BAR with no NAME - Medina County Ohio, criminal gathering place, several super-villains gathered here in an attempt to present a united front against Scourge I-1, all were killed by Scourge I-1, other versions of the bar exist in a variety of locations
    —Captain America II#317 (318, 319, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual /
    Deadline#2, Spider-Man: Swing Shift

BAR CEPILLO - Texas, attended by Tank, site where he met Frank Castle
    --Punisher War Journal II#6 (6 (fb)

BAR CODE 2099 - owned by Anesthesia Jones
    --Ghost Rider 2099#2 (3, 6

BARA - death god worshipped by people of Naou, the Piaka Loio claimed to be his reincarnation, possibly encountered by Elektra in a fevered madness after picking up a strain of Asian flu
    --[Elektra II#29, (seen/delusion) #34]

BA’RAHM ( ) – Evil swami mystic preyed on rich widows by promising to contact their recently deceased, hypnotized them into signing over their wills and inheritance and drowned them in the harbor, worked for Mr. Brady (a crooked lawyer) and had a small deformed dwarf sidekick named Shao.
    --Captain America Comics#23/5 (February 1943) “Idol of Doom”

BARAK - Dragons of the Crimson Dawn.
    4 arms, large + strong, magic gloves + scimitar
    --Excalibur I#107, 108(named) (109

BARAN - Dire Wraith (SciWraith), came to Earth to develop technology, took human form, married Laura, adopted Jonathon, eventually drafted into war against Rom, sided with Rom against the other Wraiths to protect his family, allowed to live by Rom
    Michael Baran* (app)--Rom#25/2 ([25/2(fb)], 25/2

BARAN - prince of Madripoor, long line of ancestry from pirates, involved with numerous criminal activities, employed Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe as agents, staged slaughter at princess bar, shot by Nguyen Ngoc Coy, either survived or succeeded by another Baran
    *D?*--Wolverine II#6 (7, [15],16, 17,18, 23, 27, [30], 31, 98d?, [Amazing Fantasy II#8])

BARAN, JON - adoptive son of Laura and "Mike" Baran
    (app)--Rom#25/2 ([25/2(fb)], 25/2

BARAN, LAURA PAULA - wife of the Dire Wraith Baran, adoptive mother of Jon, unaware of his true nature, separated from him after learning this
    (app)--Rom#25/2 ([25/2(fb)], 25/2

BARAN, MICHAEL "MIKE" - see BARAN (Wraith) (app)--Rom#25/2

BARANKA - Shi'ar official to Lilandra
    (app-L'Deroh)--X-Men Unlimited#5

BARAT, HAJI BIN - Middle Eastern terrorist, came to live on Providence, killed by Deadpool
    --Cable and Deadpool#13 (13(fb), [14(fb, dies)], 13(d)

"BARB" - see WREN's fiancÚ  (app-wren)--Uncanny Tales#54/5

BARB ( ) - "Rejects", former agent of Arcade, hired to battle Northstar.
    amphibious male, extend long and thin spikes from arms
    (net)--Northstar#3 (4

BARB (              ) - superhuman, partner of Sunny, attracted to Sapphire Lotus. fire iron quills from her fingers
  (app)--Death's Head III#1 (2, [3]

BARB (        ) - mutant, Spikes.
    project spikes
    --(named) X-Treme X-Men#33

barbarian of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD - participated in illegal swords and sorcery virtual game at Maklin's, pulled to Guildern and joined forces with Nikki Doyle and Tristum against Mendes, decapitated by Mendes during inquisition
    sword-wielding warrior
    *D* (app-guildern)--Wild Angels

barbarians of ARCTURUS - see ARCTURAN barbarians (app-arcturans)--Adventures into Fear#23

BARBAROSA - Baron Strucker's submarine
    --Avengers/Thunderbolts novel

BARBAROSA, MARIO - son of Vinnie, killed by Firefox
    *D*--Spider-Man/Punisher: Funeral Pyre#1 (2, Punisher III#6d)

BARBAROSA, VINNIE - right hand man of Mario Geraci, killed by Tombstone
    *D*--Punisher III#1 (2-4,Spider-Man/Punisher: Funeral Plot#1,2 ,Pun5,Over the Edge#5, Pun6-9d)

BARBAROSSA - chemical warfare virus developed by Evgeny Stenkov, it and its cure were injected into his daughter Galina to incubate it; Punisher sent to retrieve Galina so an unnamed US coalition could obtain the virus; the Punisher retrieved Galina, but stopped anyone from touching her until the virus had expired
    --Punisher VII#14 (15-18

BARBARUS - Savage Land Mutates.
    four arms, enhanced strength and durability
    (D#11, M, AMW, OH HC#1)--X-Men I#62 (63, Avengers I#105, Marvel Fanfare I#1-4, Uncanny X-Men Annual#12, UX249,250, 274,275, Wolverine II#69, X-Men Unlimited#6, X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#3,4, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb)

BARBATO, ANGELA - secretary for Nelson and Murdoch
    (app)--Daredevil II#20 (22, 23

BARBATOS, ROGER - criminal, had pact with Beelzeboul granting him immortality, pact broken when Terror delivered Hellfire to Beelzeboul
    *D* (app)--Terror INC#1 (1(fb),1-5d)

Barbe -
    --USA Comics#4

BARBER, JOHN - Daily Bugle copy editor
    --[Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1]

BARBICON ( ) - Neo.
    restructure matter
    --X-Men II#101, 102(named)

BARCLAY, BRENDA - former secretary of Don Blake in Chicago, adoptive mother of Darkoth's son
    --Thor I#325 (326,329?,354/2

BARCLAY, MOOSE - World War II, US Marines, wrestling sparring partner of Jay Littlebear
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#8 ([8(fb)], 8

BARD, ELI - demon? creature, affiliated with Purifiers, bonded to Technarch Magus, attacked Matthew Risman and X-23 before departing
    feeds on souls
    --X-Force IIII#1, (last name revealed) #3 (1-6

BARDHAM, Dr. JUDEN - Conspiracy, cardiologist, removed Bloodgem fragment from Ulysses Bloodstone, presumably killed along with other members when absorbed by Hellfire Helix and then shattered by bloodstone
    *D* (app-consp)--[Rampaging Hulk I#1/2],8([1/2-6/2],8d)

BARDIYA of the Hyborian era - Iranistan, served Kobah Shah
    --The Flame Knife; Savage Sword of Conan#31

BAR D'O - drag bar attended by Otis Johnson & Orka
    --Daughters of the Dragon#3 ([5 (fb)]

BARDOT, BETHLEHEM - 2020, Kadogar Gang, Mars colony
    --Death's Head III#14 (15

BARDU - son of Zabu of M'Tuba's tribe, tried to prevent Lorna approaching with foreign medicine but relented when father also became sick
   (app-M'Tuba)--Lorna the Jungle Girl#19

BAREHIDE KID (    ) - stripper, danced at Marlo Chandler's bachelorette party
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#417

BARETT, Dr. JAMES LLOYD - pre-modern era, Brass Monkey, New Mexico, saved fiancÚ Marie De Voe from Dracula, but killed in car wreck after trying to take Dracula for medical research
    --Dracula Lives#6/4 (7/2

BARFIELD, LEON JOSEPH - former head of Louisiana chapter of Purity, killed by Billy Bates in District X
    --District X#13, (named) 14 (13-14(fb, dies)

BARGER, JOE - Consumer activist, attempted to shut down Stark International due to alleged hazards and wastes
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#22 (23(fb), 23

BAR-HELM of the Hyborian era - former captain of the Kordavan guard under king Phehemenes, had affair with Sharmela, tried to have Conan slain, killed by him instead
    --Savage Sword of Conan#61

BARIM, TURHAN - minor sorcerer, summoned for assistance against Dormammu
    (app)--Dr. Strange II#9 (9(fb), 9

BĂRJĐÍV - capital of Rumekistan
    --Cable & Deadpool#28 (29

BARKAN, Captain - captain of freight ship transporting plutonium for Caxon Oil Company, slain by Miss Caxon when he tried to pressure Caxon for more money
    *D* (app)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu I#12/2

BARKER (    ) - Gladiators, Howlers, canine member
    (app-gladiators)--Beauty and the Beast#2

BARKER, ?? - former security agent at Ravencroft, secret agent of Reynard, defeated by Shriek
    (app)--Web of Spider-Man Annual#10

BARKER - Rottweiler, pet of Caryn Earle, lives across the alley from Peter Parker
    (OH: Spdm2004(supporting), MESp)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#30 (31, 32, 37, 48, 49, Spectacular Spider-Man III#17

BARKER, BOSS - see BOSS BARKER (app)--Fantastic Four I#91

BARKER, CARL - @ 1963, owner of Barker's auto body shop, cheated his customers, briefly and unwittingly employed the Stranger, who stole a car that would likely put him out of business after Barker tried to cheat him out of his pay
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#89/2

BARKER, CLEM of the Old West - werewolf, apparently killed by Two-Gun Kid
    --Marvel Western: Two-Gun Kid#1

BARKER, CYRUS T. - devised deadly "Doomsday Race", almost killed racer Alex Marks, stopped by Human Fly and Ghost Rider (Blaze)
   (app-marks)--Human Fly#2

BARKER, JED Sr. of the Old West - werewolf, apparently killed by Two-Gun Kid
    --Marvel Western: Two-Gun Kid#1

BARKER, JED Jr. of the Old West - werewolf, apparently killed by Two-Gun Kid
    --Marvel Western: Two-Gun Kid#1

    Lost Gods
    (app)--Thor I#274

Barko (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics#2

BARKO - dog, Confederates of the Curious
    --Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1 (1 (fb), Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death#1

BARLA of the Hyborian era - native of Surhon, barkeep, punched out by Conan when he came on to one of the Children of Rhan
    --Savage Sword of Conan#64

Barlo, John -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#10

BARLONIUS - see KING of the LOST PEOPLE (app/god-klp)--Conan Annual#6

BARLOW, BENNET - brother of Damocles, shot and killed him to stop his plot
    (app)--Thor I#268 (268(fb), 268

BARLOW, SAM - @ 1958, creator of the Melting Pot, used it to escape prison and accumulate wealth, nearly drowned when it melted his accumulated gold bullion, captured by police
    (app-melting pot)--Strange Tales I#63/5

BARNABBAS of Earth-Shadowline - Order of St. George -Robin Goodfellow, Puck
    (app-stg)--Powerline#1, (named) St. George#1 (2, Powerline#3, St.G#3, 7, Critical Mass#1/2, 3, 3/2, 5, 6, 6/2

BARNABUS, CHARLES - Pureblood vampire, executor of Bloodstone Estate, kidnapped by Nosferatu vampires, rescued by Elsa, Adam, and Tomas Dluga
    (app-elsa)--Bloodstone#1 ([1(fb)], 1-4

BARNACLE (Mortimer Everett) - Acolytes, accompanied Cortez in attempt to gain asylum under Xavier.
    Form solid coating from the moisture on others, dark hair, deformed skin
    (2006#1-acolytes)--X-Men: Magneto War#1


BARNES, "BROOKLYN" of Earth-Amalgam - Bucky Barnes + Brooklyn, Special Crime Unit
    (app)--Spider-Boy#1 (Super Soldier: MoW#1, SpB#1

BARNES, BRUCE - see HULK--Captain Universe/Hulk#1

BARNES, JAMES Sr. - father of Bucky and Rebecca
    --Captain America and Bucky#620 (2011)

BARNES, JUWAN - son of Tawanda, neighbor of Elijah Snow, killed by Det. Scott McLawry to prevent them from speaking out against him
  *D*--Wolverine II#188 ([189(d)]

BARNES, REBECCA - sister of Bucky
    --Captain America and Bucky#620 (2011) (624

BARNES, TAWANDA - mother of Juwan, neighbor of Elijah Snow, killed by Det. Scott McLawry to prevent them from speaking out against him
  *D*--Wolverine II#188 ([189(d)]

BARNES, TOMMY - former manager of Topeka Kid
    --Iron Man IV#14 (14 (fb)

BARNES, - mother of James/Bucky and Rebecca, wife of James Sr., died in 1935
    *D*--[Captain America and Bucky#620] (2011)

BARNETT, GEOFFREY - criminal ,drug-dealer, employed and framed Dwight Faron, forced to help Master of Vengeance against Spider-Man, killed by Punisher
*D* (app-mov)--Spider-Man#32 ([32(fb)], 32

BARNETT, KEN - lawyer, dated Dazzler
    --Dazzler#13 (15-18, 20-24, 26, 28

BARNETT, Dr. MICHAEL - friend of Carol Danvers
    *D*--Ms. Marvel#2 (3, 5, 8, 13, 15 Marvel Super-Heroes III#11/3(fb)+10/3

BARNETT, PHILLIP - former agent of Justin Hammer, designed system which enabled hammer to take control of Iron Man’s armor and kill carnelian ambassador Sergei Kotznin.        
    wm, balding, dark hair + beard, glasses
    --[Iron Man I#118], 120, 126(fully named) ([118], 120, [122,123],124, 126,127

BARNETT, VICKY - assistant of Dr. Palmroth
    --Dr. Strange III#57(58,59

BARNEY ?? - Springdale, former agent of Bonehead

BARNEY ?? of Earth-982 - agent of Hobgoblin, partner of Rudolf/Reverb
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1, (identified) #2

BARNEY, RON - Daily Bugle
    --[Marvel Visions#14]

BARNEY, Dr. R.A. - analyzed Daredevil's blood and identified radioactive particles there
    (app-machinesmith)--Daredevil I#51

BARNSWORTH - Skrulls of Kral
    --Black Panther IV#32

BARODI race ( ) - smugglers, encountered by Bishop + Deathbird + Karel on a port planet
    grey skin, semi-humanoid
    --Uncanny X-Men#358

BARON ( ) - criminal overlord, used medieval castle (Milehigh Keep) + weapons, served by Knights, enemy of Big Brother
    (app)--[Power Man#37],39 ([37,38],39

BARON, Mr. - World War II era spy taken down by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    --Captain America and Bucky#621 (2011)

BARON OF HORROR CASTLE – A Nazi secret agent that was based in a small European castle in a WWII Allied controlled country, invited American military officers to his castle for dinner, drugged them and attempted to fly them to Germany, he fell to his doom from a parapet fighting Captain America
    --Captain America Comics#42/4 (October 1944) “The Baron of Horror Castle”

BARON BLOOD (lord John Falsworth, Jr.) - World War II, vampire, Super-Axis, Legion of the Unliving II, brother of Union Jack (Montgomery Falsworth), uncle of Spitfire, great-uncle of Baron Blood (Ken Crichton), transformed by Dracula, mutated by surgery from Nazi scientists, assassin for German intelligence during World War I+II, murdered a number of British army officials, posed as his own son in effort to transform Jacqueline into vampire, remains kept in tower of London following war until revived by Cromwell, an agent of Dracula, killed Cromwell and his daughter and usurped his identity, beheaded in modern times by Captain America
    -John Falsworth Jr., Dr. Charles Cromwell *D* (I#13, D#16, M, app)--Invaders I#7 (9(fb), 8(fb), [OHotMU DE#16: Baron Blood], 9(fb), Mortigan Goth: Immortalis#2(fb), Inv7-9, 39-41, Namor An2/2, Captain America III#20/2,21/2,  [Captain America I#253(fb), 254(fb), 253/Union Jack#2(fb)], 253, 254d, AvAn16(d)

BARON BLOOD - see KHIRON--Dr. Strange III#15 (16-18, 20, 21 [26] 29,30 32(fb) 36 An3/4->Khir)

BARON BLOOD (Kenneth Crichton*) - vampire, son of Spitfire (Falsworth Crichton), nephew of Union Jack/Brian Falsworth, grandson of Union Jack, great-nephew of Baron Blood/Falsworth, sickly, college friend of Union Jack/Chapman, transformed into vampire by Baroness, destroyed by sunlight?
    *D/R/D* (app)--Union Jack#2 (3
, [Alias#26], Captain America IV#31?

BARON BOCHE (Ulbrecht Arzt) - Nazi spy master in America, ally of Black Talon (Pascal Horta)
--Young Allies#2

BARON BRIMSTONE (Walter Theodoric) - criminal, used variety of technological devices and apparent magic in committing thefts.
    Uses harness to teleport, fire energy bolts, form force fields, uses gas balls
    (app)--Machine Man I#16 (Marvel Team-Up I#99, Avengers I#251, Fantastic Four I#335

    voodoo death god
    --[Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy]

BARON CIMIERE - lord of cemeteries
    --[Ghost Rider Annual#2/2]

BARON DARKMOOR - see BLACK BARON (app)--Super-Spider-Man and Captain Britain#235/2

BARON EISEN - 15th century scientist in what would become Eisendorf, constructed a number of fantastic machines, including the "god of iron and fire," possibly an alias of Victor von Doom
    --[Captain America 65th Anniversary Special]

Baron Execue (    ) -
    --Human Torch#12

Baron Girbel (    ) -
    --USA Comics#5

BARON GORBECK of the Hyborian era - see GORBECK, baron
    (app-poltiurno)--Savage Sword of Conan Magazine#108

BARON HAASEN - see FORTUNOV, VLADIMIR (app-fortunovdimitri)--Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3, X-Force#64

Baron Hitso (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#43

BARON KAANUUB of the pre-Cataclysmic era - see KAANUUB--[Mirrors of Tuzun Thune]; Kull the Conqueror I#

BARON KARZA - Microverse, former chief scientist of Homeworld, later conqueror and tyrant, creator of Body Banks, cyborg, killed by Marionette, reborn form later teamed with Thanos in a battle that merged all of the Microverses
    <LICENSED> (app)--Micronauts I#1 (3 (fb), 38(fb), 24(fb), 25/2(fb), 6 (fb), Micronauts Special Edition#4, Micro#7(fb), 8 (fb), Micro II#15 (fb), Micronauts Annual#1/2, 1/3, Micro#1, 2, [25/2 (fb)], 3, 5-8, Micro II#15 (fb), Mn#9-11, 14, [15 (fb)], 22/2, 23/2, 24-25, 25/2, 26-28, [29-32, 33-44, 45-48], 49-51, Mn II#15 (fb), Mn I#52-55, [56], 56, 57, X-Men/Micronauts#1-4, Mn#58-59, [Mn II#19-20], Captain Marvel V#6 (fb)

BARON KORDA - @ 1459, ally of Turac
    --Bizarre Adventures#33/4

BARON KROZI - see FORTUNOV, VLADIMIR (app-fortunovdimitri)--Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3, X-Force#64

BARON MACABRE - Wakandan, agent of Killmonger, empowered by Resurrection Altar.
    fire electric blasts, used Death Regiments to fake reanimating the dead
    (app)--Jungle Action#9 (10,11, 17

BARON MORDO - see MORDO, NIKOLAI (app)--Dr. Strange III#6/2

BARON MORDO (Karl Amadeus Mordo) - evil sorcerer, former disciple of Ancient One, former servant of Dormammu, grandson of Viscount Heinrich Krowler, father of Astrid, originally trained by Krowler, sacrificed Krowler and his own mother to Dormammu as vengeance for killing his father Nikolai, seduced Lilia II, stole book of Cagliostro, beat her and left her for dead, developed terminal cancer, killed by Astrid, but cleansed his spirit by defending the monks of the Ancient One from her, apparently joined the Ancient One in the great beyond, returned to Earth after Strange altered time to stop Dormammu from being reformed
    -Dr. Strange imposter *D* (I#2,D#1,M,net)--Strange Tales I#111 (Doc: Sorcerer Supreme#6/2, 8/2, [Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/2], Doc8/2, StrT#115/2 (fb), DocIII#85(fb)
ST111/2,114/2,117/2,121/2,125/2,130/2-141/2 Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters, ST146/2 159/2-162/2 MarvFeat I#1/3 MarvPrem13,14 Doc II#10-12, Doc39,40,ManThII#4,Doc41 49-51 SecWarII#7 DocIII#5-9 13 21-24 48 [84],85-87d, Amazing Spider-Man II#59)

BARON RADZIK - see RADZIK, baron (app)--Tales to Astonish I#55/2

BARON ROCKLER of Earth-Fragmented America - husband of Baroness Rockler, attempted to takeover while King Gerald was the Black Lama
    (app-efa) *D*--Iron Man I#80(81d)

BARON SABBAT - see FORTUNOV, VLADIMIR (app-fortunovdimitri)--Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3, X-Force#64 ([Blade III#2 (fb), 2]

BARON SAMEDI - see SAGBATA--Dr. Strange III#17

BARON SAMEDI ( ) - AIM, created pseudo-zuvembies for use in Haiti
    (app)--Strange Tales I#171 ([169(fb)], 171

Baron Schloss (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#13

BARON SKULLFIRE - Spirits of Vengeance
    --Ghost Rider #31 (2009)

BARON STRUCKER (Wolfgang von Strucker) - Nazi, founder of Hydra, commander of Blitzkrieg Squadron, former German intelligence agent, wing commander of Nazi Germany’s Death’s Head Squadron, controlled System Crash, father of Fenris, made several attempts to obtain the Momentary Princess, directed cryogenic preservation of Master Man and Warrior Woman, seemingly killed by death spores in battle with Nick Fury, revived mutated by death spore.
    Release death spore from his body at will to kill others, consummate military strategist, uses Satan’s Claw, skin mottled by death spore, possesses dueling scar on left side of face
    -SUPREME HYDRA, Grand Imperator of Them, Don Antonio Caballero, Emir Ali Bey, John Bronson
(I#13,D#16,M, 2006#1, net)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#5 ( Gambit III#10(fb1), Hulk!#23/2, X-Men: True Friends#1-3, Uncanny X-Men#268/Wolverine Origins#16 (fb), 19-20 (fbs), SF+HC#5, 28,29, Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders#4(fb), 2-4, Invaders I#30, Marvel Universe#2(fb), Nick Fury agent of SHIELD II#3-5(fb), Sgt.Fury91, 114, UXM#161(fb), Namor10(fb), MarvUn1-3, UX161(fb), Daredevil I#295(fb), Gambit III#10(fb2), XFor64(fb), Untold Tales of Spider-Man minus 1, [GamIII#12(fb2)],
    StrT I#150-158, [Spdm76 (fb)], [NFaoSH III#20],21-23 CapI#387/2, NFaoSH III#25,26 Cap394 DD An7/3(fb) 7, PunAn4,CapAn10 [DD292,293] 298,299 [NF28,29] Nightstalk2 DD307-309 NF47 Sab15 DD#326-332 MCP152-155 Sable25, Namor Annual#4, Skrull Kill Krew#2,3 [Spider-Man#76],77-80 [Thunderbolts#3],5
, Avengers/Thunderbolts novel, Captain America IV#31, Invaders III#6, New Thunderbolts#1-6, [17(fb)], 17

BARON STRUCKER V - see CHARNEL (app)--Death's Head II#1 (2,3->Charn)

BARON THUNDER ( ) - leader of Committee
    —Werewolf by Night I#17 (18-20

Baron Togi (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#50

Baron Trembieu (Kurt Schnell) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#41

BARON von BLIMP ( ) - criminal, ally of Highwayman, posed as Nazi, used band of pseudo-neo-Nazis
    (app)--[US1#3], 4  (5, 9-11

BARON von BLITZSCHLAG (Wernher von Blitzschlag) - former Nazi super-villain, involved in creations of Master Man, Warrior Woman, & Vunder Knight, recruited to aid in research at Camp Hammond, cloned MVP and implanted some of his own DNA in several of the clones
    --Avengers: The Initiative#1 ([2 (fb)], 1, Annual#1, Av: Int#2-3, 4-5, 6, 7, Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/3, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), 10-11, 12

BARON von RANTENRAVEN - German villain, used flying aircraft carrier and fighter planes to attack NYC, forced into crash landing by Spider-Man. (TV) 
    --Spider-Man (1967): "Sky Harbor"

Baron von Ritter (    ) -
    --Daring Comics#9

BARON von RITZIK - see von RITZIK, baron --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#1

BARON von SHTUPF (Ludwig von Shtupf) - see MONSTER MASTER (app)--Marvel Team-Up I #36

BARON von STALER (Robert von Staler)- 16th century, Black Forest. sacrificed virgins to a devil to cure his hooved feet
    (app)--Castle of the Devil, Savage Sword of Conan#19/4

Baron von Wetzel (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#14

BARON VON WIDEMOUTH ( ) - Nazi agent imprisoned in an Allied POW camp in Panama. Escaped confinement and began plot to destroy the Panama locks using remote controlled toy planes loaded with explosives and a deadly Lewisite gas, later died in an explosion fighting Captain America and Bucky.
    --All Winner #9/1 (summer 1943) “The Case Of The Sinister Hun”

BARON WOTAN of Earth-Amalgam - Baron Strucker & Wotan
    --[Dr. Strangefate#1]

BARON ZEBEK - Microverse, Homeworld, Aegyptus, slaughtered and enslaved the natives of Ant Tica in Jungle Zone, body modeled after Karza’s Centaurian form by Body Banks, after defeat in Ant Tica sent to Body Banks to be completely remade into horse
    (app)--Alpha Flight II#10 (10(fb), 10,11

BARON ZEMO (Harbin Zemo) - @ 1480, first hereditary Baron Zemo, ruled Zeulniz, died in 1503
    (app)--Avengers/Thunderbolts#1 (1(fb), 6(fb), Zemo: Born Better#1

BARON ZEMO (Hademar Zemo) - 2nd Baron Zemo, son of Harbin, father of Heller, inherited title in 1503, slain almost immediately via revolt led by Heller
    --Zemo: Born Better#1?

BARON ZEMO (Heller Zemo) - 3rd Baron Zemo, son of Hademar, father of Herbert
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Herbert Zemo) - 4th Baron Zemo, son of Heller, father of Hellmuth
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Helmuth Zemo) - 5th Baron Zemo, son of Herbert, father of Hackett, assassinated in 1640
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Hackett Zemo) - 6th Baron Zemo, son of Helmuth, father of Hartwig
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Hartwig Zemo) - 7th Baron Zemo, son of Hackett, father of Hilliard, died during Seven Years War (1756-1763)
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Hilliard Zemo) - 8th Baron Zemo, son of Hartwig, father of Hoffman
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Hoffman Zemo) - 9th Baron Zemo, son of Hilliard, father of Hobart
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Hobart Zemo) - 10th Baron Zemo, son of Hoffman, father of Herman, 19th century social crusader, assassinated in 1879
    --Zemo: Born Better#

BARON ZEMO (Herman Zemo) - @ World War I, 11th Baron Zemo, father of Herbert, died of a heart attack in 1921
    --Zemo: Born Better#3

BARON ZEMO (Heinrich Zemo) - WWII, Nazi, Masters of Evil, Legion of the Unliving I+IV, father of Helmut, husband of Hilda, inventor of Adhesive X + Compound X + Death-Ray/Laser + Formula X + Particle X, had base in South America, killed Citizen V, mask permanently affixed to face by Adhesive X, launched rocket that killed Bucky and sent Captain America into suspended animation, empowered Wonder Man, technology empowered Power Man/Josten, killed by avalanche of his own causing in battle with Captain America shortly after his revival.
    used Compound X to maintain youth, used androids
    –Heinrich, XII baron Zemo *D* (I#13, D#16, OH: BoD, app)--Avengers I#4 (Captain America: Medusa Effect#1(fb), Captain America I#168(fb), Cap:ME(fb), Wolverine: Origins#20 (fbs), Sgt.Fury8, Av6(fb), Cap168(fb) Captain America: Medusa Effect#1, Captain America/Citizen V Annual 1998(fb), Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings minus 1(fb), [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#16: Baron Zemo(fb)], [Tales of Suspense I#80(fb)], Captain America V#3-4 (fb), Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man: Fear Itself (fb), Av56(fb(Av4(fb))), [Av6(fb)], Tb:DR-1, Av6, [Untold Tales of Spider-Man#13], Av6 / Av: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#3, 7(fb), 7, 9, 10 / Av:EMH#6, ToS I#60/2, Av15(131,132,GS#3)d, Cap357/2(d), 362(spirit), Av353+354(d)

BARON ZEMO (Helmut Zemo) - son of Heinrich, founder of Masters of Evil and Thunderbolts, funded Secret Empire, trained Wunderkinder, former agent of Red Skull (Shmidt), used Primus and Vermin, ex-husband of Baroness (Heike), face badly scarred by immersion in boiling Adhesive X, seemingly killed by Scourge/Monroe, mind transferred into body of Citizen V/John Watkins III, mind preserved in computers by Fixer's tech pack, transferred into body of Helmut Zemo of Counter-Earth Franklin.
    skilled warrior and swordsman, maintained youth via Compound X
    PHOENIX*, CITIZEN V*, Mark Evanier (I#2, D#1, M, 2006#1, net) *D*--Captain America I#275 (Cap:ME, Tb:DR minus 1 ->Ph II.
Cap275-278, 290, 293-297, 299, Av275(fb), SecWar II#7, [Av270,271], 273-277, Cap357/2, 358-362, [Spec194],195,196, Cap431-434, Tb An1997->Citizen VII
(IncHlk II#449, Tb An1997(fb(Tb59(fb1)), Tb1, Hlk449,450, TotMU#1/2, Tb2, SpTU#7, Tb3,4, Tb An1997, Tb5,6,7(fb),7,8, HsfH#7, Tb9, [Hlk459], HR:tR#2, AmzSp430, Tb10-> Zemo), Tb10-12,14-17,20,0,Cap/CV’98 Tb32 38,39"d," Tb47-50, CV+VB#1-3, Tb53-58, [59], 60-64, 66, 68, 70, 72, [73]/74, 75, Avengers/Thunderbolts#17(fb), 1-6, [New Thunderbolts#1-10, 11(House of M)], Thunderbolts II#101(fb), NTB#12, [13],14, 17, 18, Thunderbolts II#19/100, 101, 102-105, Iron Man IV#14, Tb106-108

BARON ZERO of Earth-Amalgam ( ) - Strucker + Mr. Freeze, Hydra
    (app)--Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD#1

BARONE, - Psi-Ops, Gauntlet, male
    -G_--X-Man#37, 40(named) (37,38,40

BARONESS (Heike ) - ex-wife of Baron (Helmut) Zemo, at one point claimed to be possessed by spirit of Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, allied with Helmut Zemo with Wunderkinder
    (2006#1, app)--Marvel Graphic Novel Spider-Man: Fear Itself (FI (fb), FI, Captain America I#431-434

    (app)--Union Jack#1 (2,3, Invaders III#2-3, 4-5-->Baroness Blood

BARONESS BLOOD ( Lily Cromwell) - British vampire, Axis Mundi, daughter of Dr. Jacob Cromwell who was killed and replaced by Baron Blood (Falsworth), transformed by him, led cult to find Holy Grail, transformed Kenneth Crichton into Baron Blood, impregnated by him, creating John, gained immunity to sunlight by drinking from Grail, betrayed cult and Baron Blood, causing them to be consumed by sunlight.
    wf, blond
    Axis Mundi
    (OH: Hor, app)--Invaders III#2 (3,
Captain America IV#31?, Invaders#4,5

BARONESS MORDO - see SARA KROWLER (app)--Dr. Strange III#6/2

BARONESS ROCKLER of Earth-Fragmented America - wife of Baron Rockler, killed him an attempted to take power for herself
    (app-efa)--Iron Man I#80 (81

BARONESS S'BAK - Skrull baroness/warlord, refused to assist Super-Skrull in trying to destroy the Harvester of Sorrows, put bounty on his head after he struck her
    (Annihilation: Nova Corps Files, A-Z HC2)--Annihilation: Super-Skrull#1

BAROSHTOK - Caretaker of dimension where items magicked away by Dr. Strange would appear, kidnapped Casey Kinmont when pact broken
    (app)--Strange II#2 (2,4

BARQ - Other Realm, mute
    (app-or)--Marvel Premiere#45

B’ARR - Ruined, briefly possessed Herve "Monk" DuBois.
    stony carapace @ head, shoulders, hands, and feet
    (app-ruined)--Fantastic Four III#1 ([19],20

BARRACHUDAR - New Men of Counter-Earth, agent of Man-Beast
    --Incredible Hulk II#176?

BARRACHUS the KALINATOR - sea creature, slumbered off the coast of Kali, awakened by tourists, rampaged through Kali, eaten by Impossible Kids
    several stories high, immense strength, amphibious
    *D* (app)--X-Force/Cable Annual 1995

BARRACUDA of the Old West ( ) - led pirate ship's crew active in the Gulf of Mexico, leapt overboard to avoid being crushed by a cannon
    (app)--Kid Colt#109 (rep175)

Barracuda (Captain Erich von Wolff) -
    --Daring Comics#8

BARRACUDA ( ) - Heavy Mettle.
    exo-skeleton, equipped for underwater activity, dark costume with gold armor, male
    (app-hm)--New Warriors II#4 (7

BARRACUDA - SHIELD shadow facility
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

BARRACUDA of Earth-200111 (    ) - mercenary, former prison inmate alongside Harry Ebbing, hired to assassinate the Punisher; badly injured him, but ultimately joined with him in taking down his betrayers before being slain by the Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#31 ([34 (fb), 31-36, 37d

BARRAGE ( ) - Dark Riders
    --X-Factor I#65 (66, 68, Cable II#18-19

    --Avengers III#30

BARRELL, BRADLEY - fraternal twin brother of Patton, part of the Twin Barrels, have six PhD's between them, part of Case University's quantum physics department, mocked for their poor hunting ability, sought to kill Howard the Duck to redeem themselves
    --Howard the Duck IV#1

BARRELL, PATTON - fraternal twin brother of Bradley, part of the Twin Barrels, have six PhD's between them, part of Case University's quantum physics department, mocked for their poor hunting ability, sought to kill Howard the Duck to redeem themselves
    --Howard the Duck IV#1 ([4 (fb)], 1-4

BARRENOS, OMAR - Project: Earth
    --[New Warriors I#7], 8 (9, New Warriors Annual#2/7

BARRETT, TURK - see TURK (app)--Daredevil I#69

BARRETT, - agent of Abdul Alhazred, pilot, Frenchman
    (app-aaa)--Marvel Comics Presents#62 (63

BARRETT, WALTER - father of Sophia Mantega, wealthy owner of Barrett Supermarts, employer of Derek, tried to suppress Sophia when she came to live with him so that none would learn she was a mutant. After she revealed her powers he had it arranged so that he would be proven not to be her father
    --New Mutants II#1 (5, 6, 8

BARRETTA - pet bird of Tatiana Caban
    (app-catiana)--NYX#4 (6

BARRICADE (Alistair Koch) - Supremacist, powers permanently stolen by Hungyr
    large + strong male, brown hair, crew cut, "b" on chest
    (app-sup)--Black Panther II#1, (fully seen and identified) #2 ([2 (fb)], 2, 1, 2,

BARRICADE ( ) - agent of ??, killed by Inali Redpath.
    Create large walls
    *D*--Captain America IV#7 (8, 9(d))

BARRIE, J.M. - author of Peter Pan, based story on the Eternal Sprite after meeting him
    --Eternals III#4 (4 (fb)

BARRIER (Marvin Bailey) - employee of Justin Hammer, battled Pantheon and Thunderbolt
    Superhuman mass and durability
    (app)--Incredible Hulk Annual#17/5

"BARRIER" - Dark Dimension, magical creation of Dormammu, shielded him from a flower, eventually destroyed/defeated by Clea
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#20/4 ([20/4(fb)]

BARRIGAN, BO - professional criminal, killed by the Trust
    *D*--Dazzler#5 (Punisher I#1d)

BARRINGTON, major ARTHUR FREDERICK - Canadian, ally of Maverick, slain by Hammer, former liaison to Team X
    (net)--[Wolverine II#60], Maverick II#3 (Mav2(fb), [Wolv60], Mav3

BARRINGTON, LOUIS "TREETOP*" of Earth-148611 - helicopter pilot for Mark Hazzerd
    --Merc#1 (Amazing Fantasy II#18/2

BARRIO MAN 2099 - series of men, leading people of the barrio
    --Ravage 2099#9 (10, 22

BARRON, General LINCOLN - US Army, involved with plot against Ferdnand Hedayet, ordered to send troops to try to kill Captain America
    --Captain America IV#21 (22, 23, [24], 25

BARRON, RICK "RED" - nurse, worked with Ben Reilly
    --Venom: Super-Size Special#1/3 (Spectacular Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/3, Web of Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1/3

BARRON, TOM - famous big game hunter, partner of Dr. Karl Strang, went to Africa to hunt the legendary Devil-God in an unexplored jungle and killed the beast with a Mannlicher rifle.
    -- Mystic Comics#4 (August 1940) prose story titled “the Devil-God”

BARROW of Earth-Amalgam -Dark Claw's cave --LotDC#1

    --Omega the Unknown#1 (2-5

    --[Avengers III#6]   

BARRUCCI, LAWRENCE "LARRY" - New York mobster, Cesare family, brought in Nick Cavella to kill Punisher, forced to act as a distraction to allow Cavella to escape, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Punisher VII#2 (3-5, 6d)

BARRY ?? - operative of General Argyle Fist, cleaned up Defenders Mansion after the battle against the Dragon of the Moon
    (app-argylefist)--Defenders I#150

BARRYWELL, JOHN - Broadway actor, impersonated by Agent of 1,000 Faces
    --Sgt. Fury #58

BARSTOW, BETTY - V Battalion, Penance Council, former detective, developed Alzheimer's syndrome.
    political savvy and claming influence on V Battalion
    -SILVER SCORPION*--Daring Mystery Comics#7->ss. ThunB#40(41 46,47 CV+VB#1-3, Tb57, CitizenV:Everlasting1-4, Tb73/[74], 75

Bartell, Big Time (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#65

bartender (    ) - worked at strip bar, initially hated Hercules for all the trouble he caused, began dating him after seeing his more sensitive side when he was forced to deal with Megara
    --Hercules III#1 (2, 5

BARTLETT, - turned into superstrong automaton servant of  Dirkreich
    (app-torg)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2/5

BARTHMOUNTE, JARED - Genoshan ministry of public health prior to Magneto’s takeover
    --X-Men II#111

BARTLEY, Dr HARRIS. - Pharmacologist, used his lab to sell illegal drugs until brought in by Hellcat
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#36/3 ([36/3(fb)], 36/3

BARTLEBY, Mr - owner of Bartleby's Fine Art & Sculpture, bought forgeries of Alicia Masters work; these were used by Arcade to create skins for his robots
    --Thing II#3

    --Thing II#3

BARTO, Dr. HILLMAN - ally and designer of of Annex
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Man Annual#26 (Spider-Man Unlimited#6, Annex#1-4d)

BARTO, MARJORIE - wife of Hillman
    --Annex#1 (2-4

BARTO, MELODY - Hillman's daughter
    --Annex#1 (3,4

BARTOLI, JOHN - Maggia, agent of Mongano, sent after Punisher, defeated; he and his family were killed by Mongano to try to prevent the Punisher from tracing him
    *D* (app-mongano)--Punisher: No Escape

BARTOLOME - former agent of Kalumai, floutist, directed his demons on Earth
    (app-kal)--Marvel Spotlight I#26

BARTON, BARNEY - brother of Hawkeye, killed while aiding the Avengers against Egghead, resurrected by Norman Osborn with Egghead's help, "Hawkeye" in "Dark Avengers"- TRICKSHOT
    (app) *D*/R*--Avengers I#63 (65(fb)/Hawkeye III#1(fb) + 2(fb) +3(fb) + 4(fb), [6(fb)], 5(fb), Av63(dies)/6(fb,d)

BARTON, CLINT of Earth X (Clinton Francis Barton) - Guardians of the Paradise, Avenging Host, Avengers, killed by Crusher Creel, possessed four arms due to exposure to terrigene mists, after the defeat of Death, joined the Avenging Host
    - HAWKEYE--Earth X #7

BARTON, BREEZE (Kurt Barton)-
    (net-gold)--(g) Comedy Comics#10

BARTON, "BULL" of the Old West - Chain Gang
    --Kid Colt#113 (118

    old friend of Janet van Dyne, former girlfriend of Arthur Parks
    (app)--Avengers I#34 ([34(fb)], 34,35

BARTON, SALLY - lover of Howard Avery/Brute that Walks
    (app-BTW)--Journey into Mystery I#65 ([65(fb)], 65

BARTOS - Krylorian ambassador to Intergalactic Council
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet

BARTOVIA - European country ruled by France
    --[Solo Avengers#7]

BARTOVIAN LIBERATION FRONT (Claude, Eric, George, Isaac) - took over airport to try to free their countrymen, defeated by hawkeye + sandman + silver sable
    (app)--Solo Avengers#7

 BARTOW - Man from the future, brother of Ariel, accidentally traveled to present, allied with Spider-Man and others against Doctor Octopus. (TV) 
- Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981): "Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow"

BARUCH, SAM - lawyer
    --Daredevil II#78

BARYN - Skrull
Avengers Annual#14

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