DARKNESS FALLS: SATANISM in the USA - written by Dr. Walter P. Griffin
    --Daredevil: Redemption#5

DARK ONE - see RASPUTIN, GRIGORY--[Strange Tales I#145/2], X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1

DARK ONES - extradimensional/extraterrestrial race, enemies of Synthia's race, allegedly are evil and seek to destroy all light.
    one came to earth after Synthia and was destroyed by she and the Beast
    (app)--X-Factor: Power of Love

DARK ONES - two robots serving Mikas, destroyed in destruction of his base
    *D* (app-mik)--Iron Man I#43

DARKOTH - legendary monster in the mountains of Latveria
    --[Fantastic Four I#142]

DARKOTH (Desmond Pitt) - former friend of Ben Grimm and us air force test pilot, mutated by Dr. Doom, given additional powers by Diablo, soul held prisoner by Mephisto, freed by Thor, relocated to Otherplace dimension.
    Superhuman strength, demonic appearance, fly, alter density, fire energy blasts
    (I#13, D#16, M, app)-The Death Demon--Fantastic Four I#142 (193(fb), 142-144, 194(fb), 193,194, Thor I#325, Excalibur I#38(fb), 38-39

DARK OVERLORDS of Earth-Howard the Duck movie adaptation - extradimensional, extratemporal demon, member of the Dark Overlords of the Universe, transported to that reality's Earth by Dr. Walter Jenning's Laser Spectroscope, sought to bring other Dark Overlords to Earth, banished to Nexus of Sominus
    Vast energy powers
    (app)--Marvel Super Special#41 ([41(fbs)], 41

DARK OVERLORDS of the UNIVERSE of Earth-Howard the Duck movie adaptation - race of demons/beings exiled to the Nexus of Sominus after their defeat in the First Cosmic War
    (app-darkoverlord)--Marvel Super Special#41 ([41(fbs)], 41

DARKPAWNS - Biphasia, agents of Sardanus
    (app-biph)--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5

    name used after became temporarily insane following manipulation by Mastermind
    --Uncanny X-Men#134 (Classic X-Men#15, UX134-137d)

DARK PLACE (shadow demons) - accessed via Darkhold, realm to which Mercy was consigned
    (app-merc)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2

DARK RAIDER of Earth-944 (Reed Richards) - sent to Galactus' ship to obtain Ultimate Nullifier, scientific curiosity delayed him, Galactus destroyed his earth, sought to destroy al counterparts of himself throughout all realities, destroyed by Invisible Woman
    (net)--Fantastic Four I#387, 388 (391+392(fb),388,[389,390],392,396-399d)

DARK REALM of the FOMOR (Fomor) - mystic realm, adjacent to Avalon
    --Avengers I#225(226

DARK RIDER - from age of wizards, bound demons in order to gain their power for himself, fled into timestream to escape the early race of humanity when it rebelled against and slew the wizards, empowered Cotton Mather in Salem witch trials, allied with him due to fanaticism, sought to absorb powers of Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom, defeated by they + Vision + Spider-Man + Moondragon
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Marvel Team-Up I#42 (44(fb), 42-45

DARK RIDER - see MARAUDER--New Mutants I#5

DARK RIDERS - cyborgs created by Nathan Beame, presumably destroyed with the destruction of his World
    *D* (app-nathan)--Ghost Rider II#33 (34 (fb), 33, [34d])

DARK RIDERS (Barrage, Foxbat, Gauntlet, Harddrive, Mainframe, Psynapse (d), Tusk, Underlings, Deadbolt (d), Hurricane (d), Lifeforce (d), Spyne (d) )
 - originally composed of Inhumans gathered by Apocalypse, later drafted mutants in service of Genesis, most of second group were killed by Wolverine after regressing into feral state
    -RIDERS of the DARK, RIDERS on the STORM (OH2006#3)--X-Factor I#65 (X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1 (fb) 4 (fb), X-Factor#65-66, X-Men II#14-15, X-Force I#17, Uncanny X-Men#296, XFac86,X16, 21, Cable II#17-19, Wolverine II#93,94, X-Men Annual 1995, Wolv II#95,96,99, X-Man#46

DARK RIDERS - nonspecific monstrous army of Apocalypse
    --Cable and Deadpool#26 (26(fb), 26-27

DARK RIVER of the Hyborian era - presumably generated by Vacharn, formed a mystical current that drew ships across the ocean to Na'at; pulled the Winged Dragon to crash on Na'at's shores, and only Conan and Sigurd survived with aid from Vacharn's reanimated dead
    (app-vacharn)--"Necromancy in Na'at" by Clark Ashton Smith (1935); (adapted to Marvel Comics) Conan the Savage#10 (May, 1996)

DARK ROGER - extraterrestrial humanoid, ruler of the Mystery Planet, former lover of Heater Delight, attempted to force her to marry him, fought off by Starfox and Howling Wolf.
    Wears grey armor
    (app)--(mentioned) [Marvel Comics Presents#22/4], (seen) #65/4 ([Avengers Spotlight#21/2(fb), MCP#22/4], 65/4

DARK ROSE - see BLACK ROSE--Ghost Rider III#77

DARK SHOPPE of Earth-93060 (Diana)-mystic center
    --Solution(uv)#7(fb) (8(fb)

DARK SISTERHOOD (Dark Mother, Gina Anderson, Connie Moore, the Seven, Sister Bonita, Glory Temple)-organization of women composed of the descendents of dark mother,adopted name in centuries past in defiance of persecution when believed to be witches, sought power to save themselves from death and torture,over time goals became twisted,sought to rule,to replace a corrupt system with their own,sought to slay calbe when he discovered their existence,destroyed his headquarters. controlled vast criminal cartels, commanded politicians,generals,renegade police officers
    --Cable II#88(94(fb13-16) 89,90,91(fb1+2),91-93

DARKSON 2099 - see NAVARRO,JOAQUIM--X-Men 2099#34, 35(named)

DARKSTAR (Laynia Petrovna) - Russian mutant, Champions of Los Angeles, soviet super soldiers, siberforce, winterguard, x-corps, daughter of presence,sister of vanguard,trained by professor phobos,slain by fantomex while possessed by weapon xii.
    Manipulate darkforce
    -[TYOMNI ZVEZDA],the GREAT BEAST (I#3?, D#?, M, OH2006#3)--Champions#7 (Incredible Hulk II#259(fb), Champs#7-15, Iron Man An4, Super-Villain Team-Up#14, Champs16,17, Giant-Size Hulk II#1, Spectacular Spider-Man II#17(fb),18(fb), IM#109-112, IncHulk250, Marvel Super-Heroes Contest of Champions I#1-3, 258,259, Rom45,46 65,[66], XMen vs Avengers#1-3, Captain America I#352,353, Marvel Comics Presents#70/4, Soviet Super Soldiers#1, StarBlast#1,Quasar#54,Sb#2, Quas55,Sb#3,Quas56,Sb#4, Quas60, Daredevil I#369,370, Iron Man III#9,10, Thunderbolts#25, X-Men Unlimited#28, Maximum Security#1,[2],3, Thunderbolts#56, X-Men II#128-130d

DARKSTAR (Captain Paine, Lt. Sanchez) - typhoon class submarine, attacked the Blue Diver after it discovered nuclear waste dumped on the ocean floor
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#149/3

DARKSTAR 2099 of Earth-Amalgam -storm+ ; ,legion of galactic guardians II
    --Spider-Boy TU#1

DARKSTRIDER - six-armed creature, connected with Circus of Moon Sun, led the Warlords of the Web, fought Shang-Chi
    possible manifestation of Death; possible aspect of Moon Sun
    LORD of DARKNESS*, MOON SUN?*(app)--[Master of Kung Fu#37],37

DARK TIGERS (Agram, Borak, Hammad, Makkar, Ali Shah (all die), Bellisar Khan, Nikolav Yvonn/Abdel Khafir (leader))
    - criminals, lived in the Abode of the Damned, killed by Jewel from Beyond--The Country of the Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#12

DARK TOWER ( ) - Chess Set.
    manipulate darkforce, quiet
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#121

DARK TOWER of Earth-712 - island base created by the mind of Brain-Child, faded with his defeat
    (app-bc)--Avengers I#86

DARKURIAN race of Earth-93060 (Meathook, Outrage) - Wold
    --Solution (uv) #1

DARK WAVE of Earth-93060  - out-of-control creation of Lee Ann, huge water beast, defeated by teamwork of Hardcase, Prime, Prototype and Zip-Zap
    --Flood Relief#1

DARK WIND (Kenji Oyama) - face scarred in failed kamikaze attempt in World War II, wore hood and branded faces of followers, invented process to bond Adamantium to bone used on Wolverine, father of Lady Deathstrike, killed by her (before her transformation), formerly had research facility in Yokohama
    LORD DARK WIND* *D* (app)--Daredevil I#196 (Alpha Flight I#34(fb) / DD#197-199 (fb), [Rogue III#10(fb), Wolverine minus 1], DD#196-198, 199d)

DARKWIND - steed of Moonstar, name used while she was posing as part of Mutant Liberation Front
    -BRIGHTWIND*--X-Force I#27(Annual#3, XFor41,43,

DARK ZONE - dimension from which one can never leave; Mikhail Rasputin traveled here so that Sinister would never try to kill Colossus, because it would leave Grigory Rasputin's spirit trapped there
    --X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#4 (4(fb), 5

DARLA ?? - Bratpack, Fatboys
    -JUBILEE*--Longshot I#4 (5, New Mutants Annual#2, Uncanny X-Men Annual#10, Daredevil I#238, 248, 253, 261, 262, 265, Daredevil Annual#5/3, Annual# 6/2, Annual#7/4, Annual#8/2

DARLA ?? - youth in tornado-damaged Oklahoma town, befriended Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    --Captain America#616/5 (2011)

DARLENE ?? - impregnated with and gave birth to Emmael & Vraniel on Earth
    --Ghost Rider VI#14 (15-16, 17?

DAR MAL GOTH - Korbinite, denounced Beta Ray Bill as a monstrosity, forced him to temporarily give up Stormbringer
    --Thor I#442/2

DARNAK - Levian youth, grandfather taken by Sporr, mistakenly sought vengeance
    (app-levians)--Thor I#256 (257

D'ARNEL - Microverse planet, destroyed by the Entity
    *Des* (app-darnellians)--X-Men and the Micronauts#1 (1 (destroyed)

D'ARNELLIANS - Microverse race, former farmers, mentally enslaved by the Entity, converted into his warforce until he lost interest and destroyed D'arnell
    *D* (app)--X-Men and the Micronauts#1 ([1(fb)], 1d)

DARONTHON - mystic entity, invoked by Clea to banish darkness and form a light trail to Dr. Strange
    -"By Daronthon;s Lost Lore"--[Dr. Strange II#30]

DARQUE, ANGELA - former wife of Magma, killed in car accident when Darque swerved to avoid demonstraters
    *D*--Marvel Team-Up I#110 (110 (fb, dies)

DARQUE, JONATHAN - see MAGMA (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#110

DARQUILL, DAEDALUS "DAD" of Earth-148611 -creator of the far place,father(?) of damon conquest,based in baja, california.
    Manipulate perceptions of others
    *D* (app)--Justice(nu)#1 (15(fb) [1(fb)] 1-5 7,8 10,[11(fb)] 15d)

DARRANCE, "DEADSHOT" - assassin, hired by Damon Dran to capture Black Widow, former game hunter
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#11(12)

DARRIEN GAP - Cutting Corporation research base
    --Black Widow IV#3 (4-6

DARRYL RUTABAGA  of Earth-Amalgam - Space Turnip elements and Jonas Glim elements, brother of Jonas Turnip
    (app-lobo)--Lobo the Duck#1

DARRYL ?? - Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, preacher, fled from by Lucifer-possessed Jack O'Lantern
    --Ghost Rider VI#11 (11 (fb)

DARTER (Randy Vale) - inadvertently discovered and released Carrion, forced to serve him, used to prevent White Tiger from interfering with Carrion’s plans for Spider-Man, was promised to receive powers of Spider-Man, killed by Carrion.
    Used stun gun and glider wings
    *D*--Spectacular Spider-Man II#29 (31(fb),29-31d)

DARTERS of Earth-73102 - helped capture Brak.
    youths, weave energy webs, fanged teeth
    - DARTERS (app-ariane)--Savage Tales I#7/2 (8/2

D'ATHAHR, NUMARA - Atlantean?, possibly the founder of At'la'tique?
    --New Thunderbolts#3

DARUMA - pet dog of Widdle Wade, fate unknown after Widdle Wade's death
    (app-ww)--Deadpool Team-Up#1

    --Team America#1

DARWIN (Armando Munoz) - X-Men, mutant, trained by Moira MacTaggert, drafted into interim X-Men, nearly slain by Krakoa, saved from instant death by Petra & Sway, transformed into energy and merged with Vulcan to enable him to survive Krakoa being launched into space; merged form returned to Earth following exposure to energies of M-Day, separated from Vulcan by Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)
    adapt powers to combat threats
    the EVOLVING BOY* (XM: MC-MF)--X-Men: Deadly Genesis#2/2 (4 (fb) / [X-Factor III#33 (fb)], 6 (fb), 6, Uncanny X-Men#475 / 476 (fb), 478-479, 481-482, 484-486, XFac33, 34, 35 (fb), 35

DARWIN, agent - SHIELD II, lost lower half of body following an operation in Morocco, rebuilt as cyborg by ExTechOp, died on mission to el Corazon de la Muerte alongside Deathlok
    *D*--Deathlok III#6

DARWIN, CHARLES - 19th century geneticist, supported theory of evolution, transported to Earth-8101 ("Marvel Apes") by Ancient One in 1862, divided by that reality's L-ook-i into three separate evolutionary forms: past, present, and future; super-evolved future form briefly joined the Fantastic Four and mutated the middle/present Darwin into the powerful Low Evolutionary, who proceeded to return both of his other counterparts to normal before departing to explore the rest of that reality's universe. One of the normal Darwins was returned to his rightful time on Earth-616, while the other was stranded in modern day Earth-8101
    LOW EVOLUTIONARY* *D*--    (Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix#1 , 3, X-Men: Colossus: Bloodlines#3, Marvel Apes: Speedball Special#1/2, Marvel Apes: Amazing Spider-Monkey Special#1/2, Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1/2, Marvel Apes: Evolution Starts Here? / , Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix#4 (d))

DARVINIAN race - extradimensional metal-coated insectoids, invaded Earth intending to use it as a breeding ground, defeated by Avengers
    (app)--[Avengers: The Man who Stole Tomorrow] ([Avengers: Man who stole Tomorrow (fb)]

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