LORD, JOSHUA - see MASTER of the WORLD (D#8, M, net)--Alpha Flight I#

LORD of ASSASSINS - see SABBAH, HASSAN ibn (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#53

LORD of the BLACK BLADE - see WOLVERINE (app-black blade)--Wolverine II#2 (3)

LORD of the CULT of ENTROPY - see MAHAPRALYA (app)--Man-Thing III#6

LORD of DEATH ( ) - American allied with Hitler, created zombie-like pawns, defeated by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    (MarvZom, app)--(g) All-Winners#1/3 (Summer, 1941)

LORD of the DEEP - see KAI-MAK (app-kai)--Marvel Mystery Comics#23

LORD of FIRE - see VISHNU (app-nest)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

LORD of FLAME and NIGHTMARE - see DRUIG--Eternals III#7

LORD of the K'UN-LUN MOUNTAIN - see YU-TI (app)--Marvel Premiere#15

LORD of LIGHT (Nathan Tyler) - father of Dagger, traveled to India where he gained power, established Temple of Light in Lashi, India; sacrificed self into Cloak's darkness when he learned what he was doing
    absorb and manipulate the light or life energy of others
    *D?* (app)--Strange Tales II#1 (2(fb), Cloak and Dagger I#4/[Cloak and Dagger II#11(fb)], StrT#1-2

LORD of LIGHTNING - see LORD of LIVING LIGHTNING (app-legion)--Tales to Astonish I#97

LORD of LIVING LIGHTNING (    ) - leader of Legion of Living Lightning, , died when Hulk destroyed their base
    *D* (app-legion)--Tales to Astonish I#97 (98, 99d)

LORD of the LOA (Laurent) - predecessor to Brother Voodoo, free African in mid to late 17th Century, friend of Captain Tyger, brother of Alexandre, killed by Boute-Feu, transformed into zombie by Sagbata, succeeded in merging Alexandre’s spirit with his own, overpowered Boute-Feu
    (app-captaintyger)--Dr. Strange III#17/2 (20/2

LORD of the OLD ONES - see SUMA-KET (app-suma)--Namor I#35

LORD of the PLANTS (Phil Descard) - Berserkers, wm, balding,
    briefly gained ability to control vegetation
    (net)--X-Men/Alpha Flight#1(2)

LORD of the PUMPKINS of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--NecroMantra/Lord Pumpkin#1

LORD of the REALM of SHADOWS "of the Elder Earth - trapped Seela and Zakura on an unnamed island
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#67/3]

LORD of SERPENTS - see SNAKE GOD  (app)--Dardedevil Annual#4B

LORD of the SEVEN SUNS - see RAMA-TUT (I#6,D#6,M,ME, Young Avengers Director's Cut, OH: Av2005)--

LORD of TERROR - see XOTLI (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles

LORD of the UNFORGIVEN DEAD - see SUMA-KET (app-suma)--Namor I#35

LORD OF THE VAMPIRES - see XARUS--Death of Dracula#1

LORD ANON - Knights of Wundagore, wolf, given full body armor with mask to prevent distrust as a wolf, killed and replaced by Man-Beast
    SIR WULF *D*--[Quicksilver#1], 11 (11(fb), 11(d)

LORD ARNO - Atlantean, one of the leaders of their troops during Atlantis Attacks
    (app)--Avengers I#154 (155, [156], Avengers Annual#18

LORD CHAOS - embodiment of chaos, associated with Master Order, created Audit
    (D#7, M, OH: AZU#3, net-lc+mo)--Marvel Two-In-One An#2 ( Secret Wars II#6, Silver Surfer III#16-18, Thanos Quest#1, Quasar#19(fb), 26, Infinity Gauntlet#3-6, Damage Control III#3,4, Warheads#7, Warlock & the Infinity Watch #1,
    Fantastic Four An27, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 4-6, Amazing Spider-Man II#62//503,

LORD CHURCHILL - Knights of Wundagore, canine, killed when he discovered Lord Anon imposter/Man-Beast’s true identity
    *D*--Quicksilver#1 (7(fb), 1-3, 4(fb), 5-8, 9d)

LORD CULEX - see CULEX (app)--Terror#13

LORD DARK WIND - see DARK WIND (app)--Daredevil I#196

LORD DELPHIS - Knights of Wundagore, dolphin, stayed in Polemachus for a time to assist with energy crises.
    --Excalibur I#113 (Quicksilver#1- #9; , Heroes for Hire/Quick Annual 1998, Heroes for Hire#17

LORD DYVYNE - Halfworld
    --Rocket Raccoon#1

LORD ENSLAVER - see ENSLAVER (app-enslaver)--Silver Surfer: The Enslavers Graphic Novel

LORD FEAR - associated with Blackheart, used human host
    --[Ghost Rider III#78]

LORD FLAME BEARER 2099 - insane leader of the people of the flame
    *D*--Ravage 2099#25 (26

LORD FYRE - ancient enemy of Dracula, who referred to him as that "German maniac"; at least believed by Dracula to have perished at his hands
    --[Tomb of Dracula I#33]

LORD GAEA - pawn/creation of ISAAC while following out programming of Thanos.
    stout, green skin, horns, wore helmet, project energy bolts
    Earth God, GAEA*, God of the Soil (app)--Captain Marvel I#59 (60, Marvel Spotlight II#1, 2

LORD GARRISON - world-class threat on unspecified Earth; mistakenly referenced by Kashmir Vennema-12083
    --Captain America and Black Widow#636 (012)

LORD GATOR - Knights of Wundagore, alligator.
    able to strike silently, unexpectedly, and savagely
    --Excalibur I#113 (Quicksilver#1-3, 4(fb),5-10, Heroes for Hire #15, Q#11, HsfH#16, Q12, HsH/Q An1998, HsH#17

LORD GIDIM - see GEIST--Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

LORD GODALMING - see HOLMWOOD, ARTHUR--Stoker's Dracula; Stoker's Dracula#3

LORD GOLDSTAR of Earth-7123 (Seamus O'Rourke) - Corps
    --X-Men: Die by the Sword#3 (2007)

LORD GRIFFEN - see GRIFFEN--Dr. Who Magazine#47

LORD HAAN - see KAISHEK, HAAN--Wolverine II#150

LORD HA-HA (Percy Hawley) - brother of Pamela, son of Lord Peter, former British correspondent for English newspaper, captured by Nazis when war broke out, allied with Nazi cause, spoke out on radio against England, Howling Commandos sent to return him to England, unwittingly shot by Nazis he was trying to signal to rescue him
    *D* (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#4 ([4(fb)], 4d)

LORD HAWKE (Prof. Willard Scott) - enemy of Captain Britain.
    used mechanical hawk
    (app)--Captain Britain I#27 (28(fb#1+2), 27-32, 33(fb)

LORD HIGH JUSTIFIER ( ) - (Captain Britain) Corps
    --Excalibur I#23

LORD HIGH PROTECTOR - ruler of Lionheart, served by Methinx
    --Death's Head III

LORD I (pronounced "eye") - Arcturan mutant potentate, assisted Morbius in his return to earth from Arcturus, drained of blood during the trip.
    large single eye occupying entirety of head .
    looks just like two extraterrestrial from Captain Marvel I#59
*D* (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23 (24d)

LORD IMPERIAL - name for supreme leader of the Hellfire Club
    --Uncanny X-Men#449

LORD IRON of Earth-311 - circa 1602 AD -
    --1602: New World#2 (3

LORD JURO - see JURO (app-bloodseed)--Bloodseed#2

LORD K - see KHULT (app)--Avengers I#372

LORD KARNAJ ( ) - ally of Erik Killmonger, empowered by Resurrection Altar.
    used destructive sonic weapons
    (app)—Jungle Action#11 (17

LORD KARNIVOR - see MAN-BEAST (app)--Thor I#475

LORD LEADER – Possessors, defeated by Dr. Strange in single combat, took over race, led a second invasion, apparently destroyed by energy vortex surrounding their portal to Earth
    (app-pos)--Strange Tales I#118/2, (named) Dr. Strange III#26 ([StrT I#118/2], Doc III#27(fb), 26, 27

LORD LUCIAN - see BLACKWULF (app)—Thunderstrike#6 (Blackwulf#1-3

LORD MANDRAGON - see MANDRAGON (app-man)--Daredevils#6

LORD Maxwell of Earth-Amalgam - , Hellfire League of Injustice
    *D*--JLX Unleashed#1

LORD MORMO - Order of the Hydra, apparent ancestor of Geist, circa 323 BC collected Spear of Achilles
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

LORD MOSES - leader of Haven, former colleague of Isaac Sandor, involved in Manhattan Project, after which embarked on spiritual sabbatical to find life’s underlying meaning, discovered ruins of extra-terrestrial vehicle, cloaked ship and made it his headquarters, began plot to gather and hone the cream of humanity and cleanse the rest from the planet.
quotes the Bible
    (AZU#2, app)--(identified, in shadows) Fantastic Force#2, (fully seen) #10 (11(fb), 2, [3, 4], 10, 11, [16 (fb)]

LORD NEKRON - sorcerer
    *D* (net)--Dr. Strange I#174

LORD NIMROD of Earth-Amalgam – Nimrod + Lord Havok, X-Tremists
    --[JLX letterpage]

LORD PHYFFE (Julian Phyffe) - sorcerer, old friend of Dr. Strange, father of Augustyne, seduced by black magic, transformed into Azrael by Baron Mordo, destroyed by Dr. Strange
    - AZRAEL* *D* (app)--Dr. Strange II#9 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#12(fb), 14/2(fb), Doc II#9, 10, 11, 15-17, 39,40d-->Azrael)

LORD PROFESSOR TELLER of Earth-Fragmented America - assisted Baron + Baroness Rockler, created Neutronic Imploder + Dragon robots + Nullatrons + others
    (app-efa)--Iron Man I#80 (81

LORD PUMPKIN of Earth-93060 - Created on the Godwheel by unnamed wizard
    friend*, Gourd*, Hellspawn*, King of Fear*, King of Hate*, Lord of the Pumpkins*, Lord Squash*, the Pump*, Mr. Laird Pump*, the Pumpkin Legion*, the Pumpkin Lord*, Pumpy*, Squash*, Straw*
    (app)—Sludge (uv)#3 (Prime12/Ultraverse Presents#3/3, Sludge3-9, Lord Pumpkin#0, Warstrike: Prelude to Godwheel#1, Godwheel#0-3, Necromantra/Lord Pumpkin#1-4, Prime#14,15

LORD RASK - see RASK (app-chosen)—X-Factor I#43

LORD RUTHVEN - see RUTHVEN (app-ruth)—Vampire Tales#1

LORD SHINGEN (Shingen Harada) - former head of Yashida clan of Yakuza, father of Mariko Yashida, father of Silver Samurai, clashed with and killed by Wolverine
    *D* (app)--Wolverine I#1 (2, [3], 4d, Wolverine II#116, [Wolverine III#61 (fb)], 60, 61d)

LORD SQUASH of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--

LORD SUNFIRE of Earth-9997 (Shiro Yoshida) - Ruler of Japan, founder of Xen and Lord Sunfire's Pact, father to current Lord Sunfire, constructed the Seven Silver Samurai to be his bodyguards, deceased
    - SUNFIRE--Universe X#4

LORD SUNFIRE of Earth-9997(Yoshida) - Ruler of Japan, Xen, pawn of the Skull, son of Shiro, ally of Doctor Strange
    --Earth X#8

LORD T  - see TANTALUS (app)--Thunderstrike#4

LORD TANTALUS - see TANTALUS (app)--Thunderstrike#4

LORD TEMPLAR (Tremont) – brother of Jonathon Tremont and Pagan, affiliated with triune understanding, enemy of pagan, associated with aim to gain weaponry to bring "peace and universal love" to earth, battled avengers + new warriors.
    powerful, release avatars, each exemplifying one ability
    (app)—Avengers III#13 ([14], 15, [#0], 26, 36(fb), 36, 37, 50

LORD THUNDER (    ) - Nobility
    --[Wonder Man III#1 (2007)], 3 (4-5

LORD TUAN - see TUAN (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21

LORD TYGER - Knights of Wundagore, tiger.
    warrior, scholar, poet

LORD VAMPIRE - see XARUS--Death of Dracula#1

LORD VOTAN - see VOTAN (app)--Star Masters#2

Lord Wotonby () - Nazi, commanded super-tank; encountered Headline Hunter
    --Captain America Comics#6 (September, 1941)

LORD XARUS - see XARUS--Death of Dracula#1

LORDS of ALTHRACE (Dakon Theka, Thane of Kordor)
    - coordinated the stoppage of time that allowed the defeat of Melanicus
    HIGHER EVOLUTIONARIES* (app-mel)--Dr. Who Magazine#62 (63, 65-67

LORDS of CHAOS of Lemuria - worshipped by the Dragon Kings
    (app-drag)--Wizard of Lemuria; [Creatures on the Loose#26], 29

LORDS of FUN (future Hotspur) - 18th century, wilders
    (app-hotspur)--Defenders I#147 (147(fb)

LORDS of the GOLDEN DRAGON - four sorcerers from realm of the Shadow Queen, captured Wong and Clea, transformed into gargoyles by Shadowqueen for involving Dr. Strange
    (app-shadow)--Dr. Strange II#42 (43

LORDs of LIGHT and DARKNESS - see NEST (app)--Marvel Team-Up Annual#1

LORDS of LIVING LIGHTNING - reorganized Legion, became a doomsday cult selling hi-tech weapons to terrorists, rebels, etc. in hopes of triggering an apocalyptic war with the intent of ruling the remains of humanity, conquered by Merlin
    (app_--Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (3-4, 6

LORDS of the NETHERWORLD (Aggamon, Tiboro) - extradimensional sorceress, summoned by Dormammu to observe his battle with Dr. Strange.
    none identified at time of his first appearance
    (app-Tib)--Strange Tales I#140 (141-143

LORDS of the SPLINTER REALMS (Brutus Klor, Dormammu, D'Spayre, the Haemovore Kings of the Outer Dark, Hedron the Faceted, High Seers of Nox, Magik (Amanda Sefton), Malevolence/King of Pain, Mephisto, Molgotha, Muranai, Nightmare, Phemous, Pluto, Siffror the Lifeless, Skarabrous the Stalker, Surtur, Thog, Umar, Viliven, plus "daemon lords astride phantom dragons, tyrant wizards in air-machines, queens of the damned with endless retinues, formless things that materialize in pentagrams," presumably Dweller-in-Darkness, Hellstorm, Satannish, (and all other demons lords), all gods of the underworld, and millions of others (including Aggamon, Tiboro, and countless others))
    - hold sway over all netherwordly/hellish/demonic realms, all allegedly originating from one common Hell, gathered to oppose the Archenemy (and only twice before in the last 47,000 years)
    (app)--Magik II#3 (4

LORDS CONSUL of Dakkam (Ninnox + 2) - ruling triumvirate
    (app-dakkam)--Adventures into Fear#17 (17(fb), [Marvel Two-In-One#2], Quasar#4(fb)

LORDS,   - SHIELD II, brought Dmitri Panshin to Nick Fury
     (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

LORE - extradimensional nexus being, planned to conquer dimensions by destroying other nexus beings, employed Gargan, the Iron Golems, Master Pandemonium and several mutated versions of the Avengers, defeated by Scarlet Witch
    (app)--[Scarlet Witch#1], 2 ([Century: Distant Suns(fb), ScW#1], 2-4

LOREAN, ANDREA - Woman's Action Movement, radical feminist, helped Typhoid and Ghost Rider (Ketch) against the demon Dusk
&nsbp;  Marvel Comics Presents I#123/3 (124/3-126/3, 128/3-130/3

LORELEI - a siren of German legend who lured boatmen in the Rhine to destruction
    --not in the MU

LORELEI - Asgardian, sister of Enchantress, former pawn of Pluto, succeeded in briefly seducing Thor by tricking him into drinking golden mead, killed by pawn of Seth
    – Melodi, the Queen, VALKYRIE* *D* (D#, app7)--Thor I#337 (338-350, 354,355, 357-359, 363, 367,368, 383, 398-400, 402, 438/2(fb), 437/2-441/2, 476 + 485 + 486(spirit), Journey into Mystery i#509-511, Defenders II#1-4

LORELEI (Lani Ubana) - Savage Land Mutates.
    mesmerize others with voice
    (D#11, app)--X-Men I#63 (Avengers I#105, Defenders I#15,16, [UX#104(fb)], Champions#17(fb)/[Super-Villain Team-Up#14(fb)]/[UX104(fb)], Champs17, Marvel Fanfare I#4

LORELEI - see MANTIS (I#13,D#8,M, OH: Av2005)--

LORELEI - see TRAVIS, LORELEI (198)--District X#1

LORELORD (Sam Ross) - Berserkers, former load master for Northstar Airways.
    living library, bm, channel all written knowledge through himself
    (net)--X-Men/Alpha Flight#1 (2)

LORE-MASTER - see MORDRED (app)--Black Knight Comics#1

LORENA ?? - la hacienda, encountered Man-Thing
    (app-ha)—Man-Thing I#7 (8

LORENZA - wife of Cagliostro, turned into vampire by Dracula
    Lorenza Serafina *D/Res*--Dracula Lives#5/3 (Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti

LORETTA ?? - Vampires, owner of the gym "Waist Watchers", secretly fed on her clients, became fatter while her clients became skinnier, attacked Karma when she joined, burnt to death when knocked into sunlight by Karma.
    yellow eyes, vampirism
    *D--X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants: X-Men vs Vampires#2

LORI - Indian spirit, served as guardian of Ghost Dancer, passed powers on to Patti
    *D* (app)--Dances with Demons#1 ([1(fb)], 2(fb), 1-3, 4d)

LORIMER, ANDY or LANCE - Irish, father (Stephen) killed by IRA, assisted Yorkie Mitchell and the Punisher against the Irish mobs in New York
    --Punisher VII#8 (9-12

LORKARS of pre-Cataclysmic Era - beast-men outside of Atlantis, possibly created by Sarna
    —Savage Sword of Conan#9/5

LORNA of Earth-58163 (    ) -
    Lorna Dane (Secrets of the House of M)--


LORNA ?? - former girlfriend of Chris, carjacked Wasp's car after Chris was wounded in shootout, killed in subsequent shootout
    --Avengers Classics#6/3

    (net-preff)--(g)Lorna the Jungle Girl#1

LORNE 8162 – ally of Colt
    —Death’s Head I#5

LORQ (D’Reel, Jubda’ar) – extraterrestrial, targeted Ferrol and sought to kill the Trinity-that-is-One, blasted Ship out of the sky, fleet crippled by Star-Lord
    --Marvel Preview#14

LORRAINE - wife of Musenda, possessed by a vampire, cured by Blade
    (app-musenda)--Tomb of Dracula I#58 ([58 (fb)], 58

LORRAINE ?? - would-be actress, killed by Larry to become Wendigo, ghost has haunted Marlo Jones since then, directly opposed Walker, ghost form seemingly destroyed by him, resurrected, stabbed and killed by Jackie Shorr, returned to ghost form.
    wf, dark hair
    LORRAINE the GHOST *D/R*--Captain Marvel V#2 (2(dies) 5,6, 8,9, 11-13, 15, 17, 20-22, 23-25, 27-30, 32-35

LORRE, WILLY "THE LIP" - small-time hood in possession of cure for Night Raven's curse, killed by Night Raven--Marvel Superheroes#390/3

Lorrof, Dr.  - scientist, created "green terror" slime to engulf city, created crab monsters, used radium-ray; encountered Electro the Robot
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#15 (January, 1941)

LORVEX - Atlantean barbarian
    --Sub-Mariner I#54 (59, 60

LOS ALAMOS ATOMIC PROVING GROUNDS (Gemma Sinclair, Frederick Beechman) - new mexico, released massive dose of radiation which mutated mother of nekra and father of mandrill

LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT of Earth-M - three members harassed the Silver Surfer while posed as a homeless man
    (app-earthm)--Silver Surfer: Parable

LOS DIABLOS MISSILE BASE - see DESERT BASE--Giant-Size Incredible Hulk#1

LOSEY, ROBERT - Oracle Inc. board of directors
    (app-phoebe_marrs)--Namor I#49 (50

LOSS ( ) - Gene Nation.
    female, white skin, spikes on back of hands
    --Storm I#3 (4

LOSS, STEPHEN - devil-breaker, homunculus, created by the asura, killed by hellstorm
    (1990s, app)--Hellstorm#12, 16 (20/2(fb), [17(fb)], 12, [13, 14], [16(fb)], 15, 16(fb), 16, 19, 20/2, 21d)

LOST ANGEL of Earth-UV - paralyzed, creates the garden to lure others under his control
    -ANGEL*, ANGEL of the LOST*, DEATH ANGEL* (app)—Freex (uv)#2 ([8(fb)], 8(fb)/#2, 8(fb)/#3, 4, 7, 8, 16

LOST BOYS (and GIRLS) (Big Top, Monitor, Shatterbox, Speedfreak) - mutant children, formerly under control of Nanny
    (app)--X-Factor I#35 (40

LOST GODS (Freda(Frigga) + Howie(Hermod) Barker, Barry Landers(Balder), Freddie Moyer(Fandral), Wad(Odin), Gertie(Gunhild) + Vincent(Volstagg) Starwitt, Donald(Heimdall) + Ericka(Sif) Velez, Pietro Yizarri(Vizier), Ida(Idunn) + ?(Frey) Freystein, Tso Zhung(Loki))
    - asgardian gods sent to earth as mortals without memory of true self by manipulation of yggdrasil by price and seth
    (net)—Journey into Mystery I#503 (504-511)

LOST HERO of Earth-Evolutionary War - Daredevil. went into isolation to cope with advanced senses, returned years later to teach telepathy to humanity
    (app-ee)--What If? II#1

LOST ISLAND PRISON - formerly held "Salty" Gruner, island was home to the Ape Man, surrounded by shark infested waters
    --Strange Tales I#85

LOST LAKE - resort in Eastern Pennsylvania, site where the Brain Parasites' meteorite crashed
    --Fantastic Four I#227

LOST LAND (Jaggta-Noga) - extradimensional realm
    (app-jaggta-noga)--Conan the Barbarian I#243

LOST RACE (Berula, leader) - race of Picts living in underground caverns, fled there from the Celts.
    Smaller, @ 4’ tall
    Alban Picts*, Little People*, "true picts*"--Savage Sword of Conan#68/2, 69/2

LOST SOULS (Desolation, Dirge, Lament, Requiem) - Neo, ambushed X-Men within the mind of a Shockwave Rider
    --Uncanny X-Men#382

LOST TREASURES of TAO of Earth-Nightside (Mask of Reality, Skull of Truth, Sword of Justice)
    - three mystical power items stolen from Suzuki Shosan, recovered by Sydney Taine
    (app-taine)--Nightside#3 (4

LOTAN - dragon-creature associated with the Annunaki (Mesopotamian) sea god Yammu, who was defeated by Baal.
    --not yet in the Marvel Universe

LOTHAN - Undying
    --[Cable I#81], 84, (identified)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#12

LOTHAR - home planet of Onyx's race
    --[Century: Distant Suns]

LOTIARA of Earth-691 circa 31st century - see SWAMPWORLD (app-bs)--Defenders I#27

"LOTS" - see LACHESIS - Fates/Norns. (app-fates)--Tales to Astonish I#33, Journey into Mystery I#102/2

LOTTA (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    FAT LADY* (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7

LOTUN - Light Brigade
    (app-lb)--Death's Head III#9

LOTUS () - organized various Los Angeles gangs under her leadership, later revealed to be Lady Lotus
    (AZU#2, app)--Avengers Spotlight I#30 (36(fb)/Wonder Man II#16(fb), AvSpot30(fb), 34(fb), 30-34, 36, [Wonder Man II#21(fb)], [Nomad II#4(fb)], [WondM#1/17(fb), 3/17(fb), 2(fb), 2, 4(fb)], 4, [10(fb)], 6, [10(fb)], 10, 11, [Nomad II#4(fb), 4], WM13, 16, 17,18, [Night Thrasher: Four Control#1], 2, WM19,[20], 21, 24,25, [Avengers Two: Wonder Man & Beast #3(fb)], 1-3

LOTUS (    ) - Pride, forced to accompany Chase to the realm of the Gibborim in hopes of forcing them to resurrect Gertrude Yorkes, released after he found that they need an innocent soul; left with the Abstract and instructed to burn it
    --[Runaways II#6], 14 (14 (fb), 14-18, 19-21

LOTUS CAFE - Madripoor, has a dimensional pocket beneath it, in which gladiatorial fights are held
    --X-Force: Shatterstar#1

LOTUSLAND 2099 (Audra Weisman (d), John Eisenhart, Keisha Schultz-Valdez, Ty, Dr.Phil, Angel Zamora)
    - virtual reality company
    --2099 Unlimited#1 (2, 5, 5/3, 6?, ; Hulk2099#1-3

LOU ?? - Mecozzi crime family, defeated
    (app-mecozzi)--Punisher II#7

LOU ?? - Commission agent
    (app)--Avengers West Coast Annual#7 (Avengers West Coast#87

LOU ?? - alcoholic ex-husband of Rosemary Beckley
    (app-comet)--Marvel Comics Presents#50/2 (51/2

LOU & OSCAR's LAB Inc - Sonic Pulse Generator stolen by Overdrive, damage led to major downsizing
    --Amazing Spider-Man#564

LOUHI of the Hyborian era - Hyperborean sorceress, former agent of Vammatar, later led the Witch Men of Hyperborea, former ally of Thoth-Amon
    (app)--King Conan#1 (Conan the Barbarian I#254(fb), KC#1

LOUHI - Finnish witch-goddess, ruled the frozen realm of pohjola, held vainamoinsen prisoner--not?

LOUIE ?? -
     --Big Hero Six#3 (2009)

LOUIS ??  - Church of the Saved, tried to kill the Rev for taking his family away, killed by Gresham
    *D* (app-church)--Punisher II#5 (5d)

LOUIS ?? - photographer, told the origin of Nina Price by her, shared information with Jack Russell
    --Amazing Fantasy II#10/2 (12/2

LOUIS ?? - babysitter and would-be lover of Mary, used as pawn and then killed by Bullseye
    *D*--Punisher vs. Bullseye#5 (5 (fb), 5d)

LOUIS ?? - youth who played with action figures, befriended Puppet Master who then sent a magical Spider-Man doll to protect him from bullies
    --Spider-Man Family#4

LOUIS ?? - resident of Dieppe, slain by Spitfire (Falsworth) to maintain her pretense of being under Dracula's control
    *D*--Captain Britain and MI13#12 (12d)

LOUIS ?? - Parkour enthusiast, friends with Sebastian & Gerard, fan of Batroc; witnessed Batroc defeat Captain America (Barnes)
    --Captain America and Batroc#1 (2011)

LOUISE ?? - fought over by James Barnes and Toby at the Bright Spot club
    --Captain America and Bucky#620 (2011)

LOUISE ?? - girlfriend of René, inspired his rampage, after which she got back together with him
    --Fantastic Four#541

LOURDES, MICHAEL - tabloid reporter, pursued then helped Raving Beauty
    (app-ravingbeauty)--Punisher II#96

LOVE - see Mistress Love.
    masculine aspect sought by Enchantress
    (OH2006#7, app)--Defenders I#106

LOVE, Dr. DEBRA - worked with Reed Richards in project to expose government agents to replica of cosmic ray storm
    --Fantastic Four III#528 (529, 532

LOVE, ELLIS - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

LOVE, Detective - investigated death of Uri Rosenthal
    --Daredevil II#43, (named) #44

    --[ ],Dr. Strange III#83

LOVEJOY, FRANKLIN - Metropolitan university, film student, friend of Rick Sheridan, bm
    --Sleepwalker#3 (9, 25/2

    nickname used by Jasmine
    --Micronauts I#

LOVOSNO, Dr. DRUEK - Grodke plastic surgeon, turned patients into zombies, eventually slain by Deadpool
    *D*--Deadpool IV#4 ([4 (fb)], 4, 5d)

LOWDOWN - Hellbent, killed by Manx
    short and stocky
    *D* (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#53d

LOW EVOLUTIONARY - less evolved version of Charles Darwin-616 generated by L-ook-i-8101, mutated into powerful form by super-evolved Darwin counterpart; returned super-evolved counterpart to normal, then left to explore universe-8101
    --(less evolved Darwin) Marvel Apes Special: Amazing Spider-Monkey Special#1 (2009); (Low Evolutionary) Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1/2 (2009)

LOWE, NICK - Entertainment Editor at Daily Bugle
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]
LOWE, SEAN - former editor, interviewed regarding registration of non-super-powered vigilantes, declared such registration a waste of time since he predicted such vigilantes wouldn't last very long anyway, wm
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

LOWELL, MARK - director of Civil War movie

LOWENTHAL, rabbi - friend of Hiram Sheckerberg, prepared and performed Bar Mitzvah for the Thing
    --Thing II#8

LO-ZAR ( ) -
    (net-preff)--(g) Jungle Action I#1

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