Gomi - OHotMUReal Name: Alphonsus Lefszycic

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation Street urchin, thief and adventurer;
    former lab assistant

Group Membership: A worldwide force of international heroes tentatively identified as Avengers World (notably Blue Marvel/Adam Brashear, America Chavez, Toni Ho, Pod-2 (Aikku Jokinen), Wasp/Nadia Pym)
    formerly the Fallen Angels (Ariel, Bill, Boom Boom/Tabitha Smith, Chance, Devil Dinosaur, Don, Madrox duplicate, Moonboy, Siryn/Theresa Rourke, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Vanisher, Warlock);
    considered a potential recruit for the Initiative

Affiliations: Bill, unidentified priest

Enemies: Disruptors of Coconut Grove, Tadashi Fujita, Ramon Lipschitz, Unipar, unidentified scoundrels, unidentified stegosaurus-like creature on Earth-78411 ("Dinosaur World")
    formerly Ariel, Devil Dinosaur

Known Relatives: Ramon Lipschitz (cousin), unidentified mother, unidentified aunt (Lipschitz's mother)

Aliases: Friendgomi (by Warlock);
    "Trash" (English translation of the Japanese word Gomi)

Base of Operations: The Beat Street Clubhouse, New York City, New York;
    briefly the planet Coconut Grove;
    formerly a research center near Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, New York

First Appearance: Fallen Angels I#2 (May, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Gomi had telekinetic powers of cybernetic origin. As the cybernetics were experimental and Gomi himself was never trained, he could only generate a concussive psionic force shaped as a column, and project it to whatever he had in front of his eyes. Small objects in his path would fly through the air, becoming potential projectiles; bigger objects such as a wall could be damaged. The exact limit of his telekinetic strength was never specified. Gomi refused to use his powers if he was be blindfolded and thus unaware of what was in front of him, as his powers could hurt one of his friends (or perhaps other innocent parties.

    Gomi either was able to communicate with his intelligent pet lobsters Don and Bill, or pretended to do so. Gomi apparently heard or detected the lobsters' messages, then replied to them by talking out loud. The lobsters were particularly protective of Gomi if they believed Gomi was being toughly tormented, even by any of his friends.

    A professional prodigy in cybernetics with experience as a lab assistant, Gomi was the technical expert of the Fallen Angels. His intelligence was also applied to other areas, including mutant genetics, survival in the wild and even romance possibilities of other people due to him being observant of his environment.

    Physically far from an athlete, Gomi had other valuable skills such as cooking, first aid, hunting, lobster care and traffic regulations. He openly admitted to being a thief.

Height: 5'5" (in his late teens)
Weight: 107 lbs. (in his late teens)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

(Fallen Angels I#3 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#3 / Marvel Pets Handbook/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#14) - Alphonsus Lefszycic, scientific prodigy but socially inept and submissive, started working without payment as a lab assistant for his cousin Ramon Lipschitz and Lipschitz's friend Tadashi Fujita, college seniors who had a research grant on cybernetics and a laboratory near Coney Island. Fujita nicknamed Lefszycic "Gomi" (Japanese for "trash"), with Lefszycic accepting it as he disliked his own name. Gomi took care of the test subjects (a blue mutant lobster namedDon and a common green one named Bill for the control group), even though his bosses criticized Gomi for petting them. Fujita and Lipschitz were both fans of superheroine Marvel Girl (Jean Grey). When she was replaced by Phoenix, they felt betrayed, and they tried to use their cybernetics to replicate the original Marvel Girl's powers.

   Fujita and Lipschit first used Gomi as a test subject, chloroforming him (although Gomi later claimed he volunteered for the process) and implanting within him cybernetics to clumsily reproduce Marvel Girl's telekinesis. They also cybernetically enhanced the lobsters. Fujita and Lipschitz, having no valuable research results in their real project, abandoned the laboratory when they were notified of an imminent audit (which would never happened due to a bureaucratic bundle); after considering eating the lobsters and Gomi, they changed their mind because Lipschitz's mother would not like the idea. Gomi was left behind with the lobsters, who had become his friends.

with Vanisher(Fallen Angels I#3/Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe#5/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#3/Marvel Pets Handbook/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#14) - Gomi lived with the lobsters for a time before being recruited by alien Ariel, rough runawayChance and former villain Vanisher, founding members of a team of superpowered petty criminals and self-styled teenage social outsiders who enjoyed their mutual company and support, with no real purpose but a shared base in the Beat Street Club, New York City. Gomi and the lobsters voted two to one to join them. Another early member of the team, the mutant Boom Boom, willingly left soon afterwards.

(Fallen Angels I#3/Fallen Angels I#7 (fb)) - Seeking to recruit mutants in the "Fallen Angels" for the latter's own secret plans, Chance and Ariel convinced the other Fallen Angels to search for Sunspot because, purportedly, they were worried about Sunspot's well-being. Gomi and his lobsters joined the quest, pounding the pavement.

(Fallen Angels I#2) - Gomi found three scoundrels plundering a church and attacking the priest (making the most of Sunspot having shattered the door). At the lobsters' request, Gomi butted in and verbosely threatened the intruders. Facing their mockery, Gomi and the lobsters physically defeated the criminals, then returned to their quest before the priest could even see them. Gomi tried to lead his minions, particularly lead them away from seafood restaurants, until they found Sunspot. The New Mutants, also worried about Sunspot, had sent two superhero friends to bring him back Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) and Siryn (Theresa Cassidy); and Warlock from the Mutants had joined Sunspot as an escapee. Gomi then approached Sunspot and offered him and his friends to join the Fallen Angels. Fallen Angel leader Vanisher appeared to help in the diplomacy, but Siryn identified Vanisher as a former enemy and attacked him, but the Vanisher teleported away. Nonetheless, Ariel and Chance also appeared in the doorway of the seafood restaurant, and Sunspot went with them because he recognized Chance from their previous encounter. Gomi, Warlock and several of Madrox duplicates followed through; Ariel teleported them to the Fallen Angels' headquarters.

(Fallen Angels I#3) - In the Beat St. Club, Gomi asked the lobsters what music they'd like to hear, then mentioned they were hungry; Gomi was also sullen because some records had been scratched. The Vanisher sent Ariel and Chance to steal food at McNutley. Chance brought a special on Penguin McBurgers for the lobsters, as they'd find it tastier than common fish nuggets. When the Vanisher asked Gomi to clear the table; he used his powers, projecting an uncontrolled beam that dispersed the table's content everywhere. Vanisher reprimanded Gomi, but Bill the lobster, seeing his friend in trouble, pinched Vanisher's feet. Vanisher then disregarded this issue and instead sent Ariel to rescue Boom Boom. Once she succeeded, Siryn and the other Madrox, still looking for Sunspot, found the Clubhouse and behaved aggressively. Ariel, in an attempt to calm them all, teleported those present to the Valley of Flame in Dinosaur World (Earth-78411).with Devil Dinosaur

(Fallen Angels I#4) - In Dinosaur World, the Angels were attacked by curious dinosaurs, including a stegosaurus-like creature that tail-whipped Gomi. Warlock tried to help in taking Gomi and the lobsters away, and Gomi had to convince Don that, even if they were far smarter than the reptiles, they should nonetheless escape. Gomi stayed away with Boom Boom, Madrox and Siryn, and tried to lead suggesting them to make a fire with wood for heat and protection; Boom Boom made fun of Gomi, but Gomi surprised her by smashing the tree next to her with telekinesis, then, when she tried to throw him a bomb, the lobsters floored her, and the explosion started the fire. Don and Gomi then hunted an animal, and Gomi cooked its meat. Following the food's scent, Vanisher rejoined the team and took the first bite even though Gomi would have given it to the lobsters. The other Fallen Angels joined them, and the team recruited two local mutants: Red tyrannosaurus-like Devil Dinosaur and his ape-like friend Moon-Boy, with Ariel teleporting them all to the Clubhouse.

(Fallen Angels I#5) With a sudden need for a larger space for Devil Dinosaur, Gomi and his lobsters joined Ariel and Warlock looking for one, and they found a loading bay in the adjoining structure, with a garage door to the Clubhouse that could be moved with a lever. Gomi and the others reported their discovery. Vanisher then ordered a foraging quest, particularly because the dinosaur would likely want a lot of food at any point, and sent the Angels in pairs.

    Gomi was paired with Boom Boom, to the chagrin of both. Boom Boom, who felt attracted to Madrox, found one rebel duplicate of Madrox and chased him, causing that Madrox to be run over by a bicycle. Gomi reprimanded the cyclist, who was also harassed by the lobsters, and tried to instruct Boom Boom that her aid attempts on Madrox were wrong. When they discovered that one Madrox did not want to join with the others, Boom Boom suggested he shouldn't merge, as long as one of the Madrox could have feelings to Boom Boom instead of to Siryn. Gomi once again explained the inaccuracies on her reasoning, angering Boom Boom.

Don crushed(Fallen Angels I#5 / Fallen Angels I#6 / Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe#5 / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#3 / Marvel Pets Handbook / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#14) - During the previous conversation, Devil Dinosaur accidentally stepped on Don, killing him. Seeing Don beneath Devil's foot, Gomi cried out for his friend.

    This prompted Ariel to hasten her plan, lest any other mutant within reach die prematurely.

(Fallen Angels I#6) - Gomi arranged Don's funeral in the Clubhouse and tried to soothe Bill, who was blinded by fury. Moon-Boy, Siryn, Sunspot and Warlock supported Gomi, while the other Fallen Angels rudely enjoyed the buffet - except for Devil Dinosaur, who apparently felt guilty.

    As Gomi was enjoying the company of the beautiful Siryn, he failed to notice that Bill had left to attack Devil. When he discovered Bill's absence, Gomi went with Siryn and Sunspot to stop the lobster, and they arrived in time to prevent a disaster.

    Gomi was thankful to his friends and felt attracted to Siryn, even if Ariel and Chance mocked him again. Chance then accidentally used her mutant powers, of which she was unaware, to cancel the powers of mutants in the area.

    When the Angels noticed what happened, particularly with Warlock going losing control, Boom Boom asked Gomi to help because, not being a mutant, he may have his powers; and, indeed, Gomi stopped Warlock with his powers.

    Vanisher assumed that the Angels had been discovered and attacked by a mutant-hating party, and therefore they needed to forfeit their base; and Ariel teleported them all to her home planet, theCoconut Grove. Coconut Grove

(Fallen Angels I#7) - Coconut Grove locals received the Fallen Angels with open arms, offering them so-called stylish suits; Gomi used gigantic glasses both for him and for Bill, as he found those neat. 

    Then, in a meeting of the Fallen Angels, Ariel explained that evolution was stagnant in Coconut Grove and that she had been sent to other worlds to find mutants and bring there, for the local scientist to find the factor that allowed evolution. The Disruptors, Coconut Grove's police force, revealed that the research would be unpleasant, but the mutants would be unable to fight back because the Disruptors had power-cancelling technology.

    Unaffected by this, Gomi used his power to disarm several Disruptors, but he was overcome by superior numbers. Ariel and Chance were then identified as mutants and apprehended.

(Fallen Angels I#8) - The Disruptors jailed the Fallen Angels within the scope of their mutant power-cancelling technology; as Gomi was immune to that, he was blindfolded and kept in a gyrating cell, so that he'd risk hurting his friends should he use his powers.

    When the Disruptors tried to take a Madrox duplicate for experiments, they accidentally killed him in a fight. Coconut Grove leaderUnipar then threatened to execute Gomi unless the others cooperate, then left with Sunspot and other Madrox.

(Fallen Angels I#8) - However, as Bill the lobster had not been apprehended, he attacked the prison to rescue his friend Gomi. He released Gomi from his cell, after which Gomi convinced Bill to help the other Angels. Bill harboured a grudge due to Don's death, but he agreed to forgive Devil and help the others in Don's memory.

    The Fallen Angels released Madrox and Sunspot, then defeated the enemy by using Devil's superior power - with Gomi and Moon-Boy riding the dinosaur. Ariel convinced Unipar to let them go, particularly when she was proof that Coconut Grove did have mutants. The Fallen Angels then returned to Earth, but Sunspot and Warlock immediately left the team.

(Civil War Battle Damage Report) - After the super hero Civil War, Anthony Stark included Gomi and Bill -- as a two-being team -- in a list of potential recruits for the Initiative.

Avengers World(Avengers: No Road Home#9) - As members of Avengers World, a self-described "worldwide force of international heroes" led by Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear), at a point where the sun had stopped shining, Gomi and Bill joined Pod-2 (Aikku Jokinen) in an attempt to stop high-ranking officers from starting a new World War.

(Avengers: No Road Home#10 - BTS) - The international crisis was solved by other superheroes and Gomi's mission apparently succeeded, as there was no World War.

Comments: Created by Jo Duffy (writer), Kerry Gammill (penciler) & Tom Palmer (inker).

Gomi received profiles in the following Handbooks:

  • Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe#5 (1989), including her role-playing stats for TSR Inc's Marvel Super Heroes RPG - and the stats for his pet lobsters.
  • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#3 (September 1989). Gomi is also listed in the article on the Fallen Angels, as a member, in the same issue.
  • admiring SirynThe profile in Gamer's Handbook does not list the Clubhouse as the Base of Operations, nor his cousin under Relatives (suggesting that the cybernetics on him and on the lobsters were due to Gomi's own experiments in bionics); claims that Devil Dinosaur was recruited via time travel (at several points, the official stance was that Devil Dinosaur lived on Earth-616's distant past); and adds that, after the victory in Coconut Grove, Gomi rejoined the Fallen Angels - but never explains why or how we had left. Gamer's Handbook also asserts that Gomi is infatuated with Boom Boom - they probably mean with Siryn, as seen in Fallen Angels I#6.

    Gomi's real name was revealed only in Civil War: Battle Damage Report (2007), in a panel saying "Gomi & Bill the Lobster. Alphonsus Lefszycic." Based on that, one could assume that "Alphonsus Lefszycic" is Bill's real name; but Marvel Pets Handbook (2009) and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#|4 (2010) lists Bill and Don's citizenship (sic.) as "property of Alphonsus Lefszycic." Gomi had tried to avoid his real name; Gamer's Handbook listed his identity as secret; and Update '89 listed it as public.

    "Gomi" is really Japanese for "trash, things to be discarded", although in Japanese it is not spelled in Roman characters but in kanji 塵, often in hiragana ごみ, sometimes in katakana ゴミ. It is also used to describe a specific art movement using trash as its raw materials. Gomi is also a Japanese surname shared by authors Gomi Kosuke and Gomi Tarom, sportsmen Gomi Takanori and Gomi Yoshiyasu and amateur astronomer Gomi Kazuaki, for whom minor planet 7035 Gomi is named. In Chinese, "gomi" (五味) is translated as "five flavours" (bitter, hot, salty, sour, spicy and sweet), or metaphorically "a big number of flavours".

    Gamer's Handbook describes Gomi as a stereotypical bespectacled teenage nerd genius with trouble expressing his emotions. Keeping up with that style, his glasses' left arm is broken and mended with electrical tape, as seen in Fallen Angels I#2, page 13; and when visiting Coconut Grove in Fallen Angels I#7, page 14, he favours even bigger glasses for him and for his lobster Bill. In#8, page 13, Bill asks for Gomi with a icon of glasses plus a question mark.

    (Uncanny X-Men Annual I#15/3) - Extradimensional media mogul Mojo arranged a screening of a film, The Origin of the X-Men; the Fallen Angels, including Gomi, appeared when the movie explained the several spin-off squads from the X-Men. Still, Mojo argued that the movie was too far-fetched (even if accurate), and discarded the cut, demanding a new version.

    (X-Factor Annual I#8/2) - When Madrox was a member of X-Factor, his personal file -accessible and accessed by US government liaison Valerie Cooper- included a summary of his time with the Fallen Angels, with graphic evidence of Gomi and the lobsters' presence in the team.

    Profile by Skippy Farlstendoiro.

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