iron_man-97082-mainiron_man-97082-stark-faceIRON MAN
of Earth-97082
circa 2015 A.D.

Real Name: Anthony "Tony" Stark;
    middle name likely "Edward"

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-97082) advanced technology user;
    identity publicly known as of 2001 A.D.;
    US Citizen

Occupation: Industrialist

Group Membership: Stark International (Bill Bates, Mr. Jones)

iron_man-97082-stark-upperAffiliations: Nick Fury, Maxie Graham, IM2, Micro, S.H.I.E.L.D., Keiko Takimoto, presumably Dmitri;
    likely Hideo Shinoda

Enemies: Dreadnoughts, Hiro Matsui and his agents, SCV (Somatic Combat Vehicle) Samurai;
    at least formerly professional rivals with
Hideo Shinoda

Known Relatives: Presumably Howard and Maria Stark (parents) and other relatives mirroring his Earth-616 counterpart (see comments);
IM2 (creation)

Aliases: Presumably many of the same as his Earth-616 counterpart

Base of Operations: Presumably Manhattan, New York, USA, Earth-97082

Education: Presumably Ph.D.s in physics and electrical engineering

First Appearance: Iron Man: Crash (April, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Like his Earth-616 counterpart, Tony Stark is a genius inventor and entrepreneur.

    He formerly used the black market drug Perpetuon to maintain a youthful appearance (and possibly vitality).iron_man-97082-scv1.jpg

    His modern armor was a multiple layer Somatic Combat Vehicle (SCV) composed of multiple layers, the first of which was biological/input output with tactile force feedback undergarment and life support membrane, with his head covered with a cranial controller and BIO IO (input/output) nodes, mandibular (lower jaw) assembly and stomatic (mouth) interface.

    The second layer included infrasupport framework, impact dissipators, fractionated superconduction skin, stereoscopic LCD occlusion shutters, ocular solvent pipettes, rhinal (nasal) oxygen feeders.

    The third layer included kinesthetic amplifiers, accelerent modules, adjuvant synmuscles, chromalloy endoshield, thermal shield, coolant matrix, EM field generators, and ischiadic (the portion of your pelvis you sit on as well as another name for the sciatic nerve) subsystems truss.iron_man-97082-scv1-2

    The gauntlets have flex high value control input and hi-res position sensing phalangeal (digits), carpal (wrist), metacarpal (long bones between the wrist and fingers), and antebrachial (forearm) weapon effector assemblies.
    The gauntlet's left index finger, at least, had a jack for plugging into and hacking into systems. He could release code-breaking software or nanotech into a system into which he had hacked.

    The boots have locomotory amplification pedal assemblies, bosonic anti-G drive, and propulsion units.

    Before putting on and sealing the helmet, he placed wide angle, 120-to-1 contrast ratio, lenticular auto-stereoscopic panoramogram dual display screen interface.iron_man-97082-scv1-3

    His chest plate included monitors of all somatic support systems (especially the respiratory and cardiovascular systems), diaphoretic (sweat) reclaimers, intravenous nodes, the optic solvent reservoir, and miscellaneous items, such as voice recognition pick-up, coolant system, pressure seals, accelerants, and tactile force feedback dampeners.

    The flight systems included pilot decision support system, geo data map, navigation and hyperprecision global position sensing satellite link encryption decoding key, phased arrays sensor deck, baffle net, field inductors, fuel pump, and photonic array.

    Artificial intelligence systems included interference engines, biochip cortex mapping nodes 1-99, with routine testing including sector checks and optimizing backup RAM and redundant nodes, knowledge base integrity checks, and releasing the autonomous debugging and metatool agents. 

    Combat systems included interlaced smart servo-muscle network with guidance point subsystems, cloaking epidermis, internal inductor structural integrity auto reformation trigger subsystem. iron_man-97082-scv-gauntlets

    He carried a kinetic energy railgun couple with rapid auto-feed multi-firing rotory breach ballistic cannon on articulated, powered steady-mount with intelligent firing control support system. It carried 20 rounds of liquid Teflon-coated U35 square caseless projectiles, and 30 rounds of mylar-coated five gram lexan slugs. 

    The armor's secondary material body protective shielding is formed of a titanium beryllium geodesic alloy doped with nickel iron mylar superstrate and interlaced microcrystalline quartz fiber and synthetic rubber endoform and ectoform substrate layer. iron_man-97082-scv-2-1

    The overall strength is due to micro-geodesic argon bubble foam induction substrate formation during manufacturing, guided by a resonantly turned microwave injection mold-form in a high-temperature argon chamber.
    Its lightness is due to the alloy component beryllium (reported as the lightest and strongest known metal) and the argon filled bubble structure, all less than 9 lbs. total weight.
    The structural integrity is due to the titanium and beryllium components and the geodesic micro-bubble structure. The elasticity is due to the beryllium and titanium modulus of elasticity and the flexible geodesic microstructure.
    The point impact hardness is due to the titanium alloy component and the nickel iron superstrate. It can withstand a five-ton one-inch square dead weight on any surface point or up to a one-ton three-inch square 50 mile-per-hour impact at any point.
    The structural memory is due to the nitinol alloy component. A flash electrical inductive heatup reforms the structural shape within three seconds after deformation, auto-triggered on deformation impact.
    The reflectivity is due to the mylar doped surface structure, capable of deflecting up to a six megawatt carbon dioxide laser blast.
    The non-conductivity is due to the interlaced microcrystalline quartz synthetic rubber endo and ecto substrate, capable of withstanding up to a three megawatt point electric taser or electro-plasma blast.   

iron_man-97082-scv-2-2    The exact strength, durability, flight speed, etc. are not specified. He did not seem to have repulsor blasts or a uni-beam for some reason.

Height: Presumably 6'1"; (in armor) likely closer to 6'6"
Weight: Presumably around 200 lbs. (he looked leaner than his 225 lbs. younger Earth-616 counterpart); (in armor) unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (presumably gray once he stopped taking Perpetuon)


(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark was born in 1940-1941.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) <1965> - Stark International emerged with a sizable military research and development contract from the newly formed SHIELD.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Tony Stark became the armored adventurer Iron Man.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) <1985> - Following the destruction of SHIELD's helicarrier, Stark International designed the Levicarrier, funded by the Pentagon when the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) fell apart.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Stark developed the Aero-Space Plane (ASP), powered by TAPPS (TetraHydrogen Antiproton/Proton Propulsion System). However, TAPPS proved to emit dangerous levels of gamma radiation and was abolished. iron_man-97082-jack

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - During the Chip Wars, Stark bounced with the revolutionary BioChips; thereafter, Stark became a world leader in artificial intelligence technology.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Iron Man was active into the 1990s.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - <2001> - Stark went public with the information that he had been Iron Man's true identity.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Over the years, Stark worked together with Japanese manufacturing firm ESON's CEO Hideo Shinoda, though they remained competitors, rather than friends.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Stark (at least reportedly) had a severe stroke that left him crippled and bedridden. He became a multibillionaire recluse.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - For years, SHIELD sought/demanded an exclusive deal to mass produce his Somatic Amplification Vehicle (SAV), a non-weaponized version of his Iron Man armor.iron_man-97082-codebreak

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Stark began taking Perpetuon to maintain a more youthful appearance (and perhaps vitality); it is unrevealed whether he was aware that Perpetuon also desensitized the user to many emotions.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Stark began a relationship with Maxie Graham, who operated out of the Marianna Trench Undersea Research Station.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Stark began project Next Step, designing a robot version of Iron Man that he could control remotely. He brought IM2 to "preliminary readiness."

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to give more to the world, Stark recently agreed to market the SAV.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - The POTUS (President of the United States) pushed for the "Pittman Project," developing a Somatic Combat Vehicle (SCV) from the SAV, although congress opposed this.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Considering them the best for mass production of the kind he needed, with excellent costs and high quality control, Stark chose ESON.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Stark was enjoying "the Manhattan techno-paradise" with Maxie until he was pulled away to deal with ESON, leaving Maxie upset with him.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Stark approved the final contract with ESON.

(Iron Man: Crash) - Working with his robotic assistant, Micro, Stark performed a complete test on his SCV (his combat armor). No sooner had he finished when his production manager, Mr. Jones, contacted him to argue in favor of using a domestic manufacturer. Though Jones pointed out the Chip Wars as an example that down and dirty competition had escalated and that once the SAV was out of his hands it was out of his control, Stark felt that he could help the whole world rather than just one nation, and he ultimately instructed Jones to design a program for cooperation with ESON's production team.

    Stark then had Micro place a call to Maxie in the research station, who coldly greeted him, noting that his test mode SAVs were performing outstandingly. Ultimately, she agreed to see him if he left his ivory tower and met her in Hawaii. Before Stark's departure, Nick Fury stopped by and futilely tried to convince Stark to either not deal with ESON or not release the SAV at all.

    Stark met up with Maxie, but their dinner was interrupted when Jones called to report that
ESON had broken contact after Stark International had shipped the final schematics and the wire-wrapped prototype. As Stark prepared to depart to Tokyo, Maxie walked out of the room without a word.

    Contemplating worst case scenarios en route, Stark met up with his bodyguards, who advised him that only his escort/translator in the local office knew of his visit. He then contacted Jones, telling him to
unlock Next Step and instruct his tech department to fine tune it. Maxie didn't answer his call.
    Stark then met with Keiko Takimoto, his local executive of whom he at least knew through her OmniComp personnel file, and they met with Hideo Shinoda and his apparent second-in-command, Hiro Matsui, who noted the lack of communication to be due to technical difficulties and not trusting unsecured systems and suggested they leave the matter for their lawyers to address.

    While Stark worried that delays would allow greater damage if his designs had been compromised, Keiko assured him that Hideo was an honorable man, and she eased his tensions in an intimate Japanese bath. When an armed attacker arrived burst in and began firing, Stark dove under water, while Keiko struck their attacker with a bucket, kicked him into the water and drowned him. After discovering the attacker had already slain Stark's bodyguards, they were confronted by Fury and a SHIELD contingent. Ignoring Stark's insistence that he needed to deal with things directly, Fury had Stark put into a plane headed back to the USA.

    Realizing the Perpetuon had left him too complacent, Stark skipped his next dose, donned a suit of Iron Man armor hidden in his luggage, and flew back. He met with Keiko, who gave him a CD-ROM map of the city, which he translated with his onboard lexicon. Between the map and his intuitive agents (I think it was a literal reference, like nanotech), Iron Man located a cyborg Dreadnought, whose systems he hacked, finding evidence that Shinoda had altered the Stark programs and further evidence of a SCV samurai project. Stark then met up again with Keiko, who delivered the IM2 robot, which he activated to help him take down ESON. Before Stark left, Keiko confessed that Shinoda was her stepfather and that he had wanted them to fall in love and marry, but that he was not a thief or a killer.

    As Iron Man and IM2 infiltrated ESON, Hiro informed Hideo how he had framed Hideo for his own crimes and that his warriors would allow Japan to take the lead in military might; he recommended Hideo commit seppuku (suicide) to avoid the dishonor, but Hideo refused. As Hiro prepared to have Hideo killed, Iron Man burst in and took out Hiro's men (apparently fatally), allowing Hideo to flee. When at least nine of the SCV samurai showed up and attacked Iron Man, he called in IM2 to help him. His systems blinded by an explosion, Iron Man relinquished control of IM2 to allow a larger bandwidth to most rapidly restore vision, which he did via running a channel from his thermal input net into IM2 for processing and back for enhancement.

    After Iron Man and IM2 had taken out the SCV samurai, Hiro conceded defeat but then used a device to do something to both Iron Man's armor and IM2, stunning Iron Man and removing IM2's inhibitors. Both Iron Man and IM2 flew out of the ESON building before it exploded, and Stark futilely tried to recover IM2. When Iron Man's depleted armor crashed into the water, IM2 recovered him but noted that it wished to retain its free will, and it left him on an island and departed to fulfill its own destiny.

    After SHIELD brought him back to New York, Stark committed to a relationship with Maxie with renewed vigor, and he realized that he was proud of what IM2 had become.

(Iron Man: Crash (fb) - BTS) - Despite never seeing him again, IM2 wrote to Stark upon occasion.

Comments: Created by Michael Sanz

    Crash was billed as "The First Computer Generated Graphic Novel." That was a big deal back in 1988. There's an extensive feature on how they did it at the back of the book. By it, and read it!

    Much like Earth-8410, the "future" of 2020 A.D., this is a reality where Stark was active from the mid-60's forward, with no sliding timescale. With the graphic novel published in 1988, the main story was meant to take place 27 years in the future. We know Iron was active "into the 90's," but we don't know for sure that he first became active as Iron Man in the 60's...however, that's what I would ASSume.
    Additionally, the technical abilities seemed to extrapolate on defined technologies, rather than being as high-tech as in Reality-616. Advanced technical abilties, for sure, but no repulsor rays or uni-beam, for example.

    There is no mention of the Avengers or other super heroes (or super villains), just S.H.I.E.L.D.; we don't know for sure whether other such beings existed in this reality.

    As this story was written long before it was revealed that Tony Stark is actually the adoptive son of Howard and Maria, it is quite likely that Tony is the true son of Howard and Maria in this reality, but we don't even know for sure those were his parents' names.

    I'm not certain of the exact chronology of some of his back history, mentioned only in dialogue or text boxes.

Profile by Snood.

Iron Man of Earth-97082
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I'm going to cover everyone/thing in the Crash story on some level...IM2 is next on the list for profiles and then a number of others, and some will be sub-profiles, ultimately finishing up with Earth-97082...

Iron Man: Crash cover

images: (without ads)
Iron Man: Crash cover (main);
    pg. 6, panel 1-2 (SAV-first layer);
       panel 3-4 (SAV-2nd layer);
       panel 5-6 (SAV-3rd layer);
       panel 7 (gauntlet);
    pg. 7, panel 1 (boot assembly);
       panel 2 (lenses);
    pg. 19, panel 4 (bathrobe, upper body);
    pg. 38, panel 7 (finger jack);
    pg. 39, panel 4 (code breaker);
    pg. 46, panel 6 (smashing through wall);
    pg. 61, panel 10 (face)

Iron Man: Crash graphic novel (April, 1988) - Mike Saenz (writer, artist), William Bates (producer/programmer), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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