MATADOR (King Cortez) - criminal matador; battled Captain America (Jeff Mace) and Bucky (Fred Davis)
    --Captain America Comics#65 (January, 1948)

MATADOR (Manuel Eloganto) - retired criminal, former matador in Spain, famous + controversial for his skill + cruelty + brutality towards bulls, injured in bullfight when he turned to shout at crowd, became criminal to gain revenge on mankind, former enemy of Daredevil, target of Scourge I-5/Priscilla Lyons, spared because of family,
    used bullfighting style to battle others
    (1970s, app)—Daredevil I#5 (5(fb), 5, Daredevil An1, Daredevil#129->Eloganto.
    Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, USAgent#1(ret), Daredevil II#23

MATADOR (Juan    ) - ally of Tombstone and Lily Lucca, killed Tybold Lucca at his estate in Monacco
    --Daredevil II#89 (90-91

MATCH (Ben Hammil) - mutant, Xavier Institute, Paragons leaders
    pyrokinesis, flaming head
    (New X-Men Yearbook, 198)--New X-Men: Academy X#12, (named) New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook (NX:AX#12, 14, [New X-Men II#20-22], 23, 24-26, [27], 28, 31, 32, Astonishing X-Men#13, NXM#37-41, 43

MATCHSTICK GIRL (    ) - Morlocks, attacked by Sentinels, rescued by Beast and Marrow
    (app)--Wolverine II#900/3

MATE of the MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON - see MONSTER (app)--Fantastic Four I#97

MATH MAC LLION of the Hyborian era - husband of Branwyn, father of Kynon
    --Red Sonja III# (8-13

MATHALA - Fall People
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#14

MATHEMANIC (Thomas Sorenson) - Psionex
    (net-psi)--New Warriors I#4 (15-17, [18], 52, 53, 60, 63, 64, New Warriors An4

MATHER, COTTON - @ 1691, Salem witch trials, pawn of Dark Rider
    - WITCHSLAYER* (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#41 ([44(fb)], 42(fb), 41-44, 45, [44(fb)]

MATHERS, of Earth-93060 - Aladdin
    *D*--Rune I#4 (4d)

MATHERS, GEORGE - Commission on Superhuman Affairs. bm
    (U#2-comm,app)—Captain America I#331, (seen + named) 333 (331-333, 344,345, 347,348, 350, 352, Punisher: No Escape

MATHESON, pastor OLIVER  - Cherry Hill, Illinois, tormented by Null the Living Darkness
    (app-null)--Ghost Rider III#71 (71 (fb), 71

MATHESON, SARAH  - Cherry Hill, Illinois, wife of Oliver
    (app-null)--Ghost Rider III#71 (71 (fb), 71

MATHESON, STACY (Stefanya Melnikova) - Black Widow?, Alabaman women's rights activist, assassinated
    *D*--Black Widow IV#1 (1d

MATHESON,  - Marrs Corporation?, agent of Kearson DeWitt in controlling Tony Stark's nervous system via the bio-replicant synapse override system
    (app-dewitt)--Iron Man I#264 ([260 (fb), 256, 258-263], 264, [265-266])

MATHESON, general - angered when Derek Khanata allowed the Scorpion (Carmilla Black) to escape
    --Amazing Fantasy II#12

MATTHESON, (sp?)- North
    --Black Widow IV#4

    --Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#3

MATHIESON, R. G.  - Bureau 18, covers up existence of paranormal activity
    CORONET BLUE, HARVEY ALLWOOD (app)--Secret Defenders#17 ([18(fb)], 17-19

MATHIUS, BAILEY - husband of Belinda, Viet Nam? war veteran, discovered temple in Nam Theum, formed the Unity, killed by Vietnamese warriors after opening the temple in the modern era
    *D*--Hawkeye III#1 (5(fb), 4(fb), 1-5, 6d)

MATHIUS, BELINDA - widow of Bailey, involved in the Unity, punished by Hawkeye by being forced to try to reassemble the picture from the column's temple
    --Hawkeye III#1 (2-6

MATLIN, JENNIFER - reporter, employee of Kingmaker

MATRIARCH - see TISIPHONE (app-furies)--Avengers I#50, Ghost Rider III#77

MATRIARCH of the Universal Church of Truth (    ) -
    (app)--Strange Tales I#178 (179-181, Warlock I#9-10, 11
    Avengers Forever#9-alt. reality?
    Guardians of the Galaxy II#1-3

MATRIARCH of the Kymellians (Kym) - Kymellian, spiritual leader, turned entire race intangible to enable it to survive the destruction of Kymellia II by Maraud
    - GHOSTMARE* (app-ff)—Power Pack I#52

MATRIARCH of the Eyriennes of Other Earth (See NEDRA)- mother of Cassandra
    (app-other)--Fantastic Four I#273 (273(fb), 273

MATRIARCH of the K’yndar -
    --Marvel Preview#15

MATRICCA SCOPPIO - planet run by cyborgs, former base of A.C.E. corporation, contains Orgolhuin
    (app)—Motormouth & Killpower#6 (7, Death's Head vs Die-Cut#1, 2

MATRICULON (Mall Addy, the Big Change in Nutrition, the Federation of Matriculon, Maika Kopi, Fyeleten Looset, Stamben Malelet, Nasty McBurne, Banger McCrusher, Thulcan Death Rob, the Hulk’s hat )
    - world of terra-formers, alchemists, and shape-shifters
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel#29: The Big Change ([Marvel Graphic Novel#29(fb)], 29(fb), 29

MATRIX - a repository of the minds of all the dead Time Lords of Gallifrey’s past
    --Dr. Who

MATRIX 8 (Master of Matrix 8) - extralegal scientific research agency, established after World War II by fleeing war criminals, chose the symbol "8" by twisting the Nazi swastika, based in England, had access to Nazi secrets and gold, developed + tested weapons, sold to AIM, Maggia, Hydra, created the Gammadroid, base destroyed in battle against Captain America and the Hulk
    (app)--Captain America I#257 ([257(fbs)], 257d)

MATRON 8162 - head of NURSE
    --[Dragon's Claws# ], 7 (8, 9

MATSU ( ) -
    (net-lostgen)--(g) Young Allies#1

MATSU (    ) - Japanese spymaster/saboteur; sent to kill Merzah the Mystic, chased by Merzah in his car, drove into tree, seemingly died; later battled Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Toro (Thomas Raymond)
    hypnotic powers
    --Mystic Comics#4/7 (); All Winners Comics#1

MATSUO - scientist, victim of Mad Thinker's Compound D
    --Torch#4 (2010)

MATT ?? - Antigo Senior High, friend of Juston Seyfert.
    white male
    --Sentinel#1 (2-7, 10-12

MATT ?? - former student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, tricked Alaris into allowing them to spend all of his money, slain by Jolen
    *D* (app-alaris)--Inhumans V#4 ([4 (fb)], 4, 5, 6d)

MATT ?? - Midtown High School student, dated Julie, saved from injury from battle between Absorbing Man and the Thing by Peter Parker
    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#11/2

MATTENBAAL of the Hyborian era - resident of Asgalun of Pelishtia in Shem, former vice-priest of Pteor's cult, became the new priest of Akhirom, stoned by the people after Abdashtarth was slain
    *D* (app-akhirom)--Savage Sword of Conan#36 (36d)

MATTER DUPLICATOR - see WREN's matter duplicator (app-wren)--Uncanny Tales#54/5

MATTER EXPANDER - designed by Reed Richards, used by Franklin to make himself big like the Thing, briefly expanded him into a spheroid
    --Power Pack III#2/2

MATTER MOBILIZER - used by Uatu in failed attempt to hide Earth from Galactus
    create convincing illusion
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#48

MATTER TRANSMITTER - alien teleportation technology
    --2001: A Space Odyssey#6

MATTHERS, LAURA - false identity used by Black Widow
    --Marvel Fanfare I#11

MATTEWS (sp?), MIKE - unscrupulous reporter, trapped in the Chamber of Fear
    --Tales of Suspense I#37

"MATTHEW" ?? - @ 1857, priest, brother of Eleanor Grey
    (app-charlesgrey)--Marvel Frontier Comics Unlimited#1/6

    alias while a member of STRIKE (app)--Captain Britain II#8

MATTHEW ?? - District X, mutant, boyfriend of Jade Parisi, chef, friend of X-23
    --Uncanny X-Men#450 (451

MATTHEW ?? - mutant, young boy, attempted to prevent Santa Claus from reaching other kids on block as punishment for bullying him, wm
    limited mental powers,
    --Generation X Holiday Special#1

MATTHEW ?? - San Francisco, drug addict, former friend of Morbius, convinced him to vamp the overdosed Roxy to save her, slain by the pseudo-vampiric Roxy
    *D*--Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1 (1d)

MATTHEWS, ENOCH - former would-be world conqueror, discovered Omega Keep, cured the children of Creighton with the aid of the Silver Surfer
    (app)--The Ultimate Silver Surfer novel: The Broken Land ([Broken Land (fb)], Broken Land

MATTHEWS, EVEN - mutant?, Simetry, dying of cancer, helped police capture the Hulk, but freed him and then tried--and failed--to trick Banner into killing him
    --Incredible Hulk III#70

MATTHEWS, JENNILYN - Massachusetts reporter, covered Emma Frost's kidnapping
    --Emma Frost#11

MATTSON, Lt. SHAWN - Fire Department of New York, involved with the Human Torch’s investigation of Firefox
    --Human Torch II#3 (4

MAUCIERI, Pvt. - soldier during World War II, legs bitten off by Fenris Wolf, saved by Thor
    --Avengers Classics#5/3 (5/3 (fb), 5/3

MAUER, - Facility
    --X-23: Target X#1

MAUL (Jamal Peoples) - Order, Initiative, Hephaestus-type, kicked off the team for publicly drinking/partying after the defeat of the Infernal Man, later joined forces with Ezekiel Stane
    adept at reducing problems to their component parts, wielded large energy hammer
    --Civil War#6, (identified) Order#1 (CW#6-7, Order#1 (8-9

    --Tales of Suspense I#97

MAULER (Aaron Soames) - former Cordco employee, replaced by a computer at age of sixty-three, files deleted so could not receive pension, stole armor to gain revenge on Edwin Cord, killed by Cord’s guards
    -Mobile Armored Utility Laser-guided Electron-beam Emitter, Revised
    *D* (D#18,net)--Daredevil I#167d

MAULER - see Turk Barret - stole armor (app)—Daredevil I#176

MAULER (Brendan Doyle) - mercenary, former soldier alongside Jim Rhodes, stole armor, armor taken from him by Iron Man (Stark) during Armor Wars
    (I#7,net)--Iron Man I#156 (156(fb), Alpha Flight I#113(fb), IM#156, Marvel Team-Up I#136, Spectacular Spider-Man II#122 , IM#225, Civil War: War Crimes#1, Avengers: Initiative#13

MAULER - see WAR MACHINE--Iron Man Annual#13

MAULER of Earth-Amusement World - Directed Avengers towards Kang's base
    (app-eaw)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow ([Av: TMWST(fb)], Av: TMWST

MAULERS (Sgt. "Bull" McGiveny, Cpl. "Ricketts" Johnson, "Man Mountain" McCoy )
    -World War II, Able Company’s second attack squad, assembled by Happy Sam Sawyer, heated rivalry with Howlers
    —Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#

MAULERS (one, three ) - armored agents of Bastion
    --X-Men Unlimited#11

MAURA (Bloodhawk, Teacher ) - South Pacific island
    --Avengers I#179

MAURGLON - green-skinned Asgardian cavern troll, bested by Thor in the past, imprisoned in a cavern by Loki, later freed and sent to earth, defeated again by Thor
    superhuman strength + durability
    (app)—Thor I#313 (313(fb), 313

MAUR-KONN - Myndai, charter, leader of followers of darkness
    --Shogun Warriors #1

MAURY ?? - tailor group
    (app-trac)--Deathlok An2

MAUVAIS ( ) - ancient French necromancer, cannibal, held in ancient prison below the cage, freed by Tillis, consumed flesh of Wolverine to escape Weapon X Project, consumed Wendigo.
    gains power from consuming flesh of others
    -<evil>, WENDIGO* (OH: Wolv)--Wolverine II#164 (165, Deadpool III#57, Wolverine An2001, Wolv1701-72

    (Christoph Nord, aka Sgt. David North) - mutant, cell six, project x, team x, cia, former partner of wolverine and sabretooth in cia, former freedom fighter in east germany, contracted legacy virus, some memories altered by psi-borg (Aldo Ferro), killed dr. Cornelius, in remission after powers altered, lost left eye to sickle, seemingly, killed by sabretooth.
    formerly absorb and discharge kinetic energy, gained ability to discharge heat directly from hands, age suppression factor
    (M)--X-Men II#5 (Maverick II#2(fb1-4), X-Men Unlimited #15(fb2), X5(fb), 7(fb), 6(fb), Wolverine: Origins#8 (fb), 5,6, Wolverine II#62-64, X#10/2+11/2, Wolv67, X-Men Unlimited I#23, Wolv87, Wolverine Annual 1995, X-Men Unlimited#15, Maverick I#1, Maverick II#1-8, 9(fb), 9-12, Wolv162,163,[164,165],166, Weapon X: Agent Zero-->Agent Zero)
    [Wolverine: Origins#6-7], 8

MAVERICK (Chris Bradley, aka Brian Johnson) - mutant, adopted identity of Nord after his seeming death, killed by Agent Zero while pretending to work for Gene Nation
    electrical powers
    BOLT* *D* (OH2006#7)--Weapon X II#6 (7-13, 19,20,21d)

MAVERICKS (Jocasta, She-Thing skrull imposter)
    - New Mexico Initiative
    --[Avengers: The Initiative#16], 17

MAVIS ?? - Coot's Bluff, Alaska, mother of Cammi, alcoholic
    --Drax the Destroyer#1 (3

MAVITY, AMY - reporter, newscaster
    (app)--Avengers I#272

MAW ( ) - Family, leader, feigned innocence and blamed Paw when Punisher arrived    
    *D* (app-family)--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56

MAW - Sakaar, training facility
    --Incredible Hulk III#92 (93

MAWKAW MAKONG - lava monster of Sakaar
    (Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook)--Incredible Hulk III#93? (100

MAW QUEEN - aquatic monster
    (app)--Uncanny Inhumans I#19

MAWSON, Pvt. RON - Missouri Marauders, used a pipe
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos#70 (71

MAX - Fortisqian, pilot of Halley's comet, remade Stephan Beckley into comet man after he was destroyed by "comet’s" exhaust, sanity affected by exposure to human television
    mentally control others, fly, fire energy blasts
    (U#5,app)--Comet Man#1 (3-6, Fantastic Four I#315-317, Marvel Comics Presents#50/2-53/2, Captain Marvel V#7

MAX - Rottweiler, trained by Punisher, nearly killed by George Wong
    (app)--Punisher II#54 (Punisher War Zone#37(fb), Pun54, 5, Punisher War Journal#59, 60

MAX - pet dog of Cindy Lou, wore antler as part of Christmas costume
    (app-groonk)--Thor I#444

MAX of Reality-5106 - see MXXPTRM of Mars--Space Squadron I#1/6

MAX of Earth-148611 - technology designed by Professor Karl Swenson, used for armor for Spitfire/Jenny Swenson and the Troubleshooters, armor later used by Jake Travest, designs taken by Medusa Web;
    technology also possessed by Russians, and developed in parallel fashion by Saxon St. John
    -Man-Amplified eXperiment, MACS--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (nu)#1 ([1(fb)], [9(fb)], 1, Star Brand#2, Spitfire#2-5, 9,Codename: Spitfire#10, [11(fb)], 11(fb), 11, 12, [13(fb)], 13, The Pitt, DP7#19, 20, Psi-Force#20/2, 21, Justice#28/2

MAX of Earth-148611 (Maximus Argath) - Far Place
    (app)--Justice (nu)#13

MAX of Earth-83139 - see TURNER, MAX--Marvel Graphic Novel#8: Super Boxers

MAX - line of non-code approved comics--Alias#1

MAX ?? - old west, citizen of Leadville, Texas, shot and killed by Tod Sultan impersonating Black Rider
    (app-sultan)--Two-Gun Kid I#9/3

MAX ?? (    ) - gangster leader, worked with corrupt park commissioner and other officials; battled Phantom Reporter
    --Daring Mystery Comics#3 (April, 1940)

MAX ?? - 1950s, agent of the "Chief," opposed Marvel Boy--Astonishing#5/5

MAX ?? - 1950s, elderly research scientist, developing shrinking serum
    (app-bascombe)--Strange Tales of the Unusual#10/2

 MAX ?? - agent of the Astrologer
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2

MAX ?? - paramedic, partnered with Sam, transported seeming corpse of robot Scorpion via ambulance
    (app-scorprobot)--Daredevil I#83

MAX ?? - agent of Kingpin, sent to kill Nahum Jenk
    (app-jenk)--Daredevil I#194

MAX ?? - owned Hell's Kitchen soda shop
    (app-stymie)--Daredevil I#203

MAX ?? - Maggia, security agent of Rockwall
    (app-slyde)--Amazing Spider-Man I#272

MAX ?? – creator of Future Max, skilled youthful inventor, has degenerative nerve disorder, boyfriend of Beatrice
    (app-fm)—Web of Spider-Man Annual#1

    --Incredible Hulk II#427 (429, 430, 435, 436

MAX ?? - Fatboys
    (app-fb)--Daredevil I#239

MAX ?? - agent of Kingpin, associated with amnesiac Matt Murdock (who boxed as Jack Murdock)
    (app-nylaskin)--Daredevil I#289

MAX ?? - Paris, associated with SHIELD agent Harlan
    (app-senyaka)--Daredevil I#376

MAX - agent of
    --New Warriors IV#11

MAX the AXE (Max) - criminal, tortured victims with an axe, employed by the Rose (Fisk) to kill Madcap, unharmed by his attacks, saved from burning building by Daredevil
    (app)--Daredevil I#234

MAX BLAST - see VERDELET (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#6

MAX ROCKER - see ROCKER, MAX (app)--Beauty and the Beast#1

MAX SYNERGY of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( Bunkowski) - drug manufacturer, owner of St. Vitus' Danceteria, presumably slain by Heartbreaker
    *D*--Ghost Rider 2099#6 (7, 15, 16, 19d)

MAXAM of Earth-93112 ( ) - Infinity Watch, born in future where entire human race eradicated by Magus, raised and sent to past by the Badoon Ecclaw to kill Adam Warlock, lost memory after incapacitated by Soul Gem, recovered memory after given Time Gem by Gamora, made to believe that he killed Warlock by Moondragon, returned to his own time
    (1990s, app)--[Warlock & the Infinity Watch#12], 16 (41(fb)/26(fb), 6(fb), 26(fb), [12, 14], 16, [17(fb)], 17, Infinity Crusade#1/WIW#18, WIW#18, IC2, Warlock Chronicles#2, WIW19, IC3, [WC3], WIW20, IC4, [WC4], WIW21, IC5, [WC5], WIW22, [IC6(fb)], 6, [Thor I#468], WC6, [Silver Surfer III#86], [WIW23], Thor469, Surf87, WC7, [WIW24(fb)], 24, Th470, Surf88, WC8, WIW25, Th471, W+IW#26-27, [28(fb)], 28-41, 42(Silver Surfer/Rune#1/2)

MAX E. MUMM (name changed from Maxwell Edward Mummford) - creator of Ultra-Max
    (app)--Punisher Annual#5 ([5(fb)], 5, Daredevil Annual#8

"MAXI-ARMOR" - created by Mother Matrix, used to capture Kymaera
    (app-mother)--Marvel Comics Presents#155/4

MAXIE SHIFFMAN - see MAXIE SHIFFMAN (app)--Amazing Fantasy I#15

MAXIE MOUSE - Wonderworld, robot version battled Human Torch, Mole Man, and Thing
    (app-maas)--Fantastic Four I#264

MAXIMOFF, ANA - daughter of Django and Marya, sister of Mateo, died
    *D*--[Avengers I#181]

MAXIMOFF, DJANGO - adoptive father of Quicksilver + Scarlet Witch, Gypsy/Rom, husband of Marya, father of Ana + Mateo, who were killed during World War II, unable to have further children of their own, given Pietro + Wanda by High Evolutionary, later came to believe that they were his own children, used wood from Wundagore to fashion marionettes into which he transferred the minds of Wanda + Pietro, briefly battled Avengers in effort to keep them, after he released them, they returned to Wundagore with him, where he died of a heart attack during the conflict with Chthon.
    limited magical powers
    *D* (app)—Avengers I#166 (Uncanny Origins#2(fb), [Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition: Brothers Grimm (fb)], [Avengers#186(fb)], 186(fb)/Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4, Av182 (fb) / Av185 (fb), 185 (fb), Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/2, Av182 (fb), Uncanny Origins#2(fb), Av185(fb)/182(fb)/Uncanny Origins#2(fb), Spider-Woman I#12(fb)/Av182(fb), Av166, 173, 181-183, 185-187d)

MAXIMOFF, MARYA - Gypsy/Rom, wife of Django, adoptive mother of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, burned to death when the townspeople assaulted their village
    *D* (app-django)--Avengers I#182 (Uncanny Origins#2(fb), Avengers#186(fb), 185 (fb), Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/2, Av182 (fb, dies)

MAXIMOFF, MATEO - son of Django and Marya, brother of Ana, died
    *D*--[Avengers I#181]

MAXIMOFF, TATIANA of ?Earth-8710? - 26th century Avengers
    (app-avengers13519)--Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Avengers: Defenders of the Galaxy

MAXIMOFF, TOMMY of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story - son of Vision and Scarlet Witch, brother of William/Grim Reaper, trained under Dr. Strange
    magical powers
    (app)--Avengers: Last Avengers Story#2

MAXI-MAN of Earth-93060 - see demon--Prime#4 (5

MAXIMUS ( Boltagon) - Inhumans, mutated further by exposure to Terrigen mist, brother of Black Bolt, insane, seeks to take over Royal Family, created Trikon, allied on occasion with Evil Inhumans + Trikon + Alpha Primitives + Enclave + Kree, seemingly killed by Enclave when he turned against them to defend Inhumans, revived by Dream Crystal, banished to Negative Zone by Ronan
    telepathy + mental domination, uses technology to enhance powers
    -MAXIMUS the MAD (I#7,D#8,M,net)--Fantastic Four I#47 (Thor I#149/2, Avengers I#95(fb), Inhumans: The Untold Saga#1(fb1), [F4#45,46],47,48, Inh:US#1(fb2), F4#52, 54, 56,57, 59, Incredible Hulk Annual#1, F4#82,83, Hulk119,120, Amazing Adventures II#1,2, Silver Surfer I#18, AmzA#5-7, Inhumans: The Untold Saga, Av95, F4#131(fb),132, Marvel Team-Up I#11, F4#150(fb),Av127,F4#150, 158(fb), Inhumans I#1, 4,5,6, F4#240(fb)?, [Vision & Scarlet Witch I#4], Avengers An12, X-Factor An2, Marvel Graphic Novel: Inhumans, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, F4#401, Quicksilver#4-6, Inhumans III#1-12, Inhumans IV#1-3, Fantastic Four III#42-44


MAXIMUM SECURITY - name for the Kree/Ruul plot that led to the banishment of extraterrestrial criminals to earth and placement of a barrier around earth to keep them from interfering with interstellar affairs, approved by Intergalactic Council
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet (Maximum Security#1-3 other titles

MAXIS of Earth-93060 (Maximum Energy Retriever/Dar’u ?Sarrin?) - creation of Garask 1223 of Ozama, designed to scan and store abilities of ultra, to duplicate those abilities on Ozama to defend them from the Tulkan fleet
    (app)--All-New Exiles(uv)#4?, 8 (11, Ultraforce II#12, Ultraverse Unlimited#2, UF13, 14-15

MAXON AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (John Maxon) - formed and owned by john maxon/red skull imposter, aircrafts destroyed by saboteurs
    --Tales of Suspense I#65

MAXOV ( ) - Shadow Consortium, led it alongside Thera + Planner
    Maxoff--Nova II#9 (10, 13-15

MAXWELL, Dr. A. J. - created vaccine, targeted by Dracula
    --Giant-Size Spider-Man#1

MAXWELL, Dr. EDWIN - Gamma Base scientist --Incredible Hulk II#239 ([227], 239, 243, Iron Man I#32, Hulk#256-258

MAXWELL, HARMONY - dated jess Duncan, encountered scarecrow/Strawman, wf,blond
    (app-straw)--Dead of Night#11 (Marvel Spotlight I#26, Marvel Two-In-One#18

MAXWELL, JOHN - agent of Sunset Bain, retrieved Stewart and Bill Smalls
    --Spider-Man #26

MAXWELL, MORRIS - pawn shop owner in Greenwich village, participated in the gathering of the five, received knowledge, but suffers great pain each time accesses knowledge
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#440 (A441(empowered), Amazing Spider-Man II#3(fb), Peter Parker: Spider-Man#3, Spider-Woman III#4,6, 7, 9

MAXWELL, MYRON J. - taxi driver, drove Warriors Three around New York in their quest for adventure
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#30

MAXWELL, RYAN - fell off Daily Bugle building while working on changing the sign to "DB," saved by Spider-Man, tried to sue Spider-Man for knocking him off
    --Amazing Spider-Man#549, (identified) #550

MAXWELL, Dr. WILFRED - worked on Azore island with Dr. Vivian Morgan/Morgan le Fay, presumably killed in explosion set by Vivian
    (app)--Namor I#58 (60, 61

MAXWELL, Dr EDWIN. - Gamma Base, wm, red hair, same as Wilfred???
    (app)--[Incredible Hulk II#227], 239 ([227, 239(fb)], 239, 243, Iron Man I#132, Hulk256-258

MAXWELL, of Earth-712 - former vp, under Kyle Richmond
    --Squadron Supreme#1

MAXXY ?? - mugged Samatha Regent, unwittingly took page of the Darkhold
    (app-regent, samantha)--Nightstalkers#9 (10

    (app)--Deadpool III#50

MAY ?? of Earth-Trouble - girlfriend of Ben, had affair with his brother Richard, gave baby (Peter) to Mary to raise as her own
    --Trouble#1 (2-5

MAYA - Hindu goddess of dream
    (app)--Amazing High Adventures#5

    Six-Fingered hand (app-6fh)--Defenders I##98 (99)

MAYA - Inhumans, female, former nanny to Luna.
    generate artificial environment, simulated atmosphere of Blue Area of the Moon in Four Freedom Plaza to protect Luna from earth’s pollution
    --Fantastic Four I#306 ( F4 An21,21/2

MAYA (Maya Teraxtola) - Queen of Egolix-7, married to Darlkore, former pawn of Count Abyss
    (app)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#14 ([29(fb)], 14, 23, 26-34

MAYAHUEL - Aztec or Mayan goddess of youth and immortality--not in MU

MAYAMBA, President - Zwartheid, brought stability to war-torn country until ousted by coup 10 years ago, returned 6 months ago and began to re-establish peace until being poisoned by General Lago
    *D*--Wolverine III#41 ([41(fb, dies)], 41d

MAYAN GODS (Ahpuch, Ixchel, Itzanama, Hunab Ku, Kukulcan, Wayep)
    Ekchuah, Mayahuel (or Aztec)
    —[Thor Annual#7], 10

MAYAPAN - settled by Atlanteans and Antillian renegades surviving the Great Cataclysm
    --[Conan Saga#95], Conan the Savage#10

MAY-BERRY, NILES of the Old West - Pinkerton agent, pursued Jeff Packard and the Rawhide Kid, hired Bounty Hunter to take them out
    --Rawhide Kid II#3

MAYE, APRIL - Daily Globe, reporter
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#194 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#38, 39, A201, 202, 208, 210

Mayfair, Andrew Blodgett "Monk" - Brilliant apelike chemist, assistant to Doc Savage; met time-traveling Thing, HT in clash with Blacksun.
Doc Savage I#1

MAYFLOWER of Earth-712 - city in Freedomia, USA, hometown of Blue Eagle
    --Squadron Supreme#1

MAYHEM (Brigid O’Rielly) - formerly New York Police Department and partner of Rusty Nale, betrayed by Roger Falcone and other crooked cops and nearly killed by drug dealers, mutated by chemicals.
    turn into gas, release paralyzing poison gas, sharp nails
    (D#8+9)--(Brigit) Cloak & Dagger I#1 (2-4, Cloak & Dagger II#1,3,4;
(Mayhem) Cloak & Dagger II#5 (6-9, Strange Tales II#13-15, 19, Cloak & Dagger III#1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11(fb), 11-19, Web of Spider-Man An10


MAYHEW, MIKE - Daily Bugle photographer
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

MAYHEW, HENRY - Redemption, Alabama; lawyer of Adrienne Bowen
    --Daredevil: Redemption#2 (2 (fb), 5 (fb)

MAYHEW, - vampire, junior MI5 agent, responsible for the WH desk; true nature exposed by Wisdom, killed self with holy water capsule
    *D/R/D*--[Captain Britain and MI13#10], 11 (11des)

mayor of Goospan - Had Black-Hooded Hooligans arrested for harassing gypsies
    (app-manwithoutface)--Strange Tales I#71/5

mayor of Los Angeles of Earth-M - opposed the worship of Galactus.
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer: Parable

MAZDAK  of the Hyborian era - Hyrkanian, leader of a cavalry, allied with Conan in Asgalun
    -Farouz*--Hawks over Shem; Savage Sword of Conan#36

MAZE - creation of Mako, giant walled city resembling a portion of Manhattan after a catastrophe, destroyed by Coldblood
    (app-mako)--Marvel Comics Presents#26/3 (30/3(fb), 31/3(fb), 26/3-35/3

MAZE - psychotropic drug created by Rave
    (app-rave)--Marvel Comics Presents#141/4

MAZIKHANDAR (Hassan, Dauod Rafiq, Col. Mutasim Zai'id)
    - Middle Eastern nation, dictator overthrown by Invaders
    --Avengers III#83 (84,
    Invaders III#0,1,2, 6

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