B.L. ZEEBUB - see SATAN (app-kurios)--Marvel Fanfare I#9

BLAAST - Inhuman guard, helped Krush stop Kree theft of Terrigen crystals
   (app-krush) --Inhumans: Great Refuge

BLACK (    ) -
    --All Winners Comics#3

BLACK, ANDY "BOY" - see GUVNOR (app)--Super Soldiers#6

BLACK, CAL - son of Jude and Rachel
    (app-xue)--X-Factor I#145

BLACK, CYRUS - sorcerer, used the familiar Nebuchadnezzar, once used dream creations to attack Dr. Strange while he slept
    *D* (app)--Defenders I#6 (Dr. Strange II#34(fb), Def#6, Tales to Astonish II#13/2, Doc II#34d)

BLACK, JACK of Earth-92800 - thief in early 20th century, wrote book on survival (app-earthstorm)--What If? II#40

BLACK, JONATHON - @ 1956, used Gas X to blackmail USA with intent of forcing them to surrender control to him until a stray dog knocked over the Gas X canister in his house, causing it to launch into space
    (app)--Uncanny Tales I#44/3

BLACK, JUDE - international terrorist, husband of Rachel and father of Cal, form taken over by Archer of the Xavier Underground Enforcers
    (app-xue)--X-Factor I#143

BLACK, JULIA - AIM, adoptive mother of Carmilla/Scorpion, former ties to Symbionese Liberation Army
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#7 (10(fb), 11(fb), 7(fb, dies)

BLACK, LINDA LEE - suffered from radiation poisoning while working at New Mexico facility processing nuclear power materials, slain by agents of Caxon Oil while trying to expose nuclear power's risks; information exposed by Blackbyrd and Abe Brown
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu I#12

BLACK, MARTIN - archeologist, partner of Ellen Mallory/Aislinn
    --Iron Man III#59 (61

BLACK, MICHAEL - earlier incarnation of Corpus Delecti
    (app)--Punisher III#13

BLACK, MULHOLLAND - Order, Initiative, forced to push LA residents into insanity by Ezekiel Stane, neck broken by Anthem to stop this
    feeds on the latent psychic energy of Los Angeles, transmutes it into pure kinetic power
    *D*--Order II#1 (8 (fb), 6 (fb), 8 (fb), 1-9, [10 (fb)], 10d)

BLACK, Dr. NOAH - see CENTURIUS (app)--Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#2

BLACK, OSCAR - Super Soldiers, killed by Childs
    - CHALLENGER* *D* (app-ss)--Super Soldiers#1 (1(fb), 2(fb)

BLACK, RACHEL - wife of Cal?
    --X-Factor I#145 (146

BLACK, TESS - daughter of Loki, stock trader, briefly possessed by Morwen, saved by Spider-Man & Loki
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#62//503 (63/504

BLACK, TIMOTHY - AIM, adoptive father of Carmilla/Scorpion, college radical
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#7 (10(fb), 11(fb), 7(fb, dies)

BLACK ABBOTT ( ) - monk of Dakoth-Kuru, took over other monks with mental powers, attempted to take over world with world peace organization, reportedly killed by Scourge I-3   
    *D* (app)--[Marvel Team-Up#146], 147 (148(fb), [146], 14-148, [Captain America I#394(d)]

BLACK ACE (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#6

BLACK AIR (Michele Scicluna, Scratch, Shrine, Threadgold, Peter Wisdom ) - British intelligence agency, successor to who, corrupt faction sought to take over the world using the power of a demon in conjunction with the Hellfire Club London, captured and mutated the Warpies.
    used highly advanced technology, some derived from the Uncreated, based in Blackwall
    (net)--Excalibur I#86 (90(fb1,4), [97(fb)], Five Decades of the X-Men: Up the Hill Backwards, Legends of the X-Men: Steel Dogs and Englishmen, Ex86-90, 96-100, [111,112],113, Colossus#1, Ex114, [New Excalibur#19]

BLACK ALFRED TOOKS - mobster, killed Mordecai Toomes, badly beaten by the Vulture
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#44 (45

BLACK ANNIS - goblin of Scottish legend, lured children from their homes and carried their bones with her as she wandered the highlands
    --[Marvel Comics Presents#18]

BLACK APOSTLES - twelve monks of Dakoth-Kuru, manipulated by Black Abbott
    (app-blackabbott)—Marvel Team-Up I#146, 148(named)(146-148

BLACK ARCHER of Earth-712 (Wyatt McDonald) - Squadron Supreme, former cab driver, identity used after quit Squadron and joined Redeemers following using behavior modification system to force Lady Lark to marry him, killed by Blue Eagle via massive head trauma caused by blow from a mace
    -HAWKEYE*, GOLDEN ARCHER* *D* (D#12,M)--Squadron Supreme I#10 (11,12d)

BLACK ATLAS FOUNDATION - associated with Echidna management
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

    later identity
    (net-gold)--All Winners#6

BLACK AXE ( ) - nearly immortal warrior, 10 000 years old, enemy of the Hand, based in U.K., has existed as an assassin, soldier, thief, mercenary, and warlord, worked for ruling class in Egypt 3000 years ago, active during Japan's age of war during the 1500s, active during American civil war and World War II.
    superhuman strength and endurance, uses body armor, carries a six foot bladed laser weapon
    -Mark Hyde (app)—Black Axe#1 (1(fb), [2(fb)], 3(fb), 4(fb), [7(fb), 2(fb)], 3(fb), 2(fb), 1(fb), 1, 2(fb), 1-4, [5(fb)], 5-7

BLACKBALL - Infinity War doppelganger of Speedball
    --New Warriors I#27

BLACK BARON (Rupert Kemp) - vampire and werewolf, seventh Baron Darkmoor, accused of trafficking with the devil, disappeared three centuries ago, kidnapped Courtney Ross, attempted to make her his mate, killed when stabbed through the heart with a silver stake
    *D* (app)--(uk) Super Spider-Man + Captain Britain#235/2 ([235/2(fbs)], 235/2, [235/2], 236/2-238/2d)

BLACK BAT of Earth-Amalgam (Barbara Gordon) - Black Cat + Batgirl
    HUNTRESS* (app)--Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD#1 (Detective Fury#359, BW:AoSH#1

    --Marvel Mystery Comics#63

BLACK BEE (Damon Hooks) - active @ twenty years prior to the modern era, stung by bee exposed to radioactive material, acted as superhero until badly beaten by six Atlantic City gang members, became an alcoholic, wife Connie left him, remarried and divorced twice, powers faded, encountered Peter Parker @ Amazing Spider-Man I#7, regained powers, but decided not to go back into action
    extend bee-like stingers from the back of his hands, possibly had superhuman strength and/or flight powers
    (app)--Spider-Man I#54/Ultimate Spider-Man Novel (54/2(fbs), 54/2

BLACK BILLY (    ) - modern day cowboy, kidnapped children after being humiliated by Shooting Star, defeated by her
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#45/4

BLACKBIRD - see ZELLER, GRETCHEN--Captain America 65th Anniversary Special

BLACKBIRD - X-Men's ship

BLACKBIRD (Heather O'Gara) - Superia’s Femizons.
    winged costume, fly
    JACKDAW* (app)--Captain America I#388,389 ( 411,412

    Earth-Morgan, Queen’s Vengeance
(app-emorgan)—Avengers III#2 (3)

BLACK BISHOP (Harry Leland) - Hellfire Club Inner Circle, X-Humed, killed by Nimrod.
    increase mass of himself or other objects, wm, obese, light brown hair
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#129 (X-Men: HellfireClub#4(fb), Generation X minus 1, X-Men Unlimited II#6, Marvel Super-Heroes III#11,13, UXM129, 132-135, 152, [New Mutants I#23],  UXM207,208,209d, She-Hulk II#34+35(zombie)

BLACK BISHOP of Hellfire Club London - see CAPTAIN BRITAIN--Excalibur I#97 (98

BLACK BLADE - designed in centuries past by the Japanese swordsmaker Muramasa, imbued with portion of his spirit, formerly owned by Mariko Yashida, brought to Madripoor by Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe, sought by Cult of the Black Blade, briefly possessed Jessica Drew and then Wolverine until claimed by Silver Samurai who was apparently its karmic master.
    virtually indestructible, enhances strength and fighting ability of user, as well as possessing them and generating savage bloodlust, bond would be permanent with formal human sacrifice performed by Cult
    -MURAMASA SWORD*, SWORD of EVIL* (Mystic Arcana-Swords, app)--[Wolverine II#1], 2 ([3(fb)], [1], 2-3, ?Wolverine: Doombringer, Wolv56,57, Cable: Blood & Metal#2, X-Men II#21-23, X-Men Unlimited#3?

BLACK BODIES - dimension of Blackbody, enforcers of the Uni-Lord, existence suggested by Dark Counsel, appearance patterned after Galactus
    *D*--[Silver Surfer III#111], 112 (121(fb), [111], 112-114, 117-121d)

BLACK BOLT (Blackagar Boltagon) - Inhuman monarch, royal family, "Illuminati," son of Agon + Rynda, brother of Maximus, father of Ahura, mutated by exposure to Terrigen in utero.
    powerful, unable to speak without causing immense destruction
    (I#2, D#2, M, WWH, net)--Fantastic Four  I#45(Thor I#148/2,149/2 Av I#95(fb) Thor152/2 W? I#30/2 Inh:US(fb1) F4#45-48 Inh:US(fb) F4#50 52 54 56,57, Inh:US(fb2) F4#59-62 An5 SubM I#2 Hlk An1 F4#82,83 99 XM:HY# 16 F4:WGCM# 4,5,7,8,11,12 AmzAdvI#1,2 Surf I#18 AmzAdv3,4 5-7 8, AA9 10,Av95, New Avengers: Illuminati (fb), II#1 (fb), F4#131(fb) F4#129-132,[MTU#9,10],11,Av118 F4#145(fb) Hlk175 Av127,F4#150 158(fb),159 Inh I#1-3 4-6 7-12, CaptMarv53 Spec11 F4 An12 MTIO An4 F4#240(fb),Av188,MTIO#72 DoCM GN AvAn12(fb1) F4#240 AvAn12(fb2) MarvFan14/2 Dazz14, F4#248 Hlk279 MSH:CoChamps#1,[2,3] V+SW I#4 AvAn12 Thing3 Dazz32(fb),32 New Avengers: Illuminati II#3 (fb), F4 An18 V+SW#10 [F4#305],306 XFacAn2 F4 An21/2, DD272-274 NewWar6 XFac67,68 InfG#2 Surf III#60 Av334,[336] F4#391 NovII#12,13 F4#400/2 Inh II#1 AtRis#1,F4:401,402 AR2 F4 Unl#11, [F4#410],411-413,416 F4 II#8-10,12,IM II#12?,HR:tR#4 Quick#1 Kaz V#10 Quas#4-6 AF/Inh An1998 Inh III#1-12, Inh IV#1-4, New Avengers: Illuminati II#4 (fb), F4 III#51,52, [Inhumans V#1], 2, GLA#2, New Avengers: Illuminati II#2 (fb), New Avengers#7-10, New Avengers: Illuminati(fb), New Avengers: Illuminati, Thing II#8 (fb), I (heart) Marvel: Ai#1/2, Beyond#6, Son of M, Silent War (World War Hulk Prologue, World War Hulk), World War Hulk: Frontline#4

BLACK BOOK - see NAMELESS CULTS (app)--Marvel Premiere I#7

BLACK BOOK of BAST - @ 1953, Walter Prelle tricked partner Miles Keston into using a "voodoo doll" spell to kill himself; source of power apparently not Bast
    (app)--Uncanny Tales#14/6

BLACK BOX (Garabed "Gareb" Bashur) - Moscow based fount of knowledge, sought by Deadpool to end Deadpool's life, brainwashed Deadpool and sent him to kill Cable, memory programs recovered by X-Force, apparently slain by Sabretooth
    COMMCAST* *D* (OH2006#2, 198)--Cable and Deadpool#14 ([23(fb)], 14-15, 18, 20-23, 24, Cable and Deadpool#26, 28-29, 32, 33-34, 40, 41d?

BLACK BRAND of Earth-Amalgam ( ) - Firebrand and Black Hand, enemy of Iron Lantern, pawn of HECTOR
    (app-il)--Iron Lantern#1

BLACK BRIGADE ( ) - Slorenian agent, ex-Russian cyborg, slain by Ultron when he and his robots decimated Slorenia.
    used number of robot drones
    *D* (app)--Force Works#4 (5, War Machine#14, FW#11-12, Avengers III#20 (fb,dies)

BLACK BROTHER (Joshua    ) - Governor of Ptongam Orbia; his wife, Belle, betrayed him for wealth
    (1970s, A-Z HC2, app)--Savage Tales I#1/4

BLACKBURN, ADDISON - see REVEREND (app-dragon circle)--[Jungle Action#19], Marvel Premiere#53

BLACKBYRD (Nathaniel Alexander Byrd) - private investigator in Harlem, former NYPD cop, ally of Abe Brown + White Tiger and Spider-Man, formerly served beside Misty Knight. bm
    --Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#12/2(16/3, 17/2-19/2, 22/2-24/2, 26, 27, 29/2, 30(fb), 30,31,32/2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#9, 50, Thor I#309

BLACK CABINET 2099 (Indigo Eshun (d), Nkrumah, Sharp Blue, Morphine Somers, Wire (d))
    - Doom's administrators
    --Doom 2099#28 (2099 AD#1, D29-34


BLACK CARLO (    ) -
    --USA Comics#3

BLACK CAT (Felicia Hardy*) - Heroes for Hire, former cat burglar, dated Spider-Man and Flash Thompson, nearly killed by Dr. Octopus, temporarily gained bad luck power from Kingpin’s agents using Harlan Stillwell’s equipment and notes, abilities transformed into cat-like powers when Dr. Strange removed bad luck aura from Spider-Man, currently heads Cat's Eye Private Investigators.
    has possessed cat-like and luck powers in past, and utilizes enhancement of her costume
    <originally slated to appear in Spider-Woman I#9, as per the letter page of Amazing Spider-Man I#194>
    -Felicia Harmon (I#2,D#2,M, OH: Spdm2004, AZU#2, ME,net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#194 (Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#6 (fbs), AmzSpdm#195(fb), Black Cat#4(fb), Spider-Man Family#1/2, AmzSp#194,195 204,205 226,227,Spec75(fb),74-76 77 A239 Sp78,79, A243,244 Sp81-84 A246 Sp85-89 A252, Spider-Man Family#1, Sp90-95, Spider-Man/Human Torch#4, Spec Annual#4, A256-258 Sp96,97, Marvel Team-Up Annual#7, Sp98,99,A263,Sp100, Sensational Spider-Man III#34 (fb), A266 Sp112 113 115-117 119 123,124, A288 [Web29],A289 128-130 StrT II#10 MCP#57/4 A306,307 MK II#45 Sp155,156 A329,330(fb),331 [333] 337 341,342,343(fb),343 346, [InfG#2] Web77,78,80 Sp23 A359 WebAn8/3 Morbius#29 F4#367 InfWar3(WondM#13) A368-372 [Sp211], Web113,An10 Black Cat#1-4,Morb#29,Amz400,SpU#9,Web125,128,[Sp224] SpHolSp1995/2,SU#11,Sens7,DC/Marv:AllAccess3,Se29,30, Wolv134, PP:Sp5, PP: Spdm An2000/2, Spectacular Spider-Man III#21, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Venom vs Carnage#1-4, Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do#1-6, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#2, 4-5, 7, 10-12, [Marvel Team-Up III#7-8]/ 9/2 /[10], Spider-Man: Breakout#2, Spider-Man Unlimited II#14, Sensational Spider-Man II#24-27, Claws#1-3, Heroes for Hire II#1, Sensational Spider-Man III#29-31, 33, Amazing Spider-Man#533, HfH II#2-5, Sensational Spider-Man III#32-34, 37, 39, HfH#6-8, 9-11, Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!#1/3

BLACK CAT Crawford - see Crawford, BLACK CAT (app-crawfordlyle)--Elektra: Glimpse & Echo#1


BLACK CHOPPERS - motorcycle gang comprised solely of extraterrestrials doing the arcane bidding of some unidentified conspiratorial organization
    (app-redshirt)--Taskmaster II#1 (Taskmaster II#1,3-4

BLACK CHRISTMESS (Cave, "santa & elves) - kidnapped Toulouse under the guise of being terrorists attacking Lacy's but they are tracked down and defeated by Wolverine and Pinter
    --Wolverine III#49

BLACK CIRCLE of the Hyborian era
    - BLACK SEERS of Yimsa--The People of the Black Circle; Savage Sword of Conan#16, 17

BLACK CLAW (Fritz Sternberg) - fought Captain Terror
    --USA Comics#2

BLACK CLOAK - Shi'ar Death Commandos, leader
    beaked face, fire laser from eye
    --[Uncanny X-Men#466], 467 (468

BLACK CLOAKs of the Hyborian era (Balthis) - Ophir, secret police force of king Varia, given nigh-free hand in doing anything needed to punish or prevent anything they might categorize as treason, corrupt, eventually overthrown with aid of Conan and the Iron Maidens
    --Savage Sword of Conan#68 (68(fb), 68

BLACK CLOCK - magic item, held by an "old geezer," stolen by an ex-con boarding with him
    aged those who touched it and wracked them with severe pain if they let go of it; the curse would only end when the Clock was returned to its rightful owner
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#67/3

BLACK CORSAIRS of Ahmaan the Merciless - active 100 years before Conan and Belit found Ahmaan's preserved corpse on the Isle of Mist
    --Conan the Barbarian I#65

BLACK CORSAIRS (Ajongo (CtB60), Baktu (CtB65), Kawaku (CtB61, 65), Laboto (SSoC107/2), Laranga (CtB60), M'Gora (CtB59 - see letters page, 61), Odongo, Ohanu (CtB65), N'Yaga (+60-61, Tabak (SSoC107/2), Yalonga, Yasunga (CtB60), Zula) - originally a tribe from the Silver Isles south of Kush, recrutied as pirates by Belit
Weird Tales#23/5 "Queen of the Black Coast"; (Marvel) Conan the Barbarian I#58 (January, 1976)

BLACK CRANE ( ) - ally of Wolverine, wounded by Deadpool.
    extrasensory perceptions
    --Uncanny X-Men#363 (Deadpool III#27

BLACK CROW (Jesse Black Crow) - Navajo, crippled by fall from building as construction worker, developed powers after having series of visions while recovering from fall, initially sought to destroy symbol of modern america, relinquished goal after Captain America paid respect to him and his heritage, may have had predecessors in the past.
    mystic powers, able to release spiritual self, transform into variety of animals
    (D#2, M, Mystic Arcana, app)—Captain America I#290(crow form only), 292 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#191(fb) Cap290,292 299,300 DD#225 MarvFan39 DocIII#25 Quas23, SpecSpdm191-193,Cap440,443, Civil War#6-7

BLACK CURATOR - Orgolhuhn on Matricca Scorpio
    (app-org)--Death's Head/Die-Cut#1 (2

BLACK DAHLIAS (Cut, Diesel, Drang/Marie + 2 (civilian names: Carrie, Lisa, Rae-Ann, Wendy); formerly Mulholland Black)
    - female gang, empowered by Ezekiel Stane
    --Order II#5 (6 (fb), 5-6, 8-9

BLACK DAWN ( ) - band of extradimensional/extratemporal ninja-like warriors, enemies of Shin
    --Cable II#85

BLACK DEATH (Ivan Kirleki) - Russian mutant, former research scientist at Rebirth Island, further mutated by exposure to bio-toxin by general, mesmerized Darkstar and sent her to abduct Beast +/- X-Men and force him to cure him, defeated by X-Men and taken to Russian prison by Darkstar, where a cure would be sought.
    telepath, mentally control others, even groups, release powerful bio-toxins from body, forced to wear environmental containment suit.
    (app)--X-Men Unlimited#28 (28(fb), 28

BLACK DEATH (    ) - former hero and student at New York University, turned to villainy after feeling unappreciated, trapped Gravity and tried to use his power to destroy NYU, defeated by him
    GREENWICH GUARDIAN*--Gravity#1 (2-5

BLACK DEMON OF DEATH (Kurt Bach? OR Kenneth Brown?) - Infamous Nazi saboteur that kidnapped and tortured American airplane manufacturers and designers to disrupt factories and steal secrets.
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#16/1 (spring 1945) “Black Demon of Death”

BLACK DEMON SECT - terrorists protecting communist China's interests
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#70

BLACK DIRGE (    ) -
    --Kid Komics#3

BLACK DRAGON (Chiantang*) - K'un-Lun dragon, brother of Dragon King, empowered Shou-Lao, destroyed K'un-Lun, beheaded by Colleen Wing, resurrected by Nightshade, who used his now unstable genetic code in a failed attempt to force him to obey her, traded bodies with Everett Ross, posed as Mephisto, re-empowered iron fist and sent him against Black Panther, transformed back into human form and cured by Taku.
    immensely powerful giant dragon, assume human form
    (OH2006#2, app)--Black Panther III#38 (38(fb), 40(fb), 30-32, 34,35, 38-40

BLACK DRAGONs of the Hyborian era - soldiers of Aquilonia
    --Conan the Liberator;

    --All Winners Comics#3

BLACK DOG of Earth-6706 (    ) - Panther's Bloodforce
    --New Exiles#2 (3-4

BLACK DRAGON SOCIETY (Nomura, Osato, Princess Akiuki Orugawa) - Japanese cult seeking domination of the Far East and possession of the Lost Treasures of Tao, employed by Arkady Dread to kill off a group of New York's Nightside bosses in exchanges for the Treasures, employed the Were-Tigers
    (app)--Nightside#1 (2(fb), 4(fb), 1(fb), 1-4

BLACK DRUID - see MORDRED (app)--Black Knight Comics#1

BLACK FLEET - Microverse, mercenaries hired by rebels of Ectaban to defeat Laios, destroyed by Acroyears
    *D*--Micronauts I#7(fb1)

BLACK FLEET - composed of members of the Turgentine Techenium who survived the war against the organics, criss-crossed the galaxy, raining destruction upon organics they encountered, all but a single ship were destroyed on Scadam by Kayla Ballantine wielding the power of the Starbrand

    --Marvel Preview#4/Sword in the Star

BLACK FOG (    ) - Indian serial killer captured, imprisoned in Hyderabad, and mutilated by his victim's families, mutated by Zero/One, subsequently freed from her control
    arrives in black fog, can attack from anywhere, blades able to slice through Hulk's hide

BLACKFOOT imposters - mercenaries employed by Roxxon to further their negotiations with the Blackfoot by stirring up trouble with both sides of the reservation
    (app-sparrowbear)--Marvel Comics Presents#107/2

BLACK FOX (Dr. Robert William Paine) - superhero @ 1950s-1980s, First Line, lover killed by Nocturne, former professor at Northwestern University, taught pre-law, came out of retirement and killed during Skrull invasion.
    wm, used fox-motif (Foxhole, Flying Fox), skilled inventor and technical engineer
    (OH:GA, net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 (5(fb), 1, 2, 8(fb), 3, StrT#120?, MLG#4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1/3, 11, 12d)

BLACK FOX ( ) - former friend of Andre Boullion, aging cat burglar, thirty years of experience, sought to pull off one last big heist so he could retire in the French Riviera, duped Spider-Man into allowing him to escape d/t age and family, eventually sent to prison by him
skilled acrobat and international jewel  thief, uses equipment for crimes
    Raul Chalmers, Mr. Niussbaum (U#1)—Amazing Spider-Man I#255 (265, Web of Spider-Man#14,15, A304,305, 348-350, Silver Sable#20, Web of Spider-Man Annual#10, Thunderbolts I#53, [Thunderbolts II#111], Irredeemable Ant-Man#7-8, 9, 10, 11-12

    (app-mf)--Miss Fury#2

    --(g) Reno Browne#50

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