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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class:Normal human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Opportunist, thief

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Jack (last name unrevealed), Shivvy

Enemies: Kid Colt (Blaine Cole), "tenderfoot" gold miner (name unrevealed)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Roaring Gulch, Midwest USA

First Appearance: Kid Colt Outlaw I#3/3 (December, 1948)

Powers/Abilities: Gouger was a violent brawler and appeared stronger than an average man. He could use a handgun but preferred close hand-to-hand combat, having grown his thumbnails long to use as weapons to gouge his opponent's eyes. He was also a good horse rider.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bald (black beard)


(Kid Colt Outlaw I#3/3 (fb) - BTS) - Gouger teamed up with knife-wielding Shivvy and the smart Jack. The murderous thieves stayed around the mining outpost of Roaring Gulch, seeking easy opportunities.

(Kid Colt Outlaw I#3/3) - At the local saloon, the trio overheard an ill "tenderfoot" prospector tell of being unable to mine his gold claim and they planned to illegally steal the claim. Realizing their nefarious plans, Kid Colt infiltrated their group, his outlaw reputation securing him a spot, and he intended to thwart their scheme. The four rode out to the "tenderfoot's" mine where the three thieves dug up the gold while Kid Colt played lookout, making sure no one pocketed any extra. With the gold collected, Kid Colt stampeded the others' horses to leave the trio stranded. The thieves realized the double cross and a quick gunfight saw Jack and Shivvy fall to bullets. Empty guns left Kid Colt in a tight brawl with Gouger, the Kid breaking Gouger's thumb disoriented the thug and he fell to his death off a cliff. Soon after, Kid Colt passed the mined gold to the ill "tenderfoot" so he could get medical aid.





Comments: Created by Ernie Hart & Russ Heath.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Gouger name has no known connections to:


Shivvy made up the trio of violent thieves alongside partners Gouger and Jack. The three planned to steal an ill gold prospector's gold mine for themselves. Kid Colt sought to infiltrate the group to secretly thwart them; Shivvy slashed at him so that he would back off but was punched out cold instead. Kid Colt ended up joining the trio and they mined the sick man's gold claim. The thieves realized too late Kid Colt's double-cross and a quick gunfight saw Kid Colt emerge victorious, with all three violent foes dead.

Shivvy used an oversized knife in his attacks, most likely where he drew his nickname from, suggesting it was a home-made (or prison-made) weapon ("shiv").







--Kid Colt Outlaw I#3/3

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Kid Colt Outlaw I#3/3, p4, pan7 (main image)
   p1, pan1 (headshot)
   p3, pan1 (Shivvy)

Kid Colt Outlaw I#3/3 (December, 1948) - Ernie Hart (writer), Russ Heath (pencils), uncredited inker, possibly Stan Lee (editor)

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