(of Earth-8107)

Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-8107) human

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly Medusa

Enemies: Medusa, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Master of Gravity"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Spider-Man cartoon episode, "Under the Wizard's Spell" (March 6, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: The Wizard possessed a genius intellect and had mastered the science of anti-gravity, evidenced by his anti-gravity discs.

Height: 5'8" (see comments)
Weight: 150 lbs. (see comments)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Under the Wizard's Spell" (fb) - BTS) - At one point, the Wizard and Medusa worked together to commit crimes.

(Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Under the Wizard's Spell") - Via unrevealed means, the Wizard contacted the Inhuman Medusa, who was living at the Great Refuge. When she came to New York City, the Wizard was waiting for her at his lab. He offered her a chance to renew their partnership but when she refused, he slipped a boobytrapped collar around her neck. He explained that he was the only one who could remove the collar safely, demonstrating what would happen to her if she tried to remove it on a nearby statue. Watching the statue melt, the Wizard explained that he needed Medusa's skills for a certain crime.

With Medusa accompanying him, the Wizard broke into a lab containing rare elements. With the aide of one of his anti-gravity discs, he cut out a window into the lab and flew inside. He ordered Medusa to use her hair to steal the material but the canisters proved too heavy. He cursed her as she dropped the materials and set off the alarm. He ordered Medusa to attend to the guards while he stole the material himself. He was quickly tackled by the investigating Spider-Man but freed himself while Spider-Man was distracted by Medusa's presence. Wizard then blasted the hero with an anti-gravity beam, sending him flying into the lab's solar converter wall. With Spider-Man busy trying to keep the wall from collapsing, the Wizard fled, leaving Medusa behind.

Returning to his lab, the Wizard was working on his next anti-gravity weapon. He was almost finished when Spider-Man set off an alarm by landing near his lab's secret entrance. He listened to the hero talking to Medusa, noting Spider-Man's intention to wait for the Inhuman at a nearby water tower. When Medusa entered the lab, he ordered her to steal another component for his machine nut when she refused, he drove her to her knees thanks to the collar. He then ordered her to bring Spider-Man to him, promising to free her if she stole the item and returned with Spider-Man, but he did note that his promises were worthless.

While Spider-Man and Medusa stole the item, the Wizard kept tabs on the two. When the theft was successful, the Wizard took control of Medusa's sky cycle and piloted it back to his lab. He revealed his part in masterminding the theft to a disbelieving Spider-Man and dropped the hero into a trap when Spider-Man charged towards him. A holographic projection of the Wizard taunted the hero, saying how he was in for a "hot time" as the walls started to grow hot. The Wizard then refused to remove the control collar, suggesting he might keep her a slave forever, activating the collar again to prove his point before leaving her on the floor as he completed his machine. The Wizard subsequently turned the completed machine on and bathed the city in his anti-gravity waves, causing chaos as people and things started to float away before crashing to the ground. The Wizard bragged that the scenes of panicking people was more fun than getting rid of Spider-Man, unaware that Medusa was listening. Enraged, the Inhuman attacked the Wizard, who floated away from her hair whips. When Spider-Man escaped the deathtrap and jumped into the lab, the Wizard fought off both the wall crawler and Medusa with his anti-gravity rays. He was finally brought low with a combination webline and hair whip. Medusa performed the final move, whipping him into the nearest wall. Unconscious, the Wizard was helpless as Medusa removed his suit's anti-gravity discs and gloves. The Wizard regained consciousness as Medusa's collar was removed. Boasting of his flight abilities and unaware that the equipment had been removed from his suit, the Wizard leapt from the hole in the lab's wall. Spider-Man's webbing prevented him from fatally crashing to the street. 

Comments: Created by Creighton Barnes, Doug Booth, Francis X. Feighan, Donald F. Glut, Jack Hanrahan, Christy Marx, Larry Parr, Jeffrey Scott and Marvel Productions, Ltd. (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

According to a few online sources, the Wizard was voiced by George DiCenzo.

His stats are from his 616 counterpart. No name given aside from Wizard.

Profile by David Lawrence.

The Wizard has no known connections to:

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Spider-Man cartoon episode, "Under the Wizard's Spell" (all images in this profile)

cartoon episode, "Under the Wizard's Spell" (March 6, 1982) - Creighton Barnes, Doug Booth, Francis X. Feighan, Donald F. Glut, Jack Hanrahan, Christy Marx, Larry Parr, Jeffrey Scott (writers), Lyle Beddes, Bruce Bennett, Norm Cabral, Dan Faucett, Neil Galloway, Greg Garcia, Gary Graham, Rick Graham, Karl Hepworth, Stuart Heimdall, Larry Huber, Elaine Hultgren, Boyd Kirkland, Debra Pugh, Keith Sargent, Dave Sharp, Roy Smith, Grant Wilson, Roy Wilson, Bill Wray (layouts), Mario Piluso (layouts, storyboards), Rick Hoberg, Cullen Houghtaling, Larry Houston, Sherman Labby, Henry Tucker (storyboards), Gerry Chiniquy, Steve Clark, John Gibbs, Sid Marcus, Bob Richardson, Nelson Shin, Kay Wright (animation directors)

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