AMA - heaven for Japanese gods
    --[Thor I#301]
; (identified) All-New OHotMU A-Z #3; Ares #5

AMA COLLECTIVE (Empress, Ruqtor Koil) - utopian collective of united races
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2008)

AMAA - Eternal, mother of Ajak and Arex, wife of Rakar
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#1]

Amajo Sukians (    ) -
    --Young Allies#17

AMALGAM ( ) - time traveling mutant?, appeared before Archangel when he was nearly killed by the Marauders and later by terrorists in Mandroid armor.
    Appears before mutants in their final moments before death, absorbs their powers and memories so that they can fight for mutantkind in the future
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men An I#16/2

AMALGAM dim - see Earth-9602
    (app)--DC vs Marvel#3 (Amalgam I, DC vs Marvel#4, DC/Marvel: All Access4, Amalgam II

    --Deadpool IV#32

AMALGRO of the Hyborian era - Zingaran buccaneer under Conan, encountered crew of Heronan da Varza
    --Savage Sword of Conan#67

AMALRIC of Aquilonia of the Hyborian era - former warrior alongside Conan, fell in love with Lissa, killed Ollam-Onga
    --<REH untitled>, Drums of Tombalku, Savage Sword of Conan#21

AMALRIC of Aquilonia of the Hyborian era - part of plot to revive Xaltotun and takeover Aquilonia and Nemedia
    *D* (app-xalt)--Hour of the Dragon; GS Conan#1([2],3,[4],SSoC#10d)

AMALRIC of Nemedia - Hyborian era, leader of troop of mercenary warriors, joined forces with Khoraja against forces of Thugra Khotan, encountered Varnae and the Afterlings, later placed in charge of the Crimson Castle, fell in love with .
    distinct from Amalric of Aquilonia as per letter page in CtB#249, renamed Malthom in SSoC#2 to avoid confusion with Amalrus
    -MALTHOM* (app-yas)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2 ([Conan the Barbarian#244], 245, 246, 247, 248, SSoC#2/Conan249, CtB#250, SSoC#3, 12

AMALTHEA - goat from which infant Zeus suckled
    --Incredible Hercules#130

AMALRUS of the Hyborian era - king of Ophir, father of Olivia, sold her, later joined with Strabonus of Koth to betray Conan, slain during Conan's assault on their invasion force
    *D* --Iron Shadows of the Moon; Savage Sword of Conan#4 ([2,3], 30d)

    Sof, partnered with Aya to become Ayaman
    --Silver Surfer IV#8

AMANDA ?? - agreed to marry Duncan after he stopped the Cyclops
    (app-cyclops)--Tales of Suspense I#10

AMANDA ?? - agent of Aquarius (Drebb)
    (app-aquarius)--Iron Man I#184 (185

AMANDA ?? - see FALLOWS, AMANDA (app)--Daredevil I#269

AMANDA ?? - older sister or friend of Sue, befriended Andy until learning he wasn't wearing a mask
    --X-Men Unlimited II#1/2

AMA-NO-HASHIDATE - tied Ama to Earth, destroyed under mysterious circumstances
    <Bridge of Heaven>--[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1]

AMA-PRIME - planet, base of the Ama Collective
    --Silver Surfer: In Thy Name#1 (2008)

AMARU - planet where natives worship Mistress Love and are given superhuman powers by her when summon her via rituals
    --[Silver Surfer III#66]

AMARU, TUPAC - host to Toro Rojo
    (app-tr)--Avengers I#370 (371

AMATERASU - Japanese goddess of the sun, helped watch over the Young Gods
    (app)--[Wolverine II#32-mentioned] (Thor/Hercules: Encyclopaedia, All-New OHotMU A-Z Update#1, Chaos War#3, Chaos War: God Squad#1

AMATSU-KAMI (Amaterasu, Ame-No-Mi-Kumari, Bishamon, Hotei Osho (Ho-Ti), Inari, Izanagi, Izanami/Yo (Gaea), Kaminari, Mikaboshi, Susanoo, Takamimusubi, Tsuki-Yomi)
    - dwell in Onokoro, possibly a landmass within Ama; underworld = Yomi
    (OH:AZU#1)--Bizarre Adventures#27

    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1]

AMAZAR dimension (Amazites) - dimension assaulted by Gargan and Lore
    (app-lore)--Scarlet Witch#1

AMAZING AMAZON - see PRINCE, DIANA (app)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

"AMAZING FANTASY BOY" - observed Peter Parker's first use of powers; after seeing Spider-Man years later he tried to sell a drawing of his true identity, but it failed to resemble Parker's true appearance
    (app)--Amazing Fantasy I#15 (Marvel Comics Presents I#120/3(fb), 120/3

AMAZING-MAN (John Aman) - see PRINCE of ORPHANS--Amazing-Man Comics#5 (6-26

"AMAZING SISKINSKY SISTERS CIRCUS, THE" - Circus troupe owned and operated by a trio of sisters led by Sophie Siskinsky; purported to be the best act in Eastern Europe, Peter Parker, along with Aunt May, failed to take pics of the circus act for JJJ and met the trio and their panther Felix instead; the sisters operated the circus by day while moonlighting as cat burglars with an affinity for jewelry, using Felix, a hot air balloon, and detachable metal claws; they were opposed and captured by Spider-Man.
     --Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1992 (UK)

AMAZING SIX-ARMED SPIDER-MAN - see SIX (app-freaks)--Marvel Team-Up I#91

AMAZITES (Eleyn (witch-queen)) - natives of Amazar
     (app-lore)--Scarlet Witch#1

AMAZO  – see GREAT AMAZO--Captain America Comics#59/4 (November 1946) “House of Hallucinations”

AMAZO-MAXI-WOMAN of Counter Earth-Franklin - Remnants, constructed as Super-Adaptoid, gained sentience.
    powerful green-haired female, naive of human behavior
    --Heroes Reborn: Remnants#1 (1(fb), 1

AMAZON - Strike-Force One, "clone" of She-Hulk
    (net-hfh)--Heroes for Hire#12

AMAZON (Katrina Louisa van Horn) - Masters of Evil/Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer), convinced to join with Thunderbolts against them, left team after destruction of Vanguard ship
    -MAN-KILLER* (app-mk)--Thunderbolts#64, 69 (64,65,67,69, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, 71,73/[74], 75-->Man-Killer

"AMAZON" (    ) - S.H.E., Ukranian female
    (app-s.h.e.)--Sentry I#4

AMAZON of Earth-Age of Apocalypse (Elizabeth Guthrie) - counterpart, Apocalypse’s slave pens, loyal to Havok
    (net)--Factor X#1

AMAZON of Earth-9602 - Storm + Wonder Woman, created by Dr. Strangefate
    (app-dsf)--Dr. Strangefate#1

AMAZON of Earth-Bishop( ) - mutant, XSE
    --Bishop#3 (3(fb3), Uncanny X-Men Annual 1996(fb3)

"AMAZON ANNIE and the GRUNGE ZOMBIES" - B-movie in which Mary Jane Watson played the heroine.
    --Spider-Man:  Web of Doom

AMAZONS (Artume, Delphyne Gorgon, Hippolyta, Myrina
    --Thor I#127 (

AMAZONS of the Hyborian era (Nzinga, Tuta) - tribe of black women warriors of the Black Kingdoms, the rulers are all named Nzinga
  Women Warriors of Gamburu--Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan#41 (42, King Conan#3

AMAZONS of Z'HARR HR'ANN of the Hyborian era - see WARRIOR WOMEN of Z'HARR HR'ANN--Savage Sword of Conan#62

AMBARA - Crystallium, lover of Crystar

AMBASAT - Ambassadors of Satan, former followers of Anton Devine

AMBASSADOR - agent of D.U.C.K.
    (app)--Plasmer#1 (2-4

AMBASSADOR of TERROR (Richardo Bennett) - Sierra Madre @ mid-1950s, enslaved an Aztec colony descended from the people of Quapultec, defeated by el Aguila, succeeded by Yucoya-Tzin
Young Allies#7; [Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files, Fantastic Four Fifty Fantastic Years#1: Yucoya Tzin entry],

AME-NO-KUMARI - Amatsu-Kami, goddess of water

AMBER ?? - vampire, See DREY, AMBER

AMBER ?? - mutant, student at Empire State University, liked Chamber, but furious when he couldn't accept her true form.
    Metamorph, normal form has green skin + fins
    (app)--Chamber#1 (2-4

AMBER of Earth-2988 - War Watch, former partner of Kraal
    (app-earth2988)--What If II#111

AMBROSE, KNIFE of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D., Techville, agent of Machinehead
    --Ravage 2099#23

AMBROSE, Mr. - former superintendent of Peter Parker's apartment, became host of the Thousand
    *D* (app-thousand)--Tangled Web of Spider-Man#3 (3d)

AMBROSE Building - headquarters of Taylor Foundation
    --New Warriors (Night Thrasher II#13(fb), NT II#13

AMBUSH (Ava Peloso) - Shadowforce
    Feral appearance and powers
    (app-shad)--Spider-Man and X-Factor: Shadowgames#1 (2,3

AMBUSH the LUNATIK of Earth-Amalgam - Lunatik + Ambush Bug
    *D*  (app-lobo)--Lobo the Duck#1

AM-CAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION (James MacDonald Hudson, Jerome Jaxon) - employed Jameson while he designed the Guardian exoskeleton, tried to take it from him contractually, but he destroyed the blueprints and took the helmet that controlled it when he quit; Jaxon was fired
    --Alpha Flight I#

AMENHOTEP - vampire, five thousand years old, Legion of the Unliving
    *D* (app-lul)--Avengers I#129 (353,354

AMENTAH - ancient Egypt, long-lived, carried ancient weapons, faked own death
   (app-horem)--Black Axe#4

AMERGIN - @ 11th Century, high druid of Avalon, ancestor of Dr. Druid, enemy of the Fomor, allied with Black Knight/Eobar Garrington (who was possessed by Dane Whitman), instrumental in returning Whitman to his original form, killed by Elathan, used the Evil Eye
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#225 (225(fb), 225,226d)


AMERICA's NEXT SUPER HERO - reality TV show associated with Sprite
    --Eternals III#1

AMERICAN ACE (Perry Web) -
    (net-gold)--(g) Marvel Mystery Comics#2 (3

AMERICAN AVENGER (Don Caldwell) - alleged reincarnation of el Gaucho (South American patriot), spent years as an exchange student in Buenos Aires, given costume by grandson of an ally of el Gaucho, defeated Nazi plot in Argentina.
    Skilled fighter, good horseman, used lasso + bola
    (net-gold)--(g) USA Comics#5; [USAgent#3]

AMERICAN BELLE of Earth-Amalgam - Miss America + Liberty Belle, All-Star Winners Squadron
    (app-asws)--Super Soldier: Man of War#1

AMERICAN DREAM of Earth-982 (Shannon Carter) - Dream Team, Avengers, parents killed in car wreck, trained by Peggy Carter (paternal cousin), former tour guide to Avengers headquarters.
    Uses shield/disc of Captain America from Earth-Doom, wears stun discs on helmet
    (net)--(Shannon) A-Next#1, (named) #3, (AD)#4 (Spider-Girl#32(fb), AN#1, 3, 4, 5,6, 7,8, J2#11, AN#9-11, 12, SpG#30-32, 57-59, 86, Last Hero Standing#1-5

AMERICAN EAGLE (Lt. Col. James Fletcher) - renown battlefield hero of World War II, held back at times so as not to risk his death, security chief and trainer for Project: Rebirth, captured by agents of Red Skull/Schmidt, tortured by Master Interrogator, refused to yield information, committed suicide to avoid breaking under further torture
    *D*--Adventures of Captain America#1 (2,3d)

AMERICAN EAGLE (Jason Strongbow) - American Indian, Navaho, brother of Ward, aided FBI in tracking and capturing criminals, opposed Thunderbolts, badly injured Bullseye
    originally wore full headdress, later wore Mohawk + beak on face
    (I#1, D#1)--Marvel Two-In-One Annual#6 (Incredible Hulk II#279, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2],3, Rom#65,[66], Marvel Comics Presents I#27/4, MCP#128/2, 130/2, 147/4,148/3, [Thunderbolts II#112 (fb)], 112-115

AMERICAN EAGLE of Earth-712 (Johnathon (or James, Sr) Dore) - Golden Agency, Squadron Supreme, founding member, father of Blue Eagle.
    wore winged suit
    --Squadron Supreme#1

    first identity--Avengers I#85 ([Web of Spider-Man Annual#5/6]->Cap'n Hawk)

AMERICAN GIRL (Carol Barnes) of Earth-Amalgam - Supergirl + Carol Danvers + Bucky Barnes
   (app-)--Fleer Marvel/DC Amalgam Trading Cards, Power Blast card subset #9 of 9

AMERICAN PANTHER (    ) - agent of Hate-Monger (Hitler's spirit possessing Josh Glenn)
    --Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man Alive#521-523 (September-November, 2011)

AMERICAN PURITY FOUNDATION (Jaspar Keaton, Abominatrix, Captain Rectitude)
    - formed by Keaton in 1968 when he attempted to re-enter politics
    --Sensational She-Hulk#21 (23(fb), 21-23

AMERICAN SAMURAI ( ) - elderly American, given power and skill by Keepers of the Sacred Koan while in a Japanese labor camp during World War II, vigilante, seemingly committed suicide, served as sparring partner with Colleen Wing
    Enhanced strength, master martial artist, teleport, reduced aging
    *D* (app)--Elektra I#11 (12(fb), 11,12,13 "d", Daughters of the Dragon#5

AMERICAN URBAN LEGENDS, VOL. 17: THE GHOST RIDER - text; copy owned by Vengeance/Kowalski
    --Ghost Rider #31 (2009)

AMERICOMMAND of Earth-11418 (Americops, Ameridroid, Bright Star, Broad-Stripe, Major America)
    --Captain America Corps#1 (2011)

AMERICOP (Bart Gallows) - former Houston police officer, became disillusioned at law’s inability to protect society from the lawless, funded career with money confiscated from criminals, strength augmented, sought group of missing children, became involved with Captain America and Diamondback in battle against Damon Dran + Golddigger + Kono Sanada, executes criminals.
    superhuman strength + durability, wm, red hair, crewcut, wears modified police uniform including body armor and a force shield, uses large + powerful truck
    (2006#1, app)--Captain America I#428 (430(fb), 428-430, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures

AMERICOPS of Earth-11418 - Americommand
    --Captain America Corps#1 (2011)

AMERIDROID (Lyle Dekker) - twenty foot tall android in the form of Captain America, inhabited by the mind of former Nazi scientist. Dekker had previously served Red Skull (Schmidt), was originally assigned to sabotage Captain America movie, tortured and nearly killed by Red Skull when failed, claimed to have encountered Captain America just after the death of Bucky, transferred mind into Ameridroid in recent times, allowing his own body to die, android was given abilities of Captain America  amplified to be proportional to size, initially demoralized by new nature, later brainwashed and served Red Skull in campaign to discredit Captain America, killed by Red Skull
    *D* (app)--(Dekker) Captain America I#218 (219+220(fb), 218, 219d); Cap I#220 (221, 261-263d)

AMES, ELSA - mutant?, former lover of Peter Maher, had gill slits removed to be with him, while he had gill slits opened to be with her
    formerly amphibious
    (app-maher_peter)--Strange Tales I#41/2

AMES, LEROY - former boyfriend of Angela Lynne, anonymously notified police of her death
    (app-dragc)--Jungle Action#21 (21(fb)/24(fb), 24, Marvel Premiere#53

AMES, Mrs. - Oxford elementary school teacher of Katie Power
    --Power Pack III#1

AMIKO - see KOBAYASHI, AMIKO (ME:X, net)--Uncanny X-Men#181

AMINEDI ( ) - Desert Sword, Iraqi, named for the "cutting wind" of the desert, killed by Legacy virus.
    superhuman speed, either used blade or own hands to cut others, fly short distances
    (net-ds) *D*--New Mutants Annual#7/2 (Uncanny X-Men Annual#15/2,X-Factor Annual#6/2, [X-Men II Annual#2d]

AMINTAS of the Hyborian era - Serpent Men, priest of the Order of the Serpent, sought to take over Black Lotus trade in Stygia, slain by Conan
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#122 (122(fb), 122

AMIR - king, saved from Goreks by Tuk and Tanir, directed them toward Atlantis
    --Captain America Comics#2

AMIR - Atlantean covert operative, lover of Wolverine, slain by Shogun so that Logan's heart would be broken when Shogun slew his body, causing him to fail to defeat Azrael/Lazaer in their resurrection battle
    *D*--Wolverine III#57 (57 (fb), 57d)

AMIR - vampire, Vampire Nation, destroyed by Blade
    *D/R/D* (app)--
Death of Dr. Strange: Blade#1

AMISSA - Trellion, used in plot to have Titannus lead the heroes of Earth to a slaughter on Trellion; posed as his inert lover or prisoner; fled back to Trell after Quasar brought her into space
    energy powers, survive in space
    --Marvel Team-Up III#2, (named) #12 (12(fb?), 2, 5-9, [10-12], 13

AMMO ( ) - "Vietnam" vet, led mob to anarchy and raided US armory during blackout caused by events of the Fall of the Mutants, later employed by Typhoid Mary to attack Daredevil to wear him down for her battle with him.
    BM, blond hair, skilled with street weapons
    (U#1, net)--Daredevil I#252 (260, Thunderbolts I#53

AMMUT - guardian of the Throne of Bone and Halls of Ma'at (Oshtur), led Ian McNee to the Sword of Bone
    1/4 leopard, 1/4 crocodile, 1/4 lion, 1/4 hippo
    (app)--Mystic Arcana#1 (1/2, 1/3

AMNEL - Annunaki race, allied with Silver Surfer in plot to save children from Marduk's destruction of Earth, possibly killed by US military
    --Silver Surfer IV#3 (4-7, 9-12

Amoebus the Cellman (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#38

AMON - one of three demon-steeds of Son of Satan/Hellstorm
    --Marvel Spotlight I#12

    --Journey into Mystery I#103?

AMOS, TOM - Daily Bugle
    --[Marvel Visions#21]

AMPERE ( ) - Circle of Pavane.
    project electricity
    (app-pavane)--Avengers I#377

AMPHARON - Olympian hell-witch, ally of Pluto in battle against Defenders.
    speaks in three-versed rhymes, uses staff & gem, absorb force of attacker and turn it back on them, white hair
    --Defenders II#2 ([3,4]

AMPHIBIAN of Earth-712 (Kingsley Rice) - Squadron Supreme, founding member, oceanographer, quit team during Utopia Program, convinced to return to battle New World Order.
    physiology adapts to land and depths of sea, superhuman strength, communicate with sea creatures
    (I#10,D#12,M)--Avengers I#148 ([Web of Spider-Man Annual#5/6(fb)], Av148,149, Avengers West Coast Annual#4/5(fb), Defenders I#112(fb),113,114, Squadron Supreme I#1-6, Squadron Supreme: New World Order

AMPHIBIANs of Hydro-Base - see HYDRO-MEN (app)--Sub-Mariner I#62

AMPHIBION (Qnax) - Xantarean supreme warrior, mutated by Xantarean Grand Council of Elders, sent to claim Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, battled and defeated by Hulk for it, exiled from Xantares when he returned after his failure, assisted Sagittarians, Hulk, Torgo, and Dark-Crawler against Galaxy Master and Abomination, returned to Xantares with aid of Hulk and found it decimated, determined to help rebuild it
    (2006#1, app)--Tales to Astonish I#73 (74, Incredible Hulk II#472(fb), [269(fb)], 270(fb), 269,270, [472(fb)], 471-474

AMPHIBIUS - Savage Land Mutates.
    frog-like humanoid, enhanced leaping and kicking abilities
    (D#11,M?, ME:X)--X-Men I#62 (63, X-Men: Hidden Years#1/2, 1-3, 4, 10-12, Avengers I#105, Marvel Fanfare I#1-4, Uncanny X-Men Annual#12, UX249,250, 274, Wolverine II#69, X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#3,4

AMPHITRYON - husband of Alcmena, stepfather of Heracles
    *D*--Incredible Hercules#126 (126 (fbs), 126d

AMPHORA - mystic vase, serves as prison to Zom
    (app-zom)--Strange Tales I#155/2

AMPHOS - Tribbitite
Incredible Hulk II#191

AMPZILLA - Microverse, Death Squad, mutated in Body Banks by Argon.
    reptilian cyborg
    --Micronauts I#35 (36, 46-50

AMRA of the Hyborian era - white boy raised in jungles of the Black Coast by Shulo and family of lions, Amra battled and was slain by Conan, who then became the new Amra
    (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#61 (62,63

AMRA - see CONAN--(REH) ; Conan the Barbarian I#25

AMSTERDAM, IAN - volunteer/auxiliary policeman, stood up to Bushwacker, became pawn of Jigsaw against Punisher, turned on Jigsaw with Lynn Michaels
   --Punisher War Journal II#5 (Punisher War Journal II#5 (Punisher War Journal II#5, 11, 18-21, 23

AMTOR the UNSPEAKABLE - invoked in spell
    --[Strange Tales I#150/2]

AMTOWER, RICHARD - Daily Bugle, reported on seeming return of Captain Mar-Vell (actually the Skrull Khn'nr)
--Captain Marvel VII#2 (2008)

AMULET of AGAMOTTO - lesser Eye of Agamotto, previously used by Dr. Strange and Rintrah
    (Mystic Arcana-Talismans)--Strange Tales I#110

AMULET of AMUK - given as a gift to Venus from Ares, caused her to ensorcel Zeus in order for Ares to gain control of Olympus
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#9

AMULET of KA - formerly held by the elder race of bird-men, given to Kull, used to save Brule and Tu, used on Gallus after his death, resurrected an elder demon instead, then cast into the ocean by Kull
    (app)--Kull the Conqueror III#2 (2/2

AMULET of the OLD MAN - see OLD MAN's amulet
    (app-oldman)--Marvel Comics Presents I#58/3

AMULET of PARACELSUS - see PENDANT of PARACELSUS (app)--X-Men: Soul Killer

AMULET of PATHIR - used to control Imhotep (Ravager of Worlds)
    (app-ravager)--Conan the Barbarian I#179 (185 (fb), 179-185, Savage Sword of Conan#203 (fb), 205-206

AMULET of PAZUZU - created from uranium back in Mesopotamian era by Vicki of Humbabu, wielded by Vicki + Hatshesut of Egypt + Hippolyte + Joan of Arc + Jane Austen + Queen Victoria + Eleanor Roosevelt + Suzi Pazuzo + Howard the Duck
    transforms wearer into Doucheblade/Gub-gala-emegir, prolonged exposure also causes cancer
    --Howard the Duck III#3 (3 (fb), 3

AMULET of POWER - see SACRED PENDANT of KUKULCAN (app-eltigre)--X-Men I#25

AMULET of QUIOX of Earth-Avengers-vampires - used to slow vampiric transformation of Sunfire
    --Exiles I#32

AMULET of RIGHT - power item, originally empowered Captain Britain, given by Merlyn, later used by Mastermind as a power source. symbol of honor and courage
    --Captain Britain I#1 ( [Excalibur II#1-3],4

AMULET of SET - brought back from the realm of Ishiti, formerly held by Eshe Lon, used to kill him by his daughter, Pelija
    (app/god-ishiti)--Conan the Barbarian I#138

AMULET of the SPIDER-CLAN - stolen by Snake Clan, rescued by Spider-Man and claimed by Taran
    (app-taran)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2001

AMULET of SURTUR - used by Norwegian cult to revive him
    --Thor II#36 (37

AMULETs of DAMBALLAH - used to control the Zombie, one around his neck, one by holder
    (app-zombie)--Tales of Zombie#1

AMUN - see ATUM?
    - rules air and the invisible, invoked Ashake, guides her in the First Tarot
    --[Mystic Arcana#1]

AMUN (Jon Kasiya) - assassin, formerly employed by the Sisterhood of the Wasp, plots vengeance against them for being set up while they seek to terminate him as well
    great speed, numerous bladed and energy weapons
    <MYSTERY*>, HAND of DEATH (2006#1)--Arana#2 (3-6, 7-12, [Spider-Man & Araņa Special: The Hunter Revealed#1 (fb)], Spider-Man & Araņa Special: The Hunter Revealed#1

AMUNDSON, JARED - vampire, also dealt psychic attacks, killed by Blade
   *D* (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#7

AMURATH, shah of Hyborian Era - lord of Akif, enemy of Conan and the Kozaks, briefly allied with Kulan Gath and Armati
    --REH's "Shadows in the Moonlight," Weird Tales, 4/1934; Savage Sword of Conan# ( Conan: Flame and the Fiend#1(fb), 2,3, SSoC#4d

AMUTEF - twelfth century necromancer, defeated and mummified by Priests of Khonshu; in recent times possessed Marlene Alraune, battled Moon Knight, and died
    *D*--Moon Knight I#36

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