M'BAKU - see MAN-APE (app)--Avengers I#62.

M'BALA - friend of Primal
    (app-prim)--X-Men Unlimited#16

M’BAMBWAY - Wakandan, security officer working under W’Kabi’s command at the royal palace, operates training range
    (net-wak)--Black Panther: Panther’s Prey#1

MBANGAWI (Dr. Crocodile, Howitzer, Kura/"Witch-Woman," Jonas N’Dingi, Samuel N’Dingi)
    - African nation
    (Atlas#2, app-dc)--Captain Britain II#9 (10, Excalibur I#15

M'BATA - Wakandan air guard, encountered Ross in the form of Black Dragon
    --Black Panther III#39

MBEGA of the Hyborian era - Zembabwei, twin brother of Nenaunir, imprisoned by him, became his successor with the aid of Conan
    (app-nen)--Red Moon of Zembabwei in Conan of Aquilonia; King Conan#3 (3(fb), 3, 4

M'BEGI - village used as test subjects by the Nosferati. An unrevealed number of them were turned into vampires and infected with the Ebola-Three/Six virus. After the expected transmutation of three dozen subjects was verified the whole vampiric brood was destroyed with holy water by the Nosferati.
    *D/R/Des* (app-nosferatu)--Bloodstone#3

MBONGA - Early 20th century leader of African Mbonga tribe
    --Tarzan of the Apes; (Marvel) Tarzan#9

M'BOYE, Ms. (    ) - Wakanda teacher
    --Black Panther IV#4

M'BURGER - see MAN-APE. nickname by Queen Divine Justice (app)--Black Panther III#48

M'BUTU - Wakandan, led security force at Wakandan Embassy
    --Spider-Man/Human Torch#4

M'BUTU (    ) - tyrannical leader of Niganda, enemy of Black Panther, allied with Klaw
    --Black Panther IV#3 (4-5

M'CHATA - Wakandan, agent of Man-Ape (M'Baku)
    --Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II#2

M.C. ( ) - druglord, worked out of the Warehouse, employed Recoil, Ennio, and others, killed by Nails of VIGIL
    - Master of Crack, Mind that Controls, Maestro of Corruption
    (app)--[Punisher I#71, (named) #72], 73 (74, 75d)

MC MILO MYSTIK (Milo Smutts) - mutant with pheromone control. used powers to promote self in American Megastar, lost control of powers and the audience turned on him
    *D?*--X-Men Unlimited#41/3

McALLISTER, special agent - Cape-Killer, investigated assault on Gauntlet
    --Avengers: The Initiative#6

McCANN, KATRINA - employee at  Casino Alexander, former lover of Phil DeBlasio
    --Wolverine: Under the Boardwalk#1

    --[Avengers III#6]

McARTHUR, NORMAN - see MacARTHUR, NORM (app)—Fantastic Four I#260

McARTHUR, PEGGY - see MacARTHUR, PEGGY (app-norm)—Fantastic Four I#287

McAVEY - common law husband of Frank Schlichting's mother, killed Schlichting's mother and sister, later headed the Nightmare Club, beaten up by Schlichting years later as the Constrictor
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #74/3 (74/3(fb), 74/3

McBRAIN (    ) - criminal foiled by Daredevil
    mentally control others and form force fields
    (app)--Hostess Twinkies ad "McBrain's Brain Drain" in Amazing Spider-Man I#179 (April 1978)

McBRIDE, LEONA - Warheads, Kether Troop

McBRIDE, MALCOLM - see CARRION--Spectacular Spider-Man II#147

McBRIDE, MARTHA or BEATRICE - mother of Carrion   
    --Spectacular Spider-Man I#162 (163, Amazing Spider-Man I#390-393

McBRYDE, CHASTITY - SHIELD, opposed Elektra and John Garrett's efforts to assassinate Ken Wind
    (app)--Elekta: Assassin#5 (6(fb), [6(fb)], 5-8

McBURNE, NASTY - Matriculon, agent of Banger McCrusher
    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

McCABE, LYNDSAY - friend and former roommate of Jessica Drew, former actress, private investigator, formerly operated out of Madripoor
    --Spider-Woman I#14 (17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 34-3?, 40-45, 47-50, Avengers I#240(fb), West Coast Avengers I#1, Uncanny X-Men#203,206, Wolverine II#1-3, 4,5, 6(fb),6-8, 9, 10, 11, 14,15(fb2),15, 16, 27, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 1996/2

McCABE, NINA - former roommate of Elektra, father killed when Bullseye attacked Elektra, heart cut out by Kuroyama, resurrected as servant of the Hand, given part of essence of Elektra, betrayed the Chaste to the Hand
    *D/R*--Elektra I#1 (3(fb), 2(fb), 1-8, 10, 12, 13, 14d, 17(fb,res), 16-18, 19(fb), 19

McCABE, - grandfather of Nina
    --Elektra I#3 (17

McCABE, -grandmother of Nina
    --Elektra I#3 (17

McCAFFREY - CIA, former co-worker of William Cross
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#4 (4(fb)

McCAIN, TIM of the Old West 1870s - young gunfighter, challenged but outdrawn by young Rawhide Kid
    *D* (app)--Rawhide Kid III#1

McCALL, MEREDITH - professor at Columbia university, first love of tony stark, ex-wife of frostbite, blinded in attack by him, formerly served with the Masters of Silence
    -MEREDITH McCALL ALDEN*, KAZE*--Iron Man I#28(An14-->MMA.
    Iron Man I#330,331

McCALLISTER, RON - anthropologist, ally of Living Mummy and Dr. Skarab, boyfriend of Janice Carr,bm
    (app-skarab)--Supernatural Thrillers#5 (14(fb2), 5, 8-15

    --Wonder Man II#1

McCANN, HOLLY - Stark Industries employee, arranged tour for Phil Sheldon and Ben Urich
    --Marvels #3

    --[Avengers III#5]

McCARTHY, CHRIS - see ANT-MAN--Irredeemable Ant-Man#1

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#28 ()

McCARTHY, JIM - father of Chris
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#3 (3 (fb)

McCARTHY, NANCY - mother of Chris
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#3 (3 (fb)

McCARTHY, reverend HENRY - Branding, Texas, condemned the gay sheriff Steve Southall, slew his lover Clark, precipitating an assault by his mother Rachel and the gunrunners of Monastery Hill, discovered by deputy Gerry, dragged to death by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VI#29 (30, 31d)

McCARTNEY, Sir PAUL - former member of the Beatles & Wings

McCAULEY, "father" - worked based on notes of Frankenstein, created/brought to life own monsters, stripped of medical certificate by Holdenburg University of Science, posed as priest, killed those who came to see him and built them into series of Frankenstein-esque monsters, slain by Frankenstein's monster
    *D*--Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1/2 (1/2 (fb), 1d)

McCAY, Dr. - examined the recently transformed Phoenix
    (app)--X-Men I#101

McCLELLAN, CAMERON - son of Kate, formerly possessed by Bane
    --[Knights of Pendragon I#5], 8 (9, 11-13

McCLELLAN, GEORGE - @ 1903, New York mayor, started the first subway
    --Nightcrawler III#6 (6(fb)

McCLELLAN, KATHERINE ELSPETH "KATE" - former reporter, Knights of Pendragon
    --Knights of Pendragon I#1 (2-18

McCLOSKEY, Col. - us army, served in Vietnam alongside Eric Simon Payne, bartered soul to Flying Dutchman to gain magical armor to battle Devil Slayer in effort to take over Portega
    *D* (app-fd)--Marvel Comics Presents#47/2 (48/2, 49/2

McCLOUD, SCOOTER - grandfather of Recall
    --[Generation X: Crossroads]

    --Generation X: Crossroads

McCLOUD, Mr. - father of Recall, owner of McCloud Cold Storage
    --[Generation X: Crossroads]

McCLOUD, Mrs. - mother of Recall
    --Generation X: Crossroads

McCLOUD COLD STORAGE - Chicago, owned by Mr. McCloud, briefly employed Chill
    --Generation X: Crossroads

McCLURE, - slumlord and saboteur; battled Roko the Amazing
    --USA Comics#5 (Summer, 1942)

McCLUSKY, "BIG" JOE of Earth-200111 - drug dealer, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#19

McCLUSKEY, STANLEY - SHIELD II public relationship
    --Moon Knight VI#17

McCLUSKEY, - SHIELD II agent, accompanied Dugan + Carter to investigate Hydra facility after battle between Captain America and Protocide
    --Captain America III#8

McCOMB, TRENT - see EXPATRIATE (app-expatriate)--Generation X: Crossroads

McCORD, - Former right arm pilot for Quintronic Man
    (app-quintronic)--Incredible Hulk II#213 (214

McCORMACK, KELLY - pilot, worshipped as the god "Kelmak" by tribesman
    --Shadows and Light #2

    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#2

    --Ghost Rider III#8

McCORMICK, Colonel ALFRED - unspecified involvement in Red Skull's Project Perfect Warrior program
    --Vengeance#5 (2012)

McCOURT, ALLISON - 7th grade girlfriend of Alex Power
    --Power Pack I#7 (14, 18, 22, 23, [28], 29,30, [34], 39, 45, 60

McCOY, EDNA ANDREWS - mother of Beast, wife of Norton
    --X-Men I#15 (49/2(fb), X-Men Unlimited#10, Professor X and the X-Men#17(fb(XM#50/2-53/2(fb)/Marvel Comics Presents#86(fb))), XM15, X-Men: Hidden Years#10, X-Men Unlimited II#10/2, Marvel Team-Up I#124, X-Men Unlimited #10,14

McCOY, HENRY - see BEAST--X-Men I#1

McCOY, LUTHER "PEANUTS" - criminal who temporarily gained floating power; battled Sun Girl
    --Sun Girl#3 (December, 1948)

McCOY, NORTON - father of Beast, husband of Edna
    --X-Men I#15(49/2(fb), X-Men Unlimited#10, Professor X and the X-Men#17(fb(XM50/2-53/2(fb)/Marvel Comics Presents#86(fb))), UX15, [X-Men: Hidden Years#10], X-Men Unlimited II#10/2, Marvel Team-Up I#124, X-Men Unlimited#10, 14

McCOY, PEANUTS - criminal, briefly had gravity-defying powers, stopped by Sun Girl
    (app)--Sun Girl#3/2

    (net-preff)--(g) Reno Brown#52

McCOYLE, CHARLIE "COBRA" - former prizefighter, suffered brain damage from too many blows to the head
    --Iron Man

McCRACKEN, SPAD - pilot, spent short time at Gamma Base
    --Incredible Hulk II#160 (223,224, 227,228

McCRACKEN, Mrs. - principal at Megan Kinney's school
    --X-23: Target X#2

McCRUSHER, BANGER - Matriculon, head of a gang and burger join, had Mall Addy kidnapped, defeated by Hulk & Thing
    (app-mat)--Marvel Graphic Novel: The Big Change

    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#31

McDERMOTT, CHRISTIE - Empire State University student, daughter of Jack and Jill, former roommate of Emma Frost, briefly dated Ian Kendall, assaulted by him while he was controlled by Emma Frost, pressed charges against him, but forced to act like she was psycho/obsessed with him by Emma to clear Ian
    CHIPMUNK--Emma Frost#13 (14-18

McDERMOTT, HEATHER - former girlfriend of Freezer  Burn, mother of ???, slain by Razorfist
    *D*--Daughters of the Dragon#1 (1d)

McDERMOTT, JACK - father of Christie
    --Emma Frost#13

McDERMOTT, JILL - mother of Christie
    --Emma Frost#13

McDERMOTT, Det. ?? - spoke with Pauline Stratton, killed by Deathwatch and Blackout
    *D* (app-Stratton, Pauline)--Ghost Rider III#3

McDONALD, - Freedom Science Studies Institute, perfected super soldier "juice" for Project: Glamor, used Predecessor Railback as test subject, ultimately killed by Choate/Steel for discussing his fee   
    -LIME *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#6/2 (7/2-9/2, 10/2d)

McDONALD, BRUCE - UK's Super-Soldier program scientist
    --Super Soldiers#

McDONALD, DAN of Earth-93060 - ultra, telepathy, owned Kirby
    --Firearm(uv) I#8

McDONALD, Mr. - refused to hire Dave Freed after learning he was the Bodega Bandit
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#2

McDONNELL, OSCAR - worked for Care Labs, designed Cyborg X

McDOWELL, Dr. DEREK - located + revived Frankenstein monster
    (app)--Monsters Unleashed#2 (4, 5/8, 6

McDOWELL, SCOTTY - criminologist, former bounty hunter partner of Spider-Woman (Drew), briefly mutated by Karl Malus. wm, disabled
    -HORNET* (app)--Spider-Woman I#21 (21(fb), [24(fb)], 22-24, 26-30, Marvel Team-Up I#97, Spider-Woman II#31-35, 50

McELROY, JAMES - federal agent, crisis negotiator
    --Captain America I#444 (Captain America III#3

McELROY, RALPH - New York Police Department, partner of Luis Dominquez, destroyed by Jeremiah
    --Marvel Team-Up I#34

McFADDEN, Mr. -     agent of the Irish government, liaison to the Kinsmen
    (app-kin)--Marvel Comics Present#43/4

McFEE, father ANGUS - priest, formerly taught Frank Castle in the priesthood, helped place Maggie Pulowski
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder (Intruder (fb), Intruder

McGAK, BIG MONK - criminal, escaped jail and tried to find a place to live from Mister Zero, turned self in to the police when Zero made revealed his ghost-like powers
    (app-mrzero)--Journey into Mystery I#68/2

McGARTHEY, LEN @1940s - radio announcer broadcasting fight between the Blazing Skull and Dr. Fear
    (app-drfear)--Mystic Comics#8

McGEARY, ESTHER - friend of Sidney Crumb, killed by Fury
    (app-sc)--Daredevils (UK)#8 (Captain Britain II#4(fb,d)

McGEE, RALPH - @ 1984, criminal, brother of Vinnie, agent of "Neat Pete" Sligo at the Gladiator Club, killed by Night Raven
    *D* (app-neatpete)--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3

McGEE, VINNIE - @ 1984, criminal, brother of Ralph, agent of "Neat Pete" Sligo at the Gladiator Club, killed by Night Raven
    *D* (app-neatpete)--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3

McGILL, LINDA - former girlfriend of Ben Grimm
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#46/2

McGILL, "SHOULDERS" DONALD - father of Silver Death, used child to murder other, felt he was shouldering the blame for the murders
|    (app)--(UK) Captain Britain II#14

McGILLICUDDY, SEAMUS - see CHORES--Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1 (1 (fb), 1

McGINTY, GENERAL - Pentagon staff, commanded Sentinel assault upon Kang
    --Avengers III#45, 48, 49

McGIVENY, Sgt. "BULL" - World War II, led the Maulers, Able Company’s attack squad, had heated rivalry with Howlers and Fury in particular
    --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #13? 22? (58, 67

    --Mystic Comics#5 ()

McGRATH, PATRICK - Graphic Designer at Daily Bugle
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

    (net-preff)--(g) Marines in Battle#1

McGRAW, "SHADES" - agent of Crime-Wave, partner of Turk, defeated and impersonated by Daredevil
    --Daredevil I#60

McGRILL, MARY - see MARY McGRILL ARCHER (app)--U.S. One#1(2-4, 6-12 -->mma)

McGRUDER, - Mallet Studios producer, coerced Liza Pyne into being his lover, killed by Louis Bellski
    *D* (app-bellski)--Dracula Lives#4

McGUIRE - cat, pet of Jack O'Lantern/Mad Jack
    -MAGUIRE?--Spectacular Spider-Man II#242 (243-246, 248, 257

McGUIRE, LAURA - WRCK intern, friend of Chris Powell
    --Darkhawk#39 (40, 42, 43, 45-50

McGUFFIN, SID - agent of Beverly Switzler
    --Howard the Duck IV#2 (3

McGURK, Cap’n LONG JOHN - dimension of floating cities, pirate, captain of T’ai Javinee
    --Nightcrawler I#1 (2

McGURK, WILLIAM "BILLY" - attended same school as Franklin Richards, father influenced by Hidden Ones
    (app-Hidden)--Fantastic Four III#53

McGURTY, LILLIE - former member of the Street Arabs circa 1907, fell in love with Victor Mancha, offered chance to come forward in time with him but unable to make herself do it, despite message sent back in time by her future self; in recent years gave message to Victor Mancha to give to her younger self
    formerly able to fly when music was playing?
    LILLIE* the SPIELER*--Runaways II#25 (27-30, 25-26, 30

McHENRY, ambassador - associated with secretary Vance, stated they would bring further announcements to the news regarding the potential Wakanda and Atlantis conflict.
    (app-rosenumblum)--[Defenders I#84]

McHENRY, - Ryker's Island guard
    --Daredevil II#82

McHENRY, Officer -
    --Daredevil II#107

MCHELE, JEREMY - African game reserve, allied with Shanna against forces of Sir Guy Cross-Wallace, shot and killed by Cross-Wallace’s troops when began firing on them after discovering they had killed Eric Heller and were roasting him over a pit. bm
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #68/2 (69/2, 71/2-74/2, 75/2d)

McHOOEY, MICHAEL "MADMAN" - Depression era criminal, pinned down by cops, branded by Night Raven
    (app)--Hulk Comic (UK)#2

McINTYRE, ELI - Quentin Carnival, father of Quinn
    *D*--Spirits of Vengeance#1 (2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10d)

McINTYRE, QUINN - Quentin Carnival, Eli's son
    --Spirits of Vengeance#12 (15, 20, 21, 23

McINTYRE, SALLY - Stark Industries
    --Iron Man I#244 (244(fb), Iron Man: Iron Age#1

McINTYRE, ambassador - US ambassador to the United Nations
    (app-bixby)--Inhumans III#5

McKADEN, KIRSTY - victim of Johnny Sockets
    *D*--Daredevil: Father#2 (2d)

McKAY, SHARON - Camarilla of the N'Garai, rune speaker, formerly worshipped another goddess before betraying her, slain by Basilisk. dark hair
    (app-con)--Marvel Preview#7 ([7(fb)], 7

McKEEVER, SEAN "TINY" - high school classmate of Peter Parker, quit high school after
    --Untold Tales of Spider-Man#2(Amazing Fantasy#17(fb), 17,18, UntSpdm2-7, 9, [10, 11], 14-16, 17-20, Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996, U#24

McKENNA, MARY - scientist, old associate of Wolverine, slain by the Hauk'ka
    --Uncanny X-Men#455

McKENNA-DRAKE, MARLENE - wife of Frank Drake, formerly possessed by Rachel van Helsing.
    minor psychic/empathic powers.
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula III#1 (1(fb), 1-4, Nightstalkers#1, 2, 11, 12, 16, [18]

McKENNA, TERRENCE - ethnobiologist, discussed contacting hyperspace machine elves
    --[Doc Samson II#1/2]

McKENZIE - Commission field agent, wore armored battlesuit against Juston Seyfert's Sentinel
    (app)--Sentinel#7 (8,9

McKENZIE, LAWRENCE - son of Leonard, half-brother of Namor, father of Leon
    (app-blackmoray)--Namor I#57 (57 (fb)

McKENZIE, LEON - see BLACK MORAY (app-blackmoray)--[Namor I#26], 27 ([57 (fb)]/29 (fb), [26], 27-28, 29 (fb), [48 (fb)], 52 (fb), 48, [53 (fb)], 52-53, [53], 56

McKENZIE, LEONARD - father of Namor, former captain of icebreaker The Oracle, fell in love with and impregnated Fen, killed in modern times by Tiger Shark
    *D*--(g) ; Fantastic Four An#1( Sub-Mariner I#43-46, [Captain America:Sentinel of Liberty#3]

"McKENZIE, LEONARD" of Earth-Fantastic Five: Spider-Man - son of Namor and Sue Storm
    (app-earth772)--What If I#21

McKENZIE, LEONARD of Earth-Fantastic Five: Namor - son of Namor and Sue Storm
    (app-lo)--What If II#27

McKENZIE, LYDIA - former agent of Mysterio, divorcee, fired foggy nelson, began affair with him, drugged foggy to believe she was possessed by demon, leapt from building to death after heroin overdose, foggy was arrested for her murder
    *D*--Daredevil II#1 (8(fb), 1,2, 3(fb,d)

McKENZIE, SCARLETT- see QUARK (app)--Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown#1 (2-4

McKINNEY, DONALD - Democratic Senator
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#8

McKINNEY, TIM - got high and threw mother and girlfriend out of a window, saved from Punisher by Daredevil, went to prison for four years, tortured and eviscerated by Punisher as bait to draw in Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.
    *D*--Punisher VI#35 ([35(fb)], 35

McKINNON, Dr. - family doctor to the Mary + Bobby Campbell's family, called in Moira MacTaggart when Mary became afflicted with Retribution Virus
    (app-conscience)--Marvel Comics Presents#18 (19, 21

    --Captain America III#5

McKONE, WENDY of Earth-3470 - assistant toe Heather McDaniels Hudson

McLAREN, MEGGAN - reporter
    --Thunderbolts#1 (8, Avengers III#1, 4, Spider-Man Unlimited#22, Avengers III#10-12, Tb26, Av19, Tb27

McLAUCHLIN, JIM - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

McLAURIN, RICK - Guardsman, killed by fellow Guardsman Pascal Tyler during prisoner transport--Cage I#9 (9 (fb)

McLAWRY, Det. SCOTT - New York Police Department, killed Elijah Snow and Juwan + Tawanda Barnes, investigated by Lester Brown, who discovered the bodies with the aid of Wolverine
    --Wolverine II#188 (189

McLEISH, RODDY - assassin, former ally of Logan, killed Logan's girlfriend, Ai-Chia, and her father, Wong Tak-Wah, and was apparently killed by Logan @ 10 years ago, later returned crippled and killed Ai-Chia, attempted to destroy Logan, but was terrified into having a heart attack when Logan threatened him
    -WHITE GHOST* *D* (app)--Wolverine II#119 (119-122(fb),119-122d)

McMAHON, "BUZZ" (    ) - SHIELD's Howling Commandos monster force, pilots Grogg
    --Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (6

McMAHON, ED - served as Johnny Carson's announcer and sidekick on his TV show
    (app-Carson, Johnny)--Amazing Spider-Man I#50 (99, 305

McMANUS - Elsewhere, poobah king
    (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

McMASTERS, IAN - head of Gynecon, allied with Vassily Ulyanov and 2R, sought to assassinate all of the cold war Black Widows to prevent them from interfering with patents for their pheromone products, killed by the Black Widow (Natalia Romanova)
    --Black Widow IV#1 (2-5, 6d)

McMILLAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY - building construction, machines taken over by Dr. Sun
    --Nova I#23

McMULLIN, Sgt. MATT - New York Police Department, Brethren of the Blue Fist, leader, exposed + imprisoned by Tigra
    --Tigra#2 (3,4

McMURRAY, HANNAH - sister of ? , former student at Massachusetts Academy many years in the past, brutalized by ? , either killed or committed suicide, met Husk as a ghost and directed her to a note to give her sister
    --Generation X#74


McNAB, Mr. ROSS - innkeeper of inn by Loch Ness, former pawn of the alien from beneath Loch Ness, drowned while swimming in water during an explosion caused by battle b/t Captain Britain and the alien
    *D* (app)--[Super-Spider-Man & Captain Britain#232/2], 233/2 ([233/3], 234/2, [234/2], 234/2d)

McNAIR, TAD - lawyer serving the Brll'nah >Zhhk<
    (app-brll)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#24

McNEE, IAN - young sorcerer, trained for ten years and challenged Dr. Strange to become Sorcerer Supreme, given a glimpse of the life he would have in that role and decided against pursuing it, enlisted by Oshtur to acquire the Cornerstones of Creation
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Marvel Fanfare I#6/2 (Marvel Tarot, Mystic Arcana: Magik#1, 1/3, Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1, 1/3, Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1, 1/3, Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1, 1/3

McNULTY, ELWOOD - Commission agent, partner of Jake Farber
    (app-commission)--Captain America I#329 (331, 332, 333, X-Factor Annual #4

    --Black Panther III#3 (3(fb)

McPHEE, LEMUEL "BRUISER" - former convict, brother of Stuart, protected Joe Robertson from Tombstone in Lewisburg prison until ambushed, shot, and beaten to death by Tombstone.
    large + strong bm, gold tooth
    *D*--Spectacular Spider-Man II#151 (152, 153d)

McPHEE, LOUIE - criminal, former agent of Phillippe Bazin
    --Darkhawk#1 (4, 13

McPHEE, STUART - lawyer, brother of Bruiser, arranged a presidential pardon for Joe Robertson in gratitude for his befriending of Bruiser
    --[Spectacular Spider-Man II#153], 158 (159,160

McPHERSON, LING - bodyguard, former partner of Bethany Cabe, badly beaten by agents of Justin Hammer
    --Iron Man I#126 (134, 137, 140-143, 146, 151, 227

McPHERSON, MINDY M. or S. - wife of prowler/Hobie Brown, she was formerly employed by Transcorp, who framed her when they were caught in some shady Stock deals until Transcorp was exposed and Mindy exonerated by Spider-Man and the Prowler, separated from Hobie due to career difficulties and Prowler activities, reunited with him after Hobie was injured in the Great Game.
    Mindy Brown--Amazing Spider-Man I#78 (93, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21/2, Amz305, Web of Spider-Man#50, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9/2, 10/2, Amazing Spider-Man An25/3, Amz365/4, Prowler#1,3,4, Sensational Spider-Man II#16, 18, 28

McPHERSON, TONY (or MacPHERSON) - US Army, involved with Guantanamo Bay and Ferdnand Hedayet
    --Captain America IV#22 (23, 25

McQUAID, DIONNE - see INDIGO of Earth-148611 (app-indigo)--DP7#14

McREA, - US Air Force, attempted to stop the molten mutate Raymond Perry
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#1

McSHANE, PATRICK - Dahomey reserve game warden, harbored secret affection by Shanna, killed by Nekra
    *D*--Shanna the She-Devil#1 (2-5, Daredevil I#111(fb,d)

McSWIGGIN's PUB - site where Jessica Drew met with Conelly
    --New Avengers#15

McTEAGUE, POWELL - sorcerer circa 1959, aided Avengers of that era against plot of Sydenham and Skul
    --Avengers 1959 #1 (2011); (identified) #2

McTEER, MIKE - alcoholic reporter, attempted to write story about punisher's family's deaths, helped Castle investigate the Costas, killed by Billy Russo (Jigsaw)
    *D*--Punisher: Year One#1 (2, 3d)

M'DAKA - Wakandan, Avengers support staff/mechanic, colleague of K’Bali, delivered Captain America's vibranium shield
    (app)--Captain America I#342 ([Avengers I#300], 311, Cap370

M'DAMMEN, AZU - see AZU (app-orji_jones)--Tomb of Dracula I#30

M'DOM TYP - Aerian, former leader & husband of Wend, killed by Khup
    *D*--Ka-Zar the Savage#2 (3d)

M'DRUL - N'Garai, active in Abergylid, Wales, captured people whose souls were used in failed effort to restore Kierrok
    --Free Comic Book Day 2008: X-Men#1

M’DUUL - M’Ndavian, Peacekeeper-General, representative to the Charter, killed by Axi-Tun virus, which was then released during his funeral, exterminating the population of the entire planet
    *D*--Star Masters#1 (1d, Cosmic Powers#4(d))

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