CICADA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - zeppelin of Eduardo DeVargas of Pixel
    --Doom 2099#3

CICATRICE - timeline of Lionheart 3442, led Ludite rebellion against cybernetics, decimated Lionheart and Catspur
    (app)--Death's Head Gold#1

CICERO, CAESAR - lawyer for the Maggia, leader for a New York faction
    -BIG C--Amazing Spider-Man I#73 (74, 75, Power Man/Iron Fist#61,62, 101, Spider-Man: Power of Terror#1,2, Spider-Man#73,74, Spider-Man: Made Men, Avengers III#31, Spider-Man: Lifeline#1-3

CICERO, STU - Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway, worked in comic book stacks, used comics knowledge to help She-Hulk defeat Titania, banished to Duckworld after
    --She-Hulk I#2 (11, 12, She-Hulk II#1, 3, 19, 20 (fb), 20, 21

CID - see CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BUREAU (? - probably not - probably Division OSLT)--Defenders I#102

CIEGREMITE race - Milky Way, planet Ciegrim-7/distillerís planet, renown as brewmasters, laissez-faire democracy.
    snail-like, eyes on stalks
    (I#2,D#15)--[Hercules I#4], Avengers Spotlight#25/2

CILICIA - Microverse, Acroyear, former queen and lover of Prince Acroyear, mother of his child, blamed him for allowing Worldmind of Spartak to sacrifice itself against Baron Karza
  (app)--Micronauts I#9

CILLA - Tryk queen, mated with Blade in order to mother the Zukaja, took identity of Susan Vendermeer to seduce him
    Susan Vendermeer* (app)--Blade#1, 2 (3-5

CIMMERIA of the Hyborian era - ancient city in northern Europe, founded @ 16,000 BC by Atlanteans who survived the Great Cataclysm, birthplace of Conan
    worshipped crom, lir, mannanan, morrigan, badb, macha, nemain
    --Conan the Barbarian I#1

CINALLI (    ) -
Marvel Mystery Comics#12

CINDER ( ) - pyrokinetic, Vault prisoner, killed by Guardsmen

CINDY ?? - neighbor of Alfred Coppersmith and Mr. Bates
    (app-copper)--Punisher II#10

CINDY LOU ?? - homeless girl, lived in tunnels with pet dog Max and others, befriended Groonk
    "Cindy Lou Hugh" (app-groonk)--Thor I#444 ([444(fb)], 444

    --Howard the Duck I#21 (1978)

CINGLET - Microverse, ally of Xennon, investigated Uni-Power
    --Amazing Fantasy II#13/2 (14/2

CINNABAR-pleasure world,home of kyras shakati
    - DELTA CORIANUS IV (app)--Marvel Preview#11

CINNIBAR, KATHRYN - Los Angeles gangster, former lover of Deacon, married another man and slew him to takeover his criminal empire
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/3 (7/3(fb), 7/3

CINNIBUS - mystic entity, invoked in spell by Dr. Strange
    - "Searching Light of the Seven Suns of Cinnibus"--Dr. Strange II#34

Cipactli - enormous crocodilian monster, inhabited the endless primordial ocean that remained after the flood that had destroyed the world of the 4th sun; slain by Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca (who lost his left foot in the process)
    ate anything that approached her gaping fanged jaws
    --[Encyclopaedia Mythologica]

CIR, DYLON - see DYLON CIR (app-lunatic)--Avengers I#364

    name used during Greek era, as well as during altered reality of Earth-Morgan
    (app-emorgan)--Venus I#9/5; Strange Tales I#109

CIRCE - personality fragment of Andrea Rodgers, given form in Citrusville swamp
    represents passion
    (app-andrea rodgers)--Rampaging Hulk I#7/2

CIRCE of Earth-9602 - Sersi + Circe
    (app-prince)--Tales of the Amazons

CIRCE's MYSTIC ISLE - Las Vegas casino
    --Hulk II#7

CIRCLE of DECAY (Tim Alpert, R.B. Wallace) - cult of decadence and corruption, pawns of Tiboro. Magical powers
    (app-tib)--Dr. Strange II#54 (54(fb2), 54(fb1)

CIRCLE of COMBAT - Olympian method of proving the truth of ones' words by combat
    --Thor I#467

CIRCLE of the DRAGON - see DRAGON CIRCLE--Jungle Action#19

CIRCLE of PAVANE (Ampere, Brawler, Pavane, Wanda) - mutant family from Transia
    (app-pavane)--Avengers I#377

CIRCLE of SERPENTís BLOOD (Chow Loo) - sect of Si-Fan
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#4

CIRCLE KILLER (   ) - unidentified man possessed by one of the Undying circa 1947 A.D. and became crazed murderer on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, eventually caught and convicted of 17 murders.
    (app)--[Cable II#80], 81

CIRCLET of the ASCENDANT - crown worn by ruler of the Deviants since before the Second Host, crushed by priests of Ghaur to show their contempt for Kro's title
    --Eternals II#2 (3,4

CIRCLET of POWER - wrist amulet grants power of Solarman, created by Sha-Han, used by Ben Tucker, needs direct sunlight to remain active
       (app-solar)--Solarman#1 (2

CIRCUIT BREAKER - flying weapon created by Stane International, sent to destroy Circuits Maximus
    fired air to surface missiles
    --Iron Man I#198

CIRCUIT BREAKER of Earth-Transformers (Josie Beller)-crippled by transformers,built exo-skeleton enabling her to control machinery
    (app)--Transformers I#6; (CB) Secret Wars II#3 (TransF#6-9 SW#3 Trans(UK)#41 [Trans#18] 22(fb) 21-23 45 68 72 73,74 75 77,78 [79(fb)] 79 80(fb) 80

CIRCUITS MAXIMUS - former company of Tony Stark, started with Morley and Clytemnestra Erwin following his recovery from his major bout with alcoholism, destroyed by agents of Obadiah Stane
    *D*--Iron Man I#188( 199d)

CIRCUS of CRIME of the Old West (Blade Benson, Captain Corbett, Mr. Marvel, Sawyer, Tumbling Turners)
    - briefly forced Colt to assist them until he exposed them
    (app)--Kid Colt, Outlaw#106

CIRCUS of CRIME of the Old West (Dr. Danger, Fat Man, Hurricane, Iron Mask, Living Totem, Rattler, Red Raven)
    --Kid Colt#127 (West Coast Avengers II#18

CIRCUS of CRIME (Antoro, Blackwing, Clown, Fire-Eater, Great Gambonnos, Human Cannonball, Iron Jack Baker, Livewire, Princess Python, Professor, Rajah, Ringmaster, Strong Man, Tarrax the Tamer, Teena the Fat Lady)
    - started as small Austrian circus by Fritz Tiboldt in 1930s, sent to USA to murder high government officials, defeated by Captain America and departed, returned to USA by Maynard, turned to crime when unable to make profit through normal business.
    robs its customers, use talents to commit crimes
    -KIEBLER CIRCUS*?, TIBOLDT's CIRCUS ; per Ultimate Super-Villains novel, also known as Circus Romeo, Ringmaster Circus, and MacFadden Brothers Circus
    per Ultimate Super-Villains novel, also had members: unidentified magician, Madame Leah, and Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy

    (I#2, D#2, OH:AZU#1, net)--(g) Captain America Comics#5; Incredible Hulk I#3 (X-Force minus 1, Hawkeye III#7(fb),8(fb), Hulk3, Amazing Spider-Man I#16,22, Avengers I#22 Thor I#145-147, Av60, Th173, Power Man#24,25, Daredevil I#118, Howard the Duck I#27, Super-Villain Team-Up#8, Hlk217, Marvel Two-In-One#76, Spider-Man and the Dallas Cowboys: Danger in Dallas, Ghost Rider II#72, 73, Hlk292, Captain America I#319 She-Hulk II#1, Power Pack I#59, Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2, Thunderbolts#2, Generation X#32, Spider-Man/Devil Dinosaur An1998, Hlk479(fb),480(fb), Civil War: War Crimes#1 (members)

CIRCUS of DEATH (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#5

"CIRCUS of LOST SOULS" (Blossom, Major Minor, Meriam, Rex, Stilts)
    - formerly associated with the Circus of Crime, fled to protect Meriam from the Ringmaster, allies of the Hulk
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#217 ([217(fb)], 217

CIRCUS of MOON SUN (Cinnabar (wolfman), George (hawkman), Pon Sing (satyr), Rynar (centaur), Sheena (mermaid), Sssybiliss+Snake (2 headed serpent), Moon Sun (leader), Tiko (scarred))
    - connected with Dark-Strider
    (app-darkstrider)--Master of Kung Fu #36 (37

CIRCUS VANDENBERGER (Rudy + brother, Bobo the Clown) - Rudy and Bobo sought to usurp the practice from Rudy's brother, defeated by Daughters of the Dragon
    --Marvel Comics Presents#42/4

CIRE, EYLA of Earth-22073, alternate dimensional counterpart of Aliya, daughter of Manuel, sought to convince Cable to kill Randall Shire, thus martyring him and bringing about her future, after reality was negated, she joined with her extradimensional counterpart Sandella to forge their own timeline
    (app)--Cable II#79, (identified) 80 (81,82-84

CIRE, EZRA of Earth-22073 - son of Manuel, brother of Eyla, fashion designer
    (app)--Cable II#80

CIRE, MANUEL of Earth-22073, father of Eyla + Ezra, ruler of city of Niers
    (app)--Cable II#80 (81,82

CIRIN - loyal Atlantean, opposed terrorist/sleeper cell
Sub-Mariner#4 (2007)

CIRQUE D'ESPRIT - European performance group
    --Amazing Spider-Man#547 (548

CIRY - Kree, Lunatic Legion
    (app-lunatic--Avengers I#364 - BTS, Captain America III#8 ([Avengers I#364-366, 378(fb), 378, 379,  Iron Man III#7(fb), 7] - BTS, Captain America III#8, [Quicksilver#10, Avengers III#7] - BTS

CITADEL (    ) - former Canadian soldier, wounded in foreign battles, bonded to synthetic metal and covered in Adamantium, presumably by Weapon X project, oined with a number of soldiers in taking over  la Citadelle de Quebec after learning they were dying from synthetic metal, failed to regain consciousness after being nailed with a neuro-taser by Kinney, taken into custody, unable to receive treatment due to impenetrable skin, eventually died.
    Adamantium coating in skin
    WEAPON Y* *D*--Wolverine: First Class#5 (5 (fb), [5 (fb, dies)], 5 (d))

CITADEL (    ) - Alpha Strike
    same as above, except above not confirmed to be Reality-616
    Adamantium coating in skin, healing factor
    --Alpha Flight IV#

CITADEL, la (Bruno Delor(d) ) - centuries old French prison, used to hold sorcerers, including Margali Szardos
    --Fantastic Four Annual 1999

CITADEL at the CENTER of TIME - used by Shamash-Shum-Ukin
    --Savage Sword of Conan#7

CITADEL at the END of TIME (Time Keepers/Twisters, Protectroid) - base of operations of the Time-Keepers
    --Thor I#245(What If? II#35-39, AvFor10-12

CITADEL of LIGHT and SHADOWS - contains crystal granting cosmic power, the acceptance of which turns the recipient into immobile statue and allegedly halts the recipientís raceís evolution.
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual#11

CITADEL of NECROMON - castle within Netherworld of Otherworld
    (app-nec)-Hulk Comic#45/2

CITADEL of SAI-FUUR (Bandbird, Guardians of the Key, Key to Cosmic Calculator) - Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler were sent here by Pro-Rata and stole the Key
    --Howard the Duck I#1

CITADEL of SILENCE - uninhabited city hovering between what-has-been and what-will-never-be
    --Avengers Annual#1

CITADEL of TERROR of "Warnlin" of Universe-7711 - see TYROC (app-chen kan)--Rampaging Hulk I#4 (4 (fb), 4d)

CITADEL of 1000 LAMPS - fortress of Elmak the Lightshaper, melted and destroyed by Kurudred
    --Spider-Man: Hooky GN

CITADEL of the UNIVERSAL AMALGAMATOR dimension - pocket dimension accessed by M-Plate in attempt to merge everything in existence, associated with the Big Crunch  
    --Generation X#37

CITADELLE de QUEBEC, la - Canadian fortress, built in 19th century to protect St. Lawrence from American invasion, briefly taken over by Citadel and others
    --Wolverine: First Class#5

CITIZEN V (Lt. John Watkins) - World War II, British officer, appointed by superiors to wage guerilla war against Axis powers and rally people of occupied countries to strike back at Nazis, lover of She-Wolf/Paulette Brazee, aided by V Battalion, removed Naziís shirts and placed a large red "V" on their chests, strangled to death by Baron (Heinrich) Zemo whose agents infiltrated the V Battalion and led him into a trap.
    *D* (OH:GA, net)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#8 (Comedy Comics#9); [Thunderbolts#1], Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings minus 1 (Captain America/Citizen V í98 (fb), Thunderbolts minus 1(dies))

CITIZEN V (Paulette Brazee) - --

CITIZEN V (John Watkins jr) -
    son and successor of Sr--Citizen V +VB:Everlasting#1 (1(fb),2(fb)

CITIZEN V (John Watkins III) - grandson of John Sr. and Paulette Brazee/She-Wolf, past relationship with Andrea Strucker, injured in past battle, formerly possessed by Baron (Helmut) Zemo
    Skilled athlete, martial artist, strategist, swordsman + marksman
    "Nenad Petrovic"--[Thunderbolts #1], (Citizen V and the V Battalion: Everlasting#1-4, Tb73, 75, Invaders III#2(fb), 9, Cable & Deadpool#28-29

    posed as and later possessed Watkins III, Thunderbolts, Redeemers, V battalion, original leader of Thunderbolts while posing as Watkins III, returned and possessed Watkins III as part of the Redeemers and in the struggle to deactivate/control the VMP, impaled Andrea Strucker when she learned the truth-CITIZEN V imposter (net)--Incredible Hulk II#449 (Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Tb1,Hlk449,450,Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2,Tb2, Spider-Man Team-Up#7,Tb3,4,Tb An1997,Tb5,6,7(fb),7,8 HsfH#7 Tb9 [Hlk459] Heroes Reborn: The Return#2 Amazing Spider-Man I#430, Tb10 -> Zemo.
Tb47-50 Citizen V and the V Battalion#1-3, Thunderbolts#53-58 --> Zemo)

    (net)--[Thunderbolts#15], 16 (Cap/CVí98(fb2),[Tb15],16,17,#0,Cap/CVí98,Tb23,24,30,31 32-35 36 38-43 --> Dallas)

CITIZENS for HUMANITY - anti-mutant organization
    --X-Men Unlimited#36

CITIZENS' COALITION of PARANORMALS of Earth-148611 - super-team proposed by Captain Manhattan

    Olmec name
    (app)--Thor I#300

CITY of the DAMNED - see K'UN-LUN
    Name used by the H'ylthri
    --Power Man and Iron Fist#75

CITY of DEATH - see Dimension of Paradise and the City of Death (app)--Incredible Hulk II#302

CITY of DRAGONS (Dragon King + daughter, Chiantang ) - underwater kingdom beneath a lake in K'un-Lun's dimension
    --Power Man/Iron Fist#119 (119(fb1,2), 120

"CITY of DREAMS" - monstrous extradimensional creature, lures powerful being to its realm to destroy them; Dr. Strange escaped destruction at its hands
    --Marvel Fanfare I#41 ([41(fb)], 41

CITY of GOLD - see EL DORADO (1960s, app-ed)--Avengers I#30

CITY of GOLD (Children of the Night, Jaguar Priest, Viracocha) - Aztec/Inca city within Bermuda Triangle Warp
    (app-bt)--Skull the Slayer#7 (8, Marvel Two-In-One#36

CITY of the GOLDEN GATE (Cleito, Evenor, Neptune) -
    (app-evenor)--Man-Thing III#7 (8(fb), 7, 8

CITY of the HOWLING DEMONS (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#14

CITY of the IMMORTALS - see K'UN-LUN--Power Man and Iron Fist#75

CITY of MAGICIANs of the Hyborian era - see KHESHATTA--

CITY of the SPACE GODS - Andes mountains, South America, built by Third Host, former headquarters of Ajak
    --Eternals I#1

CITY of the SPIDER-GOD-see YEZUD--Conan the Barbarian I#13

CITY of THIEVES of the Hyborian era - see Arenjun--Tower of the Elephant; Conan the Barbarian I#4

CITY of TOADS - subterranean capital city of Deviant Lemuria, created by sinking of Lemuria
    --Eternals I#

CITY of WONDERS of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - capital city of Valusia - CRYSTAL CITY

CITYDWELLER of Earth-253 (Jerry ) - hero, life force connected with cities of his Earth, died when Qabiri destroyed all cities
    *D* (app-earth-253)--X-Man#71 (72(fb),71,72d)

CITY GUARD of the Inniverse - soldiers of Occulus
    (app-inn)--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365

CITY-KEEPERS (Flarn, Skornn) - mobile beetle-like city inhabited by members of Stenth race
    (app-stenth)--Inh I#7 (8, 9

CITY MONGERS-see CITY-KEEPERS (app-stenth)--Inhumans I#7

CITY-STEALERS - two men given cybernetic suits of armor by They Who Wield Power, defeated by Spider-Man and Hercules
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#28

C.I.T.Y. - robot designed for cleaning of subways, went berserk, subdued by Rocket Racer
    -Computer Initiated Transit Yardbird, ROBOMOP--Marvel Tales#250/2

CIVIL WAR movie - based on super hero civil war

CIVIT - New Men, civit
    --Avengers Annual#17

C'JIME - extradimensional, enormous, intelligent flying beast of M'rin
    --Classic X-Men#22 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#12
    resembles the giant cats of Aeish in Warheads#4+5.


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