DARK DESIGN ( ) - Hidden, leader
    (app-hid)--Blaze: Legacy of Blood#2 (2, 4

DARK DESTROYER - see MIDNIGHT SUN (app-midnightsun)--Marvel Special Edition#16

DARK DEVIL of Earth-MC2 (Reilly Tyne) - enemy of Kaine, son of Ben Reilly and Elizabeth Tyne, grew up in orphanage, raised by abusive uncle and alcoholic aunt, placed in resuscitation tube when first underwent clone degeneration, briefly possessed by Zarathos, exorcised and saved by temporarily merging with the dying spirit of Daredevil, aged six years, went to law school, hired as an intern by Foggy Nelson, warns Spider-Girl about dangers of crime fighting.
    teleport, generate fire
    (OH2006#3)--J2#1/4, Spider-Girl#2 (Dark Devil#1(fb1-8), 2(fb), 3(fb), SpG#2 7-9,12,14,17, 22, 23, 26, DarkD#1-3, SpG#33,34, 42,43, 44, 49,50, 56, 58,59, 61, [62-64], 65, 69,70, 74, 76-78, 82-84, Last Hero Standing#3-5, SpG#96

DARK DIMENSION ("Barrier," Clea, Dormammu, flower of Dormammu, G’uranthic Guradian, Kronik, Mhuruuks, Mindless Ones, Mori, Resistance, Sepulchrave, Shelmerdine, Umar)
    - mystic realm, synthesis of realities merged within a single domain as they were conquered and annexed by Dormammu, consists of pockets of stability within a more chaotic whole;
    apparently contains/associated with Spotworld
    —Strange Tales I#126(
    Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#73,75,78,   Order#3

DARK DIMENSION - see LUMINIA (app-vallarr)--Iron Man I#26

DARK DIMENSION - realm of Dark-Crawler, destroyed in battle with the Hulk
    - SHADOW REALM* (app-dc)--Incredible Hulk II#126

DARK DOOR - black hole weapon
    --[Ms. Marvel#15]

DARKDOOR - Access points to the Schwarzraum, associated with Thule and the Eye of Force
    (app-thule)--[Cloak & Dagger III#14], 16 (16(fb), 16-18

DARK DRUID - see MORDRED (app)--Black Knight Comics#1

DARK DWELLER - extraterrestrial parasite
    (app)--Thor I#416 (417

DARK ELVES of SVARTALFHEIM (Grendell, Algrim/Kurse,  Malekith, Wormwood)
    - enemies of Asgard, weakness to iron or steel, enslave humans with magic food
    -DROW, FAIRIES--Thor I#344 (347, 377, X-Force/Cable Annual 1997, Thor II#29-32

DARKEWOLDE - Elsewhere
    Great Dark Forest (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

DARK FIREBIRD of Earth-9602  -dark phoenix+ ,hellfire league of injustice
    *D*--JLX Unleashed#1

DARKFORCE - enigmatic form of extradimensional energy, manifests itself in physical universe as non-reflective, highly opaque black substance, certain adepts use psychic, psionic, or magical means to draw this energy into their dimensions and manipulate it in various ways
    --Incredible Hulk II#126?; ("darkfield" referenced) Champions#10; (identified as Darkforce) Champions#12

DARK GODS - worshipped by Psyklop
    (app)--[Avengers I#88], Incredible Hulk II#140 (Av88(fb), Hulk140

DARK GODS - see DARK BEINGS (app-moon)--Marvel Team-Up I#91

DARK GODS - see N'Garai.
    (Syxra (mother of knives) + Zo (who makes the dead weep) + Klejan Kan (devourer of angels and breaker of cities)
    -worshipped by Belasco
    - Elder Gods-- ,(named)X-Men: Soul Killer Novel

DARK GODS (Adva, D’Chel, Perrikus, Slototh, Tokkets, Tserron, Zelia)
    -natives of Narcisson, engaged in bloodwar with Asgardians in distant past, defeated and imprisoned extradimensionally by Odin,escaped in recent times, attacked and leveled Asgard, imprisoned Odin, merged into single entity to battle him after he was freed by Thor and allies, molecules dispersed by Odin, imprisoned in extradimensional realm, reformed and escaped after Odin's apparent death, all but Adva + Perrikus slain by Desak
    *D?* (OH2006#3, app)--Thor II#4 (9(fb),4,7,8, Peter Parker: Spider-Man#2, Tho#9-11,12"d" 42,43, 53

DARKGUARD (Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Dark Angel, Death’s Head, Killpower, Liger, Motormouth, Ultra-Marine)
    (app)--Darkguard#1 (2-4, [Die-Cut vs G-Force#1]

DARKHAWK (Christopher Powell) - Avengers West Coast (honorary), New Warriors, Excelsior, ally of St. Johnny, son of Grace and Michael, brother of Jason and Johnathon, discovered Darkhawk amulet in amusement park while fleeing from agents of Phillippe Bazin, allegedly sold Mutant Growth Hormone for money
    -the EDGE-MAN (M, 1990s, net)--Darkhawk#1 (An1/4(fb) Dh1-6 New Warriors I#14, Sleepwalker#7, Quasar#27, Amazing Spider-Man I#353,354, Dh7,8 Amz357,358, Dh9-15, 16(fb), NW22-25, Dh16-20, Sleep17, Fantastic Four I#367, Infinity War2/Wonder Man II#13, InfWar3/F4#368/NW27 IW4, Moon Knight III#41, F4#370, Dh An1(fb),1, Avengers West Coast An7, Iron Man An13, DhAn1/2, 1/3, 1/4, Dh21-25, NW48, Nova II#7, NW49-51, Nov10/4, [NW55], Spider-Man: Friends & Enemies#1, AWC#93-95, Dh#38-42, 43, 44, 47(fb), 45-50, [Green Goblin#12], Thunderbolts#8, Avengers III#1-3, 4, Wolverine II#134, New Warriors II#1, Avengers III#51, Beyond#3 (fb), Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, [Alias#19], Hercules III#1(fb), Runaways#1-6

DARKHOLD - book of black magic originally transcribed in parchments by Chthon eons ago containing all arcane knowledge of the time, served as Chthon’s touchstone to earth when fled from Demogorge, first discovered in pre-cataclysmic Atlantis, used to create vampires, first bound into book form by Morgan le Fey, in sixth century placed in tower by Magnus which no one of evil intent could enter, corrupted Modred, removed from tower and scattered by Saint Brendan and scattered throughout Europe, reassembled by Aelfric the Mad Monk in 12th century, recovered by Catholic church after his death, rebound into book form by Baron Grigori Russoff, has also been held by Amalric of Nemedia + Zula + Cagliostro + Lord Ruthven + Taboo + Miles Blackgar + Dracula + Dr. Strange + Marie LeVeau, read by Dr. Doom, stolen from earth by Urthona, recovered by Agamotto
    -CHTHON SCROLLS, BOOK of SINS, SHIATRA BOOK of the DAMNED, Libro del Malditos, Last Chronicle of Chthon
    (I#15, U#2, Mystic Arcana-Tomes, MarvZom, app)--[Marvel Spotlight I#3],#4 (Avengers I#187(fb), Conan the Barbarian I#245-247, 249, Savage Sword of Conan#194-195, 201-211?, Werewolf by Night I#3, 15, ?[21(fb)], 19?, Av185-187, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#15-18, Spider-Man Family#5 (fb), Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1/2, 1/3

DARKHOLD DWARF - see DWARF (app-dwarf)--Darkhold#1

DARKHOLDERS (DeGuzman, Tony Hubris Jr., Morgan Le Fay, Reaver)
    - worshippers of Chthon, original group composed of Atlantean sorcerers and former followers of Thulsa Doom who first discovered the scrolls and used them to create vampires, most were slain by them, survivors relocated to Eurasia, a later sect served Morgan le Fey and summoned Chthon and sought to control him, attempted to banish him when learned he was too powerful to control, succeeded only in imprisoning him below Wundagore, a modern sect served Dracula
    Cult of the Darkhold--Marvel Spotlight I#4? (Dr. Strange II#61(fb), Avengers I#187(fb#1), 241(fb), 187(fb#2), [Dr. Strange II#59(fb)],
    Namor62, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Force#8, Fantastic Four#401, 402, F4:AR#2

DARKHOLD REDEEMERS (Louise Hastings, Jinx, Victoria Montesi, Sam Buchanon, Modred)
    - briefly organized to combat evil instigated by the Darkholders and the Dwarf
    (OH2006#3, app)--Darkhold#1 (Ghost Rider III#31, Dh#2-10, Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2, Dh11,Morbius#12, Spirits of Vengeance#13,Dh12, MSU#2/2, Dh13,14, MSU#3 Nightstalkers14,GR44,Dh15,Morb16, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#60,SoV#17,Ns15,GR45,Marvel Comics Presents#145/4,Dh16,Morb17,MCP#146/3,DocIII#61,SoV#18,MSU#4

DARKHOLME, ROGUE of "Earth-1043" - see ROGUE (app-brotherhood)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "Brother(hood)'s Keeper"

DARK HORSE of the Hyborian era - steed of the Devourer of Souls, killed by archers of Irham
    *D* (app-dev)--Conan the Barbarian I#189 (190, 193, 195, 199, Annual#12, Conan#209d)

DARK HUNTER - aspect of Franklin Richards, forced him to accept the apparent loss of his parents following Onslaught
    (app)--Daydreamers#1 (2,3)


    matriarch of the Furies, recently possessed Paula Harris and encountered Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch
    (app-furies)--Ghost Rider III#77, (named) 80 (77-80

DARK LADY - see MIYU. (app-kon)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#15

    green, form duplicates when injured
    --Ghost Rider III#44

DARKLING - see GALLANT, HENRIQUE (net)--New Warriors I#32 (33, Annual#3

DARKLOCK, AJAR'L of Reality-8116 - Altarix native, brother of Syzygy, widower of Lena, father of Ravol, slain by the demon Bialgesuard under instruction by Taurus Killgaren to prompt Syzygy to become powerful enough to oppose the Instrumentality
    (app) *D*--"The Price," Epic Graphic Album Series#5

DARKLOCK, CULA of Reality-8116 - wife of Woolfor, mother of Syzygy and Ajar'l
    (app-ajarl)--"The Price," Epic Graphic Album Series#5

DARKLOCK, LENA of Reality-8116 - wife of Ajar'l, mother of Ravol
    (app-ajarl) *D*--"The Price," Epic Graphic Album Series#5

DARKLOCK, RAVOL of Reality-8116 - Altarix, son of Ajar'l and Lena
    (app-ajarl)--"The Price," Epic Graphic Album Series#5

DARKLOCK, SYZYGY of Reality-8116 - mother of
     *D*--"The Price," Epic Graphic Album Series#5

DARKLOCK, WOOLFOR of Reality-8116 - Altarix, father of Syzygy and Ajar'l
    (app-ajarl)--"The Price," Epic Graphic Album Series#5

DARKLON - see DARKLORE (app)--Darklon the Mystic#1

DARK LORD - see PLUTO (app)--Thor I#126

DARK LORD - false deity used by Mama Limbo to lead the Cult of the Dark Lord
    (app-loralee)--Strange Tales I#172 (173, Tales of the Zombie#6/2

DARKLORD - see KHALIS-WU (app-khalis-wu)--Marvel Super Special#5

DARK LORD - see KHULT (app)--Avengers I#372

DARKLORE (    ) - extradimensional sorcerer, uses familiar Meer'lyn, married Maya to become king of Egolix-7, assaulted by Soul Gem after encountering the comatose Adam Warlock, enemy of Count Abyss, assisted Infinity Watch against him
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Warlock Chronicles#1 (1(fb), 1, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#29, 31-34

DARKLOVE (Oscuram) - demon, in past fell in love with the betrothed of Mephisto, duped by him into slaying her, imprisoned by Mephisto until summoned using a page from the Darkhold by Cult of Cupid in love’s name to perform its opposite, sought to possess all of New York to prevent their souls from ever becoming Mephisto’s, responsible for death of Harmony Young, battled Cage and Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), defeated by Ghost Rider’s penance stare.
    Gained power by possessing others and forcing them to kill their lovers
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#131/3 (135/3(fb), 134/3(fb), 131/3(fb), 131/3-136/3

DARK MAIRI of the SHORE - elderly Scottish woman, limited mystic powers, able to communicate with Gaea and faeries
   MAD MAIRI (app) --Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth GN

DARK MAN of ASGARD - Asgard, husband of Desire, manifestation of Fear, battled Odin and later Thor, who overcame his threat
    FEAR* (app)--Thor I#323 ([323(fb)], 323

DARK MAN of the Hyborian era - see BRULE the Spear-Slayer.
    dark idol worshipped by the Dark Men--REH’s The Dark Men; Savage Tales I#4

DARK MASTER - leader of the Dark Beings worshipped by Moondark, possesses Moondark's soul
    (app-moon)--Marvel Team-Up I#91 (Ghost Rider II#56 (fb)

    --X-Men: Smoke and Blood#1

DARK MEN of the Hyborian era - sect of Picts, worshipped the Dark Man idol, some were slaughtered by Vanirmen, others assisted Conan against them
    --REH’s The Dark Men; Savage Tales I#4

DARK MESSIAH (Mordecai Jones)-mutated by kerwin j.broderick using moondragon’s titanian technology,assisted by disciples of doom, ultimately returned to normal by moondragon
    (app)--Daredevil I#97(98,105,106

DARK MOON ( ) - extradimensional counterpart of Moon Knight
    (app-ms)--Moon Knight III#42

DARK MOTHER (Fiona Knoblach) - leader of Dark Sisterhood, daughter of Hans and Gertrude, sister of Clarity and Gloria, born @ 1680, inherited millions when parents died in mysterious boating accident, married and killed 3 men, had 7 children, maintains links to all descendents (all women), claimed to be ancestor of Jean Grey, duped Blaquesmith into giving her advanced technology in the past, attempted to takeover the USA, mind shut down when in no possible future could she stop Cable, killed by Marauders
    *D* FINALITY* (net)--Cable II#88(94(fb7,9,10,12) 93(fb) 94(fb13-16) [89(fb)] 88-90 91(fb),91-95, X202 (fb, dies)

DARKMOOR - research centre, nuclear complex in UK
    --Captain Britain I#1

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