GANALON race (Die-Cut) - Extraterrestrial, natives of Galanus, fight war against cyborg race
   (app)--Death's Head vs Die-Cut#2

GANALUS - planet, home of Galanons
    (app-ganalon)--Death's Head vs Die-Cut #2

GANG of FOUR (Copperhead, Gladiator, Owl, Stilt-Man) - group of criminals, broke out of prison and plotted to kill Daredevil, betrayed by Copperhead
  --Daredevil/Spider-Man#1 (3(fb), 1-4

GANG of NINE - demons of (Mephisto's?) Hell, part of the group that nightly tortured Ghost Rider
    --Ghost Rider V#1 (6

GANGER, ALEXEI - father of Sorrentino, creator of the Gangers, builder of Satori, worshipped Silver Surfer, assisted in creation of the Cosmic Messiah, former peer of Phillip Masters
  --[Silver Surfer III#123], 132 (132(fb), [123, 127, 129-131], 132-136, 138

GANGER, SORRENTINO - daughter of Alexei, led Gangers to capture Phillip Masters
  --Silver Surfer III#127 ([129, 130], 131-136, 138

GANGERS - biosynthetic clones of Alexei Ganger, under his control
   --Silver Surfer III#127 (132(fb), 127, 129-134

GANGLIA of Earth-691 - Ubiquitor’s emissaries.
    mental powers
  (app-ub’s emissaries)--[Galactic Guardians#1], 2 (3, 4

GANGLION, LAZARUS - mutant, films own resurrections, attempted to convince Cable to disintegrate him.
  Healing powers due to decentralized nervous system, recover from seeming death
   --Cable II#107

GANGSTA of Earth-93060 ( ) - partner of Brazen, allied w/ Pilgrim
  --Strangers (uv)#15

GANI - clone project, killed by sister after she learned he had her killed and cloned
    *D*--Cable II#101 (102-104d

GANN JOSIN - bonding that occurs between Eternals and their lovers, results in telepathic connection.
    Sersi forced Dane Whitman to become hers when she feared she was going mad
    --Avengers I#350 ( 362

GANS, Det. REGINA - New York Police Department
    --Pulse#3 (4

GANT, WILLIAM - controversial, irresponsible film-maker, hired Styx and Stone to protect studio
   (app-cardiac)--Amazing Spider-Man I#376

GANTRY ( ) - Spacemen, named for the support frame, especially as used by rockets.
   Superhuman strength and durability
   (app-spacemen) --Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4

G’ANYM - extraterrestrial, young boy, assistant to master Shakati in the Commercial Guilds
    --Inhumans IV#2 (3, 4

GANYMEDE - Olympian myth, Zeus’ favorite cup bearer

GANYMEDE - moon of Jupiter, one of its four major moons, composed mostly of ice, grooved terrain on its cratered surface

GANYMEDE - Spinsterhood, former would-be lover of Jack of Hearts
  (OH2006#4, app)--Silver Surfer III#80 (81,82, Annual#6, Cosmic Powers#3-6, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, 3/2

GANYROG, CHRISTOPHER - Yann, Scientist Supreme, successor to Yanndroth, helped lead his defeat in plot involving the Order; pursues romantic objective Pamela
   --Order I#5 (6

GANZ, FRITZ - agent of the Brain
    (app-brain)--Adventures into Terror#4

GAPON, DZHOKHAR - Russian mafia, involved in plot to discredit Wakanda, targeted for assassination by Hydro-Man for Erik Killmonger, saved by Black Panther
   --Black Panther III#10(13,14

GARAGE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - safehouse of Driver, Sulphur Spring’s Valley, Arizona, built by unknown parties, contained stored codes of 237 mutants gathered by him on his computer (the Accelerator), computer destroyed in fight between Driver and X-Men and Brimstone Love, then used to hold bodies of mutants he collected, all of which died under his care
  --X-Men 2099#10 (11-13)

GARA - self-proclaimed king of stone gargoyles brought to life by Sylvia Corpo, smashed chasing her
   *D* (app-corpo,sylvia)--Venus I#16/1

GARAI - planet in Null Space, saved from decaying amulet by Darkhawk
    (app)--Darkhawk I#40

GARBAGE MAN ( ) - drug-dealer, former leader/enslaver of Trash
    extremely strong and resistant to injury
     (app)--[Power Pack I#31],32

GARCIA, reverend -
    --Captain America I#139 (140,142,143

garden - Tower of the Elephant
    (app-yara)--Conan the Barbarian I#3

GARDEN of Earth-93060 - psychic plane created by Lost Angel, filled w/ others under his control

GARDEN of ETERNAL REMEMBRANCE - enshrined Nova Centurions who gave their life to expand the Xandarian Empire
    --Uncanny Origins?

GARDEN of the HESPERIDES (Atlas, Hesperides, Ladon) - home to the golden apples that serve as source of immortality to the gods of Olympus
    (app)--Hercules III#1 (1 (fb)

GARDEN, Mrs. - see GRANNY GARDENIA (app-replicus)--Thor I#141

GARDENER (Ord Zyonz) - One of the Elders of the Universe, formerly utilized the Time Gem, created garden on K'ai until ousted by Hulk
    (I#4,D#5,M)--Marvel Team-Up I#55(Incredible Hulk II#248(fb1), MTU#55, Hulk248(fb2+3), 247,248, Secret Wars II#6, Silver Surfer III#4, 7, 9,10, 17-19, Thanos Quest#1, Quasar#38, Amazing Spider-Man II#62//503

GARDENER - giant extraterrestrial creature, built machine on moon and sought to steal life force from Earth, shattered the moon, but was defeated by Thor who restored the moon with the Odinpower and trapped him inside of it
  --Thor II#57 (57(fb)

GARDENER, JULES of Earth-712 - president of USA, around the time of the New World Order
  --Marvel Age annual#1 (Squadron Supreme: New World Order

GARDNER, DICK - operator 3 of Philo Zog's agents
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#4 

GARDNER, DON "DONNIE" - twin brother of Donnie, wanted to commit suicide, stopped by Spider-Man in time for him to provide a kidney transplant for Donna
  --Spectacular Spider-Man II#102

GARDNER, DONNA - twin sister of Donnie, injured in car crash, received kidney transplant from Donnie
  --Spectacular Spider-Man II#102

GARDNER, GREG - paranormal arsonist, killed by Justice, first victim in the Justice Killings.
    *D* (app-jk)--Justice(nu)#16 (16 (fb, dies)

GARDOLFF - Asgardian Storm Giant
Thunderstrike#18/2 (18/2(fb)

GAR'EE - Microverse, Neep Knights of Quarlos IV
    (app-kon)--Micronauts I#45

Rune vs Venom#1

GARETH of Sparta-791 - uncle of Jason, plotted to overthrow him, made deal to have Meredith and Jason Quill killed, slain by Star-Lord
    (app)--Marvel Preview#11 (11(fb), 11

GARFT - guard used by Karnilla, controlled by Enchantress to free her
   —Thor I#451/2

GARGAN - wizard conqueror, agent of Lore, led the slaughter of Amazar and then capture of Eleyn
    (app-lore)--Scarlet Witch#1

GARGANTAX of the Hyborian Era - Nemedian giant, champion of Baron Alain Mort-Pointard, loved Giselle in vain, slain by Conan
    *D*--Conan the Barbarian I#166

GARGANTUA (Edward Ferbel (?) Cobert) - former agent of Professor Power, Secret Empire, Dr. Octopus' Masters of Evil, former pawn of Mad Thinker, former SHIELD I scientist and head of Project: Olympus, served as first and only experimental test subject, mind and body mutated, imprisoned by SHIELD for three years, released by agents of the Secret Empire.
    insane, immense size and strength
  - LEVIATHAN* (M, app)--Avengers Spotlight#28/2 ( Guardians of the Galaxy#28,29, Incredible Hulk Annual#19/3

GARGANTUA (  ) - ally of Phantome, possibly drowned in armor
    strong, wore body armor
    *D* (app-phant)--Marvel Comics Presents#156 (157, 158d)

GARGANTUA of Other World - fashioned by Merlyn in his youth from the bones of a whale, allied self with Gurien for promises of power, defeated and imprisoned by Black Knight (Whitman) using dragon pearl, re-allied self with Merlyn, sacrificed self to destroy Maegog.
    giant, horns, cloven hooves
    *D* (app)—(UK) Hulk Comic#49/2 (50/2,51/2, 54/2d, (55/2d)

GARGANTUA the GOBLIN-KING – leader of the Underlings, fell in battle with Dargon

GARGANTUOID 2099 - giant robot used by Alchemax to attempt to clear out town, defeated by R-Gang
    --2099 Unlimited#10

GARGANTUS - aquatic monster
    (Marvel Monsters)—Strange Tales I#80 (85, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl,

GARGANTUS - see GIGANTUS (app)--Strange Tales I#63

GARGANTUS - robot, constructed by extraterrestrials, sent to earth and took over town of Granville, hypnotized and forced residents to build a wall around it to keep everyone else out, confronted by Iron Man/Stark who determined that he was a robot and destroyed him with powerful magnets.
  large + strong, form of immense Neanderthal, hypnotize others
  *Des* (1960s, app)--Tales of Suspense I#40 (40(fb), 40d)

GARGOUILLE (Lavinia LeBlanc ) - mutant, Acolytes
    small stout woman with wings and horns
  (2006#1-acolytes)--Quicksilver#9 ( 11,Heroes for Hire#16,[Q12],Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, Uncanny X-Men#492

GARGOYLE - created by Derwyddon @ 1200 AD, allied with 6 Fingered Hand and Gargoyles, formerly ensorcelled by mad magician for 70 years until discovering means to slay him, mind placed in Isaac Christians body, until exorcised into stone form
    SON of PAN*, Disciple of the Old Gods, Master of the Shadows, Isaac Christians (D#5, app)--(body) Defenders I#94, (mind) Gargoyle#1 (2(fb#1), 1(fb#1), 1-4

GARGOYLE (    ) - French criminal, active in the Yucatan Peninsula, used magnetic beam to bring down planes; encountered Angel (Tom Halloway)
    --All Winners Comics#1

GARGOYLE (Count Georges Tarragh) - international criminal, wore magic mask; encountered Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America Comics#35

GARGOYLE (    ) - unable to hold down a job or make friends due to hideous appearance, applied to want ad for ugly man at Cosmic Carnival, actually chosen as husband for beautiful alien queen due to her boredom with the appearance of everyone on her world
    (app)--Strange Tales I#78/3

GARGOYLE (Yuri Topolov) - father of Gremlin, Russian scientist mutated by atomic accident, immense head and enhanced intellect, captured Hulk, cured by Bruce Banner, allowed him to escape, blew up own base to take out his superiors, apparently survived and used as sleeper agent to attack the USA after a nuclear war, battled the Order
  *D* (D#17, 1960s, net)--Incredible Hulk I#1 (1d)

"GARGOYLE" - see ALISTAIR--X-Men: First Class Special#1

GARGOYLE (Isaac Christians) - elderly man, made pact with Six-Fingered Hand, mind placed in body of Gargoyle demon, Defenders, Initiative, original form taken over by Gargoyle demon, body controlled by Gnostic wizard and then Dragon of the Moon, destroyed in battle against Defenders, spirit temporarily contained within crystal, reformed duplicate body by Cloud, former servant of Patsy Walker.
  gargoyle-like appearance, orange skin, wings, fly, fire energy draining blasts
  (I#4, D#5, M, OH2006#4, app)--Defenders I#94 (103 (fb), Gargoyle#1(fb#2[#4(fb]), 2(fb#2), 3(fb#2), 1(fb#1), Def94(fb), 103 (fb),  94-101, Marvel Team-Up I#111, Def102 Marvel Graphic Novel#1/Silver Surfer Annual#6(fb), Def103,104, Captain America I#268, Def106, 107/Marvel Fanfare I#20, Def108, 109, MTU I#119, Avengers Annual#11(fb),An11, Def112-114, 115, 116(fb) ,116,117, Incredible Hulk II#277, 279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2,3], Def118, 120-139, Rom#65,66, Sub-Mariner II#3, Def140-146, Garg1-4, Def148, 147, 149-152, Solo Avengers#18/2 (fb), 16/2 (fb), 16/2, 18/2, 20/2, Quasar#19,20, Hellstorm#3 (fb), 2, 3, 7-9, 12, 13, 14, [15 (fb)], 16, 18, 19, 21, Strange Tales: Dark Corners#1/3, Silver Surfer III#139, Thunderbolts Annual 2000, JLA/Avengers#4, [She-Hulk II#11 (fb)], Marvel Comics Presents II#4/2 (fb), 3/4, 4/2, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), Avengers: The Initiative#2, 3, [Punisher War Journal II#13], 14-15, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 10

GARGOYLES (Gargoyle demon) - stone statues constructed on Christian cathedral over source of mystical power, absorbed some of this energy to achieve sentience, granted mobility by Derwyddon to achieve vengeance on Christians, caused massive destruction, returned to stone by Derwyddon when he realized they were corrupt; a small handful resisted the spell and survived, preying on and hiding among humanity
    --Gargoyle#2 (2(fb), 2-4

gargoyles - see SHADOWQUEEN's gargoyles (app-shadow)--Dr. Strange II#43

GAR-GUL - Skrull planet (in their netherlands) wiped out by the Annihilation Wave
    --Annihilation: Ronan#3

GARIBALDI - Humanity's Last Stand
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995

GARIBALDI, Dr. - alchemist, pulled before the inquisition and questioned, then recruited to Hydra
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#3 (2011)

GARID (Calvin Falconer, Bill Galannan, Peter Parker (quit), Dr. Eric Schwinner, Dr. Monica Staphos(d) )
    - associated with General Techtronics "West", maintained the equipment that had mutated Spider-Man, which was used in the mutation of Dryrot and Tendril
    - Galannan Alternative Research for Immunization Development
    (app)--Spider-Man: the Final Adventure#1 (2-4, [Spectacular Spider-Man II#235]

GARINTA, LENDU  of Earth-Avengers: Galactic Battalion - Centaurians
    --Avengers Forever#1

GARKIN - mystic entity from the Plane of Klah, associated with Ancient One
   --[Strange Tales II#8/2]

GARKO the MAN-FROG - mutated by potion, progressed into real frog and run over, sent to Hell
  *D* (OH:AZU#1, app)--Giant-Size Man-Thing#4/2 (Howard the Duck III#5, 6

GARLAND, ROMAN @ 1840s - New Yorker who sought adventure westward
    (app)--Amazing High Adventure#4/2

GARLOFF the UNWASHED - Asgardian, accompanied Fandral on a quest to meet his greatest love, only to meet his mother
    —Thor I#416/2

GARM - giant dog at Hel's gate
   (app)—Thor Annual#5 (Thor I#339(fb), 361,362,  382 , New Mutants I#82, Thor438/2, 476,477, 486,488(fb),489

GARN of the Hyborian era - Zuagir, slain by guard of Bahreen Bel Akif who betrayed them
  *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#63

GAR-NAK of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Hooded Ones/Wizards of Torranna
    *D* (app-torranna)--Kull the Destroyer#22 (25(fb), 29(fb) - BTS, 22-28, 29d)

GARNER, CLIFF - formerly of the Air Force and Daily Bugle, investigated the possible conspiracy of Control, slain by co-conspiracy theorist General Edward Harrison
    (app)--Invaders I#3, (named) Conspiracy#1 (Invaders#1/Conspiracy#1(fb), [Daredevil I#1]/Conspiracy#1(fb), Conspiracy#1(fb), Conspiracy#2(fb, dies))

GARNER, EDWARD - president of Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation
   --Thing I#28

GARNOFF, Prof. ALEXI - see BLIND FAITH (app-blindfaith)--X-Factor Annual#1

GAROKK the PETRIFIED MAN-eternal spirit of an ancient sun god worshipped by some tribes of the savage land,especially sun people, has been reincarnated in the form of several mortals,including a british soldier who drank potion while trapped in the savage land,placed in Terminus robot that used him as a power source, temporarily drained energy helping to remake savage land,attempted to "protect" the savage land from the outside world by destroying the savage land.
  rock-like body,project energy beams from eyes
  -LAZARUS. Kirk Marston, TERMINUS* (U#3,M, app-terminus)--Astonishing Tales#2 (3(fb), 2-5, Uncanny X-Men#115(fb),115,116, 149, [Uncanny X-Men Annual#12 (fb)], Annual#12, Ka-Zar Annual 1997, Ka-Zar V#20

GARONE, VINCE (    ) - led Hoodlums, Inc.; encountered Vision (Aarkus)
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#17

GARRA ARGENTADO, la - see SILVERCLAW (OH: Av2005, app)--Avengers III#8

GARRA PLATA, la - see SILVERCLAW (OH: Av2005, app)--Avengers III#8

GARRET - @ 3500 bc, pre-dynastic Egyptian wizard, merged soul with Dann to form the Ruby Scarab, which they used to drive off the Elementals
  *D* (app)--Supernatural Thrillers#8 (8(fb), [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#9(fb, dies)]

GARRETT (    ) -
    --Human Torch#9

Cable II#83

GARRETT, BEN of Earth-93060 - flying ultra, killed by Rafferty
    *D*--Firearm (uv)#8 ([13(revealed dead)])

GARRETT, BOB - former neighbor of Frank Castle, beaten by Castle for throwing away his marriage after Castle's own family had been killed
    --Punisher VII#4 (4(fb)

GARRETT, DAVID - ally of AIM, funded Gilbert Wiles to monitoring his tracking of the Uni-Power, slain by Lombardi after outliving usefulness
    *D*--Captain Universe/Hulk#1 ([1(fb)], [2(fb)]/1d)

GARRETT, JEFFREY -mutant, Xavier Institute, failed to escape in time during the faux Magneto's assault on Xavier Institute, body destroyed in mid-teleportation, survived in ghost-like form, haunted New Mutants until convinced to rejoin the school
    --X-Treme X-Men#20 (21-23, New X-Men: Academy X#9(fb), [7],8,9, 14

GARRETT, JOHN (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#24 (25

GARRETT, JOHN - cyborg, rebuilt by Extechop division of S.H.I.E.L.D. I, assisted Elektra against the Beast/Dan Wind
    (OH2006#4, app)--Elektra: Assassin#2 (6(fbs), 2(fb)/3(fb)/6(fb), 2-7, 8(fb), 8, [Daredevil I#319(fb)/321(fb)], 319-325, 326, 330, 341, 342

GARRETT, MARCUS - friend of Franklin Richards, encountered the Visitors
    --Marvel Knights 4#5 (6,7

GARRETT, Detective NEIL - NYPD, investigated attacks by Venom, assisted in efforts to rescue Hayyan Zarour
    (OH: Spdm2004(supporting))--Spectacular Spider-Man III#1 (2-4, 8-10, 12, 19,20

GARRETT, SAMUEL of Earth-93060 - father of Ben, hired him (Ben or Firearm?) to catch Rafferty
    --Firearm (uv) I#13

GARRETT CASTLE - England, ancestral home of Dane Whitman, inherited from Nathan Garrett upon his death, purchased by Victoria Bentley when Whitman was sent back into the Crusades

GARRG - Asgardian Rock Troll, battled Thor in his youth
    (app)--Thor I#466

GARRINGTON, Sir EOBAR - Black Knight during the crusades, ally of King Richard + Prestor John + Amergin, mind possessed for some time by Black Knight (Whitman) (including last five years of life), mentally prevented from killing Saladin by Dane Whitman, captured and imprisoned for several weeks before being ransomed back to the Crusaders in shame, form destroyed while possessed by Whitman who used the Evil Eye to help close the portal to the dark realm of the Fomor
  -BLACK KNIGHT* (app)--Defenders I#11 (Cable II#30(fb), Marvel Super-Heroes III#4/6, Marvel Fanfare I#51-54, Marvel Comics Presents#73/3(fb), [Black Knight: Exodus (fb)],  BK: Exodus, [Avengers I#225(fb)], 225,,226d)

GARRISON, J.S. of the Old West - wealthy railroad owner, father of Cougar
    (app-cougar)--Rawhide Kid I#68 ([68(fb)], 68

GARRISON, Dr. SEAN - pro-mutant psychologist, father of Laurie Collins (Wallflower), spoke at University of Illinois graduation of Karma
      --New Mutants II#4 (New X-Men: Academy X#9, 10, 12, 14

GARROTE (Tyrannus Cordin) - Hydra, assassin, recovered power core of a soviet nuclear submarine, involved in strike against kingpin.
  elongated fingers, specializes in strangling
  -Col. Strang* (net)--Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#23 (25 Daredevil I#292,293 298,299 NF27-29 Nightstalkers#2

GARROTE (Léopold Brun) - French assassin hired by Rosalie Carbone to kill Punisher/Castle
  *D* (app-assassins)--Punisher War Zone#8 (9, 10d)

GARSEN, GLORIA - friend and possible romantic interest of Edwin Jarvis, met and rescued by him during Inferno
    (app)--Avengers I#298 (325, Avengers Annual 1999(fb3), Avengers Annual 2001/2

GARSON - Springdale, agent of the Sticker, slain by him after failing to kill Speedball

    --[New Avengers#33]

GART - Demon, partner of Rath, summoned by Jane + Roger Price, went on rampage until banished by Captain Universe (Eddie Price)
    (app-captainuniverseeddie)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#6/4

GARTH - former agent of Black Talon, later allied with She-Hulk, possible zombie
   (app)--She-Hulk II#34 (35, 37(fb), 60

GARTH of Mournheim - Other-Realm
  (app-or)--Creatures on the Loose#36 (37, Marvel Premiere#45, 46, She-Hulk#13, 14

GARTH ?? - US government agent, sent to protect Paxton Page from his enemies, posed as Page’s butler
    --Daredevil I#56 (57

GARTH ?? - henchman of Miles Blackgar, killed by Blackgar's live experiments
    *D* (app-Blackgar, Miles)--Marvel Spotlight I#4

GARTH, DONNA - daughter of the Zombie (Simon Garth), she was once briefly mutated into a giant spider-creature by Dr. Rickard, and later was involved in a plot of Lilith, Daughter of Dracula, to use her father.
    -Donna Garth Mason, SPIDER-THING* (app)--Tales of the Zombie#1 (1/2,1/7,2,2/9,3,4,9, Blade: Crescent City Blues#1, Spider-Man Unlimited#20, Strange Tales IV#1/3

GARTHWAITE, ANN - mother of the Wrecker, wife of Burt, left message on deathbed revealing she had never spent any of the dirty money the Wrecker had sent her
    *D* (app-burt)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#125 (Thor I#431 (fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#125, 126

GARTHWAITE, BURT - abusive father of the Wrecker, husband of Ann, died of heart attack when confronted by the Wrecker
    *D* (app)--Thor I#431 (431(fb), [Spectacular Spider-Man II#126], Thunderstrike#14/2

GAR-TOOM - evil stone creature, imprisoned motionless in midhogg until freed by sif,destroyed by destroyer (which was controlled by lorelei)
  --Thor I#439/2 (440/2

GARUS of the Hyborian era - Ophirian?, allied with Conan in the freeing of Marala/Albiona
  --Star of Khorala; Savage Sword of Conan#44

GARVER, JEAN - vampire, former wife of Lou, vamped by Dracula, destroyed by Lou
  *D/R/D*--Dracula Lives#8 (8d)

GARVER, JIM - antagonist of Larry, Joe caused him to disappear after Larry told him to get lost
  (app-joe)--Crypt of Shadows#4/4

GARVER, LOU - NYPD, husband of Jean, sought revenge on Dracula, destroyed Ursula Lensky, declared vendetta against vampires
  --Dracula Lives#8 (9

GARVEY - Owner of the carnival that employed Darrel Daniel, Ayla Prentiss, and Tragg
--Man-Thing I #5 (6(fbs), 5, [6], 6

GARVEY, CHRISTINA - wife of Todd, apparently influenced to hook up with Starfox, charged him with assault
    --She-Hulk II#6 ([7(fb)], 6-7

GARVEY, TODD - husband of Christina
    --[She-Hulk II#7]

GARVIN, MARY - 16th Century, lover of Jack Hollister, abducted by George Banway, rescued by Solomon Kane
  --Blades of the Brotherhood; Savage Sword of Conan#33/2

GARVIN, WILBUR "GEARS" - mechanic, ally of Machine Man
  --Machine Man I#15 (16-18, 19(Marvel Team-Up I#99), Marvel Two-In-One#93, Marvel Graphic Novel#27, Iron Man I#183, Iron Man An11, Thunderbolts#29

GARWOOD, PAUL - SHIELD I, double agent for Sebastian Shaw, caught Michael Rossi when he invaded the SHIELD Helicarrier for information on Shaw, killed ally Price, intending to frame Rossi, but after Rogue broke Rossi out, he framed Rogue instead
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men#182 ([182(fb)], 182

GARY ?? - Night Patrol
Captain America I#403

GARY ?? - had affair with Jen Walters in college
    --[She-Hulk II#19]

GARZA, DAVE - mutant, encountered Kitty Pryde on the way to Mount Haven. feline appearance
  --X-Treme X-Men#27 (29, 30

GARZA, HERMAN - related to Dave
    --X-Treme X-Men#27 (29, 30

GARZA, JORGE - related to Dave
    --X-Treme X-Men#27 (29, 30

GARZA, LOUISE - mother of Dave
    --X-Treme X-Men#27 (29, 30

GARZA, RICO - related to Dave
    --X-Treme X-Men#27 (29, 30

GAS (    ) - one of the super-villains slain and resurrected by the Hand
    *D/R*--[Wolverine II#26], (named) 28 ([26-27], 28

GAS X - presumably anti-gravitons, used by Jonathon Black to blackmail USA by lifting buildings off their foundations, eventually launched Black into space
    (app-black_jonathon)--Uncanny Tales I#44/3

GASPAR - Galadorian, lord of spies, possessed by Nazgoth/Dire Wraiths, body left a lifeless husk without evidence of possession when abandoned by them
  --Spaceknights#1 (2-5

G'ASPIX - lifemate of Khari
    --alternate reality version seen and identified in
British Marvel Heroes #33 (2011)

GASSHGA of the pre-Cataclymic era - extradimensional creature, apparently slain in battle with Kull
    (app)--Kull I#25, (named) #27 (25(fb), 26, 27, 28d)

GASTON - former servant of Marie LaVeau, sacrificed by her to regain youth
  *D*--Dracula Lives#2/7

GASTON the BUTCHER (Gaston L’Armon) - 16th Century Frenchman, killed by host of the Cleft Skull Tavern
  *D*--Rattle of Bones; Savage Sword of Conan#18/4 ([18/4(fb)], 18/4d)

GATE of Earth-93060 ( ) - Quattro
    --Solution (uv)#1 (2,Hardcase#5

GATE, Col. - see COL. GATE (app-milkcookies)--What The?#10/2

GATECRASHER ( ) - leader of Technet
    large, elephantine humanoid, great strength and resistance to injury
    (U#7,M)--(UK)[Captain Britain II#2], 3 (4-7,12; Excalibur Special Edition#1, Excalibur I#12,13 15 42 51, Marvel Comics Presents #175/ Excalibur I#125, Fantastic Four III#6-8

GATEKEEPERS - mainspring research facility security robots, trained to destroy any free Phalanx.
    large + powerful
  --Warlock III#1(2,3,6

GATES of WONDER - gateway into ancient Atlantis, shortly after its sinking
    --Namor I# (Man-Thing III#7

GATESWORTH, JONATHON - invented suit enabling him to form + animate solid forms around himself, formerly of Computech?
  "NETSHAPE" (app-net)--Green Goblin#9

GATEWAY ( ) - Aborigine, former ally of X-Men and Generation X, forced to serve Reavers when they threatened to destroy a place sacred to him, mentor to Manifold, killed by Ultimaton.
  open portals through space and dimensions, vow of silence
  *D*(U#3, 198, app)--Uncanny X-Men#227 (Fantastic Four I Annual#24(Avengers I#177), UXM227, 229-232, 234, Uncanny X-Men An12, [XForce#61], UX235-238, Marvel Comics Presents#16/3, UX240, [X-Factor I#39], UX244, UX An13/2, UX245 An13 [Marvel Super-Heroes III#6],8, [Wolverine II#19], UX247-252, [Punisher II#33], UX269, Fantastic Four An24([Avengers I#177]), Wolverine II#35,36, UX281, Wolv52,[53], Generation X#1,2,5-7, Exiles vs XMen#0, Prime II#2/2, Mantra II#2/2, Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis+Revelations, Phoenix Resurrection#0/8, XM II#49,50, Wolv104,XMen Annual 1996, Beast#1, Wolv125, 141, X-Treme X-Men#4, X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001, Uncanny X-Men#444, Secret Warriors I#4, Uncanny X-Force I#19, 20, 27d, 28)

GATEWAY of the DAY - portal into realms of benevolent entities, opposed those from the Gateway of the Night
    --[Alpha Flight I# ],8_

GATEWAY of the NIGHT - portal to dark and evil realms
    -EYE of the WORLD--Alpha Flight I#24

GATHERERS (Dr. Stack, Prof. Quint ) - Agents of the High Evolutionary during the evolutionary war, used to capture beings of genetic interest to him
  -- New Mutants Annual#4? ( Spectacular Spider-Man II#142,143, Spectacular Spider-Man An8

GATHERERS (Cassandra, Magdalene, Proctor, Sloth, Swordsman, Tabula, Vision, Korg, Rik, Sliver, Tarkas, Jocasta)
    - surviving Avengers from alternate earths in which Sersi went mad and killed everyone, allied with Proctor in attempt to destroy Sersi and Avengers of Earth-616
    (app)—Avengers I#355 (355(fb), 363(fb), 359(fb), [355(fb)], 348, 355(fb), 355,356, 358,359, 360(fb), 361-363, [372(fb)], 372, 374,375

GATHERERs - biological constructs of the Celestials, created by Gammenon, gather genetic information, some left behind in inert state after First Host left,
  one was stolen by the Deviant "Randy Lee Watson" and ended up being destroyed by Sledge;
  another was located by the Damocles Foundation and grafted to the remains of Reignfire in order to combine Humanity + Deviants, control usurped by Selene, destroyed by Arcadia Deville and Danielle Moonstar
  superhuman strength + durability, fire energy blasts, devolve others into ancestral forms, had process by which celestials altered humanity imprinted within their brains
  CELESTIAL GOLEMS* (app)--X-Force#96 (97(fb), 96(fb), [96], 97

GATHER ROD - instrument of Gammenon, used to collect samples, which were stored within a cube at the head of the rod and then given to Jemiah to be placed within his receiver
    --Eternals I#7

GATO, el - see CHEETAH. initial character name--Captain Marvel I#48

GATO, el (Luis Anaya) - Mexican criminal/sorcerer?, battled Omega the Unknown
  (app)--Omega the Unknown#4 (5

GATO, el of Earth-93060 (Javier Melendez) - ultra, killed by Rune
  *D*--Giant-Size Rune (uv) #1

GATOR ( Grant) - Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, mutated into lizard-man by gypsy, eventually mutated into full alligator, regained human form, but was drugged and transformed back into a lizard-man temporarily by Swifty Alonzo
    --Thing I#29 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#7, Nightcrawler III#9-10, [11]

GATOR of Earth-Battleworld ( ) - son of Lizard
    (app-earthbat)—What If? II#114

GATTLING ( ) - assassin
    --Silver Sable#2

GATTO di SANGUE of Earth-148611 ( ) - Medusa Web, killed in battle with Rodstvow
    <BLOOD CAT> *D*--PsiForce(nu)#18,19

GAUCHO, el ( ) -
    (net-preff)--(g) [USA Comics#5]

GAUFMAN, Herr - Nazi agent, recruited Dr. Manyac to recreate Green Flame for Germany, killed when factory destroyed
    *D*--Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1d

GAUGHAN, JOHN B. of "Earth-6871" - see RED SKULL of Earth-6871--Captain America: The Great Gold Steal

GAUL, VOLAN - vampire circa 1974, vampirized Debra and George Chomen, but apparently perished from rat poison George had consumed following Debra's seeming death
    *D/R/D* (app)--Vampire Tales#7/5: Bats

GAULAG of the Hyborian era - manager of the wench Purani
    --Savage Sword of Conan#73

GAULT of the Hyborian era - fought in the Pict Wars
    --Wolves Beyond the Border; Savage Sword of Conan#59/3

GAULT (Zed) - religious order, formerly held the Five Fingers of Annihilation, slaughtered by Helix
    --X-Force II#1, (named) #3

GAULTHING, ALISON - subjected to experiments at Adrenamix, fell to death while fleeing the Psigns of the Times
    *D* (app)--Justice: Four Balance#1 ([1(fb)]/[3(fb)], 1d)

GAULTHING, ANDERSON - father of Alison, former head of Adrenamix
    --Justice: Four Balance#1

    associated with Multivex, acted as superior to Seward Trainer + Hobgoblin/Macendale, ally of Scrier and Arcade, agent of Norman Osborn, shriveled body due to attempts of green goblin's formula to revive him from near death
  Superhuman strength in life support armor, used variety of gases, used particle grenades and robot guided arm cannon
  (net)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#233(unrevealed), 234(unnamed), Amazing Spider-Man I#412(named) (Spider-Man: Osborn Journal, [A401], Spec233, A411, [Spdm68], Sensational Spider-Man II#5, 11, Spec234, A412, Spdm69, Green Goblin#10, A416,417,418, Spec240->ms)

GAUNT ( ) - former pawn of unidentified captors, warrior from earth’s future, led massive intergalactic war, banished to Borderline after he was defeated, captured Rachel Summers/Phoenix, defeated by Cable who infected him with technovirus, possibly destroyed by masters
    (app)--[Cable II#82], 83, (named) #84 (85(fb), [82], 83, 84-86

GAUNT of Earth-93060 - killer, green zombie-like creature born from Twilight's nightmares
    (app)--Warstrike#2 (Ultraverse Comic trading card#59 (named)

GAUNT, GARY (    ) - existed in monstrous identity by night
    --Mystic Comics#9

GAUNT, Off. KIM - NYPD, allied with Thor against Raven's Eye events
   —Thor I#497(498-501

GAUNTLET - Dark Riders,
  (net)--X-Factor I#65 (66-68, X-Men II#14,15, X-Force#17, Uncanny X-Men#296, X16, Cable II#17-19, Wolverine II#95,99,100"d", X-Man36, X-Men: Search for Cyclops#1

GAUNTLET (Alfredo* Morelli*) - old friend + ally of Richard Fisk/Rose, former fiancé of Rebecca, assisted Richard in development of empire, impersonated him as Kingpin II, became too involved with the role, toppled, stole glove of Nightwatch.
    Skilled with technology, uses power glove
   -KINGPIN II*, Richard Fisk imposter*
    (app)--(Alfredo)--Amazing Spider-Man I#282(Web of Spider-Man#30 (fb), Amz282,287, Web of Spider-Man#30, 84-89,97-99
  (Gauntlet) Web of Spider-Man#99 (100, Spider-Man#47, Nightwatch#1-4

GAUNTLET (Barone, Cinder Fontaine, Vise) - agents of Psi-Ops, pursued X-Man (Nate Grey)
   --X-Man#37 (38, 40-41, 44, 46, 50-51

GAUNTLET (Ms. Yoshida ) - group of mutants, pooled abilities to explore other dimensions and times, stole children of the Broken Universe in hopes of using them as organ donors, pursued by creature from broken universe, originally defended by Nate Grey, slain by him when he learned the truth
    *D*--X-Man#63,64(named) (65(fb), 63-65, 66d)

GAUNTLET (Sgt. Joseph Green) - Initiative trainer, soldier, husband & father
    uses large & powerful glove - fragment of unidentified alien
    --Avengers: The Initiative#1 (Annual#1, Av: Int#1-3, 4-5, 6 (fb), 6, 9 (fb), 10, 12

GAUNTLET of Earth 6023 (    ) - inspired Southpaw to become a hero
    Uses the right-handed version of Southpaw's glove
    --[She-Hulk II#3]

GAUNTLET of Earth 6232 (    ) - hero, involved in the Reckoning War
    Uses the right-handed version of Southpaw's glove
    --She-Hulk II#3

GAUNTLET of FOREVER - magic item, sought by Jihad, formerly held by a caliph, used to grasp magic energies
    -Hand of Attainment--Fantastic Fourth Voyage Sinbad

gauntlet of ZUULDA THAAL of the Hyborian era - see ZUULDA THAAL (app-zuuldathaal)--Savage Sword of Conan#87

GAVEL (    ) - associated with the Jury
    --Venom: Sinner Takes All#2/2

GAVIGAN, RONNIE - given to young Nicky Cavella to torture as a present by Auntie Mo
    *D*--Punisher VII#20 (20(fb, dies)

GAVIN, PHILIP - assistant director of MI-5, allowed RAID to attack London in hopes of being promoted to director
    --Captain America V#19 ([Union Jack II#1 (fb) / 4 (fb)], 1-4

GAVIN ?? - captured and mutated by AIM in effort to replicate power of the Scarlet Witch, apparent sole survivor, escaped, befriended Rich, threatened Earth by unwittingly bringing the Anti-Creation into reality, learned to use powers via own imagination, granted Ms. Marvel the Binary power to destroy the Anti-Creation
    "STORYTELLER"*--Ms. Marvel Special#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

GAVIN, father - headmaster at Warren Worthington's school
    --Angel: Revelations#4 (2008)

GAVINO, HARRY - drug-dealer, sent Shredder after Whitie and Sid when they stole his shipment
  --[Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours#1], 2

GAVRILOV, GENNADY DMITRIEVICH - Russian genius youth, discovered Crimson Dynamo prototype helmet, used it in what he thought was a game, actually sending it on a rampage as it tracked him to Moscow, son of Anna + Dmitri, step-son of Stepan, step-brother of Tamara
    CRIMSON DYNAMO, KULAKH42 (OH:AZ#3-Crimson Dynamo)--Crimson Dynamo#1 (2, 3

GAWAIN - Knights of the Round Table, spirit allegedly possessed Dai Thomas in the Knights of Pendragon
  --(g) Black Knight Comics#1; Marvel Preview#22 (Black Knight Comics#1/3

GAWAIN - Knights of Pendragon, robot from Questworld, possessed by original Gawain
   --Knights of Pendragon II#1

GAWAIN 2099 - formerly of Knights of the Banner, ally of Hulk 2099
  *D*--2099 Unlimited#1 (2-6,Spider-Man 2099#25/2, Ravage 2099#25/2, Hulk2099#1d)

GAWAINE, Father -priest, former boxer
    - KID GAWAINE—Daredevil I#68 (119

GAXTON, BLACKIE - gangster to whom Bennett Brant (and Gordon Savinsky/Terrier) accrued large gambling debts, had Bennett hire Dr. Octopus to break him out of jail; Bennett killed by stray bullet during efforts to recapture Gaxton
    (OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#11 (Untold Tales of Spider-Man#12(fb), Amazing Spider-Man#11(fb), 11

GAYNOR the DAMNED of the Hyborian era - Melnibonian, cursed with eternal life for unspeakable sins, former servant of Xiombarg, served by the Hell-Horde of Chaos, clashed with Conan and Elric, exiled to Earth
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#14 ([14(fb)], 14-15, Savage Sword of Conan#189

GAYNOR, NICK – wealthy playboy, tried to kill ex-girlfriend’s fiancé, stopped by Namor and Namora
    (app)--Blonde Phantom#19/3

GAZA - Savage Land Mutates
    giant, blind, mental sight
    (D#11)--X-Men I#62 (63, Avengers I#105, Marvel Fanfare I#1-4, Uncanny X-Men Annual#12, Uncanny X-Men#249 274, Wolverine II#69, X-Men Unlimited#6, X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#3,4

GAZAL of the Hyborian era - city built around Red Tower @ 900 years before time of Conan
    --<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21

GAZALI of the Hyborian era (Lissa) - fled from Koth, rebuilt city around the Red Tower @ 900 years before time of Conan, lost track of history and slipped into lassitude
    --<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21

GAZELLE - Salem's Seven
    gymnastic abilities
   *D* (D#19)--Fantastic Four I#186 ( Fantastic Four An14, F4#223, Vision & Scarlet Witch II#3,5, Avengers Annual 2000

GAZER (    ) - mutant, used in NASA orbital craft due to ability to withstand high radiation levels, lost powers on M-Day, began dying from radiation, selected to be a Horseman of Apocalypse, skewered through the chest by Ozymandias for failure to honor their alliance
    WAR* *D* (OH2006#4)--X-Men II#169 (170, 178, 180-182, 182/2-->War (X183/2, 183-185, 186d)


GAZZERA, TERESA "TESSIE" - sister of Pittsy, assisted Cavella in his second attempt to take down the Punisher, romantic advances spurned by Cavella, attacked Punisher and O'Brien, killed by them
    *D*--Punisher VII#19 (20-24

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