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Real Name: Archie Kalnan

Identity/Class: Human;
citizen of the United Kingdom

Occupation: Night watchman

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None, though he came close to making one of Spider-Woman

Known Relatives: Florrie Kalnan (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, United Kingdom

First Appearance: Spider-Woman I#1 (April 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Archie Kalnan posssesses no known superhuman abilities. As a night watchman, he had sharp hearing despite his advanced age. He tried to keep out of danger, worried he might get hurt. Archie had a penchant for talking to himself in the third person.

Height: 5'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 145 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Grey

(Spider-Woman I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Archie Kalnan worked as a night watchman in London's Trafalgar Square. His duties included making the rounds after closing time and checking on any strange goings on in and outside the stores and shops.

(Spider-Woman I#1 - BTS) - Starving and on the run, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) broke into a supermarket on Trafalgar Square and contemplated stealing a can of tomato soup to feed herself. Rethinking her decision at the last moment, she threw the can away in a fit of rage at her current situation and renewed her resolve not to steal.

(Spider-Woman I#1) - The rattling soup cans caught Archie's attentions when he was making the rounds outside the stores. Opening up the supermarket with his master key, he used his flashlight to see what could have caused the racket. Not thinking of looking up to the ceiling where Spider-Woman was hiding, he quickly concluded it must have been rats who knocked over the cans. He reminded himself to set some traps before leaving the store and continuing on his rounds, lamenting aloud that his wife Florrie always reminded him he was too blasted old to get involved in much of anything, let alone real trouble.

(Spider-Woman I#1 - BTS) - Once Archie was safely out of earshot, Spider-Woman came down from the ceiling and kicked some more cans around to vent her frustration.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, Carmen Infantino and Tony DeZuniga.

Marv Wolfman sure went out of his way to give ol' Archie a ton of personality and backstory, considering his entire run in comics so far lasted only a page and a half.

Profile by Norvo

Archie Kalnan has no known connections to

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Spider-Woman I#1, p2, pan6 (main image)
Spider-Woman I#1, p2, pan5 (checks the store)
Spider-Woman I#1, p3, pan1 (closes the store)

Spider-Woman I#1 (April, 1978) - Marv Wolfman (writer/editor), Carmen Infantino (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks)

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