LP - see LUCKY PIERRE--Immortal Iron Fist#6

L-RO (    ) - celebrity, briefly possessed by Felon
    (app-felon) --NYX#6

L.S. (Lucifer Satan) - demon, managed Hades, Inc., employed rabblerouser Victor Risling; encountered Vision (Aarkus)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (January, 1942)

L’TIKAK - Kosmosian, warrior, served as second in command in rebellion led by L’Klekk’tak

LU, NANCY MEEKO "LUCKY" of Earth-982 - mutant, Xavier Institute, former student at Midtown HS, formerly used powers to be a better basketball player, turned down solicitation from x-people, quit after discovered by spider-girl, transferred to Midtown HS, dated JJ Jameson, expelled from team when powers discovered, accepted offer to join Xaviers.
    --Spider-Girl#23 ( 29-32 33 34 35, 41, 42, 43, 61, 62, 64, [66], 67

LU,    - father of Nancy

LU,    - mother of Nancy

LU, mister - agent of Fu Manchu, partner of Zingh, assisted Zaran against Shang-Chi.
    old man, fire energy blasts from staff
    --Marvel Knights I#11 (12, [13], 14

LUAREI - planet, home of Luareians
    --Warlock & the Infinity Watch #37 (38, 39

LUAREIAN race (Harkort) - discovered body of Firelord
    (app)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch #37 (38, 39

LUBECK, - Jameson's mayoral advisor
    --Peter Parker#1 (2-4

LUBBINGS, KARL - Skier, cheated in contest against Katrina Luisa van Horne, crippling her
    --Marvel Team-Up I#8 (8(fb)

LUBDERDITE race - see LUDBERDITE race (app)--[Giant-Size Defenders#4], Defenders I#33

LUBENSKY, NATHAN - former fiancé of May Parker, former vaudevillian, elderly man, disabled, got into trouble with organized crime when accrued large gambling debts, developed severe heart disease, cashed in life insurance to gamble on death of Nick Trask, lost it all when Spider-Man saved him, had fatal heart attack when stopped Vulture from taking May hostage
    *D*--Spectacular Spider-Man II#47, (named) 49 (50, 51 Amazing Spider-Man I#216, Sp56, 57, A224, MTU#114 Sp66-68 Marvel Team-Up I##119, Sp69, MTU#120, 124, A237, MTU#127, A238, Sp78, A240, 247, 252, Sp90, A253, Sp91, A254, 255, Sp95, SpAn4, Web of Spider-Man#2, 3, A265, W5, 6, A269, 271-275, Sp113, W14, 15, 24, Spider-Man vs Wolverine#1, A300, W39, A308, W47, 50, A315, Sp153, W54, SpAn9/3, A323, W56, A326, W60, A330, 332-335, 336d, [337])

LUBISCH, Dr. MAXWELL – Empire State University professor, attempted to tap into extradimensional power source, resulted in Spider-Man receiving Captain Universe power, history of failed experiment abroad, blackmailed by Sebastian Shaw
    –Amazing Spider-Man I#326 ( Spectacular Spider-Man II#158, [Marvel: The Year in Review '89]

LUBISCHT, Dr. ELMAR - Genesis Coalition, Nazi scientist
   --Silver Sable#8 (19 (fb), 8

LUBOWSKI, "LUGWRENCH" ( ) - Yancy Street Gang
    --Fantastic Four I#361(Justice: Four Balance#1, Thunderstrike#13/2

LUBYA - gypsy, lover of Cagliostro, mother of Miarka and Taboo
    --Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti; OHotMU

LUBYEV, Captain NIKKI - GRU, Fabrika, posed as mistress of sex shop to test Black Widow (Yelena Belova)
    --Black Widow: Pale Little Spider#1 (2, 3

LUC ?? - mutant, former prisoner of Dermafree
    --Mystique#17 (18

LUCAS of Earth-Kree - ally of Redwing, helped Fantastic Four when they ended up on Earth-Kree
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#16

LUCAS, CYRIL - movie producer, operated Infinity Productions, subversive agent, brother of Willie, made movie in which Captain America appeared to murder Bucky, sent Captain America LMD to kill the original, presumably killed by Chinese Communists when plot failed
    *D* (app)--Captain America I#106

    brother of power man/cage
    --Cage I#3 (3(fb), 8, 10, 12-14

LUCAS, Dr. JAMES LEONARD - father of Luke Cage and Coldfire, widower of Esther
    --[Cage I#1], 3 (3(fb), 8, [10], 12-14

LUCAS, WILLIE - movie producer, operated Infinity Productions, subversive agent, brother of Willie, killed trying to save Captain America from Captain America LMD
    *D* (app-lucascyril)--Captain America I#106

LUCCA, LILY - employed by Vanessa Fisk to wear "Memory Scent" to remind Matt Murdock of Karen Page, involved with criminal operations in Monacco, worked with Tybold & Tombstone, later sought Matt's help in ridding herself of the scent
    gives off scent that reminds men of their greatest love
    --Daredevil II#89 ([91 (fb) / 92 (fb)], 89-92, 93 (fb), 96-99, 100, [102 (fb)], 103, 104 (fb), 104, [105]

LUCCA, TYBOLD - Monacco, associated with Alton Lennox, killed by new Matador
    *D*--Daredevil II#89 (89d)

LUCHADORES - five masked wrestlers, competed in Summer Solstice Burnout each year, never won because they stopped at Mexico border
    --Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu#1

LUCHKOV, GEORGIE - Russian citizen, formerly KGB, relocated to Brooklyn as snack salesman, attempted to kill relatives of his former victims to prevent them from seeking vengeance, arrested after capture by Black Widow
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #135/4 (135/4(fb), 135/4

LUCIAN of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian General and Viscount, betrayed the Aquilonian army to the Picts through a deal with Sagayetha, escaped when confronted by Conan
    (app-sagayetha)--Moon of Blood; Savage Sword of Conan#46

LUCIAN - see BLACKWULF (app)--(image only) Avengers I#370; Thunderstrike#6

LUCIANO, "LUCKY" - 1940s New York crime lord, succeeded by Alexander Bont after being "shipped out"
    --[Daredevil I#66] ([66(fb)]

LUCIEN ?? - loan shark, tried to collect from Troy Killikelly, kidnapped he and Emma Frost in plot to extort money from Winston Frost, defeated by Emma, arrested, employed Bazz, Milo, Petal, and Stu
    --[Emma Frost#7], 8 (9-12

LUCIEN of Earth-Nocturne-Exiles - injured by unknown means, slew Hyve, killed by Cyclops
    energy covered skeleton
    --Exiles#41 (42

LUCIFER - demon, fallen angel, led army that repulsed the N'Garai from Heaven prior to his fall, led 13 other demons against Heaven, cast down into Hell, escaped to Earth via Ghost Rider, essence split into 666 corpses, , and that each time one of these corpses is destroyed, that fragment of Lucifer's essence is split amongst the other fragments, each time growing stronger, until only form, with all of Lucifer's power remains, granting Lucifer a physical form on Earth, possessed body of Jack O'Lantern (Steve Levins), sent back to Hell by Ghost Rider & Dixie
    possible connection to Pazuzu?
    (MarvZom, app)--[Marvel Preview#7/text(fb)), Punisher IV#4(fb), Nightcrawler III#3] (
    [Ghost Rider V#1-6], Ghost Rider VI#1, 4 (fb), 1-3, [4], 5, 6-7, 8-11, 12, Annual#1, 14 (fb), 15-19

LUCIFER - see SATAN (Marduk Kurios) (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#13

LUCIFER - see Davy Jones (app)--[Marvel Mystery Comics#12], Journey into Unknown Worlds#22/3

LUCIFER - see BELASCO (app)--(Adventure into) Fear#22

LUCIFER - Quist, used Dominus and Ultra-Robots, sent to conquer earth, crippled Professor X after he first foiled his plans, exiled to extradimensional realm by his superiors after repeated defeats by X-Men, transferred essence into three different human hosts, terminated by Quist leaders for attracting too much attention to their race.
    used ionic energy to gain enhanced strength
    -AGENT ONE *D* (D#18, M, app)--X-Men I#9 (X-Men: Shadows of the Past novel (fbs), X-Men I#20(fb), 9, 20, 21, Iron Man I#20, Captain America I#177, 178, [West Coast Avengers II#24"d"], X-Men: Shadows of the Past novel)

LUCIFER - see ARIES (app)--Captain America I#177

LUCIFER - see RAFE MICHEL--Captain America I#177

LUCIFER - aka Lucy, seeming angel in false Heaven within Mephisto's Hell, encountered Number Nine--Daredevil I#281

LUCIFER – pet cat of Mr. and Mrs. Link, caretakers of Darkmoor.
    --Dark Angel I#8 (199_)


LUCIFER SATAN - see LS--Marvel Mystery Comics#27

Lucifites (    )  - presumably agents of Catwoman, opposed by Angel (Thomas Halloway)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#63 ()

LUCILE - alleged niece of Aunt Serr, mutated by her, apparently perished in the burning of her mansion
    *D* (app-auntserr)--Sub-Mariner I#41 (42d

LUCINDA ?? - daughter of el Caiman
     (app-caiman)--Punisher Annual#1

LUCKY - see LUCKY LOBO (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#23

LUCKY PIERRE (Ernst Erskine*) - biographer of Orson Randall, Confederates of the Curious
    LP*--Immortal Iron Fist#6, (fully identified) #9 (Annual#1 (fb), IIF#6 (fb), Annual#1 (fb), Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1, 1/2, 1/4, IIF An#1

LUCRE - see SHRECKENADDER, LUCRE (app)--Nightmare#1

LUCY ?? - circa World War II, aboard ship targeted by Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009)

LUCY ?? - mutant from Heartbreak Hotel
    able to change colors of objects
    (app-heartbreak)--Beauty and the Beast#2

LUCY ?? - girlfriend of Jack Flag, attempted to convince him to retire identity
    --Thunderbolts#110 (111

    Runaways, Majesdane, daughter of Frank + Leslie, 16 years old, lesbian, left Earth to marry Xavin to try to bring peace to the Majesdane-Skrull war
    Fly, light energy powers 
    (OH: Women)--Runaways#1, (Lucy) 6 (17(fb), 1-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15-17, [18(fb)], 18

LUDBERDITE race - extradimensional, dwell on the planet Zaar, aquatic, developed a society devoted to pursuit of peacefulness and exercise of philosophy-it is the obligation of higher beings to improve the lot of their inferiors, inspired Nebulon to form Celestial Mind Control Movement, former allies of Nebulon, abandoned him when his methods discredited his goals
    (app)--[Giant-Size Defenders#4], Defenders I#33 (34, Defenders Annual#1

LUDDITES (brothers Basil + Nigel + Seraph + William, general Ludd) - organization following teachings of Ned Ludd, desire destruction of all technology
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#14

LUDGATE RODS 2099 – SHIELD 2099 weapon, used to neutralize magic, destroyed Metalscream
    --2099 Apocalypse#1

LUD - see LUDI?. druid sun god (app-ludi)--Chamber of Chills#4/3? ([Druid#1]

LUDI - druid sun god/demon, ally of Ningal, joined Dweller-in-Darkness against Dr. Strange, skewered by Ebony Blade
    (app)--Chamber of Chills#4/3 (Dr. Strange II#35

LUDITEs - possible race of Cicatrice, posed as Temploids to ambush Death's Head, and to kill Noon
    (app)--Death's Head Gold#1

LUDLUM, Dr. ROSS - talk show host, reactionary
    --Brotherhood#1 (2

LUDMILLA ?? - Vorozheikan
    --Eternals III#1

LUDOVICH, Mr. - trained in KGB by Winter Soldier, questioned during his trial
    --Captain America#614 (2011)

LUDWIG ?? - assistant to Professor Carter, created Krang using his growth formula
    (app-krang)--Tales to Astonish I#14

Captain America I#321

LUGANSKY, Col. SEMYON - Russian, ally of Major Yeremin, monitored Punisher's efforts to retrieve Barbarossa, slain by General Kakharov when he panicked and tried to alert Moscow of a nuclear strike
    *D*--Punisher VII#15 (16, 17, 18d)

LUGNER - Deviant, spied on Kro for Ghaur, posed as assistant although Kro was aware of his true nature
    --Eternals II#5 (6

LUIGI's STEAK HOUSE - meeting place for the Rossi crime family
    --Punisher vs. Bullseye#1

LUIS ?? - cousin of Black Tarantula, attempted to usurp his power, killed by him
    *D*--Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula#1 ([1 (fb)], 1d)

LUKAS - X-Patriots.
    shapeshifter, draw psychic impressions of fears of others, assume those shapes
    --X-Factor I#81

LUKAS of Earth-93060 - ultra, robbed a bank, killed by Rafferty via poison
    *D* (app)--Firearm (uv) I#9 (12d)

LUKUS, JACKIE - architect, friend of Eric Masterson
    -BLOODAXE*--Thor I#392 (393, 409, 413, 416, 423, 427, 431, 432, 435-437, 444, 449, 450/3, 451-453, 455/2, 456, Ts9, 11, 12, 15-19, 21-24

Lukas, Tony - ran protection racket; encountered Young Allies
    --Kid Komics#9 (Fall, 1945)

LUKASZ of Reality-93060 - see MANTRA--Mantra (uv) I#1

Luke ?? -
    --Daring Comics#12 ()

Lukehoffs (    ) -
    --Human Torch Comics#16 ()

LUKIN, ALEKSANDER - Russian general, head of Kronas Corporation,, former ally of Red Skull, had the Winter Soldier assassinate the Red Skull to steal his Cosmic Cube; the Red Skull's mind was transferred into Lukin's body, and the Cube began draining Lukin's life force so he sent the Winter Soldier to place it in stasis, but Captain America obtained the Cube and used it to restore the Winter Soldier's memories, after which the Soldier crushed the Cube, eventually slain by Captain America of the 1950s
    *D*--Captain America V#1 (5(fb) 1 (fb), 1, 4, [5], 6, 9, 11-14, 18-21, [22], 23, [24], 25-26, 28-30, 31-36, 37-41, 42d)

LULL, RAMON - 13th century philosopher/chemist/magnus/heretic, created Ars Magna to divine mind of god by charting pattern of nature
    (app-ars)--Marvel Comics Presents#144/4 (144/4(fb)

LULLABY (Felicity Hopkins Cross) - mutant, formerly used skills as babysitter
    control others or make them sleep with songs
    (app)--Sleepwalker#9 (9(fb), 9, [New Avengers Most Wanted Files]

LULU ?? - Piranha Tots, injured when helped Anton after he turned against Razor-Fist

LUMA - invoked by pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis' King Kamuu (in same invocation as Valka, Bishru, and Sumarr) as Atlantis sank
    --[Sub-Mariner I#63/2]

LUMBERMEN (Roy Cook, Chris Reichert, Jason Reichert, Kevin Smith) - rampaging lumberjack types, fought X-Statix
    superhuman strength

LUMIÈRE BLEUE, la (    ) - Les Heroes de Paris, prowls the Louvre Museum like a phantom in the night(?)
    light of truth reveals all secrets
    <Blue Light>--Fantastic Four#541

LUMIN - planet of the Lumina, Milky Way galaxy
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Deluxe Edition#15: Appendix to Alien Races]

LUMINA race (Followers of Light (Tambura, Charn, Basque, Sherna)) – extraterrestrial, planet Lumin, Charter, set up outpost on earth @ 175,000 years ago during Jurassic period, placed selves in suspended animation.
    humanoid race
    (D#15)—Shogun Warriors#1

LUMINALS (Crater, Cynosure, Discharge, Faze, Suspensor, unidentified female, Brightstorm, Cynosure (successor), Impact, Massdriver)
    - global protectors of Xarth Three, brought contained Abyss to Knowhere where he broke out and consumed the life force of others, converted into zombie-like slave of Abyss, disintegrated after Abyss was re-contained; hereditary replacements active at Knowhere in investigating the Guardians and Drax
    *D*--Nova IV#8 (8-9 (fb), 8-9d, Guardians of the Galaxy II#4-6

LUMINIA dimension (Luminians, Shadow Demons, Shar-Khan, Solar Sword, Val-Larr)
    - alien world, essentially earth-like, city of Luminia is a bastion of light surrounded by darkness throughout rest of world, Val-Larr defends city from Shadow Demons of Shar-Khan
    (app-vallarr)--Iron Man I#26 (26(fb), 26

LUMINIANS (Val-Larr) - denizens of the city of Luminia, wield Lances of Light against the Shadow Demons
    (app-vallarr)--Iron Man I#26 (26(fb), 26

LUMINESCA of Earth-4935 - agent of Apocalypse, sister of Ch'vayre, killed by Plague while trying to defend Askani.
    Generate + project light + lasers
    *D*--X-Men: Phoenix#1 (2

LUMINOR - Godpack, betrayed them to New Immortals.
    control light
    --Thor I#472 (473-475, An19, Thor476, 477, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11, Th480-484

LUMLEY, JUDY - Daily Bugle
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#3

LUMP - Warpy, Cherubim.
    project images of greatest fear, obese
    (net-c9)--Captain Britain I#7 (8, 9, 11/2-14/2

LUMP - Gnobian survivor, hatched after the Strucker contamination, remained pure
    (app)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#1 (5(fb), 6(fb), 1-6, 9-10, 12, 14, [25], [42(fb)], 42-43, 45, 47

LUMP ( ) - child of circus stars, mother died in childbirth, hideously deformed and mentally challenged, raised by animals in circus, interested in werewolf
    —Werewolf by Night II#4 (4(fb), 4

LUMPKIN, TINO of Earth-Amalgam - Willie Lumpkin + Tino , rock 'n roll mailman
    --[Challengers of the Fantastic#1(letters)]

LUMPKIN, WILHEMINA "BILLIE" - niece of Willie, mail carrier at Pier Four
    (app)--Fantastic Four III#2 (4, 13, Fantastic Four An1999, F4#24, 27, 35

LUMPKIN, WILLIAM "WILLIE" - former mailman of Fantastic Four at Baxter Building, briefly dated May Parker
    (U#4)--Fantastic Four I#11 (Marvel Comics Presents#18/4(fb1), Marvels#1(?), F4#11, 15, 135, GS F4#2, Marvel Two-In-One#26, F4#191, [195], [F4 An12], MTIO#46, 74, Incredible Hulk II#279, Thing I#2, F4 An21, MCP#18/4(fb2), Amazing Spider-Man I#341, [342], 343, 345, 347, Spectacular Spider-Man II#173, Web of Spider-Man#73, 77,78, Spider-Man#23, Web84, Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995/4, F4#400/2, [Thunderbolts#6], Marvel Knights 4#3, Marvel Team-Up III#4, [Fantastic Four#525], Fin Fang Four#1, Marvel Knights 4#30, Thing II#8 (fb), X-Men II#187/2, Fantastic Four#543 (fb)

LUMUS, JOHN - Consolidated Conglomerates, inc, brother of Stanley, attacked CCI after learning of brother's death
    --Power Man/Iron Fist #117 (124, 125

LUMUS, STANLEY - Consolidated Conglomerates, inc, guarded vault in Alaska, went insane and attacked Power Man + Iron Fist after learning vault was empty, died from radiation after own bazooka blew up, wore armored suit
    *D*--Power Man/Iron Fist#115 (116d)

LUNA - Inhuman, daughter of Crystal & Quicksilver, mutated by Terrigen
    (D#6)--Fantastic Four I#240 (248, Incredible Hulk II#279, Vision & Scarlet Witch I#2, 4, Avengers I#234 (fb), Avengers An12, Thing I#3, Dazzler#32, Av243, F4 An18, [Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5], 6, 8, 10, F4#306, X-Factor An2, F4#307, F4 An21, 21/2,Inhumans Graphic Novel, Av343, 348, 350/2, 350, 351, 357, 359, 362, An22, Av367-368, X-Men II#26, UX307, Av369, Captain America I#422, Av372-373, What If II#60?, X30, X-Men: Weddiong Album/2, [Av374], 376, Ultraforce I#10/Av380, 390, Avengers: Crossing, Av391, Iron Man I#322, Av392, IM323, Av393, 395, Quicksilver#7 (fb), Excalibur I#113, Quicksilver#1, 2, 7(fb2), 4(fb), 4-6, 10(fb), Avengers III#1, Quick#13, Inhumans III#12, F4 III#54, Son of M#2-5

LUNA - cat, pet of Dr. Strange
    --Dr. Strange III Annual#4

LUNA - space phantom?, posed as alternate future version of Inhuman
    *D*--Avengers: Crossing (Iron Man 320, 322, Avengers I#392, Force Works#19, Av394d)

LUNA of Other Earth - lunar colony, destroyed in battle with Earth
    *D* (app-other)--Fantastic Four I#273 (273(fb, des)

LUNA of Earth "1961" - see SPIKE
    (app-earth1961)--Fantastic Four/Fantastic Four Annual 1998

LUNA CITY - developed on the moon by Luna City using stolen Stark Winterman technology, causing significant Earthwide destruction; former home to wealthy/powerful elite; city destroyed by Iron Man & Thor, inhabitants relocated to Stark's satellite
    --Free Comic Book Day 2010 (Iron Man/Thor)

LUNA INC - stole Stark Winterman technology, used it to terraform the moon, creating Luna City, but causing destructive weather on Earth
    --Free Comic Book Day 2010 (Iron Man/Thor)

LUNAR PENDANT - used by Gregory Russoff (father of Jack Russell) to control his lupine transformations, given to him by his wife, Laura Maria Russoff
    --Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/2

LUNATIC - see LUNATIK (app-tyrk)--Defenders I#53

LUNATICA 2099, la – X-Men 2099, previously involved with Theatre of Pain
    --X-Men 2099#3 (4, 10-14, 16, 19, 22-29, 31

LUNATIC LEGION (Zarek, Arjai-Ush, Fer-Porr, Kay-Sade, Sro-Himm, Tohn-Bil)
    - Kree warriors based on Blue Area of the Moon
    (AZU#4, app)--Captain Marvel I#38

LUNATIC LEGION (Galen-Kor, Bron Char, Cha-Mont, Ciry, Clar-Roc, Dor-At, Dylon Cir, Ept-Rass, Klynn, Kona Lor, Rojett, Sig-Rass, Talla Ron, Tallun, Tokk)
    - Kree rebels, based on Earth’s moon, agents of Supreme Intelligence
    (AZU#4, app)—Iron Man III#7 (Quicksilver#10(fb), Iron Man#7(fb), 7, Captain America III#8, Quick#10, Avengers III#7, Fantastic Four III#13, 14

LUNATIK - three crazy fragments of Arisen Tyrk, randomly brutalized anyone they deemed criminal--from drug dealers to litterbugs--eventually merged with Harrison Turk and the Nilffim back to Tyrk;
    one fragment apparently remained (or reformed) and was possibly killed by the intergalactic mercenary Lunatik.
    insane, acrobatic skills, used fighting staff
    -Nilffim*, Harrison Turk*, Arisen Tyrk* *D* (1980s, app, net)--Defenders I#51 (53,55,56,61,62,70-73à Tyrk. Lunatik#1d)

LUNATIK ( ) - mutant native of Wy'nkar-7, intergalactic mercenary, became pope of Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance, former partner of Skreet until betraying her and cheating her out of her earnings, decapitated and head crushed by Drax the Destroyer
    Immensely strong and durable, virtually immortal, uses Drogs and Pangalactic Star Sled to travel
    *D* (1990s, app)--Marvel Comics Presents #172 (Lunatik#1(fb), [Thanos#11(fb)], Marvel Comics Presents 172/3(fb), 172/3, 173, [173], 174/3, 175/4, [Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3/3(fb)], 3/3, Lunatik#1-3, [Thanos#11(fb)], Drax the Destroyer#1-3, 4d

    --Spider-Man Unlimited II#8

LUND, MARTHA - boarded at May Parker's house in Queens
    --Marvel Team-Up I#124 (Amazing Spider-Man I#237, MTU#127, Spectacular Spider-Man II#90, A254, 269, 275, Spec113, Web of Spider-Man#19 47

LUND, SOPHIE - former tenant at May Parker's boarding house
    --Marvel Team-Up I#124( Amazing Spider-Man I#237, Marvel Team-Up I#127, ASM 254, ASM 269, ASM 275, Spectacular Spider-Man II# 113, Web of Spider-Man#19, Web 47


LUNDBERG, Mrs. - mother of Arnie
    --X-Statix#1 (3(fb), 1, 2, [3], 4, 5

LUNDSTROM, FIA - reporter for Channel 4, interviewed Nighthawk as he disbanded the Defenders
    (app-dollar_bill)--Defenders I#75

L’UN DUN-T’WN - dimension of sky cities, floating city/base of Shagreen
    --Nightcrawler I#2

LUNK (    ) - Graffiti Guerillas

LUNT, ARNIE - see MYSTERIOUS FAN BOY (app)--X-Statix#1

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