Real Name: Unrevealed - may be Burpzilla (see comments)

Identity/Class: Kaiju (see comments)

Occupation: Devourer of cities

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Unidentified friends

Enemies: Residents of unrevealed Chinese coastal city

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Earth's seas and oceans, specifically off China

First Appearance: It's Wicked!#17 (9th September 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Burpzilla is a giant amphibious reptile (or similar - he might be a amphibian, dinosaur, or alien resembling same). He can survive for long periods underwater, though whether because he can breathe there or simply hold his breath for long periods is unrevealed. He presumably possesses immense strength, allowing him to demolish buildings in order to eat them, and has fanged jaws powerful enough to chew up masonry. He's probably extremely durable too, as though we don't see anyone try to attack him, it's likely that the military would have done so at some point in an attempt to dissuade him from chowing down on one metropolis or another.

Height: 220' (by approximation) (see comments)
Weight: 25,500 tons (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: None

It's Wicked!#17 (fb) - BTS) - A giant monster, Burpzilla enjoyed devouring cities and towns. A fan of Chinese things, he'd eaten a number of Chinese cities during his various rampages.

(It's Wicked!#17) - Burpzilla emerged from the ocean's depths next to a Chinese coastal city, expressing his joy to be visiting China again and wondering if he might be able to buy some porcelain figurines while he was there. His arrival was greeted with terror by the populace, as Burpzilla waded ashore commenting on the cuteness of a pagoda and how tasty some of the buildings looked. As he began chewing up the architecture he noted that he'd have to tell all his friends about the city. Soon finishing his meal, he left the ruined remains noting that he had really enjoyed his meal, but bemoaning that Chinese cities were all the same - half an hour after eating one you were hungry again.   

Comments: Created by King - full name unrevealed, as he only signed his art with his surname.

   Burpzilla appeared in the final issue of the short lived Marvel UK title It's Wicked! It's likely he was intended to star in a new recurring strip, but the title's abrupt cancellation meant only one single page story of six panels (and one logo panel) was published. The three images of the character used in this profile actually use every panel he appears in.

   ASSumptions involved in estimating the height and weight of Burpzilla: We see in the first panel he appears in how tall he is compared to some buildings on the dockside. The closest, most clearly seen building looks to be around two storys tall, so say 20 feet. By cutting and pasting it alongside the partially submerged Burpzilla, we see that from the top of his head to his waist/ lowered elbow he seems to be six lots of this building tall, and from the close to full image we have that his upper body is slightly taller than his lower, so I'd estimate he's about 11 buildings tall, or very approximately 220 feet. Since he's based on Godzilla and has a similar build, I then found the Monsterverse movie Godzilla's physical stats, which included Godzilla's weight at given heights, and thus was able to scale the weight for Burpzilla. However, there are obviously a lot of assumptions in this estimate, so it should be considered very approximate.

   The locals at the town he eats call him Burpzilla, presumably based on him tending to loudly belch after guzzling down too many buildings too fast. However, we see that Burpzilla is sentient and can talk, albeit perhaps not in any language humans might understand. As such, he presumably has a name he chooses to go by, and there's no confirmation that matches what humanity calls him.

   I've identified him as a Kaiju, or giant monster, but we've no clue as to his origins. He might be of a species that is always as big as he is, or a mutated reptile, or an alien (Makluan?). Similarly, there's nothing to suggest he exists on Earth-616 (the mainstream Marvel Earth), but nothing to prevent it either. He mentions his intention of telling his friends about the tasty city he eats; maybe he's talking about Godzilla or the Wani? Heck, maybe he is the Wani, and we're seeing part of Dragon Lord's tale from the monster's POV.

Profile by Loki.

Burpzilla has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
It's Wicked!#17, p22, pan6 (main image)
It's Wicked!#17, p22, pan3 (headshot, emerging from sea)
It's Wicked!#17, p22, logo panel (burping)

It's Wicked!#17 (9th September 1989) - King (art, possibly writer too), editor

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