BOR - Asgardian, son of Buri/Tiwaz, father of Odin + Villi + Ve
    - unknown connection to Borri
   <Born - translation> (EM, HC14)--Journey into Mystery I#97 (Thor III#7-8 (fbs)

BORA (Anzhela Federova) - Avant Guard, Russian mutant woman.
    Generate powerful and cold winds
    (app)--Moon Knight I#35 (Web of Spider-Man#75(fb), MK#35, Web74-76

BORA BALLIN, count MUROM of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - father of Daphna
    --Kull the Conqueror I#9 (Kull the Conqueror III#6, 7

BORA BALLIN, DAPHNA  of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - fell in love with Kull after he saved her from the Goblin Night
    --Kull the Conqueror III#6 (7, 8, 9

BORAINE, Corporal PERCY - South African Security Forces, opposed Black Panther, lover of Cynthia
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #16/2 (17/2(fb), 16/2-18/2

BORAK of the Hyborian era - Dark Tigers. presumably named after el Borak, for whom the story was originally written
    --The Country of the Knife; (MU) Savage Sword of Conan#11

BORAK, el - see Francis X. Gordon--Top Notch Magazine (1934)

BORAKU - Lava Men, used in Firebringer plot of Jinku
    -- X-Force#81

BOR'AQH SHARAQ of the Hyborian era - Barachan corsair, ruthless warrior, missing right arm @ mid forearm as result of Conan, tortured by Zingaran navy crew, lost right eye, turned to crystal by crystalline cat, returned to normal after covered by volcanic eruption.
    Wears horned helmet to cover scarred face, uses blade and other attachments, uses power rod
    --Savage Sword of Conan#75 ( 83, 92, 106-107

BORDERERS (Webwing, "cat-fish" ) - name for branches of Imperial Guard other than the Royal Elite
    (D#6)--Uncanny X-Men#157(    X-Men II#133

BORDER KINGDOM of the Hyborian era - likely worshipped Mitra

BORDERLINE (Gaunt) - common endpoint for all future timestreams which did not result in the destruction of earth, approximately 2 billion years in the future, site to which Gaunt was banished, where he captured Rachel Summers and where Cable traveled to battle him.
    lifeless husk, dampens psionic energy
    --Cable II#85 (85(fb), 85


BORDIA, NICHOLAS - @ 1459, vampire, priest, held Darkhold scrolls, staked by Dracula
    *D/R/D* (app)--Dracula Lives#4/7 ([4/7(fb)], [4/7(fb)], 4/7d)

BORDOKS - Perrinois, form of one was adopted by Rasheed ven Garmchee.
    Large + strong, breathe flame
  --[Spider-Man Team-Up#3]

BOREAS dimension (Ikthalon, Legions of Ikthalon)
    - ICE WORLD of IKTHALON (app/ik)--Marvel Spotlight I#14

BORELLI, "BRAINS" (    ) -
Marvel Mystery Comics#13

BORERS - Negative Zone, some were servants of Annihilus, twice attacked the ship of the Fantastic Four in the Negative Zone, some were summoned to earth by Yandroth.
    virtually mindless creatures which chew through anything in their path
    (app)--Fantastic Four Annual#6 (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine#9, Fantastic Four I#183, Defenders II#1

BORGEDDON - immense serpent, sacrificial god of Trolls of Asgard
    --Warlock & the Infinity Watch#24

BORGEZIA, MARIETTA - Parisian vampire, vampirized Anna, Franz, Marie, Natasha, & Sacha; attacked Japanese ambassador Natsume Masako circa 1889, leading Jasmine Destine to abandon Natsume's form for Marietta's, destroying Marietta's spirit and liberating her vampiric progeny from their uncontrollable bloodlust
    --Clan Destine#3 (2008); (identified) Clan Destine#4

BORGIA of the Hyborian era - former captain of Zingaran pirate ship, killed by crewman
    --Savage Sword of Conan#202d

BORGIA - Roclite, Universal Church of Truth, Grand Inquisitors, absorbed into Soul Gem
    (app-uct)--Strange Tales I#178

BORGIA OMEGA - fought Deadpool and Gorilla-Man
    --Deadpool Team-Up#

BORGIA, LUCRETIA - see CYANA (app)--All True-Crime#39

BORGO - former servant of Ludwig von Frankenstein, used X-Machine to transform into duplicate of Silver Surfer.
    FRANKENSURFER *D* (app)--Silver Surfer I#7 (Dr. Strange III#37(fb),37d)

BORGUS - Asgardian
    --Thor I#416/2

BORIS - Latverian, loyal servant of Dr. Doom and his father before him
    (app)--Fantastic Four Annual I#2 (An2(fb)/Books of Doom#1 (fb), Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment (fb)/Books of Doom#1 (fb), FF An2/Books of Doom#1 (fb), Books of Doom#5 (fb), 6 (fb), Astonishing Tales#8, Super-Villain Team-Up#8,9, 11, Fantastic Four Annual I#15/2, Fantastic Four I#250-something, Books of Doom#6, Fantastic Four III#583

BORIS ?? - Russian (KGB?), agent of Alexi Bruskin, accompanied him to rescue Yuri
    (app)--Champions#10 (10(fb)

BORIS - Russian, partner of Ninotchka, large, powerful fighter
    strong warrior
    (app)--Power Man/Iron Fist#77 (81, 82, (Black Widow IV#3

    alias used as head of Prometheus Gentech, Inc
    --Iron Man IV#17

BORKOWSKI, VICTOR - see ANOLE (New X-Men Yearbook)--New Mutants II#7

BORKOWSKI, Mr - father of Victor
    --New Mutants II#8

BORKOWSKI, Mrs - mother of Victor
    --New Mutants II#8

BORN NORMAL - autobiography by Northstar

BORN 2 DIE - Brooklyn street gang, rivals of Lobo's Boys
    --New Warriors II#

BORNA of Pre-Cataclysmic Era - ruler of Valusia prior to Kull, tyrant, slain + succeeded by Kull, reanimated by Sekhmet Tharn, corpse subsequently cremated
--        ; Kull I#1 (Kull III#4(fb3), Kull I#1d, Marvel Preview#26

BORNA - Menagerie, possessed mover
    (app-menagerie)--Thor I#320 (320(fb), [321(fb)], 320-322

"BORNEO WOMAN" (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    (app)--Werewolf by Night I#6

BORNI of the pre-Cataclysmic era (Brule, Athela, Ba-Thak) - Picts, formerly ruled by Brule
    --Kull the Conqueror III#4?

BOROMIR - enchanted flying horse of Thundersword
    (app-thundersword)--Secret Wars II#1 (Iron Man I#197

BOROS, JOHANNES - former agent of Wild Pack
    --Sable & Fortune#1

BOROUGHS, CHARLES - psychopathic killer, agent of Mr. Fear (Cranston), illegitimate son of judge Chalmer, former police officer, stalked Karen Page until killed(?) by her, revived after corpse dug up by ??, often spoke in disjointed poetry.
    unspecified psychic powers able to disrupt telepaths or other enhanced senses
    -TRIPLE THREAT KILLER* (app)--[Daredevil#367], 371 ([366, 367], 371-374, [375(fb,dies)], 375(res)

BOROVITCH (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics#3

BOROZIL CLAN (Caffrey, Ulzak) - extra-terrestrials, powerful family
    --Captain Marvel VI#10 (12

BORRI of the Hyborian era - god of war, possibly Bor or Buri, worshipped by hyperboreans and those of aesgaard and vanheim, unusually successful early hyborian era chief, transformed by legend into great national hero king and deified
    -BORI, GRIM GREY GOD, GREY GOD (app)--Conan Nov, Conan the Barbarian I#3

BORROB - Silver Legion, native of Puskigar
    --Silver Surfer III#116 (117-121

BORT - Ice Giant, father of Snagg, son of Hjak, grandson of Moot
    --[Thor I#500]

BORT (Hans Vogez) - European town, encountered the Thing in Cell 13
    --Strange Tales I#81/4

BORU 2099 - represented commoners against Alchemax, allied with Miguel O'Hara.
    lion-like powers
    (app)--Spider-Man 2099#42 (43

BOSCHELLI, father RUDOLPHO - Church of the Sacred Heart, raised Domino, given Lazarus/Weapon to raise by her
    --Domino II#4 ([4(fb)], 4

BOSCO, ELAINE - Wonderfans club
    --Tales of the Marvels: The Wonder Years#1 (1(fb), 1, 2, Avengers Two: Wonder Man & the Beast#1

BOSEPHUS ?? - Family, mutated by PCP variant, fought Killer B, killed by Punisher
    *D* (app-family)--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56

BOSHLOVOR - Slorenian, spokesman for the Tabissaria
    (app-volk)--Force Works#5 ([War Machine#13],FW#11,[12]

BOSQUEVERDE - South American country, ruled by Republic, where Moon Knight was brought for trial of his actions as a mercenary
    --Moon Knight III#15 (16-18

BOSS (    ) -
    --Daring Comics#10

BOSS (    ) -
    --All-Winners Comics#14

BOSS (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#49

BOSS – crime mob leader, took over masked Marauder’s gang, kidnapped Karen Page, battled Daredevil
    --Daredevil I#29

BOSS ( ) - Yakuza, directed assassination, formerly employed Deadpool and Oyakata, created Widdle Wade, killed by Deadpool
    (app)--Deadpool Team-Up#1 ([1(fb)], 1(fb1+2), 1

BOSS (    ) - crime gang leader
    <hostess ad villain>

BOSS of Earth-Generic (    ) - employer of Generic Super-Hero
    (app-generic)--Generic Comic Book#1

BOSS BARKER - Skrull of Kral, rival of Lippy Louie, employed Napoleon G. Robberson, formerly enslaved Thing, sought revenge against Thing and Torgo, apparently slain by Torgo
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#91 (92,93, Marvel Two-In-One#45

BOSSKO - Elsewhere, Head of the laundry/garment district, accompanied Katie on her trek to see King McManus to help her get home
    (app-elsewhere)--Power Pack I#47

BOSS MAN - Criminal mastermind, led his own gang, briefly captured Spider-Man.
"Spider-Man in: The Trap" (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement in Marvel Team-Up I#34 and other May-June 1975 issues)

    (app)--Captain America I#152

BOSTWICH, PHIL - Daily Bugle
    --[Marvel Visions#29]

BOSWELL - British espionage network, employed by Feepers to apprehend Daredevil and Ka-Zar and/or retrieve Ka-Zar's medallion, which was subsequently taken from him by the Plunderer
    (app)--Daredevil I#13

BOSWELL - creator of Para-Man, allowed self to become enslaved by him. small, middle-aged, bald man
    (app-pm)--Marvel Feature I#7 (7(fb), 7

BOSWEL, DEAN - see DUMMY. mutant existing in gaseous form within containment suit, part of Xorn's special class
    (app-dummy)--New X-Men I#25

BOT - robot assistant of Madison Jeffries; first in a series of robots built to assist Malcolm Colcord in retaking control of the Weapon X facility
    --Weapon X II#22

BOTAN, Dr. (    ) -
    --All Winners Comics#13

BOTOR race (Mele(d),Leila,Paru,Jeerka,Julis+Tari(d),Rhuza+Malpa+Nula)-pangea tribe,monkey-like tail-TREE PEOPLE*
    --Kazar the Savage#13 (14,15,30,31

BOTTLE IMP - demon, transformed into a bottle by a more powerful demon, trapped others within the bottle and posed as a demon within the bottle, secret discovered and defeated by Dr. Strange
    --Marvel Double Shot#4/2

BOUDREAUX, BELLA DONNA - leader of Assassins Guild of New Orleans, viceroy of Unified Guilds, daughter of Marius, sister of Julien, former wife of Gambit due to arranged marriage to prevent a war between the Guilds, nearly killed by Brood, briefly comatose until saved by Elixir of Life stolen by Gambit, temporarily lost memories after touch from Rogue, kidnapped Cody Robbins for revenge against her, reconciled differences with Gambit to form Unified Guild, former lover of Bandit, broke up upon finding that he was using her to take control of the Guild
    wf, blond, master of armed + unarmed combat, limited magical abilities, project plasma blasts, read minds
    (OH2006#2, Gambit Annual 2000/2, net)--X-Men II#8 (Gambit III#13(fb), 1(fb4)/19(fb1), X8(fb), G5(fb), XM II#8,GR26,X9,GR27, Gambit I#1-4, X39, Rogue I#1-4, GamIII#4, 13,15,16(fb4),17-19 21 22 23, Gambit IV#10-12, Civil War: War Crimes#1

BOUDREAUX, JULIEN - Assassins Guild of New Orleans, son of Marius, brother of Bella Donna, disapproved of wedding of Bella Donna + Gambit, challenged Gambit to duel of honor, apparently killed by him, revived by Elixir of Life, killed Henri LeBeau, became addicted to Elixir and was willing to kill his own family to get it, finally killed by Marius
    *D*--Ghost Rider III#26 ( Gam I# d)

BOUDREAUX, MARIUS - Assassins Guild of New Orleans, former leader, father of Bella Donna & Julien, held enmity against Gambit for death of Julien, died of apparent heart attack
    (GamAn2000/2,net-gam)--Gambit I#2 (4, GamIII#13(fb) Rogue I#1(dies)

BOULDER ( ) - Outcasts.
    Superhuman strength
    (app-out)--Marvel Treasury Edition#25 (Incredible Hulk II#263(fb), Rom#28, Iron Man Annual#12

BOULDER ( ) - Kinsmen, given magic boulder by wee one for saving his life.
    boulder grows when thrown, shrinks when returns to grasp
    (app-kin)--Marvel Comics Presents#43/4

BOULLION, ANDRE - fence for the Black Fox, killed by ??
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#265 (Web of Spider-Man#14d)

BOUNCER (    ) - Gladiators, Howlers, humanoid member
    (app-gladiators)--Beauty and the Beast#2 (New Mutants I#30

BOUNCER - Morlock, allied with Masque's X-Men
    (app-masquesxmen)--[Uncanny X-Men#262], 263

BOUNCER ( ) - costumed criminal, captured by Speedball
    used inflatable costume to escape after robberies
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/5 ([6/5 (fb)], 6/5

BOUNCEY (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#66

BOUNCING BALL 2099 of Earth-Amalgam - Speedball + Bouncing Boy, Legion of Galactic Guardians I
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

BOUNTY ( ) - Karidian, empowered by Tinae/Tinac of the Coalition Fleet, came to earth to kill Silver Surfer
    (app)--Silver Surfer III#123 (124(fb), 123,124

BOUNTY ( ) - extraterrestrial humanoid female, bounty hunter, hired by to capture Caledonia and Marvel Girl of Earth-Doom, assisted Fantastic Four against forces of Pluto, infatuated with Ben Grimm
    (OH2006#2, net)--Fantastic Four III#14 (20-21, 22-23, Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2000

BOUNTY HUNTER (Lemuel  Haskill) - ghost from 19th Century, condemned by Mephisto to bring in fifty souls of the demon's choosing or forfeit his own soul to torment, failed when he was told to bring in Johnny Blaze
    *D/R/D* (app)--Ghost Rider II#30 (32 (fb), [32 (fb)], 30-32

BOUNTY HUNTER ( ) - @ late 1890s, Civil War veteran, allowed Rawhide Kid to escape after the two of them saved a town of African Americans from Nightriders
    skilled with rifle, knives, cannons; skilled tracker
    (app)--Rawhide Kid II#2

BOUNTY HUNTER (Tommy Barrett) - worked for corrupt bondsman, hired to bring in Rocket Racer.
    Used advanced weaponry
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#104

BOUSSARD, - leader of a group of Canadian radicals, kidnapped the daughter of M. Edward LeBon, unwittingly employed the Sandman as one of his enforcers, and he summoned the Outlaws and Silver Sable to take out Boussard
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#11/2 ([Amazing Spider-Man Annual#25/3], Spec An11/2, Web of Spider-Man Annual#7/6

BOUTE FEU - @ mid-late 17th century, Frères de la côte (Brothers of the Coast), enemy of Captain Tyger, slew Alexandre
    (app-captaintyger)--Ourson Tête-de-Fer [Bearcub Ironhead] by Gustave Aimard; Dr. Strange III#17/2 (20/2

BOVA - New Men, bovine woman, acted as midwife to Magda Lennsherr and Miss America, delivered Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, raised Jessica Drew, has acted as nanny to Luna
    (app)--Giant-Size Avengers#1 ([Marvel Two-In-One#74], Avengers I#186(fb) / Amazing Spider-Man Annual#22/3(fb) / Quicksilver#9 (fb), Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1 (fb), Uncanny X-Men Annual#12/3(fb) / Av186(fb) / Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/3(fb)), GS Av#1(fb)/Av186(fb), West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3, [Av185(fb)], [MTIO#74(fb)], Av185-187, MTIO#74, Vision & Scarlet Witch I#4, [Av245(fb)], [Captain America I#305(fb)], Av245,[247], Marvel Year-in-Review 1992, [Av380(fb), 381(fb)], 380-382, Quick#11(fb), 7(fb), Ex113, Q1, 2, 4(fb), 4-8, 10, Heroes for Hire#15, Q11, HsfH#16, Q12, Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver Annual 1998, HsfH#17

BOVAR, MAX (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#53

bow of ZUULDA THAAL of the Hyborian era - see ZUULDA THAAL (app-zuuldathaal)--Savage Sword of Conan#87

BOVRIC (Belvedere, Castonis, Damyish, Newlin, Starkiln) - relatively minor planet in Carinian cluster, site where Ship crashed, formerly ruled by lawgiver Damyish, served by three probiti, including Sinjin Quarrell
    --Starlord#1 (2

BOW, ALEX - Springdale, former part-time employee of Otto Clase, attempted to blackmail Clase + Boder for their illegal activities, killed and skeleton buried in the walls of Springdale High
    *D* (app-boden)--Speedball#4 ([4(fb)], [9(fb, dies)], 4d)

BOWEN, ADRIENNE - Redemption, Alabama; lover of Joel Flood, mother of Daniel, daughter of Joy, sister of Saul, framed for death of Bradley Gideon, sentenced to life without parole
    --Daredevil: Redemption#1 (1-2 (fb), 5 (fb), 6 (fb), 6

BOWEN, DANIEL - Redemption, Alabama; son of Adrienne & Joel Flood
    --[Daredevil: Redemption#2], 6

BOWEN, JOY - Redemption, Alabama; mother of Adrienne & Saul
    --Daredevil: Redemption#1 (1 (fb), 5 (fb), 6

BOWEN, SAUL - Redemption, Alabama; son of Joy, brother of Adrienne, framed for death of Bradley Gideon, sentenced to life without parole
    --Daredevil: Redemption#1 (1-2 (fb),

BOWEN, MELISSA - mother of Dagger, sister of Michael, ex-wife of Lord of Light

BOWEN, FATHER MICHAEL - uncle of Dagger, brother of Melissa, priest, murdered + form usurped by Mister Jip
    *D*--Marvel Team-Up I#100 (New Mutants I#23-25, UXM196 [C+D II#3] StrT II#13-17 C+D III#1-9 [11(fb)] 12,13 MCP#115/4

BOWEN, TANDY - see DAGGER--Spectacular Spider-Man II#64

BOWEN, Mr.  - Workshop, killed by
    *D*--Wolvinerine III#13 (13d)

BOWEN of Earth-6216 -
    --Amazing Fantasy II#17

BOWIE, DIXON - Texas Ranger, old friend of Cowboy, helped him defeat the Emperor of Texas
    --Team America#7

BOWIE, LUKE (    ) -
    --All-Select Comics#6

BOWL of DEATH - used by Mud Pi to flush anything he didn't like
    (app-mudpi)—Marvel Holiday Special 1994/4

BOWMAN (possibly Sir Lancelot*) - sworn protector of Jade, killed Iron Fist to allow him to journey to Feng-Tu, reincarnation of Sir Lancelot
    (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21 (24(fb), 21-24

BOWMAN (    ) - Hydra Super-Agents, patterned after Hawkeye
    (app-hydra super-agents)--Amazing Spider-Man#519, (seen and named) #520 (519 (fb), 519-520, 522-523, 524(fb)

BOWMAN, DAVID of Earth-2001:ASO - astronaut, transformed into a New Seed
    (app-new seed)--Marvel Treasury Edition: 2001: A Space Odyssey

BOWMAN, Captain THOMAS - Gamma Base, former head of security
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#239 ([240(fb)], 239, [240], 240, 243, 256-257

BOWMAN, Major -

BOWSER, - US government agent, opposed X-Factor, bald + beard
    --X-Factor I#133 (134, 136,137

BOX (Roger Bochs*) - Alpha Flight, created original robot, legs amputated at knees, dated Aurora, sought Lionel Jeffries’ help to reform legs, driven mad by Scramble, merged with and subsequently lobotomized by him, killed by Madison Jeffries
    *D* (D#2,U#1),net--Alpha Flight I#1,11(named(12,16,22,24,113(fb) 25+27(rb only) SecWarII#4 AF28/Hlk313 AF29,30 31-33 34(SW9) 35-38, 39(Av272),40 MarvFan28 AF An1, AF41-45 [47] 46,48,49

BOX-see JERRY JAXON. Stole armor from one with aid of delphine courtney,used to beat Guardian/Mac nearly to death
    *D* (D#2,U#1)--Alpha Flight I#12

BOX-see SASQUATCH-used form between destruction of tanaraq's form and becoming trapped in crossroads
    (D#2,U#1)--Alpha Flight I#24 (25-28)

BOX - see Madison Jeffries. Alpha Flight, uses robot form originally based on box i,lover of diamond lil,abducted+brainwashed by Zodiac-Ecliptic.
    rearrange metal+glass+plastic at will
    - GEMINI?* (U#1)--AF I#47(30(fb) 47-51 An2 AF52-86,[87(fb)] 87-90, Av320-324 AF#91-101 [InfG#2] AF102,103(103(fb1)) 104,105 109/2 110 [111] 124,125 --> Gemini. Weapon X#1, [5, 9], 11, 12

BOX, the - Nightclub, bartended by Jo, frequented by Wolverine & other mutants
    --Wolverine III#6

BOX of KHYSCZ - Inherited from mother by Victor von Doom, deemed too dangerous, stolen & hidden by Zefiro members while he was in Tibet, given to KISS band members by Zefiro "Dizzy the Hun," empowering them.
    --Marvel Comics Super Special #1

BOXBOTS (Puckbot) - robots created by Madison Jeffries, acted as guards and enforcers in Neverland
    --Weapon X II#5 (9, 11, 12

boy (    ) - Calliope's Carnival and Circus
    (app-calliope)--Werewolf by Night I#6

BOY ( ) - vampire, Ancient, servant agent of Saracen.
    appears as young wm, bald
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter#1 (2,3

BOY (    ) - mutant, led rampage during the approach of the Golgotha

BOY who LIVED FOREVER - see BEAME, NATHAN (app)--Ghost Rider II#33

BOYD, Professor - developed device to augment potential of others, which empowered Combo Man
    --Combo Man#1 (1(fb), 1

BOYD, CHRISTIE - old friend of Dazzler/Blaire
    -- ( XMU#32(fb) 32

BOYD, JOHN - homeless man in New York City, witnessed Blade destroying Renee K
    --Blade III#3

    --Fantastic Four I#361 ( Justice: Four Balance#1, Thunderstrike#13/2

BOYD, THOMAS of Earth-148611 - Medusa Web, Psi-Force, Paranormal Platoon, former CIA operative
    mind psiphon
    STALKER*,SIPHON* (PsiF#23, app)--Psi-F (nu)#5 ([22 (fb)], Annual#1 (fb), PF#5, 8 (fb), 8, Annual#1, PF#13-14, 16, 17, 20 (fb), 19, 22, 23/DP7#23, PF#24-25, 27-text, 27, 28-29, Justice#29, PF#30, Jus#30, PF#31-32, 32-text

BOYLE-type zombies of Earth-691 - infected type-0211 zombies
    named for Dan Boyle, director of 28 Days Later
    --Marvel Zombies 5#2

BOYLE, Col. JOHN T. - US Army, involved with Guantanamo Bay and Ferdnand Hedayet
    --Captain America IV#22 (23, [25]

BOYLE, TOMMY - Midtown High, friend of Eddie Basski, bullied Kevin Hartman, beaten by the Dragon King

BOYLE, cardinal - targeted by Sword of Glory, possibly slain by sleeper assassin designed by Silver Wolf
    --[Sable & Fortune#1]

BOYLE, SEAN - mugged Peter Parker with Carlie Cooper present so he couldn't fight back, stole his wallet and webshooter, pawned wallet to Dooley, tried to get the wallet back after learning what the webshooter was, overpowered and killed by Dooley
    SPIDER-MUGGER* *D*--Amazing Spider-Man#546 (547, 548d)

BOYNTON, Sen. ; -opponent of iron man, forbade his involvement in aim’s takeover of Boca Caliente, allied with Edwin Cord in development of Firepower armor.
    wm, brown hair
    --IM I#208( 216 An9 229-231

BOYO - X-Babies, counterpart of Banshee

BOY-TOY (Yvette Johnston) - mutant, body transformed into female with exaggerated features
    (app)--Marvel Year-in-Review '93

BOYZ R' US ("The Shy One", "The Guy with the Dreads", two others ) - boy band, four members, kidnapped by unnamed gunmen who killed "the shy one" as an example, attempted rescue by X-Force (X-Statix) resulted in deaths of most rescuers, as well as the band members
    *D* (app)--X-Force#116 (116(fb), 116

BOZO SAMEDI - Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance, ally of Lady Fynn-Geres

BOZOS - see CELESTIAL MIND CONTROL MOVEMENT (app-nebulon)--Defenders I#34

BOZQWIP - Tunnelworld, Sputs, ran the inn where Aeroika met up with the Defenders
    (app-tun)--Defenders I#78

BP (    ) - Sons of Yancy Street
    (app-milesh)--Marvel Comics Presents#80/4

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