BIOCHIP - designed at Cordco by Cal Oakley, implanted in Tony Stark's spine by Dr. Erica Sondheim
    allowed Stark to regain mobility in his legs, though it eventually took over his hole nervous system
    --Iron Man I#248 (249

BIO-COMS (Rover) - biological combat units, created by Secret Empire
    --Hawkeye II#1 (3,4

BIO-DYNE - company owned by Scorch
    --Night Thrasher II#14

BIOELECTRIC MASK - used by Adrian Eiskalt against Magneto
    (app-ae)--X-Men Unlimited#2

BIO-GENES (Leecher, Lightbright, Mali, Transfacer) - Somalians
    --Silver Sable#16

BIOGRAPHY of ORSON RANDALL - multiple volumes, written by Ernst Erskine
    --Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1 (1 (fb), 1

    --Amazing Fantasy II#10

BIOHAZARD - partial mind of John Kelly, consumes others to expand knowledge and abilities
    --Deathlok II#12

BIOHAZARD (Fletcher Traynor) - son of weapons designer + supplier, former student at Massachusetts academy, mutated by chemicals while exploring father’s equipment after father was killed in prison, lost control of abilities, defeated by Generation X and New Warriors, taken to Project: Pegasus
    semi-humanoid green conglomeration of chemicals, superhuman strength, project corrosive fluid
    (app)--New Warriors II#5 (Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1

BIOKINETIC ENERGY ABSORBER - created by Ricardo Jones, used by him to become the Thing imposter, later used by brother Armand, created Spider-Hulk
    (app-rj)--Fantastic Four I#50 (51, Web of Spider-Man#69, 70

BIOLUMINESCENT SQUID - one used by Namor to lead the Free Divers to the surface
give off a bright glow even in the darkest parts of the ocean
Namor I#52

    --[ ],Dr. Strange III#83

BIONIC ANGEL of Earth-78423 - television show; character emulated by a girl in Howard the Duck's apartment complex
    (app)--Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/12/77

BIOREACTOR - orbiting weapon designed @ 1950s by Cuckoo, fires random energy beams that transform latent mutants into hostile and mutates obsessed with killing humans, discovered by us government and ordered to dismantle and placed under San Francisco with slowly degrading lock-an activation mechanism, reactivated in modern times, destroyed by X-Force
    --X-Force I#102, 104(named) (104(fb), 102-104

BIOSHIP - Microverse, constructed by soul survivors in the image of Biotron and transported them to Earth, absorbed Nanotron + Microtron + memories of Arcturus Rann to gain mind of Biotron
    --Micronauts I#47 (47(fb), 47, 48(fb),48-58

BIO-SYNTHEZOIDS (Antigone) - created by Alkhema in effort to create children, most destroyed in destruction of her base
    (app)--Avengers: Ultron Imperative ([Avengers: Ultron Imperative (fb)], Avengers: Ultron Imperative

BIO-TECHNIX - prosthetics company, involved with plot to amputate limbs of influential people and outfit them with prosthetics to control them, plot also involved Fusion/Markley and Dr. Octopus
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man#39 (40

BIOTEX of Earth-93060 - sought the Wetware in the past, created Master of the Hunt and the Bloodhounds
    --[Freex#5], [5(fb)], [5]

BIOTRON - Micronauts, one of original 6000 series of thinking robots created 1000 years in the past, accompanied Commander Rann on journey
    --Micronauts I#1

BIOTRON CONSTRUCTs - robot creations of SULTAN.
    able to reassemble damaged parts
    (app-sult)--Captain America I#265 (266

bio-weapon - unleashed against SHIELD helicarrier by Mandarin via corpse of Kareem Najeeb, destroyed by Extremis
    cancer-like organism that took over and controlled all it contacted, killed Sal Kennedy
    --Iron Man IV#17 (18

BIPEDS (Pod)- extraterrestrial lizards, intelligent, capable of speech, walk on their hind legs, can be used as mounts
    --Eden's Trail#1 (2, 3

BIPHASIA dim (Ark of Oman-Ra, Darkpawns, Glissem, Grithstane, Half-Queen, Lustrums, menagerie, Paingloss, Sardanus, Savant, Shadow Sharks, Joaquin Zairre)
    - world divided into realms of darkness (Shadow-Realm) and light (Searland), balance sustained by Delandra the Half-Queen
    (app)--Giant-Size Werewwolf by Night#5 (5(fb), 5

BIRANA, FINU  of Earth-Avengers: Galactic Battalion - Centaurians
    --Avengers Forever#1

BIRCH, JASON - gunman for Cornelius Van Lunt,tried to kill Red Wolf
    (app)--Avengers I#80 (81

BIRCHWOOD, MIRIAM - Gossip columnist for Daily Bugle, attended wedding of Reed + Sue Richards
    (app)--Marvel: Heroes and Legends 1996 ([Fantastic Four Annual#3]/Marv:H+L 1996

BIRD, TUESDAY - killed abusive husband and herself in a plane crash, spirit tormented herself + Archangel with attacking birds

BIRD of PREY - interstellar pirate ship, enslaved others, including Thor + Sif + Warriors Three

BIRDBEAST - Asgardian monster-bird
    --Thor I#159 (Avengers III#1

BIRD BOY-see BIRD-BRAIN (net)--New Mutants I#55, 56 (57->birdbrain

BIRD-BRAIN- Ani-Mate, New Mutants, fled paradise, captured by us government, rescued and befriended by New Mutants, brought them to paradise to help other Ani-Mates escape tyranny of Ani-Mator, remained on Paradise to lead Ani-Mates after Ani-Mator was killed.
    humanoid bird, fly, limited education
    -BIRD BOY* (U#1)--New Mutants I#57 (58-61 Nova II#3,4, X-Force Annual#3

BIRD-MAN (Henry Hawk) - Ani-Men, Unholy Three, briefly empowered by agent of Count Nefaria, died in battle between Iron Man and Spymaster.
    winged costume, fly
    *D* (I#13,D#16,M)--Daredevil I#10 (11, 39-41, MTU#25, XM I#94,95(CXM#3), IM#115,116d)

BIRD-MAN (Achille DiBacco) - Ani-Men, killed by Scourge I-1 at bar with no name. duplicate costume and abilities of i
    *D* (I#13,D#16,M)--Daredevil I#157 (158, Captain America I#319d)

BIRD-MAN (    ) - Ani-Men, present at Hammerhead's meeting
    --Civil War: War Crimes#1

BIRD-MEN OF Pre-Cataclysmic Era (Ravian, Vultus) - worshipped or descended from Ka, slaughtered by first true men from the north, eventually passed on to another plane
    --Kull the Conqueror III#2 (2(fb1), 2

BIRD MEN of AKAH'MAAT (Ahlambra + father/king, Thaltor)
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#153

BIRDMEN of PA-PI-RU-GUA - humans living within a dormant volcano on a remote island near New Guinea and riding giant birds; allied with Japan during World War II
    --Captain America Comics#28

bird monster of the "Age of Legend" - see ARAK's bird monster (app-arak)--Tower of Shadows#7/3

BIRD PEOPLE - see AVIAN race --(g) Red Raven#1; X-Men I#44

BIRDROID - see TRI-MAN (app-tri)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#25


"bird-thing" - Themax-2, Ptero-People

BIRDY ( ) - psychic, ally of Sabretooth, used powers ("The glow") to soothe his bloodlust, used large gun and drove his getaway car, betrayed Sabretooth to Tribune, then helped him against them, until stabbed and killed by Tribune/Graydon Creed
    *D* (net)--X-Men II#6 (Maverick I#1(fb3), XM6, Sabretooth#1-4d)

BIRDY-BIRD 2099 - Million Palms Family Fun Facility, robot

BIRI - black panther, pet of Shanna, killed by Raga-Shah?
    *D*--Shanna the She-Devil#1(1(fb2),1-4 Kaz:LoHJ#2 DD#109-111 SavT I#9d)

BIRONNE, GEORGE - New Jersey mobster, attended meeting of Roger "Big Man" Chan, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VI#34 (34d)

BISENTO (    ) - Snakeroot, opposed About Face plans, slain by Stone
    *D* (app-snake)--Daredevil I#321, (named) 323 (
323(fb), [321, 322], 323d)

BISHAMON - Japanese god of war & happiness

BISHOFF, I. S. - see ISBISA (app)--Vision and Scarlet Witch I#2

BISHOP - robot constructed by Charles Reigel, sent against and destroyed by the Hulk
    *Des* (app-reigel)--Incredible Hulk Annual#9

BISHOP - Chessmen.
    wore headpiece that subtlety interferes with motor functions of others, used staff to fly and fire energy blasts.

BISHOP (Lucas Bishop) - XMen, X-Treme X-Men, Twelve, XSE, mutant from future of Earth-Bishop, grandson? of Gateway, brother of Shard, traveled to modern era in pursuit of Trevor Fitzroy, returned to his time to find it had been warped by Chronomancer, led group of mutants against him, assigned to police District X.
    absorb + release energy ,bm, "M" tattoo on right side of face, skilled at unarmed combat
    L'il Joe (M,ME, OH: X2004, 198,
Civil War, net)--Uncanny X-Men#282 (Bishop#3(fb#2+3+4+1), UX494, X-Factor III#27, UXM An1996(fb1-3), XSE#1(fb1-4,6), 2(fb1,2), Bish:LXM#1(fb), XFac140(fb), XSE#3(fb1+2+4+5), 4(fb1-3), An18/2(fb), Bish:XSE#1-4,
    UX287(fb), 282-285, 287, XM II#8, UX An16/3, UX An16, UX288-294, XFac84,X14,XFor16,UX295,XFac85,X15,XFor17,UX296,XFac86,X16, XFor18, UX298-300, An17, UX301-304, X25, UX305, XMU#1, Av368, X26, AWC#101,UX307,Av369,UX308, 310, X30, XMU#3, UX311, UX313,314, UXAn18/2, CabII#16, UX318, X An3, Bishop#1-4, Ex83, [MarvHolSp1994], X38, UX320(fb), UX320, X40, UX321, X41, XM:Alpha, GenNext#1/AmzXM#1/AstXM#1/XMan1,AstXM2,3,AmzXM3,4,XM:Omega, XM:Prime, UX322, Wolv91, X43,44, [GenX#6], Wolv93, UX325, UX An1995, X46,47, UX328, XFor51, X48, 49, GenX#13,14, UXM331, XMvBrood:DoW#1,2, X50-52, UX333, Av401, F4#415,416, MarvHolSp1996/5, X53, UX334, X54, XM:Ons, UX335, Ons:MU,UX337,UX An1996 XMan23 CabII#41, UX341-345, 348, 353, 354, 357,358, TeamX2000#1, UX372, X92/Bish:LXM#1-3, 4(fb), 4-6 7 8, UX377,Cab76,X97,B:LXM#9 10-14 15, XMU#29 X107 Bish#16,X108 109, Gambit & Bishop: Sons of the Atom Alpha,1-6 XTXM#1-4, XTXM:SavLand#1-4, UX455(fb), XTXM5-9 An2001 XTXM#10-18, 19, XTreme XMen: XPose#1,2, X140,141, X157, Uncanny X-Men#444-447,
    X-Men Unlimited II#1, District X#1-6, XMU#2, Cable and Deadpool#9,10, X165, Madrox#3, DX7-12, UX455-459, DX13-14, X174, Iron Man IV#14, Black Panther IV#25, UX490/2, [X205], UX493, X206, UX494, XFac27, NX46, X207, 208 (fb), Cable II#6 (fb), Cable II#1-5

BISHOP of Earth-1610 -
    (OH: UltSecret)--Ultimate X-Men#47

BISHOP of Earth-2107 -
    (OH: UltSecret)--Ultimate X-Men#76

BISHOP, BILL - Teen Brigade, police officer
    -Willie (app)--Avengers I#1 (10, Captain Marvel  I#51-53, Incredible Hulk II#418

BISHOP, DAVID - SHIELD II, patient of Dr. Benjamin
    AGENT 77*--Captain America V#30

BISHOP, DEREK - wealthy father of Kate and Susan
    --Young Avengers#1 (2

    Young Avengers
    (OH2006#5)--Young Avengers#1 (Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), YA#1-6-->Hawkeye

BISHOP, SUSAN - daughter of Derek, sister of Susan, wife of
    --Young Avengers#1 (Young Avengers Special#1 (fb), YA#1

BISHRU - mystic entity invoked by Kamuu of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis, as well as Dr. Strange, Master Khan, Umar; temple guarded by Shabarr
    -"Bolts of Bishru"--[Thor Annual#9] ([Marvel Spotlight I#17], [Iron Fist I#7], [Sub-Mariner I#65/2, 66/2]

BISMUTH - Elements of Doom

BISMUTH of Earth-Amalgam - Magnetic Men, after toad
    -SNAPPER JONES--Magneto and the Magnetic Men#1 (Magnetic Men featuring Magneto#1

BISON (Billy Kitson) - Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer)'s Masters of Evil, former friend of Cage, turned to crime after accident ruined his future basketball career, joined Masters in order to make enough money to return to normal form
    (app)--Thunderstrike#13 (14,Tb24,25

BISQ - see MONSTER from the LOST LAGOON's mate (app-monster)--Fantastic Four I#97

BITAUR - Insectaur steed to Zak on Symbion
    ---Sectaurs#1 (3-8

BITE, ROBERT A. - Owner of gem company attacked by Green Goblin
    (app-Sadetsky)--Exclusive Collectors' Edition: Spider-Man

BITMAP ( ) - System Crash, origins uncertain, but originally was of normal human dimensions, but has shrunken over the years, possibly from losing some of his liquid form.
    dwarfish form, actually consists of a liquid held together by a containment suit that gives him human appearance, reshape liquid form to assault others
    (app-system)--Daredevil I#326 (327-329, Silver Sable#25, DD330-332

BITNER, GENE - Promise, alongside 5 other mutants hypnotically controlled by Yellow Claw ca. 1956; later recruited by Tobias Messanger to join Promise; rearrangement of matter, teleportation, augmented IQ
    (2007#8, net-lostgen)--Yellow Claw#2; X-Men: Hidden Years#16, (named) #18 (YC#2, XM:HY#19(fb), 16-19, 20-22

BITSY - vampire, ally of Federico Valencia, bit off Fofo’s fingers, destroyed by Blade
    *D/R/D*--Blade#3 (4

BITTERFROST - Siberia, former headquarters of Gremlin, destroyed in battle against Hulk, remains continued to serve as secret base for Gremlin/Titanium Man until his death
    --Incredible Hulk II#1__ ( 188d, IM#229

BITTERFROST of Earth-982 (Betty Forest) - former resident of St. Andrews, abused by boyfriend Wayne, sought shelter in abandoned warehouse, mutated by leaking chemicals
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#3 (3 (fb, 3

BITTERHORN - demon, sent by Mephisto to recruit his Legion Accursed
    (app)--Secret Wars II#7

BIT-YAKIN of the Hyborian era - Pelishtan?, led servants to Alkmeenon where he posed as the Oracle via Yalaya, eventually died and was mummified by his servants
  *D*--REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Savage Sword of Conan#25 (25 (fb2+5 (dies))

BIXBY, Mr. - given weapon by Black Widow (Yelena Belova) to neutralize the "Negative Space" barrier into Attilan
    (app)--Inhumans III#5 (6,[7],8,[9-11],12

BIZARNAGE of Earth-Amalgam ( ) - Carnage + Bizarro. created at Project: Cadmus
    (app)--Spider-Boy#1 (Outrageous Spider-Boy#254, Way-Cool Spider-Boy#37, Spider-Boy#1

B.J. COSMOS (B.J. Kozmojian) - movie producer, head of Cosmos Productions, made movie starring Spider-Man and Green Goblin, but it was never released
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#14

BJORN ?? - Stockholm, drug-dealer, blinded by Ankhi, arrested for possession

BJORN the WHITE - Frost Giant
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#5

BK2theBX, the - blogger
    --Incredible Hercules#127

B'KOSA, general JONATHON -
    --Moon Knight III#12 (13,14

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