(of Earth-22385)

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-22385) mutate (see comments)

Occupation: Police forensics officer

Group Membership: Thors (Destroyer Thor of Earth-15726, Groot Thor, Stormborn, Thrr of Earth-15922, Ultimate Thor/Thorlief, numerous others)

Affiliations: Arcade of Earth-15513, Zadkiel of Earth-15513

Enemies: The Ghost Racers of Earth-15513 (Alejandra Blaze, Knuckles O'Shaughnessy, Robbie Reyes), Loki

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Doomstadt, Battleworld, Earth-15513

First Appearance: Ultimate End I#1 (July, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: Throg possessed the ability to summon forth thunder and lightning. He also had super-frog strength and durability, allowing him to withstand attacks from human opponents. By hurling his hammer and grasping its leather thong, Throg could travel through the air as if flying.

Possessing human-level intelligence, Throg could speak English and communicate with humans and other intelligent beings.

Height: 5.3" (by approximation)
Weight: 16.3 oz. (by approximation)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None

History: (Ultimate End I#1 (fb) - BTS) - When the multiverse was destroyed, Doctor Doom of Earth-616 obtained infinite cosmic power and salvaged what he could of various multiversal realities, depositing them on a reimagined Battleworld patchwork reality (Earth-15513). Throg was taken from Earth-22385 and, his memories altered by the god Doom, placed within Doom's police force, the Thors.

(Red Skull II#1 (fb)) - Throg and several other Thors were called in to quell a group of anti-Doom Red Skull supporters who were spray-painting red faces onto statues of Doom.

(Ghost Racers I#2 (fb)) - When a gigantic Doomstadt Police Department robot appeared in Doomrock Heights following a group of kids tampering with a fire hydrant, the robot sensed the Spirit of Ignition within Robbie Reyes. The Spirit attracted the attention of Throg and a female member of the Thors. Throg warned Robbie not to resist arrest before the robot grabbed Robbie and flew off alongside Throg and the other Thor. Robbie was taken to Doomstadt Coliseum and placed in a jail cell, where Arcade and Zadkiel visited. Throg watched as his fellow Thor warned Robbie to hold his tongue and prepared his soul for ignition. Zadkiel commented to Arcade that Robbie's Spirit of Ignition was different but Arcade exclaimed that, as long as Robbie made a good racer, he didn't care. Arcade then ordered Robbie to get ready for the Ghost Races before departing alongside Throg, the other Thor and Zadkiel.

(Ultimate End I#1) - After a tear in the fabric of space and time was located in the Kingdom of Manhattan (Earth-61610) on Battleworld, Throg was sent to investigate alongside numerous other Thors including Earth-15726's Destroyer Thor.

(Ultimate End I#2) - Throg remained with the Thors as they informed Manhattan's heroes that Doom's orders were to leave the space/time tear as it was and not to touch it, even if they could provide a solution to the tear. After Hawkeye challenged Doom's orders and was killed by one of the Thors using lightning, Throg silently looked at the other heroes before departing with the other Thors.

(Secret Wars: Battleworld I#1) - After a Battleworld Wolverine counterpart (originally from Earth-27169) turned in the skull insignia-ed outfit of a Sorcerer Supreme Punisher following Punisher's physical death, Throg and several other Thors watched Wolverine depart, unaware that the Dr. Strange that had been possessing Punisher was now possessing Wolverine.

(Armor Wars I#1 - BTS) - Thor (Jim Rhodes) thought about how he would rather be celebrating with Throg and the other Thors.

(Thors I#1) - Throg was working in the Thors' forensics lab when the Thor Thorlief visited him, asking for identification on the five victims recently murdered by an unidentified serial killer. Throg admitted that the victims were not in the Thors' databases but their lab work identified the victims as five counterparts of the same woman. Throg then commented that he had never seen anything like a serial killer who only killed the same woman.

(Ghost Racers I#3) - When the Spirit of Ignition Robbie Reyes escaped the Battleworld Killiseum, Throg was called in with another of the Thors, unaware that he passed over Reyes (whose car was disguised) on the way to the Killiseum.

(Thors I#2) - Throg met with Thorlief again and informed him that the Thor known as Thrr (originally from Earth-15922) had fetched him a bone from Egyptia's Jane Foster, who had died 3 years prior from cancer, and that the DNA matched that of the five serial killer victims. Throg then asked if Thorlief knew who Jane Foster was and Thorlief replied that, in most Battleworld kingdoms, she was a nurse or a doctor. Throg then followed up, asking if Thorlief had found any Jane Fosters that were still living, but Thorlief replied that he hadn't and that they had all disappeared months earlier. Throg and Thrr continued the discussion, accompanying Thorlief to the scene of the most recent murder, which turned out to be a man. When Thorlief asked if the man had any identification, Throg explained that the fingerprints had come back with a match identifying the victim as Donald Blake. The trio was soon interrupted by a loud laugh and Throg ordered Thrr to get their intruder but Thrr was quickly struck down by magic. Thorlief managed to pin down the intruder, who asked that they call him Loki.

(Thors I#3) - After Loki was brought in, Throg and the other Thors watched as Loki seemingly fell asleep in custody. When Thorlief asked Throg what they knew of Loki, Throg replied that they only knew his name and that his last known residence was a cardboard box on 50th Street. Throg continued, explaining that magic dampeners had been put in place to hold Loki in custody and warned Thorlief about going in to interrogate Loki.

(Thors I#4) - Throg was present when Thor (Jane Foster) of Earth-616 arrived and announced that Doom was no god, suggesting that the Thors police force turn against Doom and prove themselves worthy to hold their hammers. As the various Thors fought against one another over whether or not to side with Doom or turn against him, Throg accompanied many other Thors as they were led into a new battle by the Jane Foster Thor of Earth-616.

(Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe I#4 - BTS) - When Earth-616's Thor was forced by the Elder of the Universe Promoter to visit Moonstone for psychiatric evaluation, the Promoter allowed Moonstone to enter Thor's minds, where she saw a vision in Thor's mind of Throg and the other Thors from Battleworld. After explaining to Thor that Throg and the others each claimed to be the true Thor and wished to prove it, Moonstone watched as the visions of Throg and the others attacked Thor within his own mind but Moonstone quickly stopped the fight by attempting to determine which of the Thors were actually a version of Thor Odinson. All of the visions were ultimately dissolved when Thor regained consciousness and the manipulative Moonstone attempted to escape Thor's wrath, only to be downed by the Promoter.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley and Scott Hanna.

It was established that the Throg that was part of the Thors group was actually not the same character as Throg from the Pet Avengers. The Marvel Handbook profile on Throg (Earth-97161) mentions the possibility of the Throg seen on Battleworld being an alternate reality counterpart but Battleworld's Throg was later revealed as Earth-22385, confirming that possibility.

Since this Throg was different than his Earth-97161, it was nearly impossible to determine his true origin. He could be a human transformed into a frog that gained Thor-like powers, like his Earth-97161, but he could also be an actual frog with Thor-like powers or even Thor himself, transformed into a frog, such as the past events on Earth-616 reflect.

This Throg's height and weight were approximated from that of his Earth-97161 counterpart.

While not seen since the end of the 2015 Secret Wars event, Throg was presumably restored to his home reality of Earth-22385, his memories intact.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-22385's Throg has no known connections to:

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Thors I#1, p12, pan1 (Throg in his forensics lab coat)

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