NELET PA - Rigellian, ambassador to Intergalactic Council
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet#1 ([Maximum Security#1,2],3

NELLA of Earth-8009 - Sisterhood
    --Hulk Family#1/3

NELSON - Bethlehem High School student alongside Duncan Sebast, dated Kate Cook

NELSON, ANNA - step-mother of Foggy
    --Daredevil I#108 (122, 166, 359,360

NELSON, "BABY MONSTER" - daughter of Carol, mutated by her bite from Deke Wainscroft, slain by Chester Goudal
     - (app-deke)--Punisher: P.O.V.#1, 3, 4 ([1], 3, 4

NELSON, CANDACE - Foggy's half-sister
    --Daredevil I#108 (109, Marvel Two-In-One #3, DD111, 113-117, 119, 122, 130, 166, 370,371, 373-375, Daredevil II#8

NELSON, CAROL - mother of "Baby Monster," attacked by Deke Wainscroft, slain by labor of the baby monster
    *D* --Punisher: P.O.V.#1, 3

    --Daredevil I#166 (173,175, Marvel Fanfare I#1/2, DD182, 197,198, 204,206,207, 209-214, 222à Debbie Harris)

NELSON, EDWARD - father of Foggy
    --Daredevil I#108 (122, 166

NELSON, FRANKLIN P."FOGGY" - lawyer, long-time friend + partner + law school classmate of Matt Murdock at Harvard, briefly worked for Kingpin, ex-husband of Debbie Harris, dated Glorianna O’Breen and Liz Osborn, brother of Candace.
    "Guts" Nelson, Everett Williams, "Java Joe" (U#5,net)--Daredevil I#1 (DD minus 1, 168(fb), [Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1], 2-4, DD340-342(fb), DD II#91 (fb), DD I#1/Daredevil: Yellow#1,2, DDY#3, DD2,DDY4, DD3/DDY5, Amazing Spider-Man I#16, DD4/DDY6, DD5-7 Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997, DD#9, Fantastic Four An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends?, DD10-20, Daredevil II#69(fb), Amz42,43, DD22-34, Daredevil An1, DD35,36, 38-41, X-Men I#46, DD42-46, A65, DD48, 50-64, 67,68, 70,71, Iron Man I#35, DD74-79, 81-82, 83/Marvels#4, DD86, 108,109, 111,112, Marvel Team-Up I#25(fb), DD113-117, [Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#8/2], DD118-132, 134-138, Daredevil An4, DD141-149, 151-153, Marvel Two-In-One#37,38, DD155,157,158, Captain America I#234, DD159,160, 163, 165,166, A218, D168-171, MTU#107, D173-175, 177,178, Daredevil: Redemption#1 (fb), [3], Power Man/Iron Fist#77, D180, Marvel Fanfare I#1/2, D181,182, 184, Incredible Hulk II#279, D185,186, 188,189, 192, 194, 195, 197,198, 200-205, MTU#141, D206,207, 209-218, MarvFan27, D220-223, 225-233, 248, 250, 251, 255, 256, 287, 290-292, 294, 297, [MarvFan60/3], [D300], 301,303, New Warriors I#21,22(fb),23-25, D306-308, Daredevil An8, D311, 313, Daredevil An9, DD319, 322-325, D328, 330, Silver Sable#28, DD#339, 342,343, 345-349, [Daily Bugle#2], Green Goblin#7, DD351, Over the Edge#6, IM327, DD352, 353, IM328, DD354-358, Spider-Man Unlimited#13, Sensational Spider-Man II#10, Spectacular Spider-Man II#240, DD359, X-Man21, Spider-Man#75, DD360, Sp242, DD361-366, Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997, Spec250, Uncanny Origins#13, DD368, 370, A429, D371, Kingpin I#1, Iron Man III#1, Kazar V#15,17, D373-375, 377-379, Amz438, Daredevil II#1-3,8(fb),8, Avengers I#26, Daredevil/Spider-Man#1-4, DD9, 10,11, 13-15, Fantastic Four III#35, Daredevil: Ninja#2, DD20-25, 26, Daredevil: Yellow#6, DD32-37, 38, 39,40, 41, 43-45, Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#4, DD46, 48, 49, 65(fbs), 72(fb), 574(fb), 6, 58,59, [60], 61, 62, [64], New Avengers#1,2,3(fb), Daredevil: Father#1-2, [3], 5-6, DD: Redemption#6, Daredevil vs. Punisher#2, DD68(fb), Marvel Team-Up III#9, Captain Universe/Daredevil#1, Daredevil II#76-78, 80-81, 82 ("d"), [88 (fb)], 87, 88, 93, Daredevil II Annual#1, DD95-97, 99-100, 101, [102 (fb)], 102-105, 106, 107-110, Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1

NELSON, JADE - perpetrated insurance fraud with Fingers Malone and Pedro; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#22 (Spring 1947)

NELSON, KEN "Nails" - gangster, active in 1920s or earlier; opposed by Sun Girl
    --Sun Girl#1 (August, 1948)

NELSON, LYNN - Midtown High School, head of science department
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#11/2

NELSON, NELS - sought to drive out village fishermen to claim oil discovery; opposed by Namor the Sub-Mariner and Namora
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#27 (August, 1948)

NELSON, PEGGY - daughter of Mr. Nelson, kissed Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#4

NELSON, Mr. - Swenson's Garage?, Human Torch (Johnny Storm) apologized to him for destroying a car while going out on his first mission
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#3 (4

NELSON, BLAKE, & MURDOCK - referral only law firm formed after Matt regained his license via Vanessa Fisk
    --Daredevil II#93 (95-97

NELSON and MURDOCK (Angela Barbato, Becky Blake, Elaine Kendrick, Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, "Razor" Sharpe)
    - law firm

NELVANA - Inuit goddess, seduced Richard Easton to father Snowbird
    --Alpha Flight I#7(
    Real Heroes#2

NEMAIN - Hyborian era and Celtic goddess
    "The Venomous" --Conan the Adventurer novel

NEMEA, LION of - see NEMEAN LION (app)--Hercules III#1

NEMEAN LION - first labor of Hercules
    (app)--Hercules III#1 (1(fb)

NEMEDIA of the Hyborian era (Octavia) - ancient civilization, founded @ 13000 BC by barbarian savages drifting south from the arctic circle, housed great library, capitol in belverus, where the Nemedian chronicles were written, worshipped Mitra, as well as Ibis, Ishtar, and even Set (degenerate riff-raff in mountains b/t nemedia and aquilonia), ruled by nimed, then tarascus

Nemedian Chronicles -
    --Conan the Barbarian#1 (1970) Accounts of Thurian and Hyborian era

NEMESIS (Edward Stanford) - former district attorney of Phoenix, Arizona, established criminal identity to increase money, husband of Ann, battled and defeated by Captain Universe (Clare Dodgson + Ann Dodgson Stanford)
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight II#10

NEMESIS (Daryl Kane) - slumlord, owner of Kane Construction, used armor stolen from the Brand Corporation to destroy his own apartments to obtain the insurance, defeated and exposed by the Falcon

NEMESIS (Amelia Weatherly?) - Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight, Embodiment of retribution, daughter and enemy of Deadly Ernest, turned against him after observing him killing her mother, sought to retrieve father’s lost soul, carved him into pieces in one fight, allowed self to die after death of Deadly Ernest.
    using combination of science and sorcery devised sword (Onyx Blade) nearly an atom thick to cut through virtually anything, able to hold on to life forces stolen by Deadly Ernest, fly
    Jane Doe, Ms. St. Ives (OH: Women, net) *D*--Alpha Flight I#8 (Alpha Flight III#4(fb), [AF I#31(fb)], 8, 31, 76, 79,80, 84-90, 115-121, 125,126, Alpha Flight III#1-6, 7,8, 9-12

NEMESIS (Jane ) - see NEMESIS (St. Ives)
    - Gamma Flight leader, adopted sword + costume of St. Ives
    actually just a false alias for St. Ives per Alpha Flight III
    wears circuitized suit to fly, teleport
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#76 (79,80, 84-90, 115-121, 125,126

NEMESIS of Earth-295 ( ) - son of Apocalypse, original identity before form destroyed by magneto following his slaying of the Scarlet Witch, traveled to Earth-616, former pawn of Onslaught
    -HOLOCAUST* (net)--X-Men Chronicles#1 (->Holocaust. X-Man Annual 1997, X-Man#43,44

NEMESIS - combination of all seven Infinity gems, represents being that ruled the universe in the distant past, apparently committed suicide in the distant past, splitting into the Infinity Gems, reformed in the Ultraverse when all seven were reunited for the first time.
    (app)--Ultraforce I#10, Avengers/Ultraforce#1 (Ultraforce I#10(fb), Avengers/Ultraforce#1, Ultraforce/Avengers#1, Black September Infinity

NEMESIS - suspected Hydra base
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

NEMESIS of the WORLD  - see WRATHCHILDE (app)--Death's Head III#1

NEMESIS robots - SHIELD II robots, designed by Dr. Horatio Belgrade, incorporating technorganic material from Cable, four out of ten lasted to completion, took on identities of Howling Commandos + X-Men before being destroyed by Cable
    *Des*--Cable II#61 (62d)

NEMESUS of Earth-MC2 - extradimensional entity, attacked J2 with demon disguised as Juggernaut, later revealed to be holding Juggernaut since his battle with the Overlords Eight
    --J2#4 (12, Spider-Girl#71

NEMO ( ) - leader of the Blood Brothers of Central City motorcycle gang, enemy of Road Warriors, assisted X-51 again Road Warriors + X.E.R.O + AIM
    (app-blood)--X-51#10 (11,12

NENAUNIR of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, former ruler of Zembabwei, twin brother of MBega
    *D* (app)--Red Moon of Zembabwei in Conan of Aquilonia; King Conan#1 (3(fb), 1, 3d)

N’ENGO of the Hyborian era - Kushite warrior, agent of Rona + Rea, slain by Arquel
    --Savage Tales I#3/2

NENORA - Skrull that infiltrated Kree, former lover of Aptak, former agent of Kylor, former chief coordinator of the Supreme Intelligence, secretly informed Skrulls of Kree plans, briefly became supreme commander of Kree Empire when Supreme Intelligence incapacitated by Surfer, killed Aptak and Kylor to preserve her secret, identity exposed to Shalla Bal by Cotati, revealed as Skrull by S'byll, deposed.
    Agent K6@ *D* (Silver Surfer III An1,app)--Silver Surfer III#6 (7-13, 20, 25-30

NEO (Anteus, Barbicon, daughter(d) + Domina, Elysia, Jaeger, Jaunt, Junction, Kilmer, Lost Souls, Rax, Salvo, Seth, Shockwave Riders, Ransome Sole, Static, Tartarus)
    - civilization of mutants dwelling in seclusion on earth, sought revenge on humanity when high evolutionary temporarily eliminated all mutant powers, resulting in the deaths of several of them, forced into obedience by Magneto
    --X-Men II#99 (100-102, Uncanny X-Men#381,382, Gambit III#22, X106, 110/2

NEO-APES - humans transformed into apes by Dr. Kurakill, with their psychic energy being used to empower Quasar, apparently slew Dr. Kurarkill, subsequent care financed by Stark International
    (app)--Iron Man I#79 (79 (fb), 79

NEODYMIUM - Elements of Doom
    --Avengers III#56 (56(fb)

NEO-HYDE GUTSPAWN - H.A.T.E., apparently cloned/harvested from the stomach of Dr. Henry Jekyll

neo-Nazis - opposed by German Freedom League following World War II
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

NEON - Elements of Doom
    --Avengers Collectors Edition#1

NEON (    ) - hacker, stole equipment from Michael Braden? a week before his death
    --[All-Select Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)]

    ally of Poet--[Doom 2099#12, 15], 24

NEON SPIDERS - magical creations of Tar
    --Uncanny X-Men#229 (230, X-Men Unlimited#12, Psylocke/Archangel: Crimson Dawn#1,4

NEOOQTOQ the RAVAGER - Great Beast, form utilized by Snowbird
    --[Incredible Hercules#119]

NEOPHYTE (Simon Hall) - mutant, Acolyte, German male.
    transform into energy, pass thru solid objects, red hair, freckles
    (2006#1-acolytes, net)--Uncanny X-Men#300 (315, Avengers I#380, X-Men: Magneto War#1, UX366(fb), 366, X-Men II#86, UX367,379, 492

NEOSAURUS ( ) - Imperial Guard, reptilian.
    extremely intelligent
    (app)--X-Men II#124 (125


NEO TOKYO - New York club where White Tiger battled Cobra (Piet Voorhees)
    --White Tiger#3

NEPENTHE - Genespawn, escaped and hid from Gene-Corp, met and fell in love with Lysander, released him so he could oppose Gene-Corp
    four-armed female
    (app-bloodseed)--Marvel Frontier Special#1/4

NEPHRI - @ 3000 BC, sister of Ozymandias, attracted to Apocalypse until learned his true appearance
    *D*--Rise of Apocalypse#1 (2-4, 4/2

NEPHRUS - Egyptian wizard, created Living Mummy, descendent of Dann, ancestor of Alexi Skarab and Gamal Hassan
    (app)--Supernatural Thrillers#5 (5(fb), Marvel Two-In-One#95, Legion of Monsters: Satana#1/2

NEPTHYS – Egyptian Goddess, sister of Isis, sister-wife of Seth, protector of the canopic jars used in mummification
    – not seen in the MU

NEPTHYS (Sandahl Swarm) – Cult of Khonshu, served by the Knights of the Moon, formerly allied with Shadowknight
    (app)-- ??[Howard the Duck I#17/2, 18/2]? [?Moon Knight III#25?, 33],35 (36-38

NEPTUNE (Poseidon) - Olympian god of ocean, patron of Atlanteans, brother of Zeus + Hades + Hera + Vesta + Demeter, father of Triton, by some accounts responsible for evolution of Homo mermanus, drove Set from Atlantis @ 4000 BC, previous enmity with Wild One, Olympus Group?
    (D#9, M, app)--Kid Komics#1 (Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb), [Incredible Hercules#114 (fb)], Spectacular Spider-Man An9/5, [Silver Surfer Annual#5(fb)], Sub-Mariner I#17(fb), Venus#3/3, Tales to Astonish I#70,[71],72, 75, Thor: Blood Oath#3-4, Sub-Mariner I#17, 68, Marvel Fanfare I#16/2, Av282,285, Namor An2, Namor37, Man-Thing III#7(fb), Hercules III#4?

NEPTUNE’s EYE - Atlantic Ocean, underwater whirlpool/portal to realm of Old Man of the Sea, houses red, savage fish-men which are his servants, vanished after the apparent death of the Old Man
    (app-oldman)--Marvel Comics Presents#57/3 (58/3, 59/3

    --Daring Mystery Comics#7 ()

NEPTUNIA ( ) - Olympian Goddess?, daughter of Neptune/Poseidon, created homes for mortals along the Atlantic coastline and then sent tidal waves to kill them as plot of revenge for seeming death of Neptune by atomic testing on islands of Bikini and Eniwetok, lost control of and seemingly killed by a tidal wave while fighting Venus/Aphrodite
    Superhuman strength + durability, control sea and storms
    Diana Seacrest (app, net-lostgen)--(g) Venus#18 (February, 1952)

NEPTUNIAN race (Ikor) - underground cavern dwellers,
    winged fish people
    --(g) Daring Mystery#7

NEPTUNIUM - Elements of Doom
    --Thunderbolts I#8

NEPTUNIUS - Changelings, fish-like lower body
    --Incredible Hulk II#251, 252(named) (253

NEPUT-SHA - Egyptian @ BC, former high priest under Ramses II, transformed into Gog & Magog by Seth after praying for power to oppose Moses
    (app-gog)--Incredible Hulk II#257 (257(fb)

NERAMINI, ALANNA of Earth-Shiar - see ALANNA (app-al)--Team X 2000

NERAMINI, Cal’syee - see DEATHBIRD--Ms. Marvel#9

NERAMANI, D'KEN - see D'KEN--[X-Men I#97], 103


NERAMANI, Emperor - Lilandra's father

NERAMANI, Empress - Lilandra's mother, murdered by Deathbird

NERAMANI, - Lilandra's sister, murdered by Deathbird

NEREEL - chieftain of fall people, mother of peter with Colossus/Rasputin
    --X-Men I#114 (Classic X-Men#21/2(UX114), 115, Uncanny X-Men An12, UX250, 274,275, X-Men Unlimited#6

NEREID - four demon-like servants of Suma-Ket
    *D* (app-unforgivendead)--Namor I#36 (38(fb), 36-39

NEREIDS - the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris who dwell in the Mediterranean Sea. These beautiful women were always friendly and helpful towards sailors fighting perilous storms. They are believed to be able to prophesize. They belong to the retinue of Poseidon.
    --not in MU

NEREUS - Atlantean (Homo mermani), father of Vashti
    --[Namor I#36]

NERGAL - Sumerian/Mesopotamian god/demon of war, husband of Allatou, empowers Hand of Nergal, enemy of Tammuz
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#30 ( Conan the Barbarian I#230, Savage Sword of Conan #220/2, [Marvel Spotlight I#18]

NERI – Asgardian
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#92

NERI of Earth-Loki found Hammer of Thor
    (app-neri)—What If? I#92

NERKKOD - Worthy, possessed Attuma
    BREAKER of OCEANS*--Fear Itself#2

NeRo - see ELEGGUA--Daredevil: Father#1

NERO of Earth-93060 ( ) - agent of Xanadu?

NERO, DIAMANDA of Earth-Cable - prelate to Apocalypse, ruled when he was in hibernation, slaughtered Order of Witnesses and attacked the newly formed Askani sisterhood, powers siphoned by Phoenix (Summers), possibly perished in collapse of the order’s base.
    absorb and duplicate powers of those she kills, vast array of abilities she could access one at a time
    --X-Men: Phoenix#1 (2,3

NERO, Dr. ROYCE - see Dr. NERO (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#302

NERON-ALAK - alien, landed on Earth and ended up in suspended animation in the Tomb of Neron-Alak, awakened in modern era by Egron Allov, continued mission to acquire relics to take back to his world.
    (app)--Monsters on the Prowl#9 ([9/2(fb)], 9/2

NEROS of Earth-93060 (Etan, Jontor) - realm of men, opposed to Gwendor
    --Giant-Size Mantra#1

    German name
    (app)--Thor I#300

NERVAL, COUNT of the Hyborian era - Corinthian lord, opposed Baron Gorbeck, employed Conan and Pol Tiurno, though Tiurno betrayed him to Gorbeck
    (app-poltiurno)--Savage Sword of Conan Magazine#108

nerve maggots - used by Warbound to devour the pain (and possibly the psyches) of Tarantula and Colleen Wing
    --Heroes for Hire III#14 (15

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