GAMAEL - Proud Walkers, journeyed to Camelot to fight in the final battle against the forces of Necromon
    (app-walk)--(UK) Hulk Comic#61 ([62, 63]

GAMBISI, don RICO - Mob leader in Brooklyn
    --Kingpin II#2 (4

GAMBIT (Remy LeBeau) - mutant, X-Men, Thieves Guild of New Orleans, Marauders, former agent of Sinister and New Son, possibly raised by Black Womb Project who purchased him from his parents who rejected him due to his ocular appearance, stolen as an infant by Antiquary, adopted and freed by Jean-Luc LeBeau, placed under care of Fagan’s mob, fell in love with and married Bella Donna Boudreaux of the Assassins Guild as part of a pre-arranged marriage to prevent a war between the guilds, apparently slew her brother Julien in an honor duel, exiled from New Orleans, powers flared out of control until treated by Sinister, served him in turn by organizing core members of Marauders and led them into Morlock Alley, nearly killed by Sabretooth when attempted to stop them after learning their true intentions, encountered Storm while she had been reduced in age, joined X-Men, banished again from New Orleans after stole Elixir of Life to save Bella Donna after she was injured by a brood temporarily merged with essence of Mary Purcell, power amplified by Sinister during time travel @ 1890s, powers returned to previous levels after dumped additional power into New Son
    charge objects with kinetic energy and throw them, wm, black sclera with red cornea
    DEATH* (M, OH: X2004, ME, 198)--Uncanny X-Men#266 (Gambit III#24(fb1), 23(fb), 25(fb), 1(fb2-6)/19(fb1), 6(fb2+1), 7(fb2), 2(fb1), XMen II#33(fb), UX350(fb([212,213])), UX266,267(GamIII#2(fb)), Uncanny X-Men An14, UX270,New Mutants I#95,X-Factor I#60, NM96, XFac61,UX272,NM97,XFac62, UX273 274-277 278,279,XFac69,UX280,XFac70, XMen II#1-3, Marvel Comics Presents#89/4, X4-7, Wolverine II#53, 55-57, 60, XMen II An1, X8,Ghost Rider III#26,X9,GR27 X10(fb),10,11 Infinity War#1,Fantastic Four I#367/IW#2/Moon Knight III#41/IW3/Wonder Man II#13/IW4/MK43 IW6 X12,13, Excalibur I#57,58, UX294,XFac84,X14,XFor16,UX295,XFac85,X15,XFor17 X33,34 GamI#1-4 DD#330 CabII#16 UX318 X An3 Wolv87,89 X-Men Unlimited#7, Bish4 X38 Rogue#1-4 GR III#67,68 [Marvel Holiday Special 1994], X40,UX321,X41,Cab20,XMen:Prime, UX323-325 Wolverine/Gambit#1-4 Gam+NM#1-3, Spider-Man Team-Up#5, X45 UX326 X46 47 XFor51 X48 50 51 UX333 Avengers I#401, Incredible Hulk II#445, Gambit II#1-4,UX341-350,Gam#1/2,Gambit III#1(fb1),20(fb2), XMU#18,UX361,X81 XU#22 Avengers III#10, UX362, X82-84 UX365, Gambit III#1, X85, X-Men: Magneto War, UX366,X86,UX367,X87, XU#23, Gambit#2, UX368, X88, UX369, X89, UX370, X90, Wolv145(fb), UX371,X91 XM An1999 Gam3 4 5 6,7 GamAn1999 Gam8,9, UX372,X92 Gam10 Gambit: The Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone Cyber Comic, UX375, X95, Wolverine II#145,UX376,X96,UX377,X97,UX378,X98 Gam11 12(fb1),12-14, UX379,X99,UX380, Gam15, 16(fb7+1+3+6+8+9), 17(fb), 16, 17-19, Gambit Annual 2000, UX381,382, 383(fb), 383,384, X100-102, Gam20,21 22, 23, 24, 25, Gambit/Bishop: Sons of the Atom Alpha, 1-6, X-Treme X-Men#4-9, X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001, X-Treme X-Men#10-19, X-Treme X-Men: XPose#1,2, X157-160, Uncanny X-Men#444, Rogue III#1, 4-6, X-Men Unlimited II#3, X165 (regains vision), Gambit IV#1-6, New X-Men: Academy X#7, Gambit#7-9, 10-12
    X183, 184/2 --Death (X184-186), 187, [Cable & Deadpool#41], 42/X200, X201-203
    , 207, X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb), 211-214

GAMBLE of Earth-691 - ancient native of the Dreamscape, trapped crew of Sol III on Gamesworld
    MASTER DREAMSCAPER* (app)--[Cyberspace3000#1], 6, 7(named) ([8(fb)/7(fb), 1-5], 6-8

GAMBLE, Professor JUSTIN ALPHONSE - character based on the Doctor (Who), former employee of Time Variance Authority, resigned, stole one of their time capsules for his own needs, traded meteorite (starstone) to Merlin in exchange for the Book of Skells, imprisoned by Uncinerators, freed by Anachronauts
    Sergius O'Shaunghnessy (app)--Power Man/Iron Fist#79 ([Avengers Annual#22/2(fb)], [Power Man/Iron Fist#79 (fb)], PM/IF#79, Av An22/2(fb), 22/2

GAMBLE, SEAN - New York crime boss, rival of Carlo Ferrini, sought help from Captain America after Ferrini killed by agent of the Deathwatcher
        (app-scythe)—Captain America Annual#5

GAMBOA, MICKEY - Miami criminal employed by Rafael Perez
    --Black Widow IV#2


GAME of GALAXIES - contest between Grandmaster and Kang
    --Avengers I#69

GAMECOCK (Carlos Cabrera) - led the Harlem Brood gang, reportedly eluded assassination attempt by Scourge of the Underworld-3, possibly killed by Puma during the Bloodsport
    wore rooster-like costume, used talons on gloves
    BLACK HOOK, "ROOSTER-MAN" (OH2006#4, app)—Captain America I#183 (371,[393(fb)], Wolverine II#167d?

GAMELIN, JOHN T. - Roxxon president after Hugh Jones, a former officer at Republic Oil and Natural Gas
    --Marvel Team-Up I#87 ([Iron Man I#280(fb)], Iron Man: Iron Age#1(fb), 1, MTU#87 Amazing Spider-Man I#235,236, Namor#54

gamers of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD (Charles, Maklin, Stella, Tony, Yolanda, and an unidentified barbarian)
    - participated in illegal swords and sorcery virtual game at Maklin's, all save Tony pulled to Guildern and joined forces with Nikki Doyle and Tristum against Mendes, but only Stella survived to return home
    (app-guildern)--Wild Angels

GAMES - massive gladiatorial combat on Colosseum, arranged by Termagent and Megaira
    --Death’s Head + Killpower: Battletide#1

GAMESMAN (Tim Braverman) - criminal mastermind, led group of Los Angeles thieves, tricked Spider-Woman (Drew) into falling for him
    (app)--Spider-Woman I#23 (24,25

GAMESMAN (     ) - successor to Braverman after he was imprisoned
    (app-games)--Spider-Woman I#24 (25

GAMESMASTER (Jeremy Stevens) - mutant, mediator and director of the upstarts, body remains in Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane.
    omnipath, continually in contact with every mind on earth, control minds, project illusions
    (1990s, app)--Uncanny X-Men I#283 ( X-Force I#32, New Warriors I#45,XFor33,NW46, [XForce#45],46,47, [48-50,Cable/XForce Annual 1995, XFor I#51-54

?GAMESMASTER? of Earth X - Elders of the Universe, pushed out of earths orbit
    GRANDMASTER?--Paradise X: X

GAMESWORLD of Earth-691 - planet remade by Gamble, utilized by him as arena for battles
    --Cyberspace3000#6 (8(fb), 6-8

GAMMA - Ultra-Robots, destroyed by X-Men
    *D* (app-ur)--X-Men I#21 (21d)

GAMMA of "Earth-1041" - circa 2012 AD Alpha Flight, android designed by James MacDonald Hudson
    (app-alphaflight)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "Alpha Flight: Project Epsilon"

GAMMA-ACTIVATED BULL MEN from beyond the 19th PERIMETER - possible Avengers foes
    --[Nextwave#5] ([5 (fb)]

GAMMA BASE (Capt. Bowman, Doc Samson, Senator Andrew Hawk, Dr. Maxwell, Lt. Diane Perriwinkle, Gen. Ross, Dr. Rudolf Stern, Col. Glenn Talbot; SHIELD liaison Clay Quartermain, Banner's Hulkbusters)
    - Nevada facility dedicated to capture/cure of the Hulk , evolved out of Hulkbuster Base/Project Greenskin, eventually shutdown by US government, reinstated for Banner's Project: Hulkbuster, shut down after that group's dissolution, and the facility was used by Operation: Zero Tolerance
    --Incredible Hulk I#198 (
    Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars
    276, 277, 315-334, 400?
    -->OZT), Fantastic Four III#527?

GAMMA BASE - Death Valley, Nevada
    --Hulk II#1 (3 (fb), 2-3

GAMMA BASE ONE - manned by SHIELD Hulkbusters, held the Leader
    --She-Hulk II#19

GAMMA-BURN ( ) - woman, obsessed with Philip Philips, attempted to cure Pre-Menstrual Syndrome with gamma radiation, instead mutated into Hulk-like woman, cured by Wonderman    
    (app)--Wonder Man II#3(3(fb),3

GAMMA CORPS (Grey, Griffin, Mess, Mr. Gideon, Prodigy)
    (WWH)--World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#1 (2-4

GAMMA CORPS BLACK (Aberration, Axon, Morass)
black ops version of Gamma Corps established by General Ryker and empowered using Origins technology, battled She-Hulk (Lyla)
    --Incredible Hulk II#601/2 (602/2

GAMMADION 2099 - California, post-gamma explosion -
    -Doom 2099#35 (2099 Apocalypse#1

GAMMADROID - built by Matrix Eight as robot counterpart to Hulk, destroyed by him
    GAMMA-DROID *Des* (app-matrix8)--Captain America I#257

GAMMADROID - built by Mad Thinker, destroyed by Red She-Hulk before it was fully operational
    --Fall of the Hulks: Gamma (World War Hulks#1

GAMMADROID - see BYTE. She-Hulks#3

GAMMA FLIGHT (Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries, Smart Alec, Wild Child)
    - training precursor to Beta Flight, disbanded when Department H first broke up, many members were recruited by Delphine Courtney into Omega Flight
    (Alpha Flight I#1, D#9, app) --Alpha Flight I#1 ([1 (fb)], 1, 11, 28)

GAMMA FLIGHT (Auric, Nemesis, Silver, Wild Child, Witchfire) - short-lived government agency opposing Alpha Flight
    --Alpha Flight I#76 (79-80, 84-90

GAMMA FLIGHT (Aurora, Box (Jeffries), Sasquatch (Langkowski), Shaman, Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), Vindicator (Heather Hudson), Witchfire)
    - Alpha Flight support group, consisting of those with expertise in areas of science and medicine
    --Alpha Flight I#95

GAMMA KIDS - victims/test subjects of Dr. Wildeman
    (net)--Prime vs Hulk#1

    (WWH)--Incredible Hulk I#1

GAMMA SPORES - mutated plant life created by gamma bomb test (from Incredible Hulk#1?) in New Mexico, mutated/possessed Ephraim Soles and Chris Larmouth, threatened to overrun the planet, destroyed by Defenders
    Absorb everything they contacted to grow in size, alter shape and appearance, form large tentacles, susceptible to extreme cold and dehydration
    (app-larmouth)--Defenders I#132 (141, [142-151], 152

GAMMA TANK - creation of Hector DeVasquez, used against Hulk & She-Hulk
    (app-DeVasquez)--She-Hulk II#57

GAMMA-TRANSFORMED PERSONS - people mutated by gamma rays
    GTPs--She-Hulk II#19

GAMMAWORLD - proposed home for Hulk and gamma mutates, based around original Desert Base
    --[Incredible Hulk III#110]

GAMMAWORLD - Stoneridge, New Mexico, surrounded by dome by Leader, people exposed to gamma radiation that mutated them, including Horde
    --World War Hulk: Warbound#1 (2-5

GAMMAZON - see JHEN the GAMMAZON (app-CosAv)--What If? I#19

GAMMENON the GATHERER - Celestial, first and fourth hosts, captured pre-human anthropoids for celestial experimentation, created Gatherers/Celestial Golems, captured shield agents surveying city of space gods,destroyed the uni-mind that attacked the celestials alongside the destroyer,resulting in the death of zuras
    golden armor
    (I#2,D#2,M)--Eternals I#4 (What If? I#23/2, XForce#96 (fb), Thor An7, Eternals I#4, 6,7 18 Thor283,284 Incredible Hulk II#243, Thor300, Secret Wars II#5, Quasar#25 Fantastic Four An23, Fantastic Force#7, Fantastic Four I#400

GAMORA - Infinity Watch, Select, Star-Lord's Guardians of the Galaxy, Zen Whoberi female, race exterminated by Magus (Adam Warlock), raised as servant of and assassin for Thanos, ravaged and severely mutated on rebuilt in enhanced form by Thanos, trained as extremely skilled assassin, later allied with Adam Warlock and killed by Thanos, spirit preserved within Soul Gem until resurrected in the form of Bambi Long, formerly served in Infinity Watch as guardian of the Time Gem, fell under control of the Phalanx
    uses dagger, master of armed and unarmed combat, formerly had limited precognitive powers while holding the Time Gem
    -The Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe, Astral Samurai, Bambi Long (I#13, D#17, M, Annihilation: Ronan#2, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, net)--Strange Tales I#180 (Marvel Holiday Special#2/6, Warlock I#10(fb)/Warlock & the Infinity Watch#9 (fb), Strange Tales#180,181 Warlock#9-11 15 CaptMarv31-33 AvAn7/MTIO An2d SurfIII#46-48 InfG#1 6 Doc III#36, W+IW#2 4-6, 7/InfW#1,2, W+IW#8/IW3/Quas38 MCP#112/4 F4#369/AF#111 IW4/WondM II#14 IW5/W+IW#9 IW6/F4#370,Surf III#94 Cosmic Powers Unlimited#1,
    W+IW#40,41(Surf/Rune#1),Warlock II#1-4, Infinity Abyss#1-6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, [Thanos#1, 6], She-Hulk III#7, 8, Annihilation: Ronan#2 (fb), 1-4, Nova IV#10 (fb), Annihilation#1-6, Nova IV#4-7, 9, 10 (fb), 10, 11-12, Annihilation Conquest#6, Guardians of the Galaxy II#1 (fbs), [4 (fb)], 1-6, 7-8,
    [She-Hulk: Cosmos in Collision#1 (fb)], 1

GAMOROLA of Earth-Amalgam - Gamora + Princess Shao-La, mercenary
    (app-lobo)--Lobo the Duck#1

GAMPO, LOPSANG - see LOPSANG GAMPO--Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual#3 (1993)

GAMRIEL - Celestial youth, worked alongside Devron, manipulated events on Dinosaur World, summoned Hulk to eliminate Devil Dinosaur so the more powerful Killer Folk could dominate the weaker Small Folk, sent to observe the first meeting of the Kree and Skrull
    --Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur#1

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