Membership: Unrevealed

Purpose: Terrorism

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Ulysses Cain, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Vision

Base of Operations: Presumably somewhere in Symkaria

First Appearance: Captain Marvel X#8 (October, 2016)

(Captain Marvel X#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Inhuman Ulysses predicted the National Force would activate a Madbomb in Symkaria.

(Captain Marvel X#8) - Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Captain America and Vision took down the National Force in a building in Symkaria before they could put together the Madbomb.

Comments: Created by Ruth Fletcher Gage, Christos Gage & Kris Anka.

The National Force seen in Captain Marvel X#8 (October, 2016) wore the costumes of Grand Director's National Force from Captain America I#231-237, but worked with a character that looked more like the Hate-Monger from the Punisher War Journal II#6-10 storyline. Maybe the Arizona-based Hate-Monger returned from the dead after Secret Wars III and put together another National Force. Maybe a Symkarian nationalist put together his own version of the National Force. Maybe agents adjacent to a worldwide terrorist organization like Hydra put together this group to destabilize Symkaria. We don't know! It was a one panel appearance and to be honest it made absolutely no sense that they would cause trouble in a European nation because the previous versions of the National Force were only interested in the US for different reasons, but they were racist and nationalist in one or another way.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

National Force has no known connections to:

Captain Marvel X#8, p2, pan1 (main)

Captain Marvel X#8 (October, 2016) - Ruth Fletcher Gage & Christos Gage (writers), Kris Anka (artist), Sana Amanat (editor)

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Last updated: 05/25/2022

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