(of Earth-41119)

Membership: Hot Stuff, Jackie Jokers, Richie Rich, Sooper Hippie, Stumbo, Wendy

Purpose: To assemble as heroes

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Casper

Enemies: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Back Issue I#111 (April, 2019)

History: (Back Issue I#111) - Following a deal being made between Marvel and Harvey, the Avengers welcomed members Wendy, Hot Stuff, an adult Richie Rich, Stumbo, Jackie Jokers and Sooper Hippie. Together, the Avengers assembled to travel to Hero Land to learn the secret of the ghostly Casper and their adventures were published by the merged comic book company "Marvey Comics Group."

Comments: Created by Karl Heitmueller, Jr.

Back Issue is a magazine published by TwoMorrows Publishing focusing on articles, interviews and themes of Bronze Age comic books. Issue #111 (where this "What If?" scenario originated)'s theme was alternate realities and occasionally, Back Issue includes a two-page comic strip by Karl Heitmueller, Jr. called Prince Street News. In the case of #111, the two-page comic was titled "Alternate Alternate Realities" and featured several panels of unlikely and humorous alternate realities. In the case of the one in this profile, the gag was "What if...the Marvel-Harvey Deal Happened?" While the copyright notice in the story mentions that the Avengers are the copyright of Marvel, suggesting this reality is part of the Marvel multiverse, it also mentions that Casper, Wendy, Hot Stuff, Stumbo, Richie Rich, Jackie Jokers and Sooper Hippie are the copyright of Harvey.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-41119's Avengers have no known connections to:

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Back Issue I#111, p20, pan5 (Earth-41119's Avengers with Casper in the background, main image)

Back Issue I#111 (April, 2019) - "Alternate Alternate Realities: What if...the Marvel-Harvey Deal Happened?" story - Karl Heitmueller, Jr. (writer, art), Michael Eury (editor-in-chief)

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