of Tiger Shark, wife of Stingray
    -- ( Marvel Two-In-One#74, Avengers I#262, [Iron Man I#226], Marvel Comics Presents#53/3-56/3, Namor An4, Namor I#54,55, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11/2

NEWELL, WALTER - see STINGRAY--Tales to Astonish I#95 (Sub-Mariner I#16->stingray

NEWLAND, NORBERT - lawyer, allied with Allegra Bazin
    --Darkhawk#45 (46-50

    --Uncanny X-Men#352

NEWTON, MAXWELL - Hammer Aeronautics, former boss of Bailey Briggs, killed him for constant delays and lost revenues; acquitted when Briggs' ghost implicated Angie Cryer
    --She-Hulk I#3

NEWTON, RALPH - Snake Men, S.O.S., drug addict, thief, killer, mutated by injection of Slither-derived serum, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-snakemen)--Punisher Annual#2 ([2 (fb)], 2

NEWTON, SANDY - 19 year old comatose girl, used in mind swap/identity impersonation by Elektra to infiltrate the Hand, but the Hand then trapped Elektra in her personality and nearly killed her, died in the hospital and her personality was destroyed by Eletkra
    *D*--Elektra: Assassin#4 (4d)

NEWTON, Professor - Lark Building Defense Installation, impersonated by Chameleon
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#2

NEW XERON - planet enslaved by Space Parasite, ultimately destroyed by Terrax
    --Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#1 (1d)

NEW YORK RIPPER of Earth-Greenberg (Thad Turkel) - pawn of Lilith
    (app-gb)--Marvel Graphic Novel#20

    --Captain America V#13

NEXT WAVE (Agent X, Snare, Turk, Fin, Man-Eater) - mercenaries
    --Ghost Rider III#28 (Silver Sable# GR III#56,57

NEXTWAVE (Elsa Bloodstone, Captain, Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith, Aaron Stack)
    - organized as field agents by Dirk Anger of HATE, but turned against them upon learning that HATE was funded by the Beyond Corporation, dedicated to destroying the Beyond Corporations' weapons of mass destruction
    (OH:AZU#1, CWBDR)--Nextwave#1 ([1(fb)], 1-6, 7-12

NEXUS of ALL REALITIES - sentient point that connects all dimensions and times, etc.
    earth’s portal is in the man-thing’s swamp in citrusville florida.
    briefly possessed Man-Thing to combat threat of Mr. Termineus
    --(BTS) Savage Tales I#1; (identified) (Adventure into) Fear#19; (as an entity) Man-Thing III#6
    ManTh III#6,7

NEXUS of IGOA - Negative Zone, home of prison UX-73
    --Annihilation: Super-Skrull#2 (3

NEXUS CORPORATION (Carlyle ) - run into ground by bad business, Carlyle killed the CEO and used the company to trap Dr. Octopus and steal the secrets of his arms
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#43 (43(fb),43

NEXUSVILLE of Earth-712 - city of New Brunswick, birthplace of Foxfire

NEXXX of the Hyborian era - god
    --Conan the Barbarian I#125

NEYAPHEM (Abyss, Genniyeh, Jillian, Kiwi Black, Nightcrawler, Ophis, Yizdrazil) – scion of Azazel
    --Uncanny X-Men#429, (named) 431 (429-433

NEZARAL - demon serving Chthon, consumed Deacon Frost doppelganger
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter I#8

NEZARR the CALCULATOR - Celestials first through fourth hosts, created Eternals, involved in creation of Brethren, immediately regrew arm after it was severed by the Destroyer.
    dark blue armor
    (I#2,D#2,M)--Eternals I#7 (What If? I#23(fb), Avengers I#339(fb), Et I#7, 9, 11, Thor I#284, 300, Fantastic Four Annual#23, Thor424, FanForce7, Fantastic Four I#400, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4

NEZHNO see GENTLE--New X-Men#23 (29, 37

N'GABTOTH - demon, agent of Shuma-Gorath
    SHAMBLER from the SEA*
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#6

N'GAMA - see N'GAMO (app)--Avengers I#62

N'GAMA - a Wakandan, advisor to T'Challa who resides in the Wakandan consulate in New York
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#87

N'GAMI - Wakandan, SHIELD II, technician, helped design + install many of second Helicarrier’s central systems
    --[Deathlok I#3], Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD III#12 (13-19

N'GAMO - Wakandan, ally of Man-Ape (M'Baku), dwarfish, once revived Man-Ape from brink of death through knowledge of secret herbs
    skilled at piloting a helicopter, poisoning food, and wielding a mace
    N'GAMA* (app)--Avengers I#62 (78, Black Panther III#33

NGARE - native of Dahran, Africa
    --Thor III#4

N'GARAI (B'Terak, Kierrok, M'Drul, Y'Garon + Triad, most unnamed) - a savage race of extra-dimensional demons, possible offspring of the Elder God Chthon, apparently ruled earth in prehistoric times, left Earth roughly one million years ago, banished to extra-dimensional realm after defeated by the forced of Heaven (led by the not-yet-fallen angel Lucifer), access earth via cairns, former allies of Belasco + Kulan Gath, enemies of the Ru'tai, who were their former slaves
    large grey creatures with powerful tails, poison covered claws, many rows of teeth
    incorrectly referred to as "Elder Gods" (2007#8, app)--X-Men I#96 ([Marvel Comics Presents#143 + 144], [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#9], [Marvel Preview#7/2(fb)], [Dr. Strange III#41 (fb)], Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#22 (fb), Dr. Strange II#43 + 44 (fbs), X-Men I#96, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#24, [Haunt of Horror#4/3(fb)], MarvelPrev#7, Haunt of Horror#4/3, [Giant-Size Dracula#2], Marvel Team-Up I#79, [Dr. Strange II#42-45], Uncanny X-Men#143, Ka-Zar The Savage#13, [UXM159/Magik#1-4], Incredible Hulk II#308(fb), 308, Five Decades of the X-Men: Up the Hill Backwards, [Dr. Strange III#41], Darkhold#3,4, Marvel Comics Presents#145/4, -X-Men: Soulkiller, Wolverine Annual 1995, X-Men Unlimited#9, X-Men II#75(fb), Avengers III#30, X-Men: Black Sun#1-5, Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1

N'GASSI - Wakandan, regent to T'Challa, once governed in T’Challa’s place during an absence,
    strong believer in ancient beliefs, never lies, white hair + beard
    (app)--Black Panther I#6 (7-12, 15, Cable II#54
    BP IV#39-41?

NGH the UNSPEAKABLE - extradimensional, evil half of composite entity that combined with Ahh
    (app)--Avengers I#327 (331(fb), 327-331

N'Gll - Deonist, Soul Survivors
    *D* (app-souls)--Thor I#261 (262,263, [Quasar#35(fb,d)]

N'GRITH race ("A'Aug," "D'Aknopf," F'Adak) - extraterrestrial, violent conquerors, used advanced technological weapons
    established a base in a New York basement from which F'Adak sent many people through a portal to their home base for experimentation; discovered and sent back to their home base by the Black Panther
    horn on right side of their heads
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#60

NGURI, HIJIRO - @ 1885, samurai, Sunset Riders, traveled to San Francisco, possibly involved in race riots there
    --Two Gun Kid: Sunset Riders#1 (2

NGUYEN, SHA SHAN* - Legion of Light, daughter of Viet Namese priest, sent by him to marry Achmed Korba/Brother Power in order to temper the evil of Hatemonger/Man-Beast, assisted in defeat of Brother Power, dated Flash Thompson
    - GUARDIAN of the LIGHT*, SISTER SUN*, SHA-SHAN (MESp, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#108; (last name revealed) Superior Spider-Man#20
    (Amazing Spider-Man I#108(fb), 109(fb), AmzSp109, Spectacular Spider-Man II#12(fb), 13(fb), Spec3-5, 7,8, 12-15

NHU’GARI race (Nhu’Abdar, Avia) - Savage Land, traveled to the Place of Passage one hundred generations ago, where they were mutated by the energies there, @ 500 years ago convinced other tribes that they were gods or prophets, bring the elderly to the place of passage, where they are rejuvenated and enslaved.   
    Most were apparently killed when the Place of Passage was engulfed in lava
    semi-humanoid, wings under arms, white skin
    --X-Men: Hidden Years#2 (3(fb), 2-5

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