GRAB, PHINEAS - Clutch, Grab, & LeGreed
    (app-cgl)--US1#6, 8 ([8 (fb), 6-7], 8-12

GRABBE, JOE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#62

GRABBER - weapon of Dr. Doom, used to transport Baxter Building into space
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#6 (278

GRACE (Francesca Lexley Grace) - former agent of Bane and CEO of Omni Corporation, later allied with Knights of Pendragon, allegedly possessed by spirit of Morgause
    --Knights of Pendragon I#1 (2,4, 6-12, 16-18, Knights of Pendragon II#1-15

GRACE ( ) - Mannites
    female, blue skin + hair, dark patches @ eyes, tall + thin, cybernetic telepath
    --Uncanny X-Men#372, X-Men II#92(named) (Astonishing X-Men II#1-3

GRACE ?? - blind mutant, family slaughtered in Africa, saved from mugging by Nightcrawler, shared conversation with him about hiding their true natures
    eye on forehead, telepath, cast illusions
    --X-Men Unlimited II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

GRACE ?? - lover/widow ?? of Wolverine's friend Johnny, helped him put the bad days behind him
    --X-Men Unlimited#9 ([9(fb)], 9

GRACE - New Warriors support staff, formerly homeless, saved from becoming a hooker by Night Thrasher who recruited her to his organization for her computer skills
    --New Warriors IV#3 ([10 (fb)], 3, 4, 6, 10, 12-13

GRACE (    ) - America's Next Super Hero
    --Eternals III#2 (3 (fb), 5

GRACE, MARCO - Brothers Grace, older brother, escaped,
    --Marvel Knights II#1(2-6

GRACE, POLO CAIUS - Brothers Grace, younger brother, arrested, extradited
    --Marvel Knights II#1(2-6

GRACE, ZOLA - sister of Marco + Polo
    --Marvel Knights II#6

GRACE, Lt. SYLVIA - Extreme Emergency Team
    --Spider-Man: Web of Doom#2

GRACE & TUMBALT (Nigel Blacque) - public relations firm, associated with 66 Bridges
    --Black Panther III#54

GRACES (Cerise, Nebula, Spirit, Stellaris, Tana Nile) - summoned to Godthab Omega, assisted Gamora in systematically conquering the world
    --Annihilation: Ronan#1 (2(fb), 1-4

GRACELET - technology, deviant weapon which puts wearer under complete mental control
    --Eternals II#11

GRACO, HARRY- Elwood Corporation, designed Madball Express, attempted to sabotage train before it could fail
    (app-ge)--Power Man/Iron Fist#86

GRACZIA - alien, developed telepathic abilities for Darkhawks
    --Darkhawk#25 (25(fb)

GRAD NAN HOLT race (Friendless) - insectoid race, had uprising against the Shi'ar, battled by Starjammers
    --X-Men Legacy #250; (identified) X-Men Legacy #254

GRAFIK (    ) - Road Warriors of Central City, turned into cyborg by benefactor, returned to normal by one of the Blood Brothers
    (app-road)--X-51#10 (11

GRAFFITI GUERILLAS (Lunk, 3 others) - Springdale vandals
    (app)--Speedball#2 (2(fb)], 2

GRAFTON, Dr. SUSAN - doctor, treated Martha (unsuccessfully) and Billy Connors for cancer
    --Spider-Man: Quality of Life#1 (2-4

GRAHAM, ERIKA - see RIOT GRRL (app)--Fight Man#1

GRAHAM, GABRIEL - City Hall security guard
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#623

GRAHAM, Dr. - physician, went to San Diablo with Don Blake; later related his encounter with Thor there to Maddie Arnstein
    (app)--Journey Into Mystery I#84, Thor I#394

GRAHAM, Officer - Australian police, assisted Dreamguard and Force Works against the Orphan
    (app-dreamguard)--Force Works#9

GRAIN BELT ( ) - Harvesters, body composed of grains, dispersed by zombie clone of Hyperion
    (app-harvesters)--Marvel Zombies Supreme#2

GRAINGER, BRUNO - petty criminal briefly hired by the Black Cat, and used in her efforts against Spider-Man
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#194 (195, 196

GRAL - nonhuman-looking Inhuman, exposed most of Inhuman population to Terrigen Mists, resulting in large numbers of mutates
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5?]

GRAMOSIAN race (Mercurio, Xalnor + Kalnab) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Gramos
    blue-black humanoids, discharge energy through hands years ago Gramos’ magnetic polarity changed, admitting radiation from space which caused mass insanity and death, normality was restored by the debris of Xorr the God-Jewel
    (I#4,D#15)--Thor208 (214-216, Captain Marvel I#51

G.R.A.M.P.A. (Ace, Jacquie)
    Global Reaction Agency for Mysterious Paranormal Activity, Global Reaction Agency for Mammal/Primate Affairs--Amazing Fantasy II#15 ( (15/4, 15/2, 15/6, 15/8

G.R.A.M.P.A. headquarters
     --Amazing Fantasy#15/4

GRAMPS ( ) - friend of Omega the Unknown, accompanied him to Las Vegas
    --Omega the Unknown#2 (4-7,9,10

GRANOK - Skrull
    --Wolverine II#145?, X-Men II#95

    Acted as head of Megacorp to dupe Sabretooth obtain the Children from Sinister
    --Weapon X II#26 (27, 28)

GRANDALL of the Hyborian era - brother of Hanuman, mutated into a giant by Anaximander, sent to slay Conan, convinced to turn against Anaximander after learning that his transformation was terminal, slain in battle with Sophos’ men
    *D*--Savage Tales I#5

    posed as a Skrull attempting to steal the Fantasticar in order to occupy the Thing and Torch so that Reed and Sue could have some alone time.
    used image projector
    --Fantastic Four III#55

GRAND ASTROGATOR - Elders of the Universe, ruler

GRAND BOIS (  Giscard) - Haitian voodoo lord, leader of Unholy Trinity
    Lord of the Crossroads and Demons, Master of Night Earth and Night Forests
    --Moon Knight I#21

    --Thor I#132 (162, 201 (fb), 216,-219, 406,407, 423, Thor Annual 2000, Thanos#2-3

GRAND DIRECTOR ( ) - National Force, hero from 1955, worshipped original Captain America, discovered formula to super soldier serum in a German records storehouse, had name legally changed and plastic surgery performed to appear as him, rediscovered and injected himself and Bucky of 1950s with super soldier serum without exposure to vita rays, eventually developed severe paranoia against communists and anyone else they viewed as unamerican, placed in suspended animation by us government in 1956, discovered + released + brainwashed by Dr. Faustus, set own costume on fire to avoid capture, burned to death
    -CAPTAIN AMERICA of the 1950s*,Steven Rogers *D* (D#17, OH:GA)--Captain America I#231 (281(fb), 236(fb), 231(fb), 231 232-235,236d)

GRAND FLEET of the Children of the Dreaming Star - escorted Micronauts to the Spacewall, returned to Sphere after being decimated by the maddened Time Traveler
    (app-childrenofdreamingstar)--Micronauts II#9 (10-11

GRAND INQUISITOR - see KRAY-TOR (app)--Strange Tales I#180

GRAND INQUISITOR of JARELLA's WORLD (Risuli) - used Hulk's name to set himself up as dictator, defeated by Hulk, put to death by Gorsham and allies
    *D*--Incredible Hulk II#451(452(fb),451,452

GRAND INQUISITORS of Universal Church of Truth (Borgia, Kray-Tor )
    - acted as missionaries and police force
    (app-uct)--Strange Tales I#178

GRAND INQUISITOR of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D. - see ENRIQUE
    (app-earth311)--1602#1 (2-8)

GRAND INQUISITOR of Earth-691 (  ) - Universal Church of Truth
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#13

GRANDMA (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#15

GRANDMASTER (En Dwi Gast) - Elders of the Universe, obsessed with games of skill and chance, frequently uses superhumans as pawns, empowered Squadron Sinister, sacrificed life to death to revive Collector, revived by Death. made immune to death
    (I#4, D#5, M, OH2006#5, net)--Avengers I#69 (Amazing Spider-Man I#222(fb)/Av70(fb), Av69-71(Invaders An1),Inv An1, [Defenders I#14(fb), 62(fb)] GS Defenders#3 Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1-3d, West Coast Avengers II An2+Avengers An16(d), Silver Surfer III#4, 9, 17, 19, Thanos Quest#2, Captain Marvel IV#6, Captain Marvel V#14(fb), Quasar#58, 9; Avengers/Ultraforce#1, JLA/Avengers#1-4, [New Thunderbolts#16(fb), 15], 16, Thunderbolts II#102, 105, 106-108, Annihilation: Ronan#3, [4]

GRANDMASTER of CRIME - see CHESS MASTER (app)--Savage Action#3/2

GRANDMOTHER SPIDER- presumably an alias for Gaea, as the Earth goddess involved in some of the Native American creation myths

GRAND NEBULAR - leader of the stars
    MASTER of the SUN--[Dr. Strange II#24]

GRAND NIXON ISLAND (Gen. Kriegkopf, Terry Saint, Rodriguez ) - ultra-secret mercenary training facility, planned attack on Europe for attempting to shut them down, destroyed when Punisher dropped Kriegkopf’s nuke on it
    --Punisher VI#3 (4,5


GRAND VIZIER of POLEMACHUS - aide to Arkon, briefly overthrew him with aid of Wrecking Crew
    GREYBEARD, OLD ONE--Avengers I#75 (76, Fantastic Four I#162, XMen Annual#3, Annual#5, Avengers West Coast#75, [Avengers III#17(fb), 17], 18

GRANDE DAME - faerie of dimension of Clan O'Donnell
    --Generation X#8 (9

GRANE - former steed of Brunnhilde and Siegfried; initially winged, but lost wings after Odin turned Brunnhilde mortal; given to Siegfried, ridden into funeral pyre by Brunnhilde after Siegfried's death
    -(app)-Thor I#296 (296 (fb), [297 (fb)],  299 (fb), 300 (fb)

GRANETTI, VINCE - crimelord
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#106

G'RANG BEAST - Skrull planet (Zaragz'na?) creature; one was slaughtered by Sarnogg as part of his hunting rites
    --Annihilation: Super-Skrull#3 (3 (fb)

GRANITOR - Stonian, father of Gorgolla, part of invasion force against Earth, battled It the Living Colossus, he and his army were slain when teleportation machine destroyed by It in mid-transport, regime toppled by the rebellion led by Magnor
    -LORD of the GARGOYLES (app)--Astonishing Tales I#22 (23

GRANNO (    ) - gangster, framed Dr. Emil Frank (Whizzer's father) for murder
    --USA Comics#1

GRANNY GARDENIA (Mrs. Garden) - mother of "Slugger" Sykes, sold flowers, treated by Dr. Don Blake
    (app-replicus)--Thor I#141

GRANNY GULLIN the BOAR-GOD of Earth-Amalgam - Gullinbursti + Granny Goodness
    --[Thorion#1 (letters)]

GRANNY HARKNESS of Earth-Amalgam - Agatha Harkness + Granny Goodness
    --Bullets & Bracelets#1

GRANT, AMBER - photographer roommate of Ruth Hart, friend of James-Michael Starling
    --Omega the Unknown#1 (2-10, Defenders I#

    (net-preff)--(g) Spy Cases#1

GRANT, GARY "LONG GREEN" of Earth-Shadowline - wrestling promoter, ally of Powerline

GRANT, "GATOR" - see "GATOR" GRANT--Thing I#29

GRANT, GLORIA "GLORY" - Daily Bugle, secretary of Jonah Jameson, former lover of Eduardo Lobos, cousin of Ramon, developed hatred of Spider-Man after Eduardo died in battle with him
    (OH: Spdm2004(supporting), OH: Spdm2005)--Amazing Spider-Man I#140 (Marvel Team-Up I#30, A142, #9; 158, 163, Spectacular Spider-Man II#1, A164, Spec2,3, A166, MTU56, Sp7,8 A172 174,175 178 Sp19 A182 Sp21 24 MTU#91 Sp32, A189 193,194 196 202 204 206 MTU#79, Spectacular Spider-Man An2, MTU#107, Marvel Team-Up An4 Marvel Fanfare I#1, MTU#108, [A222], Amazing Spider-Man An15, A228, Sp67, A229,230, Sp80, 83, Amazing Spider-Man An18, Web of Spider-Man#5, Longshot#3, Sp120, [Spider-Man vs Wolverine#1], Web38, A298, 309, Sp146, W48, [X-Factor An4/3], Sp149, W50, Sp150, W51, A316, Sp151,152, W54,Sp154, W55, Sp156, W57, Sp157, A326, W59,60, Sp168, 173, 174, W77,78, Fantastic Four I#372, A375/2, [Sp205], 205/2, 207/2, 216, 226, Daily Bugle#1,3, Spider-Man#69, Sp237, A416,418, S75, Spider-Man Annual 1997, Spider-Man Unlimited #16 [Sensational Spider-Man II#24(fb)], Kingpin#1, A432, Se26, A434(fb), SU#24, Sp263], S98, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#2, Amazing Spider-Man II#9, PP#11, 14, A17, 18, P19 A20,21 22 A23,24 P22 23 A25 27,28 P28, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2001, P30, 34, Spectacular Spider-Man III#1, 6, Pulse#7-9, She-Hulk II#9, 560-561

GRANT, PHILLIP - Stark Enterprises computer hacker
    --Iron Man I#305 (306-308

GRANT, RICHARD THOMAS - Broadway Project, slain by Mortus
    (app-mortus)--Dracula Lives #7 ([7(fb)], 7d)

GRANT, SILAS - Blackworld, sailor, later space adventurer, aided Thor
    (app)--Thor I#197 (198,199, 202-204,[205], Avengers I#105, Thor I#211-221

    --Marvel Spotlight I#28
    , Moon Knight VI#13

GRANT, DOCTOR - attempted to blow up Niagara Falls power station, employed hulking Beni;  enemy of the Sub-Mariner
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#44 (June 1943)

GRANT, Mr. - Brand Corporation, former supervisor of Buzz Baxter
    (app-mad dog)--Amazing Adventures I#13

GRANT, Mr. -see AUDIT.
    former head of Warheads Kether Troop, temporarily possessed by Golem
    --Warheads#1 (2, 2/2, 4-6->audit)

GRANTBY-FOX, SIR MARCUS - head of Empire Chemical Enterprises, secretly funded original uk team of Super Soldiers, attempted to have them killed, brought in by Joseph Hauer, but cleared of charges
    (app)--Super Soldiers (UK)#1 (2-5

GRANTOR - Inhumans
    --Inhumans (1998/Marvel Knights) #10

GRANTZ, ELLEN - student nurse at Empire State University, coerced into treating injured Cordite
    (app-shadowforce alpha)--Amazing Spider-Man Super Special#1/3 (Spider-Man Super Special#1/3

GRANVILLE, Det. DANNNY - NYPD, dated Sally Floyd
    --Civil War: Front Line#8 (9-11, World War Hulk: Frontline#1, 1/2-5/2, 5, 6, New Warriors IV#1, 4

GRAPPLER ( ) - killed by Scourge of the Underworld at the Bar with No Name
    *D* (app)--Savage She-Hulk II#18 (She-Hulk II#3(fb), Captain America I#319d)

GRAPPLERS (Letha, Poundcakes, Screaming Mimi, Titania (DeVito))
    - team of female professional wrestlers, strength-augmented by Roxxon, sent to sabotage Project: PEGASUS
    (D#5,net)--Marvel Two-In-One#54 (56, 58?, Dazzler#13, MTIO#96, Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide#1 (fb)

GRAPPLERS (Aunti Freeze, Battleaxe, Butterball, Cowgirl, Gladiatrix, Magilla, Sushi, Titania (DeVito), Vavavoom)
    -female division of unlimited class wrestling, most strength-augmented by power broker

GRASP (Herb Bannion) - Seekers, brother of Chain & Sonic, son committed suicide in tribute to Human Torch (Storm)
    wears grey armor, uses electro-gauntlets and energy net
    (app)--Iron Man I#214 ( Fantastic Four I#342(fb), Amazing Spider-Man I#355,358, West Coast Avengers Annual#7, Iron Man Annual#13

GRASS, Father KEVIN - priest, headed Sanctuary movement, nearly killed by Xenophobic Man
    --Avengers Spotlight#31/2, 32/2 (33/2, 34/2

GRASSCUTTER SWORD - see KUSANAGI-NO-TSURGURI-- [Black Axe#2], Daredevil : Ninja#3

GRASSHOPPER (Douglas Taggert) - GLA/Great Lakes Avengers, part time Roxxon security and super-hero, interested in co-worker Cindy Shelton, only active for two weeks, killed by Zaran immediately after joining the GLA
    Superhuman leaping ability (presumably via armor)
    *D* (app)--GLA#1 (cameo), #2 ([2(fb)], 2d, 4(spirit)

GRASSHOPPER (Neil Shelton) - successor of Taggert, replaced him as Roxxon security, long-lost brother of Cindy Shelton, defeated Killer Shrike, but died after launching himself into space after activating the suit's "Maximum Jump," escorted to Oblivion by Doorman, corpse burnt up as it returned to Earth's atmosphere, appearing like the Christmas star
    *D* (app)--GLX-MAS Special#1 (1d)

GRASSHOPPER (    ) - successor of Shelton, neck broken by Deadpool upon his arrival to the GLI HQ
    *D*--Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/7 (1/7d)

GRATE, NANNIE - reporter
    --Moon Knight VI#17

GRATEFUL UNDEAD race (priest, warriors, woman/"bride", god) - subterranean (Cathedral of the Dead), worshipped god, developed disciplines that eventually became ninjitsu, misinterpreted his directions to worship and respect the dead, became assassins, had the sacred Cathedral of the Dead, one was chosen to become a bride of their god, fled + received aid from Ghost Rider/Ketch + Cable, they were apparently destroyed by their god when he realized what they had become.
    Able to resurrect their own dead, hide in shadows, versed in mystic and warrior arts, consumed the flesh of the dead
    -SERVANTS of the DEAD, WARRIORS of the DEAD (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#90/3 (95/3(fb), [97/3(fb)], 94/3(fb), [96/3(fb)], 94/3(fb), 92/3, 90/3-97/3

GRATHAM, DEREK - former daily bugle intern, fired post-Onslaught
    --Green Goblin#7 (13

GRAULINE, MAURICE - helped Jonathan Lee launder money from Silver Sable International
   (app-lee)-Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#21

GRAUSUM (    ) - German vampire, former servant of Baron Blood, possibly destroyed by Jim Hammond
    *D/R/D* (app-baronessblood)--New Invaders#4 (5

GRAVELY, HEADSTONE P.-assistant of Digger, narrates horror stories
    --Creatures on the Loose#14

GRAVEMOSS ( ) - Necromancer, possessed Nightcrawler
    (app)--Excalibur I#83 (84,85

GRAVEROBBER of Earth-928 circa 2099 (Garth Simenon) - created the Undead.
    reanimate and manipulate the dead,
    --[X-Men 2099#26], 27 (28(fb), [26],27-29

GRAVES, Dr. - scientist working for Shinobi Shaw, scanned Clear-Cut's DNA, killed by Shaw for failure
   *D* (app-clear-cut)--X-Force I#62

GRAVES, CLIFTON - pawn of Dracula and Dr. Sun, former friend of Frank Drake
    *D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#1 (11(fb), 1-3, 4, 7, 8, 10"d," 20(fb), 20d)

GRAVES, GEOFF - New York, NY resident; wrote letter to Daily Bugle, deemed SHRA insufficiently strong, opined that all super-heroes' true identities should be made public
    --Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1

GRAVES, Rev. - @ 1860s, minister and gun runner, sought to destroy both Native Americans and the U.S. cavalry
    (app)--Gunhawks#5 ([5(fb)], 5

GRAVESEND GORGON - @ 1975, monstrous creature living in unidentified ocean, downed the Sussex, made deal with Collin Gibbons to spare him in exchange for bringing him more victims
    giant tentacled creature
    (app)--Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2 (1/2 (fb), [1/2 (fb)], 1/2

GRAVITON (Franklin Hall) - created Sky Raiders, physicist, mutated by explosion that intermingled his molecules with sub-molecular graviton particles generated by nearby particle accelerator, originally sought Judith, gave up after she was married and pregnant, atoms combined with his sky island, exiled to outer space after battle with Thor, briefly used Halflife & Quantum & Zzzax as allies, eventually apparently sacrificed himself to save Earth from an invasion by the Ptah
    (I#4, D#5, M, OH: AZU#1)--Avengers I#158 (159, Marvel Two-In-One An4, Thor I#324, West Coast Avengers I#2-4, West Coast Avengers II#12,13, Fantastic Four I#322(fb),322, Amazing Spider-Man I#326, 329, Web of Spider-Man I#64,65, Avengers Unplugged#2, Thunderbolts I#17(fb), [16], 17,27,28(fb), 28-30, 51, Thunderbolts: Life Sentences, Tb53-58, [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), Iron Man IV#8, 21 (fb), 21-22, 23d

GRAVITON PHASE BLASTER - weapon of Hell's Angel, used by her to fight her way back out of Mephisto's Hell in the process of rescuing Vakume
    Hell's Angel I#4 (5, Overkill#26/3, Dark Angel#12,13, Dark Guard#1

GRAVITON TRAP - used by Black Death to tap into Gravity's power in an effort to destroy New York University
    --Gravity#4 (5

GRAVITRON - Kronans' weapon, increases gravity
    (app-kronans)--Thor I#255

GRAVITY (Greg Willis) - New York University student, mutated by , roommate of Frog, dated Lauren Singh, died helping others return to Earth from Battleworld, resurrected by Epoch to become the new Protector of the Universe, retired and returned to Earth
    direct gravity for variety of effects
    CHEESE (OH2006#5)--Gravity#1 ([1(fb)], [1(fb)/5(fb), 1-5, Marvel Holiday Special 2006#1/2, Beyond#1-5, 6d, [Fantastic Four I#545 (fb), 544], 545-546, Black Panther IV#27, FF550, F4#556-557, 562

GRAVITY LOCALIZER - designed by Reed Richards, sought by Red Ghost, placed in Spider-Mobile
    Able to create gravity/attraction on any surface, allowed the Spider-Mobile to drive on walls
    --Spider-Man/Human Torch#3

GRAVITY NULLIFIER - Rigellian technology, used to nullify gravity and transport objects too heavy to carry
    (app)--Thor I#131

GRAVITY POLICE of Earth-Dystopia - law enforcement, Earth-2080
    --Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1

    --Captain America Comics#17

GRAY, CATHERINE - Mutant Civil Rights Task Force, daughter of Moira, husband of Ramon, partner of Aaron Kearse, first child was a mutant and burned itself to death, had second baby, bf
    --X-Factor II#1 (3(fb), 1-4

GRAY, CHARLES - Stark Industries, formerly possessed/empowered by Lucifer
    (net)--Iron Man I#20 (Iron Man III#16, Iron Man Annual 1999

GRAY, CORNELL - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    parasitic brain
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

GRAY, JUSTIN - Daily Bugle reporter
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

GRAY, MOIRA - mother of Catherine, part of Xavier’s underground
    --[X-Factor II#1],2(3,4

GRAY, Mrs.  (    ) - Nightmericans, formerly worshipped by the New Church of Consecrated Light
    mute, alien appearance, control machinery, possibly calm others
    ANGELUS ORBELUS*--Hulk: Nightmerica#4 (5,6

GRAYBEARD - see GREYBEARD--Avengers I#75

GRAYBURN UNIVERSITY - school attended by Kyle Wagner and Mindy Williams until Kyle nearly killed her in a drunken car wreck; later closed down, partially rebuilt by Mindy as part of her revenge plot against Kyle
    --Defenders I#32 (32 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#101 (fb), MTU#101

GRAYMALKIN - former space station of Cable, made with future technology, equipped with time displacement core + teleportation unit + intelligence of the Professor, discovered by SHIELD II after apparent death of Cable, portions co-opted by X-Force, another portion exploded, remainder re-cloaked, taken over by Magneto and rebuilt into Avalon, Professor downloaded into Arizona Camp Verde base

GRAYMALKIN, JONAS - "Young" X-Men, over 200 year old mutant, ancestor of Charles Xavier, aided future Young X-Men against Donald Pierce
    --Young X-Men#2, (identified) #5 (2-6

GRAY MAN (Sgt. Frederick A. Gramon) of Earth-88194 - Merchants, agent of Henry Clerk, cut off his own tongue and sewed his own lips shut to ensure he could not be forced to reveal Clerk's plans
    (app)--Critical Mass#2

    --Marvel Boy#1

GRAYSON, Prof. MATT HORACE (Horace Grabsheid) - father of Marvel Boy, designed Wundagore ship for H.E. Wyndham, traveled to Uranus under direction of Eternals, led there in hopes that he could teach them how to discover their own mortality, perished after they allowed Deathurge to rip open their life dome
    (net)--(g)Marvel Boy#1; [Fantastic Four I#165] (Silver Surfer III An1/5, Quasar#2(fb2),

GRAYSON, PAMELA - art representative, became involved in the plot of the Absorbing Man possessing others to escape his prison
    --Incredible Hulk III#55 (56-59

GRAZIA, VINCENT - Osborn industries, assistant to Mark Raxton, manipulated by Mr. Fear
    --Daredevil I#365(366,367

GRDIC, SNKA - assassin, sent by ?? to kill Stark, defeated + captured
    - Mabel--Iron Man III#66, (named) #67

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