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Real Name: Kamdu

Identity/Class: Normal human (Tibetan/Chinese citizen - see comments)

Occupation: Resistance fighter

Group Membership: Tibetan resistance fighters

Affiliations: Fellow Tibetan resistance fighters (Haga, others)

Enemies: People's Liberation Army of China

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Tibet

First Appearance: Battle Action#27/6 (February, 1957)

Powers/Abilities: Kamdu is an inspirational leader and resourceful resistance fighter. He is skilled in traditional weapons such as swords, spears and archery. A proud Tibetan, he also has a sound sense of military strategy.

Height: 5'11" (taken by average height of a Tibetan man)
Weight: 165 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Battle Action#27/6 (fb) - BTS) - Kamdu was a proud Tibetan with a strong sense of national identity. When Chinese Communist military forces entered Tibet in 1951 as part of its annexation program, Kamdu joined Tibet's armed defiance. Six years passed and China was unable to completely eliminate resistance, so the Chinese General requested heavier artillery.

(Battle Action#27/6) - The Chinese General watched Chinese tanks parachute in. Kamdu and other resistance fighters also saw the new equipment, but were unfamiliar with it due to their isolated society. Kamdu resolved to continue Tibet's fight for freedom with basic weaponry including old rifles. Kamdu and his men, including Haga tried to raid the Chinese General's encampment, but  tanks were dispatched against them, completely overwhelming them. Thinking quickly, Kamdu had all the yaks herded around the tanks so that they would stampede, ramming the tanks over the cliff. Tibetan catapults flung boulders at the remaining Chinese armor. The Chinese General ordered more tanks be dropped in, but their parachutes were set on fire by flaming arrows, causing the new tanks' destruction as they crashed. While the Chinese General was despondent, Kamdu and Haga resolved to continue their fight the next day.


Comments: Created by uncredited writer & Joe Maneely.

Slightly unusual art from the prolific and legendary Joe Maneely on this one; the yaks look like odd horses rather than shaggy cows.

This is a good example of the Atlas era's war comics' fierce anti-Communist stance, popular in the 1950s.

The annexation of Tibet by the People's Republic of China on October 6, 1950, has been called the "Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" by the Chinese government, and the "Chinese invasion of Tibet" by the Central Tibetan Administration. On October 19, Chinese forces captured the border town of Chamdo, similar sounding to this character's name Kamdu.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Kamdu has no known connections to:


Haga was a close colleague of Kamdu who witnessed the Chinese tanks parachuting in. Alongside Kamdu, he joined the attacks against Chinese military forces, including the parachuting tanks, and sought to oust Chinese Communism and Chinese military.







--Battle Action#27/6

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Battle Action#27/6, p2, pan3 (main image)
   p2, pan2 (headshot)
   p4, pan6 (with saber)
   p2, pan1 (Haga)

Battle Action#27/6 (February, 1957) - uncredited writer, Joe Maneely (pencils & inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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