--X-Factor I#110

CLAIRE, RENE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#59


    --Captain America Comics#20

CLAN AKKABA (Kabar Brashir, Frederick Slade/Ferguson, Hamilton & Margaret Slade, Jack Starsmore)
    - composed of the descendents of Apocalypse, most slaughtered by Dracula in 1897, leaving only Jack Starsmore and Frederick Ferguson surviving
    --X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula#1 (2-4, New Excalibur#9

CLAN CAMBELL - @ 1692, sent by the king of Scotland to slaughter Clan MacDonald
      (app-clansman) --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (fb)

CLAN CHOSEN of Earth-Cable (Boak, Cable, Dawnsilk, Eleven, Hope, Tetherblood)
     - allies of Cable against New Canaanites
    --Cable II#1 (25(fb),43(fb) 1(fb1+2), 1,2, Cable & Deadpool#42 (fb)?

CLAN CYORSE of Earth-Guardians (Adzo, Gui Askran (d), Beringa, Bernardo, Mailliw, Murrab (d), Sevachala)
    - aboard Sol III, worshipped Thanos robot
    --Cyberspace3000#1 (2-6

CLAN DESTINE (Albert(d), Argent/Samantha, Kay Cera/Cuckoo, Will Chance, Crimson Crusader, Adam Destine, Florence(d), Maurice Fortuit(d), Garth, Gracie, Hex/Dominic, Imp, Lance, Sherlock, Newton, Vincente, Wallop)
    -descendents of a faerie and Adam Destine, paranormal powers
    (AZU#4, net)--Marvel Comics Presents I#158(ClanDestine I#1-12, X-Men & ClanDestine#1, 2

CLAN HELLFIRE of Earth-Chronomancer (Sammara Shaw, Fold, Trickster)-
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#5 (6,7

CLAN MacDONALD (Red Ian Og) - @ 1692, Scottish clan, ambushed and slaughtered by Clan Campbell for the King
      (app-clansman) --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (fb)

CLAN REBELLION of Earth-Cable (Prior Turran, Skerrit, Siddard, Gyak, Redd, Slym)
    --Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix#3

CLANCY ?? - @ World War II, boxing trainer of Combat Kelly
    (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#3 (3(fb)

CLANCY, MICK - Owns Clancy’s Irish Pub.  Thing’s ex-test pilot buddy.
    --Fantastic Four I#234

CLANCY's IRISH PUB - Yancy Street
    --Fantastic Four I#234? (Fantastic Four: First Family#3

CLANSMAN (Det. Sgt. Ferguson) - vigilante in Scotland, possessed by spirit of "Red" Ian Og of Clan MacDonald, a Highland warrior killed by a rival clan @ 1692, killed fighting Bruno Zanussi and others
    used Sword of Scotia, skilled warrior
    *D* (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (fb), Blood on the Moors

CLANTON, AMOS of the Old West - hired Executioner to help him to drive off the owners of the Lazy B ranch, killed when confronted Rawhide Kid
    *D*--Rawhide Kid I#69

CLARA ?? - see CLARA MENNINGER--Spirits of Vengeance#1

CLARA ?? - former wife of Nat Cooper/Megaman, rapidly moved on to affair with Allen, rejected Nat when he returned as Megaman.
    wf blond
    (app-meg)--Nova I#9

CLARENCE ?? - Arlington's Veterans' Administration Hospital, Korean War veteran, encountered Captain America of the 1950's, assisted against Fifth World Front
    (app-fifthworldfront)--Marvel Comics Presents I#47/3

CLARINETTO of Earth-Power Pachyderms (Magneta)- enemy of Power Pachyderms, former head of Brotherhood of Evil Musicians, formed the New Musicians
    Used wind instruments as weapons
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1

CLARION 2099 (Hayes Isaacs) - former leader of X-Nation, son of Prof. Angelique Isaacs, killed by Exodus
    transmute sound into force
    *D*--[Marvel Vision#1], X-Nation#1 (2099 Genesis#1, X-Men2099#30, X-Nation#1 6d

CLARITY (William Knoblach) - mutant, assisted by Greg + Lea, brother of Dark Mother, born in 1675, provided information to cable to assist in defeat of the Undying.
    Dwells within chamber broadcasting hundreds of news reports simultaneously, doesn't move from his chair, absorb and assimilate vast amounts of information through eyes and ears, perfect memory
    (net)--Cable II#80 ([94(fb6)], 93(fb), 80,[81-83], 91(fb2)

CLARK - [superman]. reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper
    (app)--X-Men I#98(XM98/Marvels4 Marvel Team-Up I#79, Captain America I#260, Avengers I#228, Thor I#341, Secret Wars II#7, Uncanny X-Men#245, Uncanny X-Men Annual#10, Av296 Excalibur I#8, Amazing Spider-Man An23, Av325,327, Web of Spider-Man#75, X-Men II#??, Thor#476, Ghost Rider III#26

CLARK ?? - Branding, Texas, son of Rachel, boyfriend of sheriff Steve Southall, killed by Reverend McCarthy, prompting the assault on Branding by the gunrunners of Monastery Hill
    *D*--Punisher VI#29 (29d)

CLARK, BRANDY - Prime Director of Galador, human woman, son of John + Sara, mother of Balin/Terminator and Tristan/Liberator, former fiancé of Steve Jackson, first human to encounter Rom, fell in love with him, temporarily bonded to Starshine armor, transported to Galador by Beyonder to rejoin Rom, married him on Galador, repopulated the planet with him, ruled after his death
    -STARSHINE*, SENTRY* (net)--Rom#1 (2-10 12 14-17 19,20 21-27 28(fb) 29(fb) 28-30 32,33 36-41 43-60,An3 Rom61-67 71-75, Incredible Hulk II#418, Space Knights#1-5

CLARK, JOHN - IRS, confronted Thing as he left for France
    --Fantastic Four#541

CLARK, Det. - Venom Task Force
    --Venom: Along Came a Spider#1 (2-4

CLARK, Dr. - Project: PEGASUS
    --Avengers I#261

CLARK, judge - presided over the case of the state vs. Kyle Richmond, briefly fell under the control of the Mandrill, white female
    (app-rosenumblum)--Defenders I#90 (91

CLARK, Mr. - ran Macy's at time of launch of new Micronaut toys designed by Prof. Prometheus
    --Micronauts Annual#2

CLARKE,  - Fire Department of New York, involved with the Human Torch’s investigation of Firefox
  --Human Torch II#3 (4

CLARKE of Earth-691 - Punishers
    —Guardians of the Galaxy I#17

CLARKE, JACKSON - hired by Positron's father to help recapture her, seduced and then betrayed her, but regretted it afterwards and refused to take father's money
    --Amazing Fantasy II#15

CLARKE, Gen. JEREMY - Department H, former head of development and deployment, member of Canadian military, apparently killed attempting to deactivate Department H’s radioactive core
    *D* (net)--Alpha Flight I#1( II#1(fb) I#92(fb) ; AF I#87 91,92 97 101 XFor10 Cable: Blood & Metal#1, Alpha Flight II#19(fb)1,2,3,4 5-11,12d)

CLARKE, KEN - Daily Planet reporter covering the arrival of "Starngore" in Central Park; he stopped Peter Parker from being electrocuted by the "force field" protecting the "spaceship."
UK Spider-Man Annual (1982)

CLARKE, STUART - criminal, former agent of Sunset Bain, former boyfriend of Catiana Ariocha, invented & formerly wore Rampage armor, designed enhancements for War Machine armor, designed Venomech Systems
    - RAMPAGE* (app)--Champions#5 (->Rampage.
    Iron Man III#19(fb2), 11,19,20, Punisher War Journal II#17 (fb), [New Avengers#1-3], Punisher War Journal II#1-3, 6-9 (fbs), 10, 12, 17

CLARKSON, Mr. - former Roxxon vice-president, slain by Crossbones
    --Captain America V#18 (18d)

CLASH ( ) - Shadowforce Alpha, 2nd in command to her lover Cordite
    highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, also used firearms and grenades, wf, red hair
    (app-shadowforce alpha)--Amazing Spider-Man Super Special#1/3 ([1/3 (fb)], 1/3, Spider-Man Super Special#1/3

"CLASH" - Red Skull's armored lackeys -
    (app-armored lackeys)--Captain America I Annual#13

CLASS CLOWN (Mr. Glass) - former science teacher at Springdale high school, sought revenge on former teachers who pushed him to achieve his full potential,
    designed variety of deadly traps based on harmless school equipment
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#96/4 (96/4(fb), [96/4], 96/4(fb), 96/4

CLAUDE ??- partner of Roland, agent of the Bull (de Ruyter)
    --Storm II#1

CLAUDE ?? - Bartovian Liberation Front
    (app-blf)--Solo Avengers#7

CLAUDIO ?? - agent of el Caiman, killed by Eliminators
    (app-caiman)--Punisher Annual I#1

CLAUS, SANTA - see SANTA CLAUS--Strange Tales I#34; [Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#10], Howard the Duck II#3

CLAUS, Mrs - wife of Santa
    --Howard the Duck II#3

CLAUS, MARIA of Earth-8336 - wife of Santa, mother of Nick Norris, died 6 months after his birth
    *D* (app-son of santa)--Bizarre Adventures#34 (34 (fb), 34 (fb, deceased))

CLAVE (Commandware Aleph + Beyt + Gam, Searchware Dro + Lam + Pel) - technology oriented beings from future, at war with the Kynd
    (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#8

CLAVERLING - former ally of Vlad Dracula
    --Bizarre Adventures#33/4

CLAVIAN race - Milky Way, planet Clavis, infiltrated by Dire Wraiths, attacked by Raak the Breaker.

CLAVIS KEY - power item obtained from realm of Time Guardians for mys-tech by warheads, stolen by cable and returned to Time Guardians.
    Open portals to other dimensions (app-tg)--Motor Mouth#7 (8, 9

CLAW (    ) - Nazi spy and sabateur sent to America to poison the food and water supply, used strychnine poison that killed thousands of American citizens. Captured by Human torch and Toro while trying to poison water in the Rockies and blew up dam to try to escape.
    --All-Select #1/2 (Fall 1943) "Corner the Clutching Claw"

CLAW ( ) - Chaste, killed by hand during attempt to prevent them from resurrecting Elektra.
    used claw-like weapon
    --Daredevil I#188 (190(fb),188,189

CLAW of Earth-982 (    ) - charismatic cat burglar, fought Spider-Girl, brought in by Weadon's agents
    (app)--Spider-Girl I#73

CLAW of BAST - magic item, allegedly created by ancient sorcerer (possibly related to Anathna-Mut/Sphinx), separated into three components in distant past, sought by Professor Roderick van Nuys to cure him of his degenerative disorder, sought by Victor von Doom for power and to cure his face
    Reputed to be able to give life to the dead or dying, as well as provide power to user, only able to be used nine times, by nine separate users
    (app)--[Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards#1], 3 ([1(fb2), 1(fb), 2(fb)], 3(fb)

CLAW of DAMBALLAH - see DAMBALLAH, CLAW of--Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3

CLAW SECT (Adept sub-sect; Ceres, Geza) - vampires
    --Death of Dracula#1
    Deadpool IV#30-31

CLAWS - agents of Bobcat
    (app-bob)--Solo Avengers#11

"CLAWS" - Brotherhood, slaughtered by Phat at X-Force parade

CLAY ?? - mutant assassin, shot by Madrox, agent of Isolationist
    form duplicates of self
    --[Madrox#1], 2 ([1(fb)], 2-5, X-Factor III#22-23

CLAY ?? - agent of Bedelstraum, manipulated John Blaze, committed suicide
    *D*--Ghost Rider VI#6 (6 (fb), 7 (fb, dies)

CLAY, GORDON - reporter, with Isobel Aguirre, kidnapped by Crucible and turned to stone
    --Fantastic Four III#3 (4,5

CLAYBORNE, REGINA - former girlfriend of Jerry Washington, discovered him missing in front of the Stranger's Null-Life Bomb, brought it to the Champions, consumed by it, but later recovered
    (app-null)--Black Goliath#4 (Champions#12,13

CLAYMORE ( ) - S.H.E., Scotland, slain by Void
    used a morningstar
    *D* (app-she)--Sentry#4 (4(d))

CLAYMORE, agent - SHIELD II, rebuilt as cyborg by Extechop unit, died on a mission to el Corazon de la Muerte alongside Deathlok
    *D*--Deathlok III#6d

clay tablet - see TABLET of LIFE and TIME--Amazing Spider-Man I#68

CLAYTON, ADAM - used Vibra-Light device to give himself superhuman speed, but aged rapidly as a result, died later;
    INVISIBLE MAN* *D* (app)--Strange Tales I#67

CLAYTON, KATRINKA JANICE "K.J."-reclusive publisher of daily globe,hired belinda bell to pose as her due to vanity, nearly killed by rupert dockery when he attempted to takeover the globe,wf,light brown hair,middle-age
    --[Amazing Spider-Man I#158], 190,210 ([158],[An10,Amz169],190,[193,194 201],210

CLAYTON, LEE - Stark Enterprises
    --[Marvel Super-Heroes III#9/3]

CLAYWORTH, MORTIMER - FI-6, killed by Necrom?
    --Excalibur I#49 (49d)

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