MVP (Michael Van Patrick) - former Initiative trainee, great-grandson of Abraham Erskine, excelled in the Initiative until accidentally killed in battle by Armory
    genetically perfect, trained to excellence
    *D*--Avengers: The Initiative#1 (2 (d), , Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/3 (fb, d), Av: Int#4 (d), 7 (d?)

MY COLD, DEAD HAND - Portland ammo shop of Sycamore Blaine
    --Wolverine III#7

MYCROFT (Miles Von Croft) - pirate, former Nazi officer, ally of Countess Caution and the Ghost of Ravenlock, posed as a psychic detective, operated out of the Tower of Terror on Loch Ness, killed within an iron maiden while trying to escape Nick Fury
    (app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#3 (3(fb), 3

MYCROFT, - hired by Roxxon to assassinate Tony Stark
    (app)--Iron Man I#316

MYERS, Mr. - Midtown High School faculty
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#55

MYERS, Dr. - Haller Industries, tested Nahrees, wished to convert her into a genetic soup to gain the means to save Terrence Haller III
    (app-jr)--Inhumans V#9 (10-12

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#18 ()

MYLA - Pangoria, formerly served Pegas, allied with Thor, survived cleansing of Pangoria
    (app-pan)--Thor I#387 (388, 389

MYNDAI race (Maur-Konn, Followers of Darkness ) - extra-terrestrial, Milky Way, planet Mynda, Charter.
    pale red skinned humanoids
    (D#15)--Shogun Warriors#1

MYNDE, Dr. LEONARD - see Dr. MYNDE--Captain Marvel I#24

MYERS, - @ World War II, Brooklyn Badgers catcher, replaced by Bucky Barnes to catch the Black Toad
    --Captain America Comics#7/2

MYERS, ETHAN - one of those mutated by Mr. Hyde in an attempt to mimic the conditions that created Spider-Man
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#35

MYNX - Kyln, supported the Maker
    feral powers, enhanced senses, claws
    (app-kyln)--Thanos#8 (9, 10, 11

    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

MYRA LEE SAL - Korbinite
    --Thor I#442/2

MYRADDIN - see MERLIN (app-merlin)--Namor I#62 (62(fb)

MYRAN - former Inhuman king, founded city of Attilan
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#1]

M’YRANDA - Z’lyztayan, daughter of Quinn and Yssa, escaped Obliterator Mothership, took up residence in town of Revelation, destroyed Fantastic Four’s interstellar weather transceiver, but was too late to prevent the Obliterator Mothership from arriving on Earth, assisted father and Fantastic Four in destroying the Mothershi
    -MIRANDA--Fantastic Four III#33 (34(fb), 33, 34

MYRCINUS of the Hyborian era - Zugite
    (app-zug)--Conan the Barbarian I#250

MYRD - see MERLIN (app-merlin)

MYRIDIA 2099 - information stronghold, formerly ruled by Gen. Tibur Diaghilev Czerny, taken over by Doom
    --[Doom 2099#21], 22

MYRINA - former Amazonian queen
    --Incredible Hercules#123

MYRMIDON - Thessalian king, son of Zeus and Eurymedysa, succeeded Aeolus as king of Pythia
    --not in MU

MYRMIDON - robot, protector of Overseer, destroyed by Iron Man
    (app-overseer)--Iron Man I#29

    mutated by High Evolutionary's equipment, mentally influenced by Grottu
    (app-grot)--Fantastic Four Unlimited#9

MYRMIDONS - @ Trojan War, Thessalian people who followed their king Achilles unquestioningly, possibly created from ants by Zeus, serve Pluto in Tartarus, fought for Olympus during assault by the forces of Mikaboshi, all but three slain
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#21 ([Ares#2 (fb)], 2-5

MYRN - Skrull scientist, old ally of prince Dezan and Zabyk, helped Zabyk design the Hyper-Wave bomb, only to be struck down by him
    *D* (app)--Avengers Annual#14 (14(fb), 14, Fantastic Four Annual#19

MYRNA ?? - Project: Survival, artist, old friend of Alicia Masters, rejected the Project after learning that Tech had stolen nuclear warheads and planned to use them to power the take off
    (app-ps)--Fantastic Four I#302

MYRIAD 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - multiple man + triplicate girl, legion of galactic guardians II
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

MYRON ?? -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#34 ()

MYROR ( ) - agent zero-zero, gives off impression of what others expect of her
    --(AZZ)ClanDestine#10, (Myr) #11,12

MYRR - see MERLIN (app-merlin)

MYRRDIN - sorcerer supreme prior to ancient one, possibly referring to Myraddin/Merlin
    "green myrrdin"--[Dr. Strange III#61]

MYRRDIN - see MERLIN (app-merlin)

MYS-TECH (Oonagh Mullarkey, Gena-Sys, Nakasoni Corporation, Omni-Corporation, Techno-Wizards, Warheads, Magpie, Skire)
    -British organization dedicated to takeover of the earth by technological and mystic means,
    (app)--Warheads#1? ([Hell's Angel#1 (fb)], [Codename: Genetix#1(fb)], [Warheads#1/2], [Genetix#4(fb)], Shadow Riders#1-4 (fb), Motormouth & Killpower#4/2, Killpower: The Early Years#1, 4, [Gene Dogs#2(fb)], [Digitek#1(fb)], [Hell's Angel#1(fb)], [Dark Angel#8(fb)], Gene Dogs#1, [Digitek#2(fb)], Knights of Pendragon II#1, [2,3], 4, [5], [6], [Motormouth#5 (fb)], Hell's Angel#1-4, Warheads#2/2, [MotorM#1(fb)], 1(fb), 1, WarH#1, 2, Mm2, Wh3, Mm3, [Mm/Kp4], 5, KoP#10,11, Wh8/3, DarkA#6, Wh5,6, [7(fb)], [Dig#3(fb), 4(fb)], Wh7, [8], 9, [9/2(fb)], 9/2, 10, [CN:Gen#1(fb)/4(fb)], 2-4, [Genetix#2(fb)], [DarkA#7(fb)], 7,8, Battletide#1, Mm/Kp6-9, DA9, 10/Mys-Tech Wars#1/Mm/LP9, Wh11/MTW2,3/Death's Head III#5, MTW2, KoP#12, MTW3,4, DA11,12, Dark Guard#2(fb), 3(fb), Black Axe#1(fb),3(fb), [1],2(fb),3, Wh12,[13],14], [ShadR#3(fb)], 4(fb), 1,2,[3(fb)],3,4, DA13, GD#1(fb), [4?(fb)], 1, [2(fb)], 2, [3,4], [Plasmer#1(fb)], 1-4, DA13-16, [D'sH#15(fb)], 15(fb), 15, Gen2, 4, 6, Die-Cut vs G-Force#1,2, Death Metal#1-4

MYSTERIA ( Winters) - Superia’s Femizons, petty thief operating out of Las Vegas.
    used sticks to generate mist (fog, anesthetic gas, etc.), wf, blond hair, white mask + cape + boots, red costume
    (app-femizons)--Captain America I#389 ([387, 388], 389-392

MYSTERIO (Quentin Beck) - Sinister Six, former special effects expert and pawn of Tinkerer, allegedly developed brain and lung cancer secondary to use of experimental chemicals in career and committed suicide after failing to drive Daredevil insane.
    utilizes special effects and gases for variety of effects
    -Dr. Ludwig Rhinehart*, Randolph Hines, Nicholas Macabes*, Spider-Man imposter*
    (I#7,D#8,M, OH:Spdm2005,ME)--(Beck) [Amazing Spider-Man I#2], (M)13 (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#1(fb), Daredevil II#8(fb), [Amz2], Spectacular Spider-Man II#51(fb), A13, Amazing Spider-Man An1, Amz24, Web:ToSp1-3, AmzSp An4, Amz66(fb), 66,67, , Dr. Octopus: Negative Exposure#3, 198(fb), 193,194, 196, 198,199, SpecSpdm50,51, Questprobe#2, Amz311, She-Hulk II#2,3, Power Pack I#55, Amz335-339, Spider-Man#18-23, Web of Spider-Man#90, Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#1-3, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, Sensational Spider-Man#0, Amz407, Spider-Man#64, [Spec230], Sens1, A408, Sp65, A413, Daredevil I#358, Daredevil II#7(fb), #½, 1-6, 7"d?", Dead Girl#1-5 (spirit), Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man#11-13?, Amazing Spider-Man#533

MYSTERIO (Daniel Berkhart) - former cellmate of Beck, former partner of Mad Jack, posed as Beck while he was believed dead, trained under same being as Conundrum, posed as Mad Jack until death of Beck, then resumed his role
    (app)--(OH:Spdm2005, ME-Spdm)--Amazing Spider-Man I#141 (142, [Amazing Spider-Man II#6,7],8, A12, 12/2?, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#12, X-Man#57(fb), 56,57, A17,P17, Spider-Man: Mysterio Manifesto#1-3, Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?], Spider-Man Unlimited II#7, Friendly Neighborhood of Spider-Man#12-13

MYSTERIO (Francis Klum*) - Wenig Taktreisenders descendent, brother of Garrison, sexually assaulted and dominated by Garrison, helped him establish wealthy heroin, slew Garrison when he attempted to rape Black Cat, broke Black Cat out of prison, befriended by her, crippled and scarred during subsequent assault by Spider-Man, purchased Mysterio name and costume from the Kingpin
    (OH: Spdm: BiB)--Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#6 (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#11-13

MYSTERIOUS FAN BOY (Arthur K. Lundberg) - X-Statix, mutant, disfigured, stirred from coma by message from Edie Sawyer/U-Go-Girl, terrorized town in order to summon X-Statix, forced them to allow him to join, they went along until Orphan arranged for Lacuna to overload his weakened heart.
    Manipulate organic and inorganic matter, unable to heal self
    MYSTERIOUS FAN-BOY*, Arnie Lunt* *D*--X-Statix#1, (MFB) #5 (3(fb), 1-4, 5d)

MYSTERIUM (Dr. Thomas Lightner*) - traveled to Earth-S and gained great mystic powers by trading places with Benjamin Jones, became wizard supreme
    BLACKSUN*, Operative X, Nth MAN*- (OH2006#7, app)-Squadron Supreme: New World Order

MYSTERY - see AMUN--Arana#2

MYSTERY MASK (    ) - masked criminal; opposed by Young Allies
    --Young Allies#19 (Spring, 1946)

MYSTERY PLANET SOLDIERS - agents of Dark Roger
    (app-darkroger)--Marvel Comics Presents#65/4

MYSTERY SCHOOL - base of Department F66
    (app-f66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1

mystery woman - trained by the Hand, allied with Owl and Absorbing Man, slain by Absorbing Man
    --Marvel Knights Spider-Man#13 (14-18

MYSTIC - Thanosi, designed as opponent of Dr. Strange, banished extradimensional by him
    (app-thanosi)--Infinity Abyss#1 (2-5

mystical demon - see DEMON of the DELLA GEMS (app-aris)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/3

MYSTIK, MILO - see MC MILO MYSTIK--X-Men Unlimited#41/3

MYSTIKOS sect (Bradley, director Colvin, Stephen, Svetlana) - vampires
    -- Death of Dracula#1
    Deadpool IV#30-31

MYSTIQ of Earth-797 (Raphael-Raven Darkholme) - Exiles, doctor
    --Exiles#99 (100

MYSTIQUE (Unrevealed) - mutant, founder of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Freedom Force, SHIELD & Red Guard (House of M), X-Men, Marauders, former ally of Blindspot, formerly forced into service under X-Factor, former member of X-Corps, Brotherhood of Mutants, DARPA, mother of Nightcrawler and possibly Graydon Creed, foster mother of Rogue, adopted Gloria Brickman, former lover of Destiny (Adler).
    duplicate appearance of others, skilled in espionage and as an assassin, blue skin, red hair
    - Raven Darkhölme, Raven Wagner, Helmut Stein, Mallory Brickman, B. Byron Biggs, Surge, Ronnie Lake, Dale Fyfe, Holt Adler, Amichai Benvenisti, Leni Zauber, Foxx, Millicent Hardwick, various people impersonated (I#7,D#8,M, OH: Women, OH: X2005, 198, ME, SecWar)--Ms Marvel#16, 18 (Uncanny X-Men#428(fb)/X-Men Unlimited#4(fb3+1), Wolverine III#62-65 (fb), X-Treme X-Men#1(fb3), X-Men Forever#4(fb2), XForce minus 1, X200 (fb), Rogue III#10(fb), 11(fb), X-Men Unlimited#40/2, Sabretooth/Mystique#1-3(fb), [Mystique#20(fb)], X-Factor I#139(fb), X-Men Unlimited#4(fb2), X-Men Forever#4(fb1)/3(fb4), 3(fb3), 3(fb2), 3(fb1), Classic X-Men#44/2, MsM#16, 17, Marvel Fanfare I#60/2, Marvel Super-Heroes#11/3, MsM18, [UXM140],141,142, Marvel Super-Heroes III#10/3+11/3(ff), Avengers Annual#10, Rom31,32, UX158, XMFor3(fb3), Dazzler#22, 23, 28, UX170, 177,178, 183-185, Marvel Fanfare I#40/2, MSH III#2/2, UX199, Avengers West Coast#84(fb), X-Factor I#8,9, Avengers An15, West Coast Avengers II An1, X-Factor An6(fb), UX223-227, New Mutants I#65, XFac40, XMFor2(fb2), NM78, 80,82, UX254,255, X-Factor An6/3, NM87,88, Incredible Hulk II#369(fb), 369, Marvel Comics Presents#82/2, 87/2, UX266, 269, XFac60, [NM95], XFac69, UX280, XFac70, Wolverine II#51-53, UX289,290, 302, Sabretooth I#2,3, XMU#4, XFac108-110, X-Men: Prime, XFac112-117, 119-126, UX339, Sabretooth & Mystique#1-4, XFac127-130/X-Men Forever#2(fb1), XFac132-135, X-Factor minus 1, XFac136-139, 143,144, UX359, Marvel Holiday Special 2004(fb)?, X-51#2(fb1),1(fb4),1,2, X-Men II#93(fb),93,94, UX379,X99,UX380, X105, Gambit III#21, X-Men Forever#1-6, UX388, [Cable II#87], Bishop: Last X-Man#16, X108, UX389, [UX401-404], 405, 406, X-Men Unlimited#48/2, UX431-434, Mystique#1-6, 7-10, 11,12, 13, 14-18, 19-24, X171-174, 181, 182-186, 187, 189-193, 194, 195 (fb), 195-196, 197-199, 200-203, Wolverine III#62-65, X-Men: Legacy#215

MYTH MONSTER - demonic creature, spreads lies about those with disabilities to prevent others from accepting him
    (app)--Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster (Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster (fb), Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster

MYTH-REALM (Darkshorn, Morgaina, Nimbli, Saraband, various myth-creatures) - realm (possibly associated with Dream Dimension) created based on Earth's myths; Hulk/Banner brought there to save Morgaina
    --HULK! #21

MYTOS of Earth-93060 - isle of the Acolytes of Argus
    --Giant-Size Rune#1 (Rune#8,9, Curse of Rune#2

MYX of Earth-Amalgam - servant of Dr. Strangefate, hybrid of Wong and Mr.Mxyzptlk
    (app-dsf)--Dr. Strangefate#1

M’ZAKI - Wakandan, friend and potential romantic interest of Devlor
    --Fantastic Force#14 (15

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