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Real Name: Gorg

Identity/Class: Demon (presumably Class Two) (1st through 10th centuries to modern era due to time travel)

Occupation: Occasional protector of Wally the Wizard

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Bul-Bul (loose), Gibby, Princess Penelope, Wally the Wizard

Enemies: Erasmo, Lucretia the Witch (indirectly), Vastar the Vile

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile through time and various dimensions

First Appearance: Wally the Wizard I#1 (April, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Short-winged Gorg can easily carry a human boy in flight and fly at about 50 km/h (30 mph), although this may be for the comfort of the passenger. He is used to only carrying one person at a time or else he tires out. His wings are susceptible to water, needing to dry out before he can fly again.

He can generate a small cloud that can carry a person and be steered.

Generally good natured, Gorg can instantly travel across dimensions and generate time tunnels across at least centuries (but these cause him headaches) and continents through which he can take a human by touch, usually leaving a small tell-tale puff of smoke in his wake. Gorg is attuned to the negative emotional state of a human he has pledged loyalty to. Gorg has limited capability to morph his face at will, but keeps his color (see comments). He can be weakened by certain dark magic.

Height: 5'0" (approximately, but slightly variable)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Black
Hair: None

History: (Wally the Wizard I#1 ((fb) - BTS) - The origins of Gorg are unrevealed. He engaged in time travel, going up to at least the late 20th Century and back. At some point in the Middle Ages, Gorg was bound for several years in a bottle-like (possibly transdimensional) prison.

(Wally the Wizard I#1) - Wally, the apprentice wizard to Marlin, fumbled a chemical solution that spilled and broke a small flask, releasing Gorg. Grateful, the demon pledged his friendship for life and told Wally of his time-traveling ability and his ability to change his face (showing Spider-Man's). Later, when Wally fell from the back of a high-flying dragon, Gorg picked up on Wally's "distress vibes" from across a parallel dimension and instantly appeared to grab him from sure death; Gorg set Wally on a nearby rooftop.

(Wally the Wizard I#4/2) - Gorg rescued Wally and new friend Bul -Bul when they were attacked by a griffin in Fungus Forest. Gorg left them on a tall mesa, then dashed off to help a fellow demon in another dimension, but promised to return to help the two down.

(Wally the Wizard I#5/1) - Worried of Princess Penelope's kidnapping by the nefarious Vastar and Erasmo in a bid to take over the kingdom, Wally wished for Gorg, who popped in flapping next to him. Flying to Vastar's castle, they found it protected by a magical force field. Chimney smoke from a sole hole at the top initially drove away Gorg but allowed Wally in to rescue Penelope. Gorg swooped in and carried the two away, with Penelope enjoying the ride.

(Wally the Wizard I#7/1) - Lucretia the Witch, spurned by Sir Flauntaroy, used Wally to send the knight a magic amulet that secretly imbued all who saw it with intense fear. Abandoned by his donkey, Wally took a flying ride from Gorg, but upon seeing the amulet, Gorg became scared of heights and they fell into a well. Recovered and with the amulet bagged, Gorg carried Wally to the jousting tournament, where Flauntaroy struggled against Lucretia's brutish nephew, and Gorg dropped Wally into the arena. Wally's fumbling saved Flauntaroy.

(Wally the Wizard I#9) - Desperate to see the sick Princess Penelope, Wally secretly climbed the royal castle but slipped on the rain-slicked roof; he was saved by Gorg nearby. Explaining the dire situation, Gorg took Wally and time-traveled back a day to see what Penelope had eaten to make her ill. Gorg and Wally were invisible and intangible as they could not change the past, but saw the toadstool causing the fatal condition fungus hermungus. Gorg revealed his friend Gibby the gargoyle knew the cure, but they had to travel to New York in the late 20th Century. Gibby, posing as a building's stone gargoyle, showed them where to find the cure and they secretly raided a research lab, careful not to be seen lest they change the future. The duo took the pill back through time, eventually landing back at the royal castle, where Wally administered the cure and Penelope quickly recovered. Gorg posed as a building gargoyle to remain hidden as a celebratory parade went past.

(Wally the Wizard I#10/1) - In a daze from visions of doom, Wally entered the dangerous jouster's practice field; Gorg suddenly appeared, sensing Wally's worrying from five dimensions away, and saved him from being trampled on, then encouraged Wally to prove himself before Marlin. Gorg came back when Wally partially destroyed the tower he and Jay had been imprisoned in by Vastar and Erasmo. They gave chase to Erasmo's giant enchanted grape that cut a destructive path to Wally's home kingdom. Gorg provided a flying cloud so that Wally quickly reached and stopped the threat. Wally returned the cloud to Gorg and the demon then zoomed off on his cloud to another dimension.

Comments: Created by Bob Bolling (writer, pencils, inks).

Gorg's hue changes between red and a rich magenta color (maybe it's the way sunlight glints off his scales), even once in purple on #9's cover (but that was at night). His clothing changes, from nothing (the usual, with shadow to cover the possible naughty bits for children) to an occasional bedraggled skirt/loin cloth or even skin-tight shorts.

Gorg's time-travel trick involved a physical flip; forward flip saying "oregano" to travel forward, and backward flip saying "onagero" to travel back in time.

Gorg was a somewhat under-utilized character, given he appeared on #1's cover. Maybe he'll appear again in a demon event...

The X-Babies mini-series (2009) confused the status of the Star titles a bit, where versions of Wally the Wizard, Royal Roy, Planet Terry and Top Dog (possibly even Alf!) were shown to be creations of Mojo usurper Mr. Veech. While Veech's Terry and Wally differed to the Star comics versions, Veech's Roy and Top Dog were much closer to their Star counterparts. The X-Babies released Veech's prisoners Delroy, Terry, Wally and cyborg canine Top Dog. The series implied that the Star comics represented Veech's creations; however, the "modern" Wally freed by the X-Babies briefly mistook baby Nightcrawler's teleporting bamf signature for Gorg's puff. (So maybe Gorg is linked to Azazel, possibly as progeny?) Regardless if either/both Wally the Wizard is Earth-616, Gorg traverses dimensions, so he can access Earth-616.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Gorg has no known connections to:


Long-lived Gibby the gargoyle was a friend of Gorg and posed as a building's stone decorative gargoyle, observing and learning much. Perched opposite Midtown Hospital for decades in the 20th Century, he saw many cures developed. Gorg visited Gibby with Wally to find the cure for Wally's paramour. Gibby pointed them at the hospital's research lab opposite.







--Wally the Wizard I#9

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Wally the Wizard I#7/1, p8, pan6 (main image)
Wally the Wizard I#10/1, p14, pan5 (headshot)
Wally the Wizard I#1, p3, pan7 (Spider-Man head)
Wally the Wizard I#1, p20, pan3 (flying)
Wally the Wizard I#9, p15, pan5 (Gibby)

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