MURAD II - @ 1459, Turkish sultan, captured + tortured young Vlad and Radu Dracula, later slain by vampire Dracula
    *D*--Tomb of Dracula II#2 (2(fb), 2d)

MURAITAK - Skrull, Star-Corps, sent to Earth alongside Grot to recruit Rich Rider to oppose Kraa, injured helping Rider against Kraa; allowed Rider to go free
    (app)--Nova II#15 (16

MURAMASA - Japanese sword-maker, creator of the Black Blade and possibly another blade forged from Wolverine's fury
    --[Wolverine II#1, (named) #3 ], Wolverine III#40 ([Wolverine II#3(fb)], Wolverine III#40(fb), 40

MURAMASA SWORD - see BLACK BLADE (app)--[Wolverine II#1], 2

MURAMASA SWORD - forged from Logan's fury upon the murder of his wife Itsu, claimed by Logan after regaining his memories in order to gain vengeance on his enemies, given to Cyclops to use in case Wolverine was ever brainwashed again
    --Wolverine III#40 (Wolverine: Origins#1-5, 6, Wolverine#55

MURANIA, JAQE - OK Space Station gang leader
    (app)--Captain Marvel I#42

MURANAI - Lords of the Splinter Realms, summoned to convocation of sorcerers by Magik (Amanda Sefton), battled Archenemy
    (app-lords)--[Magik II#3], ([3,4]

MURCH, special agent - National Security Council, first Avengers' liaison
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#1 (1(fb1+2), 2(fb3), 3(fb1), 4(fb2+3), 7(fb), 8(fb)

MURCHINSON - possessed by That Which Endures
    --West Coast Avengers II#44 (Avengers West Coast #47-49

MURDER ( ) - Shatterforce.
    female, uses armor to generate nerve rays which paralyze her victims
    (app-shatterfc)--Nova II#8 (9,13,14

MURDER-1 of the Microverse ( ) - mutated in Karza's Body Banks, Prisonworld
    *D* (app)--Micronauts I#54 (54d)

MURDER CLANS (Brutus Klor ) - extradimensional, unnamed splinter realm, battled malevolent entity in Otherplace
    --[Magik II#3], ([3,4]

MURDER GIRLS - fought Fight-Man (app-allhatesquad)--[Fight Man I#1]

MURDER, Inc. (Marvel Mystery Comics#60)

MURDER MACHINE - robot of Psycho-Man, sent to fight Fantastic Four in Sub-Atomica
    superhuman strength + durability, become intangible
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#76 [named on cover of Marvel's Greatest Comics #58]

MURDER MACHINE - machine created by Nighthawk to test his jet packs, destroyed by Hulk
    --Defenders I#59

MURDER MODULE - US Army weapon, hijacked by Leader to use against Hulk, damaged by Rhino and exploded after attacked him
    *Des* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#123 (224

MURDER MOLE - summoned by Dire Wraiths, probably mutate of Mole Man
    (app)--Rom#20/ (28

MURDER MOUNTAIN - @ World War II, weapon of General Skul, used against the Skywolfs, destroyed by them
    immense tank-vehicle underneath a mountain-like structure, mobile, armed with cannons and the Tangler
    (app-skywolves)--Marvel Fanfare I#16 (16/2, 17


    (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#3; Captain America I#112

MURDERLAND - Arcade's base, adapted from Mordillo's Island
    --Thing II#1 (2-3

MURDEROUS LION - 1935, fought for right to be Bride of Nine Spiders' lover, died battling her
    --Immortal Weapons#2 (2 (fb, dies)

MURDEROUS MIMES ( ) - criminals led by General, sought to terminate Spider-Man
    (app)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#21 (38

MURDER TROLLS (    ) - mercenary assassins; some sent by Dormammu to slay Clea, overpowered by Brunnhilde the Valkyrie and ensorceled by Clea
    --Fearless Defenders#7

MURDERWORLD - name for any of Arcade’s bases equipped with deadly weapons based on games
    --Marvel Team-Up I#66

MURDO, DOCTOR ( ) - Criminal scientist that used stolen Radium to build a Death-Ray machine, led a gang of criminals, had electric charged robots as guards, defeated by Flexo and Joshua & Joel Williams.
    --Mystic Comics#1/1(March 1940) “The Rubber Man” 

MURDOCH - Scottish criminal, investigated by Punisher for connections to Bruno Zambussi, killed while fleeing him
      (app-clansman) --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (fb)

MURDOCH, MATTHEW of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., Irish, counterpart to Daredevil, blinded/mutated by glowing green material, minstrel, agent of Nicholas Fury
    (app-earth311)--1602#1 (2-8

MURDOCK, JOHNATHON "BATTLING JACK" - boxer, father of Daredevil, husband of Sister Maggie, murdered by agents of Fixer when refused to throw fight
    the DEVIL, "BATTLING" MURDOCK, "KID" MURDOCK, "SOUTHPAW" JACK MURDOCK *D* (app)--Daredevil I#1 (Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock#1 (fb), DD191 (fb), 1(fb)/154?/162/164/Daredevil: Man without Fear#1/Daredevil minus 1/Daredevil: Father#1 (fb)/Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock#1-4 (fbs), 1-4, Daredevil: Yellow#1 (dies))

MURDOCK, "KILLER" - twin brother of Asbestos Lady, hanged for crimes
    (app-Asb Lady)--Captain America Comics#63/3

MURDOCK, MATT - see DAREDEVIL--Daredevil I#1

    Alias used when posed as his own twin brother to throw suspicion off of himself, later faked death during a struggle with the Exterminator and the Unholy Three to end triple identity
    --Daredevil I#25 (

MURDOCK,  - 2099, servant of Herod
    --Doom 2099#32 (34, X-Men 2099#28

    (net-preff)--(g) Marines in Action#1

MURDOCK, TEX - Old West era, fugitive outlaw in vicinity of new sheriff Matt Ross
   (app-ross,matt)--Kid from Texas#2/5

MURDOK (Sy Lewis) - used horrific illusions; opposed by Challenger
    Mystic Comics#9 (May, 1942)

MURFEE (    ) - used ultrasonic siren to paralyze ship passengers and rob them; opposed by Namora
    --Namora#3 (December, 1948)

"MURGATROID MUTT" - Wonderworld, robot version battled Human Torch, Mole Man, and Thing
    (app-maas)--Fantastic Four I#264

MURGO - @ 1459, wife taken hostage by Dracula to coerce him to steal the Darkhold from the Vatican, slain by Cagliostro
    *D*--Dr. Strange III#15/2

MURIELA of the Hyborian era - Corinthian, servant girl of Zargheba, forced to impersonate Oracle of Alkmeenon/Yalaya by both he and Conan to help them obtain the Teeth of Gwahlur, saved from servants of Bit-Yakin by Conan, accompanied him on adventure to Punt where she was possessed by Nebethet
    -- REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Warrior; Savage Sword of Conan#25 (25(fb2), 25, Ivory Goddess/Savage Sword of Conan#60

    alias used when infiltrating Purity
    --X-Factor III#25

MURILLO, MARIA - sister of Rojas/Angelica, adopted her daughter after she died in childbirth
    --Wolverine III#11

MURIUS - Blue Kree, wife of Falzon, mother of Arides, killed by Arides
    *D* (app-fal)--Inhumans I#4 (4(fb, dies)

MURKEN, MARTIN - see WORMHOLE of Earth-148611 --DP7 #9

MURMUR - Hellbent male, executed by agony after failing to capture Bloodline for Seth the Immortal.
    completely black, pliable physique
    *D* (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#50

MURMUR (Allan Rennie) - Hellions, mutated into pseudo-vampiric form by Emplate.
    wrapped in bandages, open portals in space, large mouth in chest
    WRAP* (net-hellions)--[Generation X#11], 12, 14(named) ([11],12-14

MURMUR (Arlette Truffaut) - Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, Hull House, French-Canadian female
    control actions of others with a touch
    (net)--Alpha Flight II#1 (2-8, 9/Uncanny X-Men#355, AF10-16, Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual 1998, AF#18-20, Wolverine II#142(fb)

MURNA - daughter of the Great Coordinator of the Exiles of Central City
    (app-greatcoordinator)--Fantastic Four I#294 (295(fb), 294, 295

MURO, Mr. - sorcerer seeking world domination, aided by Tasho and others; opposed by Monako
    --Daring Mystery Comics#1 (May, 1940); Daring Mystery Comics#4)

MURPHY, - SHIELD II, acted as guard at interrogation of Cable
    --Cable II#91

MURPHY, - ship wrecked on Magneto/Maelstrom’s island, decided to take chances with the jungle creatures rather than face Magneto
    --X-Men Unlimited#33/5

MURPHY, detective - New York Police Department, partner of Scott McLawry
    --Wolverine II#188 (189

MURPHY, BRAN - blew up the bar O'Shea's right in front of She-Hulk then escaped, later acted as bodyguard to Dark Art and subsequently poisoned him
    --She-Hulk II#24 ([30 (fb)], 24, 28-29, 30

MURPHY, BRUNO - criminal, unwittingly stole a super-soldier serum variant from Dr. Klemph, hid it in a gym and was subsequently slain by the police. The serum was found and consumed by X the Marvel
    *D* (app)--Power Man#27 (27d)

MURPHY, ERIN - daughter of Bran
    --She-Hulk II#28 (30

MURPHY, IVAN - former bagman, paid Hammerhead to assault Matt Murdock
    "DRIVIN' IVAN"--Daredevil II#84

MURPHY, JABOA - Australian woman, ancestor of Korvac, body briefly possessed by him until Reed Richards directed the energies of the Ultimate Nullifier to locate him/her.
    wf, blond
    (net)--Fantastic Four Annual#24

MURPHY, JONAS - psychic, serial killer, encountered American Eagle (Strongbow), who resisted and captured him.
    mentally control others, wm, balding
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#130/2

MURPHY, SANDRA - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    Mace of Aeshma
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

MURPHY, Detective SEAN - NYPD, investigated Skull-Jacket, partner of Marcella Cellanos
    (app)--Spider-Man Unlimited#11 ([11(fb)],11

MURPHY, - wife of Bran, mother of Erin
    --She-Hulk II#28 (30

MURRAY - demon, Hell-Lord
    --[Punisher IV#]

MURRAY - owner of Murray's Galactic Vehicle Mart and Sushi palace, dismembered while trying to negotiate with Lunatik
    (app)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3

MURRAY ?? - LAPD, called in to investigate Arlo Samuelson
    (app-samuelson)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/2

    - sold starsled to Lunatik
    (app)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3


MURRAY, Mr.  - Workshop, slaughtered by Sabretooth
    *D*--Wolvinerine III#14 (15-17, 18d)

MURRAY, JAMES - son of John, used gun to hold Daily Bugle hostage to force them to print a retraction about his father, convinced to surrender by Joe Robertson
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#5

MURRAY, JOHN - father of James, arrested after found a criminal's loot, released when real criminal caught, fired after employer read a Daily Bugle article on his arrest
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#5 (5(fb), [5(fb)], 5

MURRAY, MINA - see HARKER, MINA--Bram’s Stoker’s Dracula; [Dracula Lives#5,6], 10/3 (11/3, Legion of Monsters#1

MURRAY, WILLIAM T., jr - vice-president of the Murray Western Development Corp, inherited business from his father, threatened by Wolverine when he tried to build on the US/Canadian border of the Rockies
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#93

MURROW, CHRISTINE - Empire State University, former laboratory assistant of Clifton Shallot
    (app-vulture)--Amazing Spider-Man I#127 ([128(fb)], 127-128

MURTA of Earth-93060 - Vahdala, master of the earth, keeper of Roc's Egg, perished in the Godwar
    *D*--Godwheel#0 ([0(fb, dies)]

MUSCLEHEAD (    ) - Arena gladiator, fought Silkworm and Storm
    --X-Treme X-Men#36

MUSCLES MOE (    ) - led costumed gang who used gas to rob armored car; opposed by Powers of the Press
    --USA Comics#3 (January, 1942)

MUSE (    ) - criminal hypnotist; opposed by Blonde Phantom
    --Blonde Phantom#20 (November, 1948)

MUSE (Shannon Fitzpatrick) - former agent of James Johnsmeyer in the game, allied with Kaine
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#231 (231(fb), 231, Sensational Spider-Man II#2, Amazing Spider-Man I#409, Spider-Man#66

MUSE of "Earth-2023" (    ) - New Warriors, ally of Mr. Nimbus, manipulated other New Warriors into attacking heroes
    telekinetic, manipulate thoughts and emotions of others
    (app-newwarriorsearth2023)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - New Warriors: The Godsend ([Millennial Visions (fb)], MilVis

MUSE (Nicole Lomenzo, Dr. Derek Parsons, Lucas Wyndham )
    - dedicated to shielding and protecting mutants
    -Mutant Underground Support Engine--X-Force#82, 83(named) ([Generation X: Crossroads], XFor82-84

MUSENDA - vampire hunter, ally of Azu, Orji Jones, & Ogun Strong; encountered Blade in China, joined him in assault against Dracula, nearly killed, boots adopted by Blade, married Lorraine who became possessed by a vampire until cured by Blade
    *D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#30 (Blade III#11 (fb), TombDrac#30/Blade III#12 (fb)], ToD#58

MUSES UNDER THE MOUNTAIN (Vala, Who Dreams; Dor, Who Sees; and Ogri, Who Speaks) - invoked by Amanda Sefton in an effort to locate Belasco; the spell failed to locate Belasco, likely because he blocked it
    --[X-Men: Soul-Killer, pg. 238]

MUSEUM of ODDITIES (Mr. Vayle, Alistair/"Gargoyle")
    --X-Men: First Class Special#1

MUSEUM of PAGAN ANTIQUITIES - secret Mys-Tech headquarters
    --Knights of Pendragon I#14 (Hell's Angel#1
    Motormouth/Killpower#8, Gene Dogs3

MUSEUMPIECE (    ) - elderly criminal, sought to illegally obtain priceless artifacts; opposed by Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#65 (July, 1945)

MUSHROOM (    ) - attempted to assault Sally Floud, knocked out by Moon Knight
    --World War Hulk: Front Line#5

MUSPELHEIM - realm of the Fire Demons and Surtur
    --Journey into Mystery I#97?,

MUSSELS - Atlanteans, School.
    male, bald
    (app-school)--Marvel Comics Presents#12

MUSSO GRILL - diner in California circa 1928, site where Orson Randall was to meet George Sims
    --Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California#1

MUSTANG ( ) - Prime Sentinel, originally a pilot who sacrificed self in a plane crash to avoid crashing in a populated area, outfitted with cybernetic parts by Prospero clinic, transformed into Prime Sentinel without his knowledge
    --Wolverine II#116 (116(fb), 116-118

MUSTANG of Earth-Battleworld (Clint Barton, jr.) - Avengers, son of Hawkeye and She-Hulk
    (app-earthbat)—What If? II#114 (Avengers Forever#11,12

MUSTANG of Earth-93060 (Roderick Hartley)- Exiles-Deming
    *D* (app)--Exiles (uv)#1 (2-4d)

MUSTANG of Earth-93060 (Cal Dean) - former rodeo man.
    super speed
    --Foxfire (uv)#2 (3

MUSTARD - Warpies, advocates.
    small yellow flaming child, constantly hovering
    --[Excalibur I#61],62

MUSTIN, GUS - veteran of World War I, widower of Opal Mustin, empowered by exposure to an experimental gas, kept powers a secret
    enhanced human strength, retarded aging
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#55 (55 (fb), 55

MUTAGEN of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Gerald Bernardson) - seeks to destroy those with genetic impurities
    Alter form to develop whatever powers and abilities he needed for a given situation
    (app)--2099 Unlimited#1 (1(fb), 1, 3

MUTALIEN (Shane McNichols) - mutant, fought Corkscrew during training
   (app)--X-Statix I#1 (OHotMU A-Z v13 (named)

MUTANT of Earth-2992 (Chad Channing) - partnered with Reed Richards, only pretends to take mutant suppression pills
    --Mutant 2099#1 (Marvel Team-Up III#16-18, 25, Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/

mutant (    ) - slain by preacher via forced guidance of mutant precognitive Mary-Margaret
    woman with healing touch
    *D*--Angel: Revelations#3 (2008)

mutant (    ) - slain by preacher via forced guidance of mutant precognitive Mary-Margaret
    young boy, linguist
    *D*--Angel: Revelations#3 (2008)

mutants (    ) - slain by preacher via forced guidance of mutant precognitive Mary-Margaret
    conjoined twins able to walk on water
    *D*--Angel: Revelations#3 (2008)

mutant (    ) - AIM, slain by Brent Jackson some time ago
    --Weapon X#23 (23(fb, dies)

mutant (    ) - Yuri Garnoff's pre-Exiles, shot and killed while trying to capture Robert Drake
    (app-exiles)-X-Factor Annual#1

mutant ( ) - formerly dated a nurse of Spitfire, attacked her after she broke up with him, crushed by statue in battle with Spitfire
    large + strong man
    *D*--Marvel Super-Heroes III#4/4

mutant - Iowa youth, destructive power, inadvertently killed mother when powers rampaged out of control, calmed by Deadpool, killed by Kane
    *D*--Deadpool III#58

mutant ( ) - male, lover of Bloke.
    Pointed ears and glowing eyes

mutant - saved from a beating, saved by Fagin + Hoffman

mutant - monstrous child, intended to evolve into higher form, but went on rampage after mother’s death, killed by New York Police Department
    --X-Men II#127

mutant - opposed Thor’s helping of humanity, used powers on self and framed Thor for his death
    bm, able to age organic and inorganic matter instantly
    *D*--Thor II#56

mutant ( ) - employed at the Robin strip club, hired to dance at Havok’s wedding.
    --Uncanny X-Men#425

mutant (    ) - potentially dangerous, sent to X-Corporation by Cable
    --Cable and Deadpool#1

mutant (    ) - preyed on women at bars, driven off by Wolverine
    --X-Men Unlimited II#5/2

mutant (    ) - horned
    --X-Factor III#28

mutant camper - devoured by Predator X
    --New X-Men#44

mutant infant (    ) - female; first mutant born post M-Day, sought by Purifiers, Maruaders, and X-Men, recovered by Cable, taken into the future with him, pursued by Bishop
    --[X-Men: Messiah Complex#1], X-Men II#205 ([1 (fb)], X205, UX493, XFac26, NX45, X206, UX494, XFac27, NX46, X207, Cable III#1-5

mutant 143 - pawn of the Church of Humanity.
    mental powers, cloud perceptions of others
    --Uncanny X-Men#424

MUTANT CIVIL RIGHTS TASK FORCE (Duncan(d), Catherine Gray, Kendall Green(d), Aaron Kearse)
    --X-Factor II#1 (2-4

"MUTANT CRABS" - giant crabs mutated using Badoon technology, slaves of Byrrah, fought Namor, mutated further, fought Agents of Atlas
    (app)-- Sub-Mariner I#50 (51, Agents of Atlas I#4

MUTANT DIARIES - written by Sally Floyd for the Alternative
    --Generation M#1

MUTANT FORCE (Burner, Lifter, Peeper, Shocker, Slither) - team of mutant mercenaries, organized by magneto, later used by mandrill and secret empire, most went on to form Resistants
    (D#8, app)--Captain America Annual#4; (as Mutant Force) Defenders I#78 ([4(fb)], 4,  Defenders#78(fb), 78-80, 83, 87(fb), 87, Captain America I#346(fb), Def125(fb), 125, 126, 128-130, Cap426(fb)->Resistants (Captain America I#343 (346, 368, 350, Amazing Spider-Man I#325, Cap411, 426).
    New Warriors II#6

MUTANT INSTITUTE of Earth-58163 (    ) - see NEW MUTANT LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (Secrets of the House of M)--

MUTANT LIBERATION FRONT (Dragoness, Forearm, Kamikaze, Reaper, Strobe, Sumo, Tempo, Thumbelina, Wildside, Zero, Rusty Collins )
    - pawns of stryfe, forced or duped into serving him for variety of reasons, disbanded after defeat by combined forces of x-teams
    (1990s, net)--New Mutants I#86,87

MUTANT LIBERATION FRONT (Dragoness, Forearm, Locus, Moonstar, Tempo, Wildside, Feral)
    - originally organized by Reignfire
    (1990s, net)--X-Force#26 (27,28, X-Force Annual#3, XFor43, Excalibur I#104,105, XForce#67,78

MUTANT LIBERATION FRONT (Deadeye(d), Blast Furnace, Corpus Derelecti (d), Blindspot, Thermal)
    - agents of Humanity's Last Stand, normal humans given drugs or costumes to empower them, claimed to be mutants in order to defame mutants, able to produce duplicate abilities in another when an agent is killed, attempted to assassinate Reverend William Connover; facility destroyed by Trask after true nature revealed
    (1990s, app)--Punisher III#12 (13-16

MUTANT LIBERATION FRONT (Cannonball, Forearm, Jon Spectre, Stryfe (alternate Domino), Thumbelina, Zero, guy with a sword)
    - fought Skornn
    (1990s)--X-Force II#4 (5,6

MUTANT MASTER (    )- Factor Three, Siris race, posed as mutant human, secretly sought to trigger war between USA and Russia to wipe out human race, followers turned against him when exposed as alien, committed suicide to avoid capture
    *D* (app)--[X-Men I#28], 37 ([39(fb)], X-Men: Legends "Diary of a Hollow Man" (fb)], [XM28] [XM26-28], Thunderbolts#33(fb), [XM29-36], 37,38, 39d)

MUTANT MEN - robot agents of Menace, posed as mutants
    (app-menace)--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#21


MUTANT OUTSIDERS (Halorama, Kokoro) - New Mutants + Outsiders, heroic metamutants
    (app-kokoro)--[Magneto & the Magnetic Men#1], Mutant Outsiders Annual#2

MUTANT POWER CANNON - Weapon X, adapts and transmits the power of a mutant across a great distance
    --Wolverine II#173

    --X-Treme X-Men#34

MUTANT SHAMAN (Michael "Mike" Dorie) - mutant, formerly resisted the Harvester, later chosen as successor of mutantkind's tribal shaman by Nate Grey


MUTANT UNDERGROUND of SINGAPORE (Crawler, Leiko, the Light, Slider)
    - allied selves with Magneto, slaughtered by a group of mutaphobic humans enraged by Magneto's world trial. Only Crawler and the Light are confirmed to have survived.
    (app)--X-Men vs Avengers#4 (4d

MUTANT UTOPIA (    ) - Antarctica, residents driven to madness and mass suicide by Golgotha
    --X-Men II#166 (167

MUTANT X - see PROTEUS (MacTaggert)--Uncanny X-Men#119, 125

     Shadow Initiative, has had previous identities
    silent, swift, uses blades weapons
    (app)--Avengers: Initiative#5 (10-11, 17, [20 (fb)], 20-22-->Typhoid

mutants of Earth-58163 (    ) - achieved dominance over humanity due to Magneto
    (Secrets of the House of M)--

mutants of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN mutants/mutates (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

MUTANTS of HAVEN of Earth-691 - see RANCOR's LIEUTENANTS--Guardians of the Galaxy#8

MUTANTS SAN FRONTIERS - philanthropic division discussed between Archangel and Askari
    --Excalibur III#11

mutate - see Netherlands mutate--Invaders Now#3 (2011)

mutate - Magneto’s mutates.
    monstrous, deaden the will of others
    (app-magm)--Amazing Adventures II#10

mutate - subterranean, presumably associated with the Mole Man, driven back underground by X-Men and Fantastic Four
    --Astonishing X-Men III#7

mutates - see Magneto’s mutates (app-magm)--Amazing Adventures II#9


MUTATES of "Earth-6943" (leader) - branch of humanity mutated by radiation following Atomic War II, allied with Pluto against Thor, Sif, and Champions
    superhuman strength, used futuristic weaponry
    (app)--[Thor I#162], 163 ([163 (fb)], 163 (fb), [162], 163-164, Champions#1, [2], 3

mutates of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN mutants/mutates (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

MUTATOR (George Mullaney) - Clinic, DP7, cured
    WILD THING* (DP7#26,app)--DP7#1 (Kickers inc#5, DP7#17, 18,19, 20, 21, PsiForce#22, DP7#30, 32

MUTAURUS - giant minotaur, ally of Mogul, briefly summoned to Earth as part of a plot by Morgan le Fay
    (app)--Thor I#143 (474(fb), Avengers III#1

MUTE ( ) - aphonic servant of Madame Slay
    (app-ms)--Jungle Action#18

MUTHOS - Asgardian Rock Troll
    --Thor I#210

"MUTILATION KILLER" - one of Baron (Helmut) Zemo’s mutates/protoids, used Zemo’s machine to mutate Nocturne, defeated by her and Spider-Man.
    Hideous form, metamorph
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#13

MUTO, JUNZO - Hand, former protege of Hiromitsu, teenage Japanese boy, parents killed by Hiromotsu, fulfilled series of tests to attain destiny of ultimate leadership of the Hand, siphoned power of Steel Serpent/Davos and Iron Fist/Rand, temporarily brought Kun Lun to Japan, slew Hiromitsu after learning the truth.
    martial arts master, power of iron fist
    (app)--New Warriors II#5 ([8(fb)], 5, [7], 8, 10, Iron Fist/Wolverine#2(fb), 1-4

MUTOPIA of Earth-58163 (    ) - counterpart of District X
    (Secrets of the House of M)--

MUTROIDs 2099 (Angorr, Bragar, Deathstryk, Maggbar, Seeress, Soul-Dark, Stormer, Ursell, Gen. Slaggfest, Ripgnash, Slugfest)
    - natives of hellrock, mutated by its toxic waste
    -- Ravage 2099#1 (
    25/3, 27-33

MUTT (    ) - World War II era criminal, encountered by Captain America (Jeff Mace) in search for who shot Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America: Patriot#2 (2010)

MUTTS of Earth-Big Town (Beast, Diva, Grrl, Ice, Psych)
    - alternate dimensional counterparts of original X-Men, renegades in Manhattan
    --Fantastic Four: Big Town#1 (2-4

MUURO - sorcerer of dark dimension
    --Dr. Strange III Annual#4

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