Heavy Metal, created by Mad Thinker based on design for proto-life by Reed Richards.
    (M,net)--Fantastic Four I#15 (28, F4 An3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, X-Men: First Class II#1, Tales of Suspense I#72, Rom#14, Captain America I#311(fb), 311, Avengers I#286-290, Cap354, Thunderbolts#2, Heroes for Hire#1, Fantastic Four III#23, 43+44(duplicate?), Captain America III#50/5, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, She-Hulk I#2(fb)-->Awesome Andy; She-Hulk II#20

AWESOME ANDY - gained sentience, liberated from Thinker by Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway, came to serve as their intern, rebelled against Mad Thinker when he ordered him to turn against his employers, decapitated the Thinker android and took its head home for companionship, fell in love with Mallory Book, used powers of Eros/Starfox to make her fall in love with him, relaxed his powers only to be rejected by her, after which he erased all of his memories, performed a hard reboot, and returned to the Mad Thinker
    Gray skin, malleable body, able to take on abilities of those he encounters, produce powerful winds from "mouth",  deactivation switch under right arm
    -AWESOME ANDROID* (2006#1)--She-Hulk I#2 (2(fb), 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11,12, GLA#2, She-Hulk II#1-3, 5, 6-7, 9, 20-->Awesome Android)

AWE-STRIKER (Cecily Johnson) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line #4 (Civil War: Battle Damage Report {report on France}

AWF - Snark, agent of Maraud, partner of Geik
    --Power Pack I#16 (22-25,28

AX (    ) -
    --Human Torch Comics#3

AXADAR - Galadorian weapon, neutralizer, used by Rom and Liberator/Tristan

AXE ( ) - Gladiators, Brothers, formerly employed as enforcer by Hellfire Club to kidnap and threaten New Mutants, former inmate at the Cage
    bm, mohawk, used axe
    (app-gladiators)--New Mutants I#7 (29, Wolverine II#164,165

AXE ( ) - Valkyrie, eyepatch
    --New Mutants Special Edition#1 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#9, NM#79

AXE of VIOLENCE (Lizzy Borden) - Lethal Legion-Satannish, murdered parents as a youth, reincarnated and empowered by Satannish.
    left hand replaced by axe
    (app)--Avengers West Coast#98 (99, 100(des)

"AXEL" - Rescorlan, former owner of Heater Delight, pushed into haggling frenzy by Eros/Starfox
    (app-rescorlans)--Solo Avengers#21/2 ([21(fb)], 21

AXEL ( ) - guard at the Cage prison, with Tillis, released Mauvais
    --Wolverine II#164 (165

AXEL, ANTON - circa 1962, bought and advertised Kragmoor Castle due to its ghost, died of heart attack and became its next ghost
    (app)--Amazing Adult Fantasy#8/2

AXEL, MATT - 2099, former ally of Punisher 2099/Gallows
    --Punisher 2099#1 (3, 5-10, 16-18, 22, 25, 26, 28-33

AXIS ( ) - criminal @ 1969, enemy of First Line, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, pawn of Skrulls, involved in plot to sabotage Apollo 11 moon landing, killed on moon when Howler went mad with power.
    Superhuman strength + durability
    *D* (app)--Marvel: Lost Generation#6

AXIS ANNIE (    ) - Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009) (Avengers 1959#3-4

AXIS AUTOMATONS - fought Orson Randall
    --[Immortal Iron Fist Annual#

AXIS MUNDI - Earth's axis, source of mystical power
    --Incredible Hercules#123

AXIS MUNDI (Baroness Blood, Jonas Wilhelm Eckhardt, der Gotteskrieger, Pterrorists, U-Man, Warrior Woman)
    Neo-Nazis seeking world domination
    (2006#1)--[Invaders III#0], 1 ([1(fb)], 2,3, 6, [8-9]

AXI-TUN race (Alberik, Aldebron, Andrex, Dampyre, Donar, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Death, Famine, War, Pestilence), Froh, Grundok, Hilda(mcmxii), Landar, Loga, Ramrog (d), Sidereus, Stenth, Throk, Trantor, Votan, Wrytgrig)
    - extraterrestrial humanoids, Ring Nebula, M-57 galaxy, planet Tun, Intergalactic Council, Charter, fiercely xenophobic, extremist faction under the influence of Votan slaughtered many other races
    (D#15, app)--Giant-Size Fantastic Four#3 (Invaders I#1, GS F4#3, Quasar#14, [15], 16, Star Masters#1-3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4, 5, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, Maximum Security#1,[2],3

AXOMEEN of Backworld - women warriors, leader
    --Savage Sword of Conan#66/2

AXON (    ) - Gamma Corps: Black, powers derived from Zzzax
    --Incredible Hulk III#601/2 (602/2

AXON-KARR - Makluan/Kakaranatharnian, part of crew that crash-landed on Earth, slain by Chinese warrior, skeleton found by future Mandarin
    *D* (app)--Tales of Suspense I#62 (Iron Man I#272 (fb), ToS#62

AXOR - studied on Rus, trapped within the Runestaff and later Kamo Tharnn until presumably freed by Sif
    --[Thor I#335]

AXTI - high priest of Kepiquatzal, served Kro during his invasion of Brazil, defeated by Makkari
    --Captain America Comics#2/

AXTIS (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#1

AXUM - see AXUM, DANIEL (2006#1)--Thunderbolts#78

AXUM, BENNY - son of Daniel and Gina
    --Thunderbolts#77 (78, 79, 81

AXUM, DANIEL - superhuman criminal, imprisoned for 3 years after defeated by Spider-Man, retired from crime.
    Superhuman strength and durability, giant, left eye scarred
    BATTLER*, Danny Brougton (original name, legally changed) (2006#1)--Thunderbolts#76 (76(fb), 76, 77, 78, 79, 80,81

AXUM, Mrs. - mother of Daniel
    --Thunderbolts#76 (77-81

AY - ancient Egypt, loyal vizier to Akhenaten, murdered by Horemheb
    *D*--[Marvel Universe#2]

    Sof, partnered with Aman to become Ayaman
    --Silver Surfer IV#8

    sister of White Tiger & Filippo, daughter of Maria & Nestor, opposed Hector's violent ways, killed by Gideon Mace
    *D*--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20/2(21/2-24/2,26/2,27/2,29/2,30/2 Spectacular Spider-Man II#23 26 49/2(fb,d))

AYALA, CARLOS - one of Nick Fury's "caterpillars"
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

AYALA, FILIPPO - brother of White Tiger & Awilda, son of Maria & Nestor, agent of Corporation, posed as a drug addict, directed attempts to gain the Zero Fluid, including the murder of Phillip Hart, pretended to be a pawn of Maris, committed suicide when his plans fell apart and Fu Manchu refused to help the Corporation
    *D* (app-corp)--[Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20/2], 27 (29, 30, 31d)

AYALA ,MARIA - mother of White Tiger, Awilda & Filippo, wife of Nestor, killed by Gideon Mace
    *D*--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20/2(21/2,22/2 27/2,29/2 Spectacular Spider-Man II#23 49/2(fb,d))

AYALA, NESTOR - father of White Tiger, Awilda & Filippo, husband of Maria, killed by Gideon Mace
    *D*--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#22/2 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#23 49/2(fb,d))

AYALA, SOLEDAD - wife of Hector/White Tiger
    --Daredevil II#38 (39

AYAMAN - Sof, combined form of Aya and Aman, assisted Ellie Waters in destroying Marduk
    --Silver Surfer IV#8 (14

AYELAH of Afheim - represented Light Elves in Asgardia
    --Mighty Thor#10

AYERS, BRUCE - pilot, former pilot in US Army, owned a charter company in Key West, killed by Chris Hoyle, when refused to join his drug-running operation
    (app)--Punisher II#3

AYERS, FREDERICH - writer of Phantom Rider and the Legacy of Carter Slade
    --[Ghost Rider #31 (2009)]

AYESHA of Balobedu - circa 10,000 BC, sorceress supreme, ancestor of Ashake of Egypt, Ashake of Meroe, and Ororo Munroe and her ancestors
    (app)--[Mystic Arcana?, Marvel Tarot] ([Mystic Arcana?, OHotMU: A-Z HC#1]

AYESHA - originally created by Enclave, later captured, mutated, and enslaved by Crucible and Enclave.
    Distort perceptions of others, golden skin & hair, manipulate cosmic energy, enhanced physical powers
    -PARAGON*, HER*, J'RIDIA STARDUSTER*, KISMET*--Fantastic Four III#11 (12

A'YIN - Dragons of the Crimson Dawn
    male, green skin, fly, telepathy
    --Excalibur I#107, (named) 108 (109

AYISHA ?? - Russian rebel, mother of Marika, wore Stark battle armor to try to defend her village against Gen. Randovitch in War Wagon, nearly killed, armor rebuilt her + made her its prisoner, attempted to force Stark to kill her by attacking his friends
    *D*--Iron Man III#50 (53-55

AYRAM - Inhuman, attended wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa
    --Fantastic Four Annual #18

AYSHERA - Earth-Lords, lover of Shadow Lord
    --[Avengers I#207]

AZALLAH of the Hyborian era - falcon of Sharmela, sent by her to tear Zerbo's eye out, crushed by Zerbo afterwards
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#61

AZANIA (General Pieter Magnus Moorbecx, Supremacists) - African nation, totalitarian republic
--Black Panther II#1 (2-4, Night Thrasher II#18

AZAZEL - Grigori, slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers
    *D* (app-grigori)--Punisher IV#3 (3d)

AZAZEL - mutant from Biblical times, driven to La Isla des Demonas by Angels/Cheyarafim, seduced and impregnated Raven Wagner/Mystique, father of Nightcrawler and the rest of the Neyaphem, attempted to return to Earth, but trapped in one dimension
    BEELZEBUB, BELIAR, DUMA, GADRIEL, KERIEL, MASTEMA, SATAN*, SEMIHAZAH (MarvZom)--Uncanny X-Men#428 ([433(fb)], 428(fb), [429, 430], 431-434

AZAZEL - computer/ship of the undying, artificial intelligence, based on earth in azazel's lair, temple of sinai desert, coordinated the transfer of one into a new body when original was killed, set others to oppose one if it accumulated too much power, judged and aided the competition b/t the undying regarding who could kill the most life forms over 10, 000 years, reprogrammed by key to transfer undying into cockroaches instead of people. The mere mention of his name is fatal to some
    -Star Fallen from Heaven--[Cable II#79], 84 (86(fb) [79,81-83],84

AZEEM of the Hyborian era - desert town, site from which Vallon learned location of Alwazir
    --Savage Sword of Conan#28

AZEROCH of Earth-Chronomancer - former king of race of giants, led giants away from society at some point in their past, died, prophesized to return in time of giants’ greatest need. Nom was named as the reincarnation of Azeroch by the giants after he discovered them
    *D*--[Bishop: Last X-Men#9(mentioned],12 (12d)

AZIMUTH - extradimensional female, over 100 years old, former guardian of the Crucible, knows Century's past, rendered comatose in battle with Imogen
    Animate dead material
    (app)--Century: Distant Sons ([Distant Sons (fb)], Distant Sons

AZIR - princess of Halwan, daughter of King Haladj
    --Marvel Premiere#17?, 24 ( Power Man / Iron Fist#60, 77, 81-82, 105

AZMODEUS - demon, Rakasha?, served Master Pandemonium.
    Bird-like creature with long-legs, sharp and strong claws capable of scratching Thing
    (app-masterpandemonium)--West Coast Avengers II#4 (4(fb2), 4, 9, 14

AZOOZOO - invoked by Dr. Odd during a spell that transported Howard the Duck's vaudeville house to another dimension (though it was only intended to transport the stage)

AZOPARDI, - gambler, collector of magic items, knew basic magic, unnaturally lucky
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#68

AZOTH - god/demon, before the age of man, destroyed when horn broken off by unknown god, petrified form merged with his mountain, azoth's peak, revived in hyborian era when karanthes had his daughter natari replace the horn, and used a spell from the book of skelos, slew others by skewering them on his horn, and siphoning their life force--including karanthes and his worshippers, returned to dust when Conan broke its horn off
    connection to Azotharoth? The DREAMING ONE
    (app)--Conan: Horn of Azoth GN (GN(fb),GN

AZOTHAROTH - demon invoked by Grim Reaper for power to create the Legion of the Unliving
    connection to Azoth? (app-lotul)---[Avengers I#353]

AZRAEL - angel of death
    Wolverine III#58

AZRAEL - Lord (Julian) Phyffe transformed by Baron Mordo, destroyed by Dr. Strange
    *D* (app)--Dr. Strange II#40 (Man-Thing II#4

AZRAEL - magical residue created and stored deep within the earth by ancient wizards, released when tapped by mining of project Azrael, named after angel of death, possessed Rena Butler
    (app)--Dr. Strange III#19

AZSHIRAN - magic item, ring, defends wearer against demon attack, given to Michael Heron by Satana, but his hand was severed by Agathon
    (app-heron)--Haunt of Horror#5

AZTEC EMPIRE of Earth-57051 -

AZTEC GODS (Quetzacoatl, Tezcatlipoca, [Huizilopochtli] ) -see TĒTEOH
    Mayahuel (or a Mayan goddess); Ozomatli (monkey god referenced on Earth-Marvel Apes
    --Thor I#300 (Thor Annual#10

AZU (Azu M'Dammen) - vampire hunter, ally of Orji Jones, Musenda, & Ogun Strong; encountered Blade in China, joined him in assault against Dracula, slain by Dracula, belt adopted by Blade
    *D* (app-orji_jones)--Tomb of Dracula I#30 (Blade III#11 (fb), TombDrac#30, Blade III#12 (fb, dies)

AZUMA - Japanese warrior, former apprentice of Renge's father, slew him to gain the sword Mikage, fought Renge and Wolverine to gain the sword, but then slain by the spirits within it
    *D*--X-Men Unlimited#50 (50(fb), 50d)

AZUNBULXIBAR - leader of extradimensional warrior race, led troops to slaughter the crew of the principle of reasonable interest when gained access to it via a malfunctioning Dimensional Randomizer, convinced to abandon the nearly vacant ship by Starfox, tricked into attacking a warrior race in another dimension, which was actually just a reflection of themselves
    (app)—Marvel Comics Presents#22/4

    birth name, changed after pact to honor Olympian gods

AZURE - ravens, attempted to take control of Archangel, fed off a human who survived, killed by him while trying to complete his feeding
    *D* (net-rav)--X-Factor I#56

AZURE THRONE - Dark Dimension, seat of regency created by G'uran the Great, protected by G'uranthic Guardian
    --Strange Tales I#


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