BAMBI - deer befriended by Hulk, then possessed by Chondu the Mystic
    --Defenders I#31 (32-35

BAMBI ?? - see BAMBI MODICA (MESp) --Spectacular Spider-Man II#99

BAMBOO KNIFE BUTCHER (??Smallens) - Wealthy American who went with his nephew to his late brother’s diamond mine in a distant jungle. Became influenced by the native culture and became the medicine man to a tribe of Head-hunters. Came back to America alongside several of the natives and kidnapped his nephew for sacrifice. He fell to his death from a rooftop trying to fend off Captain America.
    He wore a tribal mask and grass skirt and used a variety of razor sharp, hardened bamboo. knives and swords.
    --All-Select #5/1(Winter 1944) “The Bamboo Knife Butcher”

BAMBU - former ally+servant of brother voodoo,died of aids
    *D*--Strange Tales I#170 (171,172, Werewolf by Night I#39?, [Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/3d]

BAMFs - see BAMPH--[Uncanny#153], Nightcrawler I#2

BAMF ISLAND - Earth-Kitty’s Fairy Tale
    --Nightcrawler I#2

BAMFF - capital city of the bamfs
    --Nightcrawler I#3

BAMPH - Earth-Kitty's Fairy Tale, extradimensional creatures resembling Nightcrawler, later acted as pawns of Nightmare
    -BAMFs*--[Uncanny X-Men#153], Nightcrawler#2 ( [Excalibur I#113,114], 117-119, X-Men Unlimited#37

BANAK of Earth-Hercules 2300 - Andromeda galaxy; a Skrull, he was a candidate for president of the local union#420. On spacestation Philord he was observed by Rojahn Smythe, who transformed into Red Wolf and slew him. In death he was revealed as a Skrull.
    (app-redwolf)--Hercules II#2

    joke name picked by Skin while mocking Razorback
    --Generation X: Crossroads

BANARA - Atlantean, expressed concern over Namor's involvement in human affairs.
    --Sub-Mariner #1 (2007)

BANARI race (Fraternus Prime, Tamara Rahn, Trieste) - extraterrestrial, males who traveled to earth were killed by Atlanteans when mistaken for invaders, many others were enslaved by the Fomalhauti
    Red-skinned, water breathing, superhuman strength
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#56 (58, Namor I#46-48

BANICIEWICZ, MEYER - mutant from hereditary life of mutants, father of Irving Bank, grandfather of David, powers surfaced in Auschwitz, slaughtered hundreds of guards until forced self to shut down powers permanently due to shame over hurting others, abused Irving into developing mental block against using powers
    (app-marvelboy)--[Justice: Four Balance#4 ([4(fb)]

BANCROFT, DEXTER - SHIELD II, killed by Charlie and Rose
    (app-rose)--DD/BW: Abattoir GN

BANCROFT, LES - TV news reporter
    (app)--Avengers I#98

BANCROFT, MARTINE - former lover of Michael Morbius, mutated by Lilin
    --AmzSp I#102 (VampT#1(fb), AdvF#20(fb), MTU#3, AdvFear21, 22, 25, 26, GS WwbN#4, AdvF#27, 28, 30, 31, StrT:DarkCorners, Morbius#1

BAND of BADDIES (Bloodlust, Critical Mass, Dentist, Savage Fin, Whiplash)-mutants, kidnapped Mary + Captain
    (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents I#48], 49 (50

BAND of BROTHERS and SISTERS - see NIGHT PEOPLE (app-np)--Captain America I#201

BAND of the BLAND (Black Hole, Dr. Angst, Sitting Bullseye, Spanker, Tillie the Hun)-group of mediocre super-villains organized by Angst,
first used in failed attempt to assassinate then presidential candidate Howard the Duck, reorganized to participate in Cosmic Squish Principle
    (2006#1, app)--Marvel Treasury Edition#12 (Sensational She-Hulk#15,16

Bandak (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#2

BANDs of JUDGMENT - bracelets that render Eternals powerless, used by Eternals during trials
    --Eternals II#5

BANDEIS, CAMMY - childhood friend of Susan Storm, daughter of Liz and Professor Henry, involved with conflict with comte St. Germaine and
    Medallion of Zarathos--Before F4: Storms#1 (2, 3

BANDERA, la ( ) - mutant, Tierra Verde super-heroine, family destroyed by drug traffic, fought drug dealers in Florida and Tierra Verde, led revolution against Caridad and assisted against Spore, reportedly killed by Zeitgeist.
    Inspire others to fight by her side, drew on inspiration of others to fire energy blasts from staff
    <FLAG> *D* (app)--Wolverine II#19 (19 (fb), 19, 20, 21 (fb), 21, [Captain America I#442(d)])

BANDERSNATCH - extraterrestrial creatures, terrorists, killed Kareen (mother of Kofi),
    pteradon-like, long tongues, maroon skin
    (app)--Power Pack I#26 (image)

BANDERSNATCH, SCAMPERDINK HORNFINCLE III - abducted by Handsome Vamps for Heavy Helpers school, rescued by Deadpool who was hired by his mother
    --Deadpool#1000 (2010)

BANDIT (Donyell ) - New Warriors, half-brother of Night Thrasher, illegitimate son of Darryl Taylor and one-night-stand, originally attacked Night Thrasher to punish him for his privileged life, later assisted him against Sphinx, dated Bella Donna Boudreaux, tried to take over the United Guilds when feared that Gambit was moving in on his territory, depowered on M-Day, lost legs in a car accident
    channel bioelectric blasts from hands, skilled marksman + streetfighter + acrobat, uses hand-held crossbow to launch grappling hook-like weapon
    Donyell Taylor (2006#1, net)--Night Thrasher II#3, 7(named) (4, 5, 7, 8, New Warriors I#47-50, 51, NT II#13,14, Gambit IV#10, 11(fb), 11-12, [New Warriors IV#3 (fb)], 3

BANDOVIAN STAR-FOUNTAIN - used by Dark Roger to recapture Heater Delight
    long-range teleporter
    (app-darkroger)--Marvel Comics Presents I#65/4

BANDRHUDE - type of Deviant mutate, used prior to Great Cataclysm, used in modern era by Ghaur and Kro.
    Overcome foes with painful images of their pasts
    (app)--Eternals II#4 (11, [12]

BANE (Cherubs?) - enemy of Knight of Pendragon
    --Knights of Pendragon#1

BANE of BEOWULF - see BIG MOTHER (app)--Captain Marvel V#20

BANE of DAMBALLAH - see DAMBALLAH, BANE of--Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3

BANE, "KILLER" @ World War II, prisoner & murderer, became part of Turtle-Man's gang
    (app-turtle-man)--Captain America Comics#23/3

BANE, LUCAS - pre-modern era, former pawn of Dracula
    --Dracula Lives#5/5

BANGERS (Deathlok/Collins, Deathlok the Demolisher, Jusko, Manning-616, Duncan Reeves, Jayne Riviera)
    - extradimensional/temporal agents of Timestream
  (app-time)--Deathlok Annual#1 (Deathlok II#27-29, 31-34

BANISHER of Earth-Amalgam- drugged-up, gut-toting anti-hero, responsible for breaking SHIELD director Bruce Wayne's back
    --Challengers of the Fantastic#1

BANJO - Appalachian people, radiation from three mile island unit two leak affected mother while pregnant, twin brother of Bugeye,
    large + strong, deformed, bald on top of head
    (app) —Spectacular Spider-Man II#156

BANJO ?? - part of George Reagan's masked gang; slaughtered family of Caleb who became Ghost Rider; slain by Travis Parham
    *D*--(masked) Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007); 2

BANK, DAVID - see MARVEL BOY (app)--[Justice: Four Balance#3], 4

BANK, IRVING - mutant, father of David, son of Meyer Banciewicz, who beat him severely, causing mental block that prevented him from accessing his powers, sought desperately to force David to become the superhero he could never be, developed compromise after meeting Justice
    (app-marvelboy)--[Justice: Four Balance#3], 4 ([4(fb)/3(fb)], 4

bank - Swamp City
    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

BANKHEAD, Mr. - kidnapped by Big Jim Peterson's thugs so that the ransom could be used to set him free, saved by the Falcon
    --Human Torch Comics #2

BANKO SQUAD - four armored criminals, robbed a bank, easily captured by Spider-Man
    (app)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#16

BANK ROBBERS - robbed First State Bank, defeated by Iron Man
    (app)--"Iron Man Vs. the Bank Robbers" (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement in Uncanny X-Men #140 and other December 1980 and January 1981 issues)

BANKS, SHARON - lawyer, defended Flash Thompson when he was framed as Hobgoblin. wf brown hair
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#278 (280-282, 289

BANNER, BETTY (Elizabeth Ross* Talbot* Banner) - daughter of "Thunderbolt" Ross, wife of Hulk, ex-wife of Glenn Talbot, briefly mutated by gamma radiation into Harpy, apparently died from gamma radiation exposure from Abomination, body kept in stasis by General Ross, revived/mutated by the Team, infiltrated Home Base as S-3 while assisting Hulk as Mr. Blue
    superhuman strength & durability, ovarian cancer
    *D?*-HARPY*, Betty Danner, Mr. BLUE* (U#1,OH:Hulk, net)—Incredible Hulk II#319 (320-327 329 An15 Hlk330-334 337 [338] 339 342-346 360 [361] AvSpot25/2 Hlk366 367 372(fb),441(fb),371-373 WebSp69, Hlk374-376 [378] 377 379(fb) 379-384 386 387 Hlk An17/2 Hlk388 390, 391 394 An18/2 Hlk395-398 399(fb) 399 400,Hlk417-432,WarM#19,Hlk434,OvEdge3,Hlk435-438 440(fb) 439(440(fb2)),440,441,445-447,455,456,458,461-465,466"d",467("d")
Hlk474, Hulk#4, IncHlk III#16(cryo)-->Mr. BLUE
    Hulk75,76, 81

BANNER, BRIAN - father of Bruce Banner, nuclear research scientist, abusive and alcoholic, killed Rebecca, inadvertently killed by Bruce
    *D* (app)--Incredible Hulk II#312 (Ultimate Hulk novel, Hulk#312(fb1-3), 377(fb), 403(fb), 312(fb5), minus 1(dies), <ghost/delusion>Hulk II#456-458, 460

BANNER, BRUCE - see HULK--Incredible Hulk I#1

BANNER, DAVID of Earth-311 - @ 1602 A.D., former agent of James of Scotland, mutated by warp energies into Hulk-like creature
    HULK* (app-earth311)--1602#2 (4, 5, 7, 8

BANNER, REBECCA - mother of Hulk, abused and eventually killed by Brian
    *D*--Incredible Hulk II#312 (312(fb1-3)

BANNER, Dr. ROBERT BRUCE Jr. of Earth-807128  - New Defenders, last son of the Hulk, step-son of Hooded Man, relocated to Nu-World
    --Fantastic Four I#557 (560 (fb), 557-562

BANNER, SUSAN - presumptive sister of Brian, raised Bruce after his mother's death and father's commitment to mental institution
    SUSAN DRAKE--Incredible Hulk III#77 (77-79(fb), 81(fb)

BANNER, judge THOMAS - Sisterhood of the Wasp, corrupt judge, brought in by Arana
    --Arana: Heart of the Spider#1 (2-4

BANNERJEE, DERI - Avengers UN liaison
    --Avengers I#329 (Avengers I#329, 332-333

BANNERMEN (3) - United Nations warriors, sent against Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, one destroyed by him, Bannermen Brown & Green served in the Order until being destroyed by the Infernal man
    cloned from Captain America, bones laced with Adamantium, able to assume Hulk-like powers with gamma-enhancement,
    *D* (app)--Marvel Boy I#2 (Civil War#7, Order#1d)

BANNION, JULES - former lover of Joanne Tumolo, later spy for Joshua Plague
    --Marvel Chillers I#3 (5-7

BANNISTER, BARBARA - briefly became partner of John Kowalski/Death, former rich girl, hardened after attack by Ian McGuire
    --Man-Thing I#5 (7, 8, 10, 11

BANNISTER, MINERVA - wealthy socialite, sought to become a vampire, once via Hannibal King and another time via the Lesser Grey God
    (app)--Defenders I#148 ([148(fb)], 148

BANNON, "BUZZ" of Earth-982 - Navy SEAL, intended to wear armor from Project: Human Fly, mortally wounded by Dr. Sonja Jade and her agents

BANNON, LANCE - former Daily Bugle freelance photographer, competitor of Peter Parker, dated Amy Powell, killed by F.A.C.A.D.E.
    wm, brown hair
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Man I#208 (Marvel Team-Up I#107-109 A222 Sp67 A230,232 Sp71 A238,239 241 Sp80 A242,243 Sp84 PM/IF#110 A271 Sp109, A273 276 278 Sp118 A283 284 286 Sp124 A287-289 Web38, [A303] XFacAn4/3 Sp150 A318 An23 SpAn9/3 Sp157 W59 Sp161, 173,174 Spdm47,Web113,114d)

BANSHEE - steed of Phantom Rider, modern form is summoned from extradimensional realm and has spectral powers
    --Ghost Rider I#1(
GS Kid Colt#3,[Av141],142,143,WestGunfight#6 GR II#56 Hlk265 WCA II#8,9(fb) 31 39 41, Dead Girl#2-5 (spirit)

BANSHEE (Sean Cassidy*) - Irish mutant, Interpol, involuntary operative of Factor Three, X-Men, co-headmaster of Generation X, X-Corps founder, father of Siryn, cousin of Black Tom Cassidy, widower of Maeve Rourke, former lover of Moira MacTaggart, former detective, lost powers after exhausting them preventing an earthquake caused by Moses Magnum, regained them after exposed to retribution virus, stabbed through throat by Mystique, apparently slain by Vulcan
    Sonic powers
    *D* (I#13,M, 2006#1, net)--X-Men I#28 (CXM#16/2 DpII#2(fb) GenX#10+11(fb) XM II An3/2(fb), GX minus 1, XFor31(fb), CXM#26/ ,[XM I#26,27],28 35 37,[38],39 [43] 58,[59],60 [Av103(fb)] Cap172 Giant-Size X-Men #1 (GSX#3), CXM#1, GSX#4, XM I#94(CXM2),95/CX3, CXM3/2 XM96(CX4) 106(fb) 97 MarvHolSp1 XM98(CX6),99(CX7),100(CX8) CXM8/2, XM101(CXM9 MTU An1 MTU#53 MarvTales#262/2, CXM9/2) 101-103 104(CX12) CXM13 XM105 107(CX14) 108(CX15,XM109(fb)), IF#15 XM109 CXM26/2 XM110 CM18/2 17/2 XM112(fb) 111 112(CX18) 113(CX19) [125(fb)], CX20/XM114(CX21/2), XM115-119->cassidy. MCP#24 UXM253-255 257 258 AlphaF I#88 UXM259-264 XFac57,58 F4 An23,NewMutAn6,XFacAn5,UXM An14 UXM270,NM95,XFor60,[NM96],XFac61,UXM272,NM97,XFac62,[Ex41] UXM273-278 XFac69 UXM280 XM II#1-5, MK III#41 XFor35 UXM314 Dpool II#1-4 XM II An3/2 UXM316 XM36,UXM317,XM37,UXM318, GenX#1-3 XFor42, GX4, [XM:Prime], XFor44 GX5,6, UX325, GX7, Wolv94, GX8,9, GenX An1995, GenX#10,11, XM II#49, GX#12-15, 16, 17, 19-21, 23, XM50, Gen X An1996, Hlk An1997/2, GX An1997, Generation X: Crossroads, GX#25-27, 28/2, XMU#16, GX31-33, Ex115, GX34-40, 42-47, GX An1998, GX48-51, XMU#23, GX#52, XFor91, GX57, Wolv141, GX58, GX An1999, UX375, XMU#25, UX376, NewWarII#5, GX60, 61, 67-70, 63-65, 66, XM:Black Sun#1,[2],3,[4],5, X-Factor III#7(fb), GX74, 72,73, UX389(fb), GX75, UX401-406, Uncanny X-Men#463-465 (HoM), X-Men: Deadly Genesis#1, 2d, 3 (d)

BANSHEE MASK - creation of Bereet
    able to enlarge into ship powered by her thoughts
    (app-bereet)--Incredible Hulk II#269 (273, 274, 278

BANTAM (Roberto "Berto" Valasquez) - Puerto Rican boxer, mutated by Karl Malus under direction of Armando Aviles, who sought to coerce him into working for him, strength augmented, inadvertently killed another boxer, quit boxing, donned costume to get revenge on Aviles, apparently killed in explosion while trying to bring in Thunderclap
    Strength temporarily increased by pain, but loses control of anger as well
    -Battling Bantam (CWBDR, app)--Captain America Annual#12 (12/1-12/3, Civil War: Front Line#3

BANTH - Inhuman, briefly romanced Dazzler in Attilan, unspecified powers
    --Dazzler I#32

BANTUM of Earth-Bishop ( ) - mutant, servant of trevor fitzroy, traveled to modern time and then Earth-Chronomancer with him, formerly served as his guide during time traveling and kept track of all of his time portals, assisted Bishop and allies in entrance into Chronokeep, badly beaten by his artificial soldiers. yellow, dwarfish
    (net)--UXM#282 (XFac140(fb), [287(fb)], 282, NewWar46, UX An17/2, Bishop#1, Bish:LXM#3, 7, 10-12

BANWAY, sir GEORGE - 16th Century, allied with Jonas Hardraker, attempted to slay Jack Hollister and steal Mary Garvin, slain by Solomon Kane
    *D*--Blades of the Brotherhood; Savage Sword of Conan#33/2

BANZAI ( ) - Q7 strike force, slew Panther.
    Blend in with surroundings, skilled with swords
    (app-q7)--GeneDogs#1 (2-4

BANZAI of Earth X - Xen, only american member
    --Universe X #0

BAPHOMET- demon, goat-headed aspect of Satan/Marduk Kurios, symbolized by the inverted star in demonic/satanic pentagram
    (app) --Marvel Spotlight I#15 (Son of Satan#2,3, Doc III#73,74, [Doc Samson II#2]

BAPTISTE, "TANTIE" MATTIE - cajun mystic and healer, over 100 years old, serves as nursemaid to both Thieves and Assassins Guilds
    <Auntie Mattie>--Gambit I#3(GamIII#2(fb2) Gam I#3,4 Rogue2,3 GamII#1,4 GamIII#2,4,12(fb1) 16(fb4) 17-19 21 22

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