ALL-AMERICAN of Earth-148611 (Jack Magniconte) - Paranormal Platoon, former member of Kickers inc
    - Mr. MAGNIFICENT* (AZU#2)--(JM) Kickers, inc#1, (AA) ; (Kickers#1-5, New Avengers I#16/2, Kickers#6-12, DP7#21-22, War#1-4, Quasar#56, Starblast#4, Quasar#57

ALLAN, WILSON - father of Liz, gem dealer
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#17 (Untold Tales of Spider-Man#10, Amz17,28

ALLAN, Mrs. - mother of Liz and Molten Man?
    Mrs. Raxton—Amazing Spider-Man I#28 (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#7-9

ALLAN, LIZ - ex-wife of Harry Osborn, mother of Norman Harry, high school classmate of Peter Parker, dated Foggy Nelson, major shareholder of Osborn Industries prior to Norman’s return
OSBORN, LIZ* (OH: Spdm2004(supporting))--Amazing Fantasy#15, (named) Amazing Spider-Man I#4 (Marvel Knights Spider-Man#9 (fb), AmzFant15, Amazing Spider-Man Family#1, Amazing Fantasy II#15, AF I#17(fb#1+3+5), 16, 18, AmzSp4-6, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#1, 2, A7, Unt3, A8, U4, A9,  Alias#23(fb), A10(U5-7), A12(U10), U11, A13, U14, A14, A15/Sensational Spider-Man Annual 1996, AmzSp An1, A17,18,20,22, Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Strange Encounters, A24, 25, 26, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#7-9, A28, 30, Spider-Man Family featuring Spider-Clan#1/3?, 133(fb),132,133, 134, 135, 137, 139, 143, 156, 157, 160, 161, 163, 166,167, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 180, Spectacular Spider-Man II#24, A188, Sp29, A192, 199->Liz Osborn;
    , Sensational Spider-Man III#29-31

ALLANSON, - Peace Corpse, Combine, Englishman, merged with Prokvitch and Strokov to assert their will over them
    (app-pc)--Avengers I#319 (320, 321, 323, 324

ALLARDINE, BEN - 16th Century, former pirate alongside Solomon Kane, later worked with Jonas Hardraker
    --Blades of the Brotherhood; Savage Sword of Conan#33/2 ([33/2(fb)], 33/2

ALLATOU - demon, menial of the court of Satan, enemy of Master Pandemonium, wife of Nergal, possessed Albert + Mary + Melissa Manners, exorcised by Son of Satan, attacked and kidnapped Dr. Pym under mistaken assumption that he was an ally of Master Pandemonium
    (app)--Marvel Spotlight I#18 (18(fb),18,19, West Coast Avengers II#13,14

ALLATOU, Ms. - white-skinned purple-haired demon assistant of Lucifer
    --Hellound (Epic) #1 (4

ALLATUM - Mesopotamian underworld, ruled by Ereshkigal

ALL-DEVOURER - fiercest of all Chinese demons, ever-hungry fiend, banished from earth’s plane centuries ago by the efforts of seven mighty sorcerers, required the sacrifice of seven lives to enable it to return, summoned by spell from Bernard Roberts, sent agents to consume him and six others until exorcised by spell written in computer language by Soo Lin Chu (Roberts’ fiancÚ) with the help of her grandfather.
    (app)--Iron Man I#130

ALLEGRA ?? - New Genix.
    hyperspeed, enhanced metabolism + healing
    (app-ng)--Marvel Comics Presents I#150 (175, 175/3

ALLEGRE, LUIS - Costa mob family, present at killing of the Castle family, slain by Punisher
    (app-costa)--Marvel Super-Action magazine#1

ALLEN ?? - vanished when Gordon Langley doubted his existence
    (app-langley)--Adventure into Weird Worlds#16/2

ALLEN ?? - boyfriend of Claire(?), beat-up by Megaman when he learned his wife had moved on
    (app-mega)--Nova I#9

ALLEN ?? - sought Patsy Walker's autograph
    (app-hellcat)--Defenders II#9

ALLEN, JOHN ADAM - SHIELD I, former ESPer squad division chief, discovered that 28% of active SHIELD agents lacked brainwaves, slain by Weng
    *D* (app)--Nick Fury vs SHIELD#3 ([3(fb), 3, 4d)

    (app)--Astonishing Tales I#8 (10-13

ALLEN, PRESTON - see OXFORD BLUE (app-eurotrash)--X-Statix#13

ALLEN, RANDY - student at school in Bainbridge, sought to befriend Julie Power, but disgusted her when he got drunk at a party
    --Power Pack IV#1 (2,4

ALLEN, TAD - New Orleans, former boyfriend of Tess
    (app-king-cake killer)--Namor I#51

ALLEN, Dr. WILLIAM - see CARRION (app)--Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand#1

ALLEN, Mr. - testified that evidence of White Tiger (Hector Ayala)'s murder of Officer Scott Perkins may have been falsified
    (app-delacourt)--Daredevil II#39

ALLERGEN AL - Allergen Gang
    (app-ag)--Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster

ALLERGEN GANG (Allergen Al, Dust Dragon, Feather Boa, Furball, Mold Patrol, Rugburn, Stogies)
    - allies of Asthma Monster
    (app)--Captain America: Return of the Asthma Monster

ALLEY - huge network of Morlock tunnels, constructed in early 1950s by US government underneath island of Manhattan for use by the military in case of nuclear war,
kept operational for a few years, then abandoned, adopted by Morlocks
    --Uncanny X-Men I#169

    --New Mutants II#4 (5,6, 7, 8-10, [11], 12, 13, New: X-Men: Academy X#1,2-->Prodigy.
    [New X-Men II#20], 21-23, 24, 26-31, 32,
    WWH: X-Men#2-3

ALLEYNE, KIM - sister of David, Illinois
    --New Mutants II#4 (New X-Men: Academy X#7-9

ALLEYNE, Mr - father of David + Kim 
    --New Mutants II#4 (8

ALLEYNE, Mrs - sister of David + Kim
    --New Mutants II#4 (8

ALLGOD - created at the World, sought by Norman Osborn, brought under control by Fantomex and Noh-Varr
    Dark Reign: The List: Wolverine#1

ALL-HATE SQUAD (Big Strong Man, Bigger Stronger Man, Biggest Strongest Man, Fisticuff Woman, Punch Drunk, See Stars, + 100)
    - Delta City, enemies of Fight Man--Fight Man#1

ALL-HIGHEST - see ENSLAVER (app-enslaver)--Silver Surfer: The Enslavers Graphic Novel

ALLIANCE - fictional terrorist organization, attacks controlled by Omnibus, destroyed numerous monuments and commercial and government vehicles in an effort to
cause World War III
    --[Incredible Hulk II#437]

ALLIANCE of EVIL (Frenzy, Stinger, Timeshadow, Tower)
    - disbanded, mercenaries, former agents of Apocalypse and Harness
    (U#1,net)--X-Factor I#5 (6, 33, New Mutants Annual#7

ALLIANCE of HUMANITY of Earth-Cable -
    --X-Force II#2

ALLIE ?? - professional thief, works for Jason Krieg
    --Immortal Weapons#2

ALLISON, JAMES - lost leg after fallen on by horse, recalled past incarnations due to curse from Stygian sorcerer Koth-Serapis, manipulated by the Wyrm but ultimately aided Conan, Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane, Moon Knight, and Satyne in defeating it
    (app)--Valley of the Worm; (Marvel) Supernatural Thrillers#3

ALLISON ?? - Doctor? at police lab, studied sample of Lifeform
    (app-lifeform)--Daredevil Annual#6

ALLISON ?? - Marrs Corporation, later hired at Oracle Inc. as secretary to Namorita
    (app-phoebe_marrs)--Namor I#14 (26

ALLISTER ?? - Golden Orange manager, wore "Red Raven" costume against Merlin Demonspawn
    --Captain Marvel V#2 (6, 9, 20,21, 22,23

ALL-MIGHTIEST - see ENSLAVER (app-enslaver)--Silver Surfer: The Enslavers Graphic Novel

ALL-NEW ALL-HATE SQUAD (    ) - Delta City, organized to kill Fightman by Beverly Lacoco and Hooded Eye (Kenny)
    --Agent X#11

ALL-NIGHT PARTY (Howard the Duck (president) ) - political party under which Howard ran for president
    --Howard the Duck I#

ALL-OUT (Unarmed Training Automaton 110) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --[Civil War: Front Line#4] (4/4, [4])

ALLOV, Professor EGRON - archeologist, discovered Tomb of Neron-Alak, revived Neron-Alak, left to suffocate in his tomb
    *D* (app-neron)--Monsters on the Prowl#9 (9/2

ALLRED, ERVIL - serial killer, hid out as monk in Jericho Monastery, called on somnambulist for power ,slain by Hellstorm

ALLSWORTH, GORDON - producer of Hercules' new labors reality TV show
    --Hercules III#1 (2-5

ALL-SEEING EYE - magic item sought by Jihad, stolen from Roc, enables one to behold all things throughout the cosmos
    --Fantastic 4th Voyage of Sinbad

ALL-SEEING ORACLE - Agamotto-powered mystic talisman, the iris of which could open to facilitate communication across a distance; used by Wong during a brief period when the Orb of Agamotto had been shattered
    --Marvel Premiere#4

ALL-STAR WINNERS SQUADRON of Earth-Amalgam (American Belle, Aquamariner, Brooklyn Barnes, Human Lantern, Super Soldier, Whiz)
    -All-Winners Squad + All-Star Squadron, @ World War II
    (app)--Super Soldier: Man of War#1

ALL THE EVILS OF MAN - see FANGOR  (app-rasputin)--Iron Man I#56

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED - television show on which Nathan Jefferson was interviewed about Captain Marvel (Khn'nr)'s assaults on the war zones in Sudan
    --Captain Marvel#4 (2008)

ALLUS, SHABBY - that's not his name...see SHABBY DAYES (app)--Captain Marvel I#42

ALL-WEAPON - see UNDRJARN--War of the Realms#6?

ALL-WINNERS SQUAD (Captain America (Naylund), Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, Bucky (Davis), Toro, Miss America, Whizzer, Captain America (Mace), Blonde Phantom, Angel/Halloway)
    -post-World War II heroes, originally consisted of former members of Invaders, based in Times Tower
    (OH: Teams)--(g) All-Winners#19 (21; Saga of Sub-Mariner#5, Giant-Size Avengers#1, What If? I#4, She-Hulk II#22, Citizen V & V Battalion#1(fb)

ALMAGORDO RESEARCH STATION (Irene Adler, Kurt Marko, Nathan Milbury, Amanda Mueller, Alexander Ryking, Brian Xavier )
    - early nuclear testing facility in New Mexico, research and studied genetic mutation, possibly associated with Black Womb Project
    --X-Men I#12 (X-Men Forever, New X-Men#41/2 (fb), Uncanny X-Men#12(fb), X-Men: Legacy#211 (fb), X12,13
    X-Factor III#22/2, New X-Men#41/2

ALMIGHTY DOLLAR (J. Pennington Pennypacker) - Happy Campers.
    generate and project coins
    (app-hc)--NFL Superpro#10

    --[Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#14]

ALMOST RENO (Mary + Kay, Johnny(d), sheriff Holister, Zak, Lewis Hammond, Mrs. Grey )
    - midwest town, natives mutated and sterilized by nuclear testing by US government in 1950s, further mutated so as to give children combined human and Deviant x-factors
    --X-Force I#77 (86(fb2), 77, 86(fb1), 86

ALODAI - Olympian giants, sons of Neptune and the nymph Iphimedia, assaulted Olympus, defeated and imprisoned Ares
    --War Machine II#4? (4 (fb)

ALOMII, ALICE - former wife of Benjamin, transformed into Adze vampire and destroyed by Benjamin
    *D/R/D* (app-adze)--Tomb of Dracula IV#1 ([1 (fb)], 1(fb, destroyed)

ALOMII, BENJAMIN SOLOMON - Noah van Helsing's vampire hunters, MIT student of techno-weaponry, began hunting Adze vampires of Guyana after his infected wife devoured their children and half of their village, slew the vampires and the surviving villagers to prevent spread of the infection, eventually transformed into vampire by the Adze, destroyed by Blade
    *D/R/D*--Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (1(fb), 1-3, 4d/des

ALONDRA of the Hyborian era - Corinthian woman, widow of  Mahal, saved from Sons of the White Wolf by Conan
    --Sons of the White Wolf; Savage Sword of Conan#37

ALONG-GIM - planet; Kree galaxy?; Chan-Dar teleported Star-Lord (Peter Quill)'s crew here before their ship exploded
    --Annihilation Conquest: Star-Lord#4

ALONZO ?? - @ 1926, vampire, former agent of Nick Diablo, vamped by Dracula
    *D/R*--Dracula Lives#8/2

ALOPHIC, lady of the Hyborian era - Brythunian noblewoman, former lover of Conan, led forces against Cult of Oranah
    (app-sg)--Savage Sword of Conan#145

ALOUETTE, GENARD - New Orleans Thieves Guild, harvest disseminator, sells off or gives away the bounty that does not pertain to the old kingdom.
    wm, blond, glasses
    --Gambit III#7 (16(fb9), 17-19, 22

ALPERT, TIM - Circle of Decay, contacted Dr. Strange for help against Wallace/Tiboro
    (app-tib)--Dr. Strange II#54 (54(fb2), 54(fb1)

ALPHA - Ultra-Robots, destroyed in battle against X-Men
(app-ur)--X-Men I#21 (21d)

ALPHA - Red Ghost's second group of apes, briefly used as partner of Beta
    --Iron Man I#15, 16

ALPHA - robot created by intellectual robots of Mad Thinker, who dwelled in the Town of Ponder, used as a defense, large mace for right hand, destroyed by Spider-Man and Vision
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#129

ALPHA - Warzone
    (app-wz)--Web of Spider-Man#44

ALPHA (Dr. Hywel Griffin) - head of Griffin technologies, creator of Omegans
    --ClanDestine#2 (3,4,6,9,10

ALPHA - see TRIAX (app-triax)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#3

ALPHA (Andy Maguire) - former average Midtown high school student, empowered by "Parker Particles," a hyper-kinetic form of energy tied into the forces of universal expansion, during a demonstration at Horizon laboratories sabotaged by Tiberius Stone, gained powers rendering him an "alpha level-threat," employed as Horizon's corporate spokesman, became self-absorbed super hero Alpha; Spider-Man (Peter Parker) attempted to guide him to a path of responsibility
    able to access energies to utilize a single power at a time - energy projection, super-strength, super-speed, force field, & flight; powers tied to the universe and projected to grow without limit
    --Amazing Spider-Man#692 (October, 2012) (693

ALPHA the ULTIMATE MUTANT - bioengineered by Magneto using records and equipment of Maelstrom and Phaeder, originally a primitive humanoid, evolved into extremely intelligent and powerful form, judged against Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and regressed them into infancy, left earth, captured by Stranger and trapped on his Labworld alongside Futurist, freed by Quasar.
    Rearrange matter, levitate, telepathy, reduce others to infancy, survive in space
    (2006#1, app, net)--Defenders I#15 (16, Quasar#14,15

ALPHA-1 of Earth-9921 - alternate dimensional counterpart of Black Womb Project, purchased the future New Sun from his parents, developed his powers, destroyed by him when they fully surfaced
    --Gambit III#24 (24(fb)

ALPHA-32 - see OMEGA-32--Thunderbolts#49

ALPHA & BETA - second group of apes, briefly used by Red Ghost
    --Iron Man I#15, 16

ALPHA CENTAURIAN race (Dynorr (Stalker), Yennon) - Milky Way galaxy, planet Arima, amphibious, grey skin + scales
    (I#1,D#15)--Sub-Mariner I#17 (18, Thor I#335, Maximum Security#1,[2,3]

ALPHA CLAN (7 unidentified members) - battled New Warriors, defeated by Night Thrasher (Bandit)
    --New Warriors IV#9 (9 (fb)

ALPHA FLIGHT (Stitch, St. Elmo, Wolverine, Smart Alec, Weapon Alpha, Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Northstar, Vindicator/James, Marrina, Puck (Eugene Judd), Guardian/James, Heather Hudson, Talisman/Elizabeth, Box/Bochs, Vindicator/Heather, Talisman/Shaman, Box/Jeffries, Diamond Lil, Persuasion?, Guardian/Heather, Windshear, Wyre, Flex, Manbot, Murmur, Radius, Earthmover, Centennial, Major Mapleleaf, Nemesis, Puck (Zuzha Yu), Yukon Jack, Mar)
    - Canadian superteam, originally organized by James MacDonald Hudson under Department H, varying ties with Canadian government and Department H
    (I#1,D#1, OH: Wolv, OH: Team, ME:X)--Uncanny X-Men#120 (Alpha Flight I#3/2, 8/2, Alpha Flight Special, AF I#9/2,10/2, [X-Men I#109], AF I#11/2, 92(fb), Incredible Hulk An8(fb), UXM120,121, Classic X-Men#27, AF I#14(fb), [Hulk An8], Machine Man I#18, UX139,140(AF51(fb)), Fantastic Four I#220, AF I#1(fb), Marvel Two-In-One#83,84, Hulk277, Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1,[2],3 AF I#1 2-4 5, X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1,2, AF6 7,8 9,10 11,12, Marvel Team-Up Annual#7, AF13 14,15 16 17 18 19 20,21 22, X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1,2, AF23,24 113(fb), 25-27, Secret War II#4, AF28/Hlk312,Hlk313,AF29 30 31,
Marvel Age Annual#1, 32-38, 39/Avengers I#272,AF40 Marvel Fanfare I#28  Alpha FlightF Annual#1, AF41-51, An2, AF52-77, 78, 79, 80-86, 87(fb), 87-90, Av320-324, AF91,92, 93(fb), 93-96, 97-100, 101, [Infinity Gauntlet#2]  AF102-109, 109/2, Death Metal#1, 2/Death MetalvsGen1(fb) DMvGen1 InfinityWar#1 2/AF110/MK41/IW3/Quas38/F4#368/W+IW#8/IW4/F4#369/AF111/WondM14/IW5,6,F4#370 AF112-115 116-124 125,126 127-130 XFac116 AF II#1-5 MavII#3 AF6-8 AF9/UXM355 AF10,11 12 13 14 15-17,AF/Inh'98 AF#18-20 WolvII#142(fb),142,143,143/2 GX#58 [Def II#2] Wolv171,172, Citizen V+VB:Ev3, BP42-44, Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6, Wolv179,  UX421,422, X-Men Unlimited#45, UX432-434, [Alpha Flight III#2 (fb)], 1-4 (fb), 1-6, 7,8, 9-12, New Avengers#16

ALPHA-MECHS of Earth-Deathlok - creations of Hellinger
    (app-hel)--Astonishing Tales#34 (35,36, Captain America I#288)

ALPHANEX - computer of Alpha Flight
    --Alpha Flight I#

ALPHA OUTSIDERS of Earth-Amalgam (Trigger Twins) - Alpha Flight + Outsiders, @ 1800s
    --[Generation Hex#1 (letters)]

ALPHA PRIMITIVES (Reyno, TX-12, RN-62, Trikon)
    - clone race, originally created by Inhumans @ 2000 BC for use as slaves, most still dwell beneath Attilan, some sent to Negative Zone beside Maximus
    (I#1,D#1)--Fantastic Four I#47 (Inhumans: Untold Saga#1, F4#47, 82,83, 131,132, Avengers I#127, F4#240, Avengers Annual#12,  Av334, 383, Avengers Unplugged#6, Quicksilver#6, Inhumans III#3,[4-6],7,8,[9],10,[11,12], Inhumans IV#1-3, Fantastic Four III#42-44, Marvel Knights 4#19-20, Black Panther IV#20

ALPHA PRIME (Avian, Crag, Primate) - natives of Savage Land, briefly organized into team by Heather Hudson
    (net)--Alpha Flight Annual#2

ALPHA RAY - robotic precursor of Beta Ray Bill, created by Sheo-'re, but it fails under its own power due to its lack of a soul; its body was placed into the first Meta-Orb; later revived to save the Korbinites from Galactus, battled and defeated by Beta Ray Bill, later reactivated by Galactus and sent to fight Asteroth, drove Asteroth and Stardust into a black hole, presumably destroyed
    (app)--Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#1 ([1(fb)], 1, 2, 4, 5d)

ALPHA SQUADRON (Anole, Indra, Kidigo, Loa, Network, Rubbermaid)
    - team of young mutants at Xavier Institute, formerly under the guidance of Northstar
    (New X-Men Yearbook)--[New X-Men: Academy X#4], 13 (14

ALPHA STONE - power item, discovered on Kree-Lar thousands of years ago, split in half to form Alpha and Omega stones, power filtered through several other stones to empower Chosen Eight of Fate, empowered Basilisk
    (app-alphaomegastones)--Marvel Team-Up I#16 (Thunderbolts I#45+46(fb), MTU#17(fb), 16d)

ALPHANS of Reality-691 - alternate future version of Alpha Centaurians, water breathing race from Arima, entire population and kingdom transported to Centauri IV by Guardians and Keeper to save them from Galactus, share planet with Centauri race.
    humanoids, grey or green scaly skin, gills, adapted for undersea life
    (app)--Guardians of the Galaxy#25 (Annual#2/2

    --Strange Tales I#156-158

ALPHONSE ?? - mutant, New Orleans, Assassins Guild, former bouncer at Club Orleans, paranoid about super-heroes
    --Gambit IV#1 (4, 5, 6(fb)

ALPINE PARK - run down amusement park, bought by Agent X
    --Agent X#1

ALPO of Earth-Hercules 2300 - partner of Clide, tricked Hercules out of his chariot, crippled by horses, later used false Galactus in attempt to rob Wilameanis
    --Hercules I#2 (Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules: Full Circle

ALRAUNE, MARLENE - social worker, former archeologist and history teacher, girlfriend of Marc Spector, daughter of Peter Sr, sister of Peter Jr, ex-wife of Eric Jules Fontaine.
    skilled at hand-to-hand combat
    -Marlene Fontaine (U#1,net)--Marvel Spotlight I#28 (29, Spectacular Spider-Man II#23, Hulk!#11/2-14/2, 17/2, 18/2, 20/2, Marvel Preview#21, Moon Knight I#1-3, 6-12, Marvel Team-Up Annual#4, Amazing Spider-Man I#220, MK13-18, 20, 22, 23, Power Man/Iron Fist#87, MK I#24, 25, 26/2, 27-30, 32, 32/2, 34/2, 35-38, Moon Knight II#1,2, Marvel Fanfare I#30, MK II#3,4, Moon Knight III#1-5, 11, 14-19, 22, 23, 25, 26, [27], 28,29, 31-33, AmzSp357, MK III#34,35, 38, Moon Knight VI#20 (fb), MS:MK#50, 52, 54-60, Moon Knight IV#1-4, Moon Knight V#1-4, Black Panther III#20, Moon Knight VI#1, 3-6, 8-9, 11 (fb), 12 (fb), 13, 14?, 15-17, 19

ALRAUNE, Dr. PETER jr - medical doctor, son of Peter Sr, brother of Marlene, briefly linked to Morpheus, sacrificed own life to put Morpheus into a coma.
    Generate hallucinations, nullify Morpheus’ power while linked to him
    *D*--Moon Knight I#12 (22, 23d)

Alslavia -
    --Captain America Comics#21

ALSHRA - spirit plane of Neurii
    --Wolverine: Bloodlust (W:B(fb), W:B, Excalibur I#46

ALTAR of NEPTUNE's WRATH - site at which Neptune destroyed the Golden Serpent and slaughtered the followers of Set
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9/5, Avengers West Coast Annual#4

AL-TARIQ, FAYSAL - Iraqi terrorist, blew up World Trade Centers, plotted to blow up Centerville, stopped by Captain America
    *D*--Captain America IV#1 (2,3)

ALTARIX of Reality-8116 - home planet of the Instrumentality
    (app)--The Price; (Marvel/Epic) Dreadstar Annual#1

ALTARRA - daughter to Sha-Han, former assistant to Sha-Han and Kraal, but helped Solarman escape from Kraal, killed by Kraal's robots
   *D*  (app)--Solarman#1d

ALTER-EARTH - see EARTH-A (app)--Fantastic Four I#118

ALTER-EGO - duplicate of Ego, allegedly created along with Ego by Stranger as part of an experiment, kept imprisoned
    (app)--Astonishing Thor#2

ALTERNATE of Earth-93060 - enemy/feminine clone of Rex Mundi
    - REGINA--[Hardcase#3], 5

ALTERNATIVE (Neil Crawford, Geoffrey Creswell, Sally Floyd (quit), Eric, Jerry)
    - New York newspaper
    --Generation M#1 (2-5, [Civil War: Front Line#1-4], 5, [6-10, 11 (fb)]

ALTERNATOR BUG-BOT - a giant robot created by the Tinkerer, defeated by a group of heroes, but Spider-Man was trapped inside of it until being rescued by Damage Control.
    --Damage Control I#1

ALTERNITY, Mr. - upper management of Time Variance Authority
    (app-tva)--Fantastic Four Annual I#27 ( Marvel Knights 4#18

ALTERNOVA of Earth-Alternova - alternate dimensional counterpart of n\Nova (Rider), never gave up powers after Skrull/Xandar war, led Avengers and Nova Corps of his reality, unable to stop Deathstorm from destroying his planet, trained Nova of Earth-616 to use his powers to open an interdimensional stargate
    --Nova II#6 (7

ALTERRA-4 - realm ruled by Hyperstorm, decimated by Destructoids
    --Fantastic Four I#406

ALTHRACE (Higher Evolutionaries, Melanicus) - advanced system of extradimensional planets, connected by large bolts
  (app-mel)--Dr. Who Monthly#65 (66

ALTHOTAS - Egyptian author of alchemy and the Emerald Table, Immortal Nine, slain and replaced by Cagliostro
    --Lofficier's Book of the Vishanti

AL'TI - see VIDUA, AL'TI--Future Foundation#1

ALTJIRA - Aboriginal Sky-Father god, encountered Longshot
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#16, (identified) OHotMU A-Z#3 (Incredible Hulk#116-117

ALTMAN, HILDA - inline speed skating champion, targeted by Racine Ramjets

ALTMAN, Mrs. - Skrull, sent to watch over "Teddy" by Empress (R'Klll?), posed as mother of Teddy Altman, inadvertently killed by Super-Skrull
    *D*--Young Avengers#9 (9 (fb), 9d)

ALVAREZ, CARLOS - former head groundskeeper for Avengers Compound, slain by Ultron-13
    *D*--Avengers West Coast#76 (80, 89d,90(d))

ALVAREZ, CARLY - committee to elect Graydon Creed
    --Uncanny X-Men I#338 (340(fb)

ALVAREZ, FELIX RICARDO - former lawyer, vice-president and chief operating officer of Stark Enterprises, defended Tony Stark in trial of Kathy Dare
    --Iron Man I#238 (239, 241-243, 245-247, 248, [256(fb)], 256(fb), 281, 283-286, 306, [Force Works#4], War Machine I#8, IM310, FW8, IM318

ALVAREZ, PAUL - reporter
    --Fantastic Force#2 (9(fb), 2,3,[4],5, 6, 8,9, 16

ALVARO of the Hyborian era - captain of the Falcon of Zingara, slain in battle with Conan
    *D* (app)--Conan of the Isles; Marvel Graphic Novel:
Conan of the Isles

ALWAZIR of the Hyborian era - Turanian nobleman, journeyed into desert on an unknown magical quest, drinks water from a glowing pool and goes mad and mutates into monstrous form, fought those who sought him, helped fight off the Urwallah, eventually regained mind.
    Large + powerful form, temporarily virtually mindless
    --Savage Sword of Conan#28 (28(fb1, 2, 3), 28

ALYSSA ?? - Division U, led the Wraith Squad
    (app-du)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2

ALYSSA ?? - Siren Sect, Vampires, lover of Xarus, met with large assembly of Vampires on Greek Island, saw Xarus dismember Dracula, given 24 hours to join him, told Janus that he should be Lord of the Vampires, sent three of her Sirens to kill Xarus but they failed, saw Xarus destroy Janus's uprising, secretly gave Janus a medallion, saw Janus flee.
    --Death of Dracula#1 (X-Men II#1(2, 3, 4

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