Real Name: Theresa "Tracy" MacWitter

Identity/Class: Human mutate and/or technology user

Occupation: Firefighter

Group Membership: Partner of Kevlor

Affiliations: Ladder Company 51, O'Hara, unidentified Mephitisoid captain

Enemies: Pyro (St. John Allerdyce), Red Skull (Johann Shmidt)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: Scout (childhood nickname)

Base of Operations: Bronx in New York City

First Appearance: Nomextra and Kevlor#1 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: Nomextra wears an alien costume made of enhanced Earthly Nomex III fabrics enhanced by Mephitisoid and Shi'ar technology. The costume grants her undefined superhuman powers and physical traits. Her costume provides her with enhanced protection from physical damage and is also highly resistant to heat and fire. Only her own fire fighting clothes have been altered and her powered costume can be instantaneously summoned to cover her body by way of mental command. Her costume and powers have a finite amount of time before having to return to its normal state. It is unknown how long she can stay powered up but probably no longer than an hour. The costumes also seemed to disguise her appearance by altering her size, shape and physical traits such as hair and eye color.

Nomextra's costume has exhibited the following additional powers:
Nomextra can create strong tendrils of varying lengths and sizes that can be mentally controlled to perform tasks. These can be used to lift heavy objects, entwine, and capture opponents or used to smother flames. These appear as strips of fabric attached to her wrists and shoulders.
Nomextra can levitate herself and fly at unknown speeds and is also able to carry heavy weights using her tendrils without any apparent difficulty.

Height: Unrevealed (5'8"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (150 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Green (blue as Nomextra)
Hair: Brown (white as Nomextra)

(Nomextra and Kevlor#1 - BTS) - Dutch Evers and Tracy MacWitter grew up together and were best friends with no romantic inclinations. Dutch gave her the nickname Scout based on the character from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird due to her fearless nature. They treated each other as if they were siblings and often sought friendly competitions with each other. After graduating high school, the two of them joined the fire department and were assigned the same unit Ladder Company 51 in the Bronx.

(Nomextra and Kevlor#1 (fb)) - One evening, they were the first responders to a fire alleged to have been caused by a crashed plane and entered the burning building to discover it was a crashed spaceship piloted by a crew of Mephitisoids from another galaxy. The two aided the Mephitisoid crew in containing a fiery breach in the ship's engine room which had the potential to create a catastrophic explosion that could destroy the city. Tracy and Dutch, with the help from their specialized Kevlar and Nomex fire resistant turnouts (firefighting clothes), beat back the flames which allowed the aliens to repair critical systems to contain the inferno. After the fire was contained Tracy hugged the Mephitisoid captain. Grateful for the help, the Mephitisoid captain gifted them with the ability to bond to their firefighting gear, using a machine called a Universal Adaptor that was designed to allow the Mephitisoids to survive on hostile worlds, and then transported them back to their previous location as the ship departed.

(Nomextra and Kevlor#1) - Using their newfound powers, they named themselves Nomextra (Tracy) and Kevlor (Dutch), and used them secretly to battle fires throughout the Bronx. They, along with their entire contingent of firemen from Ladder 51, responded to a raging fire at a local youth home on the North End with kids trapped inside. Tracy, being the first to enter, became trapped by a fallen wood beam while attempting to rescue a little girl and was rescued by her fellow firefighters and her partner "Dutch" aka. Kevlor. In the Kevlor identity, "Dutch" lifted the heavy wooden beam and told the others that he would get Tracy to safety. Now free, Tracy transformed into her superhuman form Nomextra to battle the blaze from within. While fighting the raging inferno, the pair encounter the mutant Pyro (secretly hired by the Red Skull) who was setting the building ablaze. Unable to best their fire-resistant costumes, Pyro was quickly captured and tied up for the police and carted off to jail. After Pyro's defeat, the fire was easily contained by the two friends and the rest of Ladder Company 51.

(Nomextra and Kevlor#1 - BTS) - Unknown to Nomextra and Kevlor, the Red Skull plotted to kill them and make them pay for interfering with his operation. The outcome of this has not yet been revealed.

Comments: Created by George Caragonne, Mike Harris & Jimmy Palmiotti.

The Red Skull was seen in partial shadow in the last panel of the comic with a blurb saying to be continued hinting at an additional comic, but this never came about.

The Mephitisoid captain was referred to by the title of Captain-Brother by the other Mephitisoids and spoke in broken English. Were they family? Why did they crash land on Earth? Were they renegades on the run from the Shi'ar and crashed when attacked by a pursuing spacecraft or maybe the Imperial Guard? We will likely never know!

According to the legal indicia at the bottom of the first page the character names were owned by Du Pont, but the character designs were owned by Marvel. These characters could make some sort of a reappearance if the names were changed.

This short 16-page comic was a collaboration with Du Pont and Marvel to advertise, educate and highlight Du Pont's special chemical treated firefighting gear made from Kevlar and Nomex III materials. According to the advertising on the back cover, Kevlar and Nomex III fibres provide inherent flame resistance and heat shrinkage while maintaining their strength and mechanical integrity. They are durable and flexible while also providing their wearers an increased comfort by creating moisture barriers.

Ladder Company 51 is a real-world fire department that works alongside Engine 38 and is located at 3446 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY.

The comic also gave a special thanks to technical advisor Gene Deemer and the Trenton Fire Department.

Profile by AvatarWarlord.

Nomextra has no known connections to:

unidentified Mephitisoids

A crew of two claimed to have been explorers that crash landed their spacecraft into an abandoned building somewhere in the Bronx that started a fire. Dutch Evers and Tracy MacWitter, firefighters from Ladder 51, were in the area while off duty and were the first to respond when an emergency dispatch described the fire as being caused by a plane crash. Learning the fire was due to a crashed spacecraft piloted by a couple of peaceful aliens who introduced themselves as Mephitisoids from a distant galaxy, they assisted them in containing a fiery fuel leak that had the potential of exploding and destroying the city. When the fire was contained, Tracy hugged the Mephitisoid captain. Thankful for their help the Mephitisoids gifted them with superpowers based on the Kevlar and Nomex III materials their firefighting suits had and soon after departed when their ship repaired itself.

--Nomextra and Kevlor#1

images: (without ads)
Nomextra and Kevlor#1, p11, pan2 (main image)
Nomextra and Kevlor#1, p8. pan2 (face)
Nomextra and Kevlor#1, p9, pan2-3 (transformation)
Nomextra and Kevlor#1, p14, pan5 (action scene)
Nomextra and Kevlor#1, p5, pan3 (unidentified Mephitisoids)

Nomextra and Kevlor#1 (1992) - George Caragonne (writer), Mike Harris (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Glenn Herdling (editor)

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