Real Name: Kim Marshall (possibly - see comments)

Identity/Class: Unrevealed

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (probably New York City)

First Appearance: Mail on Sunday's You Magazine (18th September 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Spider Wasp Woman can generate an energy sting from her hands that paralyzes those it strikes. She may also be able to fly (if the image of her is anything to go by).

Height: Unrevealed
Hair: Red

(unpublished? - see comments) - Spider Wasp Woman was a foe of Spider-Man.

Comments: Created by Kim Marshall.

    The Daily Mail is a British tabloid newspaper which has a Sunday edition, the Mail on Sunday. That in turn had a magazine supplement, You Magazine, which in 1994 carried a competition to celebrate Marvel U.K.'s 21st Anniversary in which contestants were asked to submit ideas for new Spider-Man villains. The winner, twenty year old Kim Marshall, was announced in an article in the 18th September edition of You Magazine, picked by Marvel U.K. editor Tim Quinn from hundreds of entries. Artist Jim Cheung turned Kim's initial sketch (left) into a finished design (right) which was shown in the article. The wording of the feature made it sound like the character's real name was the same as her creator, but that might simply have been a poor wording choice on the part of the journalist writing the article. Spider Wasp Woman was supposed to be featured in a brand new story to appear in Exploits of Spider-Man, the title then reprinting U.S. Spidey adventures, and indeed the article mentioned that Kim had been presented with a framed copy of the script for the story as part of her prize, which suggests the story was completed. However the tale never appeared in that comic before Exploits of Spider-Man was cancelled less than a year later. Tim Quinn thinks it was eventually published somewhere, but doesn't recall exactly where, and as yet I've been unable to ascertain any such publication of the story. Given that this was close to the time Marvel U.K. suffered multiple cancellations of planned stories, I suspect that Spider Wasp Woman was just one more victim of those uncertain times.

Profile by Loki.

Spider Wasp Woman has no known connections to:

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Mail on Sunday's You Magazine (18th September 1994), unknown page, pan1 and 2 (main and original design)

Unpublished- Jim Cheung (pencils), Tim Quinn (editor)

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